State Of The Mentality Of The Nation

Promises made in the heat of night
Creepin’ home before it got too light
I wasted all that precious time
Quietly now while I turn a page
Act one is over without costume change
The principal would like to leave the stage
The crowd don’t understand

Rod Stewart “I Was Only Joking”


Just like last year, the 2014 State of the Nation address was the go signal for women to play dress up. Which metaphorically speaking is what the SONA address really is. A chance to dress up the year that was. The stock market term window dressing used to imply making things look better from the outside regardless of what they are like in the inside. The SONA may not change what really happened in the country since July 2013 but it is like a massage as Bob Safford once said. It might feel good while you are getting it but it does not fundamentally change anything.

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When you see all this do the concepts of transparency, credibility, competency and integrity come to mind?

When you see all this do the concepts of transparency, credibility, competency and integrity come to mind?

My GRP colleague Ben Kritz said that it is impossible to be agenda free. Anyone who says they are pursuing the objective truth at all times regardless of whom it might affect is lying. Well the solution to that is to recognize the agenda right away and then filter accordingly. To me the SONA is an infomercial. It is this long thing, not good enough for prime television and ultimately wants you to buy something unconditionally.


Are their gripes real?? Shouldn't there be some attention to that instead of hags wearing gowns?

Are their gripes real?? Shouldn’t there be some attention to that instead of hags wearing gowns?

I am not much of a politician nor do I intend to be. If I was president and I  was half interested in proving that “kayo ang boss ko” I would get a heads up on the organizations that bother to show up to protest and put themselves in the way of a water cannon and make that part of my speech. It might give the illusion that I care. After all I said they are my boss and I am allegedly the president of the country even if all I wear on my chest is that yellow  swastika ribbon.


Picture from Daily Tribune. I doubt our government realizes who they are serving and how to serve them based on their annual dress up party.

Picture from Daily Tribune. I doubt our government realizes who they are serving and how to serve them based on their annual dress up party. Remember Noynoy’s justification for DAP is to help the poor.

Pinoys care about who wears what to the SONA as much as the rest of the world cares about who wears what to the Oscars. Is there some kind of disconnect here? Show Business is about getting people to the theater and tune in on TV and purchase downloads. Government is about encouraging economic growth and looking after the welfare of all it’s citizens. Why then do we have this gawking for the latter?


There is something to be said that Kris Aquino fits seamlessly  into both worlds of Show Biz and Government.

There is something to be said that Kris Aquino fits seamlessly into both worlds of Show Biz and Government.

The undue attention given to wardrobe in the SONA just underscores that even pinoys could care less about FAMAS and other local awards. It also stresses the fact that we truly have a show biz government. A government more about show and less about biz. I always had this theory that in this country he who is more baduy gets more pansin. We all know that pinoy movies are  baduy as they are. What boggles my mind is that the process in which we govern our nation gets more attention and is more of a show since it out baduys pinoy movies.


I want to reject whatever this message is sending.  Contrary to Rod Stewart's song Act 1 was over with costume change.

I want to reject whatever this message is sending.

All the glitz and glamour of the annual SONA seems to obscure the fact that the SONA is composed of words not actions. They are one person’s words how they see what they did. My old boss a die hard Noytard always told me self assessment should not be a substitute for real evaluation of an employee and a real evaluation of a job. The SONA is just one person’s viewpoint. A person with an agenda. A person who wants to look good. A resume is one place where you will be as perfect as you are ever going to be. SONA 2014 though is a resume after four years on the job so you have the luxury of vetting Noynoy’s resume.


One of Noynoy’s self assessments the night of the 2014 SONA was the way he viewed his government’s response to Yolanda’s victims. First of all these are the president’s words before the storm hit.

From a guy who is wise enough to defy the constitution.

From a guy who is wise enough to defy the constitution.

This what he said after Yolanda  hit.

He talks tough before the fact and talks useless after the fact. Nice leader.

He talks tough before the fact and talks useless after the fact. Nice leader.


