Indeed, the REAL issue is not the Philippines — it is Filipinos

Indeed, the Philippines is a wild trail that needs to be negotiated. And as experienced trackers and wilderness negotiators will point out, navigating a wild trail is not for the faint-hearted and dimwitted. You need brains, you need stamina, you need guts.

Do Filipinos have any of those virtues?

Well now, don’t get us started.

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To begin with, Filipinos do not have any brains. That fact is reflected in the quality of their leaders in the Executive branch and their representatives in the Legislative branch of their government. All of these people were elected by popular vote.

The Vote. Remember that concept? That was the notion put on a pedestal by an entire generation of “activists” to represent that nebulous “power” that Filipinos “regained” after that so-called “revolution” in 1986. What we are seeing today is the utterly brainless way with which Filipinos wielded that power. So, invoking democracy’s most fundamental concept and the exceedingly simplest logic that uderpins it, these politicians represent — no, are embodiments of — the “will” of the Filipino people.

At the helm is one of the most uninspiring and unqualified leaders in Philippine history. And the bozos who preceded him in that office? Well, every camp in the Philippines’ vacuous political “debate” will have something to say about the quality and integrity of those as well. As for these “representatives” in Congress, no need to elaborate on that. We are in the midst of a vast thievery scandal the likes of which boggles even the minds of the very crooks themselves. The Senate, we are told, have “recommended” the filing of charges against a handful of them for gross malversation of hundreds of millions of pesos in public funds. Quaint. Like a den of thieves ratting on their chosen fall guys when feeling the crunch. Just another circus act in the on-going circus that is Philippine politics.

Second, Filipinos do not have stamina. Another no-brainer there. This is a society, after all, renowned for a national philosophy built around two key catchphrases: pwede na yan (“that’ll do, mate”) and ningas cogon (“adios, so much for that project”). So go figure. The Philippines today is the massive outcome of thousands of unfinished businesses and half-assed “results” from those proclamed “completed”. Much of its infrastructure is still hinged on cornerstones laid by former colonial masters America and Spain — 68 years after being granted “independence”! And as we are seeing today, the United States card still accounts for 99% of the Philippines’ defense strategy against external aggression and disaster response framework for domestic catastrophes. Mantakin mo yan.

Finally, Filipinos do not have any guts. Well, they do, but all of it has been laid in one basket: Manny Pacquiao. Beyond Manny Pacquiao, the Philippines really has not much to show as far as real guts in the real sense of the word are concerned. The whole Bangsamoro “Framework Agreement” recently touted as the herald of eternal peace in Mindanao is a case study of gutlessness on a national scale. That “peace” was bought at a huge cost to national equity — in exchange for the Philippines’ long-standing claim on the territory of Sabah and through the creation of the appalling precedent of a national government negotiating with armed terrorists. Guts, indeed. The only thing achieved here is a unilateral re-definition of that concept. Chalk one up for Pinoy Pride!

The lesson is quite simple. You can’t be a great nation unless you’ve got clear achievement to buttress that greatness. For now, it is all a nice and peachy exercise imagining that greatness and exchanging a few high-fives about it. But imagining it and actually aspiring to it are two vastly different exercises. With imagination, you only get ideas. With aspiration, you are likely to get real next steps in the right direction.

60 Replies to “Indeed, the REAL issue is not the Philippines — it is Filipinos”

  1. I always believed the reason why “the most uninspiring and unqualified leaders in Philippine history” is there is because pinoys do not value hard work or achievement therefore they don’t look for it either. To make the circle complete that “leader” believes the opposite of what his own resume says. And pinoys are fine with that. PROUD TO BE PINOY!!!!

    1. Yeah. What they want are people that make good drinking buddies instead of accomplished individuals. It’s sickening.

  2. Until people can be educated in responsible parenting; the undisciplined mindless ways of the masses will prevail. One need only look at the number of little bosslings having meltdowns in malls, restaurants, transportation vans, doctor’s offices, etc. to realize that most filipino parents do not place limits on their children’s behavior. All the kid has to do is cry, scream, and beller at the top of its little lungs and the parents give in. Spoiled children with a “me first” attitude become adults with the same thoughtless outlook on life.

    1. You are so true. Spoiled boys become irresponsible men and fathers..I talk to so many single moms on a dating site from the Philippines…Filipinas have children without a care in the world for the most part, knowing that their parents or others will share in the raising of another little brat. We in North America,at least the responsible ones, put more thought into getting a dog than most in the Philippines put into having another baby. If Japan had won the war, the Philippines may have become a better country.

