Aegis video pits Malaysia’s infrastructure versus the Philippines’ in bid to attract BPO business!

It seems the Philippines has been singled out by a company in Malaysia as its single biggest competitor for investment in the region. A promotional video produced by a Aegis Malaysia, a global business process outsourcing (BPO) company makes a pitch to its clients to locate their BPO needs in Malaysia by highlighting that country’s business-friendly environment and superior infrastructure. It does this by directly comparing Malaysia to the Philippines.

A certain Elcid Lao posted the video on Facebook where it elicited heated discussion.

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The user included the following caption in his post:

This is the most Unethical Ad ever made. We filipinos are aware of it. But please do not directly destroy our image. Just simply broadcast the pros in your newly selected site. No need to name drop. The calamities that are happening are just a fraction of a percent of the entire year. We are aware of our government to which reforms are starting to be made but we can never control nature. Such a shame on you Aegis.

The video has also been shared on YouTube here.

In the video, the narrator asserts that “Malaysia is becoming the preferred alternate to the Philippines and is fast emerging as the ultimate destination for multinationals,” after citing the disadvantages of locating in countries where there is “inadequate infrastructure”, “an unfriendly climate for smooth operations”, “less security”, and “lack of government support”.

The Philippines was also cited as a location prone to natural disasters owing to its situation along the Pacific Ring of Fire and along the path of tropical storms. All of these were said in the video to contribute an adverse “impact to business operations” as well as “bloat” to the cost of living. The video then continues on to highlight the advantages of Malaysia as an “investor friendly” environment thanks to its government’s flexible policies and “less bureacracy”. According to the video, all these, combined with stable governance diversity in culture, and abundance of lifestyle perks, Malaysia is made out to be a “perfect balance of business and pleasure.”

The timing of the emergence of this video is interesting considering that (1) Philippine President Benigno Simeon ‘BS’ Aquino III happens to be in Europe as of this writing pitching the Philippines to potential investors and (2) Typhoon Fung-Wong (Mario) had recently hit Metro Manila leaving it paralysed with its floodwaters, again highlighting the challenges to business continuity as a result of years of neglect, rampant corruption, and underinvestment in essential infrastructure.

Will Filipinos see this video as another cause for acute butthurt? Or will we see this as a confronting call to action directed both at our government officials and politicians and, more importantly, to ourselves.

Stay tuned and, of course:

Abangan ang susunod na kabanata.

184 Replies to “Aegis video pits Malaysia’s infrastructure versus the Philippines’ in bid to attract BPO business!”

  1. Those butthurts again. What’s wrong with the video, by the way? The points cited are actually VALID. And they’re not namedropping, people. They’re just telling the truth – the truth Filipinos refuse to accept because for those fucking stupid Pinoy pride shit-eating scumbags, Filipinos are are the greatest!

    Oh, and by the way, it has never been unethical to say the truth whenever you advertise a product, or a company. Remember, guys – TRUTH in advertising.

    1. true, but only for the parts which humans can affect. but that quake thing? didn’t they know a LOT died from that? does a philippine BPO country post “come to philippines, we don’t lose planes here”? it IS a wakeup call, and a damn good one. but i’m not a believer of using natural calamities against a country just to make your host country “mas mabango”

    2. so what if we compain, you and your ilk are trying to get real are trying to say that almost all criticisms thrown at once, slave mentality.. you should all be shipped somewhere, the country does not need you, what we need are forward thinkers rather than those who just keep reminding how little we are. jesus colonial mentality still haunts us with this small mindedness.. FYI YOU ARE NOT HELPING.

      1. Like I said, the video shows valid points. But instead of listening to them and fixing the problem, we tend to defend ourselves and cry like a butthurt. You and your fellows are the ones who are not helping. You and your fellow companions are the ones who are not forward thinkers because YOU HATE THE TRUTH. You and your fucking Pinoy pride fellow scumbags are the ones who are not helping. You and your companions should be thrown to hell.

        Oh, by the way…. telling you that you and your fucking companions should be thrown to HELL is like saying that you should be thrown back to the PHILIPPINES. Awkward, isn’t it?

        1. wag niyo na silang pag-aksayahan ng panahon sa mga post nila. yung mga penoy fried butthurts, isang beses lang sila mag-rereply sa mga post niyo pero hindi na sila babalik. hindi kasi nila kayang makipagtalo sa mga intelihente kasi nga alam nila matatalo sila. alam naman nila na mali sila pero nilulunok nga nila yun kasi ayaw nilang malusaw ang penoy fried nila, di ba?

        2. No one is denying about the shitty infrastructure that we have(and no one is depending it). Its quite obvious that you were not reading the online sentiments. Everyone has already acknowledged the fact that we do have a crappy system (alot of redtape and alot of shitty bureaus). Hinde natin pinaguusapan ang pinoy pride dito. Ang sa amin lang eh napaka ironic ng post dahil nangaling to sa isa sa mga pinaka bulok na BPO company.

          Since you are all for getting real, then why not make an advert that will trigger all foreign businesses to leave the country since its really crappy. Sa sobrang pagiging forward thinker mo napapaisip tuloy ako kung gaano na kaginhawa ang buhay mo dahil daig mo ang mga taong walang panahon mag reklamo dahil busy sa trabaho.

        3. It’s not the message, it’s the intent behind it and you guys trying to say ok lang is just ugggh and wow please don’t label yourselves “intelhente” pr whatever that is, nakakhiya lang, well anyways nothing worse than a halfwit “intellectual”

        4. Oh wow scumabags, not helping really??? Lol i’m the last one you’ll hear pinoy pride off… But i’m disgusted with this fake intellectualism lol I didn’t even know such a sub culture existed but it does and I’m suprised.

          Fyi: perhaps we can meet somewhere and i’ll show my credentials and how I have done my part and will continually do. Educate rather than label bro. Get off your high horse

        1. How will not complaining help? I don’t get it really, you corelate complaining about it to our state of our affairs when it is not, but hey my solution really is to educate, tell people that what the ad says is not ok, that we should demand more from our governmemt and that we should be less complacent about demanding more from our goverment and really what the ad is saying is true, but at the same time we shouldn’t allow this corp, to malign us, it opens the door for us to be called “running dogs, or slaves” like in china. They should knoe that it is not ok, it’s a balancing act. We can change, without being stepped on

        2. And labeling people won’t help and getting on a high horse won’t really get whatever message you guys want to convey, which defeats whatever “altruistic” purpose you guys seem to believe in,

        3. Somehow I think that you’re just imagining things when you say that this would open a door for us to be called running dogs and slaves. First of all, I can’t connect an ad highlighting the advantages of Malaysia and the disadvantages of the Philippines as something that would involve “slavery”. Second, I think its more shameful to balat-sibuyas than it is to be a slave. Really, I think that the reaction of most people to this was just way over the top, borne by our misplaced “pride”.

        4. Third, I can’t see how it is unethical. So ok, the ad made the Philippines look bad, but thats really it, and I still see it as “business is business” and as Teki puts it, sourgraping. Its not like Aegis was directly out to slander the Filipinos as a nation. I was prepared to leave it at that. But I think the Malaysian government has appeased you already, or its not enough?

        5. @Dick – Aegis Ltd, the HQ for Aegis Malaysia issued a clarification and an apology sometime tonight. It came from the Indian management, and that should suffice.

          The PHL embassy in Malaysia overreacted when this is not a country-to-country issue. This should be taken as a business issue. (Where is Ben Kritz when you need him?)

          To everyone, I stand by qualifying that the investor video “does connote a degree of sourgraping”. I think that phrase places an emotional interpretation for some people, which is a mistake on my part because i could’ve been clearer.

          For me, sourgraping is similar to the process of buyer’s remorse and like someone pointed out to me today, a kind of cognitive dissonance. A peer was telling me that there is such a thing called the Buyer’s Remorse Triangle: effort, responsibility and commitment. Evidently Aegis placed a lot of effort to put up a business in the Philippines, and there is the joint responsibility of the PHL government to ease restrictions so that the business can prosper as well as Aegis’ executives responsibility to effectively run the business. Then there is Aegis’ commitment to make the business thrive long after the service agreements are signed.

          I am amused reading reactions to comments and how some comment threads have moved away from objectively talking about the issue.

          Seriously though, i have been around the block too much not to engage too passionately. After some time, the endless diatribes, although valid, becomes noise. It’s just debate du jour, folks….. and we’re duped into believing that we are engaging in an intellectually healthy discussion. All of us need to improve our discussions, not by raising your voice (or typing tone), NOR by raising your argument… but by raising the quality of the argument. Alas, the gems are few.

