Sen. Bong Revilla’s Amazingly Cringeworthy Privilege Speech

My friends and readers know that I have absolutely no love lost when it comes to the Aquino Administration, but I’ll throw this administration a bone and say that  some people may have pretty much lost the plot with regard to the Pork Barrel Scam.

Given that it was actually infighting springing from greed and betrayal within a gang of thieves that created this whole mess, the Pork Barrel Scam produced some good as it may have disrupted a pretty lucrative scheme that has worked for an extensive network of “operators”, bureaucrats, and politicians for quite some time.

Finally, the Aquino Administration has stumbled upon a situation that could have provided it a great number of opportunities to make good on its claim that corruption causes poverty (“walang mahirap kung walang corrupt”) by filing cases and prosecuting legislators and their associates who abused their pork barrel funds and got rich from it.

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For instance, if farmers had received skills training or low cost farm inputs (fertilizers) that were supposed to have been funded by a senator or congressman’s PDAF, perhaps they could have increased their incomes and found a way to use that income to create even more sources of income.  But of course, that’s assuming that the poverty of Philippine farmers can be attributed solely to the lack of skills training or the high cost of farm inputs.

Being the one solely in charge of implementing the laws and policies of the country, the Executive Branch headed by President Benigno S. Aquino III could have wielded all of its resources to bring erring legislators to justice and come out somewhat vindicated from all the criticisms — fair or unfair — that has been lobbed at it since Day One.

It could have been “fortunate” in that respect, but fortune favors the well prepared — which is not something we can say for the current administration.

“Could. Have.”  Those two words almost always precede a round of recrimination and copious amounts of Monday morning quarter-backing.  But what’s the use of engaging in that, really?  We already know that this administration can’t seem to do anything right at all and if all we’re going to do is to keep harping on its mistakes, we’re probably not going to improve the situation unless we also articulate as well as implement remedies and solutions — which, if you will believe me, is not necessarily charter change.

The thing is, Senator Ramon Bongrevilla’s speech was really all about recriminating the administration in a bid, maybe, (1) to cover up for the grave abuses he is accused of by making it seem that his accuser committed even graver abuses and (2) to play up or sympathize if not somewhat patronize the addle minded detractors of the Aquino Administration.

(And yes, folks, I hate to admit it but there are anti-noytards as there are noytards and I’d probably derive a lot of pleasure in watching them go for each other’s throats in the middle of EDSA.  I’d probably root for anti-noytards though.)

I probably won’t be able to emphasize enough just how cringe worthy Senator Bongrevilla had executed his defense tactic.   Essentially, the senator tried to defend himself by pointing out the faults of his accusers — which would be good if it had bearing on the accusations he is facing.

The only parts of his speech that had some relevance to the accusations he faced were the parts where he pointed out that his signatures could have been forged and his denial that Richard Cambe was his chief of staff.  However, I have an impression that Bongrevilla’s citing of the”false in one, false in all” principle is not a steel-clad defense and probably will not prosper in a way that will completely absolve him.

Transcribed Excerpts of Privilege Speech in Senate.

Sabi nila yan daw po ang aking pirma. Eto pa po Mr. President, tingnan nyo pirma ko rin daw yan. I’ll show you another signature. Sinasabi nila na kinonfirm ko daw yang mga pirmang yan. At yung iba pa, common sense lang po Mr President.

I did not confirm anything. So madam COA, malinaw pa sa sikat ng araw na ibat iba yang mga pirma na yan?

Hindi ko po pirma ang mga nasa dokumento na sinasabi ng mga ito na ebidensya laban sa akin

Ngunit patuloy pa rin nila akong pinagmamalupitan, Mr. President.

Paulit ulit hong sinabi ni benhur luy sa hearing na siya ang pumeke ng pirma sa lahat ng mga dokumento. Ang mga kasamahan pa nga niya mismo ang nagsabing magaling at expert syang pumeke ng mga pirma.
Panoorin po natin ito. (Video of  Benhur Luy is played.)

Samakatuwid, eto palang si Benhur Luy ay si Boy Pirma, Ginoong Pangulo.

Kung ang mismong DBM nga may boy Xerox na namemeke ng mga SARO, bakit napakahirap paniwalaan na dito sa PDAF ay mayron namang boy pirma na namemeke ng pirma sa mga dokumento.

Bakit pag lilitisin ang tauhan nila sa dbm “not guilty without thinking”, pero pag kalaban nila, “No way!”

Oh no Mr. President, that’s very a…abad!