  3. …and it gets pretty sad if you realize that if we dont fix this, the bad culture will end up xeroxing itself into the next generation (i.e., OUR KIDS).

    Good thing there are sites like this in the net. Keep on writing man. Good luck.

  4. I thought it was the other way around. Filipinos are actually well respected abroad due to their work ethic. It’s the Philippines as a country that kind of a terrible mess.

    1. when they are abroad I mean. I had a job interview in a MY company and I asked why the company preferred Filipinos and they said because of their work ethic and quality their deliverable.

      1. @ shooter, u r correct, but not one of those of whom you speak. “quality their deliverable” is my proof of that.

    2. It’s the brain drain that is happening in the country. Most of the decent, hard working intellectuals go for greener pastures since their homeland’s environment is not conducive to productivity. What’re left are the dullards who can’t tell between a clown and a criminal.

      1. There are lots of nannys here in Canada who would be hard pressed to pass a grade 6 math exam. Nannys from the Philippines. Maybe America gets the bright ones…not Canada.

  5. This will never work. Do your part before you watch others. No matter how many words you write here you can never change how this country runs. Why not do something useful other than cry and cry with other crying babies?

    1. “Talk Wise” – you’re being ironic, right? We hope so, for your sake; though we imagine that you’re too thick for irony. Now that we’re done laughing at you, let’s continue. Calling us “crying babies” is the best you can come up with? Go back to the kiddies’ table where you belong and come back when you have something useful to say instead of wasting other people’s time. You are a shame to us all.

    2. Could have said better than calling other people “crybabies”..but yeah it’s not like what we say here will change the country for the better unless it’s applied by majority of us…probably pushed so by the great few.

    1. And you are supporting anti-intellectualism. That’s the typical Pinoy mindset.

      YOU are useless. Deal with it.

  6. Not really, there are intelligent Filipino’s and their private catholic schools produce some VERY intelligent students.
    On the whole, the private schools in the philippines produce more intelligent people/citizens than public schools in the EU/USA/so called ‘free-world’ do (you get what you pay for!ever see a filipino politicians child attend a public school?). the problems of the country can be seen as a microcosm of the economies of the West. A few people get everything, the nobodies get to argue vehemently/violently over what is left-over, i.e. ‘the crumbs that fall off the table’….same shit, different country/location.

    1. Yet we hardly ever hear of these students being involved in significant scientific research. I don’t really know what these guys do once they graduate, but I sure bet Science and Technology isn’t a priority.

      Also, these students pale in comparison with their Korean and Japanese counterparts who attend secular public schools so lauding religious schools as a genius factory is jumping the gun there.

  7. No matter what anyone says, the non-intelligent, gutless and poor stamina Filipinos are still the louder ones and the most noticed. Even if they may be fewer, the whole state of the nation seems to reflect their influence more than the influence of the intelligent, gutsy and good stamina Filipinos. Perhaps, simply, the latter are de-powered by societal culture and norms, and even some rules. Or just the simple difficulties of life. Thus, the character of the nation is judged by the former.

    1. That is exactly one of the problems of the filipino. “Sana tagalog naman para mainitindihan ng lahat”. That is why you have english movies and TV shows dubbed in tagalog. As if tagalog is the only dialect in the Philippines.

      Instead of adopting to the environment, the filipino would rather cry foul and ask that other change to adopt to his inadequacies.

      1. But we have a national language called “Filipino”

        My cambodian co-worker asked me, “Filipinos are good in english, but why Philippines is poor?, a third world country”

        i don’t believe that language is a level of intelligence.

        1. No, filipinos are good in english decades ago. Those are the filipinos who either migrated to other countries and/or are now OFWs/expats, sacrificing to keep the Philippines economy afloat. Did you notice how the primetime news was delivered say about the 1980’s? It was in english. Every subject taught way back then, the medium was english except filipino subjects. Hence the graduates produced way back then had more “edge” making them more competitive internationally. That is what this country is reaping right now. After this generation you can expect less and less OFWs with the “edge” and the the filipino OFWs being overtaken by their Indian counterparts.

          FYI, they declared tagalog as national language, but the whole country was never consulted about it.

          Not a measure of intelligence but rather it is an “edge” over the other non-english speaking countries.

