Whistleblower galore: Philippine pork barrel scam is becoming a sad trial-by-snitch circus!


As expected, more pork scam snitches are coming out. And why wouldn’t they? Seeing how much of a celebrity treatment and the generous immunity to justice they are being showered by the government with, it makes complete sense to turn squealer. I’d hazard a guess that every other Philippine Senator and House representative is now mulling going down that path. If this trend continues, every person of interest in this circus will turn state snitch. And the only real losers coming out of all this will, as usual, be the hapless ordinary Pinoy schmoe.

Just recently, another snitch has reportedly come out…

Lawyer Levito Baligod confirmed that [Dennis] Cunanan, former general manager of the Technology Resource Center (TRC), had applied to become state witness last year but his application was stalled in the office of Justice Underscretary Jose Justiniano.

“Cunanan was one of my early resources persons even before Benhur Luy came forward. I was talking to him and [former National Agribusiness Corporation vice-president] Rhoda Mendoza around March 2013,” he told ABS-CBNnews.com.

Baligod said Cunanan confirmed that he talked to Sen. Ramon “Bong” Revilla Jr. and other legislators when he was first designated officer-in-charge of the TRC. Cunanan made the calls to validate the senator’s signatures on letters endorsing the non-government organizations of businesswoman Janet Lim Napoles, Baligod said.

True to form, no less than Philippine President Benigno Simeon “BS” Aquino III contributed his presidential two cents on the matter of just how valuable these “state witnesses” are to this worthy cause…

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Aquino told reporters he watched the Senate proceedings last Thursday and found Ruby Tuason credible when she divulged that she herself delivered alleged kickbacks to senators.

“The more important thing is that it was personal knowledge on her part, and she was able to narrate it – how did she receive the money, to whom she delivered it and who benefited from it,” Aquino said.

But he said it would be best left to prosecutors to elicit the information needed to convict an accused in court.

Inquiries in the Senate are always in aid of legislation, the President added.

Artistahin: Top state snitch Ruby Tuason

Artistahin: Top state snitch Ruby Tuason

But of course. The Senate “probes” are “always” in aid of legislation — a concept I had earlier highlighted in a previous article. And yes, of course, it is all “best left to prosecutors to elicit the information needed to convict an accused in court”. Yet knowing all that, President BS Aquino just had to make that inappropriate presidential comment on Tuason’s “credibility” as a snitch.

It’s times like these that one could so appreciate the significance of PNoy’s given name initials.

First it was trial-by-media. Now it is trial-by-snitch. Any idiot will see that all this is just another Senate “probe” circus with a cast-of-a-thousand whistleblowers that will likely go nowhere. Indeed, it is quite obvious that all this is part of an election winning machine already kicking into gear in the lead up to the 2016 presidential elections. No surprise that the biggest targets of this pointless demonisation campaign masquerading as a Blue Ribbon Committee operation are the top-seeded presidential candidates — Senators Bong Revilla and Jinggoy Estrada.

But these two senators along with Senators Tito Sotto and Bongbong Marocs are also alleged to have received amongst themselves a total P370 million from the Disbursement Acceleration Program (DAP) — a slush fund that the President alone exercises full authority over. Either way you look at it, all roads of accountability lead back to President BS Aquino, regardless of how many snitches emerge from the woodwork. When you are the ultimate source of money used for crooked activities, distraction and demonisation campaigns become your only remaining options.

Of course, it is quite evident that there remains more than just a little reasonable doubt that these Senators are not without guilt. Indeed, many Filipinos are acutely aware that pork is the really the whole, if not the only real point of becoming a Philippine senator. So such a campaign to expose this thievery, albeit done in that circus fashion Filipinos are renowned for, is long overdue.

However, publicly humiliating alleged crooks is one thing. Actually prosecuting them and sending them to prison is another. The earlier only needs the sorts of moronic antics we are seeing on TV today. The latter, however, demands a bit more science — and scientific rigour ain’t exactly a discipline Filipinos are renowned for. To convict and jail a crook, you need the investigative chops to gather relevant and sound evidence then piece these together into a story that can convince a judge.

When you’ve got bozos like Senator Antonio Trillanes overseeing these Senate probes, and idiots like President BS Aquino cheering them on, chances are, no real science will emerge out of all that noise. And where there is no science, there will be no conviction. It’s all a no-brainer. Senators assumed their office on the basis of mere popularity. The officers of the Philippines’ judicial and law enforcement institutions, on the other hand, got their positions on the basis of real qualifications — like criminology and law and degrees among other examples.

In short, the only real outcome that Filipinos should deem acceptable is one where a robust body of real evidence of a grade that will pass the qualified scrutiny of a judge within the procedural rigours of a court of law is built. So far, nothing more than a merry orgy of high-fives and publicity photo posing in a den of thieves we call a “Senate” is all we have to show for after all this time. Typical.

[Photo coutesy GMA News Online.]

15 Replies to “Whistleblower galore: Philippine pork barrel scam is becoming a sad trial-by-snitch circus!”

  1. Seems the whistleblowers are actually “reserved,” as in, they have to be approved by the powers that be before they go forward.

    Wait a minute… does that mean they’re not really whistleblowers?

