5 things that will happen when Jejomar Binay becomes Philippine President

A lot of Filipinos are scared of a Binay Presidency. A Catholic priest even said it is a “scary prospect” after meeting Vice President Jejomar Binay himself. It is quite understandable why. If Vice President Jejomar Binay wins the Presidential Election in 2016, he will simply continue the world-renowned Filipino tradition of patronage politics. This tradition involves protecting and coddling family, friends and allies of those in power even when they break the law.

Vice President Jejomar Binay: How nice will he be to his allies when he becomes President in 2016?

Vice President Jejomar Binay: How nice will he be to his allies when he becomes President in 2016?

Patronage politics is quite rampant in the current administration as it is. This is evident in the way President Benigno Simeon (BS) Aquino 3rd quickly absolves cabinet members when they get embroiled in controversies and when they get accused of corrupt activities. To be sure, accusations of nepotism, favoritism and selective justice have been hounding BS Aquino since Day One of his term. Lately, BS Aquino has become so blatant in defending his incompetent staff that people can already predict his responses to calls for accountability and resignation: “innocent until proven guilty”, a defense that doesn’t seem to apply to his political enemies especially Former President Gloria Arroyo.

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Speaking of allies, Binay is said to be a close ally of the Aquinos with the Presidential sisters being in good terms with him and favoring him over his rival in the Presidential race. The Vice President makes no secret of his ties with the Aquinos. He has mentioned numerous times in the past how he is forever grateful to the late former President Cory Aquino — BS Aquino’s mother — for opening the door for him to Philippine politics. Cory appointed him officer in charge of Makati City after the 1986 EDSA Revolution.

Binay held such a very tight grip on his post that decades after serving the city as mayor, he passed the reins to his immediate family members; first to his wife Elenita after his term ended in 1998 and then to his son Jejomar Jr after his come-back term ended in 2010. Of course it is worth mentioning that it was the voters who made it possible for the Binays to stay in power since the 1980s. It is also worth mentioning that it is easy for voters to become attached to any public official like the Binays who gives out freebies using public funds. Hence, those who try to run against the incumbent do not win because the playing field is not level. But I digress…

As pointed out before, Binay’s history with the Aquinos has more than likely put BS Aquino in an awkward position. The President is now subtlety asking the senators to put an end to the investigation on Binay’s supposedly overpriced building and other alleged properties in the Senate hearings. His move is probably confusing his supporters who have been working hard to campaign against a Binay Presidency.

Frankly, some of us are getting confused too because it seems BS Aquino is also okay with Binay winning the Presidency in 2016 even though his Liberal Party mate Department of Interior and Local Government Secretary Mar Roxas is also eyeing the Presidency. Roxas could be forgiven for feeling betrayed. Everyone knows Roxas sacrificed his own ambition to run for the Presidency in 2010 to give way to BS Aquino who took advantage of the people’s sympathy after his mother’s death a few months before the Presidential Election.

Some of those who fear a Binay Presidency see the behavior of President BS Aquino and assume Binay will do the same thing. Ironically, the President’s most rabid supporters fail to see this. They lead the charge in campaigning against Binay without realizing that Binay has a lot in common with their idol BS Aquino.

The truth is, BS Aquino set a precedent in creating an environment of impunity in government. Binay will just continue where BS Aquino left off.

The following are what will likely happen if Binay wins the Presidency in 2016:

(1) Binay will defend his family, friends, and allies even when they break the law.

Will Binay let President BS Aquino off the hook after 2016?

Will Binay let President BS Aquino off the hook after 2016?

The Filipino people already saw a glimpse of this when his son Makati Mayor Jejomar Jr got in trouble with Dasmarinas Village authorities after he insisted on using the wrong exit point of the posh gated community. It remains to be seen just how far Binay is willing to defend his allies. Since the Aquinos are his allies, Binay might not push for the prosecution of BS Aquino when his term is up. His violations against the Constitution will go unpunished.

Binay promises to use impartiality once elected but some are already predicting that he might let the three senators Juan Ponce Enrile, Jinggoy Estrada and Bong Revilla off the hook because they are members of his political party. The three have been facing corruption charges involving the use of their pork barrel funds.

(2) The Binay dynasty will further institutionalize nepotism and favoritism in Philippine society.

The Binay clan: one of the Philippines' most powerful dynasties

The Binay clan: one of the Philippines’ most powerful dynasties

Even though nepotism and favoritism are already rampant in BS Aquino’s administration, the presence of Binay’s immediate family members in government particularly in Congress gives a stronger impression that the Binay family will act like royalty if he wins the Presidency. The funny thing is, all these years Filipinos didn’t care or notice how the Binays slowly managed to get elected in the most powerful positions in government. It’s only now that he is being scrutinised that people realized how powerful the Binays have become. Some say his children already behave arrogantly now and their behavior could get worse if their father becomes the President.

(3) A Binay Presidency will result in more conflicts of interests and continue the cycle of retribution.

Senator Nancy Binay: Defending her dad in the Senate as expected

Senator Nancy Binay: Defending her dad in the Senate as expected

The recent senate investigation conducted by the Blue Ribbon Committee showed how both the public servants and majority of Filipinos are not even bothered by the fact that Senator Nancy Binay keeps defending his father against her colleagues who were “investigating” his father’s alleged crimes. Senator Nancy did not even bother to stop making comments about his father’s case during the investigation. Binay’s other daughter Congresswoman Abigail Binay also released statements defending her father using the media. Sometimes they give conflicting statements, which could be a sign they are not being completely honest. This is the mother of all conflicts of interest.

Indeed, in a predictable move, Senator Nancy Binay in turn investigated her father’s rival, Senate President Franklin Drilon for his alleged overpriced building in Iloilo.

(4) A Binay Presidency will result in more conspiracy to commit acts of betrayal against the Filipino people.

Antonio Trillanes IV: Should Filipinos trust the word of a convicted mutineer?

Antonio Trillanes IV: Should Filipinos trust the word of a convicted mutineer?

If what Senator Antonio Trillanes’s recent revelation claiming that Binay conspired with him to oust former President Gloria Arroyo through a military coup in 2003 is true, that is proof that Binay is not above using illegal activities to get his way. If there is truth to Trillanes’s allegations that Binay broke his promise to send his followers to give support for the failed coup, then it is proof that Binay cannot keep his promise. This is bad news for Filipinos. Senator Trillanes thinks Binay is a traitor and does not keep his word. Whether or not we should believe what a convicted mutineer and certified traitor like Trillanes has to say is another story.

It is worth mentioning that it was a good thing Binay did not send support for the mutiny. Nothing good would have come out of another EDSA revolution with Trillanes leading it.

(5) A Binay Presidency means more dole outs, bigger Conditional Cash Transfers and a resurrection of the pork barrel funds, and Disbursement Acceleration Program.

Will Binay continue the Pork tradition beyond 2016?

Will Binay continue the Pork tradition beyond 2016?

Binay has endeared himself to the voters by giving away freebies including free cakes to senior citizens using public funds. He will more than likely continue giving more “incentives” to voters to keep them happy and stop them from complaining. This will promote mendicancy and is a waste of taxpayer’s funds.

Getting elected is one thing but staying in power is another. Binay will have to keep Congress happy to stop them from impeaching him. The easiest way to do this is to give them money. Since the Supreme Court have declared both PDAF and DAP unconstitutional, he might try to rename it to justify giving funds to the lawmakers who have the power to oust him.

A Binay Presidency is scary, indeed. Particularly since the incumbent President BS Aquino already paved the way for disrespecting the rule of law and routinely ignoring calls for accountability.