        6. That much is sufficient. As long as they know that they can’t do that to us easily. It opens a lot of doors for us to be bullied and I am all for competition but this was done in bad taste

    3. Totoo ung mga nasa video. Siya nga pla alam mo ba na ang Aegis ang may pinakamababang pa sweldo sa BPO industry? Hinde nalulungkot ang mga tao sa industry dahil umalis sila. Sa totoo lang masaya sila at lumayas na dito ang Essar group na nagbenta ng Aegis sa Teleperformance. Billion ang kinikita ng mga BPO company dahil iba pa rin ang productivity ng mga Pilipino.

      Sa comment mo hinde ko alam kung saang industry ka nagtarabaho. Pero sa corporate world meron kaming tinatawag na ethics. Kaya nga kumukuha ng condo at nagbabayad sa hotel ang mga malalaking BPO company kasi hinde nila maiwanan ang mga pinoy kahit na lumulubos dito pag umuulan. Na hinde kaya gawin ng Essar group.

      Alam ko pinupunto ko dapat talaga ayusin ang mga bulok at sablay na infra dito. Parang ganito lang yan. Kung alam ko ang lahat ng baho mo tapos meron tayong nililigawan na babae. Matutuwa ka ba kung ilalabas ko ang lahat ng baho mo para mabasted ka at ako ang sagutin nya? Uulitin ko merong tinatawag na ethics.

      1. Totoo… I agree with you Bukol… hindi naman din sa bitter ako sa paglabas ng video na ito PUBLICLY… I don’t really care how Aegis will sell their services to other prospective clients… And besides, totoo naman ang sinabi sa video about the Philippines… ang sa akin lang, this video is more appropriate kung ilalabas nila as AVP and not a promotional video or an ad… VERY UNETHICAL. Sa client presentation nila lang dapat ito pinapakita or during a talk or speech… very unprofessional and unethical gesture from Aegis – mapa-BPO man or other industry ka galing.

      2. These people are set in their ways, i see them in a group of employees,they tend to gravitate with one another.. It’s this weird hipster sub culture i see in some employees. They won’t understand though unless you speak their weird language, using ad hominem and labels, this interesting though, might be a good psych disertation, the mind of a “intellectual” halfwit.
        As to the topic, it’s more done in bad taste since I don’t think advertizers have a code of ethics, do correct me I am an not a professional in the advert world but most professions will have a code and it’s grounded non the doctrine of good faith and fair dealing emobdied in common and civil lae, but i doubt these intellectual halfwits will understand,

    1. Kung wala ka sa BPO industry hanggang butthurt na lng ang masasabi mo. Acknowledged ng lahat na madaming sabaw sa infra ng bansa at majority sa panahon ng tag ulan eh lubog talaga ang Pilipinas. Sa totoo lang masaya ang mga nasa BPO industry dahil nawala na ang kumpanyang bukod sa may pinaka mamababang pa sweldo eh sabaw din ang HMO at work practice.

      1. What’s the matter asshurt? Feeling being robbed by the Malaysians because of that ad? Do me a favor you whiny kid: GET YOUR SHIT TOGETHER!

        1. Being robbed by Malaysians? Wow hinde ko alam kung kalbo ka at kung pinipilit mong magpatawa.

          I always had my shit together since I will not survive as a programmer if I have the mindset like yours.

          We are pointing out the unethical ad. Can you site a sample post showing the pwede na yan mentality?

          Iba ang pinupunto mo sa sinasabi nmin. Puro ka batikos eh wala ka nman comprehension.

  2. The ad is both uncalled for and as a wake-up call for changes…but expect that most Pinoys would dwell more on the former and spread butt-hurt reactions and some racist slurs.

    1. But there are really a lot of homosexuals and they are looked up to like gods in this country where they are made a staple of the entertainment industry. Yeah where they spread their version of pinoy pride.

      1. Wow not only are you guys fasking this whole intellectual thing.. And now you devolve to gender discrimination wow brsvo, the irony of ironies, liberals abroad will surely be suprised “intellctual” gay hating progressive, and to think they could be mixed in a sentence, bravo ang tatalino niyo

  3. Maraming na-butthurt kasi ibang bansa ang gumawa ng video, as usual the mentality of the butthurt Flipnoys, ayaw nilang ‘napipintasan’ ng ibang bansa, ayaw nila ng constructive criticisms, ayaw nila ng opinion ng ibang lahi kahit totoo naman. Gusto lang nila limos. :/ Gusto ng Malaysia makakuha ng foreign investors eh, malamang gagawin nilang video ganyan, alangan naman purihin nila tayo di ba? Magre-react na nga lang ibang tao hindi pa nag-iisip. :v

    Oh well mas madami na namang n-butthurt kesa sa nag-iisip tungkol sa video.

    1. that’s not even constructive criticim putang ina ano klase yan! kung hindi ka rin naman kalahating bobo… san mo nakuha degree mo? magrereklamo ako para bawiin yan. this small mindedness among your ilk is just disconcerting… no wonder.. please ask yourself,, 1. is this criticiam aimed to make us better OR WAS IT DESIGNED TO STEAL INVESTORS AWAY? true we lack infrastructure and this serves as a wake up call BUT to defend it and say it is a “constructive citicism with altruistic goals is just plain KATANGAHAN. kaya ganito pilipinas dail sa mga katulad niyong mga bobo. grow up, get real

      1. @joma
        Oh ikaw saang skwelahan mo naman kinuha yang degree mo? Lutong mura tol ah, ganyan turo nila sa’yo? Hala sige dalhin mo sa Malaysian embassy yang reklamo sa ad ng isang companya sa bansa nila. Jeez…sigurado ka ba talagang pinanood mo yung ad? Nilagay lang dun yung pangalan ng Philippines, hindi naman deretsahang sinabi nung speaker eh. Do you even know crap about competition? Psh…parang hindi ka nagtatrabaho sa Maynila ah? Ako ilang beses na kong sumusuong sa baha makapasok lang sa opisina, ilang beses na rin nakaranas ng brownout. Yung bang ipinagmamalaki mong infrastructure ng bansa? Defensive ka pa sa Pinas e palpak-palpak naman infrastructure natin. Yang Malayasia saan lupalop mo tignan, nagawa na nilang paunlarin bansa nila, o tayo nganga.
        Gusto nila ng investors eh, malamang ka-competisyon tingin nila sa atin, pag sumali ka ba ng contest magmamakaawa ka ba sa kalaban mo na wag nilang galingan para manalo ka??? Anak ng tokwa, tanungin saan ako nag-aral eh ikaw nga yung maka-react di nag-iisip. -_-

        1. Pare i am just using what you guys and patrons on this website against you, the way you mock ypur fellow filipinos and lable them ws butthurts, don’t be hypocrites, get real. Self flaggelation will get us nowhere, i’ve seen this peculiar filipino trait where we take time to criticize those who criticize and the more disdainful one where we try to make fun of those who banner pinoypride and tghi s whole website is just flawed. You even try to label your own countrymen as butthurt but scream foul the moment someone labels you guys, this fake interllectualism bordering on elitism is just gross is disgusting the website creators should be ashamed.

          I am not arguing for philippines or malaysia, i’ve been to other countries a thousand times you don’t need to lecture me on infrastructure. I am angry at how you people potray this and say it’s fine , aegis did a good thing woohoo cheers them uggggh and sorry most you guys are just dimwits masking themselves to be this kind of weird hipster\selfloathing\iba ako,i hate myself bec,it’s not popular vibe ugggh nakakrindi. Again! I am not saying ph is better, malaysia is better but your self loathing is just plain verbal war crimes

        2. Oh I salue you for getting dragged into my word warr hahah just shown your true colors, can’t filipino away from you no? I guess it’s in your blood, btw do amuse me with more clevers names hahha!

        3. Wow commietard, what a classic name. Really? Are you even intellectuals, i hear “commies” from inbred yokels salt of the earth back in the states, not from the true intellectuals thatbi talk to, what a pretentious website this is,

      2. @joma kung makamura ka naman..Wagas

        was the ad designed to steal investors away? Yes it was..
        You wanna keep that from happening? Do better than them, prove them wrong.
        All that the ad showed were true and is on going problems of this miserable country of ours.
        Puro kayo unethical ng unethical, eh lahat naman ng pinakita doon eh totoo.

        1. Tsk tsk tsk tsk, bilib na ako. Iba talaga ang comprehension level ng mga tao dito. Oh well walang saysay makipag talo kasi hinde nyo naiintindihan.


          Parehas tayong may negosyo, tama ba na para makabenta ka eh sisiraan mo ang katulad mong nagtitinda ng parehas na produkto? Imbes manira ka, ipakita mo sa consumer na maganda ang tinda mo.

          Sa simpleng salita, hinde na kailangan manira para makakuha ng customer. Para yang politiko na sinisiraan ang kalaban para makakuha ng boto.

          Magagaling ang mga pilipino na nsa BPO industry at walang makakakontra dun.

