Why Is ABS-CBN Spreading LIES About The Philippine Red Cross?



ABS-CBN came out with not just one, but several reports raising what appears to be false and misleading allegations against officials of the Philippine Red Cross (PRC) based on the statements of one former board member and at least one PRC employee sacked for negligence.

The false and misleading allegations arises from anonymous emails which former PRC Board member John Ehlvest Bo circulated to members of the PRC Community here in the Philippines and in the wider Red Cross Community abroad.  The allegations contained in those anonymous emails became the subject of an investigation by the PRC Board Governance Committee in 2012.  This was studied and findings on the allegations were published on December 2012 in the “Board of Governors Governance Committee Findings In The Matter of the Preliminary Investigation of the Electronic Mail and Sworn Complaint of John Ehlvest Bo.”

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Many of the allegations by former Governor Bo were taken up in the December 2012 were found REPEATED in the allegations made by former PRC Chief Accountant Jeric Sian whom ABS-CBN’s have made as their source in a series of news reports.

While the allegations against PRC’s officials were repeated and made with specificity, ABS-CBN did not exert the same diligence in presenting the clarifications and rebuttals to the allegations made by Bo, Sian and others.  This makes for a lopsided and obviously slanted REPORTAGE which can be construed as MALICIOUS.

Moreover, ABS-CBN reports DID NOT TEST or challenge the claims made by the sources of their reports!  It did not make mention of the investigation and findings of the PRC Board Governance Committee which was issued in 2012, the matter of which would have proven DAMAGING TO THE CREDIBILITY OF THEIR NEWS SOURCE.

Former PRC Gov. Bo’s Allegations Based on Hearsay and Deception

The first batch of allegations were attributed to former PRC Board of Governors member John Ehlvest Bo.  The former governor’s removal/expulsion/discharge was recommended by the PRC Board on the basis of “violating his fiduciary duties” and for “maliciously committing acts inimical to the PRC and the Red Cross Movement.”

In the Consolidated Findings of the PRC Board of Governors Governance Committee in December 2012 on the “Preliminary Investigation of the Electronic Mail and Sworn Complaint of Gov. John Ehlvest Bo”, it was discovered that Bo’s complaint affidavit and the allegations it contained were merely “hearsay”.  Bo admitted that he “merely relied on the information given to him by alleged concerned PRC personnel and obtained the documents that were attached to his complaint affidavit from the anonymous emails.

In an excerpt of a transcript of the interview with Bo, PRC Govenor Lorna Kapunan unraveled Bo’s deception:

Gov. Kapunan:

So the time that you filed a Complaint, despite being subscribed, you have no personal knowledge? And your admitted that you are relying on the representations of the people you were acting in concert with.  Are you changing your mind?”

Gov. Bo:

Yes, though.

Gov. Kapunan:

So you lied? Here?

Gov. Bo:


(TSN, 26 September 2012, pp. 253 to 256)

The Consolidated Findings cites jurisprudence as basis for saying that Bo’s complaint is pure hearsay and has no probative weight.

Borlongan v. Pena (G.R. No. 143591, November 23, 2007), the Supreme Court stated:

“It must be emphasized that the affidavit of the complainant, or any of his witnesses, shall allege facts within their (affiants) personal knowledge x x x”

Further on, on page 28 of the Consolidated Findings, it was discovered that Bo had little knowledge of the pertinent rules which he claims that officials of the PRC violated:

When asked whether he studied the PRC’s Procurement Rules, which is material to the allegations in his Complaint against Sec. Gen. Pang, he answered in the affirmative.  However, when asked to specify what particular provision of the Procurement Rules did Sec. Gen. Pang violate, he could not even give an answer.  Thereafter, when he was asked if he lied about having studied the Procurement Rules, he did not answer.  

The Facts About Former Gov. Bo’s Allegations

Missappropriation, waste, mishandling and/or misuse of PRC Funds.

The PRC Board Governance Committee Findings (page 11, 12, and 13):

“Under PRC’s existing Handbook and By-laws, there are no provisions thereat which expressly prohibit the giving of customary gifts, monetary or in kind, to the employees of PRC during special occasions, such as birthdays, weddings, retirements, emergencies, and even death and/or for other humanitarian considerations.  Indeed, the grant of a wedding gift or other customary gifts is not different from a bereavement gift which PRC has always, by practice, given to its employees in case of death or death of an employees’ immediate family member.

The claim of Sec. Gen. Pang that PRC usually gives gifts on certain occassions was supported by the Affidavit of Ms. Tesorio dated September 13, 2012, to wit:

“2.a. Wedding gift for Ms. Janine Pichay-Dangpilen reimbursement of P9,000:

The transaction was paid and allowed because PRC usually give gifts/token of appreciation to staff, members of the BOG, and/or partners.  PRC also provides humanitarian assistance during wake, health, and on disaster to affected employees.”


