Another Victim of Jasmine Romero’s Penchant for Twisting the Truth to Make A Story

This is my response to an article written by Paul Henson and published in ABS-CBN containing a blurred out screen capture of a Facebook post where I was verifying an oddly titled article with a friend.  The online and public conversation I had with my friend apparently had been taken out of context and made part of a story titled “When trolls tamper with headlines” where it seems that I have been branded as troll.

jasmin romeroBlurred out as my name is, it is still recognizable as my Facebook post especially considering that Ms. Jasmine Romero first posted the unblurred screen captures of my conversation publicly  WITHOUT MY PERMISSION and after making non-specific THREATS against me.  Apparently, she got piqued for erroneously believing she was being attributed to in my Facebook post — DESPITE MY ALREADY HAVING CLEARLY STATED THAT NO ATTRIBUTION WAS MADE TO HER IN MY FACEBOOK POST.

Thing is, for some reason, I think Attorney Mel Sta. Maria’s column has some relevance here:

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If there is abuse, he or she can be held accountable for the injury to the one embarrassed. This is what we call in law the ABUSE OF RIGHT DOCTRINE. This precept is embodied in Article 19 of the Civil Code providing that “every person must, in the exercise of his rights and in the performance of his duties, act with justice, give everyone his due, and observe honesty and good faith”.

Also Article 26 relevantly provides that “every person shall respect the dignity, personality, privacy and peace of mind of his neighbors and other persons” by not, among others, “intriguing to cause another to be alienated from his friends” or  “disturbing the private life or family relations of another.”  


So, right after the King Noynoy Aquino III’s fifth State of the Nation Address, it seemed my own small corner of the internet people were almost completely aghast with all the credit grabbing and outright lies that he spewed from the podium. All the status updates during and right after Pnoy’s SONA were of utter disbelief and in some instances near absolute disgust interspersed with here and there with mentions of Kris Aquino’s crying fit and the frog in Pnoy’s throat near the end of his speech.

In the morning after, right after drinking my first cup of coffee, the first article that I find floating on my Facebook news feed is one titled “Pnoy’s Latest Sona His Best Ever: Locsin” and I was dumbfounded to say the least.

How on earth could THE Teddy Boy Locsin say that about a speech so shot with factual errors and perversions of logic is Pnoy’s BEST?

So, the first thing I did was to share the link and tag a good friend of mine JP Fenix, asking him “JP, really? Teddy boy said that??”  Thing is, JP is close to Teddy and if anyone in my friends list on FB can vet an article about Teddy, it would be him.  I wanted to have his opinion about Teddy’s piece, did he really think that Pnoy’s speech was his best or was he being superlatively sarcastic?

He called out something I had missed in my nearly reflexive sharing of the article, saying: “The headline bandit is really at it this time!”

It was only then that I realized that the title of the article had become “Pnoy’s latest SONA is his best BULLSHIT STORY ever: Locsin” and I noted his observation by saying, “Ayan na naman sila… grabe na ito.” (English translation: “Here they go again… This is really awful.”

In about two minutes, ABS-CBN radio anchor and reporter Jasmine Romero butts in my conversation with JP with a comment, “Paul– THIS IS NOT THE LINK I SHARED. There wasnt any bulls**t word in the original link. DO NOT USE MY NAME TO SPREAD LIES!!!!”

And I was thinking, what lies? I was actually asking my friend about an oddly titled news story which for one reason or another had become funny in a bizarre way.


Thing is, I was thinking that my response should have ended the issue with Ms. Romero, but I was mistaken and she posted screen captures of my Facebook post saying:

“Here are the screen grabs of the original link I shared and the one Mr. Farol posted with the erroneous link.

Note that the link I shared from the abscbn website has a neutral tone… While the link Mr. Farol posted has now the word “bullsh*t” inserted in the headline.

“When you click to Mr. Farol’s link, the original content of the article will be displayed.

I do not know who tinkered with the headline, and I’m not saying Mr. Farol had something to do with it. But I vehemently demanded that he put this down because I refuse to be part of this prank.

“And please, let us be careful with the articles we share.If we are not, we then become accomplices of liars whose only life goal is to twist truths and destroy reputations because they have none to speak of.”

Thing is I thought Miss Romero’s SECOND career fiasco involving a FALSE REPORT about a FLESH EATING BACTERIA EPIDEMIC in PANGASINAN would have taught her a lesson by now, as if her FIRST career fiasco when she was in Channel 4 wasn’t enough.

Let’s review that bit of TV history when a FALSE and MISLEADING STORY almost ended up with A PROVINCE suing ABS-CBN. Here’s a post from BenignO on the irresponsible journalism that goes on in ABS-CBN.