          Alam naman ng lahat na madaming sablay sa pilipinas walang nag dedeny (may nakita ka bang post dito na idinedeny un?). Pero sa corporate world na pansin ko eh walang nakaka alam sa inyo merong tinatawag na ethical standards. San ka nakakakita ng commercial na binanggit nila na sablay ang kalaban nilang brand dba wala? Kasi unspoken rule yan, wag manira ng iba para bumango.

        2. It’s very obvious that you’re playing the victim card you dimwit. You say that you’re challenged then PROVE IT just like what you did in Prague. Or you’re just a whiny little baby who can’t handle the truth and become a loser. Wag ka nang magsatsat pa inutil DO IT NOW!

        3. Oh i’ve been point part. I’m not saying hindi totoo yun, but the way people paint as some kind of gospel is just plain weird.did i say unethical? What’s so wrong them about complaining about it, fyi complaining and doing something to help is not mutually exclusive oh and pride also, i know alot of people pinoys who have done so much for nation building at the cost of their own lives and careers but they still carry that deep filipino pride, they are the heroes, they are the solution not you guys and your fake intelectualism which is just veiled elitism! Look at yourselves in the mirror and ask, have I helped out?

  4. Guys… Aegis called the Philippines out. That, in my opinion, shows how threatened they are by the Philippines. They could have singled out a number of different countries. Yet, they picked Pinas. Sounds like the Philippines is Malaysia’s biggest competition.

    1. That is one way to look at it, and if our country could just improve points 1 to 4, then it will be a nightmare to them. Too bad that the likelihood of it happening is close to nil.

  5. This should be seen as a call to action and as a source of “pride”. This country was picked as “the competition”, the benchmark as you may. Instead of being butthurt, we should just take it in stride and work, and improve. We should also see this as “constructive criticism”. For example the phrase used in the ad: ‘disadvantages of locating in countries where there is “inadequate infrastructure”, “an unfriendly climate for smooth operations”, “less security”, and “lack of government support”.’ Very well tell us where we need to improve in if we want to attract more foreign investment. Government can see it as a wake up call too. I’m sure in his world, President Aquino thinks that the Philippines and Malaysia are friends because of the “help” they gave us with the Bangsamoro State, but they are also our competitors in foreign market for tropical products and increasingly in services where we are most competitive, this realization will be like an insult to those beholden to Aquino. Nevertheless, it is an opportune time for this message to come to us, since the elections are near, and thus the Filipino can think about what his priorities are, if he wants the “matuwid na daan” to continue or to elect someone with a better program when it comes to dealing with a more interconnected world.

    1. One good step: Set up a hotline that foreign businessmen can use if a government employee tries to extort money by withholding permits and Titles. Have that same hotline or another one for foreign visitors and those becoming permanent residents to call when they are facing harassment or extortion conspiracies. Think about making death threats against foreigners a crime.

      1. I agree with this, it’s just that we have something in place, the ombudsman it has powers few people understand and due to this lack of knowledge it is being used for partisan politics,,, sayang lang. It should have been like the anti corruption agency in HK, in fact it was modeled after it, i hsve seen HK anti corruption sgency work and I do aadmire them.. Sayang talaga ground work is there, kulang lang ng political will at vigilance from the public

    2. Actually this might impact us cime asean integration, they could njust set up in malaysia, and draw our work force their and since we are “malay” we might get full benefits there, (in malaysia you get moe benefits if you come from malay stock vis a vis chinese” I agree this is a wake up call for our leaders

  6. Are you kidding me? Everyone thinks this ad is hurtful and unethical? The person who made this should be fired and who approved this crap? This is a legit business ad. Absolutely nothing wrong with it. Now how did you feel when the same ad is portraying the US negatively and the Philippines positively? There would be hypocritical statements everywhere. Philippines is very arrogant when it comes to call centers but I hate to say it, everyone I know in that industry hates it. Its extremely toxic and damaging to their health. I’m glad this video is put out, it shows the Philippines that they are not the only place for call centers to happen. They need to stop with their narcissistic thinking. Instead of relying on foreign investment, how about trying to create their own businesses, their own industry instead of bashing a completely foreign company for their view on your country.

    1. you are one stupid mother fucker who does not know how economics work fyi the call center has enabled disenfranchised college grads to have work, which translates to domestic spending among other things. which maybe funding your parents business somewhere OR helping banks here etc.. etc.. wake up, you should tand behind your country and not against it. What HAVE YOU DONE TO HELP ASIDE FROM BEING A MALAYSIAN APOLOGIST??? GET REAL, GET OFF YOUR HIGH HORSE

      1. Malaysia has always been a rival of sorts since their independence and because of our sabah claim, heck we almost went to war against them during konfrontasi, back in the good old days when we had a reputable army. But times have changed, malaysia is clearly ahead of the Philippines on many sectors and is seeking to get ahead of us in the call center industry. But Kevin C. has a point, business is business, all is fair in love and war. Now, your point is clear, the call center industry is a very very important industry in the Philippines, but the solution is not to get mad at this one ad for being unethical, what good will that do? You really want to beat the Malaysians, we gotta do this right, reduce red tape, make it easier for call centers tomset up, improve foreign language proficiency, improve transportation infrasctructure and utility costs. If anything, it isn’t the Malaysians you should be angry at, its ourselves for letting it come to this. I want to see the good old days back, back when our airforce can sortie into Malaysian territory with impuniy, and not what we have today–losing Sabah and a chunk of Mindanao.

        1. That butthurt over there calling us Malaysia’s apologist should be the one waking up. Psh, this country back shouldn’t even be revolving around BPO industry. Even in India, experts are seeing the negative effects of the call center industry in their youth workforce. Instead of defending BPO, this country should be investing in INFRASTRUCTURE, and most especially opening our economy more for foreign investment (not only BPO!)one of the primary points of the ad, which Malaysia can provide, and which we cannot.

        2. Did you read his whole statement, it was bordering on saying “oog hail to aegis for they have delivered the good word. But yeah I agree with you, that this is the erstwhile solution but it will take political will and informed voters, so rather than label these people as ” butthurts” and have this fake concern for the country but in reality is what you guys are doing is just to say “ooh we are far more intellectually superior than you”, you will best serv the country is just helpedin educating rather than labeling this whole website doesn’t help, it just reinforces small mindedness, parochial tendencis, elitism, and this is a comment of a japanese friend of mind, why do you filipinos always have to put borders between people, you put on unecesarry lables and try to differentiate yourselves and try to act all superior than the other, and he quipped and this comes from the educated people and not the provincial ones… And then and there I realized, it’s not the masses that makes the country worse, it is the elite who try so hard to put themselces in a class above the rest and you guys are clearly showing this, examine yourselves, I hope you realize you are not helpingin anyway, if you want to help out educate them rather than malign them, stop with farce intellectualism, i see not much content in the comments.. And to think these are peolle who get degrees but in the end of the day we are sucked back to our parochial tendencies haay.,. No wonder.

          @parasol geez butthurt really? How mature, pano na yung fakre ” intellectual’
          ” vibe niyo, sira na, sayang lang all the hard work you’ve been doing to keep up with this persona youmade

        3. Bro wag mo na basagin ang trip. Dito na nga lang sa web nagiging matalino eh.

          They just defined them selves and they are not far from the shenanigans who keeps on voting for the stupid leader.

          Hanggang GRP na lang sila kaya nga pilit nilang pinoprotektahan tong page kasi ito na lang ang kapirasong langit na meron sila.

          Advise ko sa inyo magtayo kayo ng party list bumili kayo ng boto sa mga tulad nyong bobotante tapos gawin nyo ung mga pinagsasabi nyo.

        1. Parasolholder, kung nawawala ba ang toxic na BPO industry dito may magagawa ba ang mga tlad nyo para punan ang tax deficit? Ang hirap sa inyo puro kayo satsat na tama lang un pero hinde nyo iniisip ang immediate impact sa ibang tao. Kung wala kang trabaho malamang wala kang pakialam dun. Ang improvement ba ng infra magagawa overnight? Sino ba ang may gusto na bulok ang infra? Nagbabayad kmi ng 32% income tax sa tingin mo masaya kami na lugmok ang bansa natin? Puro kayo get real eh hinde nyo iniisip ang timeline kung kelan madedeliver ang infra na hinihingi nyo. Kung makaapekto sa industry ung ad at mawalan ng trabaho lahat ng nasa sector sino nanaman ang sisisihin nyo?

          Puro butthurt na lang ang nabasa ko. Eh puro kayo ngawa may nagawa na ba ang ngawa nyo?

        2. ^ You and your stupid excuses you anonginawamo asshurt. Lemme put back that stupid excuse of yours directly to you dumb flip: what did YOU do for this country when you actually didn’t make any progress at all to be more competitive in other countries like Malaysia you crybaby? Btw bagay nga sa iyo ang pangalan mo kasi ilang beses ka nang parang hinampas sa ulo mo na sabi nang “get your shit together” pero wala matigas talaga ang ulo mo kasi dakilang bobo ka.

