PNoy’s endorsement of a 2016 presidentiable: important because Filipinos are too lazy to think

According to presidential spokesman Edwin Lacierda, the biggest boost a presidential candidate can get in the 2016 elections is an endorsement from current President Benigno Simeon ‘BS’ Aquino III. “Everyone wants his anointment,” Lacierda reportedly said. Indeed, so important is this “anointment” that even presidential nemesis Vice President Jejomar Binay is willing to sellout to BS Aquino’s Liberal Party (LP) in exchange for that winning blessing from the Son of Heroes.

mar_roxasThis says a lot about Philippine politics. Despite years of political pundits pushing for “voters’ education”, an issues-based (as opposed to a personality-based) debate, and a focus on platforms to evaluate candidates’ merits, the national chatter in the lead up to the 2016 elections will still come down to the same voodoo-style mysticism. You can imagine the astounding damage to the country such a style of politics could wreak. Take Senate President Franklin Drilon’s belief that despite LP standard bearer Mar Roxas’s dismal popularity numbers, he will fly on the wings of BS Aquino’s support. “The endorsement of the President… whoever he will endorse will benefit [from it],” Drilon asserts, echoing Lacierda. Considering that Roxas’s weak character and bad administrative faculties have, for so long been laid bare before the public in times of crises, we may still see him as President of this sad nation!

It is difficult to see hope in ever seeing a Philippine electorate that chooses its leaders wisely. No less than the Senate President himself espouses this sort of thinking. Rather than encourage Filipinos to evaluate candidates on the basis of their vision for the Philippines, Drilon is encouraging them to vote on the back of a blind faith in President BS Aquino.

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So it’s hardly surprising why Filipinos always have to suffer bad leaders. Because they:

(1) Limit their choices to traditional politicians who come from entrenched dynasties;

(2) Are too lazy to sort out bad from good on the basis of candidates’ platforms and strategic visions for the nation; and,

(3) Are too beholden to a comfort zone filled with notions of heroes, martyrs, and prayerful poets.

In short, it is par for the course that Filipinos in 2016 will apply that renowned national trait of theirs: Laziness.

To be specific, lazy thinking. When one is lazy in one’s thinking, one is also sloppy in one’s judgment. Mar Roxas botched pretty much every chance given to him by his boss to shine. And yet he is still considered to be a serious contender in the presidential elections of 2016, all on the basis of that much-coveted anointment by President BS Aquino. What does that say about the much-trumpeted (and much-assumed) “wisdom” in the majority vote in the Philippines.

Nowhere in the current National “Debate” has this simple topic been raised:

How do the current crop of ‘presidentiables’ envision the Philippines in 2022?

By 2022, the Philippines will likely have ballooned into a nation of more than 115 million people — like adding more than half the population of Australia in six years. The way things are going, it is likely that the majority of those Filipinos will live in the same wretched conditions they do today. So something different needs to be done to alter that current trajectory.

What could the next president achieve over that time to do just that? As usual (as in the last several elections), there is no answer — because Filipinos do not demand answers from their candidates, only dole-outs, dance numbers, and personal affiliations. That’s pretty much the extent to which Filipinos apply their minds in this most critical of coming democratic exercises.

Will the next president oversee the transformation of the Philippines into a nation that earns its place in a region of high-achievers — industrially strong, a producer of consequence, one that is self-sufficient and truly independent, a credible contributor to the dynamics of a much-envied community of nations, the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN)? Or will it remain the same beggar state that it is, scrounging around for “foreign investment”, sucking on the teat of its overseas foreign workers (OFWs), and pimping out the cheap labour on which astounding profits are raked in halfway around the world?

Until those sorts of discussions find a place in the Philippines’ political “debate”, Filipinos will forever be stuck — stuck within the same space their politicians prefer them to remain. The status quo remains so because someone benefits from it. Unfortunately for Filipinos, that beneficiary is not the majority but the same small handful of oligarchs whose political futures they presume to “debate” using their small-minded idea of what political “debate” is.

[Photo in meme courtesy Joanne Escober.]

