Which Game of Thrones character is Noynoy??


Similar to that FB application that tells you “Which Osmond brother are you?”, and “Which character from Apocalypse Now are you? ” I have been playing with this idea for a while. Noynoy since he jumped in the presidential hunt in 2009 has been a walking , talking blooper reel not only for a president but for an adult male. Game of Thrones certainly has no shortage of dysfunction and it is about time for a mash up. When I last checked Conrado de Quiros is no longer comparing Noynoy to Aragorn or Luke Skywalker so somebody has to pick up the baton.


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Spoiled, self entitled , unskilled, back stabbing, mama’s boy , passionately hated, whiny, recipient of undeserved power , arranged dates , itchy trigger finger. Enough about Noynoy . I don’t know if Jack Gleeson’s portrayal of Joffrey may be the most underrated part of the whole show.  He is an obvious choice for a character that best exhibits the ideal of Noynoy on the show since they seem to have mastered a character everybody loves to hate. Thrones Author George R.R. Martin  has nothing but praises for Gleeson’s ability and what he has done for his character. If you find yourself needing your Joffrey fix  look no further than Noynoy Aquino who I really think patterns his life after the Joffrey character. Both Joffrey and Noynoy epitomize me, mine, now mentality. If the book did not come in 1996, I would suggest George R.R. Martin pay Noynoy royalties. One little difference: Gleeson is just pretending.


Sweetrobin is about as mature as Noynoy.

Sweetrobin is about as mature as Noynoy.

It is too easy to compare Noynoy to spoiled Mama’s boys so let us get them out of the way early. Robin Arryn the nephew of Catelyn Stark via her sister Lysa. Not sure if any of you can forget the very first time  you see him in the episode The Wolf and the Lion from the first season. That scene is how I envision Noynoy with Cory. So dependent, so fragile and so childish. You can compare his wanting to see “the bad man fly” through the moondoor with  Noynoy’s obsession with Renato Corona.


Tyrion Lannister’s character has definitely evolved throughout the show. When you first see him in the season episode his actions may remind you of another Philippine president. Take into consideration the initial character of Tyrion, the DAP controversy and the Corona ouster and I can’t help but conclude that Tyrion gets laid the same way Noynoy ” convinced ” senator judges to expel a sitting Chief Justice.


Though not a main character, I can see a lot of Noynoy in Craster.

Though not a main character, I can see a lot of Noynoy in Craster.

Craster is somebody that came to mind while thinking of Noynoy.     Out of almost every character that I can think of so far in the GoT saga he is the one who has truly created a “world” of his own. The perversity and depravity of that self made world just shows you how he was able to manifest the ill will in his brain on to his domain. Let us take stock of where we are at now. Noynoy rushing Congress to sign something he did not encourage them to read. Noynoy holding the legislative , executive and judicial branches. Noynoy solely taking on the SC. Just like some of Craster’s wives/ daughters did not protest Noynoy has his Noytards that parrot his gibberish. Craster is Noynoy since they are both demagogues able to give substance to their delusions. Their delusions ain’t pretty folks.


What do you get a man who has it all? Maybe some sanity and some manners.

What do you get a man who has it all? Maybe some sanity and some manners.

Noynoy is as simple as the symbol that he uses instead of the Philippine flag. Noynoy is all about his family and not the country. Everything is done to benefit the color yellow and not the nation. DAP was done to accomplish the goal of ejecting Corona because of what Corona meant for the family jewels. Noynoy’s way of expressing himself is limited to pointing the finger at Gloria or making the “L” hand sign. While it is tempting to compare him to Hodor it must be noted that the GoT character is trusted and a good worker so analogy won’t fit. I rather compare Noynoy to Sansa who is self centered, ignores the bigger picture and is obsessed with looking the part instead of doing actual work.


Before I get to the final GoT/ Noynoy analogy there are others in our local political scene who also resemble other characters in the saga. Literally castrated and figuratively lobotomized coward and totally subservient to a bastard? Some people think Theon Greyjoy but I think Mar Roxas. Ferocious, vicious, fire breathing and uncontrollable? Viserion, Rhaegal, Drogon and Kim Henares. Seducing, king maker, tempting and controlling? Melisandre of Asshai who had red hair though Franklin Drillon does not have red hair. Somebody else who appeared regularly in the early seasons also had red hair and I can’t help but think of Kris Aquino. Loyal trouble shooter of a questionable monarch and emotionally scarred? That is the initial impression of Ser Sandore The Hound Clegane. Leah Navarro on the other hand seems to revel on diving on grenades meant for her idol Noynoy Aquino. Finally Oberyn Red Viper of Dorne Martell and Renly Baratheon are two notable GoT characters who “swing both ways”. I best leave the possible reasonable facsimiles to your imagination.


