“Don’t you know me???” – Makati Mayor Junjun Binay arrests Dasma guards for enforcing rules

In the Philippines, all people are equal. It’s just that some people are more equal than others. This was proven again today when three security guards at the Banyan Street gate of the posh residential enclave of Dasmariñas Village in Makati City were reportedly arrested and detained by officers of the Makati Police on orders of Makati Mayor Junjun Binay, son of Philippine Vice President and former Makati City mayor Jejomar Binay after he and his entourage riding in a four-car convoy were denied access. Binay’s sister Senator Nancy Binay was also a passenger in one of the vehicles, according to the Inquirer.net report.

Closed-circuit television cameras operated by North Forbes Park and Dasmariñas Village had, according to the same report, recorded the whole incident. The Banyan gate of Dasmariñas village is closed to motorists after 10 p.m. every night, a rule that is observed by “high-profile residents, such as senators, congressmen, [and] mayors and diplomats” according to an Inquirer source. But then the mayor’s motorcade was expecting access “close to midnight”…

The video clip showed that the mayor, who was in a polo shirt, stepped out of the lead vehicle after two security guards manning the Banyan Road gate on McKinley Road did not lift the iron barrier to allow the convoy to pass.

“The mayor went down from the lead car and asked the guards, ‘Don’t you know me?’” the source told the Inquirer.

Binay arrogance: Screencap of security video footage taken at the time of the incident

Binay arrogance: Screencap of security video footage taken at the time of the incident

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Makati police officers later showed up, presumably responding to a call from Binay and “arrested the two guards and Virgilio Robang, the Dasmariñas Village security officer in charge.”

The report continues…

Before Robang was arrested with the two guards, Binay was seen talking to him with the mayor’s index finger pointed to Robang’s chest.

Supt. Manuel Lucban, Makati City Police head, told the Inquirer in a phone interview that the guards were brought to the police headquarters for verification purposes.

Settled, apologies

“We wanted to verify if the permits of their firearms were in order and [we did not file] charges. They were eventually released,” Lucban said.

Jay Pantangco, president of the Dasmariñas Village Homeowners Association, confirmed the incident between the guards and Binay. “But this has already been settled,” he said.

Pantangco declined to elaborate on the incident.

Ram Antonio, president of Right Eight Security, said the agency had already apologized to Binay.

“We have instructed our guards to apologize to the mayor and we have started a debriefing session,” Antonio said.

In a text message, Joey Salgado, City Hall spokesman, said the president of Right Eight had sent a letter to Binay and “apologized profusely for the incident.”

Filipino celebrities and politicians are renowned for their arrogance and their sense of being above most Philippine laws and any rules that apply within specific areas. Indeed, big credentials matter a lot in a non-thinking society like the Philippines — which is why attitudes exhibited by Mayor Binay in this incident are common and difficult if not impossible to eradicate.

President Benigno Simeon “BS” Aquino III himself attempted to exemplify his administration’s upholding of a policy of no-special-treatment for anyone regardless of rank and social status presumably under the premise that all people are equal in the eyes of the law. At the beginning of his term, he emphasized elimination of the use of wang wangs (police sirens) by politicians and celebrities to muscle their way through Manila’s notoriously gridlocked streets even in non-emergency situations. Indeed, President BS Aquino even refused the use of personal motorcades when traveling by land to and from his office at the time, to demonstrate how he planned to live up to that policy.

Alas, midway through the term of what was supposed to be the government of the straight-and-narrow, little has been achieved as far as ingraining this egalitarian and rule-by-law ethic envisioned by the architects of the Second Aquino Administration.

[Photo courtesy Inquirer.net.]

222 Replies to ““Don’t you know me???” – Makati Mayor Junjun Binay arrests Dasma guards for enforcing rules”

  1. The security guards and their agency already apologized. Watda…? Aplogize for what, doing their job? It should be Binay apologizing to the whole Philippines for being such an A-hole. I commend the security guards for standing their ground and their principles.

  2. “A man’s manners are a mirror in which he shows his portrait.”
    Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

    The uncouth binays must only see monkeys in the mirror, and are ‘role-models’ only in greed, misplaced arrogance, and self interest.

    Can no politician behave with a modicum of dignity and integrity.