“Notably, the gift given to Mrs. Dangpilen was never passed upon as a personal gift/donation by Sec. Gen. Pang, contrary to Gov. Bo’s allegation.  This is clear from the following uncontroverted statement of Sec. Gen. Pang:

Gov. Coscolluela”

“Ah, on the matter of the wedding gift to Janine Pichay-Dangpilen, when you have the gift, was it clear that it was a gift from the Philippine Red Cross?”

Sec. Gen. Pang:

“Yes, Governor Coscolluela because we were actually three (3) then.  We arrived very late in the evening for that wedding.  Me, Ms. Beltran, and Ms. Tesorio, we did not bring with us our gifts.  Paul (Pagaran) wnet ahead with his gift so, we did not bring ours.  So, we agreed to give gift and at that time instead of gift Janine requested if it be cash, “cash na lang para mas practical.” And I don’t have cash that time I have my checkbook with me and we agreed to give Three Thousand Pesos each per office.  So, that is Php 9,000.00 eh pangit naman ang Php 9,000, and I said let’s give Ten Thousand na lang and I will shoulder the One Thousand Pesos.  That is why it became Php 10,000 in my check book but the Php 9,000.00 we have to charge it to the Red Cross.  That is very clear when I put it in the reimbursement form.  So we did not hide that it is there received by Janine which is Php 9,000.00 from the Red Cross and Php 1,000.o0 from me.”

(TSN, 20 September 2012 p. 34)

“The Governance Committee also believes that a Php 9,000 wedding gift, by today’s standards, is not excessive or wasteful.  Especially so in this case where the recipient of the gift is a PRC Officer and the amount of the Php 9,000.00 actually came from three (3) offices of the PRC.  the Governance Committee notes that gifts to the non-Red Cross personnel and/or celebrities have been given in amount up to four (4) times the amount of the Php 9,000.00 wedding gift given to Mrs. Dangpilen.  Some of these gifts were initiated by members of the PRC Board of Governors, such as PRC icon, Gov. Rosa Rosal.  The Governance Committee finds nothing wrong and irregular in the giving of gifts by Gov. Rosal and Sec. Gen. Pang, especially (i) the latter gave it for a special occasion to a PRC employee in the person of Mrs. Dangpilen, and (ii) there is no policy against such gift giving.  Perhaps the PRC Board can now consider enacting a policy to govern gift giving to PRC employees for special occasions like their weddings.

On the Matter of Reimburements by Sec. Gen. Pang for Parking Slot Rental 

The PRC Board Governance Committee Findings (page 14, paragraph 1):

“The reimbursement by Sec. Gen. Pang of the amount of Php 5,000.00 and Php 2,500 are not sufficient to warrant a finding that she misappropriated, wasted, misused, or mishandled PRC Funds.  Sec. Gen. Pang presented documentary proof that the parking fees she reimbursed from the PRC were payments for a parking slot reserved for the PRC vehicle issed to her.  It was clearly not used to pay for a parking space for her personal vehicle or for her personal use.”


On the Matter of Globe Telecommunication Bills Reimbursed

The PRC Board Governance Committee Findings (page 15):

“Notably, no controverting evidence, documentary or testimonial, was presented to show that Sec. Gen. Pang personally benefited by charging her Globe Bill to PRC. Good faith is presumed and bad faith is a matter of fact which should be proved.”


“Absent any evidence, therefore, which would show that the bill in the amount of Php18,585.59 was not connected to Sec. Gen. Pang’s official functions as head of the Fund Raising Department of the PRC, the Governance Committee considers her explanation justifiable and credible

“Besides, this Committee takes notice that there are several PRC officers/employees who also charge their official calls from their personal lines to the PRC.  There is nothing irregular or wrong in such a practice so long as the phone consumption are connected to the official function of the PRC officer/employees concerned and until after the PRC lays down a strick policy contrary thereto.”

On the Reimbursed Expenses for Sec. Gen. Pang’s Birthday Party Celebration

The PRC Board Governance Committee Findings (page 15, paragraph 7 to page 17):

“Gov. Bo’s allegation that Sec. Gen. Pang charged the amount of Php26,750.15 from the general fund of the PRC to pay the meals during her birthday celebration on 28 October 2011 at Sky Lounge in Diamond Hotel was controverted by documents and testimonies of witnesses.  As proof that she paid for the food and beverages consumed by her guests who attended her birthday, Sec. Gen. Pang presented two (2) separate receipts of her credit card bill, which showed the amounts of Php 26,750.15 and Php 20,108.52, respectively.

