Jail Jejomar Binay now!


What are we waiting for? The above illustration says it all. Assuming the quality of the Makati Parking Building is anywhere close to the quality of the Zuellig Building, which is NOT the case, then the kickback of Binay is more than 100% of the true cost of the building. And there were many Makati government buildings built during the time of Binay as Mayor of Makati (the old man and his wife, not even including the son). Go do the math and this one adds-up to a terrific act of plunder right under our noses.

The old man says the Makati building should not be compared to private buildings. And why not? The comparison of the Makati building to other government buildings merely reinforces the consistency of kickbacks enjoyed by government officials in government construction projects, perversely known as “Standard Operating Procedure” or “SOP”. It’s the old blasé explanation, “everyone in government is doing it and this is just another case of selective political persecution.” By comparing the Makati building to private buildings, the scam is exposed, as clear as the light of day.

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I don’t understand why Binay (unlike Tanda, Pogi and Sexy) is not yet locked-up in jail being tried for plunder, when the evidence is so overwhelming and definitive. Do we really have to abduct Gerry Limlingan and torture him to confess that he acted as a dummy of Binay for an offshore private bank account with a portfolio value in the millions of US dollars (excluded, of course, from the SALN of Binay)?

And yet, the old man is not content plundering the coffers of the wealthiest city of the country. He wants to dip his dirty hands into the national coffers. He has the gall . . . the temerity to aspire to be the next President of the Philippines. Ang KUPAL mo, Binay!

28 Replies to “Jail Jejomar Binay now!”

  1. My question is… him only? And once he is jailed, will it lead to a snowball of corruption getting cleaned? I doubt. But I guess the answer to your question is… the ones who are “crimefighting” against Binay are just grandstanding in media, not filing charges in court as they should. They prefer a debate.

    1. “They prefer a debate”

      -yes they prefer a debate, which Malacañang supports and calls “timely”, which really means the attention is shifted from the administration’s incompetence towards this MORO-MORO, paid for by the Tax paying public.

      I agree with the author, but with all these so-called evidences, why is the Senate (Legislative) focusing on trial by publicity and not leave it to the Judicial Branch to pursue the case against Binay. They could help if they, as they claim, have proof.

    2. “him only? And once he is jailed, will it lead to a snowball of corruption getting cleaned?”

      -we all know the answer to that ChinoF. The administration is determined in jailing the corrupt government officials and they will stop at nothing (even bribe senator judges) just to obtain a conviction. Just ask the administration mouthpieces, and they will tell you stories about how “only in PNOY administration where a former president is in hospital arrest arrest and only in PNOY administration where a Supreme Court judge is impeached and arrested, and then there is the jailing of Tanda, Pogi and Sexy.

      *please note this does not apply to allies of the IDIOT in Malacañang.

      1. I have no problem with debates as long as the end result (before the next presidential elections) is Binay behind bars. Thereafter, we can focus on the next uber-thief in government.

    3. YOU err. It was VP Binay who preferred a debate by calling for one against Sen. Trillanes. But Binay backed out at the last minute.

    1. Domingo Arong, thank you for reinforcing the truth, which is as clear as the light of day. All of these government building throughout the Philippines are over-priced because of the exorbitant kickbacks of government officials from each of these construction projects. You will note the much higher percentage of Binay’s kickback in the case of the Makati parking building.

      The Philippine government is riddled with blood-sucking parasitic crooks. I wouldn’t know where to start picking them off, much like a weed-invested lawn of bermuda grass. But like any over-grown weed that’s way too ugly to miss, it’s time for Binay to be uprooted, chopped to pieces and burned.

      1. “You will note the much higher percentage of Binay’s kickback in the case of the Makati parking building.” — virtual vigilante

        The “much higher percentage” of the “kickback” you are referring seems to have already been explained or justified in the cited “seek truth from facts” paper, and to quote:

        — “The 11-story Makati building, the COA investigation showed, required a deeper foundation than others of comparable size because it was built on softer soil near the Pasig River, thus the cost of P69,549/sqm.”

        — “The investigation team was totally different from the COA auditors of Makati City from 2008 to 2010, which found nothing wrong in the building’s cost. The COA’s conclusion: ‘The contract cost is considered reasonable being within the allowable limit of variance.’”

        — “However, even with her keen powers of observation, I don’t think Winnie could have seen the building’s foundations or steel framework—the hidden things that account for about half a building’s cost. In fact, one of the points made by the COA investigation was that the building ‘is designed to withstand earthquakes’ and that to do this, the builders had to dig the foundation deeper than usual.’”

        So, were these COA investigators also part of the deal too?

        In any case, I’m with you when you conclude that “it’s time for Binay to be uprooted, chopped to pieces and burned” NOW — if that is what the Courts will decide — but the frenzy should include ALL, particularly those behind the billions of DAP, PNoy and Abad.

        1. Are you really buying the “COA said it’s not overpriced therefore it’s not overpriced” defense? If you do, then you must believe graft and corruption is a myth in the Philippines since COA can’t seem to find anyhting right?

        2. jarvis

          Please … you’re putting words in my mouth. Nowhere above did I claim that: “COA said it’s not overpriced therefore it’s not overpriced” or words to that effect.

          On the contrary, I even asked the rhetorical that — “were these COA investigators also part of the deal too?”

          And I even qualified my concluding paragraph by asserting that “if that is what the Courts will decide — but the frenzy should include ALL [not just Binay] particularly those behind the billions of DAP, PNoy and Abad.”