  2. It is investigation-and trial-by-publicity. With the Tyrant Dictator Aquino, cheering and commenting on his actors’ performances in the background.It then be broadcasted by his cahoots media networks. To distract the Filipinos, from their miserable conditions.And covers,the Dictator Aquino, briberies ; in order to dictate on the Judicials branch of the government. This is to cover the misdeeds of the Tyrant Dictator Aquino…

    Ths is also the reason, he signed the “Bloggers'”Libel law. Soon, Flipinos, like the German people, during their Nazi era; will “howl” with the YelloTard Wolves, also…

  3. “Ths is also the reason, he signed the “Bloggers’”Libel law. Soon, Flipinos, like the German people, during their Nazi era; will “howl” with the YelloTard Wolves, also…”

    Q: Do you see any of our kababayans in the street protesting at these laws?

    A: No, because it has the blessing of the masa.

    Obey and respect the law, and you have no problem, it’s that simple really.

    However, if you are planning to disrespect and break our laws, then you deserve punishment.

    Our country is doing so well in growth and development compared to other place in Asia.

    Look out the window on the streets, and see the children playing and people happy with their life, no wars with countless death like in the Middle East.

    Talk to the people in person and not on the internet, you will find most people and content with our country and our leaders.

    Don’t let hatred and jealousy of those in power consume you and make you engage in seditious discussions which will now earn you a place in prison.

    Be patient, and spend time in the sunshine, be a real filipino.

    1. @ JOESEPH

      Question???? What EXACTLY is the “Blessing of the massa”? and where, oh please tell me where I can get some???


    2. Joseph de-la-crooked-ass says:
      “Our country is doing so well in growth and development compared to other place [sic] in Asia.

      Look out the window on the streets, and see the children playing and people happy with their life [sic]…”


      You live in a fantasy world, Joseph. If I were you, I won’t stop from just looking out the window and actually walk those streets. You’ll see the entire truth there: ever-increasing prices, commodities shrinking and shrinking, drunkards bragging to each other on who has the highest electricity bills, more greasy looking kids “playing” in the streets…I could go on for a thousand more examples, but I’ll let you’re monggo-sized brain take in just the few I’ve mentioned.

      Talk to people in person and you’ll find WHAT? That’s easy to say for someone who probably never had any “poor” relatives suddenly barging into their house and pitifully asking for P4000.00 just so he/she can pay for a child’s tuition fee.

      It’s amazing how people like you who live entirely in their own comfort zones has the gall to tell anyone to just be happy with their lives.

    3. Telling us just to be happy is like telling us just to accept your president’s mediocrity. Sorry to say, your propaganda has failed again.

  4. OK, b4 it is even half way through the proceedings, here is what will happen:

    After Miriam Santiago gets up and blows a fuse, Sotto will act as if he is concerned, the Cayetano’s will act ‘really’ concerned and even say something bordering on interesting…Joker Arroyo will say something and try to sound concerned and ‘PROFOUND'(but accomplish neither)then there will be a two day ‘Recess’..on a friday so make it three days and then,WAIT…WAIT FOR IT…uh, NOTHING!!!! No charges will be filed…NO ONE WILL GO TO JAIL…..

    and no money will be returned…NONE!!!

    I’d bet Libertas’s teeth on it, but he swallowed them with his lunch.


  5. In a Country surrounded by pinoys. That is controlled by media there is really nothing you can do. Just don’t care about the shits happening and move on to greater life.

  6. pnoy insinuated that more whistle blowers will come out because he knows he can bribe them as what he did to the corrupt lawmakers.sayang naman ang galing niya sa panunuhol BS(BOY SUHOL)AQUINO if he will not use it.

  7. Lots of whistle blowers but only against 2016 hopefuls!
    Only 3 corrupt senators. Right.

    Imagine a whistleblower exposing all of frank drilons nefarious activities coming forward. Quickly silenced – permanently.

    Lito lapid and his mining and money laundering activities, loren legarda and her overseas property portfolio, angara and the economic free zone, etc.

    I am not defending anyone but this administration is not for justice, simply targetting enemies/2016 hopefuls.

    ? Why is binay so quiet. It is him that will also suffer through association. And that is also part of the plan. dont attack binay directly, unless really necessary, but enough just to remove 2 legs of the chair and the whole chair falls over.

  8. “Hey, it’s okay to do bad things, as long as I’m just the lackey and not the mastermind; once the authorities catch wind of the schemes of our group, I’d just do a turncoat in a heartbeat, just like what my trapo masters were experts at doing. Instant immunity* from prosecution by the government’s dogs and the wolves from my former boss. Hell, these idiot masses would even hail me as a hero/saint for doing that.”

    And one could just wonder why the usual mainstream moral zealots aren’t making an uproar over this ongoing immoral circus show; as opposed to just milliseconds of exposed tits and ass that would typically send them into a ballistic fray.

    * – put your whole faith on the word at your own risk

  9. As always, this trial is just an excuse for politicians to dodge their responsibilities to uplift the economy. It’s becoming a chore to watch these trials when you know the politicians responsible will just get away with it like nothing happened and the masses will just go back to their normal lives.

    And Pro-Nonoys say he’s doing a good job of cleaning corruption…geez, it’s no use polishing a turd, people.

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