Why Get Real Philippines Is A Positive Website

“That’s  a Negatory Good buddy. “


I am old enough to have briefly participated in the Manila CB radio scene when it was active. CB for you kiddies stands for Citizen’s Band.There might still be some form of it but chat rooms now fill that need. If I recall your typical CB radio had 40 channels. My dad had a powerful walkie talkie that only had channel 14. A shout-out to the Targa group. Whatever that meant. They were the inhabitants of channel 14. My handle was Space Ace. No surprise if you read my previous blog. Negatory is CB lingo for negative or no. If you wanted to sample CB lingo there’s always this.  There might be some of you who are doing your New Year’s  resolutions and one of them might be to be more positive.  Some of you might consider this website negative, meaning you may have to cut it out or reduce your visits.  I am here to convince you that GRP is only negatory or negative for those who are lying to you and want to continue lying to you.


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Don't be naive and think there is no pain in life. Is the pain negative?

Don’t be naive and think there is no pain in life. Is the pain negative?

Life is pain, Highness. Anyone who says differently is selling something.

The Man in Black from the movie The Princess Bride.


Some people associate pain with being negative. There is also the saying “no pain, no gain” . Life has always been like that. You will have to voluntarily go through discomfort to get what you want. Noynoy in 2010  on the other hand was trying to sell you something. That he was what the country needed at the helm of the ship of state. Not only did he not ever mention pain. He promised to eliminate two kinds of pain. Corruption and poverty. Noynoy is probably so adept at this that he seems to be convinced he can eliminate both without improving on unemployment. I heard better economic justification from Congressman Alex Shrub of Vice City.


If it is true that if there is  no pain then no gain, what does that say of Noynoy Aquino? His mother died and by simply being her son he gets to be president of the Philippines? That alone is proof that there is something negative of the voter culture of the Philippines.   Once in power  he flails around like a fish whose aquarium just met up with the Martilyo Gang. He may be President of the Philippines but it does not mean he is a leader.


What use is high powered perception if we can not analyze ourselves? Even Clarice says it takes strength.

What use is high powered perception if we can not analyze ourselves? Even Clarice says it takes strength.

 ” You see a lot, Doctor. But are you strong enough to point that high-powered perception at yourself? What about it? Why don’t you – why don’t you look at yourself and write down what you see? Or maybe you’re afraid to.”

Clarice Starling


I am still trying to understand the negative tag  placed on Get Real Philippines. Keep in mind I am speaking from my point of view as both a contributor as well as one that reads what the others write. My point of view does not necessarily reflect the opinion of all of GRP. When you go to a so called information source, you can go there for one of  two things : information or affirmation. Now that may be a personal thing but there are some places that cater to those incapable of independent thought. The people that depend on such places tend to hate a place like GRP where we offer independent thought. People that oppose GRP fundamentally tend to be the same people categorized by Colonel Nathan Jessup as those who can’t handle the truth.


I know a little bit about personal finance. In order to do your job properly you have to take stock of the person’s assets/ debt/ financial obligations/ dependents and other things. Then you take into consideration external realities like taxes and inflation. All those things may not all be pleasant to deal with but they are all reality. When you go to the doctor, the more unpleasant the diagnostic procedure the more thorough the examination. Blood is drawn, gloved hand up your rectum and other things that make you squirm. The thing is, you have to know what is there before you can improve what is there. Now tell me, is that negative??


In studying Tom Hopkins I learned the Four Stages of Learning. There is the first stage of the learning called the unconscious incompetent. Not only do you not know, you don’t even know that you don’t know. Sometimes to get out of that stage you need that rude awakening. You need that dose of reality. You need to be brought down back to Earth. Some people will call that negativity. Some say that in order to get out of a downward tailspin you have to hit rock bottom. Because for some it takes hitting rock bottom to achieve their moment of clarity. The ascent from rock bottom is called the conscious incompetent stage. The moment when they see their dismal situation for what it really is. Where you realize where you know what you know is not going to get it done. GRP is all about trying to get a dysfunctional society to get to that moment of clarity. Can you really tell me that is negative??


I am not anti Filipino however I am anti dumb. Would you consider me anti Filipino if what makes them go giddy tends to annoy me? Erap, Sharon Cuneta, Tito Vic and Joey, FPJ , Kris Aquino? Does that make me negative, anti Filipino or just a person of discrimination?

 You know when the truth is told, you can get what you want or you can just get old. 

Billy Joel

I am not saying that GRP has all the answers. It is just that some people don’t look deep enough to ask the right questions. They just take the path of least resistance either so they don’t have to think or what is worse is they do not see enough to believe they have to think. If this is done right , it is a mirror to society.  Look at technique of Alcoholics Anonymous. My name is Gogs and I am an alcoholic.  You have to confront what is the truth even if it is ugly. Otherwise you can be an ostrich and bury your head in the ground like there is no problem. Some of you will consider that positive. 


Try not to be so negative all the time. Why don’t you offer a little… constructive criticism?

Elwood Blues.


Earlier this year, I had a shocking blood test. You can say some readings on a blood test are negative. But in the words of Tom Hopkins, I never see failure as failure except as the negative feedback I need to change course in my direction. I would not say GRP has monopoly on truth in the world. What I will tell you is that many of us not only tell you an opinion but back it up better than most and even tell you why it is significant in the first place. Assuming the blood chemistry reading is bad news , is it the lab’s fault? Is the lab being negative?? The blood test is a framework. It is there to tell you something. Now it is your choice what to do with that bad reading.  I learned that my glucometer is not accurate. Do you consider that negative?


“Telling the truth is dangerous business ”




In the case of art imitating life. Danes' character in Homeland suffered for sticking to her guns. It did not make her any less right though.

In the case of art imitating life. Danes’ character in Homeland suffered for sticking to her guns. It did not make her any less right though.

Claire Danes was banned from the Philippines for telling the truth. Again proof of the cerebral prowess of our elected leaders. They feel an appropriate response to somebody describing their country as a nightmare is to ban them from visiting that very nightmare. Much like her character in the show Homeland. Carrie Mathison would be the one voice telling it like it is and she suffers the consequences for being right but daring to go against the convention. Big difference between telling the truth and telling people what they want to hear. On a side note, is there another actor who can play an abrasive prick as well as F.Murray Abraham? That is something positive isn’t it?


This is not Emperor Palpatine. It is Jerry Jones of the currently mediocre Dallas Cowboys. His strategy seems to mirror someone we know.

This is not Emperor Palpatine. It is Jerry Jones of the currently mediocre Dallas Cowboys. His strategy seems to mirror someone we know.

Former President Gloria Arroyo falls anywhere in the guilty scale between Little Miss Muffet and Ursula from the Little Mermaid. I won’t pretend to tell you I know where for sure. I do know that where she ultimately lands in my scale has no bearing on Noynoy’s lack of leadership skills and gumption. What Noynoy brings to the table and what he doesn’t bring to the table is the issue. He was the one who ran for the highest elected office in the land. Facing critics is part of the job he told us he was destined for. All leadership positions require tough skin. Not once has Noynoy in his life ever exhibited tough skin. Well he never once in his life exhibited leadership either. Yet he ran for president and got more votes than Erap. What glory is there in coming in first place if second place goes to Erap? Noynoy may not have tough skin but if anything he has ventriloquist skin. He is good at projecting the blame somewhere else. Never once has he ever shown accountability or humility. We put a non-achiever in the difficult position of leading this country. So the way I see it, we are behind the 8 ball. Does that make me negative?


How do you get to Carnegie Hall? practice, practice , practice.