212 Replies to “5 things that will happen when Jejomar Binay becomes Philippine President”

    1. Once Binay before stepping to power, trillanes will disappear from the thin air. Abnoy will be off the hook. All Abnoy prosecuted will be released. Poe will maintained as naturalized born Senator.Mar Roax will join the NPA or Abu Sayaf and become public enemy #1

  1. No to 2.5 Billion demolition campaign fund against VP Jojo C. Binay, instead better use this funds to help our Yolanda victims in Tacloban Leyte and Samar province.

  2. Horrifying…Your report describes how rational these people are. Millennia ago, they abandoned their belief in the supernatural. Now you are asking me to sabotage that achievement, to send them back into the dark ages of superstition and ignorance and fear? No!

  3. ..President Jojo Binay will be fantastic for PHL. Country has had leaders with myopic vision. He will show the world that what a 4′-9″ can see is better than what anyone else sees, since he is used to seeing the asses of the six-footers. He will have the foresight to know which priorities do matter because foresight sounds like it has something to do with four, and as already said, he had to reckon with this number since his coming of age. As a result, he will have well thought programs to support his vision. Because he will make his vision a part of him, he will be a firm leader, firmer than the permed hair of the asses he always sees. Unlike BS Aquino, he will not tolerate bungling managers who don’t know their ass from their elbow; as already said, he knows an ass as he knows a hole. Unlike BS, his organization will not be a jungle of confusion. His will be lean and mean, as lean as the six-foot basketball player he always aspired to be and as mean as his son at the gate of Dasma.

    Binay is a boy scout and has been in many scouting hikes. He knows that what slows down a hike are the fat and the weak in the group. Thus, he will immediately address the problems of inequality and poverty. This means job creation will be a priority. Unlike BS who has neglected manufacturing and agriculture as shown by the dismal performance of these sectors during BS’ watch, Binay will focus on these sectors precisely because these sectors are the biggest job generators.

    The Binays have already shown core expertise in piggery, orchid growing, exotic bird and race horse breeding, as well as their love for antiques. Because of this expertise, Binay can effectively teach families the know-how in these fields, spurring the unprecedented growth of small and medium enterprises (SMEs), To help these SMEs, the populace will be encourage to eat pork. That means also that more people will frequent hospitals, and more hospitals will be built, which will give jobs to the countless jobless nurses; hitting two exotic birds with one stone. Scientists will also have jobs for they will have to study how each specie of orchids can be made edible and delicious. Tourists will come to taste our unique pork sinigang blended with orchid; again hitting two exotic birds with one stone. With so many race horses, people will go to work without cars; thus easing traffic. And, with so much horseshit around, PHL will not need to import coal and oil for energy. With too many exotic birds being killed with one stone, more will have to be bred. Binay, thus, will be known as the one who stopped the vicious cycle of poverty, the one who started the wheel of progress. The resulting high spirit will psychologically invite curiousness from foreign direct investors. The resulting investments will create a lot of local dummies as dummy partners, but never mind, by that time, PHL will be on its way to becoming the next tiger economy.

    In addition, Binay is a self made man; he disdains those born with a silver spoon. The oligarchs will have to be careful; their monopolistic businesses will be reviewed as to why they take advantage of the poor and ignorant with the high prices and poor quality of their goods and services. There is a likelihood that he will attempt to break them, even destroy them. So that when these oligarchs become poor, they can just work their way up again and can also be called self-made, just like him. For sure, he will send a message to all these grandstanding politicians by just demolishing the Quirino Grandstand. He will build there the most magnificent parking building; his taste is always world class. They can all park their SUVs, Mercs and Bimmers there, but not stand up and grandstand. Luneta will be covered with orchids. The museum will be expanded to house all the antiques that could be acquired from the world. It will not just be more fun in the Philippines, it will be literally be funny, and why not?

    For sure, he knows every trick in the book about corruption. In his term, every politician will be caught even before they think and scheme a tongpats. The culture of corruption in government will have to change culture, and Binay will assist in the transformation. He will also do something about education for he also personally knows something about this. Just look at the fantastic training he has given Jun-jun Binay, the incumbent Mayor of Makati.

    Say Beep, Beep and Vote Binay for President.

      1. its not the height to measure a mans’ integrity, competence etc…but it is the color of the skin the ebony color that surfaces the inner evil..ang sinungaling ay kapatid ng maitim na budhi.B-bulok I-intrigero N-nightmaare A-Apdo Y-yari ka

    1. This comment is a pleasure to read. It reminded myself to cool down, and take everything as a joke. Binay is a BIG JOKE. Our dysfunctional society is a BIGGER JOKE. Our Gov’t is the BIGGEST JOKE. Everything “Philippines” is a joke.

      1. You said it right.
        Heard the presidential spokesman saying about the govt not making anything from OFW remittance and the Custom chief. My Gosh !! ITs all a joke.
        I pity the Filipino people. Those officials should be sued and jail for not delivering the basic services.

    2. @ Add
      “For sure, he knows every trick in the book about corruption.”
      Of course, as the old adage says, practice makes perfect…and Binay has perfected the art of corruption since becoming Mayor of Makati.

      “Just look at the fantastic training he has given Jun-jun Binay, the incumbent Mayor of Makati.” Obviously! He has his father as the best
      mentor and side-kick of the dark secret of corruption. Like father like son. Peace.

    3. Hey idiot Makati brat, our country is not makati, dont treat the rest of the Filipino’s as stupid as you guys in makati…

      1. Yea this dwarf with a black skin and a black conscience will indeed be shoo-in for further corruption. Like a winner of the Oscar awards he will surely be front runner. There will be lots of killings, murder, mayhem and corruption in the gov’t. Yep he is indeed a good pretender. He is a cunning shit who coys the poor and the unlearned about their plight while awarding them with money and packs of food to make himself look like he’s on their side. But like the devil himself, he “kills, steals and destroys”. He will bring this nation back to the boondocks and in the level of Bangladesh, Fiji, Haiti and lots of other poorest of poor nations. Like our country after Marcos, we’ll be back to the starting line again. Like Grace Poe says, “Tayo’y paurong, hindi pasulong!”.BOO TO UNANO!

  4. Looks like every Pinoy blogger I know hates Binay with a bloodcurdling passion, or at least doesn’t like him.

    Time to do a John Jarndyce and leaaaaaaaaaaaaaave.

  5. Binay, has gone FAR enough at the expense of the Filipino TAX PAYERS. It’s time that this SHAMELESS SOB, be prosecuted for his alleged CORRUPTION PRACTICES. He is NOT fit to lead this country. 🙁

  6. It is a Patronage politics, we have…all of them are corrupt. Trillanes is the same , as other political opportunist. I have ever yet to see, a Filipino politician, who keeps his/her words. They all have no, “Words of Honor”…

    It will be the same Filipino politics, as usual. They will rename, Pork Barrel, to continue stealing the public funds. They will rename; DAF, PDAF, to accelerate the stealing of public funds. Binay, is as corrupt as the Aquinos. Corrupt people find common ground towards each other..

