Binay backs out from much-awaited 27th November debate, Trillanes relieved!

Mutineer-turned-‘senator’ Antonio Trillanes IV can now heave a sigh of relief. Vice President Jejomar Binay has reportedly backed out from a challenge to a debate he had issued to Trillanes mid-October this year. After some dithering on both camps, the 27th of November was agreed as the date of the face-off between the two.

Why is this man smiling?

Why is this man smiling?

Binay had been a subject of a Senate “inquiry” led by Trillanes into corruption allegations surrounding the alleged overpricing of the Makati City Building II and a large farm in Batangas allegedly acquired by Binay using “ill-gotten wealth”. By Trillanes’s own admission Binay would have had the upperhand had the debate ensued owing to Binay being a lawyer and Trillanes being an inarticulate soldier whose skill set does not go beyond giving and receiving orders. The debate had erstwhile caused the senator much anxiety on account of this yawning gap in what is really a skill that is critically essential to the job of being an effective Philippine senator.

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Indeed, the Senate Blue Ribbon Committee which Trillanes had been using as the vehicle for the “investigation” against Binay which had taken much of his time and a large chunk of Senate resources is supposedly a tool to be used only in the aid of legislation. Not surprisingly, the more intelligent observers of this circus have long been baffled by the question of whether or not any sort of legislative agenda underlies it. Many are convinced that all this constitutes just the usual mudslinging exercise that precedes a coming Philippine election. Indeed, similar tit-for-tat “inquiries” are now being planned against no less than Senate President Franklin Drilon and even police chief Alan Purisima (both allies of Philippine president Benigno Simeon ‘BS’ Aquino III) both of whom have been found to be in possession of assets allegedly acquired under questionable circumstances.

Navotas Rep. Toby Tiangco, a Binay ally and interim president for the United Nationalist Alliance (UNA), the party in which Binay is a member, had back in late October expressed disapproval of this debate saying that such a debate is a bad idea considering that the political landscape is currently populated by people who “lack a final word” on just about anything. Instead, Tiangco asserts, Binay should have waited for the “investigation” to make its way to the proper venues where due process rules instead of responding within the framework (if you can even call them that) of what are essentially just public relations spectacles.

Senate President Franklin Drilon, as a matter of fact, dismisses the Senate Blue Ribbon Committee as no more than a toothless circus. It “is not a judicial proceeding, nor is it a criminal proceeding,” asserts Drilon.

Drilon pointed out that the only real outcome of a Blue Ribbon Committee “probe” was a “public humiliation” of its subject and not much else. “After viewing the spectacle of a nationally televised hearing, [subjects] are left hanging and unedified because in the end, the Committee does not prepare a Committee Report. It is like a judge who hears a case but does not render a written decision,” he also said.

For sure, the Binay circus has riveted Filipinos for months. But as to how much these exposés will actually dent Binay’s chances of bagging the Philippine presidency in the coming 2016 elections remains to be seen. Filipino voters have been known to be a fickle and unpredictable lot, often immune to the “wisdom” of the social media crowds.

Indeed, there are only two ways to beat Jejomar Binay in the coming election (1) field a presidential candidate who can pose a credible challenge to him or (2) throw him in jail. The way things are going, it is likely that neither will happen. The latter, as pointed out earlier, is quite unlikely considering that Trillanes and his “Blue Ribbon Committee” Gestapo are a long way away from getting their “case” domiciled in a proper Philippine court.

Binay for now also commands a vast following amongst the Philippine masses. And if there is one lesson to be learned from Nancy Binay’s triumph at the polls back in 2013, it would be that surveys and social media demonisation have both proven to be unreliable predictors or even determinants of who wins or loses in Philippine elections. More importantly, the different interested parties need to unite behind one candidate to beat Binay. If they don’t and, as has happened so many times in the past, all go their own ways and field their own presidential candidates they will have to work harder eroding his popularity numbers. As far as can be seen, the camps who oppose Binay are pathetically fragmented and lack a unifying philosophy, doctrine, or platform — small surprise in a country whose debates revolve around personalities rather than ideas.

As expected, a who’s-who of social media mavens are calling Binay out as a “chicken” for backing out of this debate. To be fair, what else about this back-out is a readily-evident easy target to people who lack an ability to apply deeper faculties for wit in responding to this development? The outcome remains to be seen of course. The 2016 elections are still a year and a half away and there is ample time for Binay to distract the A.D.D. sensibilities of the Filipino public who have been known to possess attention spans of no more than a couple of weeks at best.

31 Replies to “Binay backs out from much-awaited 27th November debate, Trillanes relieved!”

  1. No depth of faculty for wit can interpret this announcement other than an act of cowardice. I hope this will at least sway the votes of his supporters who are at least still capable of rational thinking.

  2. Can’t help but to talk about this author, I’ve read many many articles but this is the most biased author I know. It’s either he loves VP Jejomar Binay or he hates Sen. Trillanes.

    Damn I really like the other writers here in getrealphilippines but this so called admin must be proving what it means to ‘getting real’. Must have forgotten that getting real doesn’t automatically mean to ‘oppose the majority or common beliefs.’

    1. That’s because your mind is wired to evaluate which “camp” you perceive the messenger to be affiliated with rather than understand the essence of the message itself. In short, you speculate on the messenger rather than on the message. In that regard, there really is not much one can do to help you. You need to help yourself.

      1. No really. At least for me, lots of your articles being biased out outweighs all your messages. I’m aware you have to call for ad hominem fallacy here but I’m not talking about your person to prove that you’re wrong. My issue here is you being biased and my belief that this is an illogical thinking what ‘getting real’ is.