    You can take a binay out of the jungle, but you can’t take the jungle out of a binay. No class.

  3. Both parties did wrong! Binay with arrogance went over by sending the police to arrest the SGs. For what? Fireams license? Who’s so stupid to believe that? The SGs could have ask their superior and let them decide. But who’s more evil here. The arrogant ones of course.

    1. They did call their superior. It was Rabang who was also detained with the security guards. And seriously, calling more than 5 policemen to lift the boom? Sigh. And how hard is it to back up and drive the other gate? Maybe they’re conserving fuel!? Ha!

      How can these people lead our country when simple village rules and regulations are being violated – and using their position at that!.

  4. Like father…like son.

    They shouldn’t apologize to someone like him, they were just doing their job.

    Junjun is an attention whore and this incident will no doubt earn him the ire of many people for being the usual arrogant politician.

    1. Take li’l Jun-Jun (what A moronic name, no?)? out of his home-town and let him pull that crap! Ya know? In, say…IDK, Berlin? or Brooklyn NYC! Li’l Jun-jun would get the shit punched out of his ass!
      “Why dat mang?”. Coz that li’l JUN-jun Binay punk-ass is definitely Full of shit! Him an his whole butt-pluggin’ family think who they are. Him and his ugly-bitch sister & don’t forget monkey puss Daddy. Truth is, they ain’t dog crap outside there li’l fiefdom. Where Big and Bad Jun-Jun (whatta laugh!) can be seen pushing security guards around as if he a tuff guy. HA! I’d like to meet him in a pub in Dublin.

  5. The nancy binay interview – if she had ever done one

    Interviewer – what are your views on education

    Nancy binay – i tink everywun shuld be edukated like wot i is.
    My brother thinks everyone should be eradicated. His motto is ‘kill, baby, kill’

    Int – could you be more specific

    NB – what has the pacific got to do with it.

    Int – what do you think would help the economy

    NB – electing daddy in 2016, and making everywhere like makati – my husband is in construction and real estate, and he says ‘ build, baby, build’

    Int – what will you do with your pork barrel

    NB – invest in construction – my husbands

    Int – what about jobs

    NB – we will need more construction workers. minimum wage of course.

    Int – construction seems to be a recurring theme. Do you have any other concrete programmes or advocacies

    NB – good point. We need more concrete for construction of binay city.

    Int – you are part of a dynasty. What are your thoughts on that issue

    NB – the binays are not a dynasty, they are destiny.

    Int – nice plagiarism

    NB – don’t call me an ‘ism, when i don’t know what it means.

    Int – how about tourism

    NB – i just said no -ism’s

    Int – i thought that was your degree.

    NB – oh, you mean learning to be a coffee maker and trolley dolly – now that i can do. I’ve done it for mummy and daddy for 15 years and it is very well paid. And my husband calls me ‘coffee’

    Int – why is that

    NB – coz i grind so fine.

    Int – ‘ grind baby, grind’ should be your slogan

    NB – i prefer – ‘once you go black, you don’t go back’

    Int – your father compared you to margaret thatcher, the iron lady. He must hold you in high regard.

    NB – thats better than my husband – he just says ‘ iron, baby, iron’

    Int – any final comment

    NB – rome wasn’t built in a day, but the binay construction group will build a new philippines and help with the sodomy.

    Int – a malpropism, i think you mean the economy

    NB – there you go again with your -ism’s. A binayism for you –
    I believe the binays get a lot done, not because we’re smart, but
    because we have thumbs so we can make coffee.’
    Flash Rosenberg

    Int – thank you. On that note, could you now make yourself useful and get me a coffee. I like it:
    ‘Black as the devil,
    Hot as hell,
    Pure as an angel,
    Sweet as love’

    NB – F#@& off! Dont you know who i am.

    1. ths interview is not true because i dnt thnk that nancy binay wil a nswer that way. she may not be as achiever as the other senators but shes a UP grad so i gueas shellbe more careful.wid her answera

        1. “GODDAMMIT, I’M RICK JAMES, BITCH!”, that was funny huh?

          HA HA HA, but not as funny lookin as Jey-JoMar
          Butt-Brain, I mean uh…PINAY, I mean, uh, BINAY!!!