Aquino to stay in Tacloban until situation is ‘OK’ - News - GMA News Online 2014-07-30 11-29-09

This is what made him leave




This is how the words match up with reality.

Don't you love how people whose lives were devastated in November are used as props during the SONA?

Don’t you love how people whose lives were devastated in November are used as props during the SONA?

See? All Show and no Biz. Not bad for a guy who got elected on “kung walang corrupt walang mahirap”.



Pinoys do not value hard work and practicality. They only care about name recognition.

Pinoys do not value hard work and practicality. They only care about name recognition.


With all this undue attention to gowns and tears from a KSP actress who was probably maced there is still the battle that was going on outside the venue.  A battle that the president seems to have very little interest in winning or even participating.  The glitz and glamour of the red carpet fashion show is inversely proportional to the abilities shown by the same people to do the jobs they were voted in to do.  The key speaker at the 2014 State of the Nation Address was never a key doer, is not a key doer and will never be a key doer. Don’t look for the state of the nation in the impractical gowns worn by impractical people trusted to make practical decisions. Don’t look for the state of the nation in the words of someone who was elected by people not interested in his practical abilities.  All you have to do is match words with actions. Good luck with that.

9 Replies to “State Of The Mentality Of The Nation”

  1. Once again, the yellow idiot living beside the Pasig river has not only proven that filipinos are massive idiots, basically rubbing it in their faces. Konting drama, konting iyak, palakpak! And he is laughing together with his KKKK, literally, all the way to the offhsore banks.

    And then there are the filipinos, commenting on the electronic book of faces , about why we should not judge the BS Aquino, about what have we done so far for the country, and why we should stop in our endless tirades to the BS Aquino government, etc etc.

    When will filipinos wake up and outgrow this imbecilic government??

  2. the government of the Philippines does not serve the people one bit. it does not take a genius to figure it out.
    so what is this government even doing still not serving the people of the country?
    the people are willing to do nothing to put an end to the charade and so this is what they will continue to get, until they decide enough is enough already.
    Stand as one and say:”I/we want our godamm money back!”….’and you are all going to jail.’….

    Good luck!

  3. BTW, the dresses on the pictured Ladies are just the most ridiculous looking fashion statements ever worn in public. Do they even know how un-fashionable they are looking? A good laugh they are.

  4. The SONA has become like the Oscar Award night in Hollywood. Those fancy clothes are our taxes. They are the product of the DAP and the Pork Barrels. And, these Thieves have no shame in displaying them to the poverty stricken Filipinos.

    Aquino and her sister, Kris Aquino may have shed CROCODILE Tears…to gain sympathy. “Lumang tugtugin na yun…pa-iyak-iyak…”