        1. You’re stupid. Nowhere did the author stated that he is Pro Binay or Anti Trillanes. Any politicians deserve to get bashed for their wrong doings. Stop being a partisan and read the article as it is.

      2. @juanchanph Sure. But I am entitled to my biases as this article represents my personal opinion and position on these matters. All the other authors here enjoy the same prerogative when they publish their work here. So if you have an argument against said position let’s see it. Otherwise, accept that this is the reality you need to deal with if you choose to continue to visit this site.

        1. so ungentlemanly. why do you write when you are already blinded by your own biases? You are not seeking the truth rather you are trying to justify your version of it.

          If you have to state your opinion at least state it with facts and not some twisted quotes you use to support your arguments.

          Mahiya ka naman! Can’t you see all the flak you’re taking. Idiot!

        2. @Chanel: I don’t see any sort of counter-argument or alternative position on the matter articulated anywhere in your comment above. So if you want to change my “biases” or “opinions” you’ll have to do a bit better than that.

    2. By using your logic, you are anti people, very pro cayteano, very pro trillanes, very anti human rights.

      If you are objective as you claim to be, you would push for concrete evidences, filing at court and judiciary rather the non sense at the senate. The way they are doing it to Binay without concrete evidences, pre judge is a violation of human rights.

  3. Both sides in the debate are full of shit, but the VP PUSSIED OUT. Fuckem both with an extra gang bang on the wanna be soldier with the hacienda.

  4. The debate is moot and pointless to begin with since it’s giving a boost to Trillanes. It’s like saying he is equal to a vice president. I doubt anything that will be discussed in the debate itself will hold merit in a court of law.

    If those three really want Binay out of the picture, just impeach him and file cases in proper forums.

    Another thing about Nancy’s victory there are allegations of PCOS being manipulated in the 2010 and 2013 elections.

  5. Binay is now the “Tsope”…People are now getting wiser thru the social media.

    Why not debate…are they afraid, they will be found out , that they are boneheads?

  6. sorry, but you’re twisting the facts to favor Binay. From the onset you call Senator Trillanees a mutineer. Then you point out Tiangco’s take on the matter and cap it up with the quoted text from senator Drilon.

    Please be fair in your write-ups. You are a shame to us all. What do you call somebody who asks for a fight and back out at the last minute? Is it not Binay who asked for the debate?

    If you have to protect your bosses, don’t be so obvious.

    1. If you are seeking the truth go to an ‘investigative journalism’ blog. You will find plenty of articles there to support the ‘truth’ you are comfortable with.

  7. Don’t get sucked into this drama between Binay and Trillanes. It’s all a show to make people forget about the PDAF and DAP issues.

    Binays will always be Cojuanco/Aquino puppets, same with the idiot Trillanes. They have been before, they are now, and they will always be. Focus people… focus!

  8. First and foremost the title. Why is Trillanes relieved? He never wavered from the very start. He decided to go to battle and so he man up.

    He did not back out. Why color it that he was relieved? He is even adamant to have the debate pushed through. My God! You are so deep in your shit you can’t think straight.

    1. Nope. Still missing the point.

      Knowing Trillanes who doesn’t know how to debate, at least Binay is smart. I like it because he knows that Trillanes will do EVERYTHING just to win a debate… by using logical fallacies, ad hominem, red herring, and any kind of public humiliation with the media on his back. Isn’t that obvious?

      “Never argue with an idiot. They will only bring you down to their level and beat you with experience.” -George Carlin

      Set your priorities for once, trollfag.

      1. The fact that Trillanes is less intelligent than Binay doesn’t mean he was relieved because of this announcement. Who the hell buys this ‘Im backing out because I’m way smarter than my opponent’ excuse. It’s pure bullshit.

  9. One cannot condemn both Binay’s proposed debate (for being suggested) and Binay himself (for backing out) at once. A veritable Catch-22.

    Just saying.

  10. Binay chickened out.

    Now, can Trillanes be consistent? Anti-corruption advocates have been uneven. Galit na galit sa korapsyon ng kaaway, tahimik lang sa kakampi.

  11. There was really nothing to be gained in the debate. Unfortunately, Binay gave in to one of his moronic moments to issue a challenge in media. In a sense, it damaged his credibility — couldn’t walk the talk sort of thing. In the long run 18 months from now, voters will forget about the challenge and thus, the decision saved Binay from further embarrassment (we really can’t tell who is the better debater but there was a risk that Binay would look bad). At best, there is a half truth in Trillanes’ point – its now harder to believe the VP when he promises something.

  12. people really don’t get it..
    there are no sides here or being pro or anti binay or trillanes..
    this is just a show!
    benigno is already giving us advice
    that if we really want to stop binay we should unite as one not only against binay but to all the crappy politicians..

  13. well at least the author admitted that it is his own opinion and as such, it is to be respected in the same manner, and in no way, should be taken as gospel truth. we all have our senses to know whether a person is telling the truth or not. We can also detect a person hiding under an unsolicited article meant to discredit personalities of which he does not personally know from adam, also not hard to determine from which side he is for. to be objective is really hard especially if you use words which does not really reflect the true personality of the person being alluded to. The author does not own the monopoly of knowledge and information and thus, he is limited on what he personally knows unless he provides us with detailed references as to where he got the information.

  14. This guy Trillanes is a retard if he can not confront a thief, call him a thief, and then set about asking the thief to prove how the thief came into the vast wealth he has aquired all on a civil servants salary amounting to no more than the equivalent of Eu 27,000/USD $34,000. It is not difficult. This should not even be a contest/debate ,it should be a lynching !

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