Ideally the office of the President should be a privilege and an honor. The Carnegie Hall quote implies that to play in a prestigious venue , requires years of preparation and improvement. How did Noynoy get to Malacanang? The Carnegie Hall route? No his mom died. We the Filipino people made that possible. So you can make the argument that we have a president who was neither willing, able or capable. But the voters said its OK so that makes it OK.  MAGIC! Would you consider that a positive trait of the Filipino? Proud to be PINOY!!!!

Play Like a Champion

Living up to an ideal tradition is always hard. Not sure why the country is so confident in a career non-achiever. That to me is a negative trait.

“Every game, you will have a decided schematic advantage.”


Charlie Weiss addressing his Notre Dame players.


I am a Notre Dame fan but I bristled at this bold declaration. It is complete arrogance in a very competitive arena like big time college football. The results later are in recorded history. Play like a champion today is Notre Dame’s motto on wall. Under Weiss there have been not too many game days like that. No signature wins. Noynoy did something similar with Daang Matuwid. Makes a bold declaration the difference is Charlie Weiss only said it once to a closed group. Noynoy bandies that statement no matter what the occasion.


Being positive is voting for someone for their qualities and accomplishments. Not because of their mother.

Being positive is voting for someone for their qualities and accomplishments. Not because of their mother.

Some people have said since May 11 2010, he won the election, get over it support him. Like I said before ingredients + hot water = soup. You can’t have ingredients for a sinigang baboy but expect the finished product to be New England Clam Chowder. It ain’t happenin’. In pinoy culture we have such negative ingredients and that produces negative product. Yet the commentators are considered negative? Benigno Simeon “Noynoy” Aquino is not a leader, never was a leader and never will be a leader. The guy brought nothing to the table in terms of practicial skills. Yet you expect me to consume and digest what the Noy is cookin. It is a bit of a twist on the old axiom garbage in , garbage out. Take away Noynoy’s last name and what do you have? The mistake we made as a nation that day reverberates throughout eternity and specially in 2013. Does pointing that out make me negative or am I just saying we are wallowing in the misery that we ourselves designed.


GRP is negative ? GRP tries to even the scales  because main stream media tries so hard to erase the negativism that is a reality in the life of Noynoy. Noynoy was voted in as the President of the Philippines. He brings up his predecessor every time he makes acquaintance with a microphone or TV crew. Never in a complimentary tone. That is not negative? I am waiting for him to take out Holy Water and chant to her “The Power of Christ Compels You!”.




GRP is negative? Peace and order in this country are as of this moment ideals as realistic as headbangers snapping up tickets to a Justin Beiber show. Why? because the Filipino does not value it. We have learned to make all the senseless killing of Filipinos by Filipinos white noise. It comes out in what people do and what people will support with their wallets, their feet and their TV sets. All we do is point it out. It is already there whether or not GRP exists. Yet when some Hong Kong satirist   makes a comment only then does the pinoy get their nose out of joint.


Sometimes we create our own demons.

Sometimes we create our own demons.

You IDIOT! You made me. Remember?

Batman (1989)


GRP is a blog that discusses culture. What tends to come out is the negative results of a negative society. A society that elected Noynoy Aquino on words and deceased family and not action or results . That is NOT positive. You are rewarding inactivity. We live with results from a negative society. Some of us feel awareness to the negative traits is key to improvement. Improvement as in to make better from what you have now. So don’t give me that crap we are negative. We have a society that that does not like to think. Asks for little brains in return for their vote, life is cheap. Yet a website that analyzes the reality of that culture is negative??



Appearance is more important to this administration than  actual performance. That to me is negative.

Appearance is more important to this administration than actual performance. That to me is negative.


Han Solo once said “Keep your distance, though, Chewie, but don’t *look* like you’re trying to keeping your distance.” It is a bit of a subjective call. Whether someone is there to get results or make it look they are the cog in getting results. Considering Noynoy’s less than stellar pre-president resume I would tend to lean just a smidgen towards the latter. He was never a general, CEO, crusading Elliot Ness type cop or even an entrepreneur. If the guy is indeed a doer I have no earthly idea what he did to get that perception.



Many don't want to hear this but Noynoy helped pave the way for Nancy Binay.

Many don’t want to hear this but Noynoy helped pave the way for Nancy Binay.


Some people might find GRP negative because we emphasize real life examples of Noynoy’s mental challenges.I know I sure have. OK lets reverse it. When has he been smart? When has he excelled? Not sure how the same people who find Erap and Nancy Binay dumb can find Noynoy smart? Any nation that votes in a president solely because his mother died deserves all kinds of negative feedback when a questionable person produces questionable results. Our standards for intellect are so low that it invites satire and ridicule. Don’t be negative towards those doing the satirizing and ridiculing. Be negative to the people who try to convince you that dumb is the new smart. Be negative to those who actually believe it. It is all how you look at it. One can consider them criticism others can call it areas of improvement.


GRP is not cynical on its own. It is the subject we cover.

GRP is not cynical on its own. It is the subject we cover.

Maybe I am hopelessly naive but a person should serve the country in some exemplary capacity all of their adult life then only because of a superior track record of service then they are given the honor of being our president. What did we do? We put in the son of someone who died. What real winners we are.


Read my GRP blogs or even skim through all of them. My main themes are:

1) We don’t value voting. The Pinoy vote is cheap.
2) We don’t value learning.
3) We don’t value life.
4) We don’t value real achievement.
5) We don’t value due process.
6) We claim to value morals yet foreigners come here to live hedonistic lifestyles.
7) We crave attention no matter how trivial the feat or how inappropriate the connection.
8) We crave attention so much the feat does not even have to be true.
9) Our “popular” government wants to curtail the discussion of ideas among our own citizens.
10) The more unqualified the prospective public servant the better.
11) In 2010 we elected a leader who despite never accomplishing anything views himself as a tough act to follow.
12) Pinoy sense of entitlement is a bad mix with pinoy always victim mentality.
13) public servants think they are serving you by serving themselves.
14) basta pinoy da best.
15) current Daang Matuwid government loves to sweep things under the rug.
16) We believe recognition should come irregardless of achievement and work.
17) Our newspaper of record is so beholden to the president it does not bother to fact check.


If everything I said there is a product of my imagination without any basis on reality then it is a me problem. If I am indeed describing the cultural landscape as it is. That’s not a me problem, that’s an us problem. If I see the problems and you don’t but they are still there, in the words of Colin Cowherd, that’s a YOU problem. The way I see it , GRP is not made of country haters but people who exhibit tough love. People who tend to have less of a blind spot than your typical emo Filipino. It is those type of people that annoy your typical emo Filipino. If you annoy people who are ruled by their emotions and who neglect their logic, in my book you are doing them a favor. You are getting them out of their comfort zone. In between their piss and vinegar explosions they might actually think. Does that make us negative??


We are what we say we say we are and in the end that is all you can expect from us.

We are what we say we say we are and in the end that is all you can expect from us.


Pinoy “news” media are not in the business of telling you the truth. They are there to attract eyeballs or whatever senses their media caters to. At least in the Philippine setting, the way to attract eyeballs is to tell people what they want to hear. There is no critical thought involved or encouraged in Philippine media.With GRP though, “it’s simple really”. “We beg to differ”. It says right there on the top left hand corner of the website.   Then people still get steamed if the content indeed is different from the cliched main stream media and mainstream thought. “We beg to differ” is brutal honesty and people who are so used to being lied to, can’t handle our brutal honesty.


The truth hurts as evidenced by this critic.