        3. Way to go Domingo Arong! Say it as it should be said. Your prose and thought process suggest that you’re a gentleman willing to give the accused party the benefit of the doubt. I was like you once upon a time but have had to shed every trace of gentility to write against government officials who would sink to unspeakable depths of corruption, deception, etc, like the Marcoses, the Enriles, ERAP and his entire brood of political opportunists, the GMAs, the Ampatuans, the Revillas, the Binays, among many other government officials. In a truly evolved society, these . . . (can’t find the words to adequately describe the evil, suffering and misery they have caused) should have been hung, drawn and quartered in full view of the public many years ago.

  2. Hey virtual vigilante:

    Is the floor area shown is the total floor area of the building or the area per floor? I tried to compute the total cost base on the data you’ve given and with the following formula

    Total number of floors x Price / m2 x Floor Area (assuming area per floor) = Total Price

    I got the following

    38 x P 42,712.00 x 101,728.00
    = P 165,110,240,768.00

    11 x P 84,000.00 x 31,928.00
    = P 29,501,472,000.00

  3. It is obvious that Pnoy, in distancing himself from the circus involving Binay is not in favor of his ouster and may have something to gain from Binay becoming president, i.e. Binay may have some dirt on the President, enough to totally discredit daang matuwid in the eyes of his “bosses”. The attack on Binay is obviously perpetrated by the incompetent DILG secretary who still wants to become President and from the Mutineer-turned-senaTONG who thinks he is just paying his pardoner a favor. This is a President who no longer has any control over his agents–a Lame DAP president.

  4. @ Virtual Vigilante, you are the only guy that has the balls to say what needs to be done with the criminals that have infested the entire government of the country. The scams that are involved in the building of these towers is ‘built-in’ and difficult to detect, and even when detected one thief exonerates the other thief. The result is the usual ‘Blue-ribbon’ committee to investigate the criminals and the end result is the exoneration of said criminals by the other entrenched criminals.

    The complete purging of these criminals is only possible in a ‘Robespierre’ Reign-of-terror scenario where the truly, and justifiably so, outraged citizens march on these mongrels and do what is necessary to once and for all rid the country of these parasitic scumbags. There must be not a single one that escapes the rage of the people, so as to never again infect the decency of a people so log abused that it is seemingly normal ‘SOP’.

    These parasites have blemished the stature of every single Filipino to the point that Internationally ,and especially in S.E. Asia, Filipino’s are considered nothing but scamming scumbags. The bad apples ruining life for everyone else.

    1. Many thanks, Flint Beastwood, for your words of encouragement. I would be ecstatic with the scenario of enraged people slowly beating the life out of Tanda, Pogi, Sexy and Binay but would actually settle for the life imprisonment of the same in hot, dingy, cockroach-infested hell holes.

  5. Jail that son of a bitch, along with the Aquinos, Tanda, Sexy and Pogi, and the whole Partido Liberal for having done nothing but run this country to the ground for more than 4 years now. Corrupt fuckers!

  6. Binay should go to jail if he is guilty. However, what you have just proven, the media and the senate is the makati building is overpriced. Overpriced does not equate corruption. Corruption only comes in when the receipt for paying building does not equate the contract price oR if the money of makati treasury went to binays account.

    Several things this issue has proven are 1) the makati BAC or signatory which everyone assume is binay is not good at choosing the best possible price for a building contract 2) the senate is abusive of their power since they are acting like judiciary when they don’t have the power to do so

    Again, I emphasize, binay should go to jail if he is guilty. But so far, the only thing he is guilty of is incompetence in running a building contract.

    1. Deep throat, your point is incompetent vs corrupt. You (a) were probably born yesterday or (b) have really thick skin or (c) are plain stupid trying to be a smartass or (d) are a Binay apologist. In any case, your manner of thinking is one of the reasons Filipinos can’t get any justice from our predominantly corrupt government officials. No more excuses and your inanity is likewise inexcusable.

  7. In my opinion VP BINAY will not show-up in their forthcoming debate with Sen. Trillanes, come Nov. 27, 2014, because BINAY will be busy explaining and campaigning for his candidacy as President come 2016 election. In any case I WILL NOT VOTE VP BINAY and all the rest of his ticket in UNA or whatever political party that this corrupt official will and may form in the future and also I will campaign NOT TO VOTE this CORRUPT MAN

    1. I agree with you pero kailangan huwag siyang manalo comes 2016 presidential election.importante maipaabot natin sa lahat ng antas ng lipunan ang kanyang mga ginawa. dahil marami pa rin tayong mga kababayan na hindi alam ang lahat ng nangyayari sa ating bansa.Magsamasama tayonglahat para maipaabot natin sa ating mga kababayan ang lahat ng ito

  8. Father and son binay should be in jail now, they are bad public servants like a North Koreans leader. The most corrupt persons in the world.

  9. There’s always two sides of a story (or in the Philippines’ case its multifaceted)

    Let us take a moment whose sides are the newspapers and other media networks are supporting:

    Manila Bulletin – Always the incumbents
    Tribune – Erap
    Manila Times – Binay and GMA
    Philippine STAR – Belmonte / Aquino
    Inquirer – Aquino

    Manila Times is owned by the Angs.. former PR adviser of GMA. Now, one of those who ardently supports the Presidential bid of Binay.
    And we all know who are: Tatad (Balimbing) and Tiglao (GMA).

    Just a reminder for all of us: when we cast our votes in the 2016 elections, let us look into those who are campaigning for the Presidential candidates, as they will be our Cabinet members (they will be running our nation).

    Enough with all those with nepotisms and corrupt officials…

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