Gripped by a mounting crime wave: Filipinos increasingly fearful for their safety!

There seems to be a tsunami of crime crashing into Philippine shores nowadays. More and more Filipinos are gripped by fear over their personal safety and the safety of their loved ones.

Indeed, we need look no further than the news and disturbing imagery of young victims of “rape-slay” crimes in the Philippines. In his Inquirer column today, Lolita complex, Michael Tan wrote about the possibility that the increasing sexualisation of minors in Philippine society thanks to the entertainment industry is contributing to the problem. But we only need to turn to the example of Japan where child pornography was outlawed only recently, and even then, the anime and manga production industries there have been kept out of the reach of these new laws. Japan, nonetheless, remains one of the safest countries in the world, its citizens enjoying among the world’s lowest crime rates.

violent_crime_philippinesCompare that to the Philippines in all its prayerful Roman Catholic glory. Not only is the rape and killing of children and young adults becoming rampant, these crimes tend to remain unsolved. Those that do get solved do so after languishing in investigation limbo for months, and then only to get snarled in an even bigger queue to get court time in the country’s severely-backlogged justice system.

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Filipinos have taken to the distasteful practice of violence porn to get the message across. Graphic photos of the victims of these hideous crimes now proliferate — go “viral” — across social media in the Philippines. Indeed, the most recent high-profile arrest of eight Filipino police officers allegedly involved in a carjacking is said to have been made possible only because a photo of the incident as it happened taken by a bystander went viral on Twitter. Some observers have since wryly quipped:

If there are no viral photos, the crime didn’t happen

Many Filipinos are inclined to take this as an increasingly resonant truism about the Philippines’ approach to law enforcement. Filipino kids are no longer taught by their parents to seek the assistance of police officers when they run into trouble. It does not help too that even the country’s top politicians are, themselves, seen to be the biggest crooks of all.

Indeed, Filipino leaders and representatives in government reflect the character of their constituencies. As I write this, the lone politician who has so far declared his candidacy in the coming presidential elections in 2016 is mired in an increasingly embarrassing corruption scandal dating back to his stint as mayor of Makati City. And then there is that sitting senator who was seemingly involved in the cover-up of the alleged rape of a minor-aged starlet back in the 1980s. Among the alleged perpetrators of that crime were his brother and former colleagues in showbiz. That case still remains shrounded in mystery and the subject of a few urban legends.

So much for serving as a role model to their constituents.

It is becoming more evident by the day that the Philippines, is being taken over by criminals. The South Korean government had recently had to intervene as it noted a marked increase in violent crime against its nationals residing in the Philippines. A statement issued by the South Korean Embassy in Manila to the media in mid-August this year read, “The rising incidence of crimes committed against Koreans while in the Philippines either on vacation or on business is a trend that has alarmed the Embassy of the Republic of Korea”.

Senator JV Ejercito this week filed Resolution 883 amidst personal concerns over the safety of his own children that he’s expressed publicly over social media in recent weeks.

“It is disturbing to hear the audacity and frequency of criminal activities on the news. We are talking here not just of numbers of cases but of the volume of people affected by criminal activities. The peace and order situation is not improving contrary to the President’s Sona (State of the Nation Address). We cannot risk the safety of the public,” Ejercito said.

The immediate future, under the current government of Philippine President Benigno Simeon ‘BS’ Aquino III does not look too promising. With just two years to go before the next presidential elections, it is likely that the Philippines’ most influential politicians will have their priorities squarely focused on jockeying for a piece of the election pie. Manila Standard Today columnist wrote about this big Breakdown in government under Aquino’s watch that we are already witnessing…

In the most basic of ways, the spectacle of government falling apart is clear for all to see. From the breakdown of the most ordinary of services like traffic management and keeping the commuter trains running, to the scarier stuff like making a dent on crimes like assassinations, kidnapping and rape, to the seemingly intractable problems like the increase in the prices of basic commodities, when they haven’t disappeared from market shelves, people are witnessing the direct result of government-in-absentia.

What we are seeing is a near-total disappearance of government services. There is a growing sense that it is now every man for himself and the devil take the hindmost.

The Manila Times‘s Bobi Tiglao for his part today wrote

This crime surge falls squarely on President Benigno S. Aquino 3rd, as it always has been the prime responsibility of a state —and therefore, the chief executive—to secure the lives and property of its citizens. It is, in fact, a state’s primordial duty to its citizens, in exchange for their giving up part of their income—i.e. taxes—and of their freedoms —i.e., fealty to the nation.