41 Replies to “PNoy’s endorsement of a 2016 presidentiable: important because Filipinos are too lazy to think”

  1. We have more years to suffer if we can’t get a good leader by 2016, and who will be the presidentiables by 2022, Jinggoy, Junjun Binay, if their father dies, I tend to believe the possibility of Pnoy landing in jail once his term is over, and Kris Aquino will try to run for president.

  2. More than his four predecessors, PNoy is the only president whose administration boosts the Phl economy’s performance in global stage irrespective of some uncontrolled unfortunate circumstances in the past. Of the four, PNoy is the starter who shed the light of the economy’s long dark stage condition, which is perpetrated by Arroyo’s decade in power.

    Whoever he endorses in 2016 polls, it would be like the sprinter of his several reforms . Although, he rose to power merely because of his parents’ name in spite of his poor resume, the important thing is that he contributed to the Philippine’s improvement much more than what the 2 decades rule of his predecessors have done. I chose PNoy over some of those who have good resume and excellent grades like GMA because he has proven to be much better manager than the latter (records of government’s departments annual achievements will show).

    It’s very obvious that the writer likes Gibo Teodoro to win as president who, although, have good performance in school, failed miserably as DND’s head and NDRRMC chairman. Gibo is also not deserving to become president. He is only good at conversing to the public without real substantial impact to the governance. In short, incompetent. Mar Roxas is even much better than him. During GMA’s term, Roxas’ stint as secretary of DTI was the main reason for the export increased of Philippine agricultural products. He also led for the establishment of call center and BPO industries in the Philippines that uplift the status of Phl economy’s annual growth.

    1. yes, let’s look at it in a more “greatest hits” perspective:

      crime is at an all-time high (so is moral bankruptcy)
      ofw count is at an all time high (hence the brain drain)
      caught yet unconvicted felon count is at an all time high (justice appears to be slower)
      the ph is the social media capital of the world (yaaay! numbah wan in selfies!)

      gudjab, yellow government.

      1. “Crime is at all-time high”

        – really? we can check how the police departments performed in the last 4 years compared to the last decade. I hope you give me the link.

        “OFW count is at all time high”

        – sure as long at it helps our country, why not? many jobs were also offered by this admin. today, problem is, who can fit those jobs.

        “Justice appears to be slower”

        -We are following due process of law.

        “PH social media capital of the world”

        – is this important to you, really? during GMA’s time, we were called the “most corrupt country in Asia” and “Asia’s laggard” now, that more appealing. 😉

        1. TROLL. Here are reasons why you’re such a real-life TOOL 😛

          “- really? we can check how the police departments performed in the last 4 years compared to the last decade. I hope you give me the link.”

          You brought this up so you should do that instead.

          “- sure as long at it helps our country, why not? many jobs were also offered by this admin. today, problem is, who can fit those jobs.”

          Troll comment. Still no jobs offered. How can they offer jobs with INCOMPETENCE?

          “- is this important to you, really? during GMA’s time, we were called the “most corrupt country in Asia” and “Asia’s laggard” now, that more appealing.”

          TBH, that was very exaggerated thanks to sensationalized media while you make a big deal about it. People blamed GMA because the MEDIA highlighted her faults and made her supposedly anti-masa while the MEDIA who are close friends with the Aquinos won’t look critically on their mistakes, not to mention the President’s ineptitude. See the bias?

          Oh yeah, what that makes you? A certified Noynoy cocksucker. Now that’s more appealing since it’s closer to the truth, real-life trolling hack. 😀

        2. “-We are following due process of law.”

          Lies. In this admin, bribery, blackmail, and hearsay are accepted as evidence. If you think that trial by publicity is considered due process, then you have very low standards. Worse, you defend someone who is defying the rule of law.

          Hypocrisy much? 😀

    2. PNoy gives lip service to terms like “inclusive growth.” But the reality is the middle class and miserable masses have only suffered more under his stewardship. Those lower class people trying to raise themselves out of poverty keep getting hit with the labor contract system (that limits their employment to a single 5 month term.) This pernicious system allows employers to avoid doling out benefits like SSS, Phil Health, Pag-Ibig, etc. This anti labor practice was first implemented by Marcos. By allowing this to continue, PNoy is showing his true oligarchic colors.

      1. Jigs, what ever your opinion is, I can tell you that reputable economists will totally disagree with your statement 100. So will the European Chamber and others like the Asian Development Bank. I know a lot of those people, even though they might not say it in public, behind closed doors not a single one has anything good to say about this admin and President.

