Manny Pacquiao coaching in Miami! (Not!)

Kudos to whoever made this photoshopped image of Manny Pacquiao making like Coach in Miami! Brilliant!


It’s true in a different sense, however. The Filipino pound-for-pound greatest fighter in the world is making a career move into what remains the Philippines’ favourite sport…

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Pacquiao’s love for basketball is no secret, and he told reporters in the Philippines this week that he was taking the coaching position seriously.

“A great responsibility,” Pacquiao said.

That being said, the next fight for the 147-pound champion is scheduled for November, shortly after the PBA season begins. The opponent remains unclear, though there’s speculation that it could be a fifth bout against Juan Manuel Marquez.

Quips NBA coach Erik Spoelstra: “Well, I’m not taking a boxing job…”

Spoelstra gained fame amongst Filipinos on account of the “Filipino blood” supposedly flowing through his veins.

[Image source: Twitter]

5 Replies to “Manny Pacquiao coaching in Miami! (Not!)”

  1. Spoelstra actually comes here every year. Unlike Blatche who is a pure ringer . Once again typical Pinoy attitude shines through. KSP is the root of all evil and pwede na yan.

  2. Pacquiao wants another top paying sport’s job? He should try Football,but dunno if he can kick harder than he can punch..

  3. If Pacquiao became a new head coach of Miami Heat, will Lebron going back to that team franchise?

    Oh, hell… :\

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