Do Filipinos speak too loudly and in an annoying manner in public spaces?

A letter posted by a disgruntled Singaporean frustrated over being unable to get a bit of peace and quiet in a public bus singled out Filipinos in a post on the site The Real Singapore. The author of the letter who signed off as “H” described the “nightmare” of finding himself in a bus full of “Pinoy maids” on his way home after a tiring day…

Immigrant workers hangout in Singapore on their day off.

Immigrant workers hangout in Singapore on their day off.

To my horror, 90% of the passengers in bus 106 were Pinoy maids. I do welcome them to take our public transport as it helps to contribute to our GDP and SMRT’s revenue. Unfortunately, this Pinoy maids were talking so loud in the bus.

They joked and burst out laughing loudly. Its nothing wrong to joke and chit chat in the bus as Sunday is only their off day, however, they should be a little bit more considerate by caring for other passengers too. What I could heard in the bus was Phillipino language and I felt like I am taking a bus in Manila. Their voice were just as loud as thunderstorm (I believe many Singaporeans experience this before. Once a group of Phillipinos boarded a bus or train, your resting time on your journey back home is gone).

I observed throughout my bus journey to Orchard. The maids will push to board the bus, and the Singaporeans will always have to take another bus as either bus is full or if Singaporean manage to board the bus, they will have to stand near the bus door.

‘H’ went further and proposed this controversial solution to the problem:

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I would like to suggest to Public Transport Council to provide private buses to cater to Pinoy maids islandwide for them to go Orchard Road as the current situation is extremely bad (too crowded in buses and trains along Orchard road even on Sunday morning and evening!)

This has not been the first observation made about instances of Filipinos talking loudly in a public place. But for some reason, this obscure post made waves. No less than deputy presidential spokesperson Abigail Valte weighed Malacanang in on the matter

“I’ve been to other places as well and we do tend to observe proper comportment and behavior,” she said.

Could there be something about Tagalog and other Philippine dialects and the way these are spoken that tends to get under peoples’ skins?

Back in 2010 a case was filed by 69 immigrant Filipino nurses over harassment and discrimination allegedly perpetrated by their employer Delano Regional Medical Center in Central California. The nurses accused the hospital management of singling out Filipinos in a directive prohibiting them from speaking in Tagalog or any other Philippine dialect.

She said the hospital’s former chief executive vowed that “he would install surveillance cameras in nursing stations. Whoever is caught, they were threatened with suspension or termination,” Lamug said. “Sometimes, we were speaking English, but due to our accent and diction, they thought we were speaking something else.”

Although the hospital, near Bakersfield, employed a mix of bilingual employees speaking Spanish, Hindi, Bengali and other languages, managers targeted only the Filipinos and encouraged supervisors and other staffers to “act as vigilantes.”

The Filipino nurses won a $975,000 settlement in what was described as “the largest language discrimination settlement in the U.S. healthcare industry.” The hospital management remained unapologetic and its officials stated that “they did nothing wrong and settled only because it made financial sense.”

[Photo courtesy The Real Singapore.]

117 Replies to “Do Filipinos speak too loudly and in an annoying manner in public spaces?”

  1. “Could there be something about Tagalog and other Philippine dialects and the way these are spoken that tends to get under peoples’ skins?”

    No, its the way they carry themselves in public places. Talking so loud and so very noisy you’d think there’s a gang or turkeys onboard the bus. They are just so inconsiderate.

    You can also see them in public places congregating. Oftentimes they obstruct the common walkpaths. I could send you a photo since its almost Sunday.

    Its not just the maids. Sometimes even pinoy professionals when in a group among fellow filipinos tend to be so loud. When you hear someone talking through a headset so loud, its almost always a filipino.

  2. What are maids talking about most often?

    Could it be tsismis?

    Something even Filipinos on home soil tend to be noisy about?

    That would be dysfunction in action.


    Singaporeans like many other people are annoyed at immigrants talking their jobs. Or fear an invasion by immigrant workers or something like that.

    But hey. A bus only for Filipinos? Isn’t that actually a good idea?

    It’s special treatment! Just what Pinoys want!

    1. Lol, Pinoy are all inconsiderate promdi fucks. My neighbor has been continually honking his horn for the last 4 hours or so and woke me up from my deep sleep honking his horn. Why is he doing it? He’s filipino. No other nationality I’ve ever met would condone or find it acceptable to act in the way he acts. I hate this entire country and I hope all filipinos die.