To get a clearer idea of what Ms. Jasmine Romero did, here’s a brief caption from the Philippine Daily Inquirer’s article “ABS-CBN anchor on flesh-eating disease report: No intention to sow fear”:

Reporter Jasmin Romero, clad in protective gear and facemask, interviewed two patients from Santa Barbara and Villasis and described them as having “decaying” (naaagnas) skin due to a “mysterious disease” (misteryosong sakit).

It turned out that the two have leprosy and severe case of psoriasis, health officials corrected Tuesday. Also, a flesh-eating disease is not mysterious, but a rare illness called necrotizing fasciitis, a serious bacterial infection that spreads rapidly and destroys the body’s soft tissue, provincial health official Anna De Guzman said.

This led Ms. Romero’s network to issue a public apology:

In a statement, ABS-CBN said it “apologizes for the unintended fear and panic caused by its report on the cases of skin diseases in two towns in Pangasinan.”

It said that “in accordance with internal standard procedures, ABS-CBN’s Office of the Network Ombudsman is currently investigating the circumstances that led to the airing of the report.”

“ABS-CBN News will take the appropriate actions based on the findings of the Network Ombudsman,” it said.


19 Replies to “Another Victim of Jasmine Romero’s Penchant for Twisting the Truth to Make A Story”

  1. @ PF , this is sooo sad that you even have to respond to such garbage. It also seems that you are keeping some pretty high profile company and are quite the Man-about-town!

    Take it to the bank for all that it is worth.The window of opportunity opens but a few times in life, take advantage of it.


    1. What cash? Where?

      Funny thing that one encounters when you criticize Pnoy is that one gets accused of being a paid hack when you’re pointing out obvious truths.

      If it were true at all, I’d probably be a millionaire by now.

      1. @PF, No NO No,it wasn’t meant to mean your a piad hack! If you have friends in high places you are suppossed to use that network to advance your career.That is all the statement meant. OMG! why do Filipino’s take everything so negatively? it was not an insult!

        this Jasmine woman shamelessly suggests to the public the news about flesh eating virus and gets paid well for the garbage she spews.

        What was meant was/is:GET PAID, and PAID WELL.

        and anyway, even if you were a paid hack,so what?
        Paying bills is no joke and doing whatever you have to do to pay those bills is OK…, coz…..ANYTHING GOES!

        “Do as thou whilst.”….and do not apologize either!

  2. What a vile, pathetic scum. With such achievements to make for brilliant entries to her resume, why can’t she take a hiatus from her “journalism” and focus her energies instead on more beneficial endeavors, i.e. growing more brain cells, learning to use the brain before the mouth, etc.

  3. If I was Romero’s boss I’m going to axe this irresponsible employee immediately. I might even have her in the 201 file but since her big brother is ABS CBN, these SOP’s will be forgotten unless she agreed to some… negotiations?

    Apologies for my dirty mind *cough* Lopez run company *cough* pretty female reporters having potentials *cough*

  4. Ms. Romero (in reply to the writer): “Since you have taken down the article with the misleading headline, I have no argument with you, Mister Paul. And thank you for bringing up the Pangasinan report. IT IS SOMETHING I HAVE LEARNED FROM AND IT HAS MADE ME WORK HARDER TO BECOME BETTER AT WHAT I DO [capitalization mine].”

    And yet, this case of mouth-before-brains happened. Did she really learn something from that???

    1. You’re calling Mr. Farol a troll but your post can be considered typical trollish behavior.

      Calling someone a troll by being a troll?

  5. OH My Goodness, Paul Farol…they really screwed you up. There are many YellowTard Hackers and Disinformation agents, walking and running around in the CyberSpace. They are on orders to avenge their YelloTard Chief; because these anti-Aquinos have hurt his feelings.

    Take the knock…be internet-wise now; and move on…

  6. Our Society are full of hypocrites.

    The more connection you have the more credential you have, even if those connections are just mere pawns.

    No one, as, no one believe in individuality in our country, what the trend say, is what they believe. Proof is the celebrity scandal that happen lately.

    Our society is more on who is making more noise than those are making a point.


    1. He said Teddy was being sly about praising Pnoy’s last speech.

      Consider that the last two ones really didn’t impress him and so for him to say that the last one was Pnoy’s best probably meant na pasang awa na.

      1. I did not say that! My mouth was hacked! A troll made me drink too much beer!

        Hahaha… look, Teddyboy has not said anything about that BS headline, so who is she to complain?

        Abs-Cbn is making it look like it’s all about them, forgetting that there’s a bigger, more relevant story about fb headline hacking. They simply blew it… as they usually do.

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