    1. If that was a lie, then what about these post from fb by a certain Mhacob Binuya?

      1. Hindi makukulong si Enrile, Revilla, Estrada, at iba pang mga sangkot sa pork barrel scam.
      2. Hindi makukulong si GMA.
      3. Hindi mababawi ang mga ill-gotten wealth ng pamilya Marcos (multi million peso Swiss funds, Imelda jewelries, Arelma assets, Paoay property)
      4. Patuloy pa rin ang “pabaon” system sa mga heneral na pinauso ni GMA.
      5. Si Merceditas Gutierrez ang mananatiling Ombudsman kung saan madaming natutulog na kaso sa kanyang opisina.
      6. Walang AFP Modernization.
      7. Patuloy pa rin ang PDAF misuse.
      8. Walang sisira sa corruption.
      9. Hindi makukulong si Napoles.
      10. Hindi lalabas ang corruption scandal ni Binay (COA report shows Binay pocketed 340 Million pesos from the PDAF of Makati City Congresswoman Abigail Binay-Campos and on the funds that went through the Makati City Hall through Mayor Jun-jun Binay)
      11. Walang P10.6-billion Cebu Bus Rapid Transit Project.
      12. Walang Mactan Cebu Internatiomal Airport T2 Project.
      13. Walang P4.1-billion Busuanga Airport Development project.
      14. Walang P2-billion modernization ng Dr. Jose Fabella Memorial Hospital.
      15.Walang P1.2-billion Laoag City Bypass Link road project.
      16. Walang P9.419 billion Basic Education Sector Transformation project, which aims to improve equitable access to complete basic education and ensuring its quality. (Alternative Learning System)
      17. Walang P5.913 billion Philippine Ports and Coast Guard Capability Development Project.
      18. Walang Aluling Bridge (P191.37 million) connecting the towns of Cervantes, Ilocos Sur and Tadian, Mountain Province. The project was first conceptualized in 1978. 21. Walang Candelaria Bypass Road Project (P557.50 million), which decongested traffic along the Daang Maharlika Highway in Quezon by 40%.
      19. Walang Ternate-Nasugbu Road (P860 million), connecting the coastal towns of Ternate, Cavite and Nasurbu, Batangas to Metro Manila.
      20. Walang Jalaur River Multi-Purpose Project, first conceptualized in the 1960s, and which will benefit farmer in Iloilo by providing year-round irrigation.
      21. Walang Project HERMES ang mmda.
      22. Walang Project NOAH.
      23. Walang Project Dream.
      24. Walang supercomputer ang DOST.
      25. Walang accurate weather forecast.
      26. Walang BFP modernization, wala sana tayong ROSENBAUER firetruck.
      27. Walang 1:1 police to firearm ratio.
      28. Walang PNP modernization(on going).
      29. Walang bibili ng 100 patrol boat para sa PCG-BFAR.(Procurement os on-going)
      30. Walang Skyway stage 3 na isa sa dalawang magkokonek sa NLEX at Slex.
      31. Walang NAIA expressway (Parañaque-Pasay).
      32. Walang daang hari expressway.
      33. Walang NLEX harbor link.
      34. Walang CALAX/Cav-lag-expressway( Nagsimula na ang bidding last week)
      35. Walang School infrastructure project.
      36. Wala pa rin sanang mga project sa ARMM.
      37. Walang NAIA1 rehabilitation.
      38. Walang NAIA3 rehabilitation.
      39. Walang category 1 ang aviation industry.
      40. Walang Bicol International Airport
      41. Walang Boracay International Airport project.
      42. Walang bagong LRV ang MRT next year.
      43. Walang LRT1 bacoor extension (MPIC at Ayala ang lone bidder, nagooffer din sila ng 9 billion premium payment kaya possible na mababag nila ang project.)
      44. Walang DOST monorail.
      45. Walang PNR premiere train.
      46. Walang rehabilitation ng PNR bicol line (On-going)
      47. Walang SMART card nextyear para sa MRT at LRT. (common ticketingvsystem)
      48. Walang Manila North harbour New port terminal( 1st international standard port in the country ).
      45. Walang Investment grade
      46. Walang construction boom nationwide.
      47. Wala pa rin sanang linya ng kuryente sa ibang lugar.
      48. Walang Coastwatch system.
      49. Walang air defense radar.
      50. Walang Export Growth.
      51. Wala na sana ang electronic industry ng bansa.
      52. Walang paglago ng FDI.
      53. Walang TOURISM growth.
      54. Walang orthophedic modernization.
      55. Walang bagong east medical center.
      56. Walang strong 2 years GDP growth since 1950’s.