  3. I am an OFW and there are instances when I ride public transportation in Dubai where a group of Indians, Pakistani, Sri Lankans or even Arabs like Egyptian talking loudly. Do I fault them or their nationaliy? NO! Because I know it is one coping mechanism for their homesickness!

      1. I am not making an excuse. I am stating a fact. Talking loudly when u are a group in public places is not confined to a single nationality

        1. Are we talking about the generalization of race or the impropriety? I never commented on the latter so why ask me that question?

    1. I agree with you Ike. That is their way of pouring and emptying their heartaches and loneliness. Although it is not right to do that in places where other people’s silence are disturb.

  4. Valte is there trying to endear her boss to those who view this as standing up for the underdog. If the boss was simply competent and fair he wouldn’t need such shameless grabs at popularity .

  5. It is not our language of Tagalog…it is our civilities; and acting in consideration of others…we have always been like that: “me mentality”…

    When Filipinos are in groups; they act like “flocks and flocks of birds”…a good American friend told me. They hate also to fall in line, to wait. Some break infront of others in the line. This is a Very Rude gesture.

    We were not brought up rigth by our parents, I think. Not proper sympathy and consideration to others. This is the reason, our country is in a mess…

    1. ITS TRUTH….

  6. Talking loudly is an international phenomenon. Just come to Canada, take a bus or skytrain and you’ll notice that people of every color do the thing. It may be cultural, force of habit or loss of hearing.
    One can either admonish the loud “speakers”, say something or grin and bear it.

  7. Singapore should pass a law forbidding loud talking in the bus. Those who will be caught will pay 300 SGD.

    Problem solve 🙂

  8. Yeah, I was in a Metrobank in Cebu City, and a group of call center people were getting their payroll, and they were talking so loudly in Visaya. The customers were getting irritated, and I got up from my seat and walked to a quieter part of the bank. The Managers were aware, and so were the security guards, and tellers, but nobody in charge said anything to quiet them down.What good are the guards if they can’t maintain a comfortable environment. Well, at least they open and close the doors.

    I can understand a McDonalds or a 7-11, but a bank??

    What lacks a lot is common courtesy in public!

  9. I am a Filipino and I lived in London for 40 years using the London Underground train stations (the “tube” as Londoners call it.) Passengers in the “tube” talk loudly and in different dialects and languages with all the body language, gestures, facial and eye expressions and no one bothers because it is a public enclosure and therefore it becomes noisy because of the varied verbal accents, intonations and elocutions while other passengers quietly read magazines, newspapers or using earphones and headphones listening to all forms of airwaves. I feel that this singaporean passenger feels very privelege in his or her way of ignorant thinking. Well ignorance is bliss so they say.

  10. mariaedithanstitutes part of our humanity. There are some jobs where the workers are required to stay quiet or we keep quiet to focus or concentrate. Sometimes, we don’t get to speak for long hours. Domestic helpers are often left alone most of the day. Factory workers do the same routinary procedures day in and out. Many of the chores we do rob us of our humaneness, being treated like a “cog in the machine” or robots. During work breaks and day offs, we talk to regain and recover our humanness, to remind us that after those backbreaking tasks, we are ourselves again. Why do we deny people this right to express themselves and be humane again. We hire maids so we can have more time for leisure or more time to earn money to spend for leisure, a way to also recover our spirits tired of earning that money. Talking might be the only leisure for these poor domestic helpers. Let us treat our fellow humans with more kindness.

    1. i think its ok because its public! unless private! make sign in public places not allowed noise,,, the one who post this seems gossiper too,,, they r just jealous for they are limited,,, Filipinos are competitive in any ways, can speak in any language,, if singaporean dont want foriegner then stop hiring! if they dont want noise , then post! why need to expose to humuliate in public,, hey u can never gain any favor,, if u like favor bring it to the senate court, to banned that noise,,, un educated those who,,,, than

  11. First impression still counts. If a group of Filipinos act rude/unprofessional over a group of foreigners then I can’t blame the latter if they think we are a rude nation indeed. Still, people should not base their assumptions just because of a “few bad eggs.”

    Another commentator here also said that talking loud in public isn’t just a Filipino thing: I see Chinese and Koreans do the same when they are in a large group most of the time when I go to public places.

  12. what the argument missed is that speaking in filipino or any other philippine language/dialect is not the same as speaking loudly

  13. I also tend to generalize before. But my father(a man of few words) who worked for almost a decade in Saudi, told me that the Indians are the “loudest”. I also experienced several times on my way to work a lot of “loud” Chinese inside the elevator.

