Anonymous woman named ‘Roxanne’ files new rape charges vs Vhong Navarro!

Embattled Filipino celebrity Vhong Navarro will reportedly be battling another rape complainant. The complainant, according to her lawyer, Virgilio Batalla, chooses to remain anonymous for now. According to “breaking news” posted by “respected” journalist Tony Calvento on his Facebook page, the woman’s name is “Roxanne”, and has filed her case with the Department of Justice (DOJ) as of that post’s writing.

“Lumapit po sa akin ang biktimang ito dahil siya ay nagkaroon ng lakas ng loob sa mga pangyayaring alam n’yo naman po yun… yun pong pangyayaring may nagsampa ng kaso kay Vhong Navarro ng rape, dahil sa nakita niya na pwede palang mangyari ito na paulit-ulit sa ibang bababe tulad niya,” [Batalla] said.

This is in reference to Cornejo, who filed a rape charge against Vhong last January 29 or a week after the TV host was mauled by Lee’s group in a condo unit she is occupying at the Forbeswood Heights tower at the Bnifacio Global City.

Asked why it took the complainant four years to file the charge, Batalla explained a rape victim has “20 taon para magfile ng kaso. At ang kliyente ko at apat na taon lamang (since the incident), kaya hindi ganun katagal yun.”

Deniece Cornejo

Deniece Cornejo

Navarro’s case rests on footage taken by security videos within the Forbeswood Heights apartment building that indicated that the timing of the comings and goings of all involved including Navarro, Cornejo, and Lee left little time for the rape, as alleged, to have happened. The CCTV footage analysed by the National Bureau of Investigation (NBI) had shown that Cornejo had left her condo within a minute of Navarro’s arrival and that Cedric Lee and his goon squad (which included his sister, it seems) arrived within a minute of that.

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The weight of public opinion has overwhelmingly turned against Cornejo and Lee. Earlier this week, Lee’s “spokesperson” lawyer Renato Fortun resigned amidst frustration over the chaotic circumstances surrounding the circus. Cornejo for her part continues to battle rumours about her emerging from the woodwork as netizens’ relentless use of “crowdsourcing” tactics to dig up dirt about her persist. Most recent are allegations emerging that she is a call girl following revelations that she met up with a Malaysian businessman named Greg Binunus in a bar. Cornejo has since reportedly denied she is a call girl.

8 Replies to “Anonymous woman named ‘Roxanne’ files new rape charges vs Vhong Navarro!”

  1. Maybe fortrun resigned because he wouldn’t go along with such obvious tactics.

    No longer anonymous woman ( roxanne cabanero) cries rape after 3 years!, and 3 days after a new lawyer is installed. Sounds desperate measures, and obviously the plan is to use it for character assassination/confusion/ diversion/?delays.

    The woman concerned is a ‘beauty pageant’ contender – also disqualified for nude pics on porn site. – they can expect spike in traffic!
    What a cast of characters/low-life!

    It may be gossip at the water cooler for most, but, also surrounding all this tackiness, the other thing on trial/show here is philippine justice/system. It has such a bad image already. Will it sink further and become itself like this sordid telenovela, and as naked as roxanne cabanero in a porn movie, or act with speed, due process, and cloak itself in respectability. Mmmm

  2. Roxanne you deserve an academy award for your phony portrayal of rape victim. With your picture posted with $$$$ written all over your thick face!

  3. I read somewhere from amazing news that Deniece has a medical record on jan.20, 2014 wherein she was diagnosed with STD/ bacterial vaginosis..hmmm…i wonder if She has been suffering that long before with her foreign sexual encounters or from cedric ? not sure if vhong has something to do with her STD though..If she is going to accuse vhong for that cause, why she said vhong tried to rape her on the 22nd? (Medical record shows was 2 days after the mauling incident)

  4. So funny these 2 young women who accused vhong of rape has a bad image/ personality background being a model/beauty pageant.

    Roxanne should have a second thought of her coming out in public or even reviewing her sworn affidavit first.. Aside from her nude scandal that disqualified her on 2010 Bb.Pilipinas, she also had a bad image while joining the 2009 beauty pageant in Mandaue Cebu City.

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