President Noynoy Aquino’s 5th State of the Nation Address #SONA2014

Philippine President Benigno Simeon “BS” Aquino will be giving his fifth State of the Nation Address (SONA) soon. Just like his previous SONAs, we can all expect him to start off with motherhood statements and then proceed to bash the people he thinks are getting in the way of his agenda. His previous SONAs have become so formulaic so much so that some Filipinos think that he’s just wasting everybody’s time.

noynoy_sonaThe most annoying part of BS Aquino’s speeches is his use of the words “po” and “bosses”. His over-the-top show of deference does not mean that he cares about what the average Filipino thinks. On the contrary, the bulk of his message actually gives the impression that he thinks the Filipino people are stupid enough to believe his propaganda.

It is hard to believe the President is being respectful especially when he spews negative propaganda against his political enemies and engages in the blame game in the same breath. Yes, he plays the blame game every chance he gets. His SONA will include blaming the Marcos years and his predecessor. Never mind that in four years, he could have done a lot to reverse the damage if only he had real vision for the country and had he not focused on persecuting his political enemies.

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BS Aquino’s fifth SONA will also include blaming the Supreme Court Justices who got him in trouble for ruling parts of his Disbursement Acceleration Program (DAP) unconstitutional.

BS Aquino’s fifth SONA could be dedicated to how the DAP supposedly benefited the Filipino people. Of course he will not mention that a big bulk of the funds went to lawmakers whose priority projects include building impractical structures and giving handouts to individuals or groups of people who they think “deserve” their help. Their so-called “projects” won’t likely help our country achieve First World status. What these do achieve is help the lawmakers and their families stay in power for years to come. You see, a lot of Filipino voters love receiving freebies from public servants who look generous giving away public funds.

A week before the President’s SONA, the public already got a taste of what they might hear. In a televised speech defending the DAP, President BS Aquino gave a veiled threat to the Supreme Court saying that if they do not reverse their decision, he will have no choice but to order his minions in Congress to “intervene”. Judging by the move by the Bureau of Internal Revenue (BIR) to request for the justices’ statement of assets, liability and net worth (SALN), we can all assume that “intervention” means Congress could start impeaching the justices one by one.

The threat could just be a bluff or a joke. As Communications Secretary Herminio Coloma insists, BS Aquino is a joker and should not be taken too seriously. The President’s communication team has become so good at spinning that they can turn around a joke that has gone flat or a statement that has become a public relations disaster. His threat to the SC for example, is something they have denied as soon as there was public uproar after his speech on the DAP.

Hopefully, the Supreme Court justices will not bow down to the pressure from the Chief Executive and his allies. If they have nothing to hide in their SALN, they shouldn’t have a problem even when BIR boss, Kim Henares is breathing down their necks. If they still care about the future of the Philippines and the democratic system, they should not allow BS Aquino to bully them into reversing their decision on the DAP. We can only hope that the justices have filed their SALN correctly. Otherwise, BS Aquino will have something to use against them.

BS Aquino’s fifth SONA will be interesting to some people. During his previous SONA’s the President’s popularity rating was high. Because of the outrage on the DAP, he knows a lot more people will be taking note of everything he says. The real question is, will he behave or throw another tantrum?

23 Replies to “President Noynoy Aquino’s 5th State of the Nation Address #SONA2014”

  1. “Hell is empty; and all the Devils are Here.”

    From: Romeo & Juliet, by William Shakespeare

    The Devils are really in the Congress and Senate. The Chief Devil is Aquino himself; speaking lies and giving threats to those who are in his way.

    There is no sense in his SONA. Everybody knows the State of the Nation. It is run by Thieves and Corrupt people.