  14. I think Filipinos in general are noisy, because they are already damaged by noise. The things that are acceptable here with regards to noise would get you into serious trouble in other countries. There is constant noise surrounding here. Car blowing their horns (prohibited in Europe within City limits), singing Karaoke as loud as possible at 2 in the morning, entering boutique shops where you think you stepped into a Disco, sitting on a Bus and the Music is blaring in your ear, et cetera. I think Filipinos are suffering from noise damage. It is also not connected to poverty as I have encountered educated people doing the same thing. You stand on an elevator with business professionals and they tell each other some shit story on top of their lung. I however do my part by complaining when ever I’m annoyed.

  15. Maybe to answer benigno’s question “do filipinos speak too loudly and…..”, the answer is an honest yes. But to insinuate that we are the only race with that unique “attribute”, then that is a definite no.

      1. If i was, i would have put my post inside his reply box, as I am responding inside your inbox now. I was merely opining as a whole on the article and its title, hence, “maybe to answer……”

  16. “Manners maketh man”

    In a wider context, I would say filipinos overall would come out well compared to many nationalities travelling/being abroad.

    Much as i love singapore, i think this attitude says more about the inability of singaporeans to adopt a work hard/play hard life balance, be more worldly, less arrogant, and chill sometimes.
    Filipinas at lucky plaza on a sunday brighten up the locale, and the filipino club in orchard towers is a great place on a sunday.

    Generally, the americans have the worst reputation as tourists, but rapidly being caught up/overtaken by the chinese

    Germans at a buffet are not a pretty sight
    Koreans in the philippines are extremely rude
    English on a stag/hen party abroad
    Russians anywhere
    Snap happy chinese
    The Parisians if you do not speak french

    From my experience, the politest country remains thailand, except when it comes to politics, and the friendliest new zealand, although ireland is a close second.

    Chacun à son goût

    “Heaven and Hell

    Heaven Is Where:
    The French are the chefs
    The Italians are the lovers
    The British are the police
    The Germans are the mechanics
    And the Swiss make everything run on time

    Hell is Where:
    The British are the chefs
    The Swiss are the lovers
    The French are the mechanics
    The Italians make everything run on time
    And the Germans are the police”

    Someone come up with an asian version.

    1. “Filipinas at lucky plaza on a sunday brighten up the locale, and the filipino club in orchard towers is a great place on a sunday.”

      Alas.. the locals do not think so. Lol
      Lucky plaza is known among Singaporeans as a “Chinatown ” for pinoys, sleazy bars and salesman waiting to scam you of your money when buying cameras and electronics.

      And orchard towers… already has very poor reputation,
      To put it simply, the nickname of orchard towers among locals who know what the place Is infamous for is “four floors of whores ” or “four levels of sin”

    2. I’ve worked with around 20-30 Filipino professionals in the last 10 years in Singapore , not a single one of them ever appeared on the news, nor visit lucky plaza if they can help it

      And they know what lucky plaza means and rather avoid it

  17. Think about it when your neighbor videokes as loud as he can in the middle of the night even if you and the other neighbors are puyat and need to sleep. Filipinos may have a special case of inconsideration when it comes to their making noise.

        1. An inconsiderate person, be it Filipino, Singaporean, American, etc is inconsiderate irregardless of he/she is abroad or in the homeland. In the same manner, a considerate person of any nationality is considerate no.matter where he is.

    1. Exactly . Like your office mate with lousy taste in music who believes she is doing everybody a favor by cranking up the volume . Oooooo Square Rooms. I Miss You Like Crazy, All I Need. Shoot me now !

        1. There are bombastic, inconsiderate people in any culture but I can easily imagine Pinays abroad living up to it. Or do you think they are all reserved ?

        2. My problem with your statement is your generalization. Sure there will be Pinas who may be tactless and repulsive in how they act in public. But does that mean your mother, sister and wife too? And do you mean female of other nationalities don’t?

    2. Their most common excuse is “Baket, library ba to?” (Is this a library?)or “Eh di tumira ka sa sementeryo” (Then go live in a cemetery).

  18. This Singaporean douchbag is another one of those idiots that doesn’t understand that PUBLIC PLACES are for PUBLIC DISCOURSE. Anything short of ‘disturbing the peace’ is acceptable behavior.

    Tell this douchbag ‘H’, if he wants peace and quiet that he should go to the god damn LIBRARY!!! He has no right to tell people not to talk on public transportation, none what-so-ever…even if they are a bunch of annoying Filipina bitches, that are cackling like a bunch of cranky old hens.