“The amount of Php 26,750.15 represents the expenses for the food and beverages consumed by the AVID Volunteers of the Australian Red Cross.  The amount of Php 20,108.52, on the other hand, represents the expenses for the food and beverages of Sec. Gen. Pang’s birthday guests.  Based on available records, Sec. Gen. Pang only reimbursed the amounts of Php26,750.15 (which was used to pay for the food and beverage consumption of the AVID Volunteers), but not the amount of Php20,108.52 (which was used to pay for the food and beverage consumption of Sec. Gen. Pang’s birthday celebration) — and for valid reasons.

“Sec. Gen. Pang explained that her celebration at Sky Lounge just happned to coincide with the Welcome Party hosted by PRC for the AVID Volunteers of the Australian Red Cross that was organized by Mr. Villena.  She originally had no intention of celebrating her borthday in the same venue but due to the prodding of other PRC personnel present, she eventually agreed to celebrate her birthday party in the same venue.

“During the joint celebration, Sec. Gen Pang emphasized that there were two (2) identifiable groups — her guests on one side and the AVID Volunteers of the Australian Red Cross on the other side.  The guests were seated in two (2) separate long tables at the Sky Lounge, thus, there could not have been any co-mingling of the food and beverage orders.  This was confirmed through colored photographs shown by Sec. Gen. Pang to the Governance Committee during the September 20, 2012, hearing where it was clear that the AVID Volunteers and Sec. Gen. Pang’s birthday celebration guests were occupying 2 separate long tables.  Mr. Villena likewise corroborated this wehn he stated in his Affidavit that Sec. Gen. Pang “paid the amount of Php20,108.52 out of the Php46,858.67 to cover the bill of her celebration”.


The reimbursements of the said  amounts were allowed by the concerned departments of the PRC> Absent any evidence to the contrary, these departments should be accorded the presumption that they have performed their functions and duties regularly.

(To be continued!)

138 Replies to “Why Is ABS-CBN Spreading LIES About The Philippine Red Cross?”

  1. I can predict that the trolls on that other article will also show their retarded faces here.
    Not that it will help them since they’ve already lost the moment they try trolling here

    1. kay gov.Bo yan… eh ung sa chief Accountant na investigation… WALA WALA WALA WALA PA… wag nyong isali ang ABS CBN dyan sa usapan… it is ABOUT RED CROSS ANOMALIES inside is the TOPIC.

      1. But ABS-CBN brought up the issue. It’s all a demolition job. In order to pave the way for who to vote in the 2016 elections.

        The topic is your TROLLING. 😀

      2. Magkano ba binayad sa inyo ng ABIAS CBN?

        Sayang lang ang binayad nila sa inyo kasi walang epekto ang propaganda ninyo dito.

      3. Sige magsamasama kayo sa ABS CBN na ibagsak ang Red Cross. 4 Million ang gastos sa Full Audit. Mag AAudit din naman sila next year. Gusto lang isensationalize ng ABS CBN ang reklamo ng iilang Past Governors. PDAF ni Gordon napunta sa PRC talaga at legitimate na Org yan. Tumutulong ang PRC sa tao at wag nyo ibagsak. Mas Tanga kayo, magpatuli ka muna. Conspiracy is Henry Omaga Diaz with ABS CBN.

    2. Pls DO NOT MISLED people by throwing crazy arguments. We want this to CLOSE. This is not about ABS-CBN vs Red Cross trying to get more funds. In fact, thes issues were already out before ABS-CBN released it in TV. #2 Do not misled people for argument of sources bec the complaints are filed and the PRC has a copy of the complaint. #3 The current issue is the 200M transaction and not the issue (above) which is a copy-paste article from the report. Yes, I have seen the report. #4 DO NOT MISLED PEOPLE by dropping POLITICIANS (GORDON, AQUINO, CARANDANG, ETC) bec WE DO NOT CARE ABOUT POLITICIANS. BTW, PEOPLE ARE DRAGGING RED CROSS IN POLITICAL CONTROVERSIES. You see, IT DESTROYS THE IMAGE OF PRC OF BEING a NEUTRAL ORGANIZATION – STOP IT!.SO, BOTTOM LINE, LET US STOP THIS and DO THE AUDIT.

      1. Nah just admit that you are a paid hack of the aquino-cojuanco mafia in order to make your mentally retarded presidente de patola’s name very clean. Don’t you deny it nigger.

      2. Well, iho, those “crazy arguments” have bases and are worthwhile digesting as it exposes your president to be a sham. Stop appealing to emotions already. Nabenta na yan ni BS.