When Filipinos will see the day that they can look to their leaders — and their government — for solutions is anybody’s guess.

43 Replies to “Gripped by a mounting crime wave: Filipinos increasingly fearful for their safety!”

  1. The dictator BS Aquino has been called noynoying by the leftists. I called him the sleeping president for his lazy laid back style of governance. BSA never gave a directive to the Chief, PNP. No marching orders to combat rising crime! No funding for checkpoints, stepped up day and night patrols! No funding for intelligence or informants! No funding for mobile communications and mobile immediate response units! No special anti-crime task groups! Who is the problem? BSA! Incompetent and inept!

    1. The way things are in the country are the way they are….FOR A REASON. The people who run the country want the average citizen to be scarred to death so as to think they need the people who will never come to their rescue, the people who run the country.

      It is very simple.

  2. The Philippines has been like a ship with its captain not knowing anything about, well, being a captain. The crew and the officers are left to fend for themselves regardless of the set rules and laws. The passengers are divided into few groups. Those who still has faith that the captain is able to sail his ship and still shout to the world proudly as if they are on board the Crystal Serenity. Some who wants to throw the captain overboard with a big rock tied on a noose around his neck, together with his army of yes-men and supporters. Some passengers out of hunger and poverty take advantage of the other passengers whenever they can as the crew tasked for peace and order are busy with other self serving activities and/crimes themselves. Some passengers try to leave the ship but has to go through the harassment of the crew. Then the captain comes out of his cabin once in while and say inspiring words, sometimes echoed through his yes men and supporters, but really the captain know that he doesn’t know squat managing a ship, he just loves to be called captain with all its perks. Amidst all of these, the ship is bound to be shipwrecked due to the captain’s mistake of being the captain.

    1. Sorry dude, they know exactly what they are doing. The reason you think they do not know what they are doing is because things are getting worse, BUT that is what the people who run the country want.They do not want the average Juan to prosper, not at all.

  3. Reminds me of when B.S. Aquino “the Turd”‘s mother was the still president. there was a similar rise in crime, so much that the ordinary people turned to Vigilantes to protect themselves and their loved ones.

    Sorry if I can quote sources. I’m writing as I recall things.

  4. AHAHAHAHA! It’s like 1988 all over again!

    I’ve been the victim of violent crime several times and I only escaped with my life by doing crazy shit that often lands me in the hospital. Living in this shithole makes me feel like I’ve been through several wars already. I’ve got the PTSD and scars to prove it.

    What makes this worse is that I feel like I’ve been targeted because I look Chinese. I’ve got a regular job you jackholes! No one is going to pay you your ransom.

  5. Do we still expect that our dysfunctional government truly cares about our safety?

    The President is not worried at all.
    Mar‘s mind is floating. Gen. Purisima is busy enriching himself and enjoying his stay at his new mansion.

    What high crime rates? Not true says the PNP crime index report. This is still a safe country under the care of criminal cops.

    What happened to the PNP motto, “ To serve and protect“?

    It becomes, “To harm, extort, kidnap and what more, kill“?

    Nothing new but crimes are getting bolder and crazier.

    Corruption and bad economy leads to increase in crimes. Thanks, PNoy.

  6. Open letter to all foreigners,

    Do not come here, do not invest here. You will just get robbed, raped and/or killed. From the airport, till you hit the streets and even in the comfort of your hotel (as what happened to that Christian Harper case), you are in danger. Do not come. Not even to help.

    1. @ DICK, You are correct , from the taxi-cab drivers when the foreigner steps out of the NAIA Terminal# 1, to the Bureau of Immigration booth on the way out of the country (at the very same NAIA Terminal # 1) AND everywhere in between: THE FOREIGNER is looked at as a walking talking ATM/TARGET -to-be-robbed/cheated and scammed.
      It is a sickening experience and one that is difficult to deal with.Travelling with a loaded revolver and an attack dog was how it had to be dealt with.It was sooo bad that I could not purchase anything without being cheated(the dealer I bought a motor-cycle from paid someone to steal it back, and I caught the little puke and beat him to a pulp!) and my partner had to buy everything we purchased.Finally it was too much to bear and I left, and it is doubtful I will ever return.BUT IF I do, I will get my dog, my revolver and continue to PROTECT MYSELF AT ALL TIMES ! its a VERY debatable price to pay just to live on a tropical beach (Eu550- USD $725- GBP 525/month rent). Ultimately it was not worth it and the way I was treated by Filipino’s was the deciding factor to leave.Filipino’s get treated well in my country and that is what made me so mad about how I was treated in the Philippines. Really FUCKIN resentful.