    Binay built a powerful family dynasty. His children are in politics…his wife was in politics…next will be his relatives. We have a “Cocunut Republic”, ruled by family political dynasties. If the Filipino people don’t wake up. We may end up with a Monarchy; declaring themselves: Kings, Queens, Prince, Princes, etc…with the Filipino people ending up: Fools, as they really are…

    1. Filipino voters who will elect Binay and Trapos will end up as their : “Court Jesters”…what a country and people, we have…

  7. Lessen the tax…as we filipinos suffers much of this corrupt governement..we work blood and sweat just to earn but seems what we sow is being harvest by this corrupt government.it belongs to us.special mention makati governance…lahat ng antas nila mga empleyado ng city hall puro gahaman sa pera.nangigikil..pagnanakaw ang alam..sabay mo pa droga..madaming empleyado ng city hall na lulong sa droga..shameful may madac program pa ang makati na nalalaman and yet mismong mga empleyado nila lulong sa droga..mismong j.p rizal daming residence jan sa may city hall na drug zone…lugar nya mismo d nya malinis…ambisyon pang buong pinas aayusin? No to this garbage politicians…wala bang vigelantes na pwede mgexecute ng mga politikong walang alam kundi mgpakapal ng pera sa bulsa at pgnakawan ang mga mamayan ng harap harapan na pinadadaan sa BIR…Hmmmp

    1. YES, the import tariffs in the Fail-ippines are RETARDEDLY HIGH ! The two year old technology on-sale there is double the price it is when it is released in the West.

      Even the POS musical instruments, ‘SQUIRE’ Guitars are over $500 ! and in the West they are $175 and they are pieces of shit. ICNBI when I saw them on-sale in a music store in Cebu for P20,000 a fucking robbery.

  8. I couldn’t help but look back. Ferdinand Marcos was indeed a genius and a visionary. Too bad his vision was cut, due to some imperfections of his own backyard. He could have become a Lee Kuan Yew. He knew these Dark Ages would come. He knew the culture of his country too well.

  9. nakakaawa na ang aking bayang sinilangan at lalu pang maging kaawa awa kapag nakapwesto yang mga BINAY na yan.. Maawa na kayo sa aking mahal na bayang sinilangan PILIPINAS kong mahal….

    1. @ 237, NAH, chick would not come near me, I AM TOO SCARY !as a member of the ‘Stein family…THE ‘FRANKENSTEIN’ FAMILY I can tell you a good ‘DOINK’-ING would be the kindest thing I could think of.Her brother on the other hand, OH BOY would I love to meet that kid in a lonely place.

      BTW, do you know what a ‘DOINK’-ing is? I doubt it….

      1. @SACRE-BLEU:

        Oh mon Dieu!…merci pour l’explication…Definitely, I don’t want to be Doinked…that Binay Chick is asking to be Doinked, by the smirk on her face…that Binay Boy, that you wanted to Doink, ask him, if he wants to be Doinked…

        1. @ 969 /237 or wtf ! So admit it, you do not know what a ‘DOINK’ is. Its OK to not know, but I did not say I wanted to ‘DOINK’ Binay’s Son, I did not….and I do not want to, and it is not what I said. I do not repeat myself, so I will not further expound on what I did say.

  10. The 3 Senators,GMA and Corona have all gotten off easy.The public shaming is what they all agree to go thru when the get hired and take the ‘FAL’ into the marshmallow pit that it is the OLIGARCHIC justice system that exists for all FLIP politicians. The enemies of Aquino do not exist, they are all banded together to make this choreographed bull-shit story that you all still believe. Like ,c’mon, only an IDIOT could even think that the Amputuans are anywhere near a jail-cell,LOL!!!6 YRS. after the Maguindanao Massacre and there has not even been a trial,or even an arraignment on charges ! HA HA HA!!!
    Same for GMA, she is not even in that hospital, and after what she and her husband did, the death penalty would have been too kind.Corona sold the SC to the highest bidder and got off without even answering a single question, and PLEASE SOMEONE TELL ME: What did they let him do that shit for? Does anyone even imagine that the whole testimony(?) he gave was not completely pre-arranged?
    GET A CLUE, if you don’t know that shit was rehearsed.

  11. The tone and the topic of this article are things I find deeply disappointing.

    Don’t get me wrong; for me, Jejomar Binay does not deserve to hold any high elective position regardless of there being insufficient evidence to convict him of the crimes he is accused of in a juridical investigation. In fact, most of those who are here agree with that assessment; this article is more of a preach-to-the-choir editorial, and this is what I find disappointing.

    There are many other pressing issues and questions the Philippine faces. Should we build up an external-threat-responsive military, damn the cost? Is rice self-sufficiency a worthwhile goal? How can we eliminate economic inequality without unnecessarily prejudicing the very entrepreneurs and businesses that can contribute to that elimination? All of these require well-thought out opinions and policies that many readers and writers are qualified to expound upon. Instead, we have allowed ourselves to fight over the three smallest, most nonsensical issues ever: Noynoy Aquino, Mar Roxas, and Jejomar Binay.

    People, we have to get this over with. Sooner or later, they will fade away with the harsh rebuke of history they richly deserve. While we have to campaign outside against the election of this certifiable idiot and others of his ilk, let us not waste unnecessary time. We must address the bigger picture.

    1. Policies are all well and good but when it comes down to it there have to be people who want to implement the policies or at least make sure that there is rule of law to allow good policies to take shape.

      Sadly we might never get to a stage where these policies can be implemented since the interests of our ruling class run counter to implementing these policies.

      Let’s start from the basic and fair assumption that the ruling class (including the Aquinos, Roxas, and Binays) want to protect their wealth and their power and let’s move down to the problems that have been mentioned.

      Would our ruling elite really want a strong modern philippine military? No. Why? Imagine there being more than a handful Trillanes-type mutineers running around and wielding high tech weaponry. Not good for keeping your money or power at all.

      Would the ruling elite want to promote policies that eliminate economic inequality without sacrificing entrepreneurs and businesses? No, as to the poorest of the poor they constitute a controllable voting base. As to a would be entrepreneur class…why would they allow more people the opportunity to get wealthy and potentially challenge their economic superiority and down the road political power?

      The rebuke of history on these ruling elite must come through action. Either the elite must have a change of heart (highly unlikely, although I do want to direct all to a link… I know it’s from Noynoy’s father…. but damn the apple fell far from the tree and into another dimension

      http://www.foreignaffairs.com/articles/24006/benigno-s-aquino-jr/whats-wrong-with-the-philippines) or action that will force them to change.

      As it is the elite in the Philippines have a good thing going because the elite rather luckily or smartly implemented pro-emigration policies. An astounding 10% of the Philippine population works overseas and sends remittances. Now if they were not working overseas this could result in the formation a formidable organized middle class opposition of overeducated unemployed discontents that the elite would have to deal with and could force them to change policies.

      In short, while people are still unorganized and relatively happy the current elite will continue to rule and squeeze the country. It is in their interest to keep the majority of the people poor. This means pro-equality and other seemingly common sense policies will never be implemented since they run counter the ruling elite’s interest. Fun times.

      1. also let’s not even talk about rice self sufficiency since this might involve the L word. land reform which the elite clearly want to steer clear of.

  12. @ Ilda, the first comment of mine was to much to publish ? You know its true, so why not publish it? .It could have been repeated in different words, but I will not stoop to reparting myself, not even under a different name, sock puppet style.

      1. @Benigno, there was not one sentence or phrase that meets the definition of ‘stupid’ in that comment.

        So you know: ‘Gerry’/’Mr.Kreig’/’Jumpin Joe’/’Vlad’/’Bangkok Benny’ and @ least twenty other completely made up ‘personalities’ are the same group of three to five(give or take two or three over the years) people(and their partners) posting what are basically the same views from the same ‘EX-PAT’ point of view. We all like what you do and ,for the most part, do not care if you don’t publish everything we say.That last one being a woeful exception.None of us are stupid, nor perfect….and not always sober.