      3. Too bad for you, we won’t believe anything you say because…

        You’re a bonafide 100% real life FRAUD…

        A TROLL


        You might want to skimp on the capslock, since it only makes you look stupid. -_-

      4. #1 assumptio non probata #2 misleading arguments #3 the number or your entries and same lines of thought/argument prove who is/are the troll/s and are paid.

  2. Nice facts, Paul, not unlike those retards in your other article who couldn’t even know facts even if it was about to strangle them to death.

      1. The trolls just don’t realize that the more they show that they are butthurt, the more they show that they aren’t mature & smart enough to handle the truth.
        They don’t realize that its only making them look like bigger idiots than they already are.

      2. I agree with the commenter who said the trolls may be from the questionable Save 182.

        I’d raise the question to these trolls, if they were actually part of Red Cross before and the anomalies were true, who’s to say they were not part of it? I heard that whistleblowers often know about scams because they were part of it (ahem, ahem, Luy and Napoles, ahem, ahem).

        1. Chino your right,those wistleblowers are part of the crime but they are so greedy and the mastermind didnt give in to them thats why they became that and especially a hero.lol..like COA IN CORONA trial,whos that engg. That is now with the nuns..

  3. Maybe Abias-CBN wants to divert the people’s attention from the incompetency of the government’s relief effort for the Yolanda victims by mudslinging the PRC?

    That’s really lame.

    1. Abias-CBN and their sister Stations like ANC and DZMM are propagandist of the Yellow Admin. They are not only Bias but Bayad to demolish the Political opponents of the Yellow Mafia aka the Lieberal Party. They practice Dirty politics to hold on to power.

  4. Maybe they are lies, maybe they aren’t.

    in the media in any country, there is a hidden agenda… and it really is not so hidden once the who, what and how the profiting is being worked out is figured out. it is not so difficult to figure!

    A good rule of thumb: Believe none of what you hear and half of what you see….and when it comes to Filipino politicians and their ilk?…. believe nothing! and figure it all to be a scam.

  5. A little over 6 years ago, I created a parody site called “The Filipina Wife Store” that offended someone at Gabriella, who then went to ABS/CBN with it. ABS/CBN turned it into a world headline without investigating the site and ignoring the clear disclaimer on the footer of the page. Every time Ted would post a screenshot of my site, my visits would go through the roof. Sadly, I had no monetization on the site, but I did get a lot of laughs out of it.

    ABS/CBN does not care about the truth. They just care about shock value.

    1. That is the reason why I don’t watch TV Patrol anymore since they only resort to sensationalizing every single topic they get their grubby hands on.

  6. I guess us, the Filipino people, should start a campaign of boycotting the ABS CBN news and current affairs program especially TV Patrol ( for one or two days). We should demand for a true and balance reporting. If their shows rating will drop, i guess it will be a wake up call for them that they’re losing credibility in the eyes of the Filipino people. We should demand for the truth and nothing but the truth.

    1. We shouldn’t watch them anymore since it’s relatively impossible for them to regain their credibility since they enjoy kissing Aquino’s ass.

    2. @eidref, I think Abias-CBN don’t care about rating coz they are budgeted by the propaganda machine of Malasianyang.

  7. Ha ha ha! Another strike against ABS-CBN!

    Biased journalism at it’s finest…this is the reason why people with political ties should not handle such media since they tend to twist the truth especially if their political interests are threathened.

  8. Nice article! It would surprise me if ABS-CBN (or any so-called news agency here), in any news story they report, would actually get all sides of the story BEFORE reporting. The fact that this the main source of the news item lacks credibility should have been a “red flag” or at least a reason to investigate deeper. To me, this is an obvious attempt by ABS-CBN to discredit the ONLY local organization involved with the relief effort that has been (up til now) beyond repute. The story is a sham! They just want to divert attention away from the Student Governments failures!

  9. I am not an employee too but a former volunteer/staff starting the late 80’s to 2007 and living in the US now. I have nothing to gain and disclose. ONE MESSAGE LANG – AUDIT. HWAG na icomplicate issue. Isa lang FOCUS – on the 200M issue. NO MORE NO LESS. THEN ALL WAIT. WHATEVER THE FINDING/S WALA NA AKO PAKIALAM. MATULDUKAN AT MATAPOS NA. NAKAKAPAGOD NA. DI BA ITO DIN GUSTO MO MR. PAUL?

      1. Sorry libertas I am having some form of mild PROGERIA now bec of these issues. Hopefully, after the AUDIT we can talk on aberrant conductions.