    1. But he still has a point you asshurt moron. Those noisy pinays don’t have the right to sound like megaphones publicly because they are in Singapore not in the Philippines so they better follow the rules there otherwise they better get their asses back to fliplandia. Or are you just playing the victim card because they are our kababayan?

      1. Chill man… JT Jerzy’s actually one of GRP’s best supporters. He was being sarcastic with what he said (I think).

        As I can see it, this “H” isn’t branding Filipino workers there as noisy but rather he’s only making a call for Filipinos there to not be bombastic in public. People should stop scapegoating already and just heed the call.

        “That kind of stuff happens everywhere! Don’t ‘generalize’ us Filipinos as noisy! waaa! We are very, very, hospitable race! Why you insult us! waaa!” says the average butthurt pinoy. Ever heard of two wrongs don’t make a right, you crybabies? Even if it happens everywhere, it’s still doesn’t change the fact that it’s still wrong. How about y’all focus on NOT being noisy instead of trying to defend your oh-so precious image again from harm?

        On the other hand, I think this “H” person shouldn’t have made the effort to post since he’s only getting unnecessary noise from the very people he’s trying to reach out to. That kind of stuff happens all the time in the world anyway, so the best (s)he could’ve done was to shut them up himself/herself.


  19. So there are morons defending being noisy by saying “every other nationality does it too.” But the truth is, just because others do it doesn’t make it right. Just because everybody lies doesn’t make it right. Rationalizations, justifications, excuses.

    1. You know, I’ve been noticing that on just about every article I see criticizing Filipinos: moronic pinoys trying to justify to-the-bone that the criticism isn’t true by cooking up all sorts of excuses. “That’s not true! We are very hospitable and humble!” or “Why don’t u come here instead? You will see how wrong you are!”

      From how I see it, many Filipinos have a problem with taking things for what they are. Many would rather escape dissent by comparing it to something else (and in many cases, ending up with a false comparison).

      I’ve been thinking…maybe you guys can write something on this. Like “Filipinos have a problem with taking things for what they are.” or something like that. What do you say?

      1. And then we have a moronic human rights lawyer declaring that if you point out or make remarks about unruly pinoy behavior you are “racist.”

        Atty. Marc Titus Cebreros, Chief of the Human Rights Information and Communication Division, told Manila Bulletin Online that the anonymous request for a separate transport for Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs) is a form of racism.

        “Apparently it’s racist and racism goes against human rights,” Cebreros said.

        Oh No! expressing an opinion is “racist” somehow. Is he against free speech.(Take Note He IS a Human Rights Attorney)

        Obviously appealing to desperate emotionalism is the lousiest thing one can ever do.

        1. Is is considered racist when foreigners in the philippines do not have the same rights as filipinos e.g. buy land, investments, express an opinion without backlash etc…
          I’ve lived in the philippines for almost 10 years and yes, they do get over excited and they do get very noisy regardless of where they are. Just walk down most towns and listen to all of the noise from bars, traffic etc…
          Is there a noise pollution law in the Philippines?

  20. does “H” needs to repeat and emphasize the word “maid.” I could have been more sympathetic to his “reklamo” if he gave these people some dignity. I feel like many Singaporeans look down on Filipinos.

    I agree that what the hospital did was discrimination. The way they did it is very “Nazi” like, with camera and all. The management could just talk to the Filipinos and explain to them the reason they are preferring them to speak in English vs their native language when at work. When I started working here in the US, we talked in tagalog a lot with other Filipinos but we were told to speak in English at work by our boss because it felt very clannish. We understood and we obeyed. We are professionals and not children or prisoners…

      1. This is singling out bunch of noisy Pinay in public transportation in Singapore. Nothing to do with the entire Pinay world.
        When you are commuting with public transportation, it is just a matter of courtesy to behave in public. No BOISTEROUS NOISE such as loud talking, giggling, singing, kidding each other, playing loud music, talking on the cell phone or anything that is very annoying. Regardless of any nationalities, if you are in the bus around them as passengers, with this kind of situation, anybody can be very irritated. It’s a long day, you are tired and needed peace and quiet. These group of people around making BOISTEROUS NOISE that you don’t even understand ruined your day. THERE’S NOTHING RACIST ABOUT THE COMPLAIN BUT PROPER BEHAVIOR IN PUBLIC PLACE IS THE ISSUE. Behave in public Pinay maids, you don’t own the bus. Unlike them, my Pinay friends are better discipline than them and with proper manners and decorum.