        3. Domo pwede magkita tayo at magsampalan tayo ng payslip? Anu ba ang trabaho mo? Tawag ka na ng mga kasama mo welga na daw kayo. Naka handa na ung zesto mo saka pandesal na bayad sa inyo

        4. ^ Translation: suntukan na lang tayo. Epic fail excuse is epic fail. Di porket may trabaho ka magyayabang ka dito. Wag ka nang dumada pa dahil halatang wala kang alam!

        5. Uggh wow more money more deposits, banks earn money from loans but they source their funds from deposits or deposits substitutes (Banking Act) which comes from the public, which comes from salaries and income from businesses. More deposits, more loans to lend to businesses, and this comes from people who have work and before the call center industry where did people work?most flew pa outside just to work as domestic helpers and these are people with college degrees (though yes they are mandated to deposit money with a philippine bank if you are an ofw 80% for seamen, 50% for domestics) but thinga are changing, in hk they are having a hard time to ge good quality dhs who speak english because most of them have stayed here due to the industry that you spite, oh i’m welcome that you correct me on the central bank act or banking laws lol let’s where you’ll go, show us how intellectual you really are #farce

  7. Hahaha, come to think of it, whoever made this ad thought that by using Philippines as an example, it might generate enough traffic for the company site, with all those butthurt Pinoys razing the Internet spewing fire of butthurtness. And we all know how notorious Filipinos are online with their ‘react before they think’ mentality.
    Smart moves on theirpart. Now that’s what you call effective advertising. 😉

  8. I have been a regular reader of GRP, even whilst it was still connected with Anti-Pinoy. I do not comment as much but found myself going out of my norm on this one.

    I agree that there is a great need to work on solutions regarding the points highlighted in the investor marketing video by Aegis. But as an offshore industry insider myself, there is a more nuanced understanding of the background behind Aegis moving to Malaysia before anyone throws in knee jerk reactions on any side of the argument.

    Note that as of late 2013, Essar Group (the Indian-controlled holding company of Aegis) has been slowly divesting and offloading its shares in order to streamline core investments. Their Aegis US-based markets (which is offshored to the Philippines and Costa Rica) has not been performing well as much of Aegis concentration is within the Indian domestic markets. They lost 200 million in USD revenues in a span of 2 years. What compounds this is that other BPO players catering to the US markets are making more revenue than Aegis. There is also this growing trend of consolidation & buyouts by large BPO players in the Philippines.(Convergys which acquired Stream which acquired the Ayala-owned Etelecare; Sykes acquiring ICT; Synnex acquiring Concentrix & IBM; Telus acquired Ambergris, all these within the last 4 years. Do note that these companies have an employee headcount of more than 5k prior to them acquiring the centers mentioned.)

    PeopleSupport, as Aegis Philippines was formerly known, was a Delaware based company that had offshore centers in the US, Philippines and Costa Rica. PeopleSupport was bought by Aegis in 2008. As of 2013, Aegis’ profit margins are lower than its industry peer averages as it has always had a poor vendor ranking amongst client-company outsourcers due to prevalence of fraud, penalties and inability to grow existing portfolios and thereby losing contracts to competitors. Not to mention, NLRC mediated labor cases that Aegis lost due to bad labor practices.

    Last Aug 2014, Teleperformance (based in France and with Philippine centers employing more than 35k employees within 16 sites in the Philippines) acquired Aegis US, Philippines and Costa Rica. Aegis as part of the Essar Group continues to maintain its centers in India, Malaysia, Sri Lanka, South Africa and some Latin American countries.

    Industry insiders do believe that the ease of doing business here in the Philippines needs massive improvement as well as our telco infrastructure. However, in order to facilitate growing foreign investments, the country needs to primarily review FINL (Foreign Investment Negative List) controls and regulations currently in place. This is more a low-hanging fruit than having to change the law (which move like molasses in this country).

    However, the Aegis investor video (mind you, it’s not a public ad, but an investor ad) was deployed in bad form. It connoted sour-graping and was released after the TP deal was finalized this August.

    Also, note that as part of the BPO/KPO/IT-BPM industry, Aegis Philippines applied for PEZA/BOI tax exemption & was granted certification & BOI pioneer status without having to show the necessary 60-40 stakeholder requirements. It also benefited from certain tax holidays, labor tax exemptions, and waived import-export duties and regulations for 6 years since 2008. However, Aegis filed a case against the BIR last 2012 as a counter suit to BIR’s official notice to make them pay the correct taxes. Aegis misdeclared taxable earnings for 2007 and was seeking for the government to refund them 66M Php (Yes, it is actually 66,717,803.87 pesos). The Court of Tax Appeals denied Aegis’ claims in a decision penned last June 2012.

    In as much as i understand Aegis investor sentiments about the Philippines, it does connote a degree of sourgraping and in large part, their business handling…in comparison with the larger players in the industry who continue to prosper despite these bottlenecks.

    1. “Sourgraping” or not, are they misrepresenting facts?


      You can only be upset with someone if they lie. In this case it’s sadly too true.

        1. Edi ipaliwanag mo sa kanya. Yan ang mahirap sa inyo puro satsat wala namang ikinontribute na dagdag kaalaman. Malay mo iba naman talaga ang pagkaintindi mo. Ano nga ba ang pagkaintindi mo sa sinabi ni Teki? Di ba totoo pa rin na bulok infrastraktura at pamahalaan dito kahit anong sabi dyan sa video ng aegis? Ba’t magagalit ka pa? Alam mo kung ano ang isa sa mga depensa sa krimen ng libel at slander?–na ang sinasabi ng akusado sa kasong yon ay isang katotohanan.

        2. Anu ang alam ko sa sinasabi ni Teki? Paki basa ang mga sumusunod:

          1. Aegis ang may pinakamamababang pa sweldo dito sa Pilipinas.

          2. Madami din silang kaso sa NLRC dahil sa unjust labor practice.

          3. Kumpara sa ibang BPO company, sobrang baba ng HMO benefits nila.

          4. Mataas ang attrition rate nila dahil kinukunan lang sila ng experience ng mga newbie (hinde worthwhile ang magtagal sa kanila dahil sa below market na compensation).

          Hinde ko yan kinuha sa mga sinabi ni Teki galing yan sa mga kakilala ko na nagtatrabaho mismo sa Aegis.

          Ngayon ikaw anu ang alam mo bukod sa pag sasabing bulok ang infra na hinde naman idinedeny?

        3. Di ko sinabi na mas malawak ang kaalaman ko sa kompanya nila. Di ko pinupuri ang mga taga-Malaya. Alam naman natin na dati mas malakas pa tayo dun at nung muntik na lang tayo magka-giyera nung dekada 60, wala silang kalaban-laban sa mga F5 jets natin na kayang bombahin sila. Eh ngayon, kabaliktaran na, sila na mas malakas. At magagalit ka sa isang ad na yun? Di mo ba alam kung gaano nakakahiya yun? Eh kung bulok pala ang Aegis ba’t nagaglit ka. They’re just small fry. Hahaha. You’d lose your composure over some little shits haha. I’ll tell you why, you’re angry cause while the people here generally agree on the facts (thanks to Teki 🙂 ), you’re angry that the most commenters here are cool with that and you’re either angry because: 1. The ad spoke the truth and it hurts you or 2. people don’ agree with your point of view and it hurts your pride. You think getting mad at them is going to help? What do I suggest you do? Let it go. gawin mo nalang ang mga trabaho mo, at gawin mo ng mabuti? magtrabaho ka at mag-aral, maging mabuting mamamayan, sinisikap maging disiplinado at “humble” para magin halimbawa ka rin sa disiplina at sa husay ng trabaho.

          Gusto mo ba maging kilala ang lahi natin sa pagiging balat sibuyas? Sasabihin ko na na mas malala ang paninira ng mga taga Europeo at mga Kano sa isa’t isa. Kung kompetisyon sa kanila, kompetisyon talaga. Kaya nahihirapan ako sumunod sa mga pinopost mo kasi kung babasahin mo, napakahambog at “entitled”. To quote your quotable quotes:

          “. . .pwede magkita tayo at magsampalan tayo ng payslip? Anu ba ang trabaho mo? Tawag ka na ng mga kasama mo welga na daw kayo. Naka handa na ung zesto mo saka pandesal na bayad sa inyo”

          “Iba talaga ang comprehension level ng mga tao dito. Oh well walang saysay makipag talo kasi hinde nyo naiintindihan.”

          “Since you are all for getting real, then why not make an advert that will trigger all foreign businesses to leave the country since its really crappy. Sa sobrang pagiging forward thinker mo napapaisip tuloy ako kung gaano na kaginhawa ang buhay mo dahil daig mo ang mga taong walang panahon mag reklamo dahil busy sa trabaho.”