The truth hurts as evidenced by this critic.


Do you consider being lied to a positive experience? People can believe what they want to believe about GRP but what if we do indeed take what are indeed lies and poke holes in them? Would we be doing you a favor? Would that favor be positive or negative? Do you tend to call someone disillusioned with who they are or what they are doing negative?? If we had some sort of Marcos agenda wouldn’t that be sniffed out by now? What we are not is sheep.


GRP is polarizing and I personally would not have it any other way. There are people who passionately agree with us and I personally find those people rational and intelligent. There is nothing wrong with disagreeing with us but there are those who disagree for the sake of being defensive and in an effort to discredit. I have one word for that: “good”. Copernicus was laughed at by people who did not have 1% the intelligence or devotion. It did not make him any less right. The painful part of the Philippines is the 2013 equivalent of the Copernicus hecklers voted in Noynoy Aquino as president.


The Administration cares more about looking the part instead of being the part. That is why PR is so important. Because they don't have much else.

The Administration cares more about looking the part instead of being the part. That is why PR is so important. Because they don’t have much else.

There is no such thing as doing something significant without resistance. We all only have 24 hours in a day. There should be certain things that are “not worth it”. GRP gets resistance from MCG online trolls and die hard noytards alike for the simple reason we are a legitimate threat to how they want to present the situation. If we had no basis we would not be worth it. If the government was more worried about producing results then they would have no time for critics. If the government knew deep down inside that they are competent and confident to get the job done, they would not consider funding online trolls. Yet we get them here. Nothing at all wrong with people who disagree with us but the ones whose arguments rarely deviate from the ideas heard in that day’s Malacanang press conference are not there to argue but to be an infomercial.  And like the real world you have to pay for infomercials. The existence of the push back in GRP is proof that something we do connects with fans and detractors alike. That can’t be all negative.


We take shots at the government but that is the right of every citizen on this Earth since the government is funded by the people for the people. When your elected officials are there not for the people but for themselves you have every right to voice concern. When your government feels you should not have that voice that is a huge concern. Manila Standard seems to think so.  (allegedly)


There is nothing more annoying than being in the Philippines during election time. Look at the poverty around you and then look at money spent on promoting politicians. Do you think all this spending comes from thin air? Guess who is footing the bill. Two people: you and me. Will you ever hear that anywhere else? Does that make GRP negative??


Norma Desmond did not evolve when films evolved. Yet she believed herself to be the same star. That is not being positive that is being delusional.

Norma Desmond did not evolve when films evolved. Yet she believed herself to be the same star. That is not being positive that is being delusional.

“There’s nothing wrong with being 50, unless you are acting 20.

Joe to Norma in Sunset Boulevard. (musical)


Its OK to be positive as long as you are not delusional As Joe Gillis tells Norma Desmond in Sunset Boulevard was not being negative in the text book definition of the word. You can say she was optimistic about her place in Hollywood marketability. What she did was avoid reality. She did not believe she was a has been. She did not believe people no longer flocked to silent films. The world around her changed. She did not adapt to the changes in technology and market for films. There truly is a fine line between being positive and being positively delusional


Think of your favorite food. Let’s say you enjoy a nice lasagna. A lot of things go into a good lasagna. Quality pasta , cooking at the right time for the right duration. If your pasta is lousy, meat spoiled or you eat it late there goes your enjoyable dining experience with your favorite dish. Many in GRP pointed out the obvious in 2010 leading up to the election. In whatever sites we were each writing for at the time. We tried to make sense how someone so unqualified wanted to capture the highest elected office there is a country. We tried to make sense why there was a foaming at the mouth of the yellow army. Those things did happen. Does that make us negative? Does that make us haters?


This might come as a shock to some. But humility in the eyes of the discerning is far more impressive than braggadocio. Pinoys will oversell themselves and if you try to bring perspective then you are negative. If you truly think I am negative. Don’t forget April 1, 2013 I tried it “your way”. I put myself in the mindset of someone who has seen the light that Noynoy is the one true King of Westeros. That I have seen the error of my sinful ways. The whole idea sounds more ridiculous now than it did April 1.


Much has been made of the so called Gates of Hell reference to Manila. That was the thought of a fictional character in a fictional story with a realistic setting. You may call Dan Brown negative but one thing you can not accuse him of is making up an implausible scene about Manila. I have been to slums in Tondo. I have been to farms in the Visayas. Not once did I ever hear Tolentino of the MMDA give Dan Brown credit for saying the ugly truth. Dan Brown is in a can’t lose situation. The slums and conditions are really there and not leaving anytime soon. Should they improve well Inferno shamed Manila into improving and startled their complacency.


Recently I mocked the pinoy penchant for spreading hoaxes on purpose or from sheer ignorance. In it I included pinoys wanting to make Paul Walker’s death about them and not about him. Everything has to be about them. No good deed is isolated to the source. Pinoys have to hitchhike. Then at the smallest gesture with the smallest pinoy presence there are major eruptions of sound and fury signifying nothing. That is the pinoy way.



You can have the nicest camera but if you keep taking pics of filth and grime at some point you might blame the camera for being dirty. It is the subject stupid. If your subject and your environment is gloomy, grumpy and dingy. That is no longer the camera’s fault. Speaking for myself I write what I write about simply as a counter to what I perceive as an abundance of misinformation around me. I hear it from parts of my family. I see it in mainstream media. I am glad the Internet is there to give us a fighting chance to question that which is forced down our throats as the truth. The beauty of having blogged a while is like anything a pattern emerges. I wrote about Noynoy while the Cory funeral was fresh in our minds. If voting in somebody based on a death in his family and not because he is capable is not negative I have no idea what is.


When something goes wrong / I’m the first to admit it


Paul Simon


So some of you think GRP is negative? Paul Simon’s song evokes something we have never seen from the Noynoy administration. That something is a concept called humility. In the words of Colin Cowherd, we have never seen Noynoy Aquino own his baggage. If there is one thing that would drastically affect the output of GRP and reduce the blog flow by at least 50%?? When the day comes that all of us can accept what comes out of Edwin Lacierda’s podium at face value. I think I would lose all my political material. Till that day comes, we will be here. Putting the BS from BS Aquino into perspective.


A lot of people take two totally different things then build their own bridge in between. It’s like a leap of faith. What I suspect some people don’t seem to get about GRP is that some people here try to define that leap of faith. ABC If you are going from A to C what is B? We identify what is there. If what is there happens to be negative or worse have reality distorted so it is spun off as a positive not sure why negative is the best label.


“I have not failed. I’ve just found 10,000 ways that won’t work.”


― Thomas A. Edison


Don’t confuse critical with negative, don’t confuse suck up public relations job with positive, don’t confuse sugar coating / window dressing with positive. Don’t confuse telling it like it is to an audience who does not see it how it is with negative. People are always going to have different opinions and different ways of looking at the same thing.  Sometimes instead of proposing a bunch of answers to whatever readers will read, it is better to propose a bunch of questions so the reader can make up their own mind better than they did before they read whatever I said.


Face it, Noynoy  never sought the presidency. The guy never prepared himself to what this job entails. I am in no way knocking fast food chains. But they all have management training programs to their credit. The military has an officers training program. But to be a senator you just have to be a long serving OJT. To be president you just have to point to famous parents to obscure the fact that you did nothing exemplary in your time in elected office. This is dysfunction that must be pointed out. It is already negative and pointing it out does not make the pointer negative.