        1. I am also a Pinay maid here in Singapore. I agree that there is nothing racist with “H” complain about Pinay maid being noisy in public buses in Singapore. In fact i am very much agree with all what he said. My own observation is that there are (but not all) Pinay maids making loud noises in the public transportation esp MRT and Buses. Being in Singapore for more than 20 years i have already observed enough. On Sundays esp when fellow maids are having their offday.It is annoying to hear them talking loudly , laughing, or just joking to each other. Majority of them are either with a group of friends or simply striking a conversation to a fellow Pinay.
          Some just cant shut their mouth off while they are in the bus. Don’t get me wrong but there is nothing wrong with talking and laughing but please if you are with other passenger in the bus , may it be a fellow pinay or other nationality it is best to behave in a proper way and be conscious and be sensitive with others.

    1. looks like it was a racist suggestion by putting a human being to a place separated just because…

      sounds like Hitler vs the Jews again. will holocaust appear again but this time its for filipinos???

      or just go straight to them and say could you people lower down your voice? just as simple as that. when i get in a bus and a group of people are noisy (not gangsters, i checked first. c”, ) i just asked them. and not declare it to the world and have some media attention.

    2. and why is it that they demand to do this and that. follow this and that. manners manners manners… NOT THAT IM AGAINST IT. MANNERS APPLIES TO ALL. DO GOOD, BE GOOD.

      but when they get here… im a foreigner im the king here, follow me, im untouchable. im in your country speak in my native language.

      but when they get to japan… so polite, so well behave, so humble, i will learn Japanese for you, you dont have to adjust to my language… (this is just an example country but it does happen and also happens in other countries)

      im not generalizing all. but most are like that. and most of them post comments here. and most of them will react to this post.

      but the few will disagree with this article and just leave. and not say any ill things or pour some gas to ignite the fire bigger.

  21. It’s true that Filipinos in general are very loud in the manner that we speak to each other. I myself admit to more than boisterous conversations with my friends depending on where I am.

    I especially hate it that people all around are trying to cover up the issue by playing the victim card again instead of actually addressing the issue.

  22. The way I see it, being loud in an enclosed space like a bus or a train is in pretty poor form since your voice won’t just dissipate out and everyone within hearing distance can’t just tune out of it unless one brought headphones. Same reason why boomboxes and “open” audio devices are discouraged or banned. Also, it just makes yourself obnoxious really. If you can’t communicate with the person a few feet away from you, clean your ears or invest on a hearing aid.

    If only a lot more places would follow Japan’s train etiquette more. The people there are very courteous they use their cellphones to text (SMS there) instead of talking through it. It’s all about where and when you are that’s appropriate to speak up and be mindful of whoever is around you. Never know if how you are talking may be annoying or even offending someone.

  23. I went on vacation in Barcelona for a month and I always get embarrassed when our countymen/women ride the bus/train because they talk real, real loud. I don’t understand this breach of etiquette. For sure they know they are annoying but they don’t
    really care. I think they know that people look down upon them and it’s like they are daring them to say something so they can retaliate verbally to show that they are tough. Please, if you don’t like doing menial jobs but are forced by circumstances to do it , please don’t add insult to the injury by acting like jerks.

  24. Filipinos are generally extroverted and talkative. But I am baffled if Filipinos would complain about some Koreans’ behaviour. While Filipinos may find the Singaporean’s comments racist, Filipinos can have racist tendencies but butthurt or ignorant Filipinos will deny it. They will come up with excuses such as, “we are the most hospitable race in the world” and “Singaporeans are just anti-social emotionless race who only cares about work”. Only racism against Filipinos exist.


  25. Wow I”m glad that there are many of us that are not bias and not defend our fellow brother and sister if they are behaving wrong. I also want to point out that our media, government, and society brainwash us that 90% of Filipinos speak English well. Only to find out that many of us only understand English but finding it hard to explain or articulate well when we are talking to Foreigners. Also due to brainwashing we thought our English accent is better & understandable than Singaporean English , little did we know that most South East asian countries understand the Singlish accent with British English terms more than our Filipino English with American terminology. Because most South East and East Asia are influence more by the British than Americans during the colonial period.

  26. Filipinos like to rant a lot when other nationalities criticize them or whenthey experience racial prejudice. Please remember, Filipinos don’t even respect how their fellow countrymen feel. Hell, they don’t f****ng care! This kind of mentally or behavior, however way you want to call it is very evident on the road. Drivers have no respect for other road users. In hindsight, how will Filipinos expect to gain respect from some foreign nationals when Filipinos don’t even respect each other. Loud talkers in a bus? These idiots just don’t give a flying eff about how others feel or how they might be perceived. Sad but that’s the truth.