  10. But this does not answer why ms rosa rosal wants to have have another investigation done on the allocation of PRC ‘s funds. People trust her intentions. She wont gain from this.

  11. AUDIT lang naman ang katapat niyan eh… bakit ayaw paAUDIT, para malaman natin kung sino ang nagsasabi ng totoo my POV.

    1. Typical for a troll to bluff but when he’s asked to present credible sources all we get is either an excuse, hostile attacks or silence.

  12. anong audit was DONE…TANGA hindi mo alam… WALA PA NGA… COA must AUDIT the PDAF fund inside the PRC.. para magka alaman na… ur just a blogger na nakikisawsaw na WALANG ALAM.

    1. And you’re just a TROLL na nakikisawsaw na WALANG ALAM gawin but just TROLLING.

      If your source is ABS-CBN, then 1000% TANGA ka.

      Right? 😀

        1. Butthurt TROLL is butthurt.

          Your credibility is already ruined because of…. ABS-CBN.

          PINKA-MANGMANG at PINAKA-TANGA lang ang maniniwala dun. Wala akong nakitang ganun sa ibang news sources. ABS-CBN lang.

          Sorry, but the joke is on YOU. 😀

        2. Nagpapaapekto ka masyado sa katotohanan na sinasabi namin dito, “villafuerte”.

          Buti pa, maghanap ka na ng totoong trabaho kasi obvious na tumatambay ka lang sa internet shop para lang mang gulo dito.

        1. Really, your supporting your argument with an article from abante and no less than by “Igan” himself. What is to decipher there? That article is designed to be swallowed, hook, line and sinker by idiots like you.

        2. I’d like to quote this part from the article by Mr. Clavio. for your background, Ms. Corazon Alma De Leon, the now Secretary of the PRC Board of Governors,was the former Secretary General of the Philippine Red Cross, predecessor of Ms. Gwen Pang, the current SG.

          That’s why I said DECIPHER this article.
          If you can’t read between these lines, you are totally ________.
          “Pinagbalingan pa ni De Leon si Sian na maraming dapat sagutin sa kabiguan nito na makapagharap ng financial report mula 2011 hanggang 2013.

          Pero aminado rin si De Leon nahuhuli rin sa paghahain ng liquidation at disbursement ng mga pondo ang Secretary General kaya ‘di makumpleto ni Sian ang kanyang report.

          Nangako si De Leon lahat ng P200 milyon ay mapapatunayan nila na direktang napunta sa mga programa at misyon ng Red Cross.”

        3. this Facebook reference is a copy of the official letter of Mr. Jeric Sian, the Chief Accountant of Red Cross who asked for an audit but was fired for doing so.
          READ, and be informed.

        4. “this Facebook reference is a copy of the official letter of Mr. Jeric Sian, the Chief Accountant of Red Cross who asked for an audit but was fired for doing so.
          READ, and be informed.”

          TROLL. 😀

          We want FACTS in order to be informed, not opinions. Especially from opinionated assholes. 😛

        5. Your argument is already invalidated the moment you used a tabloid and an opinion of a newscaster.

          TROLL HARDER

        6. Again tell that to the people of the International Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement themselves. Otherwise you’re just destroying Dick Gordon’s name. You know what indiot troll, I’d rather focus on pnoy and his merry mafia’s incompetence than your conspiracy theories about PRC. We’re not born yesterday to just believe on your black propaganda.

        7. We’re not dumb like you guys think we are since it’s obvious that you trolls were sent here to desperately fan away the growing anger against your president by making up false accusations against opponents of this incompetent administration.

          We won’t be stopped by incompetent trolls like you in showing the truth about this inutil government.

    2. Wow, what an idiot!

      Read Paul’s references.

      And the PRC cannot be audited by COA. Get your facts straight.

      I am so tired of idiots like you telling other people “wala kang alam”. Then you better “educate” me, rather than calling me “tanga”.


        1. Hell do they even know that PNRC is the Philippine branch of the International Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement based in Geneva, Switzerland? How come it’s a government agency when in fact it’s a NON-GOVERNMENT organization?

  13. for your info basta government funds like pdaf pwede yun i audit ng COA… see sa mga NGO ni NAPOLES na audit ng COA…

        1. So you say…..

          Prove it, otherwise supot ka! Links, links to verified documents.

          I repeat, supot!

          Before you go to a battle, please make sure you have better guns than your opponents.

        2. For your information:


          Kita mo MAS WALA KANG ALAM kasi you’re a REAL-LIFE FRAUD.

          A TROLL 😀 😀 😀

        3. For your information, walang naninwala sa inyo “villafuerte”.

          Kitang kita na isa ka lang na…


    1. Hahaha, halatang drawing ka lang.

      Tinanong ko yung accountant namin – there’s no such thing as fraud audit in their vocabulary.