          MAG ANGAS KA PAG NAG BABAYAD KA NA NG ATLEAST 12K TAX PER MONTH GUNGGONG. BAKA SAMPALIN KITA NG PAYSLIP MATULALA KA JAN.”–Its guys like this that are so proud of how much they make and yet you haven’t learned to communicate civilly. I bet when you drive or ride a motorbike, singit ka ng singit, busina ng busina, gitgit ng gitgit.

          “sabi na kasing hinde moko maiintindihan hanggat hinde ka nakaka pasok sa corporate world na ginagalawan ko. Ang bagay na kasama mo eh ung mga welgista na katulad mo eh malamang walang trabaho. Tawag ka na ng nanay mo bli ka daw ng suka.”–Ano ‘to away bata?

          And lastly, “adamin nang galing sa squatters area ang naka pag aral through hard work and determination ang nakakapag trabaho na ngaun sa mga Multinational Companies.” — Haha, just goes to show money can’t buy breeding. I know your type, just because a high school grad just got a job in a call center, they feel like they’re the king of the world, like they can buy everything they want. They never change their mentality, still proud, still butthurt, still noisy, still entitled. Let me tell you now that as opposed to the quiet subdued efficiency of the German or the Japanese, or the flamboyant perfectionism of the Italians, French or Italians, or the tongue-in cheek ingenuity of the British, or the quiet understatement of an American,–our loud mouthed entitled complaining (coupled with begging) makes us a laughing stock and causes us to be disrespected by foreigners.

          Do I sound like I’m making fun of you? Let me point out that right now, we don’t know each other, please take none of this personally, I might see you down the street and you wouldn’t even know its me. But get used to it. Developed cultures tend to be more “frank” when it comes to telling you their feeling and what they think about you.

          And lastly, since you insist that the ad is all about ethics, have you heard of the saying, “it’s just business nothing personal…”, “all is fair in love and war”. They just want to recover from the losses they sustained here. Honestly, it is sour graping and uncalled for, but they haven’t crossed the line. And when I saw this, I was amused and flattered. Our call centers won’t take any hits from this I’m sure because if they are satisfied with our service, then they are satisfied and that is an end of it. Big multinational corporations, as I’m sure you know, mr. corporate world, are concerned with their image and reputation, they will not just leave the commitments they made in our country on a whim (unlike our gov’t) so you can relax and rest assured that no other company is going to leave this country. Take stock of was said in the ad and take it in stride and learn and improve. The ethics side of this issue has always been a long shot and if you think that in this exchange the Philippines will lost? Just think of what Aegis just did to it’s image here in the Philippines–it won’t get any business here anymore and if you honestly believe that the Philippines will improve and will become better than Malaysia, Mr. corporate world, then you will agree with me that its their loss not ours.

        4. Fyi truth is not a defense in slander or libel! I have to agree that just explain it and educate, rather malign andjump the gun, fyi most of you guys here arecprone to this,

      1. I agree with you Jim, sougraping it is but the truth hurts. We can only cry foul if malaysians tell lies on their corporate video. I wonder what and why people here cried foul in this..
        I wonder where are these same people when we lost our sabah.. Wake up guys. Truth sucks but truth just the same

  9. ANg pinupunto ng karamihan na nag iisip eh ung unethical na add. Hinde naman idinedeny ang sablay na infra eh. Kung mawala kaya ang BPO industry dito kaya nyo kya punan ung mawawalang tax? Sana alam nyo ang ibig sabihin ng ethics. At parang awa nyo na kung wala kayong alam sa loob ng BPO industry wag gaanong mag react. SA TOTOO LANG MASAYA ANG MGA NSA BPO SECTOR DAHIL WALA NA ANG ISANG KUMPANYANG SOBRANG BABA NG PASWELDO AT BULOK PATI HMO BENEFITS.

    1. Says the typical pinoy hypocrite who always shows-off that the pinoy is far more better than any foreigner in the world. Look who’s unethical now? Moreover, thanks to that mediocre mindset of yours, you’re already showing the whole world that this country is sub-par to African countries. You and your fellow dumb flips don’t get your shit together? Then it’s your fault and not us realists once this country has been smothered. grp is just giving concrete solutions here but you dumb flips always reject it because you hate progress and prefer to love mediocrity. If you continue that dysfunctional mindset forever, progressive countries will NEVER respect us especially when you’re always demanding respect from them you show-off pinoy praydist.

      1. Concrete solution, eh nagmamaterialize ba? Wow napaka forward thinking mo ah. Since pinagyayabang mo na bobo ako. Anu ba ang trabaho or business mo? Magkano ang monthly tax na binabayadan mo? Ilang property na ang naipundar mo?



        1. Again grp already has the concrete solutions. They can’t be materialized because YOU are part of the problem you hard-headed dimwit.

          And what’s with the caps lock? Are you in impotent rage mode now? Sige iyak ka pa sa galit dakilang balat-sibuyas. Please fill my glass with your delicious tears.

        2. Caps lock ang ginagamit pag hinde naiintindihan ng kausap ang sinasabi. Baka kasi maliit ang font at hinde mo mabasa ng maayos.

          Ako iiyak? Baket ako iiyak when I’m living a far more better life than you?

          The more I look at it, galit ka sa ibang post mo kasi miserable ang buhay mo at gobyerno ang sinisisi mo.

          nag uubos lng aq ng oras dito kasi boring mag debug ng program. Pampalipas oras ko lang kayo.

          Its more clear that GRP is a hideout for arm chair generals. Yes Ilabas nyo ang lahat ng dapat makaganda sa Pilipinas kasi hanggang kwentong barbero na lng kayo. Kaming mga nag tatrabaho eh mabubuhay ng maayos habang kayo eh nagpapalitan ng opinion nyo na sobrang labo mangyari.

          Post ka pa dali, inaantok nanaman ako eh. Backread mo post mo para ma realize mo kung sino ang rage mode.

          Tsk tsk tsk tsk tsk tsk, lapit naman ang sweldo boring nanaman ang buhay.

          “Since pinagyayabang mo na bobo ako. Anu ba ang trabaho or business mo? Magkano ang monthly tax na binabayadan mo? Ilang property na ang naipundar mo?” <—What's with Filipinos and that mentality???

          Pag sinampal mo ba kami isa-isa dito sa GRP ng pera mo at nang mga nakubra mong ari-arian mas magiging valid ang argument mo? I wouldn't be surprised why this country is still under shithole- Mas marami akong pera kesa sa'yo, mas importante ako sa'yo." Ganon ba yon? Paramihan na lang pera dito para lang masabing tama? Juice colored…

          Filipino-butthurt logic: Estupido ad infinitum… -_-

          After nung lumayas ni Marcos dito sa Pilipinas, yung mga sumunod sa presidente sa kanya anong mga ginawang imprastraktura? Ha? Ano ngayong ginagamit natin? Yun mga nagawa pa din ni Marcos. Naturalmente talaga matagal itatag mga imprastraktura na yan, pero juice colored kaya nga tayo may mga government officials, binoboto natin mga yan kasi trabaho nila in the first place talaga nila yang pagtatayo ng mga imprastractura na yan. Hindi nila kaya yang trabaho sila,mag-resign sila, tapos.

        4. Padamihan ng pera = pataasan ng ihi. Typical dysfunctional mindset of da pinoy. Looks like his mindset is nothing but money and thinks that money = power.
          And INB4 accusing me as a communist again. I am for capitalism FYI but not like you who is always filling your pool with your greens and swimming it, if you know what I mean.

        5. Did I say that money is power? Pinapakita ko lang ang kaibahan natin. Kasi ako chillax lang dahil hinde miserable ang buhay ko.

          Sa tono pa lang ng comments mo napaka hostile mo eh. Which makes me think that you are living a very miserable life.

          Eh anu ngaun kung ipagmalaki ko ang achievements ko. Baket hinde ka makasabay?

      2. Loli doubt you ever been to the sub saharan pleasedon’t be a poser.. I have and we’re far better off than you guys make it to be.. But what can i expect from your parochial mindst and this fake intellectualism hahah it’s funny like watchinghalfwits wrestle

      3. What?? Where,where’s the man power planning, i’ll help you pass that to sec.baldoz,or do you have an economic development plan? Let’s pass that to neda??

  10. unethical man o totoo lahat ng sinabi nila sa ad, gimmick lang yan ng Aegis Malaysia para pag-usapan sila. dahil ang mga Pinoy kahit anong issue na binanggit ang Pilipinas, good or bad, maraming masasabi. it’s gonna be trending.