Sa halip na kasuhan dahil sa pa gaming pineke nila ang mga pirma ng mga mambabatas mas pinili nilang gawin itong testigo laban sa kung sino sino.

Para lamang mabuo ang kanilang planong wasakin ang inyong lingkod at mga taong sa tingin nila ay magiging tinik sa lalamunan nila sa 2016.

Agad agad nilang ginawang state witness ang mga umamin ng criminal hindi po bat sa normal na proseso, ang korte lang ang may kapangyarihan na magsabi kung sino ang hindi most guilty? At pwedeng gawing state witness?

Hindi po bat mangyayari lamang ito matapos silang maidemanda bilang mga akusado sa krimen na kanilang kinasasangkutan? Pero ano? Ano ang ginawa nila?

Ora orada nilang ginawang state witness itong mga jukebox king and queen na si Boy Pirma at ang kanyang mga alipores kahit ano ay kanilang kinakanta ayon sa kagustuhan ng naghulog ng pera kapalit ang pangakong hindi sila makakasuhan.

Balikan ko lang ang mga akusasyon na ibinulsa ko raw na mga kumisyon mula sa PDAF.  Ayon kay Benhur Luy ibinigay ko raw sa aking chief of staff at chief political officer na si Atty. Richard Cambe ang pera at upang maging kapani paniwala ang kanilang alegasyon nagbigay pa sila ng petsa kung kailan at kung saan daw binigay ng whistleblowers ang pera.

Sa biglang tingin iisipin mong totoo ang bintang pero sa katotohanan papakasinungaling talaga nila.


For the record Mr President kailanman mula noon hanggang ngayon hindi ko naging chief of staff o chief political officer si Atty. Richard Cambe.

Get your facts straight.

Sabi ni Benhur Luy tiyak siya sa listahan na ginawa nya.  Yabang pa nya sigurado sya sa mga petsang nakalista doon.

Mr. President kung humahaba lang ang ilong nitong si Benhur Luy habang nagsisinungaling sya malamang umabot na ang kanyang ilong mula dito sa senado hanggang Malacanang.

Mr. President Paano nya maibibigay ang pera kay Richard Cambe kung wala naman itong tao sa Pilipinas sa petsa at araw na nakalista sa kanyang ledger?

Sa mismong mga pictures na ito (showing)

Sa kanyang passports at sa mga record ng PAL ay ipinakikita na wala sa Pilipinas si Atty. Richard Cambe na sinasabi nilang inabutan ng pera nga mga petsang yon.

(showing manila-los angeles (lax) flights
(Manila to lax – May 6, 2008)
(Lax to manila – May 27, 2008)

Mr. President, falsus in uno, Falsus in omnibus. False in one, False in all. Sinungaling sa isa, sinungaling sa lahat.

(End of excerpt)

bong revilla truckload of evidence2

When idiots and idiomatic expressions collide.

I have a hunch that, for the purpose of his privilege speech which largely cast himself as a victim, Bongrevilla may have resorted to cherry picking from what is claimed to be a truck full of evidence against him.

On a side note, what amused me about Bongrevilla bringing out a toy truck loaded with a stack of documents is that he took an obvious idiomatic expression literally.  Of course, he intended to mock his accusers, but I think it would have worked if he had been known to have the intellect of his co-accused Senator Juan Ponce Enrile.

mar roxas boy bawangIn the end, it appeared to be just one of those weird things that happen in the senate.  It’s right up there with Mar Roxas’ wearing a garland of garlic to protest a bid for charter change through a constitutional assembly or con-ass which he called ‘con-asswang” — the joke being, as it were, that garlic fends of ghouls or aswang.

I understand the need for “visual aids” to emphasize a point and the need to use vivid “imagery” in speeches, but, I think our politicians should try to be a little less outlandish in this regard.

Hell! I’m still wondering if three poor kids REALLY floated bangkang papel or paper boats where they wrote their wishes on the Pasig River in the hopes that it would reach Gloria Macapagal Arroyo in Malacanang!

But garlic, toy trucks, and paper boats aside, Bongrevilla’s claim that his signatures were forged by Benhur Luy may be disregarded as other documents relating to PDAF transaction with his signature have surfaced.  For instance, a report from the Philippine Daily Inquirer says that Bongrevilla wrote a letter to COA acknowledging the release of his funds to NGOs.

Revilla made the admission in a July 8, 2011, letter to Assistant Commissioner Arcadio B. Cuenco Jr., a copy of which was obtained by the Inquirer. The letter debunks his claim that his signature and those of his representatives were forged—his main defense after the pork barrel scam was exposed in July last year and he was implicated in the alleged racket.