I have no idea how some people can say the simple solution is not to write. What they are really saying is when confronted with a situation have no opinion. Well, then don’t read. Not just GRP but anybody. Don’t be selective and do not seek out alternate points of view. Writhe in your cage of myopia. Or should people like Edwin Lacierda be untouchable? He will have the monopoly of truth while by your viewpoint we should shut up. Only Edwin can speak? Sorry. There are just some people here that enjoy making a point or feel they will not accept the manure being shoveled in front of them. (Thank you Beano Cook RIP) People who say that are usually emotionally tied to whoever you arguing against and can’t think of anything logical in which to counter you.


“I don’t know anything about music. In my line you don’t have to. “

Elvis Presley


Noynoy annoys me because you have all these people celebrating him for something he is not. The guy lacks the tools to fulfill his role. Some people interpret his motherhood statements as positive.  Some people get whipped into a frenzy when Noynoy talks about how good his administration is and how good his term WILL be but never states his method on how to achieve it.  They never heard the expression talk is cheap.  There is a difference between being positive and just placating. Come to think of it I never heard him state any personal achievements on the campaign trail. I call it writing a check he can’t cash. Does stating that make me negative?


GRP is often a real life case study. This is what they told you before but this is what you are getting now. This is what they are telling you now and this is what happened before when they said that before. Hold these goofs accountable. Any media not just GRP that attempts to give perspective to an electorate that has the memory of Nemo’s friend Dory is fundamental to a society that wants to improve and make correct decisions. That is negative? Just because we don’t spend all day in Malacanang waiting for a story break does not mean we can not make people think. The ABS CBNs and the PDI’s of this world have access. What good is access if the truth is compromised because of that access??


A fundamental self help concept states that a wise man learns from their mistakes. A more evolved version of that is that a wiser man learns from other people’s mistakes.People here will take a well known issue and offer a fresh perspective or bring up an issue that may not be in the spotlight. You can think of some GRP blogs as free voters education. Laugh if you want but 99% of the electorate think campaign road shows with dancing girls and obnoxious ads ARE voters education. We give you a retrospective of the past. We compare what politicians say with what they have actually done. We cut through the crap politicians feed you. You can still chew on it in the end if you want but we offer you an alternative. Is that negative?


I am not a reporter. I just write from the heart. I pose questions and suggest answers based on what is going on. Somewhere along the line I hope I can make some people think. Of course there are sheep out there totally incapable of thinking. I wrote about Noynoy since he was mulling over whether to run or not in September of 2009. I wrote down my observations and interpretations of his campaign. I am lucky enough to have been able to continue to write in a great forum like GRP for over a year now. Based on current events I can safely say that even with hindsight I do not regret writing one word. No Noytard or mainstream media  outlet has ever proved my convictions wrong . It’s a free country. You may call that being negative, I call it making a realistic assessment of things.


Two easiest things to do in the world: 1) tell people what they want to hear 2) spend someone else’s money. I think I summed up Noynoy’s life ever since he came into public consciousness because of the death of his mother. Let me rephrase that because he did nothing significant for the first 50 years of his life, it took his mother’s death to get him on the radar of the pinoy voter. You must have some skill set. By the same token the two hardest things to do: 1) back up your bold claims 2) be accountable to the people who’s money you spent. Noynoy is classic case of do as I say not do as I do. If you did what he did you would be doing nothing.


If you recall the old story of the Emperor’s New Clothes. He had nothing on. Yet the whole populace was hoodwinked into believing he had something spectacular on. That story was first told centuries ago and it applies today. Noynoy Aquino became president as devoid of skill as the Emperor was devoid of clothes. Back in early 2010 the Philippines experienced Noynoy mania. Why exactly? It was then I discovered a website called Anti Pinoy. It had benign0 and Ilda among the writers. Despite all the hype emanating from the campaign there was Anti Pinoy making sense. Asking the right questions. Hence the genius of their name. They did not go against the pinoy consensus just to go against it. They went against it because they dared used logic instead of emotion which is so not pinoy.


In a sense negative reaction can be lumped in with positive reaction. Just like depriving a flame of oxygen will snuff out the flame, I don’t know how many hard working bloggers would still go on if we met up with complete apathy. It’s just like fans of a losing team. Boos should be music to the ears of the owner because they are coming from paying customers who care about your product. If all you had was apathy that is a different ball game.


I simply can not be proud of something trivial like a beauty contest or a basketball tournament in the face of all this negativity that people refuse to acknowledge exist. I have been very clear about that. Violence, needless death, lack of order. You can’t expect me to proud of that. You can’t expect me to believe that the negativity that this is there should be glossed over.


Finally you may wonder why despite GRP being what it is, we seem to attract our share of both fans and detractors, informed and uninformed. The more Facebook likes a GRP blog has it is always accompanied by people who disagree vehemently. Usually the more someone may label a piece in GRP as negative, there is a fair cross section that it also speaks to. It reminds me of one of my favorite movies Private Parts. There is a scene that shows that there are benefits to being polarizing. Not playing it safe. Going out on a limb. Tweaking sensitivities.


Kenny accuses Howard of being the Anti Christ. Funny how some people accuse some GRP authors of being the same.

Kenny accuses Howard of being the Anti Christ. Funny how some people accuse some GRP authors of being the same.

Researcher: The average radio listener listens for eighteen minutes. The average Howard Stern fan listens for – are you ready for this? – an hour and twenty minutes.
Pig Vomit: How can that be?
Researcher: Answer most commonly given? “I want to see what he’ll say next.”
Pig Vomit: Okay, fine. But what about the people who hate Stern?
Researcher: Good point. The average Stern hater listens for two and a half hours a day.
Pig Vomit: But… if they hate him, why do they listen?
Researcher: Most common answer? “I want to see what he’ll say next.”


97 Replies to “Why Get Real Philippines Is A Positive Website”

  1. TL:DR this wall of text appears to be a cry for help, or self justifcation of the writers inadequacies. This “bloggers” on this site are getting more infantile as time passes it seems.

    The tears of the writers here are delicious though, they will grow old and grey dreaming and ranting with the aim of overthrowing our great government with no sucess, haha!

    Long live Sir Aquinos!

    1. I KNEW IT! I just knew you wouldn’t be able to comprehend one iota of Gogs’ post.

      And I just knew you’d be one of the first to gloat. Typical.

      1. That’s true Johnny Saint. When a wannabe like Proud Pinoy takes an article clearly meant to be itself a form of help extended by GRP to victims of confusion and disinformation by yellow supporters and refers to it as “a cry for help”—rather than GRP’s response to a cry—which is in fact its exact opposite, you can tell that they are scared that this might open the eyes of many, just like how Rizal’s novels opened the eyes of his countrymen during his time. Perhaps, Gogs is on to something here.

        Keep up the good work Gogs!

        1. The fact that the malacanang troll group members keep showing their faces here each time the truth comes out certainly means that they are clearly panicking.

          Idiots like “proud pinoy” are clearly too blind to see the reality of his president’s non existent leadership.

          Real leaders never rely on propaganda to lead a country properly.

    2. Or maybe you should be given credit for actually being able to fathom what Gogs wrote and this response of yours is a piss-poor attempt at deflecting the discussion.

    3. @Proud Pinoy

      “Great government” kamo? Your standards are either abysmally low or totally perverted by your benefactors.

      Wake up and smell the coffee—Get Real!

    4. Oh look, the malacanang ass kisser is back and it seems that he’s still butt hurt because his president has already been exposed as incompetent.

      Your tears are delicious as usual since you are just too stupid to realize that you’ve already LOST

      In the end, we will be the ones who shall say, WE TOLD YOU SO.