        1. Take another stab at posting the same comment again, except this time be a bit more thoughtful around the sorts of words you use. You’ll probably have better luck seeing it pass our Moderation guidelines. Thanks.

  13. Vote buying ang mangyayari sa 2016 kasi marami ang Pinoy na ibinebinta ang buto dahil sa walang maisubo sa Pamilya. kayat delikado tayu sa BINAY Family marami cilang pera na ipapamodmod sa election.

    1. Hindi bumibili ng boto ang Binay family. Binuboto sila dahil may tiwala ang mga tao sa kanila. Kung iboboto pati buong pamilya nila edi ibigsabihin buong pamilya nila mabubuti nagagawa!

      1. Bobo lng kc ang mga bumoboto sa mga BINAY… utak biya kaung mga tiga makati na tiga suporta ni NOGNOG… napaka cheap nyo cakes lang at libreng monthly health checkup binibigay sa inyo ng mga Binay contento na kau, hello ang checheap nyo tanga kaung lahat!!!!

  14. madaming bobo sa Pinas kaya magtagalog kayo sa mga opinion nyo. Hindi kayo maiintindihan ng mga bobo, kaya kahit may ginawang masama ang mga kandidatong ayaw nyo, ingles kasi paliwanag at batinos nyo. Madaming hindi marunong mag-ingles, kaya para sa masyadong madunong mag-ingles, tagalugin nyo panira nyo kay Binay. Kung hindi, iboboto sya ng napakaraming bobo.

    1. Excuse me Sir, hindi porket hindi na makaintindi ng Ingles eh bobo na. Wag mo namang maliitin ang ating kapwa Pilipino na hindi nakakapag-aral dahil abala sa pagtatrabaho para may pangkain sa mga anak nila o sa mga batang salat sa pera 🙂

  15. you already judging individual just by looking at him or observing and having some negative information about him or what ever!, that’s what we do we look for the negative side only not on the positive side, and for me i don’t care if he’s corrupt or if that will be the outcome, as long as he will do something about our country, cause most of us will do the same thing.why not to try and see what happens, and don’t just defend others because u know them, but u don’t even know whats in their mind and you don’t know what they’re capable of.

    1. very informative and constructive,,
      are you a senator cos you sure waffle like one,
      why would you vote for someone you dont know what they can do? its like believing god will fix all your problems if you only put your head between your legs and pray

    1. Where is the conviction if she is so corrupt?? Oh I forgot Noynoy is a special needs case. Never accomplished a thing in his life. Besides he has a believer in you.

    2. @eleven

      And you, son, just went FULL RETARD with what you wrote.

      If you think Arroyo is the ‘most corrupt’ president this country ever had, then you’re delusional. You’re very misinformed about the Aquino-Cojuangco clan, which is far more worse than PGMA.

      You can’t deny the fact that you’re indeed…. STUPID. 😛

    3. Obviously you’ve never heard of Marcos. If she was the most corrupt, why have they not filed a case yet? The main reason she is under arrest is because of a vengeful President.Getting back to the article. Bloody BRILLIANT!!

  16. I thought the article is worth reading. But it’s just another garbage. I am not pro-administration, nor pro-Binay. Actually I am still waiting for an alternative candidate for president as of this moment. I find the article as such another rubbish opinion. Though I respect every opinion, the author of this article needs some refreshment to broaden more on what she sees not by her angry emotions that will lead to one dimensional aspects.
    One thing more, cursing, as severally mentioned in this article as “BS” is not a good thing to read at. It’s a red flag

    1. @hd

      You kept saying it’s “rubbish” but you didn’t even bother to explain why you think so. I’m afraid I cannot take your comment seriously until you be more specific.

      What “cursing” are you talking about? 😉

  17. A kind of foolish opinion, judging it without proof….You know what Binay’s did in Makati City? He made Makati City a very progressive city in the Philippines… He may make it in all cities in the Philippines… Can you recommend other politicians to become the new President of the Philippines. Compare first their accomplishment before you recommend…

    1. Hahaha.. nakakatawa naman yung sinabi mo, Binay made the makati city a progressive city in the Philippines? wala kong nabasang ganyan? saan yan? for your info, Since the late 1960s, Makati has transformed into the financial and commercial capital of the country. noon pa lang progressive na ang makati, centro na ito ng kaperahan ng pilipinas. simula ng naging mayor sya, marami nang pera ang makati, at nagamit nya yun para mapanatili nya ang pwesto nya… kung totoong hindi sya corrupt, magpaliwanag sya, hindi puro pag iwas sa pagpapaliwanag ang ginagawa nya.. wag tayong magbulagbulagan dahil lang sa kaunting ginhawa, na kung tutuusin mas higit na ginhawa ang nararanasan sana natin, hindi puro sila lang ang nakikinabang..

    2. WTF! He made Makati City a very progressive city in the Philippines? That’s BULLSHIT! Makati is already progressive long before Binay came in! You are probably one of those ignorants who believe Binay’s Ads “Ganito kami sa Makati” showing the tall Buildings made by private corporations in the Makati Commercial district. Why can’t Binay show street dwellers and the shanties in Bgy. Pio Del Pilar, Cembo, Comembo, Rembo, Rizal, etc?

      1. that’s true Makati has been long a progressive city,and Binay became one of the wealtiest politician in the Phil. with all their lavish lifestyle what can you say about him as politician.at nagtatag pa ng panibagong Political Dynasty,in a row na ang kanyang clan.daig pa ang reign of throne ng Monarchy of britain nila Queen Elizabeth.ang mga ginawa nyang project sa Makati ay kapurit lang yun ng dapat na responsibilidad talaga, hindi lang sya kundi ng lahat ng pulitiko.pumasok nga kayo sa kagubatan ng lunsod ng Makati.

        1. ginagawang mga bata ang mga mamamayan ng Makati,sa mga suporter ng Binays di natin alam kung mga edukado ba sila or nabubuhay sa kaunting mumu na sinasaboy ng mga aristocrat na ngayong Pamilya Binay.we need new breed of politician sa ngayon.kung sino ang makakapaglinis ng bawat squatters sa lunsod(eh bat nila gagawin yan eh di nawalan sila ang botante).at mapagawaan sila ng mga disenteng pamayanan katulad ng mga Tenement nung araw,building yan ha FYI,para may laban sa bagyo at baha wit fair lease,linisin ang lahat ng Estero,palawakin alisin ang mga squatters dito.at alisin sa puesto ang mga mahuling taliwas na mga opisyal lalo na yung nasa NGA.lalong lalo na ang Traffic,na kadaling lutasin,ibalik ang mga busses,mag karoon ng mga bus station ang bawat cities and zones,designated taxi station,walang school na magtatayo kung walang school bus.at alisin ang mga jeeps and FX,sa mga main road.para walang congestion .illigal parkings.more public car park with less fee.libraries,greenparks and playgrounds.free or Public Sports and recreational,hindi mga Baranggay Hall na over spent,na pinupugaran lang ng mga addict.etc.etc.

    3. Makati was already a progressive city before Riobinhood Jojoba Binay started his dynasty. Makati is the premier financial city where big businesses have their corporate headquarters. What did the dynasty accomplish? Free birthday cakes, free movies, free medical and healthcare, free college education? This is expected this is the peoples money being paid by businesses and employees.there are still shanties in the premier city that the dynasty is keeping and throwing crumbs to get their votes. What jojo did to Is not awesome it is the minimum expected of an elected official with so much tax money to spend for the taxpayers benefit. What we the voters who will elect a president must know if Jojo did not steal money or use his position to enrich his family and threw crumbs to the ordinary Makati folks.