        Any benefits to the economy were not caused by Aquino, but are a result of GMA. Nothing happens over night. It takes years to reflect in the numbers.

        1. Jim, you are lying. European business chamber is keen on investing in Phl economy today because of the reforms of PNoy. East Asia Economists see a bright future of the Philippines because of PNoy alone, not because of the result of GMA’s regime or whatever.

        2. Jigs,

          if Aquino would be Batman, you would be his sad, gay Robin.

          I should have known better than to reply to your drivel.

        3. Jigs, you are lying. All that you’ve said are pure BS made up by the biased media. Oh yeah, PNoy alone is NOT the reason why the Philippines was going up economically but because of former President Arroyo’s efforts while he is just there to take all the credit for himself.

          Point missed but what do I expect from a Noynoy asskisser like yourself? 😛

      2. Well, this really make sense. But considering how businessmen in our country are conniving with the congressmen, I’m sure the latter would find a hard time passing a law to favor the worker’s ideal rights vs. employer’s interests.

        Also, the local businessmen’s influence nowadays is much stronger compared to the last 2 decades. It could have been prevented, if, in the first place, previous presidents impede their shackles to grow and gain power locally.

    3. Ah yes, Mar Roxas’ stint in the Department of Agriculture, resulted (allegedly) to the coconut disease/infestation that coconut farmers are suffering with now. Soon the Philippine coconut industry will cease to exist if this is not addressed soon.

      Hang, gaaaleeeng!!!

      1. WHAT???? Mar Roxas in DA? check your facts again. I think you mean Kiko Pangilinan. In history, Mar Roxas was a secretary of DTI, DOE (temporarily) and DOTC only. Now, in DILG.

        During his short term as DTI secretary of Estrada to Arroyo (2000-2003), he made a significant contribution and improvement to the Phil. economy as mentioned above compared to Gibo Teodoro who was a secretary of DND and chairman of NDRRMC. His legacy (Gibo) is poor or no defense to DND against internal and external threats and a poor quality to the mitigation and emergency responses and rescue operations of NDRRMC. The Aquino Admin. now is fixing those by buying new equipments and tools necessary for the operation of the said agencies and establishing new centers for the quick responses hotline. (Records of those agencies will show)

        1. Yup, sorry, DTI, maybe a case of typing slower than thinking, or maybe my old age catching up to me.

          Import of sick coconut plants to the Philippines,…. need I say more?

    4. ” Although, he rose to power merely because of his parents’ name in spite of his poor resume, the important thing is that he contributed to the Philippine’s improvement much more than what the 2 decades rule of his predecessors have done.”

      What improvement? Well, yes, if you call increased poverty due to unemployment /underemployment as improvement. Also increase in the number of OFWs and their remittances.

      Maybe in your mind, increase in the cost of commodities is an improvement. So yes, Philippines has greatly improved in that aspect.

      The 2 decades of rule prior to Pnoy is a picture of stunted growth due to the shadow of the Aquino-Cojuangco clan. Erap and GMA, were obviously not aligned to their agendas, now you see why they are demonized. The years after 1986, this clan is in power, and it manifest itself with the rot and decay of this country.

      1. Increased in unemployment/underemployment is the result of 2 decades of negligence by previous presidents who did not prioritize the control of population growth. I hope the PNoy passing of RH law would make a great service to enlighten the Filipino masses.

        Increased in the prices of basic commodities is the natural thing for the inflation. Like Marcos and Estrada followers, they insist that prices of goods were low in their era, not looking that previous regime of estrada and marcos like that of magsaysay and osmena were much lower than theirs. But you have to look at the inflation rate today, it is much lower compared to the previous admin. only at 2. something compared to 3-4% high in the previous ones. Clearly, a misleading manifestation of Anti-PNoy.

        Truth is, Erap and GMA had a stagnant economy, the lost of decade to the Phl economy regardless of the media and laws during their time.

        1. Lies. GMA’s time had a stable economy back then, no matter how you spin it. And you tend to ignore the media during their time since both presidents were received jabs left and right while Noynoy didn’t received one since the media is on his side.