This is all you need to know about July 14 2014.

This is all you need to know about July 14 2014.

Finally we get to the straw that broke the camel’s back. Not sure about you other writers out there but for me there are always a lot of ideas but almost anything that makes me decide to write comes down to a catalyst in real life. Just like when I wrote BaStA Aquino two years ago.  It was because there was this one moment where logic and process does not matter but things will happen “basta”. This is the way it is and you do not deserve an explanation and I will not bother listening to yours. Very petulant attitude but then again Noynoy is petulant. Noynoy has his conclusion but nothing leading up to his conclusion makes sense. Then again Noynoy is president and nothing in his resume suggests he is fit to be president.  This does not make sense because pinoy society itself does not make sense.


When you can't admit your ignorance or your greed just say "in good faith".

When you can’t admit your ignorance or your greed just say “in good faith”.

Noynoy could care less about the laws, procedure or even making sense. He is in love with himself. A life long non achiever who rode in on his high horse in 2009 accusing everybody else of not being up to his level. Why we are expecting him to do differently in July of 2014 I will never know. An unaccomplished 54 year old who never studied law for some reason knows more than the sum of the Supreme Court. So when Noynoy rambled last night about parking tickets, good faith and the Supreme Court being wrong I want you to think of a phrase key in Game of Thrones lore: “burn them all!”. It is a key phrase even though it is only spoken second hand by people like Jamie Lannister.


Musings from July 14 2014.

Musings from July 14 2014.

“Burn Them All” was the mantra of Aerys II Targaryen (The Mad King) in the last few hours of his life. The story goes  that his rule started well then insanity kicked in. Many of the smaller communities in the realm rebelled resulting in a civil war. With numerous armies converging on the capital Targaryen wanted the whole city incinerated with wildfire believing that he will be immune from burning similar to what we saw with his daughter Daenerys in the finale of Season 1. Jamie earned the nickname of Kingslayer for abruptly putting an end to that plan.


For all the trolling they do you would think Malacanang could afford a dictionary.

For all the trolling they do you would think Malacanang could afford a dictionary.

Are we seeing a burn them all scenario in our country? Just my opinion but I do not think you are looking at a sane king or a rational king when his argument for a ruling on something he did amounts to discrediting an entire institution simply because it does not favor him. Arbitrarily proclaiming the moral high ground. In the coming days you will see who cares about whatever civilization we have left in this country and who are just simply justifying their misspent faith on a charlatan whose mom died at the right time for him but the wrong time for the country. If the Mad King continues to reign then Winter Is surely Coming because it is already here.


9 Replies to “Which Game of Thrones character is Noynoy??”

  1. Burn them all! start with the 3 stooges, Abnoy, Abad, and Mar. Add the 188 Congressmen who can’t read, and the 21 senators who can’t think.

  2. The President’s GoT character is obviously Ned Stark. He is an honorable man and always on his guard… winter is coming.

    1. I love your definition of an honest man. A moron who admits he is too stupid to know what unconstitutional is. Covertly bribes senators with taxpayer money for a verdict that will favor his family. You make Hodor look like Stephen Hawking.

      1. Nah, Mr. Aquino is more of a Lord of the Rings character than a GoT character specifically the character named Gollum hahaha

  3. Some feedback from the GRP Facebook page where this was posted July 15 2014. 


    Ronn Mikkhael S. Zantua He’s actually Joffrey Baratheon: vicious, vengeful, entitled and most of all, stupid. XD

    – good answer but his history involved doing almost all his dirty work himself. He was doing the battling and killing himself.  That is so un Noynoy like. I also doubt there will be a Noynoy bastard child working as an apprentice to a blacksmith. 

    Like · Reply · 9 · July 15 at 8:59pm

    Ana Nicolas Mas bagay pala si Robin Arryn at least si Hodor may pakinabang.

