The Big Lie: Senator Bong Revilla’s disgusting privilege speech before the Philippine Senate

The notion of siring 38 children (“officially acknowledged” or as much at 72 children, including unrecognized ones) with different women is not only irresponsible but downright perverted. Hence, I couldn’t help but puke at the sight of the old man (Nardong Putik himself) cry on cue, looking the part of the beaten underdog, while his son defends the family “honor” with a litany of nothingness. All form and no substance, intended to elicit the sympathy of the ERAP constituency (i.e., stupidong masa). There is no honor in siring 38 or, for that matter, 72 children with different women. There is no honor in exploiting your popularity as actors (perverting the democratic vote) to gate-crash into the senate, where you are a waste of time, space and taxes. There is no honor in plundering my hard-earned taxes and there is certainly no honor in denying it to save your sorry ass.

Big Liar: Senator Bong Revilla

Big Liar: Senator Bong Revilla

Now that we’ve established that Bong and his entire clan are devoid of honor and are borne of seeds of dishonorable dregs, it’s worth mentioning that the only tinge of cleverness in Kap’s amazing blah blah is the use of the propaganda technique known as the “Big Lie.” The expression was coined by Adolf Hitler in his 1925 book Mein Kampf and it involves the use of a lie so “colossal” that no one would believe that someone “could have the impudence to distort the truth so infamously.” Hence, he trumps-up his defense of the family honor when there is none. He denies any and all charges of corruption when there is no rational conclusion other than his own conviction. As much as I would like to credit Bong for this unusual blip of mental acuteness, the distinction would have to be given to his co-accused, Johnny, one of the masters of the Big Lie in Philippine politics, carefully orchestrating the Big Lie defense of the Trio Los Demonios (i.e., Tanda, Sexy and Pogi), completely, vehemently and repeatedly rejecting the accusations–a lie so colossal, they expect no one would believe they would have the impudence to distort the truth so infamously.

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The Big Lie segues into the supposed climax of Bong’s privileged speech–a “bombshell” implying P-Noy pressured him (Bong) to impeach the former Chief Justice Renato Corona–predictably designed to mislead and distract from the issue at hand. What our small-minded senator fails to consider in his earth-shattering revelation is the equally damning implication that (a) he allowed himself to be pressured by voting to impeach Corona and, true to the form of the most despicable “trapos,” (b) he extorted his pound of flesh from Malacanang in exchange for his vote–which he conveniently fails to mention. Besides, Junior’s pretend righteous indignation regarding that meeting with P-Noy, as if this was not par for the course in Philippine politics, wreaks of hypocrisy. Further, Corona was indeed a corrupt lackey of an uber-corrupt President (GMA) and he had no business being the Chief Justice of the Philippines. All in all, Bong’s bombshell turned out to be another nail in his coffin.

Admittedly, Bong raises one subject worth reinforcing–the President’s Disbursement Acceleration Program or DAP for short. Most everyone agrees (myself included) with the recent decision of the Supreme Court rendering the Legislator’s Priority Development Assistance Fund (PDAF) unconstitutional. It (PDAF) is a highly arbitrary allocation of hard-earned taxes and unnecessarily incurred debt used by legislators to perpetuate a political patronage system that keeps them in power and maintains their stranglehold on their poor and ignorant constituency (i.e., majority of voters). DAP is the same thing, except that (a) it is wielded by the President and (b) it has not yet been rendered (as it should be rendered) unconstitutional by the Supreme Court. So, in the spirit of fairness, kudos to Bong for highlighting the unconstitutional nature of DAP (just like PDAF), which should be seriously heeded by the Supreme Court and the President himself. The rest was just another disgusting display of weak-minded arrogance.

29 Replies to “The Big Lie: Senator Bong Revilla’s disgusting privilege speech before the Philippine Senate”

  1. “Further, Corona was indeed a corrupt lackey of an uber-corrupt President (GMA) and he had no business being the Chief Justice of the Philippines.”

    Indeed. Seems ironic to Sen. Bong that he appealed to the masses not judge him immediately regardless of the evidences both object and testimonial but in his privilege speech at the senate, he already accused P-Noy with no any iota of evidence. All is just Kaps Amazing Stories.

    1. “accused P-Noy with no any iota of evidence.”

      Maybe I missed the guilty verdict of GMA. Your idol Noynoy seems to love to restrict and to confine her as well as ridicule. I see lots of accusations but nothing of substance. Yet your posts tries to declare her guilty but your idol spotless.