      Audit is audit, regardless of the medium used.

  14. The PRC manual Mr. Paul Farol has mentioned was only formulated and approved March of 2013. WAY LATE of the alleged MISUSE of funds issue had happened. hmmm, isn’t it “cover up”?

    The BOGs decision to resort to resolve the issue against the Sec. Gen., rather than have her undergo FINANCIAL TRANSACTION AUDIT, is very questionable. I sense “conspiracy” here.

    For the chairman of the “LEGISLATIVE” body of the organization naming himself Chairman and CHIEF EXECUTIVE OFFICER is crossing over the function. The executive function is for the Secretary General.
    Where’s the check and balance here?

  15. There was an existing PRC Code of Ethics and conduct.
    It was “reformulated” and approved March this year, with the provisions referred to by Mr. Farol and other provisions there is now.
    As far as I know, employees received a copy and were ordered to sign as a form of adherence to this new PRC Manual, just May to August this year.

    I find it questionable. then here comes this issue…
    a FULL FINANCIAL TRANSACTION AUDIT will bring out the truth.
    “Vote of Confidence” is for me equivalent to “COVER UP and CONSPIRACY”.

    I really look up to the people on the field, those serving the Red Cross with sweat and blood. Who were faceless heroes working on the ground.
    Those “BIG *****” who only go to the site and have photo ops are the most DESPICABLE HYPOCRITES, claiming the “real works” of the nameless personnel and volunteers.

    1. So basically what you are saying is that you do not trust the BOGs earlier decision regarding Sian’s cause? That is really convenient, since the case was decided 2012 and you suddenly made up your mind just now.

      Now that is what I call conspiracy. Or better yet, let’s just call it, what it is, a DEMOLITION JOB.

      1. I only known of the “Vote of Confidence” decision recently when I came across a call from a current Administrator of one of Red Cross chapters for an audit. It made sense to me that why a resolution of that kind was given when the question is Financial in nature? Why did they not order an audit and give preventive suspension to the one in question? rather, FIRED the person who asked for an audit, who , common sense dictates, knows so much about financial irregularities if he see one, no other than the CHIEF ACCOUNTANT of the organization?
        doesn’t it make you ask these yourself?

        1. Employees of the organization are at the mercy of the Top management. If they come out to support this call for transparency, they risk losing their job.

        2. Still, a TROLL comment courtesy of TROLLIFACIO.

          And please, are you trying to say that the PNRC is a government agency? It’s NOT.

        3. Sian was already asked for a “show cause” because of laziness. That basically means he will be fired anyway, and not because he has a real case. As a result, he rehashed old issues by BO, sending malicious e-mails and such. It doesn’t get any simpler and clearer than that, documented last year and the year before that.

          And now amidst the fumble of BS and his minions with the typhoon aftermath, the family media publishes this. And then you appear…. haw haw.

          Not all filipinos are dumb, you know. You need bigger guns. All you are saying are your opinions based on a facebook page and an article by clavio.

        4. as the article of Clavio’s interview with De Leon, she admitted that the SG herself cannot provide liquidations and disbursements of her funds on time thus deferring Mr. Sian in making full report.

          I think It is right for him to call for an audit.
          Calling for transparency in a form of an audit is not a demolition job, but rather to clear everything. Just a FULL FINANCIAL TRANSACTION AUDIT. Why are they afraid to submit to it?

          When there’s smoke, there’s fire.

        5. Again, you refer to clavio’s article which didn’t even quote the exact words of De Leon. You sure twist things when you are getting cornered. Afraid, did they say that they won’t go through with the financial audit, because they are afraid? I am sure, they will go through that, but the question after that will be, how independent will the audit be, since we all know the BS’s influence cost trillions.

          Where there is smoke there is fire, that is just pure, unadulterated makings of a demolition job.

        6. I have already quoted it in one of my replies above.

          I’m lost with the “BS” you are mentioning.

          This is not a demolition job. It’s just finding out the truth. They just have to submit to the call for AUDIT.
          Red Cross funds are public funds. These funds should be accounted for and made sure used appropriately for their purpose.

        7. It’s still a demolition job no matter what you say since you still won’t show us credible sources for your “evidences”

        8. well, it shows that you did not read the entire article.

          the letter in the facebook link, read it to its entirety.

          It’s my day off. 😀

        9. Again a letter from Sian, hardly qualifies as a reference. And I repeat, whoever said that the BOG did not want any audit done?