  11. The ad is not surprising. No wonder why a lot of foreign factories have been transferred to other ASEAN countries. To all the whiny asshurts here lalo ka na bukol na palaging matigas ang ulo, you want those foreign investors come to our country and give you decent jobs? Simple, get you shit together? You can’t get your shit together? Enjoy living in mediocrity and poverty you dumb turds.

    1. I also forgot. Remember that Malaysia is in favor of 100% foreign ownership, something that bahana republic of da pinas doesn’t have thanks to that 60/40 restriction bullshit because da pinoys hates foreigners and wants to own the majority of the pie.

      1. You do know the factual milieu why the 60\40 requirement was placed in the 1985 constitution?? Don’t speak of it as a panacea when you know nothing about it, this is annoying, check out the bell trade act and tydings mcduffy law where were given a very bad deal by the americans. Put the 1987 constitution in context man, study it! Fyi also that could be amended, though we have a rigid set up, it still can be changed by a concom. And attitudes are changing BUT i am telling you it’s not a panacea to the ills of our country but I digress your simple knowledge as to this issue seems as if you just read that of a column somewhere,advice read more and get off your high horse, educate yourself and try to educate others,

    2. Living in poverty? Wow panu mo nasabi na hinde ako kumakaen ng 3 beses isang araw? Ikaw ang turd, bka hanggang ngayon nakikitira ka pa sa nanay mo. Saka ka magsalita pag nagbabayad ka na ng income tax.

      At uulitin ko ethics ang pinupunto ko at hinde ako nag dedeny na maraming sablay ang bansa ko. Hinde mo alam kung anu ang ethics? Pumasok ka muna sa corporate para malaman mo, hinde ung utak militante ka. Baka ikaw ang nabubuhay sa kahirapan. Nsa corporate umbrella kmi ng SAP bka ikaw wala ka pang pambili ng bigas. Tawag ka na ng mga kapartylist mo magwelga na kayo.

    3. Domo para masiyahan ka, sofware analyst ako at umbrella company namin ang SAP. Paki hanap na lng kung pang ilan sa highest paying company ang SAP.

      Halatang hinde mo naiintindihan ang pinost ko. Wag kang mag-alala maiintindihan mo ang ibig sabihin ng ethics pag naka pagtrabaho ka na sa corporate world.


      1. Yeah you do have achievements and yet you’re acting like a whiny kid. I bet you’re always showing that to your workmates especially to foreign people.

        1. Which you do not have? Sinabi mo bobo ako kaya sinasabi ko may achievements ako. Hinde ko ginagawa un sa mga colleagues ko (bobo lang ang gumagamit ng salitang workmates).

          sabi na kasing hinde moko maiintindihan hanggat hinde ka nakaka pasok sa corporate world na ginagalawan ko. Ang bagay na kasama mo eh ung mga welgista na katulad mo eh malamang walang trabaho. Tawag ka na ng nanay mo bli ka daw ng suka.

        2. Oh boy here comes the communist accusation to me again. Look I have no problem with people with decent jobs as long as that person is not very abusive just like what you’re doing right now. Again what’s the matter? Did that Malaysian ad destroyed your pride? You wanna show Malaysia that this country is still business friendly? Then PROVE IT instead of whining like a little kid that you bitch here. You do have a job alright but it looks like you hate challenge. Don’t deny it hard-headed dimwit!

        3. Afraid of challenge? We took the job from Prague 2 years ago because we are far better than them. Ako abusive? Magbasa ka ng mga post mo para malaman mo kung sino ang abusive. We decimated Prague we are starting to dominate EMEA(kung alam mo ang sinasabi ko) baket biglang nag mellow down ka? I dont give a shit about the pinoy pride(I dont believe on it).

          Wala akong pakialam kahit saan galing ang competition dahil alam kong kaya ko sumabay pag dating sa skill set.

          Ang pinopoint out nga eh ginawang public ung ad. Which is unacceptable, on an ethical standpoint. Expected ko nang hinde moko maiintindihan kasi nga wala kang idea sa sinasabi ko.

          Pwede paki point out kung saang part ako naging abusive? Kasi ikaw pwede ko ipoint ung mga abusive words na ginamit mo. Bottomline ngayon bigla nag bago tono mo ah.

        4. Sus Prague lang? What about other countries? Is that the best you can do?

          And yeah the ad maybe distasteful but it still doesn’t change the fact how this country is a pure shithole. Your whiny argument with that ad is like you’re labeling some foreigner “racist” only because it’s telling the truth. If that ad hurts you very much, it’s your fault. Deal with it.

        5. It just shows na this is guy is either unemployed OR someone who inefficient and he’s trying to act all superior in this digital real, how pitiful, acting all big lol and it’s funy the ad hominem attacks without substance, hayaan mo yan bukol,

        6. Domo, i now understand why bukol is against this ad. He does not want to lost his job with SAP!! Plain and simple.
          His reason is self serving rather for the betterment of the nation as as a whole.
          no pun to you bukol.. You have a reason and i can see that clearly.

      2. Somehow I don’t believe this bukol works in the corporate world with the language he uses like “Tawag ka na ng nanay mo bli ka daw ng suka.” yeah, very classy.

        1. So dapat pag nang insulto ako eh classy? Wow usual cliche from an intelligent person? Dapat ba sabihin ko ngaun na nsa starbucks ako para maging corporate?

          Nageevolve na ang workforce ngaun Sir. Madamin nang galing sa squatters area ang naka pag aral through hard work and determination ang nakakapag trabaho na ngaun sa mga Multinational Companies.

          Ok from now on insults will be in English to satisfy your meticulous taste.

        2. ^ Even if you change it to English, it doesn’t change the fact that you’re an absolute utak squatter even if you do have a job. Yabang ka nang yabang na may trabaho ka, utak squatter naman.

        3. @domo “utak squatter” is that best you can dish out against this guy, you called for his credentials and he gave it, now give yours, have you done anything of substance to help the country, or is jsut all talk with your ad hominem attack, i don’t even see substance with your posts, unlike some for example dick, though i observe he tend to be gender biased\type casts people but atleast he has his reasonable bouts but you, it’s consistent, either ad hominem or nothing,, poof wala laman

  12. Nasasaktan ako sa mga sinabi ng Aegis! mga wala namang kwenta ang mga Malay na yan, kumakain sila ng mga tao! Mga Pakshet sila! tayong mga Pilipino, mga Diyos tayo! Di tayo dapat nilalait! Sinasamba tayo ng buong mundo! Kahit na puro iskwater ang kalunsuran sa Pilipinas, , kahit puro tae ang mga Pilipino dahil sa ugaling iskwater, kahit na ang daming naghihirap, kahit na sinungaling ang mga tao sa gobyerno natin, IPAGMALAKI NATIN NA ANG PILIPINAS ANG PINAKAMAGALING SA BUONG MUNDO AT TAYONG MGA PILIPINO AY DIYOS NILA!!!

    GO PINOY PRIDE! Ano ngayon kung butthurts, at least may pride di ba? Galing ito sa pwet ng mga Penoy, ests, pinoy!

    1. And that’s one of the reasons why failipinos like you will never progress: you’re always bitching your dysfunctional pinoy prayd when in fact you’re just clinging on someone else’s goal because you don’t have one. You wanna be proud to be a Filipino? Then make your own humble achievements you stupid palamunin. No wonder why pride is one of the 7 most deadly sins.

    2. I am a pinoy, I am a butthurt , ulol ka umalis ka dito. Hinde yan ang pinaguusapan dito. Wag ka sumali sa mga may utak na nagsasalita. Hinde mo ako or kmi mairerepresent. Kaululan yang “PWEDE NA YAN MENTALITY” mo.

      Ethics ang ipinaglalaban nmin.

      1. Bukol, ako ang perfect representation ng lahat ng mga pinoy. Ethics? Wala tayong mga Pinoy niya! Hindi natin nakakain yan. PRIDE ang meron tayong mga Pinoy, at yun ang kinakain natin. At saka yang “Pwede na yan mentality”, na sinasabi mo, ugaling pinoy yan. Kitang kita naman sa paghalal sa mga pinuno hanggang sa pag-itsapwera sa mga pagkukulang natin kasi nga dapat diyos ang tingin sa atin ng buong mundo. Tayo ang pinakamagaling, eh! Isa pa, bakit mo ako pinapalayas? Ang akala ko ba demokratikong bansa tayo?

        Ay, sabagay, sarili lang ang pinakikinggan ng mga Pinoy na tulad natin. Ayaw natin pakinggan ang mga puna sa atin. gusto natin pinupuri tayo ay dinidilaan sa pwet. PINOY PRIDE POWER!

        1. Domo, you do understand that “i am pinoy i am butthurt” account is ntrolling bukol.. Fsncy that you “intellectuals” have fallen into trolling, it’s good that we can draw the filipino in you out, goood good go pinoy! Go get real real! Go intellectual half wits!