    1. respect are earned not given away.

      there are some disrespectful people out in the streets and some who are not. just like here. your post is disrespectful while the others or some are respectful. its given. its a fault.

      im sorry if they disrespected you. i hope you will work hard to respect others so they could respect you also.

  27. I remember one incident in one of our travels . There was this Filipinowoman inside an elevator and lshe was on the phone talking so loudly! I was sooo embarassed! I told the lady that i didnt want to
    Listen to her conversation. And that she go back to our country to study phone etiquette. Nakakahiya!! I cringed in embarassment!

    1. lol! nakakahiya nga. pero sana sinabihan mo nlng ng tama na ang lakas ng boses mo. pakihinaan. kpag lumaban dun mo nlng ganyanin. lol!


  28. Asian are known to be loud speakers. It comes naturally. They talked loud, butting in middle of someone trying to finish their sentences. There is nothing wrong with that in a control personal environment like home. Please not in public confined area like public transport.
    Yes, we all have different upbringing and cultures. We can all practice them to our heart content. In Our Own Control Environment. Please do not subject the rest of us to them. If we are interested, we will request a participation.
    Consideration is a two way street with give way signage.

    1. thank you Lord!

      that is how we should react. mannered, respectable, matured. not like those previous post. demanding for things where even in their post you will not find it. as they say they talk the talk but cant walk the walk.

      i strongly agree with you. been to places too and seen that its not just filipinos. chinese restaurants, westerns fast food, trains, buses, ferries, etc…

      while some its proper to eat quietly and while with the others you need to be loud.

      consideration is the right thing to do first. and secondly why cant we just politely talk to them and correct them. that simple.

      anyway, thank you for this post. give hope that there are still people out there who are wise, mature, positive, and understanding.


  29. sana yon pagiging maingay nila ay ganon din sila kaingay sa pagbatikos ng mga kalokohan ng gobyerno nila. Sana ganon din sila kaingay at kadaldal na gawing accountable ang mga namumuno sa kanila na in-elect nila.

  30. I fully understand what this Singaporean person means. I used to see loads of Filipinos in Jordan (where I used to work) congregate outside the church on Sundays and talk incessantly about anything and everything. It is not limited to women only even men talked as if they were hard of hearing that they have to shout on top of their voices. Not content with the extreme noises they were making, they also used to carry with them radios and tape recorders with boombasters that played songs not everybody enjoyed listening to (this is going back years ago, but this does not mean they are quiter these days because now there are smart phones that seemed to be permanently attached to their ears and of course iPads and tablets too). I remember the priest threatened to ban the Filipinos From going to that church unless they can worship quietly, for obvious reason they disturbed the congregation……for even inside the church they just can not stop gobbing! As a result of the Filipinos trying to talk over each other, the locals were forced to go to church to worship in the evening separate from the very loud Pinoys. To say it is truly embarrassing is an understatement!

  31. To those who use the word “racism”. Please look up the word real meaning of the word in a dictionary first. “Racism” isn’t a word that should just be thrown around. It’s a serious word.

    To those who say that Filipinos are loud, although the claim that Filipinos have loud voices could be true, it still isn’t certainly the cause of your annoyance. There are lots of factors why you single it out and find it annoying or irritating, so I made this list:

    1. Language. You might know that it’s Filipino or any other foreign language, but you can’t understand it. Wouldn’t that annoy you? In a bus full of those speakers,they’re happily chatting and you’re listening (or you can’t help but listen),you might feel isolated or at lost. Your brain processes what you heard but it gives you no translation of it. That would surely cause a conflict in the brain.

    2.Accent/Tone/Speed of talking. Any language have this problem. Even here in our own country we sometimes have difficulties and misunderstandings because of this. You might think that a person is angry because he/she talk fast or his accent is thick. Or you might think that he/she is looking down at you because her tone is upward. But actually, it’s natural for him/her to talk like that.

    3.They’re in a foreign land with a different language, therefore “They should speak in *insert language used in that country* because they’re in this country!”. Well, if they’re talking to you then yes, they do need to speak in a familiar language with you so you two can communicate. Talking with other natives is out of your reach though. They have their own culture, respect it like they respect yours.

    Lastly, all we need to have is respect. Respect for ourselves and others. It would be much peaceful that way. If you think the person near you is talking too loud then go up to him and politely ask him to lower it. That’s all it takes.