          That is a mistake to say that despite our language we are still third world. We can go on and on about what keeps us from progressing but definitely not that one.

        2. Angie, see my comment below. Media is always reflection of audience,. Look at newspapers in Tagalog. What is their content? Look at newscasts in Tagalog. What is the content? The tone of voice , the narrative ? Tagalog audience is not demanding when it comes to taste, discretion and intellect. You are welcome to prove me wrong by pointing out where in mass media is there intellectual discourse in Tagalog. Whatever there is of it here does not seek it in media in Tagalog.

        3. “Filipinos are good in english, but why Philippines is poor?”

          Ironic isn’t it? Still we should still try to be good at it. and also don’t forget the very thing one can do best..if it’s language skills then ok.

      2. Japanese, for the most part, use Japanese language and they’re fine with that. What’s your problem with Tagalog, anyway?

    2. Look at “quality” of available Tagalog reading material, you guys won’t read it even if it was available. It might be self perpetuating deeper Tagalog insight not read so it’s not produced and people only literate in Tagalog just don’t learn.

      1. you missed my point by a mile.

        japanese, korean and chinese barely speak english what they have is a strong spirit of nationalism and national pride.

        we speak english back home and almost everything is written in english even our constitution but look at the present state of our country. si lito lapid lang ang hindi marunong mag englsh lahat sila well verse. umunlad ba tayo?

        i speak english and french pero kapag filipino kausap ko dito sa lugar ko, nag ta-tatagalog ako, dahil filipino ako.

        1. Are you trying to imply that if we will use tagalog more often – uunlad tayo? Well as what Gogs said – mass media is 99.99% tangalog, tagalog “news”, tagalog telenobela, tagalize foreign telenobelas, tagalog noon time shows and since it is watch by 99% of the Filipinos eh di dapat asensado na tayo diba ano?

          And are you trying to imply we should have more lito lapid in the senate – baka sakali umasenso ano?

        2. “Are you trying to imply that if we will use tagalog more often – uunlad tayo?”

          No we won’t. It’s more on preserving national identity and it’s just as essential as having the right people in government, more local industries, our people proud to serve the country and contribute to it’s success (that’s nationalism not keep speaking our own dialect and ignoring other language because it’s unpatriotic) and development of other better jobs to add variety and lessening those who has to work abroad because they couldn’t find work here.

          We just don’t get nationalism as much as our neighboring countries does and how it help their countries to develop even better.

          “And are you trying to imply we should have more lito lapid in the senate – baka sakali umasenso ano?”

          kung matino at mahusay sana sya pwede pa..

        3. Hi Angie Im Ilonggo and Im having problem expressing myself in Tagalog. How about I talk in Hiligaynon so that I can express myself better as a “Filipino” .

      1. @barbero

        hindi ko alam kung saang mababang paaralan ka pinag aral ng magulang mo. marunong kang magbasa pero hindi maka unawa.

        Japanese people do not speak english do you think they are stupid? NO

        Call centres or BPO are growing and spreading like mushrooms in the Philippines. is it because that we speak english? NO

        I am sorry to say this, but we are cheap labour.

  8. I just can’t say it enough, education, education, education!
    … which is virtually non existent in the Philippines. All the average kids learn since close to 30 years now is singing, dancing and praying. No wonder everyone is a dumbshit! Hardly anyone speaks English anymore. Everything is idiotic shits and giggles. There is no pride in a job well done, because all jobs are done half assed. Holy shit! I watched the construction of laying drainage pipes along Roxas Blvd. service road (between Buendia and Vito Cruz) for ONE YEAR now. The outcome (they are almost finished those lame ass fuckers) is so hair raisingly un-professional, so dilettanteish that the construction company executives that built it and it’s workers including the city engineer should be executed right there on the spot. Paint the street red with their blood as a reminder that fucked up work like that will not be accepted. Yet NO ONE will notice, check, complain or even care. The Filipino is the problem and it’s own worst enemy. I just talked to my Austrian friend today who visited the Bureau of Immigration. The people there watch TV, noon time shows are blasting at ear bursting levels (while there is a sign on the wall which asks you to keep your voice down), the ladies are fixing their make-up instead of doing paperwork, some Bakla who works there is dancing between the desks.
    Are we all living in a fucking nuthouse? My friend asked me if all Government offices are like that and after thinking for a while I said, “Yes, most of them.”
    The Captain Is Out to Lunch and the Sailors Have Taken Over the Ship!