      57. Walang maayos na NIA.
      58. Walang coast guard modernization.
      59. Walang uusbong na cruiseline industry.
      60. Walang boracay redevelopment.
      61. Walang improvement sa TESDA.
      62. Walang pagbabago sa bilis ng SC.
      63. Walang maghihire ng 30,000 teacher ngayong taon.
      64. Walang malaking budget ang education.
      65. Walang magandang Gov. Arsenal.
      66. Walang GPH-MILF peace deal( Bangsamoro).
      67. Walang Drones ang AFP.
      68. Wala ng dangal ang AFP.
      69. Walang kaso ang China sa tribunal.
      70. Walang magbabayad sa unfunded liabilities ng GSIS.
      80. Walang maayos na coverage ang Philhealth.
      81. Wala pa rin kinikita ang GOCC.
      82. Walang EDCA.
      83. Walang BRP Alcaraz at Goyo.
      84. Walang New naval base sa Oyster bay, palawan.
      85. Walang new coastguard base sa roxas city.
      86. Walang nagbago sa serbisyo ng DPWH.
      87. Walang maayos na kalsada sa mga probinsya.
      89. Wala pa rin kamatayan ang mga ghost project.
      90. Walang improvement sa mga World Economic ranking.
      91. Walang magaling na fiscal manager.
      92. Walang matinong DFA.
      93. Walang magaling na COA.
      94. Walang maliksing DOJ.
      95. Walang Malampaya expansion.
      96. Walang sarcasol solar plant.
      97. Walang DOH modernization.
      98. Wala pa rin sanang tiwala ang GERMANY dahil sa bad investment nila sa bansa noon.
      99. Walang Maribara Geothermal Power plant.
      100. Walang wind mill project sa Puerto Galera.
      101. Walang Therma south.
      102. Walang mindoro geothermal project.
      103. Walang Clark green city.
      104. Walang new terminal sa C.I.A/DMIA.
      105. Walang itatayong Puerto Prinsesa international airport ngayong taon.
      106. Walang Arca south.( New CBD sa taguig, binenta ng gobyerno ang lupa dahil hindi naman na nagagamit ang FTI)
      107. Walang Avion Nat gas plant na magbubukas nextyear.
      108. Walang San Gabriel natgas ang gingagawa ngayon.
      109. Walang Himoga-an Access Road sa Sagay City, Negros Occidental.
      110. Walang tinatayong solar plant ngayon sa bataan.
      111. Walang fablab sa bohol.
      112. Walang digital broadcasting ang TV.
      113. Walang bluementritt interceptor.
      114. Walang ADMATEL (Advanced Device and Materials Testing Laboratory) para sa semiconductor at electronics industry.
      115. Wala na sanang C-130, nung umupo si Pnoy isa na lang ang c-130. Ngayon 3 na, madadagdagan pa mg dalawan. At 2 pang medium lift cargo plane na brand new.
      116. Walang RH bill.
      117. Walang sintax bill.
      118. Walang K-12.
      119. Anti-bullying act.
      120. Walang anti-cybercrime law.
      121. Walang Universe healthcare act.
      122. Wala na sanang pagasa makaahon pa ang bansa
      123. Walang kuwenta ang 2010 election kung hindi tumakbo si Pnoy dahil panigurado si Erap ang nanalo.
      124. Walang ng magtitiwala sa bansa.
      125. Wala pa rin sanang kinikita ang GOCC.
      126. Wala na sanang economic stability.
      127. Wala sanang economic boom
      128. Wala na sanang hustisya para sa ating taxpayer.
      129. Wala na sanang Pondo ang kaban kung wala si Aquino.
      130. Wala sanang bubuhay sa dugo ng mga Marcos Loyalist. Tahimik sila nung panahon ni Ramos , Erap at Gma e.
      131. Wala kang ALAM, talangka ka lang.
      132. Wala Wala Wala Wala, lahat ng project sa Gobyerno muntikan ng mawala sa bulsa ng mga buwaya.
      133. Walang malagong agrikultura.

      Clearly a new kind of propaganda list by MCG idiots.

      1. I’ve seen that list.
        Too bad it’s only full of yellow propaganda BS.
        The more that they try to defend their boss, the more they look pathetic and desperate.

        Notice that some of the items on that list are only ad hominems(and pretty ineffective ones)and more “achievements” falsely attributed to their yellow idol.

        It only goes to show how stupid they can be here and on social media.

      2. The guy is the worst. Unaccomplished yet not an ounce of humility. Holier than thou , rode in on his high horse and never got off. OK all that is a given. How does one idolize and go to bat for this guy???? Some for FREE!!??!!

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