    I’m not saying that the Singaporeans are wrong but neither am I saying that they correct. Same with the Filipinos. There is entirely no need to use such harsh words at each other. 🙂

  32. I worked with some Filipinos in an office (where English is used to conduct business( and find them to be quite annoying. They will discuss business matters in their monkey language thus leaving you out of what is happening. And yes, they will talk very loudly. Yes, I consider it a monkey language as it is very annoying to listen to. Chinese is fine, Malay is fine, Thai is fine, but the language of Filipinos is just annoying. Thankfully, management is aware of the effect these big-mouths have on the company and are getting rid of them.

  33. I can’t begin to fathom, that someone has so much time to whine about noisy filipino maids in the bus. Seriously? bus is a public transit isn’t it? what do you expect? If you can’t afford a limo or a car don’t complain. World doesn’t evolve around you. They’re maybe annoying, Singapore might be your country, but you don’t own it unless you bought it. If you despise noisy, misbehaving filipinos maybe you need to address your concern to your Prime Minister and have your country taken out from United Nation, so that you will not deal with noisy filipinos coming to your country. Obviously, lack of tolerant in your part. Philippine language, is not a monkey language, it’s the most difficult language to learn., unless if you are familiar with malayo polynesian and spanish “castillan” languages. I can tell there’s also some portuguese wordings too. insulting there language is a sign of being IGNORAMUS in your part. These people who complain about noisy filipino maids in the bus, have no idea, the east coast USA especially New Jersey, are loud people. There conversation is like a screaming match. Do I care, heck no it’s cultural thing.

  34. i hate singapore. been there and would never go back. i have seen it. not extraordinary. philippines is my country but its not exceptional as well. i am living neither of these places. i am in an island. thank god im alone. lmao!!!!

  35. and as for you Ted whoever u are, pakyu ka!!! i hear u sound like an indian who chats all day and is a pervert hahahahaha.. booooo

  36. Questions:
    1. “pinay maids”
    -how did “H” know that they are all maids? Did “H” get a chance to talk to them? Hindi ba yan discrimination? Working abroad does not mean katulong ka lang, may mga OFWs din naman na successful and buhay jan. And just in case you confirmed that they are pinay maids, you have the option to talked to them and ask them to lower down their voice.
    2. “The maids will push to board the bus, and the Singaporeans will always have to take another bus as either bus is full or if Singaporean manage to board the bus, they will have to stand near the bus door.”
    -another discrimination? it is a public vehicle. I believe Filipinos and other nationalities has the right to ride the bus. No special treatment to Singaporeans. (seems like since you are a citizen of that country you want to be prioritize) I don’t think that is fair.

    *We cannot please everybody, pero alam ko approachable tayo and we do follow rules lalo na kung wala tayo sa Pilipinas. “H” should have talked to the Filipino OFWs instead of writing this letter. (dito kayo magaling, magblog or magsulat nang kung ano2. Pinapalaki nyo lang yung issue.
    *If they cannot tolerate Filipinos in public vehicles and they want a quiet place might as well buy your own car/bus o kahit ano pa man. Mind your own business.

    1. 1. There’s actually a maid look lol
      It’s pretty obvious whether you’re a professional Filipino White collar or Filipino maid

      Otherwise she’s just being derogatory

      Singaporeans generally don’t speak up anyway and rather bottle the anger…. Until recently anyway.

      2. She’s actually most probably trying to say Singaporeans lose out because they don’t push.
      And she can’t mind her own business because Filipinos are in Singapore now
      The majority of Singaporeans don’t have maids. This is an issue the affluent rammed down the throats of the poorer ones

      And yes the average general Singaporean do more or less expect to have privileges over any foreign national

  37. Related to this issue…. I live and work in a private estate here in Singapore where most of the dog walkers are maids ( most of them are fellow Pinay). In a place where the streets are quite and less car traffic. The noise from the dog walkers are very obvious even if they are meters away. Although it is fun to see the parade of dogs walking together it is annoying to see and listen to the maids talking and shouting and laughing so loud that sometimes my boss who sleeps during the day after a long flight will wake up because of the noise. I know he curse under his breath but just avoid to say anything thinking it might upset me.

  38. I’m Filipino myself, and i think, Filipino overseas workers lack manners and etiquette when they’re in the public. Most of them are bunch of ignoramus!!! Singaporeans, there’s nothing much you can do with it. Why not hire high paid well mannered professional maid huuh! Good for you! if you stop looking down on Filipino maids or give them more respect…probably, they will learn to behave!

      1. As I suspected from this site: wanton self-hate actually does attract TRUE HATERS. Hahahahahaha!



  39. My filipino neighbours have no consideration for others in our neighbourhood they will be loud obnoxious and inconsiderte,They play music and sing kareoke at all hours their family and friends will be reving their cars and they will litter and walk away,I don’t know why they are like that but I find and others seem to find it to that it is the norm of these people! Why they gotta be so God dam rude & then play victim when being critisized?