    4. ang mga zobel at Ayala’s cla ang mga kapitalista ang nagpaunlad ng makati wala pa c binay dyan bilang mayor maunlad nang dati yan.

    5. Huh? Makati was already progressive along side with Ortigas. It was actually Marcos who conceptualize a financial district which he made. It is Makati and Ortigas. The Ayalas took advantage of the opportunity since they are the well off family their.

    6. bongbong marcos look at his profile. look at his performance. but do not look about his father. it’s totally a different story.

    7. Makati was already progressive way before Binary even thought of entering politics! It just happened that he became its mayor, succeeded by his wife, then returning to the position before handing it over to his son and who knows who will hold the position after the current mayor also reaches the limit. Shame on him and the rest of those who attribute Makati’s progress to the Binary!

    8. Makati was already progressive way before Binay even thought of entering politics! It just happened that he became its mayor, succeeded by his wife, then returning to the position before handing it over to his son and who knows who will hold the position after the current mayor also reaches the limit. Shame on him and the rest of those who attribute Makati’s progress to the Binay!

    9. kelangan mo magbasa ng history books uli ng mabuti. asensado na ang makati bago pa yan naging mayor. Mga Ayala ang nagpasimula nun hanggang kina mayor yabut. Ginawa lng nyan ay magkunwari na pinaunlad nya ang makati habang nagnanakaw para hindi halata. Kung umuunlad ang makati, bakit nalagpasan pa yan ng QC sa income? dahil sa totoo lang nag-stagnate na ang growth sa makati.
      baka nabasa mo ay yung “pirated” version ng history ng makati na gawa sa recto.

    10. Correct you thoughts stupid, Makati is already a wealthy city since the time of Ferdinand Marcos Regime, NOGNOG was just a leech in that city. Period!!!

  18. The sixth thing that can happen is: Binay dies before or during his term due to his ailments and old age (currently at 72 years old making him the oldest Philippine president) — thereby making the next Vice President as the more important leader to look out for to end the Binay presidency. The oldest president to take office was Sergio Osmena at the age of 66 and the oldest president to leave office was Ramos at 70.

  19. Paid medyas rubbish! You may articulate and manipulate the english language as long as you desire to further your political agenda. One thing is quite obvious by hiding in your nom de guerres you are not Filipino citizens but foreign agents who has been disrupting the mangmangs of this nation.

  20. Binay dynasty will collapse, after that corruption allegation against them will lead its way for them to be sent in prison. -just my opinion

    1. Mark ikaw na mismo may sabi corruption ALLEGATION ibigsabihin hindi pa napapatunayan. Allegation does not mean automatic guilty. They have no transparent evidence na masasabing corrupt siya.

  21. yes this article nailed it all i hope the filipino people can realize in the future and select wisely the best president should be. there are lots of inspiring people out there whose willing to serve us honestly and fearlessly the problem these people are not popular enough to win. i hope next time we will not look for the popularity lets look what this person can do to change the course of our politics. and lets us try to look the person’s background, experience,achievements and accomplishment if he or she.might be a good leader in the future. but first thing and most important of all lets change pur attitudes as a voters cause it is in our hands who will be the next person sitting in the palace for 6 years.

  22. kahit ano sabihin ninyo kahit ano article ito
    Most of the Filipino people who will vote are poor
    And they don’t or can’t read this… Sad but true
    Most of them are for binay..

    1. Mabuti na sigurong hindi nila mabasa itong article na ito na puro KASINUNGALINGAN. The Filipinos will vote because they know who the best candidate is, Binay.

  23. The unconvenient truth is that all the presidential aspirants are part and parcel of the same old ruling class with their snouts in the trough except one, Miriam Santiago, which will never be elected. Why? The majority of voters prefer short term handouts and cashing in on their votes as opposed to a more prosperous life in the future. And Miriam doesn’t do hand outs.

  24. there is a saying ” the thing speaks for it self” but of course this can not be understood by anyone who is playing blind (nagbubulagbulagan).

  25. I think that JB can do five things for the good of the country.
    1 he knows how to use properly the wealth of the country.
    2 stop corruption
    3 peace and order in the country
    4 livelihood for the poor
    5 Philippines will be great among ASEAN

    1. 1. by enriching his clan
      2. stop corruption and begin with prostitution
      3. no fish and no more order
      4. mounthful of livelihood for the poor without implementation
      5. Phils be great and be known as the last among third world countries.a record to be remembered.


  27. It’s not as if Pres. BS Aquino pioneered patronage politics in the country. The system had been entrenched in our politics for centuries.

    If I’m to be pessimistic about things, whoever leads the country next will manifest all the fears that the author has mentioned.

    Even if we change presidents, the culture of corruption has been deeply seeded in government institutions. Based from personal experience, one cannot receive complete service from the government unless you know someone from the inside.

    What we need is a maverick. Most of all, what we need is a change in our culture, our societal attitude.

  28. This country will continue to be laughable if Binay is voted into the presidency. We will be branded or continue to be branded as idiotic voters and we will sure as hell make a “persona non grata” to whosoever points the obvious out to us. Mabuhay ang mga Pilipino. Pacquiao! Pacquiao!Pacquiao!Pacquiao! chant it and see how very idiotic we truly are.

      1. BOngbong MArcos is d mos probable….did a grea job for d windmills in ilocos region – d first of its kind in asia that benefited d rural folks of cheap energy and elecricity which former gma acknowledged and praise bong2 of his great achievement for d poor/masses in past state of the nation address of fromer pres. Gloria M. arroyo .Ibang iba ang regimen Marcos..may tunay na puso @ pagmamahal sa baan.. .daming nagawa sila lalo na ngaon si imee marcos – magaganda ang mga agricul+ural projecs and visions.


      “Innocent until not proven guilty”
      ay hindi applicable sa Binay

      Di kailangan maging isang inhenyero or guro sa mathematics para malaman na may possible na overpricing sa mga proyekto ng mga BINAY.
      AT HINDI barya barya lang ang halaga na tintayang na overpriced… millions… na sana ay ginamit pa sa ibang proyektong pam publiko.

      AT ANG PAGLAGAY NG PANGALAN at MUKHA sa mga bahagi ng mga proyekto maging sa RELIEF GOODS ay isang parte ng corruption. Kaysa yung pina imprinta doon ay ginamit na lang pambili ng ilan pang dilata at damit para sa mga nasalanta – galing naman ito sa pondo ng bayan at donasyon ng ibang bansa at mamamayan.

      Iba sila sa makati – pinagpala kasi mayaman ang lungsod ng makati at kakaunti lang ang population compare sa ibang lungsod at bayan. Kaya dapat lamang na may mga proyekto at pribilehiyo na wala sa ibang lungsod… ngunit bakit nababahiran ng issues ng corruption. Madali sigurong mangulimbat kasi umaapaw ang salapi sa mayamang lungsod.

      Praktikal na pag aanalisa ay isang uri ng ebidensya para malaman kung may corruption na nangyayari. Lalo na at nakasulat sa mga papel ang mga presyo ng mga gusali at kitang kita ang mga nagawang gusali – na pwedeng pwedeng ma ikumpara sa ilang gusaling pampubliko at pribado kung naging mas mahal ang pagkakagawa.


      Philippines is moving forward na yet sa ilang pagkakamali lalo na sa pagpili ng bagong manunungkulan ay magdudulot ito ng pagbagal sa pag unlad… malala pa, ng mas kahirapan.