      1. @Sacre-Bleu, kinda reminded me of the movie Taken (you know, foreigners being targeted). I’m just not sure if we have the likes of Bryan Mills here.

        Actually we are armored of our laws here the thing is if you apply this certain law you should know who would/could carry it out. It’s like no government officials or police officers know how to pay their own crime or they don’t worry should they commit a crime because nobody would/could make them pay for it. I think the commotion sets in when the law is being set aside. Then fear follows because one’s law cannot protect them anymore.

  7. The PDAF/DAP episodes opened up the floodgates of massive corruption. This has affected the Executive and the Legislature. The KKK and the Liberal Party mates of Abnoy were never subjected to investigation/prosecution. Impunity became the name of the game leading to anarchy and chaos. Criminals are like sharks. When they begin to smell chaos and anarchy they proliferate and rise to feed on the populace. The bottom line is…. WHO IS IN CHARGE?

  8. PNP, Friend or Foe?

    Hoodlums in uniform is now an understatement when we talked about law enforcers doing crimes. It is more like a state sponsored terrorists.

    Imagine, the state trains, issues weapons and pays these cops to protect and maintain peace and order, but do the opposite. Bad cops do criminal activities. Name it, rob, kidnap, carjack, extort, torture, rape, sell drugs, and murder. And worse, they act as a team. An organized unit aim to harm helpless victims- rich or poor, local or foreigner. Money-hungry policemen inflicting pain in the society.

    Are we still safe in our homes, workplaces and streets? How do we know if cops are good or bad?

    This is a moral crisis. Would you call a cop for help if another cop robs you? Or worse, the whole police station is involved. Where do we go then?

    1. Calling the Police for help is an idiotic and sometimes FATAL move in almost every country in the world now. Protect yourself in all that you do, and wherever you go…and the last thing you should ever do is call the Police for help.

      1. What makes it worse is that if you want to legitimately own a gun in the philippines now for self defense, you have to register that with the police, and the red tape just to do that is prohibitive. You literally have to breake the law just to have some measure of protection against bad elements who are armed with unregistered guns and paltiks (or their service pistols if they are police, which all of them have thanks to Pnoy who succeeded in giving them a 1:1 service firearm ratio)

        1. You should do whatever is necessary to protect yourself.No matter what it takes, all you have to do is not do that once, and BANG ! BYE-BYE!!!!!

  9. If you cannot distinguish between Police and Criminals…you have chaos.

    No one seems to be in charge in the Police Forces…Aquino, Roxas, Binay, Estrada and the rest of the politicians are sitting on their asses; doing nothing…

  10. I said it from the very beginning, if that ass-wipe becomes President, crime will get out of control. If Filipinos do not respect the person on top (they laugh about him and call him bakla) they feel they can do what ever they want. It became true. The police force is an incompetent, corrupted joke. There is no oversight, no marching orders, no strict enforcement of the rules. I also blame the idiotic American style justice system of allowing bail. People commit a crime and are right back out in the street to do it all over again. Also, this issue of constantly hearing about human rights? What right? Those criminal elements need to be crushed with full force. I myself applaud a shoot to kill order. Those fuckers are just breathing our air, reproduce and there is already over population anyway. They are cockroaches, they need to be stepped on. Also, what the fuck is going on with the lenient way cops are being treated when being suspected of being involved in a crime? I say double punishment for cops. Better death penalty. They always say that the death penalty does not work here? You morons! Of course not if you don’t execute anyone. Start executing 3 people a week and the crime rate will fall, I promise you. AAAAARRRRGH! This shit really makes my blood boil.

  11. Philippines looks awfully like 1788 France, you have the monarchy (government) and clergy enjoying rights that no-one else has while the rest suffer from shortages, external threats and lack of safety. Something that was an issue in 1788 France.

    Now why am I bringing this up? It’s because after awhile, the people had enough and the French Revolution happened. The aristocracy got the guillotine.

    While I know that Filipinos in general will turn the other cheek and happily take the abuse, I wonder what will set off the powder keg of resentment that has been building up for years…

    1. Nah, like you said they will gladly turn the other cheek and happily take the abuse left and right, top and bottom, front and back lol..not just because it was taught in the church but because they are freaking masochists who don’t mind it, and because they have turned to masochism, they are now desensitized from pain. They’d probably even take a selfie and upload to facebook to share with all their friends while getting b***f*cked on live streaming. lol.