          What you’ve said is false, real-life TROLLFAG. 😛

    5. Do an extensive research and show us what economic policies did The current President come up with that resulted to such economic improvement. As you said, it was during GMA’s term that the export of agricultural products saw a considerable increase, did it ever occur to you that perhaps it was GMA’s economic policies that triggered such a good economic performance?

  3. Roxas can not govern effectively and it is the entire point of getting him elected.Just like the current guy holding the office, its the retaining of the ‘status-quo’ that dis-enfranchises the citizen from the ‘body politique’and keeps the citizens in their places.

    Neither rocket-science or hard to figure out. Just look at the present and recent decades,

  4. Porky Drillon, the Hacienda Luisita Swine is talking nonsense again. He is building up the popularity of Aquino. Aquino is a failure in his Presidency. Porky Drillon is building up a “Phantom Image”, based on Press Releases…

    So, they project an image of Aquino, as a GodFather; who anoints candidates to win. Maybe, they want the candidates to have “utang na loob”…if any of the candidate, they annointed wins; they will not be prosecuted from their Thievery.

    Lacierda, who is another Hacienda Luisita Swine; is also talking nonsense. Anyway, it is his job. He has to lick the Ass of Aquino…

  5. We really need electoral reforms. We need voter‘s education. We cannot rely on what PNoy is projecting to the public as the champion of fundamental reforms.

    Most of the economic gains that PNoy is boasting about is in fact the results of Ex PGMA‘s economic policies. PNoy is just doing credit grabbing.

    PNoy‘s fiscal policy is very much anchored on patronage politics. The padrino system still exists in PNoy‘s administration. Abad and his family, Alcala,Naguiat and Llams to name a few who benefits from this system.

    The prices of goods remain unstable. Smuggling hits the highest in history. See that most products being sold in the market and malls come from China.

    And PNoy has the guts to annoint a successor? Can the least qualified president make a sound decision of choosing the next president?

    Lazy voters produce lazy and incompetent president.

  6. EPAL
    (dumb/stupid Electioneering)

    PUBLIC SERVANTS (Elected or non-elected Government officials) should not be allowed to use Media (free or paid publicity?) to his/her benefit, claimed credit for public funded projects, and for simply doing his/her work (public service).

    Display their name/image/likeness on signs/billboard (in public places) or media (T.V., radio, newspaper, tabloid, social media, etc) in furtherance of their political careers.

    Premature campaigning/publicity (good or bad) of public officials or people aspiring for public office engage themselves in activities aimed to furthering their political ambitions before start of campaign period (Election 2016).

    1. Grandstanding EPAL
    Mar is obviously grandstanding or seeking to attract favorable public & media attention. Rice shortage, price increase and illegal business malpractices maybe a ploy to further his political ambition to be President.

    He wasted his time to shine (show his real worth) during Yolanda Tragedy (real challenge/pressure) where he failed to excel & impress people (poor performance) as proof of Tacloban poor condition until now.

    2. Sympathy EPAL
    premature campaigning and media publicity gain from :

    a. alleged/accused crime/detention (Jinggoy & Bong)

    b. recent personal or family tragedy- a death is enough to trigger sympathy vote.

    Either/both Ramon Revilla and/or Joseph Estrada death may catapult either/both Bong Revilla and/or Jinggoy Estrada to Presidency/Vice President.

    c. Anybody who is physically ill (True or fabricated/imaginary?). will get sympathy, well wishes, attention/free publicity and people may go out of their way to help you (if Legit, it’s understandable) specially if it’s terminal as stage-4 cancer. (Miriam)

    Politics is the art of deception.

    It’s more about making the public believe half truths and lies to gain votes. Politicians will stop at nothing for power and wealth,

    3. Celebrity EPAL
    By using Showbiz personalities (movie, T.V.. Radio or News Anchor) to influence voter’s Decision in their favor.

    4. Poser EPAL
    One who pretends to be someone who is obviously NOT, or one who tries to fit in with exaggeration to gain voter’s approval.
    (Mar obviously do’nt know how to handle a hammer – trying his best to FAKE people).

    (Mar is obviously desperate and trying very hard to get people attention w/c resulted to more traffic.)