  40. Yes they speak very loud and they have no respect for local people,there good and well behaved pinky but very little we have here in Singapore most of them are rubbish out of phillipine.get the fuck out.

  41. Pinoys aside from being completely inconsiderate fucks are extremely annoying and whiny like children. When they speak their tones and inflections have a way to get under your skin as they’re all high pitched due to the way they speak. I’ve gotten so annoyed from spending so much time in the philippines that I can’t even stand listening to them speak english or other languages.

  42. Spent over 20 years in the US military, same thing, a constant complaint from mainstream Americans is that Filipinos speak Tagalog openly and loudly. That’s one thing wrong with Filipinos, too clanish, takes the longest lunch breaks, easy to form a “Mafia”. I get embarassed when I get teased by others saying, “Oh, so are you part of the Filipino Mafia?” referring to any in-house illegal operations performed by Pinoys. Now that I’m retired, I work in a county office in San Diego. The same complaint: loud Tagalog speaking Filipinos without regard for people around them.

  43. I hate the tagalog language. How the hell did that ever become the basis for the national language? Then again, I shouldn’t be blaming the language which may be spoken sofly and delicately, I should instead hate on its adherents who care not to enrich and dignify it – speaking it the way they do.

  44. filipinos are loud…lol……but they are not aware,of the fact that they annoy people….Tagalog is a rough language..and I must admit..they sound like they are angry and barking when it is spoken…but you can get use to any thing.

  45. I’m so glad the writer of this article expressed exactly how I feel when I commute in Singapore on buses and trains. I purposefully bring my headphones and I pod with me and plug it straight in and hit the play button when I see a congregation of loud, annoying and obnoxious Overseas Filipino Workers all gobbling and moving their loud, irritating and annoying blah blah tongues whilst all other non races on the MRT and buses are showing respect and peace and quiet and are mindful of where they are. These Filipino maids are super annoying in Singapore especially when they’re always talking in their headsets. They are so loud in public and I wish Singapore implemented the same law Japan has on their train system. I am an expat working in Singapore from a western country and I’m not being racist but I cannot stand the public etiquette and nerve of Filipinos / the soundings of Tagalog get under my skin and from now on I will politely ask the group of loud mouthed maids to keep it quiet !

  46. I stumbled upon this page while I sit irritated in a Dubai public transport bus, with a group of 3 Filipinas talking away loudly in front of me.

    I think they are a very sweet people, but Tagalog as a language is a quite rough on my ears. To make it worse, most Filipinas (who more often than not engage in louder conversations than their male counterparts) have a twang in their voice, which makes it sound worse.

    Then there is their loudness. They don’t seem to realize that they may actually be hurting other ears with their high decibel noises.

    Otherwise, I love them.

    Writing this post was a nice distraction. My stop is almost here!

  47. I think it’s the construction of their voice box. Very annoying when they speak in English to North American customers. I just want to hang up on them. Sorry but true.

  48. This complaint is tinged with racism, which I abhor.
    However in my experience filipinos are loud, they seem to have very little (=no) concept of sound pollution and sound partitioning. They will talk loudly and play loud music as if there they were on their own. If you put 5 groups in the same place each will behave in such way, and you end up with 5 music playing concurrently and just too much loud noises.

    Moreover if I wanted to talk in the most annoying manner and tone, it would probably sound exactly like how many (not all) Filipinos talk.

    Maybe they have the capacity of tuning to particular sounds and ignoring other sounds like a radio would tune to a frequence and ignore the other ones, but I do not have this capacity.

  49. S a people, I like them. Regarding language, no question Filipinos sound like chickens, ducks and turkeys, and speak loudly, nasally intonation and rapid speech. Little consideration in public or on public transit, etc. Their language is EXTREMELY irritating and agitating. Worst language in the world – one couldnt even imagine making a worse one up. As a people, as in any other group, good and bad. My friend calls them “human cockroaches”. For sure we have a problem with them not adhering to speaking the official languages of Canada and adhering to employment policies in the workplace. They get away with it because of bullshit “human rights” crap.

    1. @Marianne: You probably missed the point. It’s not about the language but more about bad manners.

      And perhaps you and others cannot assume perfect exemption just yet… as demonstrated from how you described and worded about the things you disrespected here publicly.

      What differentiates you from those ‘loud’ Pinoy maids in a Singapore bus?

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