        1. Well, it obviously didn’t work out for “Proud Pinoy” since it totally backfired on her.
          She only made her butthurt much more obvious than before.

        2. She’s the first to respond and she’s the first to make a complete fool of herself online.
          Typical behavior from a stooge of malacanang.

    5. You are proof why this had to be said Eduardo/ sendonggirl/ Fishball/ Vicente . I doubt you or your government know anything about success since despite the blog’s auto correct you can’t even spell the word. Don’t let your moron boss coach your spelling. This website rules otherwise you will not be here for so long with so many different names.

      Writhe in my cage of torment you brainless, gutless troll. You should have taken New Years Day off since there is no difference for you between drunk and sober .

    6. @Proud Pinoy

      What “great government” are you talking about? Are you blind to what is happening to the government, this country and its people? Are you deaf to the rising dissent against the yellow zombies? For example… what happened to Panfilo Lacson? Where is the rehabilitation Czar? He disappeared from the radar. What happened to the Yolanda Rehabilitation Plan? You yellow zombies do not have souls. Down with the yellow dictatorship!!!

    7. Hahaha, you really are a typical Pinoy, Mr. Conyo. You have such a short attention span and an inherent “ability” to miss the point.

      Hell, I know you’re being sarcastic and all but your style grew tired ages ago.

      1. Malacanang Trolls have an inherent ability to miss the point simply because they’re too dumb and one-track minded to realize that they’re not winning any arguments by spreading their propaganda here.

        1. Look at all of you so called “writers” lining up with your insults.

          You want the truth? The truth is your website is over 10 years old, and it has accomplished nothing.

          Our government and kababayans have enjoyed the fruits of hard work and dedication to governing our country, each election has been decided by the voters and the grace of God.

          If this site was considered a threat to our nation or sovereignty, our party would have acted against you wannabe traitors here, but as it stands, after a decade, time has shown this website and it’s rants have no affect on our wider society.

          It does feel good to read the tears of the dispossessed, the ones who have done nothing to earn a place of position in our society, I glace at this site to remind me how in my youth me and my friends were also anti establishment, and how those who later matured and served society lived happy fruitful lives in the open and those who didn’t change still fester and hide on the internet for they wouldn’t dare to speak their mind in a public place; only the internet is a safe place for them to vent and speak insults without fear of punishment.

          Happy New Year Everyone! Enjoy your little internet hidey hole!

          Blessed be Sir Aquinos, I thank him and the party for providing the opportunites and rewards that they have, my house is forever in dent to our great and divine government, thank you Father for your grace in giving us NoyNoy as our president, amen.

        2. @Proud Pinoy Magkita na lang tayo sa party.

          I agree, these are just faceless screamings people haha
          They are jealous of the government, they are dream they want to be the government…

          Keep dreaming CONYOs =D muahaha

        3. “If this site was considered a threat to our nation or sovereignty, our party would have acted against you wannabe traitors here, but as it stands, after a decade, time has shown this website and it’s rants have no affect on our wider society.”

          Yet here you are, showing your face everytime this site undresses your idol, Mr. Aquino.

          Your trolling has failed yet again.
          Enjoy your blunder, idiot.

        4. Hard work ? Your precious president was 50 with just a dead mother and NOTHING else . Yet you make him our to be General Patton. Hiring you is not an accomplishment,

        5. @pagpag:

          “I agree, these are just faceless screamings people haha
          They are jealous of the government, they are dream they want to be the government…

          Keep dreaming CONYOs =D muahaha”

          No, you are jealous that we are stating TRUTHS and not you and your fellow trolls who are just spitting YELLOW PROPAGANDA.

          Keep living in delusions, YELLOW ZOMBIES! BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! 😀 😀 😀 😀

      1. That’s really pathetic when you think about it.
        The quality (or lack of) of trolls that he hires to attack sites like this one never seems to go higher than “abysmal”.
        Stupidity seems to be common with the trolls that he hires, it’s no wonder why they are running with their tails behind their legs everytime their trolling spectacularly backfires on them.

        “Proud pinoy” thinks that we’re traitors yet he doesn’t realize that the Aquinos are the real traitors.
        The jokes on him since Benigno Aquino Sr. was a traitor during World War II.

  2. Gogs,

    On the whole — just a leeettle bit “negative” 😉

    Just sayin…

    The “Man in Black” character from “The Princess Bride” had a name. He was the “Dread Pirate Roberts.” That fellow wasn’t even a real person. “He” was a persona that was assumed by a series of individuals who periodically pass the name and reputation to a chosen successor.

    Also just sayin…

    “If you recall the old story of the Emperor’s New Clothes. He had nothing on. Yet the whole populace was hoodwinked into believing he had something spectacular on.”

    Neither the Emperor’s ministers nor the townspeople were exactly “hoodwinked.” They ALL KNEW the Emperor was naked. They ALL KNEW the Emperor’s magical, fantastical spectacle was nothing more than smoke and mirrors.

    Yet they played along with the pretense, not wanting to appear unfit for their positions or being labeled “hopelessly stupid.” Today we recognise that desire as “pakikisama.” To be more precise — Filipinos behave in a manner they believe is the most acceptable among their peers, even when they know it is wrong, because it is accepted that the popular choice is the best one. Or at least the one most likely to keep you out of trouble if not get you ahead in life.

    1. At that time of the movie he was the Man in Black. The M.O. seemed patterned after the Phantom whose books I read as a young boy. I never saw the movie with Billy Zane. If you recall Prince Humperdinck gets enraged and cranks up the Machine. Indigo still refers to him at that point as the Man in Black. Inigo Montoya: Do you hear that, Fezzik? That is the sound of ultimate suffering. My heart made that sound when the six-fingered man killed my father. The Man in Black makes it now.

      The public was hoodwinked into playing along may have been better phrase. The story is fascinating. It is why I despise fashion. Going along with what some guru says. People should make up their own minds and call it the way they see it without bothering to conform to the masses. Still we agree on the relevance. Only a moron follows a moron and that “proud pinoy ” belongs in the corner with a dunce cap.

  3. “The Dog returns to eat his own vomit.”, they usually say. So, Filipino voters come back to vote for : convicted plunderers, political misfits, underachievers, corrupt people, etc…

    The article is an Eye Opener to the Filipino Inteligensia. Forget Aquino and his cahoots of YellowTards. They can never understand , anyway.

    Some of the Bloggers have jobs. They earn their living in honest ways. I just blog to get off the steam after day’s work.
    I get bored easily.

    If you tell people the truth, in our country ; you will be at risk . Look at the victims of the Maguindanao massacre, the unsolved Dacer-Corbito case, etc…

    Political leaders believe they have the Monopoly of Truth. So, they hire expensive PR firms ( using your tax money) to sanitize the truth and themselves. So, we can find convicted plunderers, movie stars, boxers,other show Biz people, etc…winning elections. It is not what you know to get you elected. It is how you know to win, that makes you win, by crook or by hook.

    We thank the Webmaster for his patience in producing this Website. It is where people can write from their Hearts. And , not get murdered like Dacer, or shot and burried , with a Back Hoe, in a mass graves like the Maguindanao massaacre victims.

    In they Middle Ages; people who tell the truth are burned on stakes in Public Squares. The Italian Astronomer, Geordino Bruno was burned on stake. For telling that Planet Earth is round and revolve around the Sun. The AstroPhysicist Gslilleo was interrogated in the Church inquisition, and was nearly burned on the stake also. TELLING THE TRUTH CAN KILL YOU IN OUR COUNTRY…this is the truth.