  7. Popular Actors/celebrities – whose nature of work is movies/TV/Showbiz (fantasy or not real world) or sports (mostly brawl & no brain or busted brain) often Lack of political acumen due to poor observation & awareness (spoiled) of the real problems of our country. An actor turned politicians can easily be manipulated (puppet) by people around him (Chavit Singson).

    Just because someone is popular (name recognition & charisma to capture votes and manipulate our mass with looks, smooth talk, act, sing and dance or box around important issues) doesn’t make him a good President.

  8. It is clear, based on the unpleasantly subtle moniker you cleverly attached to his name, (using his first two initials), you are not impressed with his presidency. I can’t express any deprecating sentiments or views about the way he’s been running the country. What I can express however, is a view that is seen through the lens of an outsider who has spent the first installment of his life in the Philippines.

    I am that outsider and it has been nearly 25 years since the last time I was back home. I always try to keep up with the latest news from home with the convenience of electronic media. From my vantage point, the country has undergone major changes, and some of those changes exponentially manifest a striking difference compared to what they once were. It is a work in progress and there are still fundamental kinks that require serious attention.

    The first reason you pointed out why Filipinos are deliberately making bad choices was, voters keep electing “traditional politicians.” But what are traditional politicians by definition? As ironic as this may sound, there is no conventional wisdom that defines its inherent meaning, whatever it may be. In other words, it doesn’t have a concrete definition that exclusively differs from a non-traditional politician. Traditional politicians are generally viewed as conservative and resistant to political innovation or change. The term then becomes illusory as the President (whom you have given a vitriolic aka) with his desire to amend the Constitution without exhaustively overhauling it, is now regarded as a traditional politician. It is one of those “damn if you do, damn if you don’t” scenarios. Either you fix it or you don’t. You don’t fix something that is not broken . Alternatively, there is an urgent need to fix something if it is not working right. One can’t expect a different result following the same process over and over again. Something has to give.

    Categorically, all politicians in the Philippines are traditional as the political practice has always been, and will always be, patterned after the political practices of policy makers in the U.S. The term makes no sense just like “political dynasty,”
    a term almost exclusively used in the Philippines, coined by a Filipino political scientist. The 1987 Constitution, a charter that is characterized by its predisposed weakness, prohibits political dynasty. And the obvious reason why that law never gained ground as far as its implementation is that, there is no comprehensive definition to sweep all the covenants regarding familial succession by way of election. Without any legal definition, that law is unenforceable. It seems like the problem, when it comes to definition, has been endemic in Philippine politics.

    You were too quick in plucking “laziness” out of the shallowly hidden stash of unflattering words to describe your own people, that includes your ancestral origin. I just hope that you used that pejorative description in a context loosely, as a result of not having the resources to better themselves, rather than not having the motivation to advance.

    It is counterintuitive to even have the slightest disbelief that your views are progressive. Not because every pundit tries to bridge the increasingly widening gaping hole between conservatism and liberalism by promoting a change favorable to both views. But the tone of your talking points gave away your political views. Or did it? It is ironic however that proponents of progressive thinking view the existing laws as weak and can be transformed into a better charter that ensures opportunities in opening the threshold for a better future. But again, this is an all to familiar symptom of Philippine politics: Definition. Part of it is also the self- proclamation of belief or view in which they attest to adhere but don’t have the slightest clue of what it is all about. Politicians and pundits alike, jump on the bandwagon in an effort to usher in new ideas, at the same time, show radical resistance to change. Ironic. Ignorance is bliss, I guess.

    Going back to the issue regarding the “laziness” of the Filipino people, that generalization was not only reckless; it was also unintelligent. That kind of irresponsibly brazen statements must be backwards and decrepit mentality. Your talking points were nothing short of being superficial as there were far more profound reasons that could be attributed to the way Filipinos have chosen their leaders. You did ease up on your rudder just a tad by gingerly qualifying laziness as in “laziness in thinking.” Poor education is the main reason why people don’t engage in critical thinking. It is not because they are lazy, it is rather their knowledge is limited to the scope of their understanding.

    Radical change is required to break the stranglehold of Stone Age mentality. To ensure the efficacy of change, the voters have to break their mindsets and follow the transformation through a paradigm shift. That is no easy task. The only way the voters and politicians can be on the same page is by leveling the playing field. And to do that, quality education must be offered to all, not just to the continuing legacy of the few. Perhaps this way, voters would be genuinely ingratiated to vote critically using their own judgment.

