The answer to why ‘undesirable alien’ Marc Sueselbeck was detained by Ph govt is really quite simple

Why was Marc Sueselbeck, the purported fiance of slain transgender Jeffrey Laude detained by the Philippines’ Bureau of Immigration even as he was at the airport on his way to boarding a flight back to his home in Germany? That is a question ‘netizens’ have been asking one another. But the only entity that can give an authoritative answer to that question has already spoken. Department of Justice Secretary Leila De Lima said on Monday that “Marc Sueselbeck was stopped from leaving so he could face ‘undesirability’ charges that the Bureau of Immigration had filed against him.”

German national Marc Sueselbeck breaches security at the Philippines' military headquarters in Camp Aguinaldo.

German national Marc Sueselbeck breaches security at the Philippines’ military headquarters in Camp Aguinaldo.

To some people, stopping an “undesirable alien” from leaving the country does not make sense. But he is already leaving for God’s sake!

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Indeed, but leaving without a criminal record is different from being deported. When you are deported, you face insurmountable complications coming back to the country that deported you. If the Philippine government had let Sueselbeck board his plane the other day, he would have gone clean and excaped the consequences of his actions while he was a visiting alien in the Philippines. Sueselbeck’s legal counsel Harry Roque himself assured the public that his client is “ready to face the consequences of his actions.”

Those actions are pretty grave. Breaking into a military camp in any country is a serious offense. He could have been shot by Philippine troops tasked with the security of Camp Aguinaldo and that would have been easily regarded as a clean shooting. In that regard, Sueselbeck is lucky.

Not surprisingly, the German government itself has not shown much interest in even touching this case with a ten ten-foot pole…

Sueselbeck came to the Philippines to attend the wake of his fiancée, Filipino transgender woman Jeffrey “Jennifer” Laude, who was allegedly murdered by US Marine Private First Class Joseph Scott Pemberton in Olongapo City last October 11, 2014.

Laude’s sister, Marilou, and Sueselbeck caused a commotion at Camp Aguinaldo after they climbed over a security fence to get to where Pemberton is currently being detained.

Sueselbeck then pushed the camp guard who tried to block his way.

He subsequently apologized to the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) but the authorities are intent on pursuing charges against him for “unauthorized entry” and using physical force against a uniformed personnel.

According to Charles Jose, spokesman of the Philippines’ Department of Foreign Affairs, the Philippine government has no plans of contacting the German Embassy on this matter. Jose also said they have no plans of informing the German government on this matter any further.

What would the German government be even discussing with the Philippine government on this matter? Climbing a perimeter fence of a military camp — the headquarters of the Armed Forces of the Philippines no less — with the intent of forcing one’s way into a restricted part of the premises pretty much constitutes a clear violation of Philippine law. Worse, Sueselbeck had also reportedly physically assaulted a Filipino soldier while he was at it.

Perhaps, as an experiment, Filipino ‘activists’ should try to force their way into the Pentagon. I hope they take down some notes on the experience. It should make fascinating reading.

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14 Replies to “The answer to why ‘undesirable alien’ Marc Sueselbeck was detained by Ph govt is really quite simple”

  1. Here is the secret. Sueselbeck it seems only came here for the wake and to trespass. Maybe De Lima thought Sueselbeck might as well shop around for a replacement. Problem is who De Lima has in mind is more than twice as old, a lot less hair than Laude and extremely a mama’s boy. De Lima should not be playing matchmaker.

  2. So the German is ‘upset’ and wants a piece of the guy who is accused of murdering his ‘fiance’. Well, tough shit buddy. This guy,Suselbeck, is fucked now. Not only is his ‘fiance’ dead-as-a-doornail this guy is going to get a cell in the same space as the guy who is accused of murdering his ‘fiance’, YIPPEE !

    Apparently the German guy thinks his act of ‘loyalty and outrage’ at the murder of his ‘fiance’ is somehow going to be overlooked by Philippine authorities, HA !!! The guy is clearly deranged and has a low opinion of the justice system (that is another discussion for another day)and its ability to carry out justice. He is going to a guest at the Philippine department of corrections for a while.

    A fair trial for the accussed is called for, and then a proper sentencing at the hands of the justice system where the crime took place.

    Marc Suselbeck should have stayed home and maybe will one day soon wish he had.

    Ever see the inside of a Philippine jail ?

  3. The German “Kraut” wants to Deport himself…the idiot De Lima, does not want it…

    They want to jail him; before deporting him?
    Pemberton is not at Camp Aguinaldo, anymore. Some say, he boarded another U.S. ship. He may be in the U.S. already.

    Aquino is afraid of the U.S. They can easily remove him, as President. And, subject him to a foreign exile, like Marcos…

    So, “pa-sunod-sunod na lang ang tarantado na Aquino”…

  4. whatever happens in PH, holding and ensuring Marc gets properly blacklisted is the right thing to do

    While there are a thousand injustices Filipinos heap on Foreigners, this isn’t one of them

    De Lima is right. If he get himself kicked out, he will be sans a record and will dispute the case and come back to find another Jeffrey, or try another break in, or push some Filipinos just for fun

    Give some kudos to De Lima, and her team for reacting the right way.

    And Marc’s demand to see Pemberton ? really ? Doesn’t it get called as Witness tampering if he talks to the suspect ?

  5. “physically ASSAULTED a Filipino soldier?” “Assaulted” you say?? was there a dead head in a bowl? WAKE UP GUYS. Its only a matter of place but try comparing the actions. Laude murdered, discernment:on process yet a soldier is what?? pushed? right away Sueselbeck will be detained? I bet my ass that if it doesn’t involve a “homoseuality” issue, you all will be pissed as hell

    1. I heard a judge say once “God may forgive you, but the law won’t.” Infuriated to the core as the German was, entering a military base without proper clearances is still illegal. You may feel for him and there’s nothing wrong with that, but the law should still be enacted upon no matter what.

      Lighten up. I’m sure there will be a proper settlement for that issue in due time.

  6. According to international law the government must inform the German embassy. The embassy is supposed to ensure that Marc will get proper criminal defense and a fair trial.

    1. Not. Only few embassies have the resource to have people assist citizens in distress, And a few embassies will just turn a blind eye for this kind of moron, and will limit their assistance to coordination with his family / kin etc.

      See in Thailand, how many Brits, Canadians, Americans are left and how many of their embassy staff even bother.

      Now if the German was accused of serious crimes, and he asked the embassy for help, then the embassy will step in

      Only Philippines Embassy world wide has the habit of barging in, whenever a Filipino is in trouble, minor or major including drug charges, murder charges etc

  7. A shemale got killed by a man whom he fooled on bed, “activists” step in and pushes their bogus agenda, family uses profiteering media to gain sympathy, then steps in a German who claims to be his fiance (oh no! he’s a two-timer too!?), the German goes over-the-top and steps inside a highly-restricted military base, German gets arrested just before he could leave and so another issue ensues…when one crazy shit keeps happening one after another in a situation that could have been solved simply and you may not help but guiltily laugh about it, then you got yourself a circus worthy of happening in the Philippine setting.

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