      1. Has everyone forgotten Nancy Binay says she is incapable of answering interview questions because she was traumatised by her father forcing her to participate in his debate practice sessions? And as a UP grad her singular achievement was to become a glorified nanny/gofer. Such excellent qualifications for the Senate — a personal assistant with mental problems.

        1. HHMMM, Nancy Binay? Oh yes, a NO-DOUBT-ABOUT-IT stupid bitch. Fraudulently elected idiot!

          NO, I cant prove it, but take a look at the bitch! No one could ever vote for her unless they got paid!

  6. Considering wala nang ginawa politicians natin kung di magnakaw, nagagawa pa nila maging proud and arrogante na ang official job nila is magnanakaw. Gumanda ang makati dahil sa ayala. Walang kwenta si Binay, puro pagwapo lang, magnanakaw!

  7. The Monkey’s just a Mayor…wait till his Dad becomes the President! What more arrogance…Only in the Banana Republic of the Philippines!!!!

  8. Yabang nyo at bakit maghihingi ng sorry ang mga taong nag implementa ng tamang batas.. Mag isip isip ka nga BINAY sa yabang na pinapakita mo. Hwag ka lang mapunta sa ibang lugar tingnan ko lang kung hangang san ang yabang mo.. Kawawa naman ang mga security guard at pinahuli nyo pa talaga dahil hindi kayo nakapasok..

  9. It is not just the politicos that play this game. Last week I had a runin with a 75% Tsinoy. She was cursing me and shrieking “who are you?” repeatedly while trying to impress me with her bloodlines. We met again the next day when I trumped her with a Tsinoy higher in the food chain. Now she knows who I am.

    It is not what you know, it is who you know. It is like that everywhere in the world, just more flagrant here. After 8 years, I am finally learning the game and enjoying it.

  10. You gotta be kidding! Ram Antonio, the president of Right Eight Security actually works for VP Binay as one of his staff members. How very convenient!

  11. bakit nag apologize yong security agency? it should be the mayor who shiyld apologize! the guards were doing their jobs delligently….only in the philippines!

  12. For anybody who has some extra cash there LETS GIVE those GUARDS an AWARD with FACEBOOK EXPOSURE for AS COMMENDATION of doing their job right

  13. Wow….ganyan sila sa makati.yong security pa humingi ng sorry kc ginawa nila ang trabaho nila.db kailangan ikaw mayor ang humingi ng sorry?tinagurian kpa naman na mayor.paano pa kaya pag naging presedent pa tatay mo?

  14. Binay supot! matapang ka lang kasi may back up ka at nasa gobyerno ka..pare pareho tayo ay yung taxes na binabayad ng tao ang siyang pinangsesweldo sa mga “public servants” tulad mo…wag kang umasta na kala mo kung sino ka

  15. Statement from the “Binay Camp” here.


    The mayor never uttered the words, “kilala mo ba ako” as claimed by PDI’s unnamed source.

    This is false and downright malicious.

    On the contrary, the mayor went down his vehicle and said, “Si Mayor Binay ako. Baka pwedeng makiraan lang.”

    He said this after the guard refused to believe a staff who said the mayor was inside the vehicle.

    The PDI could have easily verified this with Mr. Antonio and the guard.

    1. Their response is as stupid as their actions. If you are asking a favor and they decline, you politely step back. You do not call the police force to lift the barrier for you.

  16. Kaya hindi umaasenso ang pinas dahil mismong letseng mga politician na ito ang hindi sumusunod sa batas kung ano kaitim ang kulay mo sya rin ang baho at sama ng ugali mo .may araw ka rin at ang karma nandyan na lang ikaw ang humingi ng apology sa mga taong binastos mo binay isama mo na lahat ng familya mo

    1. being an obnoxious prat comes to mind.
      lowlife like binay need to know their place,
      and it certainly isn’t in decent society

  17. kung ganyan lahat ng opisyal sa bansa natin..kawawa ang taong bayan…naturinggan pa nman kayo na law makers..piro kayo mismo d marunong tumupad sa mga laws na ginawa nyo..masmabuti pa ang hamak na gwardya marunung pang pagpatupad sa rules and regulation piro ikaw na opisyal d ka mrunung sumunod sa batas na mismo kayo ang gumawa…i salute you guard…but not you officer mayor..