    1. Been to the Philippines 3 times from Canada…your comments do make me laugh..though it is not meant to be funny…

  9. Your observation about how Filipinos vote hits it right on the spot. I learned it early enough when we vote for Student Council in schools. The popular and good looking wins most of the time even if there is more qualified to fill the position. This got me wary of politics from then on.

    1. As a Canadian, I was surprised to read the help wanted ads in the papers and it was openly discriminatory to people over 5 feet tall, and single and under 25 years old….there was an ad for a mechanic and they wanted him to no more than 30 years old!!! What is that all about?? Age discrimination. In Canada, we prefer someone with experience, not discriminate against it..It seems there is too much emphasis on how someone looks there in the Philippines…crazy for me…

  10. We, Filipinos suffered so much, from colonization. We have no self respect already. Our leaders have no self respect. It’s me…my family…my clan or relatives.

    In our politics; if a politician comes from a said province or region. People there , or his constituents will profit from it. Thru: graft , corruption , juicy jobs or position placements in government offices; whereby they can enrich themselves. It is a very dysfunctional political system, run by dysfunctional people.

    The Aquinos hold on their Hacienda Luisita, which they scammed from the Filipino people is a good example. It is a show of tremendous Greed. Taking the lands from the people of Tarlac. Then, making them tenant/serfs…

    You can see it also in our family political dynasties. On the Feudal Oligarchs hold on their lands…they are the huge landowners. And, they are also the political leaders (they make laws advantageous to themselves). Oligarchs, who are aligned with Aquino; monopolize government contracts. They own the Media, that are the Propaganda Machine of Aquino. The NPA Mafia is also with Aquino…which is his Politico Mafiosi political entity…and also serve as a his political bogeyman…it also serve , as his political tool, used in “demonstrations”…promoting his political agendas.

  11. There is nothing in politics more hypocritical, egocentric, or dangerous to the well-being of a nation than a plutocracy masquerading as a democracy, except maybe when it is headed by a puppet of big business, who also happens to be a noynoying clown, and, just for good measure, a fawning poodle to barack obama. Woof, woof, – fetch.

    Such administrations soon becomes the victim of their own propaganda, ignores its mandate, magnifies inequalities, applies preferential justice and political persecution, and are ultimately unable to separate fact from fiction, right from wrong, and legal from illegal, as pnoy aquino and his cabal of crooks/coven of witches demonstrate repeatedly, ably supported by an unethical media.

    Even the pretence of integrity eventually disappears as as the naked drive for power becomes all consuming, with subterfuge and machiavellian schemes the only order of the day.

    Enemies becomes the embodiment of all evil, and its leaders the epitome of all virtue, with the people simply relegated to irrelevant and bemused onlookers, without the means to challenge or change the status quo, and increasingly marginalised with no input or consideration.

    Vote-buying and vote-rigging complete the picture of a failed opportunity, a sham democracy, a corrupt elite, and a subservient populace. Personalities, promises and patronage, rather than parties, policies, and performance underpin the political landscape.

    Pnoy aquino continues the family tradition of treachery, which knows no bounds in the pursuit for total/continued control, and all actions are underpinned by self-interest, and all decisions motivated by the quest to retain power at all cost, and with any sacrifice – of, and by, others!

    The oligarchs and criminals have the country by the balls, and without a change of hearts and minds, (culture and awareness), by the masa, they will only get their cojones squeezed harder by the nutcrackers in power who ensure that protectionist policies enable them to keep wages low, prices high, but without any improvement in service or job creation.

    Beyond the spin and the diversions, the facts/key metrics show that corruption has increased to epidemic proportions in the past 3 years, monopoly businesses have benefitted from excessive profits, whilst the acid test of poverty and unemployment levels have worsened.

    Colonial slavery has simply been replaced by subjugation, and acceptance of a very divided society, which in reality has little respect in the rest of the world, with its continual victim mentality, begging bowl policies, lies and scams, extending even to the disgrace surrounding yolanda aid/donations, with rotten people focussed on personal greed, and ignoring rotting food and rotting bodies. How sick and despicable to take advantage of victims of a catastrophe on the one hand, and the generosity of well meaning people on the other. The philippines deserves no future foreign aid/support with such an attitude.