    1. Domo 9 mins na lng at aalis n aq ng office. San ka na? Post ka pa, pag late baka bukas ko na masagot yan or baka nagpunta ka na sa happy place mo?

      1. Pasok ka na lang sa office mo at kumita…. nagsasayang ka ng panahon kakaantay sa reply ng iba. Wag ka pakipagtalo rito at nagiging obvious na galing kang iskwater. Pinoy pride Power!

        1. This is new, satire cool. This group ceases to amaze, this what ” intellectuals” have devolved, you hapless children, where are your “real” arguements now and now you use satire wow I commend you

      1. Utak squatter it may seem but I am now a satisfied programmer.

        Magaling ka diba? Share mo naman achievements mo to back up your claim. Sabi mo dimwit ako. Ibig sabihin matalino ka at magaling ka. Baket ayaw mo mag share ng narating mo?

        Talk is cheap, you can die in obscurity and blame the others for your shortcomings. But still you are also a dysfunctional keyboard warrior with nothing to back up your empty words.

        1. Bukol, I know these types,don’t engage, they’ll lable you with something, try to demean you if you don’t agree and show of their false knowledge, lol nakaawa nga, kung pwede pang mag donate ng utak, or perhaps they should get real themselves lol point is sayang lang oras momag engage dyan, they are set in their beliefs, with all due respect

        2. @Joma thank you for the reminder bro. Don’t worry I have actually acquired a set of skill on how to deal with self proclaimed intellectual. Hell I might even ask my boss if I can work from home, perhaps to a week so that I can spend sometime with them. I really enjoy reading their utterly smart posts wherein they do brand people who they do not know and then retreat the moment they smell danger.

          By the post that I have read from this thread. It is really clear that some people who are not qualified to talk since they really have no idea about the subject. I actually got the generic militant response, which I still give them the doubt that they are not commies.

          Lastly I will be glad to spend a few hundred or thousand pesos just to see all the intellectual lightweights on this blog to gather. How I wish to see them discuss policical topics and show off their knowledge, speak of their minds while holding a pair of scissors.

          And then biglang may sisigaw. SIMULAN NYO NA ANG KWENTONG BARBERO NYO !!!

      2. Dont tell me that you will let your self get owned without any justification.

        This is starting to get tad boring. Can someone change the channel to Discovery or Natgeo pls.

        1. Is that the only answer that you can give me commie boy? Tsk tsk tsk tsk typical response coming from a elitist.

          Someone please start the slow clap.

  13. Butthurt alert!

    MANILA, Philippines — The Philippine Embassy in Kuala Lumpur on Monday demanded an explanation from a Malaysian business process outsourcing company that recently released a video depicting the Philippines as undesirable for business.

    The three-minute video produced by Aegis Malaysia and uploaded on YouTube presented Malaysia’s so-called advantage over the Philippines, which it claims to have poor infrastructure and security, threats of natural calamities and lack of government support.
    Malaysia, on the other hand, is depicted to have effective governance, better security and friendlier climate in an apparent effort to lure investments away from the Philippines, seeing it as a rival in the BPO industry.

    The video angered Filipinos who cried foul over the comparison of Malaysia’s business climate with that of the Philippines and called it racist and unethical.

    In its letter, the embassy conveyed its “deep concern” about the release of the video.

    Full article published by PhilStar here.

    1. And all the asshurts of fliplandia are dancing with joy again. The question is, did they actually learned their lesson? Of all the criticisms and satires the foreigners made and apologize to our country and its people, da pinoys like bukol the mr. corporate world here are obviously still stuck in mediocrity and never made any improvements and progress at all.

  14. joma, This is not a satire. I am the reality of being a Filipino. Why are you denying it? We Filipinos are butthurts and we should be proud of it. Malaysians are attacking our Pinoy Pride. Dapat lang na laitin natin sila at ipaalala sa kanila na mga diyos tayo at hindi tayo dapat insultuhin.

    At saka pwede ba, joma, wag kang mag-ingles, bakla ka. Wag kang magpanggap na matalino. Echosera.

    Sabagay, tayong mga pilipino ay mapagpanggap. Lagi nating ipinapamukha sa buong mundo na tayo ang pinakamagaling kahit hindi naman. push lang natin yan! Pinoy pride power!

    1. So meaning you’re proud to declare a bloody war against all foreigners only because they’re “treating” you like shit? Sige iyak pa dakilang balat-sibuyas. Your tears are tasty.

      1. I know, right? We, the proud pinoy ass kissier are proud the we are butthurts. Kaya sa lahat ng mga matatalino diyan, Dakilain niyo kaming mga pikon! Dahil diyos niyo kami. Wag niyo rin kaming lalaitin dahil makakatikim kayo ng bonggang bonggang panlalait.

        Anyways, ang mga pinoy ay hindi racist tulad ng mga Malaysians na kumakain ng tao. Pinoy pride power!

        1. Yeah right Filipinos are not racist. And yet you always call the Indians as “payb siks”, African-Americans or any black people as “egoy”, chinese-Filipinos as “tsinoy”, hell even Filipino Muslims as “dibidi dibidi”. Your hypocrisy is showing full force you pinoy praydist turd.

          You wanna declare war to all foreigners? Then get your ass moving and kill them all only by yourself and the rest of your kind with nothing but your dysfunctional pinoy prayd! C’mon you dumb flip I DARE YOU!

        2. isang balat sibuyas close minded OA individual. Note i didnot use the word filipino. Lumaki ako sa pilipinas at tumira sa amerika ng magkatrabaho. Bago mo sabhin hindi racist ang mga ibang tao sa Pilipinas, punta ka muna dito, hindi mo kasi mapapansin ang mga politically incorrect words kung ginagamit mo rin.

          and please, pride my ass

    2. My choice of language is up to me. As i told you i’m not into pinoy pride but i rather not ridicule them for their beliefs. I am not elitist unlike you guys pretend to be. I am giving you a dose of your own medicine. What’s the correlation of using english to being gay and what is so bad about it???how backwards. Fyi ad hominem attacks have no place in intelligent discussions you masquerade to be in. Second. Our lack of belief in ourselves will be downfall but what do I care about your incompetence just please don’t pretend to be intellectuals when you are not.

  15. Aegis Ltd, the HQ for Aegis Malaysia issued a clarification and an apology sometime tonight. It came from the Indian management, and that should suffice.

    The PHL embassy in Malaysia overreacted when this is not a country-to-country issue. This should be taken as a business issue. (Where is Ben Kritz when you need him?)

    To everyone, I stand by qualifying that the investor video “does connote a degree of sourgraping”. I think that phrase places an emotional interpretation for some people, which is a mistake on my part because i could’ve been clearer.

    For me, sourgraping is similar to the process of buyer’s remorse and like someone pointed out to me today, a kind of cognitive dissonance. A peer was telling me that there is such a thing called the Buyer’s Remorse Triangle: effort, responsibility and commitment. Evidently Aegis placed a lot of effort to put up a business in the Philippines, and there is the joint responsibility of the PHL government to ease restrictions so that the business can prosper as well as Aegis’ executives responsibility to effectively run the business. Then there is Aegis’ commitment to make the business thrive long after the service agreements are signed.

    I am amused reading reactions to comments and how some comment threads have moved away from objectively talking about the issue.

    Seriously though, i have been around the block too much not to engage too passionately. After some time, the endless diatribes, although valid, becomes noise. It’s just debate du jour, folks….. and we’re duped into believing that we are engaging in an intellectually healthy discussion. All of us need to improve our discussions, not by raising your voice (or typing tone), NOR by raising your argument… but by raising the quality of the argument. Alas, the gems are few.

  16. Pinoys should thank Aegis Ltd for stating the obvious reasons why investors are shying away from Phils. Aegis actually don’t need to do that! Ir’s in your face already PINOYS!!!! Wake up you idiots!!!!

    1. Sadly the problem with onion-skinned asshurts like bukol the mr. corporate world here are always using their heart instead of their brain. They will never progress if their mindset is a drama queen.

      1. Sino ang hinde magpoprogress? Wala ka ngang mailabas na credentials. Ikaw ng hinde magpoprogress keyboard warrior ka lang.

        Mukang naka alis ka na sa happy place mo ah.

        1. Oh here we go with the credential excuse again. What is the purpose of making me doing that? For your cowardly defense to win an argument? Sige humirit ka pa gunggong.

        2. Btw have you already prove that Malaysian ad that it’s far more better to make business here in fliplandia than that country? Now where are the results mr. corporate world?
          Btw if this country’s economic restriction intensifies and more and more foreign investors transferred their business to other countries because they can’t handle that anymore, what will you gonna do “competitive businessman”? Something like this to those countries who “stole” your job?