    1. masakit para sa akin na basta nlang ipadampot ang isang gwardya na nag patupad lng ng rules and regulation sa binabantayan nya…dahil dati rin akong gwardya almst 9years…baka yng mayor na yan ay d alam ang 11 GENERAL ORDER.. CODE OF CONDUCT..CODE OF ETHICS..piro ang guard seguradong alam nya yan…wag ka nlang magmayor mag guard ka nlang, pra malaman mo kng gaano kahirap ang trabahop ng isang hamak na gwardya….

  18. If this is true, Hindi pa man presidente ang matandang Binay ganyan na ang kayabangan na pinakikita ng pamilya. Talagang mayayabang sila sa Makati. Naghahari-harian…Ginawang gatasan ng angkan ng Binay ang Makati. Kung gaano kaitim ang labas na kulay, ganun din ang loob…

  19. The main reason why our country is still stagnated with corrupt practices and outlook? People like us, being emotional and biased with trivial situations.

  20. Typical in the filippiines. If it was a puti they took to the cops, hew ould have been thrown straight into the slammer, shaken down for at least 100k peso and released on payment. its a dump run by racist crooks and theives. once you get your head around it, keep your mouth shut and lay low, you can have a good time.

  21. Pnoy banning wang-wang? Yes, the sirens are specifically eradicated. But the lights, the attitude and convoy blocking incoming traffic, by-passing intersection lights.. Just the same. You don’t believe me? Check Pnoy’s convoy often at the BGC Area. Several times, they will park near the establishment (private vehicles are not allowed to park in this area) or block off traffic even on a red light just so the convoy can pass by.

  22. Now you’re reacting negative after voting them.. haha.. whatever may the comments be, nothing will change, no matter what you shout out, no matter who you choose to be the leader, Philippines will remain this way, a sad truth, but discipline will never start with others, it will always start on ourselves.. how can we a achieve changes if we can’t even change ourselves.. May God Bless Philippines..

    1. Even if you do change yourself, you’ll have a really hard time trying to change others when they don’t want to change.

  23. Why call the police to check the firearms? why let the people see how powerful you are? People who justifies Binay’s actions are blind. You don’t call police to check the permits of the firearm? Think people…Think…

  24. So sorry for the guards… they doing they duty but still.. SILA PA ang pinahihingi ng PAUMANHIN…? at hinanaan pa ng mali ha? We know what is DASMA Village right? Do you really think mag iissue ang agency ng gun sa kanila na expired or un licensed? HELLO? are u out of tune? PALUSOT lang yan ng mga pulis! ANG dapat humingi ng SORRY dito ay BINAY!!!

  25. This incident reminds me of a story told by one of the residents of Central Azucarera in Tarlac City, where one the security guards who is new to his job refused to allow a member of the Cojuangcos to enter the gate because he doesn’t know him yet… The poor guy was fired off his job.

  26. …and why did lucban arrested the without any warrant???? dahil inutusan ng mayor? sayang na chief of police…”you should be apolitical!” walang offense ang mga guards. its the high-handedness of the politician which is the issue!

  27. What?!!! Really? This is what the future looks like… What more is the dad becomes president? Talk about abuse of power. He just made a splat on the name they are upholding. The owner of the agency should even commend his men, but it was a total reverse… Stupid! Scared of power and money. Shame on this elected officials, shame on these people with power and money.

  28. But of course! What do people expect from a Pro-Aquino article. You cant expect to hear anything good from the Binays or from anyone except for his friends and allies pag Pro-Aquino yan.

    1. fact is fact. can you try to write the truth in a pro-Binay tone? Because I think anyway you put, the whole thing would sound as Binay trashing the law. What does pro-aquino pro-aquino have to do with it?

      And cant you sense the scepticism in the last paragraph. Pati nga yung nickname na “BS” e. Come on, hindi naman ganun kahirap maisip.

  29. With due respect, the Mayor should had been accorded some courtesy when identified by the guards. Please note that some village security guards are also arrogant when they are at their post. The job of the Mayor is 24/7 and that gate is the shortest route to his destination. Courtesy works bothways. What may matter if the guards just let the Mayor passed through when recognized?