      Corona was impeached because Noynoy broke rules and the methods came out later. Again, Corona is not jail. Kind of odd for someone who you describe as a “corrupt lackey”.

      Your precious president was unaccomplished in his 30s and 40s. He ain’t starting in his 50s. No, having you as an ally with flimsy, wimpy arguments does not count as an accomplishment.

      1. Lol. Haha! You obviously feeling butthurt. Now, you are making it personal, insulting me just because i took a nod on what the author of this article said? Don’t twist the issue. The issue here is Sen. Bong. Review my first comment. His accusation against P-Noy is not credible because he did not presented any evidence to back it up during his privilege speech at the senate, when in fact it is him who is yet to prove his innocence, if there’s any.

        1. I just find it weird that a Noynoy disciple is crowing about baseless accusations. You call it twisting the issue, I call it pointing out the hypocracy and double standard.

      2. Now, I smell fishy and see true colors. I hope the true intention and motives of some of the authors or let me say some founders of this GRP is not to give favor to someone or cleaned the vomits of those before PNOY. What is this? Disgusted PNOY yet favored former PGMA, as if the former PGMA is unblemished and untarnished by corruptions and unscrupulous activities. Just like I have I told you before, I am not for PNOY but I am not partial to anybody. What I hope that this GRP would be hopefully an impartial way of exposing corrupt practices, wrong perceptions, and giving a smart solutions to the problems not just criticizing and criticizing.I don’t like PNOy but I despised PGMA before.

        1. True colors? You’re mistaken.

          You just love being EMO over an ex-president who always whine about putting away a corrupt politician yet never fully understood the full lengths of the corruption.

          But what do I expect from a ignorant Pinoy pleb?

      3. Corona is not in jail because he has blanket immunity, just like all the other politicians and 99.9% of their lackeys/supporters. The trial was a scam, put on for the ‘mass’ to entertain them.

        No politicians ever go to jail, and no money is ever returned…EVER! You all here at GRP do know that,correct? The Amputuans have been sighted in Hong Kong and when was the last time anyone even looked to see if they are in their cells?

        They will never go to trial, never go to jail and neither will GMA,Aquino, Estrada ,Enrile, Corona, Soto, Belmonte, Santiago, or any of the rest of them. Although they are all GUILTY of crimes against the filippine people and are all Guilty of TREASON as well(Death is what is called for!) as corruption and deserve no mercy!

      4. Corona was/is guilty of bribe taking and the ombudsman proved it when she showed that his accounts ballooned by $100,000.00 right after the PAL decision went against the owner and right before the reversal of the decision. That part of the complaint was thrown out by the ‘prosecutors’ because he could have had criminal charges leveled against him after the impeachment,leading to a hefty sentence. The trial was a sham, a masquerade to pull the wool over everyones eyes…and it worked. Not a single official lost any of their personal ill-gotten wealth, especially Corona…and what did he lose? Nothing but a shit $1500/month job. Get real? get a clue, more like it. Anyone who doesn’t realize that the entire trial was a well-choreographed masquerade meant to take the focus off the thieving that was really going on, is just clueless.
        They are all in on the same scam, robbing the people and controlling the entire economy for their own personal wealth…all of them.

  2. Who is more guilty…the Bribe Giver or the Bribe Taker? Aquino used this Pork Barrel Bribe to impeach Supreme Court Chief Justice Corona. If Corona is such a “son of a bitch”…it does not matter. What matters is Aquino influenced people to promote his political agendas, to attack and control the Judiciary part of our government. There is no balance of power , anymore…Aquino is now the VIRTUAL DICTATOR of the country. Worse than Marcos. At least, Marcos showed to people that he is indeed a Dictator. Aquino hides himself, and become a Virtual Dictator…pulling strings, behind Congressmen and Senators. With the Oligarchs behind him, pulling the strings, behind Aquino, to promote their agendas of monopolizing the economy , and controlling the government. The NPA Mafia is also behind pulling the strings of Aquino…who are the men behind the shadows? I would like to know them…

    1. Hyden Toro, I am no fan of P-Noy. I would consider him a lesser evil. However, to state that P-Noy is worse than Ferdinand Marcos is, plain and simply, WRONG and suggests that either (a) you are ignorant and clueless of contemporary Philippine history (in which case you have no right to state such gross misinformation) or (b) you are for some reason or another (a Marcos crony, a relative of a Marcos crony, a paid hack) a Marcos apologist tasked to churn out Marcos revisionist history (in which case you should be shot for treason alongside the entire Marcos clan).