  29. pag nanalo si Binay it only means most Filipinos are just like him. Palakasan, pakisama, paboritismo system. Lahat ng gawin mo tama basta may kapit o papular ka. Hwag din kalimutan mga Ampatuan, pag si Binay nanalo abswelto mga yan.

  30. We should never give him a chance na maging president ng ating bansa,,,Tama na..Sobra na…Tanggalin na mga kagaya niya na mga Superrr Sinungaling…Nakakapanindig balahibo ang kanyang TV ads…pa-awa effect…hindi bagay sa kanya…kung ga’no ka-dark ng kulay niya siyang kasing dark ng kanyang kalooban…sana wag na magpaloko mga kababayan natin sa mga kagaya niyang super grabe kaitim ng budhi…

  31. The Binay-orchestrated Makati corruption is a microcosm of the Philippines, if Binay gets to be in power…Let this be a warning to those contemplating to support Binay, his camp and his family in 2016. It would be one of the worst nightmares the Philippines would have. The predictions in this article are as good as any sane Filipino would probably make.

      1. First quality shpuld be is God fearing,,the one who is afraid to disobey the comandments that is written in the bible,,how?trace the life of that person…his lifestyle..ung mga rest e mga credentials na ng tao gaya ng qng anong tnapos nia n etc…mahrap kc pg ang Gpd fearing is last na qualitu na requirement,,,magcicic lng tau

      2. ***********



        and he or she will be a good president.


        at siya ay magiging mabuting pangulo

    1. Si Binay wala ng iba. Kahit na maraming nakapalibot na mga ganitong balita. Alam ko mga nagawa niya at alam ko rin kung ano ang mabubuting magagawa niya para sa Pilipinas.

    2. Binay. These media hypes at mga paninira are driven by mainly unsubstantiated claims. May mga ginawa syang maganda para sa ikauunlad ng bayan. May nagbabalita ba non? Alam ng lahat ng kalaban nya na malakas sya sa susunod na eleksyon kaya panay ang paninira nila. And these writings are made primarily to attract traffic into their sites.

  32. SO as early as Now, we should Educate those who doesn’t have any idea what the Binay’s has been doing and still giving their sympathy to the family which is the reason why he is still Top in the polls..(Can you Believe that!!?)
    Otherwise, we should form a Covert Union that will push another Revolution…

  33. Nagbigay po kayo ng problema..pero di naman po kayo nagbigay ng solusyon…sa artikulo po ninyo puro po negatibo…di naman po kayo nagbigay ng alternatibo…pulitika po dito sa pilipinas…pabor-por-pabor…kung sino po ang nakatulong…siya din po ang tutulungan….

    1. tama yan! si President Binay, mag-ask sa australian government to extradite the pseudonym BenignO. para mapagutan na rin nya ang pang-momolestya nya sa mga girls ng Peyups.com dati.

      1. balita nga yan. dati pa. creepy daw yan. tapos nag-aask ng date sa mga girls doon sa Peyups.com via YM. eh, wala naman pumapatol haha.

  34. All those propaganda with Binays are all true and with evidences.Making him a president in our country is a big mistake.Scary.

  35. Puro mga negatibo binigay mo sa article na ‘to, eh may solusyon ba kayong biniga. Tsaka mga sinasabi mo dito tungkol kay Binay, eh san galing? Sinu-sino mga sources mo? Paano naman nating malalaman kung saktong inosenteng tao ang humahatol kay Binay, o di kaya sila rin ang kurap. Sa tingin ko, ingay lang ‘to na di natin kailangan. Facts. Totoong ebidensya. Yun ang kailangan.

  36. Mga kapatid I present the

    5 things that will happen when Jejomar Binay becomes Philippine President

    (1) Binay will defend his family, friends, and allies dahil hindi sila magkakamali sa pagsilbi sa bansa.

    (2) The Binay family will maintain peace and order.

    (3) A Binay Presidency will result in more transparency.

    (4) A Binay Presidency will result in more compassion for Filipinos.

    (5) A Binay Presidency means better economy.

    Buksan niyo mga mata niyo! Heto ang katotohanan at yan lang ang mga mangyayari kapag siya ang naging presidente. Kaya si Binay lang dapat! #Binay2016

    1. Pwede mo bangpaki-explain kung bakit ka naniniwala kay Binay? Kung lahat ng nasa posisyon ay corrupt, ok lang ba sa yo yun?dahil wala bang choice?
      Kung ang mga sinabi mo ay katotohanan, pano mo baback-upan ang sinasabi mo? may statistics ka ba or report na magpapatunay na mas magkakaron ng transparency, and mas magkakaron ng better economy.

      Imbes na makipagtalo sa mga pro-binay, pakinggan natin yung panig nila. Mahirap makipagtalo sa mga taong sarado ang isip.

      1. Eh ikaw? Meron ka din bang maipapakitang statistics, studies and sound evidence na magpapatunay na corrupt sya? What the hell…we might just be simply blinded By hearsay and scandals that are not proven true kaya don’t judge.

    2. (1) Binay will defend his family, friends, and allies dahil hindi sila magkakamali sa pagsilbi sa bansa.
      Nakakatakot naman ‘yan. :0

      Perpektong gobyerno, meron ba no’n? 🙂

      Ano ang kinalaman ng ‘defend’ sa ‘hindi magkakamali sa pagsilbi’?

      Ibig bang sabihin i-dedefend ni Binay his family, friends and allies LANG?

      Kakatakot, nabawasan tulong ng isang boto si Negro, este, Binay. 🙂

  37. Ano p bang evidence ang kailangan nyo??? Bulag na bulag n ba kayo? Overpriced lahat at worse sya pa ang supplier ng cake… But the most worst of it all, di nya panindigan ang hamon nya n debate to clear he’s name… Nagbitaw ng salitang di kaya panindigan If totoong inusente ka, i think madaling pabulaanan LAHAT ng alegasyon sa kanya.

    Solusyon? Sa lahat ng nahingi ng solusyon, MAGBIGTI NA KAYO MGA INUTIL, ano lahat isusubo sa inyo???? GAMITIN ANG UTAK yan ang solusyon…

    1. Hahhaha you made my day hipocrite! Well, pag di na talaga gumagana ang utak ay talagang bigti nalang wala ng saysay ang mabuhay pa sa mundo.. Gamtin lang utak hirap pa? Karamihan kasi sa ating mga kababayan nagbigay kana nga ng ideya ikaw pa ang kikilos.. Tsk tsk nasanay sa spoon feeding karamihan sa atin…

  38. (1) Binay will defend his family, friends, and allies even when they break the law.
    (2) The Binay dynasty will further institutionalize nepotism and favoritism in Philippine society.
    (3) A Binay Presidency will result in more conflicts of interests and continue the cycle of retribution.
    (4) A Binay Presidency will result in more conspiracy to commit acts of betrayal against the Filipino people.
    (5) A Binay Presidency means more dole outs, bigger Conditional Cash Transfers and a resurrection of the pork barrel funds, and Disbursement Acceleration Program.

    I have nothing personal against Jejomar Binay and I’m not saying all the things thrown at his direction by the article are true. But what I’m concerned about is the fact that his entire family practically are in elected public office. I don’t care if they are good public servants or not but we have to be conscious of the fact that there are 100+ millions of us. Why so much families in public office? What kind of message are we sending our people? That we can have it all if we want to? That politics is a family affair and there’s nothing wrong if we take turns with it? So long as we provide the service our people need or want, everything will be fine?