        10. This reminds me of the same demolition job that Abs Cbn tried to do against GMA 7 on the ratings controversy. They used people that were FIRED because they were incompetent.
          Abs Cbn lost the case against GMA 7 in the end.

          Your “source” still won’t convince us since the person in question has no credibility.

        11. And you think presenting a link from Abias Cbn would also convince us like it convinced you?
          Abias Cbn has already lost its credibility and you fell for their lies hook, line and sinker.

          Sorry na lang pero hindi kami uto uto katulad mo

        12. @Trollifacio:

          Sorry, but you are totally LOST in the first place due to the fact that it was BS because ABS-CBN is your source.

          You’re indeed a PAID HACK and a FILTHY LIAR all the time. Accept that or go home.

          Oh yeah, thank you very much you SON OF A BITCH! 😛 😛 😛 😛

        13. Poor you.

          Your grievance against ABS-CBN had totally closed your mind to the issue being discussed.

          I’m sad for you close-mindedness.


        14. Poor you, you still rely on that tv network that has no credibility for your sources of “information”.

          Such a pity, if you had only presented credible evidence instead of relying on biased sources, you wouldn’t be a laughing stock here.

        15. Seriously indiot, there are more other real issues to focus and solve than your conspiracy theories and one of them is the dysfunctional attitude of da pinoy like you and the gobyerno de patola’s incompetence especially your mentally retarded pwesident.

        16. TOLLIFACIO, you need to learn this:

          BIASED, SENSATIONALIZED news, and very OPINIONATED pieces should never be taken as important information.

          The one who should be pitied is YOU. Why? Because the Phlippines LOVES idiots like you who can be easily manipulated to tell whom to hate and whom to love by a simple whim.

        17. Well, you keep citing sources from abs cbn and defend them as well but I never said that abs cbn is your only source so that’s where you’re mistaken you pitiful TROLL

        18. Obviously you don’t know that Abs cbn is never considered as a credible source here in GRP. Really pitiful since your true nature has been revealed here in GRP as a total 100% Fraud and 100% laughing stock.

        19. I’m supporting the call for PRC Financial Transaction Audit, not of the government.

          It’s enough information for the people to “THINK”. I don’t need to divulge my source where I get to know that the PRC Manual cited by Mr. Farol was Approved only last March 2013, after the BOGs absolved Ms. Pang by a “VOTE OF CONFIDENCE” to resolve a questioned FINANCIAL IRREGULARITIES in 2012. Which by common sense and accounting procedures should be resolved by a FINANCIAL AUDIT.

          sadly, you’re trying to divert from the issue by pushing your “anti-government” sentiments which is very much different from what is being discussed in this comment thread.

          Obviously, you are showing sub-idiotic comprehension of my point.

        20. @Trollifacio:

          “sadly, you’re trying to divert from the issue by pushing your “anti-government” sentiments which is very much different from what is being discussed in this comment thread.

          Obviously, you are showing sub-idiotic comprehension of my point.”

          The joke is on YOU since the very reason why ABS-CBN is on cahoots against the Philippine National Red Cross is trying to cover-up the incompetence of the present government.

          Your comments are very moronic at best because you see BIASED and SENSATIONALIZED news reporting as important information. So yeah, it’s a demolition job. Deal with it. 😛

        21. Aw, look the troll thinks he’s winning

          You think we’re diverting issues here? Take a look at your own posts, you’re the one who’s diverting issues.

          You’re the one who is in denial here since you fired the first guns and now you’re trying to divert the issue again by trying to attack us.

          (that’s you,”Bonifacio” by the way if you’re still too stupid to figure it out)

      2. “Poor you.

        Your grievance against ABS-CBN had totally closed your mind to the issue being discussed.

        I’m sad for you close-mindedness.”

        So where are your sources aside from ABS-CBN? Or maybe you don’t have any idea what the terms BIAS and SENSATIONAL NEWS means.

        So you admit that you’re a TROLL. Enjoy your stupidity while it lasts. -_-

        1. “tsk tsk tsk

          sub-idiotic comprehension of the issue being pointed out on the comment thread.”

          So you fully admit that you’re a TROLL after all.

          Taking BIASED and SENSATIONALIZED NEWS as important information are the doings of a deranged, sadistic lunatic who wants to destroy others as well.

          Bottom line: all bark no bite. ZERO value. Hope you learn your lesson, son. -_-

        2. Ironic that the one with “sub-idiotic comprehension” is YOU,”bonifacio”.
          You can’t even prove your allegations with credible sources since you keep using non-credible sources like Abs-Cbn to back up your stupid claims.
          No Bark, No Bite and No Brains, expected from a bonafide retard like you, “bonifacio”.
          TROLL HARDER

    1. Mga natitirang miyembro yan. Wala na kasi ang boss nilang si Carandang kaya wala nang magawa kundi manggulo nalang dito. -_-

      1. Looks like “kathniel” ran out of new things to say so he will go back to his old spiels to counter criticisms lobbied against his idol.