      “Lest we forget, Marcos bankrupted the Philippines to enrich himself and his cronies. And every economically productive Filipino has been digging the Philippines out of this abysmal hole since then. According to Transparency International, Marcos is the second most corrupt head of government in the world ever, after Suharto of Indonesia. No other President of the Philippines comes close to that distinction, not even ERAP with his midnight cabinet and harem of high maintenance mistresses or GMA with her partner in crime, the First Gentleman.”

      For a primer on the incomparable grievousness of Marcos’ uber corruption, read the entire article at


        A CRIMINAL ENTERPRISE in need of TOTAL destruction.

        The Virtual Vigilante see’s the truth about these scumbags and knows what needs to be done with them, BUT when will the rest of the country awake from its comatose condition?

        *****Caligula was pretty bad and near the top of the list, as far as thieving scumbags go, too.*****

        THE V.V. ROCKS!!!!

      2. @ Virtual Vigilante:

        Oh my…Oh my…I finally stumbled on a YellowTard Wolf in a Sheep Clothing. Mixing itself with a herd of GRP Sheep Bloggers.
        He is Howling, instead of Bleeting…

        “Bato bato sa langit ang tamaan ay huwag magagalit”…

        “I’m no fan of Pnoy.I would consider him a Lesser Evil…”

        Ang isda ay nahuhuli sa bunganga…

        For me , I prefer the Greater Good as my President…

        Contemportary Philippine History was writen by the Aquinos. They made themselves: “Heroes” and “Saints”. Inspite of their Greed in acquiring Hacienda Luisita…Ignorance then, of contemporary Philippine History is a Bliss… What right are you talking about? Right to be silent? They are stealing my tax money and using it as a bribe…

        Marcos Crony?
        Hell, I’m not that rich and influential…

        Relative of Marcos Crony?

        OMG…I may have been born in a wrong family…

        A paid Hack?

        Not like you…I’m Too Decent to be one…

        Marcos apologist?

        Oh no…not like you , YellowTard Wolf….I never licked somebody’s Ass, to earn my living…

        Like any YellowTard…they are now playing the the: Guessing Game!!!

        I will tell you who I am…I am like that mischievous little child in the “Once upon a time” tale; who mischievously shouted to the crowd: “The Emperor has No Clothes…”

        Shot for treason?

        What for? For telling the brutal truth?

        We go again to the Blame Game. A long dead man is blamed for the condition of the country…Thirty (30) years of Aquino era…and we are getting worse and worse economically, everyday…

        Transparency International? So, you believe, everything that people tell you?
        Another characteristic of a YellowTard…

        I still believe that Aquino is worse than Marcos…If you don’t agree with me…it’s your problem…

        So all Presidents were “Son of Bitches” or “Daughters of Bitches”…except Cory Aquino and Pnoy Aquino? What an idiotic mind…all of them contributed to the condition of the country…

        Aquino is corrupt, more corrupt than anybody else. Look at how they acquire the Hacienda Luisita and are doing anything to hold on it…and how they bribed Senators and Congressmen to promote their political agendas and the Oligarchs’ economic agendas…

        1. Marcos was way worse, maybe you hate the guy more than the despicable MARCOS, but MARCOS was way way worse.
          The guy stole, by all estimates, around $25,000,000,000.00 AT LEAST..thats BILLINOS ,back when BILLINOS was hard to come by.

          Your an idiot! they are all thieves but lets not get confused about who the biggest scumbag of all was/is.

        2. You hate pnoy you say? Well guess what you yellowtard parasite. You’ve just made pnoy proud of your stupidity thanks to relying on his BS media for your “anti-corruption” kuno making him get away from his pure incompetence. Ganyan na ba talaga kayo kabobo?

        3. U DOMO what your talking about. You go around all loudmouthed, hurling un-founded insults at people and all your doing is proving what an idiot you are.

          A true jack-ass, you will never see the forrest for the tree in front of you blocks your view. Get a grip on reality, step out from behind the tree, and you’ll see…the biggest SCUMBAG of them all was MARCOS, his money NEVER left the country and was NEVER returned to the people and his family still plays a big role in running/fleecing the economy (who gives a shit about running the puppeteer government?). Guilty as shit they all are….but MARCOS, followed a close second by Enrile was/is the biggest scumbag of all filipinne time.