    When a family becomes a political one, a corruption of relations is created. Those who carried and benefitted with Jejomar will naturally patronize and support the daughter or the son when the time comes they salivate for pubic office. There is already a built-in advantage there. In a way, that is corruption. I don’t mind the advantage extended to a party-mate for that’s normal in party politics but to relatives? Pardon the term, kakapalan na lang ng mukha ang pinaiiral d’yan.

    And that makes no. 1 above a legit issue. Of course, when your relatives/friends/allies get into to trouble people will not expect that you’ll go and prosecute them. They will not expect that you will stand neutral. They will not believe that you’re going to wash your hands and leave them in their own devices. Only fools will think that way.

    Some will say that on No. 2 about nepotism, our laws refers to ‘appointments’ and not to elected positions, hence, it’s not covered. I get it. But if there is one provision where an amendment of our law is extremely necessary it’s on nepotism. Appointed or elected, no one should be allowed to run for public office when such person have relatives who are currently holding public office. And no person should run for office previously held by a relative.

    No wonder, in another article here, it was opined that we have a misinterpretation of what ‘honor’ is. And I don’t blame anyone who will share such view because the evidence is all there for everyone to see. Garapalan, pakapalan ng mukha ang labanan, so long as it is within the interest of the barangay, the city, the province, the region, the country AND MOST OF ALL the family. : )

    On no. 3, of course, if there is monopoly and similarity of interest, expect the protection of such and the weeding out of those who are not members of the group, gang, circle, or family.

    No. 4, imagined or factual, it is automatic. The mere fact that you have control of concentration of power through influence and monopoly there is already conspiracy and betrayal of trust and confidence there. You expect something good to come out of “ganid” or “katakawan”?

    No. 5, I’m not going to assume it will happen under Binay’s administration but perception is another matter. If you have friends and families left and right lording it over the bureacracy, you think people can sleep soundly at night because they think the gov’t. coffer is safe?

    I don’t think so. 🙁

  39. i think this is biased. i am not pro binay but i think this really is unfair in his part. i believe there’s not a single politician in the philippines free of guilt from corruption and greediness…there all the same..dirty old gals pretending to be saints..write negative on everybody..dont be selectively concern writer

  40. Perhaps we should also have an article on “5 things which will happen with a Duterte presidency”…or a Grace Poe presidency…or a Mar Roxas Presidency. Any takers?

  41. A Grace Poe or Erap presidency to my mind is a better alternative to Jojo Binay. Binay has the makings of a wealth and power insatiable madness. Being so poor once,and suddenly tasting wealth,is now so obsessed to be more wealthy and powerful by hook or by crook just like Marcos and Imelda and Gloria Macapagal Arroyo. The conjugal dictatorship of Marcos and Imelda practically enslaved the country and rob us blind by billions upon billions of the nation’s coffers, while Gloria the daughter of that poor boy president from Lubao Pampanga,after tasting wealth and power by corruption, was likewise madly obsessed to obtain more wealth and retain her hold to power by deceit and immorally anomalous deeds.WE HAVE SEEN THIS ACTUALLY HAPPENED AND WILL ACTUALLY HAPPEN WITH JOJO BINAY, MORE SO THAT WE HAVE SEEN HIS EVIL MODUS OPERANDI AS SHOWN AND UNCHALLENGED IN THE SENATE IBVESIGATION.KAYA BAYAN, MAGINGAT PO TAYO KAY JOJO BINAY HINDI PO GAGAWA YAN NG MABUTI PARA SA BAYAN NA WALANG KAPALIT NA KURAKOT YAMAN

    1. Ulol. marcos is different from GMA. d Aquinos, etc.imelda did great things for d country. she has a good managemen skills. if she wanted a projec o be finished in 77 days …matatapos yun tulad nang sya ay Metro Manila Governor madaling matapos mga proyekto tulad ng mga LRt, Folk Arts theater due 2 her good conjugal dictatorship skills…. d tulad ngayon..puro palpak.daming nasasayang na pera…. .oh ano ngayon sino ungas…di ikaw !Boba !

    2. Ulol. marcos is different from GMA. d Aquinos, etc.imelda did great things for d country. she has a good managemen skills. if she wanted a project to be finished in 77 days …matatapos yun tulad nang sya ay Metro Manila Governor madaling matapos mga proyekto tulad ng mga LRt, Folk Arts theater due 2 her good conjugal dictatorship skills…. d tulad ngayon..puro palpak.daming nasasayang na pera…. .oh ano ngayon sino ungas…di ikaw !Boba !

  42. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see that Binay, as well as all other politicians, are corrupt and enriching themselves at the expense of the people who they are supposed to be serving. Why else would they spend hundreds of millions to campaign to get a job that only pays a comparatively small salary. Supporters of these blatantly corrupt politicians are either blind, stupid, or hoping to financially benefit from their support of these maggots. My gut says that all three applies.

      1. its the hard truth, if only people would realize the after effects of their votes then they would blatantly realize that they had killed their nations future

    1. Truth really hurts knowing a Binay presidency is inevitable, but believing all the lies of Trillanes, Roxas and cohorts against Binay makes one look more FOOLISH, and they will all end up getting hurt more.

  43. “The truth is, BS Aquino set a precedent in creating an environment of impunity in government. Binay will just continue where BS Aquino left off.”

    “A Binay Presidency is scary, indeed. Particularly since the incumbent President BS Aquino already paved the way for disrespecting the rule of law and routinely ignoring calls for accountability.”
    So, that destroys the belief, at least here, that people who don’t want PNoy to step down because they want to prevent Binay from becoming president?

    I don’t see any logic in those statements. A Binay presidency “scary” because of PNoy? Does that mean Binay is just a clone, a robot or carbon copy of PNoy? Doesn’t make sense.

    Granting that PNoy “paved the way for disrespecting the rule of law, etc.”, are we to assume that Binay will just follow all the wrong things PNoy did as president?

    I think this time fiction is indeed stranger that truth.

    1. A Jejomar “Jojo” Cabauatan Binay presidency is really very scary if the incumbent government officials and politicians are corrupt.

      They will surely be convicted the proper court of law and will serve their sentences inside a regular jail together with the common criminals.

      Nobody will be above the law. Everything will be in accordance with the Constitution, the rule of law and with the support of the will of the people.

  44. Whatever happens all our Presidents will be corrupt however Binay would be the worst of all evils. Sheesh fuck his nigger clan they all have a place in hell.

    1. didn’t Binay say that about Marcos when he was demonstrating in the streets.probably that’s why he turned dark skin and darker to the color of his deeds.

    2. My family will surely all vote for a Binay presidency on 2016. We believe in his principle and programs for the welfare and uplifting the lives of poor Filipino people.

  45. screw this country. I already gave up my hope. I’m tired being the nice guy. Everyday you have to deal with the majority of undisciplied, uneducated, educated but unaware filipinos. I guess this is the right time to migrate and let this country to rot.

    1. I did that 30yrs ago didn’t anyone realized that there are filipinos in all corners of the world which was unheard of years ago. tip: why do we have OFW’s.ans: nothing is left in the Phil. It is the OFW’s money that keeps the wheel turning in the Phil.Check out the investors of the high rise condos. Good luck

  46. I’m on Team Defensor-Santiago. Binay isn’t the best for our country. He should just forget about presidency and go back to running Makati. I think he’s only capable of running a city but not a country.

    1. I think otherwise. Miriam should stay with her pick-up line campaign against corruption and stay out of politics forever.

  47. dear the author of this blog, please make a blog regarding on 5 things that will happen when Rody Duterte becomes Philippine President. He’s much better than this nognog guy.