        1. It’s still obvious that these new trolls are still the same person. -_-
          He doesn’t try to even change his spiel.

      1. May silbi pa naman yung mga Macbooks para sa mga tanga: Ang walang-katapusang “selfies” para sa kanila FB account at walang sawang panonood ng mga telenovelas na halatang ni-recycle ng ilang beses.

  16. In this world of truth and lies, of power and money, of integrity and weakness; one can easily manipulate different kinds of information. What is wrong for the other maybe right for another. What is false maybe is true for some. My point is let us dig deeper, Gov. Bo wouldnt risk everything he has especially his love for Red Cross to expose the so called “hearsay”. I mean for God’s sake there’s already an argument and if there’s an argument it needs to be solved not to be left hanging or ignored….

    Let us live with the principles of RC if you could still remember, what is the sole purpose of this organization’s very existence. VOLUNTARY SERVICE-We work around the clock but never for personal gain. I repeat, NEVER FOR PERSONAL GAIN.

    We just love our organization so much and we just want to put an end to this.

    1. Yeah right, go tell that to someone who believes you… Oh right, nobody believes you.
      And yet again, you changed your name.
      Multiple names won’t help you.

      Just accept the fact that you are nothing more than a paid hack.

    2. Psh, as if we believe your bullcrap. You even named yourself a concerned someone from Red Cross.

      No self-respecting citizen would believe your lies.

  17. Everyone has his/her own opinions and we respect that and we know that each and everyone of you are well-educated and can formulate or think on their own but don’t speak as if you’re inside the organization. We are inside the organization and we have a glimpse on everything that is going on, so please stop acting like you know everything because actually, you really don’t.

    1. Fact: You’re just referring to the TROLLS and paid hacks from ABS-CBN. Am I right?

      Set your priorities for once, fraud. -_-

    2. I agree that “everyone has his/her own opinions” but once some one file a formal complaint base, not on solid facts, but on mere hearsay, that’s when the problem starts.

      Frankly, I don’t care if you “are inside the organization and [you] have a glimpse on everything that is going on” if your “glimpses” are mere sabi-sabi lang.

  18. So says the troll that is already cornered like a rat in a cage.
    There is nothing you can do but accept the fact that you are a fraud.

  19. The PRC is behaving like Mr. Aquino, the Senators and the Congressmen. Maybe, they took a hint from the Pork Barrel fund scandal.

    I thought the PRC is a charitable entity. However, it showed its officials, were given gifts, in cash and in kind.

    1. With demolition jobs, JD, no stone will be left unturned, even the smallest flaw will be magnified. History proves it. Why do you think the “evil’ dictator is evil? Why is GMA corrupt?

      The officials of PRC are still people earning a leaving, why should they be different from other employees of other organizations?

  20. Someone’s obviously butthurt since his favorite source of biased news is getting dressed down here in GRP.
    The article is all about Abias Cbn spreading lies about the PRC and this nutjob keeps insisting that Abias Cbn’s news is true.

    He’s been posting sources from Abias Cbn all day and yet he hasn’t rebutted any of the points discussed in the blog article above.
    Typicall behavior from a pitiful, pathetic TROLL

    1. The thing here, JD, is the mere fact that they have published and posted lies on the family media and websites with people somehow losing trust on PRC, means that pinoys are still a loooong way from becoming a real thinking society. I wish the idiots who work with the demolition jobs all die. Lubog na lubog na ang Pilipinas, and these idiots are making sure we sink deeper.

  21. The fact is that ABS-CBN also has its own foundation. And despite its benevolent intent, let’s face it. Red Cross is a competitor for donated funds.

    That’s a big deal considering that AT LEAST TWENTY FIVE PERCENT of your donations to ABS-CBN’s foundation goes to a nebulous “Administration overhead” fund. A fourth of your donations won’t reach the intended parties.

    We don’t know how they’re using this fund. All I’m saying is when people donate to the Red Cross, bumababa kita ng foundation na ito so it is to their interest to cripple the Red Cross.

  22. Corrupt talaga itong ABS-CBN na ito na patuloy na sumusuporta at nagkakanlong sa manggangatsong developer na Profriends. Matatandaan po natin na ang kanilang mga naging sponsor na Globe Asiatique at Profriends ay pawang mga kumpanya na estapador na maraming buhay at pangarap na sinira… Karamihan sa kanilang mga biktima ay mga OFW.

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