    1. Fine the job of a mayor can be 24/7, but do you actually believe that he was on the job at that late hour? THAT IS SO LAUGHABLE. Whatever you’re smoking, it must be pretty dank stuff.

    2. granting that those security guards were arrogant in some previous dealings, in this particular case, i’m quite sure they would “lie low.” who wouldn’t know the mayor? beside, a convoy of 4 suvs, all blinking, you would not have the slightest idea kung sino ang nakasakay? point is, the mayor acted as if he owns makati…

    1. Seriously, I don’t get how could I be proud to be a Filipino at this time when there are a lot of poor Filipinos suffering under the rule of a president who’s only good at blaming other people for his mistakes.

      Buti sana kung nakakain ang pride mo e kaso hindi.

  30. I am so sure this is the work of media from a big payola.Tigil nyo na yan! You cant put a good man down. Yang media na nagsulat nyan…..tsk tsk tsk…

  31. Ganyan talaga mga opisyal sa pilipinas, naupo lang sa pwesto akala mo pag-aari na nila buong bansa. Paalala lang po sa mga kinauukulan, baka nakalimutan na ninyo ung salitang…TO BE A GOOD LEADER, YOU MUST BE A GOOD FOLLOWER… di naman mahirap gawin un eh…tapos pag-nasita at napuna mga maling gawain ninyo laging bukang bibig ninyo..NAPULITIKA AKO EH!

  32. the resident had previously called the guards that they will exit that gate……then hindi pa din pwede?…The resident has the right to say or call for any instructions by them….take note also that the mayor should be accorded some courtesy.

  33. people like the Binays should not be in power nangaabuso lang ng mga common people kawawa naman ung mga security guards cla pa talaga ung nagapologize sa kaangasan ng mayor na yan walang kwenta ung organization they didn’t defend ung employees nila grabe dapat tanggalin ni Pnoy ung mga yan their ruining his administration

  34. tanong natin ke nancy kung anong action ang gagawin para sa kapatid

    paano pa pag naging president ang mga binay – – nanang ko po…

  35. the mayor is above the law… hahaha… those who will enforce the law to everyone including the mayor, should ask for an apology… pity philippines with how these government officials see themselves…

  36. While I don’t have any real complaints about the way Junjun Binay and president Aquino were portrayed, I wonder if it was really necessary to include the line, ‘a non-thinking society like the Philippines’. Somehow this reeks of snark out of a political agenda that fails to make headway in the country… Just saying.

  37. wtf, baliktad pa ang humingi ng apology, inaresto sila for firearms verification?, tang ina niyo, sino ginawa niyong tanga, di porke nasa posisyon kayo mga ulol…mga ibang pilipino talaga, ayaw lang mapahiya and to show his power ginagawang mali ang tama, hinahanapan ng paraan para maging mali,..damn, sana mga kagaya niyo nalang ang namamatay tuwing may sakuna, hindi yung mga taong namumuhay ng tuwid, tahimik, at payapa…

  38. Have you ever been to Dasma Village and experience the arrogance of the Right 8 security guards.

    I dare you to try and you will sense a spineless arrogance that borders of being shameless.

    Try niyo lang! Malalaman niyo rin that there is another side to this story.

    I usually side with the one with lesser power if the evidences are not compelling. But this time – BUTI NGA SA INYO mga sikyo sa Dasma. Ang yayabang niyo kasi!!!

    Sana maulit.

    Sana masibak ang Right 8 agency
    Pag nasibak kayo… sana wala kayong makuhang trabaho!!!

  39. Here is a Pro Binay version, for everyone who wants one “So, the Binays were on the way home, when 3 arrogant guards thought they were above the Binays and decided they wanted to uphold the rules against the Binays,with Police Chief in speed dial and their Security Agency’s permit in jeopardy they had no choice but to apologize. “Don’t you know me?” Jun Jun tells them. Bastards should have known to respect the Binay Dynasty! The law applies to the poor, they should have known better. Serves them right. Sounds better now? -Nope

    1. So, upholding the LAW and doing your JOB, can get you into trouble. If you come across these MORONS, who have importance on themselves, are their primary concerns..

  40. There is another side of this story. It was about yabang meets yabang.

    Mayabang din ang Dasma security guards! As much as I cringe every time the convoy of Binay plows the traffic to one side to bring the Royal Family to their destination traffic free, the Dasma guards are just damn arrogant too!


