Pnoy’s Anti-Corruption Campaign Is Really Ampaw

If I hadn’t read it in Manila Bulletin, I wouldn’t have believed President BS Aquino III himself had cautioned a couple of high school students not to pick an ampaw President in the 2016 elections.  In 2009, we were all but screaming the same thing and hoping against hope that people would not vote for Aquino, whom we considered an ampaw candidate.

Ampaw, is a sweet snack made up of rice puffs that have been balled and stuck together with caramel.  This snack is made mostly of carbohydrates, sugar, oil, and salt, making it a ball of empty calories.

I said it back then, and so did a lot of others from different camps, that Aquino had nothing going for his candidacy in the matter of substance and competence.  If at all, the only thing that was going for him was the sympathy of people who were mourning the death of his mother and the endearment many felt towards his father Ninoy.

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Now, here is Aquino, telling impressionable school kids not to vote for a candidate very much like himself:

In a forum with students of the Hope Christian High School in Manila, the President laid down some qualities that his successor must possess, including trustworthiness, competence and compassion for the people, and warned against “ampaw” or empty candidates.

“Competence has to be demonstrated,” the President said when asked by a student about the qualities new voters should look for in the next president.

“In essence, sino ba ‘yung talagang may laman at sino ba ‘yung ampaw? ‘Yung ampaw baka matutuwa tayo sandali, pero after 10 minutes gutom na tayo dahil wala ngang laman [In essence, who has substance and who is empty? We may be happy with an ampaw candidate but after 10 minutes we’ll get hungry because it is empty],” he added.

Yes, he’s right. Because a few weeks after his oath taking, his leadership was tested during the August 23 Quirino Grandstand Hostage taking and after the the disastrous massacre of Chinese tourists, people started looking for a real leader.

Just recently Senator Serge Osmena, an ally of Aquino, voiced his frustration over the President’s lack of managerial skills:

At a press briefing, Senator Sergio Osmeña III said Aquino continues to be “hardheaded” and an “awful manager” with more than two years left in his term.
“We’re not going to overthrow or what not. However, he’s going to lose much of his endorsement value in 2016. You know, you have to ascribe or assign a certain value to the endorsement by a sitting president even if he is the outgoing president,” Osmeña told reporters.
“I want him to do well. I want him to do better, but sometimes, he’s so hardheaded. You know naman how hardheaded he can be, but what can we do?” he added.
Given how sharp and biting Osmena can be at time, perhaps he also used “hardheaded” as a euphemism for “thick skulled” or “bone headed” or the more delectable pejorative “bobo”.
The ampaw-ness of Aquino’s leadership is also reflected in the country’s jobless economic growth, the country’s inability to assert its sovereignty in the West Philippine Sea and the DOTC’s lack of action from stuff as basic as issuing license plates to as big as fixing the country’s only public transport system, just to point out two.
Then, perhaps, the most damning of Ampaw Aquino’s non-accomplishments will be that his administration will fail to convict his administration’s primary scapegoat for corruption: Gloria Macapagal Arroyo.
Never mind the fact that Aquino is failing miserably in stamping out corruption within his own administration and may even fail at scoring a conviction against those accused in the P10 Billion Pork Barrel Scam.
Thing is the credibility of the Aquino Administration’s anti-corruption drive was badly and irreversibly damaged after Senator Jinggoy Estrada revealed the constitutionally challenged Disbursement Acceleration Program.
In a more recent privilege speech titled “The Tale of Two Incredible Witnesses”, Estrada critical problems with the witnesses that the Aquino Administration is using against him and two other senators accused in the P10 Billion Pork Barrel Scam.
One thing that stands out is that the Aquino Administration is stretching if not all together ignoring completely the real requirements for people who should stand as state witnesses.  Thing is, even if Dennis Cunanan and Ruby Tuason were not made state witnesses, the could still be compelled to reveal what they know about the pork barrel scam.

3 Replies to “Pnoy’s Anti-Corruption Campaign Is Really Ampaw”

  1. If PNoy hates corruption then why is he involved in a pork barrel scam that’s been in the Philippines for a very long time?

    “Kung walang corrupt, walang mahirap.” – The most bullcrap thing I’ve heard from a president, obviously he’s full of air and his statement about ampaws have further strengthened his inability to keep his promises.

  2. The Benigno Aquino III administration is the most corrupt in all administrations; I have known. It is self serving; no direction; no policies. All press releases; no accomplishments, to be reckon with…people have voted a “mentally retarded” candidate, who is a “spoiled brat”…who even have a “questioned sanity” issue…

  3. never been a supporter of Pnoy. Until this time I’m just bewildered by people who actually voted for him as president. he got no plans running for president (if he has he knows he won’t win anyway)prior to his mothers death and what made the people think he got plans (and a right one at that) for the nation? he’s been a senator for years and what exactly has he done? now as a president he failed in almost all major tests – Luneta hostage taking, Yolanda typhoon, prosecution and conviction of gloria arroyo, pork barrel scam, LTO debacle, Spratly skirmishes, Mindanao war, Maguindanao massacre. I would be really glad if he can outlaw riding in tandem problem at the very least before he exits in 2016.

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