    Like · Reply · 8 · July 15 at 7:06pm

    Abby Bautista Ramsey Snow? Why not?

    – well Noynoy does “Reek”.
    Like · Reply · about an hour ago

    Adah June Rosales Mandin his consider ok as of status in philippines now

    – your answer makes as much sense as your structure.
    Like · Reply · about an hour ago

    Jean Basil Chua Regala he’s the Jeoffrey Barantheon of this nation… I hope one of his admin will gonna poison him! hahahahah

    – You are not alone.
    Like · Reply · 5 hours ago

    Exgracian Antieunicejorge An Ogre

    – well the front page pic in the Inquirer from Davos ( not to be confused with Bravos) does not lie.
    Like · Reply · 8 hours ago

    Tamara Tara Toara Nako Mga losers pala dito hahahhahaa go mr President Pnoy

    Typical Noytard. In their love for Noynoy are so hurt they can’t really say much.
    Like · Reply · July 15 at 7:38pm

    Bong Li Intelligence Quotient Scale:
    Moron= 50-69
    Imbecile= 30-49
    Idiot= 29-below
    Tamara Tara Toara= oink oink

    Noytards are hard to fit in any scale Bong Li 
    Like · 1 · July 15 at 9:15pm

    Therz Nalang Ahh hes peter bayleish someone you could never trust

    Littlefinger is definitely a weasel but he is such a skilled weasel he rivals Lord Varys in intelligence gathering. 
    Like · 11 hours ago

    Lhar Santillan Gil easily, joffrey baratheon. =))


    He is the first to come mind. The more watched and read the more the other choices came to mind. Thanks Lhar. 
    Like · Reply · 16 hours ago

    Therz Nalang Ahh he is not a baratheon! his a Lannistr’s’ bastard!

    Since when did  Noynoy pay any debts? Ask the farmers in the hacienda. 
    Like · 1 · 11 hours ago ·

    Jeffrey Hermosa he’s the first unnamed man who died immediately in the first episode of the first season, because his character would not even last a sec on GOT, the moment he opens his mouth his head would be seen rolling beside his body.

    – wouldn’t that be special. Noynoy beheaded by a yellow walker?
    Like · Reply · 12 hours ago

    Carlos Francisco Theon Greyjoy

    I can imagine Ramsey being Drillon and Reek being Noynoy yes.
    Like · Reply · 2 · 19 hours ago

    Christopher Gabagat prince jeoffrey………hardheaded and doesnt respect the law…

    Like · Reply · 2 · 21 hours ago

    Cjay Espiritu Hodor??? May tendency na madaling paikutin ng mga alipores nya

    Like · Reply · 23 hours ago

    Mark Agustin you know nothing hodor

    Like · Reply · July 15 at 11:14pm

    Dino Mari Testa Jon Snow, because he knows nothing.

    – I have to admit, I really laughed at this one. Good thinking. Unlike Noynoy who was not elected for his thinking.
    Like · Reply · 4 · July 15 at 9:16pm


    Ardrich Hartley Hindi lalayo kapalaran nyan kay Joffrey..

    – well Noynoy hides behind mommy.
    Like · Reply · 2 · July 15 at 8:02pm

    Mackoy Villaroman Takbo ka kayang presidente…

    Noytard standard response #3, not admiring my well crafted piece is your punishment. 
    Like · Reply · July 15 at 7:10pm

    Ana Nicolas Hodor!

    Cesar Medina thrones of thieves

    That’s the point ain’t it Cesar? Noynoy has always acted he is the only one honest and trustworthy except with power comes corruption and there is no saint Noynoy.
    Like · Reply · 1 · July 15 at 6:56pm

    Samantha Angela Talo pa nya mga villain sa game of thrones

    Problem is Samantha Angela we are picking up the bill. HBO and George RR Martin are making money off the story.
    Like · Reply · 2 · July 15 at 6:55pm

  4. No mention of Mace Tyrell? Probably the only who I think is nearest to NoyNoy.

    Somebody who is born to a prestige bloodline with considerable influence and wealth but not really much of a leader himself. Just a figure head who is not particularly intelligent and just great at delegating tasks to other more quialified people. He is great at scheming but not really much as people tend to exaggerate.

    Like Mace, he’s just an oaf who doesn’t really know what he’s doing and just relevant because of his family name.

    Craster definately matches Binay imo.

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