“After going through these documents and initial examination, it appears that the signatures and/or my initials on these documents are my signatures or that of my authorized representatives,” Revilla said in his letter.

The letter was part of the special audit conducted by the COA on the congressional Priority Development Assistance Fund (PDAF) releases from 2007 to 2009 during which P503.69 million of Revilla’s pork barrel allegedly went to dubious nongovernment organizations (NGOs).


I am not a lawyer and make no claims of being an expert in law, but I think that even if Bongrevilla manages to keep his accusers from using those documents against him, he’d still have to find a way to make sure his financial records don’t show patterns of movements that correspond to the flow of money to the NGOs he endorsed.

With tens of millions or hundreds of millions flowing, there is bound to be a document or a bunch of documents that’ll nail him or his relations and associates if he really did pilfer from his pork barrel funds.

What really got to me is that in his 50 minute speech, never once did he mention and explain the transactions involving his son Leonard Bryan Bautista, James Christopher Napoles, and Ronald Lim Jr.  Apparently, Bongrevilla’s son co-owns a business with Janet Lim Napoles’ son (James Christopher) and nephew (Ronald) which is into selling imported shoes

bryan bautista bryan revillaIn an article on PEP.PH, it is claimed that Bongrevilla defended his son but apart from a bare denial, nothing much is really said about the son’s business nor did it present records of its financial transactions to prove that his business was really legitimate and not a money laundering operation.  If it were legitimate, it would be easy to prove with ordinary business documents (receipts, tax records, etcetera) and this is something, perhaps, the BIR could look into by auditing the company.

In his speech, Bongrevilla appealed to his accusers to leave his family alone… which to my ears sounds like, “Don’t look there!”

25 Replies to “Sen. Bong Revilla’s Amazingly Cringeworthy Privilege Speech”

  1. Sad thing is… Panday could eventually run for President. I’m sure the masa would love another movie star as president.

    1. From Palikero, to Pandak (who “defeated” a Panday during a reelection), then to Panot. da Pinoys seem to have a thing for the letter “P” during the last couple of decades.

      Pwiset na puhay yan.

      1. In the topic of having a thing for “P” Hmm then I guess Pacquiao would be a great addition. umm Penis, Pwet, P*ta, Pedophile hmm even the mighty Pilandok might make it. LOL

        People just like pissing on themselves with piss and whatnot when it comes to their political candidates…no wonder why this place is getting deeper with floods each year…I’m not surprised anymore.

        1. In that case pnoy, politicians and the philippines should learn and apply the 15 P’s

          Proper Planning, Preparation, and Practice Prevents P!ss Poor Performance and/or Production; Passion and Personal Pride Predicates Progress and Prosperity

      2. Inday: Mam ay ayoko na ng inglis, kasi mahirap intindihin..

        Amo: Bakit naman?

        Inday: eh panu, ang
        ang mukha…pis
        ang pandikit…pis,
        ang daga…pis,
        ang kapayapaan…pis,

        ang kapiraso..pis,

        Pati sa subdibisyun, may Pis wan, Pis tu at Pis tri…

        ay pisti!! pisti ang inglis kasi pari pariho lang..

  2. Always, when they have to make a speech, it has to be emotionally charged. Probably emotional projection is one perceived way to distract people from the real issue?

    1. Filipinos love to use emotion whenever they want to, whether they use it in politics or religion to convey their message to the masses.

      Sad thing is that we fall for their false sympathy because of us using emotion rather than our brain.

    2. They always try to provoke the sensitive heartstrings of the populace..too bad this isn’t professional wrestling where emotionally charged speeches actually can be a catalyst to superstardom or just to make a valid point…

      People will just get distracted obviously and when more people will come to stir the pot that’s where all point is lost.

      Mabilis kasi maawa at magpatawad at makalimot kaya ganyan ang daling paikutin ng mga ulo.

  3. On the contrary, I find the Filipino’s strongest traits are love and loyalty to their friends and family. These are functions of emotions. If we can somehow extend this love and loyalty to society as a whole then we will see Philippines rise as a powerful nation.

    1. Filipinos detest politeness,, etiquette, manners , consideration, intellect. , order and harmony . They love baduy ness, chaos, anarchy. At least in Manila. You see it in the streets and in elections.

      1. you could had Said it any better. Matitigas ang Ulo at pag Nacriticize, kala mo naapi. The country has potential to improve but i will not see it in my lifetime.

        1. The problem with potential is they love discussing potentials but never about acting on such potentials. Kaya hanggang potential na lang, libre ngang nga lang puro lang pangangarap.