    In terms of foreign policy, the farcical international blunders which pnoy aquino et al continue to perpertrate, and perpetuate, indicate an island/insular mentality which makes you wonder if they have ever been abroad ( las vegas/los angeles doesn’t count, nor the money runs to hong kong), whether they have any understanding of other cultures, or how the world really works, and also what the real world actually thinks of these little league amateurs with no moral compass.

    The US may pat the philippines on the head like a well behaved little boy – for obvious reasons – but everyone else still regard pnoy aquino and his kkk cohorts as headcases who need a kick in the butt, or a slap round the head.

    The international business community has voted with their money – by investing in other ASEAN countries, tourists/visitors depart – via the worlds worst airport – underwhelmed by a country, which may have a few redeeming places, but overall doesn’t merit a trip halfway round the world, and most damning of all, filipinos continue to stream out of the country in record numbers, with most filipinos ( 70% according to one poll) wanting to leave the country and live ‘the american dream’!!
    A dysfunctional society, with a delusional culture in complete denial of reality, as the baton of apathy is passed from one generation to another, with the country getting lapped by its more dynamic neighbours.

    Where is the genuine pride and self-respect. Where is the sense of outrage. And where are the aspirational role-models and future leaders. The silent majority remains silent, the educated follow the brain drain, and the remaining middle class keep their head down and their mouths shut.

    About time the vicious circle of dynastic power and oligarch control was broken, and genuine progress made, but ultimately only the people themselves can do that, and that seems unlikely.

    “It may be hard for an egg to turn into a
    bird: it would be a lot harder for it to
    learn to fly while remaining an egg. We are
    like eggs at present. And you cannot go on
    indefinitely being just an ordinary, decent
    egg. We must be hatched or go bad.”
    C. S. Lewis

  12. I came across an old article about culture in the philippines from the atlantic magazine – 1987.
    Interesting to revisit it after 25 years to see what remains valid

    “The countries that surround the Philippines have become the world’s most famous showcases for the impact of culture on economic development. Japan, Korea, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Singapore–all are short on natural resources, but all
    (as their officials never stop telling you) have clawed their way up through hard study and hard work.
    Unfortunately for its people, the Philippines illustrates the contrary: that culture can make a naturally rich country poor. There may be more miserable places to live in East Asia– Vietnam, Cambodia–but there are few others where the culture itself, rather than a communist political system, is the main barrier to development. The culture in question is Filipino, but it
    has been heavily shaped by nearly a hundred years of the “Fil-Am relationship.’ The result is apparently the only non-communist society in East Asia in which the average living standard is going down.”
    James galloway
    Full article

      1. probably alot more men going there to chase the women. Now the Koreans are there in busloads to have fun with the ladies for a few days..Chinese men are aplenty also…not just fat old white guys from the US anymore..

  13. I thought it might be.
    Good to reproduce/revisit now and again for new generation – just to drive home how little has changed, and it puts cory aquino in her place – as a waste of space, just like pnoy

  14. If we stay in this present state. we will soon be losing competitiveness among migrant workers like Indonesia and India. I for one is an OFW and I have notice a big decline in performance Half-baked) of my fellow worker especially the young ones.

  15. English is the established language of international business, law, internet, and yet despite a significant headstart over its asean neighbours, the philippines just sat back and did little to capitalise on its initial comparative and competitive advantage, resulting in filipinos being relegated to menial jobs worldwide – always the servants, never the masters -, and consequently the country has now been overtaken economically, and culturally, by its asean neighbours, who garner international respect for their work ethic, innovation, and whose companies climb in the global 1000.

    Even within the much lauded BPO industry it is simply providing ‘cheap bums on seats’, but the drive and control come from foreign companies, who could depart as quickly as they came, and already the signs of changes in the voice market are starting to bite filipino apathy in the bum. ( the larget voice company in the UK has just closed all operations in the philippines and transferred all activities to india, with the loss of over 1,000 jobs)
    The current philippine BPO strategy – get more well trained motivated nurses to work in mind-numbing call centres!! Between the brain drain abroad, and draining brains at home, and the brain-dead in charge, the inevitable outcome is a no brain

    Of the millions of ofw’s, filipinos abroad, how many climb to the top, or even anywhere near it. They prefer an easy life in the ghettos they establish in los angeles, las vegas etc. (Many landlords in dubai refuse to rent to filipinos – due to their ‘habits’)

    Culturally there is no getting away from the fact that filipinos are inherently lazy, lack creativity, and have little passion to inquire/learn, and with hard work, innovation, and self-improvement being the keys to business and economic success, then no change in culture means no change in structural and societal prosperity, simply national monopolies extracting excess profits for as long as they can, without any desire to innovate, research, or re-invest.