    And by the way…Happy New Year to all. We wish our readers the BEST for 2014..
    Please continue to patronize this Website. Bring your good ideas to improve things in our country.

    1. Actually this blog originated out of a critical comment from my niece. Made me think of my thought process and what I was trying to accomplish. Thank you!

  4. Well written and thought provoking as always, except to the trolls whose cranial limitations would be unable to comprehend.

    “In criticism I will be bold, and as
    sternly, absolutely just with friend and foe. From this purpose nothing shall gurn me”.
    Edgar Allan Poe

    As Roosevelt said, those say do not criticise commit moral treason, and those who do not criticise are undeserving of democracy, and those who cannot criticise are but passengers in life without contribution.

    Criticism, like a pain in the body, is a warning which should not be ignored, but welcomed. It is a barometer of reality.

    Anybody who has worked in the western corporate organisations world would realise the necessary, and positive, role criticism plays, and maybe the filipino aversion to criticism explains why few if any succeed in the external and real business world.

    A simple training exercise at IBM used to be. One person in the centre of a circle surrounded by his colleagues. He/she would give a compliment to each one in turn. Then be asked to give each person one criticism. The point of the exercise was not lost on people.

    1. If you are sincere in your desire to serve your fellow man and confident in your abilities then you will have the attitude Theodore Roosevelt did.

      If you are wimp with no abilities and no accomplishments looking to follow the path of least resistance well…… I will let you finish that sentence.

  5. Hi, Gogs! Brilliant article. GRP will always be negative for the average Filipino either because he wants to shut out anything that will pose a threat to his blissfully ignorant existence or because thinking about the barrage of deep and complex ideas presented in GRP that challenge the Filipinos’ well-accepted notions and ways of doing things is too daunting and too tiresome for an uncultivated mind. But despite this, do keep up the good work, Gogs and the rest of the GRP writers. You’re a voice in the wilderness and a small flicker of hope in the hearts of all the Filipinos like me who love their country so much that it hurts them to see how the multitudes of Filipinos are destroying their country but can’t do anything to stop it. GRP, negative? If it were, I’d be cynical by now after reading all the blogs here. But no, I’m not cynical. GRP saved me from being cynical because it gave me hope that something can still be done about our country as there are others out there who truly understand what’s going on and who want so much to change it that they can’t just keep quiet and just have to speak up. Mabuhay and thank you, GRP!

    1. Much appreciated Chrissie. I would like to think we writers think before putting things down. Are we infallible? No. But no one should fear discussion of the issues and Malacanang and their trolls fear precisely that. They fear because deep down inside they know that Noynoy is a pathetic cringing little milk sop with no abilities. They just wasted six years of the country’s time with empty promises they have no hope on delivering. Hollow catch phrases that resonate with the hollow headed.

  6. I do admit, however, that the curses and dirty words that I find in the comments of some of the readers in response to the adverse comments to the blogs posted here are a bit off and make me weary. That’s why sometimes I just read the blogs and not the comments, though I must admit that I also learn a lot from some of the enlightened comments.

    1. Chrissie,

      Don’t let that put you off. Sure, some people will voice extreme opinions, peppering their rhetoric with personal attacks and profanity — but so what? A rough and tumble contest of opposing views is preferable to an insipid forum where the tyranny of the easily offended censors speech for fear of “going too far.” So if that means unleashing partisanship or even the occasional crackpot (who out of the blue accuses you of calling them a “piece-of-shit”) I say, bring it on!

      1. Thanks, Johnny Saint, but don’t get me wrong. Of course I’m happy that there are readers who attack the mindless comments of the blind Aquino apologists, but sometimes they get a little too far for my heart and spirit. Maybe tone down the profanity a little? But of course, if that can’t happen, I can just refrain from reading the more profane comments….

        1. Oh, I agree. It’s sad when people feel they have to resort to vulgarity in order to articulate an opinion. Or worse, when they lead off with profane language. I get that the feelings are very visceral but resorting to personal attacks and profanity only suggests a lack of depth and understanding. And a very limited vocabulary. But it’s their right. On the upside, GRP readers/contributors can and should discriminate. I say, if you disagree with me, argue with me. Nothing good has ever come from always following the party line.

        2. I love arguments based on a healthy exchange of ideas, but when it becomes a name-calling bout, I don’t want to have any part in it. Not good for the spirit.

    2. That’s an average Filipino for you Chrissie – one who resorts to profanity thinking it makes his argument more powerful. With many Filipinos it’s not about being the most log

      1. …the most logical, it’s about being the loudest.

        And they think using profanity helps them become loud.

        Sorry for the split post. I accidentally pressed post comment.

        1. No probs. want to post a really good one and I can delete the others. I recently got that admin right but for my posts only.

  7. “Man is born free, and everywhere is in chains”
    Jean-Jacques Rousseau – “The
    Social Contract,”

    Rousseau considered that man was naturally good but becomes corrupted by the pernicious influence of politics, corruption fuelled by greed, addiction to power, and inefficient bureaucratic institutions which acted as an enabler

    The result is enslavery by the majority to the self-serving few, with the final and most humiliating chains being placed upon free thought, and without an inquiring mind, all hope is lost. The individual becomes but a cog of the collective wheel, and will, which itself is determined by their masters, who only give away crumbs, and even expect thanks in return for their ‘noble gestures’ of returning a little of someone elses money/taxes.

    ( an insidious example that nothing has changed and that self-interest, deceit, and hypocricy remains dominant is the surreptitious increase in senate/congress 2014 budget by 721 million, obviously to offset the loss of PDAF, agreed to by a select few on dec 15 and headed by francis escudero , who when asked last week what the increase was for said ‘ he couldn’t remember the specifics’!! The piece of sh!te.)

    “Can you not understand that liberty is worth more than just ribbons?”
    George Orwell

    Egalitarianism was rousseau’s solution, but maybe that translates more into meritocracy in the current age, and that more than anything is what seems lacking in sham democracies/feudal systems such as the philippines, where the political dynasties, criminal elite and indolent rich ( they are invariably one and the same), exercise an iron grip on power across all sectors of society and as a result all suffer from mediocrity with people accepting low standards as a fact of life. Just as industries only achieve quantum leaps through ‘disruption’, so is the case with political systems, especially when they are so blatantly failing their ‘bosses’.

    “We keep moving forward, opening new doors, and doing new things, because we’re curious and curiosity keeps
    leading us down new paths”.
    Walt Disney

    Regrettably, the best often leave for greener pastures and greater opportunities, thereby perversely helping perpetuate the status quo of laissez-faire

    The rest simply struggle to survive existing on a diet of telenovelas and beauty pageants as their brains turn to mush, and robotically do whatever they are told, and believe whatever propaganda they are fed.

    “The only real radicalism in our time will come as it always has — from people who insist on thinking for themselves, and
    who reject party-mindedness”
    Christopher Hitchens

    ‘At Microsoft there are lots of brilliant ideas but the image is that they all come from the top – I’m afraid that’s not right. The role of the executive is to create the environment for ideas to flourish bottom up, to establish the mechanisms to translate the best ideas into reality, and to ensure a culture of innovation and team work which questions and challenges everything.’
    Bill Gates

      1. “You know what the bait is to get the trolls to come out and defend that short sighted socially inept clod? The truth.”

        Apparently, it works like a charm since trolls like “Proud Pinoy” and “pagpag” keep showing their faces here even if they claim otherwise.
        They’ve chosen a magnificent place to get their arguments,lies and propaganda destroyed.