    1. Congratulations Pres. Pinoy para s akin ikaw ang pinaka best n President, kc maraming kang nagawang maganda s mamamayan at n reform U ang Pilipinas… dahan2 n ngaun ang mga corruption kc marami na ang nabuking n matataas n oficial s mga ginagawa nilang pagbulsa ng pera ng mamamayan… okey lang ang DAP kc nilaan u s ibat ibang ahencia ng governo at makikita naman ang improvement at proyekto na naibibigay sa mga taong bayan… di tulad ng PDAF n sinamantala ng mga ibang goverment official at ibinulsa… kawawa naman ang gumawa ng tuwid sa kanilang bayan at inaasan ang PDAF nawala dahil s mga pasaway na official… Hayaan nyo ang mga taong nagcritic sa iyo kc di nila nakita ang marami mong nagawang maganda sa ating bansa.. yong nakikita nila ang mali n konti di maraming tama.. bakit kong sila ba ang uupo sa iyong inuupuan ngaun magagawa b nila yong nagawa mo ngaun? baka lalong lumala ang situasyon..Sana ma extend p ng isang tern ang iyong pakapresidente pra mabayaran ang lahat ng utang natin…congratulation na malaking pundo ang nilaan at n raise u.. tapos nabayaran ng dahan2 ang utang ng ating bansa.. I know you are an honest president, a man of integrity at may takot s Panginoon… Sana ipagpatuloy u ang maganda nyong plano para sa mamamayan… marami kaming nagsusuporta sa iyo kaysa mga taong minamasama kau..Congratz and God bless…

      1. @agnes says: “Sana ma extend p ng isang tern ang iyong pakapresidente pra mabayaran ang lahat ng utang natin”

        When people begin treating BS Aquino like he’s the Second Coming, then this country REALLY deserves the person it exalts.

      2. It never surprises me to see yet another stupid yellow troll(and yet another jejefag) trying once again to protect his failing boss from any criticisms here.
        Unfortunately for you, little malacañang troll, many of your fellow yellow idiots have failed miserably in convincing us of your president’s pathetic propaganda.

        Troll Harder

  2. “Crocodile tears (or superficial sympathy) are a false, insincere display of emotion such as a hypocrite crying fake tears of grief” -Wikipedia

    No PUN intended

    “Cry me a river, build a bridge, and get over it” – Justin Timberlake

    “Like crying wolf, if you keep looking for sympathy as a justification for your actions, you will someday be left standing alone when you really need help.”

    Move-on & just do your Job RIGHT.

  3. Pnoy is ok for me. he’s so brave and blunt. But I cant deny there’s something bit of wrongs in his administration. Something fishy. But so far, looking to the positve things he’s done during his administration, he’s really ok. I guess it’s just really hard to find the perfect president. We cant .. never. He’s right at the last part of his sona that’s filipinos make the change. ’cause we are the root for a better change in this country. Filipinos are more into superficial things. Forgot how to earn own money. ONe 31 yr old filipino still depending his food and money on his parents. You know those negative attitudes of filipinos, once we counter those, we can really change this country. procrastination, love of money, not thinking really, the ‘bahal na’, ‘wala akong paki’, socail climbers, very dependent. most filipinos when it comes to money, ‘why spend mine when i can spend yours’. make this phrase happen by corruption or just by depending on others. pnoy was more sincere in his latest sona..but maybe it’s because of his dropping rating and getting the sympathy of filipino people ’cause of the dap issue. that’s why i said his fishy. but his positive works is really undeniable. we filipinos, each of us, should just learn to be really honest. corruption on ordinary people is really rampant. we should stop taking advantage of each other. let’s all be productive and stop blaming on why we are poor or jobless or have no money. money is important part in our lives but it should not make the reason to corrupt. we should not forget to work for it in honest way. really, when it comes for better country, we should change. be honest.

    1. He is so brave??? You sure have questionable standards for courage. Let’s begin with how this guy came to be. The guy was a 50 year old nobody despite having a famous name. He was known for nothing. Then mommy dies. What would have been courageous if he ever owned his baggage. If he told the voters the truth that he was not competent at anything. But like a typical slacker he took the easy way out. He just pointed at mommy and daddy. That was his campaign.