    Have faith in your people. It is very easy to find fault; it is so effortlessly done that it is almost like a perverse art form that doesn’t require any mastery. We all do it.

    1. You are right, there is no strict definition of what a “traditional politician” is. But what is certain is that a different one is needed. President BS Aquino presented himself as that “different” one during his campaign. Unfortunately it’s turned out that he really is fundamentally the same as all the rest.

      As for the word “lazy” I describe Filipinos with, there is no equivocation around its use. Filipinos are lazy both in thinking and in action. Filipinos both pre and post colonial have never lacked in the needed resources to prosper. But they ended up impoverished anyway because they lacked the imagination to turn all those resources they’ve always been up to their neck with into sustainably productive assets. I make a case for that assertion in my 2011 article Loser mentality: Filipinos’ 500-year dependence on foreign investment

      Despite the Philippines being host to abundant natural resources, and now, an enormous supply of people, the society as a whole lacks a collective ability to apply this enormous number of people to the task of turning these resources into any sort of valuable economic output of consequence. Instead, natural resources are harvested raw and sold raw — mineral ore, logs, overseas foreign workers. Overseas, these then get turned into iPhones, karaoke machines, those shirts with the Philippine islands embroidered onto their left breasts, Honda Civics, Havaianas, and Starbucks tumblers after which they are shipped back to the Philippines to be purchased using OFW cash.

      The Philippines, in short, is a perfect self-perpetuating poverty equation.

      To put some context around this is this simple definition of poverty I had developed which is a key pillar in the conceptual framework that underpins all of our work:

      Poverty is a habitual entering into commitments one is inherently unable to honour.

      Laziness is the least of Filipinos’ problems. Poverty of spirit, mind, and body is ingrained into the very DNA of Filipinos. So extricating themselves from that poverty trap is no easy feat. It will require 10 times the effort being mounted by today’s half-witted leaders and activists.

      1. Hi benign0 🙂

        As for the word “lazy” I describe Filipinos with, there is no equivocation around its use. Filipinos are lazy both in thinking and in action. Filipinos both pre and post colonial have never lacked in the needed resources to prosper. But they ended up impoverished anyway because they lacked the imagination to turn all those resources they’ve always been up to their neck with into sustainably productive assets.

        Sadly, in the area of outsourcing, Philippines prefers to move horizontally, instead of moving vertically, in the value chain. For an example, in call center, there’s a demand for Spanish language due to the increase of Spanish speaks in US. Even if the Latin America can be Philippines’ competitor in spanish call center, it claims to have a lower wage that what Latin American countries have.

        India fare much better. It simply move upward in the value chain, from handling customer calls to creating something of value (e.g. develop IT solutions). They knew that someday some countries can grab the English call center industry by a generation or two, just like what China and some other South East Asian nations did to Philippines manufacturing industry.

  9. I could care less about whatever’s posted here. But please do give credit where it’s due. That image you used for this article belongs to my colleague’s mom. She is a photographer. A little respect for her profession through a simple act of credit can go a long way.


    1. I think you meant “I could NOT care less…”.

      Saying you “could care less” about what we write means you have lots of room to care less, whereas saying you could not means your care factor about what we write is close to zero and could be lowered no further.

      Big difference in message conveyed there by missing just one crucial word, dude.

      1. Alright, man. You made your point, and I commend you for noticing that tiny error. But I’m not here to get a lecture on my English grammar. If it makes more sense, I’ll rephrase that one line for you: I came here for the photo, not the outdated article. And please, don’t try diverting the subject when the main point here is the author grabbing and modifying a ‘watermarked’ photo from someone else’s Flickr account without permission from the owner. I merely called your attention for the sake of my friend’s mom. Giving credit is a common courtesy.

        And I see you’ve done just that. Case closed.

      1. Okay but please make it a habit to ask permission or at least give proper credit to photographers whose images you intend to use for your blog. Most of us would like to see how and where our photographs are used.Thanks.

        1. Actually I wouldn’t have captured that image if I had found it on Flickr. Thing is, it was being shared all over Twitter, which is where I found it.

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