  8. Yellow zombies are closed minds. They follow absolutely their “yellow Fuhrer”. The yellow dictatorship will only do worst in the last two years of its evil reign. Wake up Filipino people. The yellow dictator BS Aquino cannot fool all the people all of the time! Rise up and call for his resignation!

    1. I don’t think so Sir, if you do believe that the Philippines still have a chance or hope to become a true prosperous and relevant nation of the world,street demonstration would not be the answer. I suggest let him finish his term and educate the uneducated voters to vote a person who has a true nationalistic and patriotic outlook. A man who will serve the Filipino people selflessly and with fear in God. In other words, a person who is makabayan, makatao, at higit sa lahat maka-Dios.

      1. @Esmael

        I don’t believe in finishing Aquino his term.He should go… He is destroying the country…Every patriotic Filipino should kick him on the rear. He is an impostor and a charlatan. The Aquino and Cojuangco families had screwed us all for many years…

        1. Considering the current laws on presidential succession, everyone who is next in line is corrupt too.

  9. Excellent year-starter indeed for 2014!

    I like this line: “You can have the nicest camera but if you keep taking pics of filth and grime at some point you might blame the camera for being dirty. It is the subject stupid.”

  10. I don’t agree with you about the foriegners as being headinistict, many marry or eventually get married, I suppose some of the younger men.

    I’ve witnessed horrible and yet accepted bad morals by my brother in-law also proudly known as “Bonga” he’s old and living with his Kabit and has other girl friends, its a double standard pushed on foreigners and this needs to stop because every neighborhood has it’s playboys and they don’t pay for child support, diapers or milk and nobody makes them, no money but still they have plenty of honies, come on stop with the sexual bashing of foreigners and tourist.

    My 2-year-old grandson is living with me, I pay for diapers, milk, medicine ect.. almost abandoned by my adopted daughter (raised by Philippine family mostly with my money, I was working abroad) because she’s now living with a 40-year-old man missing half his teeth and gambles fighting cock…Oh loves “tagay” also…. go figure, what else is new are you seeing a pattern here Gogs, fix yourself before judging foreigners.

    1. If you read the blog I was referring it ,my real target was the local environment that makes such hedonistic behavior possible. There is the ideal the Pinoys loves to push and there is the reality . Local people bust their butts to attract people like that. It is like any sale. You need a buyer and a seller. Both agree. Read my father of Dennis Rodman story again. Sorry if you felt I targeted all foreigners . I was targeting locals who want those kind of foreigners here. You can’t argue these things don’t exist. Where is Pinoy pride? Where is the it’s more fun in the Philippines mob?

  11. Ignore trolls and their complete lack of insights, accomplishments, or meaningful contributions.
    They simply reflect their own lowly standing in life itself and their need to be a follower/cult member, who are always drawn from the flotsam and jetsam of society, the weak and needy.
    These intellectual pygmies just display their envy for those who are better informed, and their intellectual and social superiors.
    Their lack of knowledge of politics and economics is only surpassed by their inability to both comprehend the written word, or use it in any comprehensible form. Slogans and motherhood statements are the extent of their vocabulary. Facts, the truth, and opinions are beyond their obviously limited education and a sad indictment on their lack of parental upbringing, and even their ignorance of the country’s history and culture. Completely reprehensible shams who are simply leeches of society and need to feed of the ideas of others and try to achieve a modicum of self-esteem from their insipid vicariousness. Sad and pathetic specimens.
    Take pity on dumb animals

    1. You bring up a good point. Trolls are a reflection of what the government want the people to be. Imagine being like Fishball/ Proud Pinoy. For that alone they should be quartered then roasted.

  12. Yeah, breaker one-nine, this here’s the Rubber Duck, you got a copy on me Pigpen? C’mon?

    Yeah, that’s a big ten-four there Pigpen. Yeah, we definitely got the
    front door good buddy. Mercy sakes alive, looks like we got us a convoy.

  13. Gogs

    I think this “negative” image that GRP is viewed or portrayed by others, the trolls lurking here in particular, should be likened simply as a refusal to endorse, to assent to what PNoy or any other public official does or thinks – or as a dissenting opinion, so to speak.

    GRP bloggers clearly fall under the category of the constitutionally-protected “citizen-critic,” exercising not only the right, but “the political duty to criticize” as well.

    For it is actually this “negative” aspect in GRP views, this criticism directed at government officials and policies that the constitutional guarantee of freedoms of speech and press is intended to protect – “No law shall be passed …”

    Moreover, to the citizen-critic, this guarantee “at the very least … leaves the people and the press free to criticize officials and discuss public affairs with impunity,” for “[i]t is as much his duty to criticize as it is the official’s duty to administer.”

    1. For your third paragraph. May I remind you that in 2012, the government tried to sneak one past the goalie. What is it about the Noynoy government where every other thing they do seems to prove unconstitutional when scrutinized? The word is on the tip of my tongue. Oh yeah Noynoy is a moron.

  14. @ Gogs

    What you should be asking yourself is: A. Am I contributing enough as a writer that GRP would consider me as an asset? B. Should I look back at the articles I posted in 2013 and review why they did not create the desired “traffic and visitor responses” in spite the fact that I thought I have seriously done my best? C. Think that blogging is serious business. The ideas and articles you bring out speaks about how serious and how effectively you intend to win people on what you stand for. It is not simply calling somebody a “troll” because of his differing opinion. It is standing up your ground and defending it.

    ALEXA RANK cites Rappler.Com as best news site.

    Alexa, a California-based web information company that tracks over 30 million websites worldwide ranked Rappler.com third among news websites in the Philippines in its list of top 500 sites. Rappler.com grew 80% in page views and visitors in 2013 attributed mainly on their effective coverage of the impeachment trial of a chief justice, the pork barrel scandal, monsoon floods and the International Basketball Fed.(FIBA) 2013.

    According to the Konrad-Adenauer Stiflung publication, Rappler.com is the only news group singled out in its publication Asia’s Media Innovators Volume 3: Crowd sourcing in Asian Journalism.

    Stephen Quinn, former south China Morning Post digital development editor, calling Rappler “one of the most innovative media companies in the Asian region.”

    Harvard’s Niemann journalism Lab and sgentrepreneurs.com also cited about innovations at Rappler.

    @ Gogs, moreover, Huffington Post, ranked #1 news site in the world sold to AOL making Arianna Huff $315 million richer and still sits as editor-in-chief.

    Ancestry.Com a subscription-based genealogy research website with over 11 billion records online was started from scratch by two innovative young grads from Brigham Young U and sold for $1.6 billion.

    @Gogs, I think GRP has made the initial steps and has the potential to succeed, but you have to ask yourself if you have what it takes to make that success possible for GRP. Can GRP be better than Rappler? Or perhaps grow exponentially enough that your webmaster be taken seriously by those you oppose that you guys get an invite and perhaps honored by them. The year 2014 is now open for business.

    1. Lol! Thereabove lies the fatal assumption people make about GRP — that we are motivated by an aspiration to be admired or even “honored” by the mainstream.

    2. If we wanted to be popular, we’d write mainly feel good articles that highlight Da Pinoy’s “triumphs” in the showbiz industry. That should be easy enough to do.

      You talk about the popularity of Rappler but fail to consider the fact that that site has financial backing from people with their own agendas. Meaning, they have the resources to pay for reporters, researchers and so-called “journalists”.

      GRP will remain underground until the average Pinoy realises that his greatest enemy is himself.

    3. Gogs

      Although very true, moron would still be a mild description, a description that PNoy, in fact, can very well claim later on to evade responsibility. For how can a mental retardate — a moron — notably lacking in judgment, pull off such grand “unconstitutional” schemes?

