Mystery shrouds viral photo depicting gunmen seemingly attacking an SUV along EDSA!

A photo showing gunmen seemingly attacking an SUV along EDSA is making the rounds on social media. The Philippine Star reports

The photos showed three vehicles and a motorcycle surrounding the SUV, and men supposedly pointing guns at it.

The witness, who was not identified by Yahoo News, reported that the incident happened at 2:45 p.m. near a Shell station on EDSA in San Juan near Ortigas Ave.

She said “all the other vehicles just passed by, probably for fear of being involved” in the incident.

“I thought it was just traffic and I went a little bit out… I wasn’t sure what was happening but I went on ahead,” the woman said in a phone interview with Yahoo Philippines.

“I’m honestly not sure what happened. But I know there are guns and they cornered one car. There was also a man riding a motorcycle,” she said.


Several Twitter users including Senator JV Ejercito monitored the Twitter chatter surrounding this incident and have put on notice various Philippine law enforcement agencies via mentions and hashtags. Most of these agencies have responded by saying that they are “investigating” the incident, but so far any further detail on the incident is yet to emerge.

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(NB: Timestamped @ Sydney AEST.)

(NB: Timestamped @ Sydney AEST.)

The photo seems to have orginated from a certain [name deleted on request @ 1333H AEST] who tweeted at 2:46 pm on the 01st Sep 2014 Manila time, “People with guns in EDSA. [emoticons depicting distress] @MMDA” along with a link to the photo. Both the link to the photo and Twitter post as well as the author’s Twitter account seem to be now inaccessible as of this writing (the latter seemingly having been set to “protected” status). The links and screenshots shown were captured at the time when these were still publicly accessible via a retweet posted by Twitter user @philippinebeat.

Metro Manila is suffering a raft of crimes many of which involve gunmen riding in tandem on motorbikes. Most if not all these cases have not been solved. In a recent case involving the gunning down of race car driver Enzo Pastor by such assassins, the alleged perpetrator was a police officer.

14 Replies to “Mystery shrouds viral photo depicting gunmen seemingly attacking an SUV along EDSA!”

  1. Just think, if license plates were in the name of the owner and not married to the vehicle, it would be a simple matter to trace the plate & go arrest the vehicle owners.

    Some things only require common sense, something that is not at all common in this backward, corrupt country.

    1. BUT, the registered owner of the vehicle should not be too hard to identify. LTO does have computers, yes? Maybe running windows98 OS, but computers none-the-less.

    2. You say things like this as if you’ve already solved everything. I know that the people running the country are not the brightest and there are a lot of other issues concerning them. But come on, give them a little credit and don’t think that they are stupid enough not to think of checking the plates. They do have these things called Standard Operating Procedures (or whatever) that they follow and I’m sure that your “brilliant” idea is written in their books.

    3. OK….Let me think…. I’m about to shoot at someone and I’ll do it from my bike or car.
      What would be the first thing I would do? Steal a license plate from another vehicle… or, steal another vehicle.

      Police might not be the brightest, but they are not THAT stupid

  2. The mere fact that no government agency has claimed responsibility after almost 24 hours means it wasn’t a legit government operation of the sort.

    So it’s either a power tripping incident gone horribly wrong or a crime in progress really that managed to happen near camp crame.

    1. I expected the police of the city with jurisdiction (San Juan or Mandaluyong?) to have at least released a statement about this and assured the public that they are taking steps to keep the general public who pass through this area. Heck, I pass through this same area from Tuesday to Saturday!

      But then again, I have to go home to a house within a gated community because the police are “too busy” with other stuff, so who am I kidding?

  3. 2 days after the initial report of this incident, no update from any major outlets nor a press release from any government agency whether or not this was a legitiamte operation.

    Rumours are starting to spread that this was a kidnapping but no news outlet has announced it to be such nor is there a report of said kidnapping as well.

    I am definitely wondering what this really is but can’t get any legitimate update about it.

  4. We should start implementing the RFID system for motorcycles now! Plus limit them in the highway, put them in another lane, just like bicycles!

  5. so the cops are making P15,000/MONTH and people are surprised they try to earn some CA$H on the sly?

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