  12. Time to Revolt?

    Why is it that even if the people are complaining left and right, crying about their suffering, and yet people are not revolting?

    Is the suffering of the people enough to compel them to revolt?

    The Filipinos cry about social abuses. Slow justice system. Massive corruption in government. Inept public service. High unemployment. Alarming peace and order situation. High prices of commodities, services and public utilities. Worst traffic jam.
    And the list goes on. In short, the Filipinos are indeed suffering.

    But, even if the people are having a hard time, this would not be enough to compel us to revolt. Suffering alone will not make us rebel against the government.

    So, why is it that we are not revolting? Filipinos lack the COURAGE and DESIRE to CHANGE. To be in better state we are in right now. We are hungry and angry but still LAZY.

    1. @ Kaloy, This is what I have been saying!

      WHY ARE FILIPINO’S NOT DOING WHAT SHOULD BE DONE? NO ONE COULD STOP A REVOLT OF THE MASSES !! The Cops are paid a paltry $300/month, so wtf are they going to do? THEY WILL JOIN THE REVOLT!!!

      U R CORRECT, LAZY FILIPINO’s like living in SHIT ! !

    2. yes we are too damn lazy or some can’t believe that the ‘mother of the revolution’ thing will be used against her son.

      Or the “Edsa Revolution No.99” is now overused.

      kinda funny since this is the time to revolt on the government – no one is planning but when Obama came here, well at least a group came and rage upon his arrival.

      Sadyang mayroon tayong baliktad na pag-iisip

    3. Apparently, they are too busy with other things to do that. I think you can change COURAGE to BALLS at least because that’s how I see it.

  13. Propaganda ala Goebbels style and the Paid Media by the Kultong Dilaw trough it’s huge budget is making the Filipinos Dumb. Kaya hindi naiilawan ang kapalpakan ng Sindikatong Dilaw kasi naitatago at pinagtatakpan ng Paid Media. Malabo rin tayong magka Rebolusyon kasi sabi nyo nga TAMAD ang mga Filipinos at hawak pa tayo sa ilong ng mga Oligarchs. Hindi magbabago ang Pilipinas at sa malao’t sa madali magiging Failed State ito tulad ng Somalia.

  14. Getting folded into the Chinese sphere of influence and becoming its protectorate doesn’t seem so bad now does it? At least their police corps isn’t an institutionalized crime ring in general.

  15. Everytime i go to work and see the long stretch of vehicles along edsa not moving, and the queue to ride the train on Qave stretches up to a kilometer or more, I regret being born here. Despite the taxes and all the burdens ordinary citizens carry day by day, it seems that we have to think of crime as a usual or a normal thing in our lives. How fucked can we be that the criminals are the police and the officials themselves? Given the chance and resources, ill probably live somewhere else.

  16. Following in the foot steps of the South Korean government the Chinese government has advised its national not to visit the Philippines.

    “In view of the worsening security situation in the Philippines, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs recently reminded Chinese citizens not to go to the Philippines

    Department of Tourism said 2015 will be Visit the Philippines Year.

    No fun getting robbed, extorted, kidnapped, tortured, murdered in the Philippines.

  17. The Philippines emerged as the most dangerous country for South Korean tourists and expatriates in 2013, The Korea Times reported on Friday.

    Opposition lawmaker Shin Hak-kyong cited Ministry of Foreign Affairs data showing that 780 crimes were committed against South Koreans in the Philippines in 2013.

    Shin said crimes against Koreans in the Philippines included 13 murders, 12 robberies, 678 thefts, 2 rapes, 9 abductions, 12 physical assaults and 10 fraud cases.

    Shin also predicted crimes targeting Koreans in the Philippines will be higher this year, since the number of crimes have already hit 495 by the end of the first half.

    The South Korean embassy in the Philippines had recently raised alarm over the rising number of crimes against its citizens in the country.

    The Korean Embassy said there have been nine Koreans murdered from January to July 2014, as well as two incidents of kidnapping.

    South Korean remains the Philippines’ top tourist market, although there has been a decline in visitors this year. From January to June this year, South Korean tourist arrivals fell by 6.4 percent to 547,971, due to safety and security concerns.

    1. OH YES, the people that get robbed go home and tell their friends what happened to them and pretty soon…word spreads and people start not wanting to visit the hell-hole that is the Republic of the Fail-ippines…what a cesspool !

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