        3. Hahaha. Di pa pala tumigil ‘tong bukol aka Mr corporate world. Hahaha. Tanong ko sayo, ngayon na humingi na ng patawad ang Aegis, anong kabutihan naidulot nito? Di ba wala? Walang nangyari, at walang mangyari kasi makakalimutan rin natin ito, at di aaksyon ang gobyerno natin, at di iaacknowledge ng mga mamamayan ang mga kahinaan natin. Di tayo naging mas mabuting at mas maunlad na bansa dahil sa pagreklamo natin. Nakakalungkot di ba?

          Antes ko makalimutan mr. Corporate world, wala kang dinagdag dito kundi ethics ethics ethics. Isang virtud na di ko makikita sayo dahil puro mura lang at paghahambog tungkol sa tumatalbog mong paycheck! Sana nagiipon ka rin at maginvest sa halip na ginagastos mo lahat yon sa taputs at mamahaling gadget. Sana kung bumuli ka ng brand new suv o honda civic, kakayanin mo bayarin lahat ng installment at di ma foreclose. Lol. At saka pa, sinasabi mong bobo ang mga nagpopost dito pero babasahin mo ulit ang mga post mong puno ng mura at tingnan mo kung may dinagdag kang kaalaman dito. Haha

        4. My team can prove to our Headquarters that its worthwhile to invest here. Oh BTW I just went off a meeting and they confirmed that a new site will be established he and we will hire additional 100 heads of IT professionals.

          Just to let you know even if foreign companies leave our country I will not starve to death like you.

          I have already set up my own businesses and I have ample amount of dollar savings. My stock portfolio is also on the track.

          So how about you? There is nothing that you can do when I brag my credentials. You utterly failed when you called me a moron. Wherein fact you are suffering from severe idiotitis.

          How I really love to see how you survive your day, knowing the fact that your miserable life is only bent to follow your commie brothers.

          May update ka ba kung saan kayo magwewelga?

  17. Ethics, ethics, puro na lang ethics. We, the pinoy butthurts, do not believe in ethics. Pride ang meron tayo. Eto ang dapat nating ipaglaban. Grabe kung makapanlait ang mga Malays na yan pero kumakain naman sila ng tao. Anyways, I’m not being racist just like my fellow pinoys.

      1. Then go make your OWN achievements and not riding on someone’s, especially Filipino, own goals you retarded palamunin. And please lang wag mong i-apply sa lahat ng Pilipino iyang kabobohan mo inutil.

        1. Magnanakaw tlga galit sa kapwa magnanakaw. Parehas lang kayong retarded palamunin.

          Wala kang maibuga kundi yang mga ganyang salita na halatang natutunan mo sa mga communist idols mo.

        2. Pareho kayo ng presidente de patola ng bansang ito: bintang nang bintang wala namang matibay na ebidensya. So are you implying that all of us realists including the authors of grp like benign0 are communists only because we’re just telling the truth then? Sige umiyak ka pa mr. corporate world. How classy of you with your utak squatter mindset.

  18. China eats human fetus and most populated country in the world , Philippines eats dogs and one of the storm magnets, America is a country with crime and street gangs running around.

    I don’t hate the different races. I hate the human race as a whole. Including the ones in the picture and everyone here.

    Cheers to you, by the way, Benign0. Looking for more hate filled posts about the Philippines.

  19. I work in the BPO sector and I found nothing unethical or demeaning to me or my company. Of course, I cannot change if the country I’m living in is ravaged by typhoons several times a year. But our mayors/governors can work on disaster preparedness solutions that complement our company’s business continuity practices, allowing us to return to normal working conditions as soon as possible.

    Infrastructure? Let’s press our government to make it easier to do business here so our infrastructure and services can flourish. If need be, by technology outside the country. This will of course take a while, but it’s better than whining and waiting for band-aid solutions dreamt up haphazardly by some pressured executive thanks to a complaining legislator.

    If what we’re offering is determined as less valuable by potential investors, working to remove those roadblocks is the way to solve it. We don’t perpetually tell people to take a side road because the main road is damaged and suck it up. We re-route them temporarily while we fix the road so they can take it again.

    (Okay, so maybe that last example was a bad one in the case of the Philippines, but ideally, that’s how it should work.)

  20. LOL! Pussy 😉

    “MANILA, Philippines – Global business process outsourcing company Aegis Malaysia apologized on Monday night for a viral video advertisement criticizing the Philippines.

    The company said it did not approve the contents of the video, which was developed and “uploaded in error” by a Malaysian agency.

    “Since acquisition of People Support in 2008, (the) Philippines has been a catalyst for Aegis’ growth. We would like to articulate that Aegis has had a wonderful experience in the Philippines — great clients, great leadership team and above all great employees,” the company said in a statement posted on its social media accounts.

    “We apologize and regret any communication that may have inadvertently hurt any sentiments,” it added.”

      1. Domo, you are an absolute loser and simpleton. Your comments here in GRP proved that. Can be labeled as good as those IQ with squatter mentality. Obviously, you are unhappy with your life or just having mental illness. You must seek psychiatrist, immediately.

        1. Oh no noytard. YOU should not only seek a psychiatrist but also rehab yourself. We already know your role here kaya wag ka nang magpanggap inutil. Look who’s the real simpleton now jigs the dakilang mangongontra?

        2. Seek one your self Domo. If you can afford post it here I’ll be glad to help you financially.

          Or may natira pa atang pdaf kila teddy casino mamalimos ka na lng dun. Samahan mo na din ng bigas para may maisaeng ka.

  21. I don’t see anything wrong with the Ad. Its the same as McDonald’s comparing themselves with other fast food chain. Highlighting how theirs, in terms of ingredients and management is better than the others. Its unfortunate that Aegis capitulated and issued an apology, if only to end the whining. The same could be said for professionals in the Philippines who emigrate to other countries because that country has been known to welcome foreign workers. Or why major corporations in the US has moved their operations to china. It’s about cost effectiveness. Anyone with common sense knows that.
    Aegis is promoting itself to the Malaysian Government for providing them or in this case allowing them to establish a state of the art facility within their borders. Similar to companies in the US who highlight the companies decision to build a factory in one town or state compared to the others.
    Im sure for being a big company, Aegis canvassed the region and went with the one who will provide them with the best bang for their buck which any company who wish to succeed and thrive in business is willing to do.
    The Philippines, instead of crying like a baby, should have responded to the Ad by providing contradicting evidence why that Aegis Ad should be ignored. Whining, only proves to the international community that the Philippines has no business competing in the world stage.

    1. Yes, but the problem was that the Philippines couldn’t provide contradicting evidence. 🙂 So they just try to complain at political level. And thus the problem with the Philippines continues as instead of taking a positive attitude and fixing the problems in the Philippines they just show their fake pride.

  22. Aegis do not need to advertise not to invest in the Philippines because the Philippine Constitution itself already prohibits foreign investments through 60/40.

    I’ve seen the video and I applaud Aegis for having the guts to tell the truth. Malaysians see the huge problems of the Philippines but Filipinos themselves don’t want to see these problems. Pinoy Pride is the root of evil.

    Philippines is a failed state.

  23. It is one of the basics you learn in marketing: “you don’t make your product better by putting your competitors down”. I would never buy a product from a company that refers to it’s competitors as inferior.

  24. After some research, I learned we had been doing the same to India around 2010. There were ads and even documents saying Indians have poorer accents. There was siraan that time, so Malaysia may be giving us a dose of our own medicine.

    1. Hows that for ethics then? You know what they say, one can only come into equity with clean hands. What we did complaining about this video just shows what a bunch of hypocrites and onion skins we are. This must stop.

  25. The problem here is false pride by some Filipino’s especially those in the embassy. Firstly, this is common business practice to point out your own strengths and your competitors weaknesses when it comes to getting new clients. Secondly, they were right! Having just recently been on a trip to KL it is far more advanced than Manila, it has way better infrastructure with decent train services and monrail, plus great roads, virtually no traffic congestion.

    To the Philippines embassy and all those with false pride, wake up and smell the roses. THe Philippines is falling behind becuase of the rampant corruption. If you have pride as pinoy then act with your voice and your vote against corruption. Don’t complain about others just look in the mirror as the truth hurts.

  26. APP developed and built Silver Bay’s innovative processing
    lines in Sitka, Craig, and also Valdez, as well as now wish
    to completely house its manufacturing procedure at the park.

  27. Bkit ba? pera nyo b un? wag kayong makialam dahil di naman kayo dapat makialam. Unang una.kahit piso wala namam kayo naiambag. Di pulitiko ang mga yan. Di yan galing sa tax nyo. Kaya pwede ba un mga masyadong mapuna parusahan nyo muna un magnanakaw na pulitiko. Pati kasal ng may kasal pinakikialaman nyo. Porke artista at magarbo show na agad. Mga inggitero at inggitera…

    1. Its ok though, I’ve gone ahead and copy pasted the link to your comment to the appropriate thread so that others weigh in on your argument.

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