      Take note though that what was declared “unconstitutional” was Pnoy’s/Abad’s manipulation in the disbursement of huge lump sums in PDAF, Malampaya and other executive-controlled funds – and not what the citizen-critics said against these guys.

      I think the fitting words to best describe PNoy are “vengeful hypocrite” – ask GMA.

      Anyway, after his term ends very soon in mid-2016, PNoy is slated to check in at a suite reserved exclusively for him beside GMAs at the Veteran’s Memorial Hospital– the facility supposedly for “veterans” but where ex-presidents of the Republic, Erap among them too, for some reason insist to be billeted there for awhile.

    4. krokodil

      I’ve read most, if not all, of what Gogs has blogged here, and I certainly don’t think Gogs is only after creating what you refer to as “the desired ‘traffic and visitor responses’”

      But I’m sure Gogs’ article became the opportunity for Rappler – you claim to be a “news site” and not an “opinion site” — to boost its own “traffic and visitor responses” too, by stealthily ego tripping in GRP.

      Anyway, please don’t remind readers here of Rappler’s “effective coverage of the impeachment trial of a chief justice”; GRP “visitors” know very well how that site was quite adept, as a bank teller needs to be, in handling “checks” and in openly violating the law of the Land regarding the “checks” of “a chief justice,” no less.

      Queer — your comments I mean!

    5. I get to say what I want the way I want to say it. That is an honor to do. I don’t have to worry about ratings or the Gestapo knocking on my door. I was writing this way on my own long before Get Real. So what about Rappler’s numbers ? As if that’s how I keep score.

      I will never forget it was eve of 2012 SONA and Rappler staff posting pictures of their press passes. They were treating it like Moses coming down from Mt.Sinai. That’s not anymore kissing a$$ that is another verb and a different part of the anatomy. That’s not me. It may turn you on but in the words of Bob Dylan it ain’t me babe.

  15. Many Filipinos’ ideas – especially of those who are our critics – indeed twist the meaning of “positive.” They claim positive is only nice things. Nothing critical. Don’t talk about faults and wrongs.

    In the end, that is very negative. You refuse to acknowledge faults and want only praises, which only serves to hide the problems and block solutions. The first step to solving any problem is admitting that there is one, which Gogs highlights in the Alcoholics Anonymous steps above. If you refuse to admit it, then you won’t solve the problem, it means you want to keep it. That is probably the sad dynamic that persists in the Philippines even today.

  16. This is my first time commenting here, but i’m an avid reader of grp and i just want to say thank you guys for opening my mind on many topic that our country faces. I agree with you that grp is a positive site, its like a parent giving his/her kids some “tough love”. More blessings to you and to the admins of this site and I hope to read more inspiring articles from you guys again.

  17. @ Gogs…HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!

    As Frank Zappa said:”..and carry on with out a comma”,
    WAH,WAH,WAH!!! “like she was someone I should know”..

    You do not have to prove anything to anyone. Anyone who comes to the Philippines will see the obvious truths that you constantly espouse…and automatically know.
    BUT BUT BUT, not ALL foreigners come to the country to live hedonistic life-styles. No, I know I did not. those that do can be found in Angeles city.

    that said, I saw what is a corrupt value-less society that treats each other terribly, and foreigners, even worse, as ones to be mooched off of, swindled or robbed out-right. A country where corruption is soooo entrenched it is un-avoidable and sometimes advantageous as in the episodes where cops can be bought off for little more than $20.

    it is sad that no one person will change what ails the country, the masses must decide…and, unfortunately…they are out to lunch.

    So, Carry on without that comma….and fuck ’em if they cant handle the truth!

    I do hope that all Filipino’s will see (the OBVIOUS!) that every single politician in the country is a cheating, lying, thieving weasel and NONE are above that monicker, NONE!

    1. Happy new year to you Gerry. Yes one can not be absolute but no one can deny there are trends. There are certain environments that allow things. Reality just puts a dent in a lot of the pinoy ideals. I quoted Frank only once I think when I said “don’t eat the yellow snow.” Though I might go through my work day with LSS of Joe’s Garage since you brought him up.

  18. Hey GRP, why get so defensive? Positive is a relative term anyway. One man’s trash is another man’s treasure remember?

    You yourself admitted that your blog posts are polarizing, so naturally detractors will surface and manifest their presence akin to a grass sprouting in a rain irrigated vacant lot.

    If you are to fulfill your mission of disseminating insightful ideas to a big audience as possible, then this blogpost is hardly the platform to do it. Internet penetration in the Ph is still in the developing stage and let’s face it, not all who are connected are necessarily gravitating to this site.

    To end this on a “positive” note, the comments and ideas shared here in reaction to the posts are indeed revealing on the kind of audiences it invites.

  19. I’m not even sure if it matters in the end how loudly the owners of this site and its contributors shout from the rooftops about what is wrong with the Philippines.

    Really, is any positive change going to happen to the Philippine political – and cultural – system during our lifetimes?

    GRP has noble goals, and perhaps benign0 and the other contributors think they can play the long game in eventually influencing Philippine culture and politics. But…is it just a waste of time and energy trying to fix something that probably REFUSES to be fixed?

    Mag migrate na lang kayo. Save yourselves. Fuck this country. Let China have it.

    1. This government is known for bending over and just taking it. And not just in a political sense. GRP is one big Foxtrot Uniform to those that expect us to just bend over. Those who want us to accept the unacceptable. To comprehend the unfathomable. You see their presence here everyday. Only because we are a threat. To all the trolls of the MCG and the Mac Brigade. SIT AND ROTATE pal.

      1. Oh, I don’t mean YOU, beningn0, et al should bend over and take it.

        I’m asking whether it’s even worth the effort and sacrifice to do so. Magbabago ba talaga ang sistema? Ang kultura? A fucking Binay is now senator, and it looks like her father has a real shot at being Prez in 2016. Hell, malamang buhay pa rin si Juan Ponce Enrile by 2016. That fucker will never die.

        You folks can’t even post your thought-provoking articles under your real names, lest some politico or nutjob tries to go after you. Just because you’re trying to do the right thing.

        This country is just so frustrating. Maybe it’s better to just cut your losses, and get out. Save yourselves. Save your families. Go somewhere where you have an actual shot at making it. Forget this hellhole called the Philippines.

  20. “Why Get Real Philippines Is A Positive Website”

    But firstly, who said that GRP is a positive website? Positive to whom and for whom?

    I think those are legit questions that the author have to answer. I hope Gogs will not hide from the cover of censorship just to avoid addressing those questions about alleged GRP as a ‘positive’ website.

    1. GRP, for me, is a very positive website on account of its vision of a truly progressive country with progressive people and leaders. It has given me hope that this country can still rise from the ashes because there are people out there who refuse to be silenced into submission even when they’re seeing horrible things happening.

    1. What makes you so sure of a single word you said ? Thanks . Really because you making it about where you think I am and your name calling means what I said is so on target you can’t even argue. Making up an id just to cheap shot me means you can’t even use your own consistent id to establish any kind of continuity? How can you ? I made so much sense.

    2. Looks like someone’s really butthurt to the point that he made a stupid username just to “insult” Gogs.
      If you think that you can intimidate Gogs like that, you’re in for a surprise.

      GRP frowns upon idiotic trolls like you.


  21. 1 year later and aquino’s presidency is going to end up like a whimpering dog begging to have itself be put out of its misety. No sign of the usual malacañang kiss asses here, especially “Proud to be Pnoy’s c**ksucker”.

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