    1. How different is he from PNoy if he’ll put the law in his hands and be the judge of what he deemed as wrong? And how advance or progressive is Davao now after being in office for 30 years (vice, mayor, congressman)? Kindly consider other important factors also before shoving him to the voters’ throats.

  48. During the Marcos times… Philippines was one of the most advance and progressive country in asia as well as all over the world… but what the Aquino’s did was to snatch power and blinded the people… NOW PEOPLE LOOK WHAT HAPPEN TO OUR COUNTRY…. We’re one of the most corrupt and the poorest country now…

    Are the Aquino’s really for the good of the country? THINK ABOUT IT!

  49. I think this perception and observation of this Catholic priest smacks of the line towed by the yellow regime. This political analysis best described the corrupt and shared administration of Aquino, Roxas and their cronies.

  50. I think this perception and observation of this Catholic priest smacks of the line towed by the yellow regime. This political analysis best described the corrupt and shared administration of Aquino, Roxas and their cronies. Look at what happen to our country? The DAP-PDAF, the Mamasapano SAF44 massacre, the BBL, etceteras.

  51. The comments are just empty noise, the root cause must be addressed! I say until the majority of the voters can 1) think critically and 2) have the means (aka income) to refuse a few thousand Peso bribe to vote the way they are told, this country will be mired in corruption. The people get what they deserve (or what they can afford). The people are really enslaved in so many ways, and not only by the pols, lets include the Church, the Oligarchs, and the substandard educational system, and a culture that accepts such crap rather than objecting, protesting, or even revolting (in revolution) like some would.

  52. A Binay Presidency is scary, indeed It is FEROCIOUS! This is also my perspective, This brief overview encapsulates the dilemma that Phil. Government Systems has faced over the past decade or so…Another chapter of parasites and corruption that might turn into another chapter of chaos.

  53. you is ms. ilda, are the author of this article, are you not? you have a very subtle way of transferring or pointing accusations from the accused to the accuser. How much were you paid by binays stalwarts?

    1. And where is your strong evidence that Ilda and the other authors of grp are paid hacks of binay? Is that all you can attack? Kasi gasgas na iyang spiel mo e bobong pinoy.

    2. LOL…I didn’t realise PNoy has been accusing Binay. As far as I am aware, PNoy hasn’t spoken against Binay. I thought he was fighting corruption…tsk tsk. If Binay is corrupt, then why hasn’t PNoy fired him yet?

      And no, Binay did not pay me to write this brilliant article. Thanks. 😉

  54. When Binay becomes president, country risks will rise up a few notches and the mgovt and Phil corporates can kiss goodbye to any foreign bank borrowings.

  55. I just realised something.

    Take off Binay’s glasses and he looks a bit like a black Frank Underwood.

    (“House of Cards” for the uninitiated.)

  56. Kung manalo si binay…. wla na talaga.. im a filipino but now im very disappointed on the government.instead of making the philippines a better place, they just making money out of it.

  57. Im calling all Filipino to wake up.sobra na tama na sa mga taong mapagsamantala.calling all religious leader its time to remind all members to vote a righteous leader. Pagmatuwid ang leader pinagpapals ang bansa. Always remember God has good plan to this nation.He is going to use this nation in spreading righteousness.0

  58. What would a Makati Idiocratic Citizen will set against the will of the majortiy Filipino people, we dont want a Leech(nognog)in our Government anymore… If you want him leading your city, just let him lead you idiots alone dont try to include us!!!

  59. Those 5 things are happening now in the Philippines–just in different shapes and forms–and committed by different characters. Corruption is like ‘shit.’ No matter what you call it to make it sound less offensive, or mask it odor with deodorizers, it is still ‘shit.’

    ROXAS- Dating Matuwid na daan
    POE- Hahanapin ko pa yon daan
    BINAY- Sa iyo na itong limang daan.
    DUTERTE- Pupulutin ka sa daan!!!

      ROXAS- Dating Matuwid na daan – pala daang 2wad.
      POE- Hahanapin ko pa yon daan – di nia mahanap ang daan..
      POE- Hahanapin ko pa yon daan – di mahanap ang daan
      BINAY- Sa iyo na itong limang daan.- sa akin na i-2ng limang daan.
      DUTERTE- Pupulutin ka sa daan!!! pupukpukin sa daan.

  61. too many idiot voting brainless celebrities, bold stars, action stars, character actors/actresses, sports men, models,and so on.

  62. bong bong Marcos is a threat to all political aspirants that is why they continue 2 tarnish his image as a man of noble deeds. No pork barel – zero.

  63. Sino ba ang best choice sa apat..
    Binay-corrupt daw ehh..
    Poe- OJT President na naman, lolokohin lang ng mga tao
    sa paligid nya. Walang experience ehh, kahit
    Sangguniang Kabataan chairman man lang.
    Meriame- Over qualified eh. Walang words of honor, sabinya noon tatalon sya sa eroplano na walang
    parachute kung maaresto si Joseph Estrada
    sa kasong plunder.
    Mar- Daang Matuwid. tuta ng mga Aquino parin.

    Corrupt daw ehh VS OJT President/inexperience VS
    no words of honor VS Daang matuwid…

  64. ako po c aileene mae legaspi..hinanap kko lng po ang page nato.. at nagbabasakaling matulungan po kami sa aming mga hinanaing… isa po akong hayskul graduate.. nag stopped po aako ng 2 years… sa ngayon nag work lng po muna ako. para sa sarili ko at ng maka ipon sa susunod na pag. aaral.ko. pero.. sabi ng nabalitaan ko babalik daw kami ng hayskul. once na mag aaral kami ng kolehiyo.. may pag asa po bang. makapag enroll kami. sa kolehiyo.. this coming year.. at d na kami babalik sa k 12 …kase nakagraduate napo kami… ng Hayskul…ok lng po samin ang mag patupad ng ganon batas.. pero… pano nmn po kaming interesado sa pagaaral ng kolehiyo…. kaya lng po kami nagstop muna.. ay para.. makaipon sa pag. aaral. interesado po kami na mkapagkolehiyo… sana po bgyan kami ng pamahalaan na ang mga nkagradute ng hayskul ay pwed pang makapag enroll as susunod na pasukan… salamat po.. at sana po mabasa to.. at hindi po ibabalewala.. kabataan po ang pag.asa ng bayan..

  65. O iboto nyo na sya.

    mga tatanga-tanga.

    bandang huli nyan magiging kanya….

    buong maynila, makati at malacanang.

    kayong lahat na fans…tagahugas ng kotse…

    tagawalis ng hardin at tagapaypay nalang.

  66. Ang Hindi Ninyo alam dating magsasaka lamang Ang mga ayalas dahil Kay binay tsaka sila nakilala siyempre si binay Ang scarecrow sa kanilang munting farm at dahil pangit Ang mukha ni jejomar Natakot Ang mga peste at uwak Kaya lumago Ang pananim ni Jaime zobel at yumaman na siya. Ayan, at dahil scarecrow siya at lagi nakabilad sa Araw kahit gluta Hindi na uubra Kay nognog pangit. Kaya malaki Utang na loob Ng mga Ayala at squatter Ng makati Kay bansot. Maaring retarded Ang commento ko pero wala Lang joke joke Lang hehehehehe????

  67. I am stunned at Binay who can see no wrong in giving gifts of cakes or money to voters from his own pocket or public funds to vote for him, it is only small amounts but it is an illegal attempt to buy extra votes. He should be disqualified from standing for president it would be a massive backward step for the Philippines when corrupt government becomes the norm

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