    1. “Culturally there is no getting away from the fact that filipinos are inherently lazy, lack creativity, and have little passion to inquire/learn”

      well, that’s true. pre-Spanish times, sino ba ang magta-trabaho kung lahat ng kelangan mo is at arms reach? pag gutom ka just go outside and you’ll see coconut trees and other vegetation. mayaman sa natural resources ang kalupaan bago dumating ang espanya. ang inang kalikasan ay nagbibigay ng yaman para sa atin noon. think about the Navi in the movie Avatar. ganun ang buhay ng mga ninuno natin. and mostly animist ang religion. “mother earth guide us.”

      bakit ako mag ta-trabaho para sa isang dayuhan? tapos gagawin ko paulit-ulit? dun papasok ung perception na tamad ang pinoy.

      1. Hmmm, I see your point. Say, the richest people in the Philippines are Tsinoys if not Spanish meztizo. Back in the old days, under Spanish-Japanese-American rule, are there really moneyed true blooded Filipinos? The natives were known for their craftsmanship, talents, hard work, engineering skills and ingenuity (hagdan-hangdang palayan). But being “slaves” for centuries, Indios became more familiar with being workers or operators. Although they resist and fight colonial rule that “won” them their “independence”, they still look for managers to lead them afterwards. What did they gain with that independence anyway? What was handed back to them? They only became independent from foreigners taking charge of them. Their government and the rich do worse than their American colonizers, withholding learning and taking farmlands, stealing people’s taxes meant for innovation and social development. Are Filipinos given a chance to take a dip into wealth creation? Paano ba maging masipag kung wala kang resources na pwedeng pagyamanin? Pinoy pride is baseless. Resilience and Catholicism doesn’t help to uplift the lives of Filipinos. Perhaps for starter, if Pinoy don’t have much, he has to learn to live frugally. Then be wise in where they will use or invest their hard-earned money. Say, what are the business or investment opportunities in the Philippines that common people can grasp? Is our government and wealthy patrons willing to support Filipino inventors/engineers to pioneer new technology or innovation?

  16. Like I said before, the Philippines is a beautiful land. The people who live on it tend not to be. No wonder Cito Beltran wrote, “Ours is not a beautiful mind.”

    1. only the lumads in the south can preserve their culture and keep mother nature protected (keeping their region beautiful). they are egalitarian. no one is above the other.

      however, I think they have working class and non-working class.

      so don’t generalize the Philippines. probably just in metro manila area. this place is shitty really.

  17. certainly like your website but you need to check the spelling on several of your posts.
    Many of them are rife with spelling issues and I find it very
    troublesome to tell the reality however I’ll surely come back again.

  18. Its also Ironic how many “Proud Pinoy” say they are loyal and will negatively reply if ever they read the comment section here. But many eants to leave the Country and contribute to the brain drain instead of helping it grow by electing qualified leaders and sharing their Talent. Proud of being OFW is sometimes morally wrong because you are draining the resources and stealing jobs of the host country you are working. IMO

  19. One question sir (author) have you tried surviving in harsh parts of the Philippines before you made this. it is true that the majority of what I see is bad. but not all.

    Please try to know more before you speak.

  20. So now that we’ve established how much better people you all are, since you’re so quick to criticize and judge others, can we now turn this around into something more constructive?

    Whenever my staff at the office complain about something they deem to be a problem I ask them what they’re planning to do to fix it. You see if all you do is whine about something you know to be a problem, instead of fixing it, then you’re simply adding to it yourself. Why must we spend all this time arguing about the merits of this article when we know that in one form or another there’s truth in it, albeit onesided at certain points. The questions stands…what are YOU goig to do about it? And i’m not talking about the Philippines alone. We stand quick to judge what’s within our sphere of influence but the reality is that different nations in the world have different flaws. Just like people…none are perfect.

    So instead of kicking each other when we’re down hopefully the next series of posts on this and all other similar threads will be more about brainstorming on how to make things better. Let’s stop being part of the problem.

    As a challenge for the author of this article/site…please stop the hate mongering and going forward write for a better purpose. Leave my comment here for everyone to see. If you’re really out to do good then i wish you more power and success. May you be seen as a shining example of what Filipinos all over the world should aspire to!

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