      OK fast forward to present day. Maybe you see courage in just totally disregarding the framework of the constitution and not telling anybody. I don’t . He is quick to brag and quick to look down but the guy never amounted to anything. He is being exposed to anyone with a brain. Anyone not caught up in pinoy emo. He diverted billions to bribes and other things outside the system. Some call that abuse you call that bravery??? His catch phrase is Kung Walang Corrupt walang mahirap.. It might as well be If you can’t beat them join them. Face it Noynoy’s lack of courage his whole life shows he rarely beats anything. Next time I want in depth character analysis can I call you Eislet??? As long as it does not conflict with your duties as Malacanang troll.

    2. Ummm… he’s not even honest himself.

      If defending the DAP and even supposed ‘corrupt’ like Butch Abad is something you call being honest, then there is something wrong with you.

      Keyword: HYPOCRISY.

  4. I can only think of two replies to this:

    1 – Please try to clarify your message;

    2 – You can always write in your local language if you have trouble with English. 🙂

  5. TROLL. 😀

    I’m sure you did NOT say those things when Arroyo was president.

    If there is a NEW president, the better. At least Gibo and Gordon will have a chance.

  6. I think you are smart enough to realize that protecting someone like Mr. Aquino isn’t going to give you any credibility here.
    Spreading your pathetic propaganda isn’t going to convince us, it’s best for you to look for a REAL job instead of continuing to lick the falling president’s hairy ass.

  7. “It’s not given to people to judge what’s right or wrong. People have eternally been mistaken and will be mistaken, and in nothing more than in what they consider right and wrong.”
    Do not judge, or you too will be judged. For in the same way you judge others, you will be judged, and with the measure you use, it will be measured to you..
    indi madali ang maging presidente ng before u judge to other think about it kung gaano kahirap ung obligasyon blng isang pangulo..sana po wag tayo magusga ng kapwa…

    1. Gasgas na yang spiel mo.
      Obvious naman na nauubusan na kayo ng propaganda kaya todo recycle lang kayo ng mga spiel ninyong bulok.

      Your president had all the time(4 years) to prove himself to his critics and he has failed….miserably like your attempts to spread your propaganda.

      Besides, your excuses for your president will only do more harm for him since he only relies on paid idiots like you to spread falsehoods.

      If he was indeed doing his job, you wouldn’t even show your retarded faces here yet here you guys are, trying and failing miserably to defend him.

      Seriously, you guys are getting really predictable.
      Go somewhere else where your yellow stupidity is accepted like

        1. If someone is going to describe a sniveling, idle, milk sop like Noynoy as brave well they better at least explain why. Just don’t do what Noynoy does and sprout motherhood statements and expect the critical audience of GRP to just take it lying down.

  8. ..bqt ba ang lakas niyong manghusga ng kapawa??may ebidensya ba kayo na nagpapatunay na may ginwang mali ang ating pangulo??diba wala namn??bqt ganun nlang kayo kung magsalita??ganyan nmn tlaga kayo kht cnung nagiging pres.dami nyong angal!!!bqt hndi nlang kaya kayo ang maging pres.??ng maranasan ninyo kung gaanu kahirap paunladin ang bansa??kaya hindi umuunlad ang bansa natin dahl sa mga reklamo nyo!!,,naturingan panaman kayong edukadong tao tapz ang kikitid ng mga utak ninyo..!!!

    1. Actually, ang illegal at unconstitutional na DAP ng pangulo mo, malaking malaking pagkakamali niya yan.
      Kumusta na pala ang mga zamboanga siege survivors pati na ang yolanda victims? Natulungan ba talaga ng gobyerong aquino ang mga taong inabandona niya?

      Mukhang nasasaktan ka masyado sa katotohanang palpak ang bossing mo kaya ganyan.
      Obvious butthurt troll is obvious.

      Troll Harder

      1. I just can’t help but LOL at mel’s comment. Pretty much one of the most common responses when their “idol” is being criticized.

        1. It’s the only spiel that their puny minds and their boss, Coloma can come up with but unfortunately for them, it’s not working anymore.

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