    2. Corona was guilty of bribe taking as was proved by the Ombudsman. The $100,000.00 that appeared in his accounts after the verdict in favor of the PAL employees and right before the reversal of the decision to screw the PAL employees proved his guilt.
      BUT that part of the complaint was thrown out which proves that the entire congress is guilty of crimes against the FILIPPINE people. TREASON is no laughing matter, not even in a Kleptocracy like the Fail-ippines. OR IS IT?

      They are all GUILTY.

  3. The nerve of this weasel Revilla, as if he is somehow honorable. He and his family are worthy of nothing but a good fuckin beating, in public….Mussolini style.

    The sight of this two-bit bullshit artist and the nerve he has to act as if he is not a two-bit bullshit artist/criminal is nothing short of repulsive.

    1. OH REALLY?U to have no argument that stands up and so U resort to insults? it matters very little to anyone, what you say, and just because you are an ignoramus masquerading as anything but intelligent doesn’t make anything you say correct.

      1. Nah just admit the fact that you are indeed a yellowtard who loves to lick pnoy’s ass. Your propaganda are already useless here just like your fellow yellowtard desperados here especially the malakanyakanyang miscommunications group. Oh and it’s obvious that you sir are an abs-cbn news fanboy because I always see your comments on most articles they wrote with all of your agreement crap. Don’t you even deny it uto-uto.

        1. you really are a fucking idiot, and maybe don’t even know it. everything you said in your last comment is un-true/in-correct and as for the ass-licking comment, HA!!!

          What is it with you,HUH? Just coz ya got nothing in the way of an intelligent statement to rebuke the statement I made, so you come on here like a fuckin know-it-all jack-ass and when all you really are is a shithead loser who can’t make an intelligent statement if your life depends on it,huh?

      2. Looks like we have another yellow zombie in denial.
        Really pitiful how you guys desperately try to masquerade yourselves as the good guys when your master in malacanang is also the one undoing his own lies through his own ineptness.
        Everyone is corrupt in the government but there is no denying the fact that Mr. Aquino is even worse than past presidents since he relies on gullible idiots like you to spread his propaganda and try to silence his critics for him.

        1. There’s also the fact that corruption has worsened under his “governance” and also there’s the fact that his handling of disasters hasn’t exactly been acceptable as of late.

        2. YO JOHNNY , a comment is made by someone that states the fact that MARCOS was/is the biggest scumbag/thief of all filippine time…

          and YOU and your idiot buddies somehow imagine that it is a Pro-Aquino statement?
          You guys are complete idiots and you just proved it to anybody who reads this thread. Go see a psychiatrist because you are not only delusional but paranoid as well. You and ur butt-wipe buddy think I am a ‘yellow-yard zombie’ from the’malacanyuck miscommunications’ group(ur not even close), YOU IDIOTS MAKE ME LAUGH.BWAH HA HA HA HA!

  4. HE’s BACK!!! YO Virtual Vigilante!!! Good to see ya!!! as usual with a spot-on analysis of the despicable Revilla family. Bong and his mutt-like dog of a Father insist they are innocent and are suffering at the hands of the Aquino admin and yet they partook of the alleged ‘offering/bribe’ like the pigs-at-the-trough they surely are.
    Despicable as shit gets, these thieving scumbags are a disgrace to Filipino’s everywhere, except where they work, the Philippines Congress, where they fit right in with the rest of the despicable scumbags whose time has come to be struck down.

  5. and these comments that are taking pot-shots at the Virtual Vigilante as if he is anything but a Champion-of/and for-the-people are ludicrous at best and asinine at least.
    Wake up Dumbo and Jonny Dert, the Virtual Vigilante is the epitome of everything the scumbags he rails against are not.

  6. Bong Revilla, diverting the issue dont make you innocent. Filipinos are becoming more intelligent. you cant fool us.

  7. Wow! I can’t believe it! there really is a space for some critical thinkers here at GRP after all. I thought i’ll just settle reading some of benigno’s articles every once in a while but reading virtual vigilante…you broke the “group think” man! Now I can read articles from two authors and be enriched as well with the comments of a very few (sadly, very few).

  8. One thing common among all marcos loyalists – they see only two colors – blue or yellow; either you’re pro-marcos or pro-aquino. If you’re not one of them, you must be an aquino die-hard. When will they realize that there are still many Filipinos who see beyond the colors of politics, whose loyalties are to the country and not to any personalities. May those who blindly idolize any personality, make their love for the country be greater then their love for one man. If every Filipino could do this, this country would be a better place.

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