    2. Love and loyalty can lead to blind faith and stupidity. So unless that is coupled with the power of the mind … which I personally feel the Philippines is lacking of… then love and loyalty won’t do much.

      PS: by “power of mind” I mean the ability to think objectively. Filipinos are smart, but they most often than not think using their hearts than their head. At least that’s how I know them.

      PPS: yes I also speak in the 3rd person even if I am a Filipino. No it’s not to say I am different but I speak about what I observed about the Filipinos

      1. Sorry let me rephrase my PPS:

        yes I also speak as if I am not Filipino even if I am. No it’s not to say I am different but I speak about what I observed about the Filipinos

    3. It’s more like “pakitang tao lang”. In most cases I find Filipinos to be multifaceted and tends to leak emotion at the same time projecting self-denial towards the situation. For example when you borrow some money from someone, he/she will lend you (if he/she has any) some and when the time has come for you to pay and you don’t come up with the amount yet, the lender will destroy your reputation by broadcasting to everyone that you break promises and full of debts. On the other way around, if the former is easy going, or rich, or too shy to ask, the latter will abuse and take advantage as long as you’ve got something to give.

      1. There’s another scenario actually…

        Lender lends, lendee is unable to pay… lendee starts a campaign on how he is being abused by lender and demanding money from him when he “doesn’t owe him anything”. Tries to ruin lender’s reputation just to avoid paying.

        Yes I’m speaking from experience. This happened to one of our older househelp and I had to step up. When the lendee knew he could not “break” me by “shaming” me and what not, he then goes into hiding and never paid our househelp.

        Funny thing tho since those 2 are family and directly related…

  4. I saw Roxas, during the Typhoon Yolanda occurance; with a sack of onion on his shoulder. Now, it is a bunch of garlic. What is next? A sack of “Vetsin” on his head? This idiot must have love spices…
    It seems, everybody is a crook. Everybody profited from the Pork Barrel. Mr. Aquino bestows this Pork Barrel fund, as a carrot and stick…to promote his political agendas. There is even a Forger. These people are now corrupted to the marrow of their bones….
    These are what we had voted for…these are the hopes, we have placed on our future. Now, they are pointing each other, who stole most on his/her Pork Barrel fund. what a tragedy for this country!!!

  5. Most likely cause of why this is happening to him:

    Revilla is given his pork barrel.

    Revilla: Ooohhh! Money!

    Revilla shifts through the papers on his desk.

    Revilla: Tis’ so boring! When they gonna call me to act cute for “amazing stories”?

    Revilla finds a document that will approve his giving money to a bogus Napoles NGO. He reads the document.

    Revilla’s consciousness: Dear sir…our foundation would like to request 20 million…*political jargon I can’t understand*…*political jargon I can’t understand*…We love you captain barbell!

    Revilla: Ooohhh! A chance for me to do good! Yay!

    Revilla signs the document immediately. He then proceeds to signing all other documents on his desk hastily due to boredom, not aware that his signatures are not matching anymore.

    Revilla: Ateee!

    Revilla’s secretary pops up.

    Revilla: Tis’ all done. You go take them all away now.

    The secretary does what she’s told accordingly.

    The secretary returns with another load of papers after 10 minutes.

  6. A typical badly scripted telenovela combining drama, comedy, fantasy and pathos as the big bad wolf ( aquino) enlists his 3 musketeers ( delima, drilon, and roxas) to roast the 3 little pigs (enrile, estrada, and revilla) with the help of the 3 stooges ( benhur luy and associates)

    “3’z my lucky number but I think I’m goin’ down
    I think I’m gonna’ crumble with all these people around
    they were the one’s that tore me up and threw me out
    but I’m a stronger person now I wont go that route”

  7. Revolution or leave the country..

    I want to leave but no money…

    and there will never be a revolution… if we try we will be killed…

    Vote for who? is difference face, same machine..

    I wish more people come here and care, but no one dares… and the others don’t care..

    Our country future is the worst in Asia…

    I wish I was a girl, at least I can work bar for money or marry a foreigner…

    I hate my life…

    1. I guess time to nuke this place? XD

      Our country stopped having a future when the politicians of the old were only looking to make do with the present. The problem with dealing with their present at that time was they could not even give a damn about it and yet they talk about the future..and you know..50-60 years after the last world war this place is just so depressed.

    2. Maybe this country should start a support hotline for people feeling frustrated and depressed about wanting to leave the country but can’t.

      I heard that here in the Philippines, the way people deal with their problems is not so different from covering one’s ears, smoke some and sing “la la la I’m so happy full of positivity party party bahala na si God!”

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