Binay kids being ‘dragged’ into scandal, Nancy appeals for restraint

The most tragic thing is when children suffer from the sins of their parents. That’s pretty much the plot underlying The Human Condition. So with regard to Senator Nancy Binay’s recent lament that the vilification of her family’s politics is starting to touch her children, well, here’s a cliche to consider: It comes with the territory

Speaking to reporters after Mass on the quadrangle of the Makati City Hall on the eve of Binay’s 72nd birthday, Nancy on Monday said the corruption allegations against her father and brother, Makati Mayor Junjun Binay, were affecting the Vice President’s grandchildren.

“One time, a child of my sibling heard in school, ‘That’s the child of Mayor Binay who is a thief,’” said the senator, the Vice President’s eldest daughter. “Isn’t it hurtful for all of us to hear that?”

Firing up motherly instincts: Senator Nancy Binay

Firing up motherly instincts:
Senator Nancy Binay

The Binays are currently reeling from pressure coming from all sides thanks to their being implicated in various corruption cases that have emerged as a result of various inquiries into their financial affairs by legislators and state investigators.

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One wonders whether or not these politicians really enter Philippine politics with eyes wide open. You can’t really be in the Philippines and expect to enjoy an iota of privacy. The concept simply does not exist. Filipinos are world-renowned gossip mongerers and are known to ask probing questions of one another’s private affairs in the most formal of occassions and even in the politest of conversations. Nowhere is this reflected more than in their enormous appetite for Senate “inquiries” that offer no real results other than good reality TV.

Much like the way the Philippine economy is propped up by a vast “informal sector” that is beyond the reach of Kim Henares’s tax collectors, the Philippines’ criminal justice system is run by an underbelly of discrete nods, handshakes, high-fives, and wink-winks amongst plaintiffs and defendants and sentences carried out by fleets of armed motorcycle assassins, mobs of media-savvy publicists and PR “consultants”, and “committees” within the Philippines’ resource-sucking legislature.

Prayers or command masses are of no use. Every Filipino politician is a self-styled “good Catholic” equipped with a finely-tuned “prayerfulness” performance to exhibit whenever cameras roll. This sort of quaint behaviour is evident even in the elder Binay and Nancy’s father, Vice President Jejomar Binay on the occassion of his birthday…

Rushing to [attend the policy forum on the rehabilitation of Super Typhoon “Yolanda”-affected areas at the Philippine International Convention Center], Binay, who turns 72 Tuesday, refused to answer questions from reporters. “I am wishing for more prayers for our countrymen,” he said when asked about his birthday wish.

So that playing field in the Philippines’ PR game is largely stalemated. Appeals to decency are therefore of little value as the concept of “decency” in the Philippines is highly-negotiable as well.

So what could Nancy Binay have done to spare the Binay children from all this grief? It seems she already knows the answer to that question: “My siblings and I decided to enter politics. But for these children, they have no choice but to be dragged into this,” she laments. Better yet, perhaps she and her siblings as well as her father could have been a bit more forthcoming with their private affairs seeing (presumably thanks to all their family’s political experience) that in the Philippines, nothing is ever really private in the sense of the term that we all think we understand — specially when you are a top Filipino politician.

19 Replies to “Binay kids being ‘dragged’ into scandal, Nancy appeals for restraint”

  1. Sarcasm: the last refuge of modest and chaste-souled people when the privacy of their soul is coarsely and intrusively invaded.

  2. Instead of wishing for more prayers for our countrymen….how about letting people know about his plans to address the nightmare that this country has become? What a sanctimonious pile of excrement! Prayers won’t help the grid locked traffic, scarce and expensive electricity, lack of water, adequate garbage collection, soaring food prices, 60% unemployment, lack of schools and hospitals, soaring crime wave, mushrooming population, rampant pollution, political and institutional corruption, ineffective police and military, lack of flood control and emergency preparedness management, millions of squatters….to name just a few of the problems faced by people on a daily basis.

  3. Here’s a clue for you, Binay family: stop being freaking thieves.

    Can’t call your kids sons of thieves when, in fact, you aren’t a thief. 😉

    You put your kids in the middle of the tracks. When they get smashed by a train don’t expect us to cry over it. Life’s a bitch.

  4. And what plush private expensive school are your children attending Nancy ? I bet it’s not a public school. No! because the public facilities in education (among others) have been left to deteriorate, and teachers have abandoned this country due to greedy politicians including local mayors plendering the states coffers for their own greed.

    Do you think that was fair ? To leave so many other children disadvantaged while yours have everything money can buy.

  5. If you want to protect your kids from pubic humiliation, DONT BE A FUCKING CORRUPT AND ABUSIVE TURD. C’mon, it like : We want to make money fist over fist andwe want to flaunt what we have, but if we get out hands caught in the cookie jar, spare us the humiliation cuz it’ll affect the children. BULLSHIT! In a civilized country, these fucks would have had to resign out of embarassment a long time ago. But not here. The corrupt 5’1 turdling will still probably be our next president if he doesnt die of his disease before hand. Check out what he travels to Singapore for. (Hint)

  6. Nancy Binay is just spitting bullshit. She and her siblings are not minor, they’re adults that can commit any mistake any politician and their father can make. You’re not an innocent kid so stop crying if your family is being suspected as corrupt bastards.

  7. Philippine politics is a “Politics of Destruction…” You have to call your fellow aspirant more “son-of-a bitch”; than yourself. Even , if you are a “son-of -a bitch” yourself.

    They say: “If you cannot bear the “heat”; get out of the kitchen…

    of course; children in your family are affected…

  8. The poor V.P. and his family are ridiculed as thieves, “OH, THE HORROR OF IT…”, just think !

    But what is more arrogant, talking the shitty truth about the thieves and their ilk in front of the li’l bastards OR having the tits to complain about the way some people honestly feel about the political dynasty they are not a part of (and are clearly hateful/jealous of) and want to lash out at?

    This Binay woman is a complete bitch that needs a good thumping to get her head straightened out as it is clearly up her arse and of no constructive use to anyone. The smirk on the bitches face just shows how truly arrogant the bitch is, can’t complain with a straight face..

  9. You and your family choose to be public figures, these are part of the realities ! Shut up and take it or stop stealing and these will all stop for your family.


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