    1. Well, kailangan talaga mayayabang ang mga SG. Kakatakutan ka ba kung hindi ka mayabang? Parte ng trabaho yun. Subukan mong maging SG at may lumabag sa ineenforce mong rules, tignan ko kung di ka rin magmukhang mayabang sa sinisita mo.

    2. i dont believe na magyayabang pa ang mga guards kung mismong malalaking politician pala ang naharang nila. nagpapawis na yan sa takot pero they stand their ground para lang masunod ang rules ng subdivision. dibaleng mapahamak ang isa sila(binay et al) kesa mapahamak ang lahat ng nakatira sa subdivision.

      “He noted that high-profile residents, such as senators, congressmen, mayors and diplomats, were following village rules.”

  41. Napakawalang hiya talaga ng mga pulitikong ito.
    Hala sige isasama ko na kayo sa impyerno at yakapin ninyo ng mahigpit ang matagal ng ninyong nawawalang kamag-anak na si Satanas. 🙂

  42. Mid night. Hay naku. Politiko. Kapangyarihan. Lahat ata ng mga malalaking tao sumusunod sa rules na after 10 PM wala ng nakakadaan sa Bayan gate except this Binay thing. Rules are Rules. Tama naman yung ginawa ng guard bkt nila hnuli? Verification? Nga Nga. Lapit lang naman Palm gate ba’t di sila dun dumaan? This really explain kung papano ang nagagawa ng kapangyarihan sa pinas.

    1. Dude, wag ganun, that is an insult to the peaceful Aetas. Binay YABANG is ok, ULIKBA is BETTER hehe, but the best yet, ARESTUHIN hahaha p*k*ng sh*t nila.


  44. The arrogance of unbridled political power manifests itself when a mere city mayor tries to oppress security men of the mentioned village. Many of these exclusive villages are subject to internal rules and Junjun Binay should know better than to act like he was a royal pain in the ass! Mayor Binay you are not above the law in this matter and you have no absolute right to arrest security people doing their jobs. You are a tyrant! You are subject to the Local Government Code in your asinine behavior which reeks of abuse and absolute power!

  45. ambot lang sa pinas rules are applied to the poor only and nobody else.with money you can do everything in power…at nasa kamay ng politician ang lahat: fame, wealth, and power.1 day i would be a politician at pitpitin ko ang lahat ng politikong ito…

  46. Tama Lang ginawa ng mga guards na wag silang papasukin dahil iyon ang rules ng dasma tulad din ng mga police yan Kung ano ang batas iyon dapat ang sundin. Mukhang si binay ata ang Hindi marunong kumilala ng isang rules.. Paki explain binay? Hanggang vice nalang tatay mo you such an arrogant little boy heheh

  47. what?the chief of police said they invited the guards to verify if the license of their guns are in order….sec mar roxas, pakirelieve nga ang gagong pulis na yan…parang tangang ewan..at tinawag siyang chief ha?hoy ungas kachief…and to you junjun binay..wag mong sabihing dahil mayor ka ay ikaw na ang aastang batas…ang rules ay rules…ikaw alam mong dapat sundin yun…and senator binay, andun ka rin di ba?di mo man lang sinabihan ang kapatid mo na sumunod dapat sa batas?wala talaga…mga abusado kayong mga nasa kapangyarihan…walang aasahan ang taumbayan sa inyo…I DARE SAY AS EARLY AS NOW…NO TO BINAY FOR PRESIDENT…..

  48. benigno simeon aquino said that the Filipino people are his bosses..is this how you treat people who pay for your salary? talaga bang wala ng respeto sa mga patakaran @ batas na ipinatutupad? dahil ba mayor ka o bise presidente ang ama mo @ senador ang kapatid mo may karapatan ka ng gawin lahat ng gusto mo? mga inutil naman ang mga gagong opisyales nung right eight security @ homeowners association pra mag-apologize sa mga power-tripper na mga yan. ginagawa lang ng mga guards ang trabaho nila.

    1. You may not be aware of this, pero hindi si Noynoy ang nagpahuli sa mga nagbabantay na security guard na iyon. Yes, the guy is a son of the vice-president, but that doesn’t give you the carte blanche to blame the president for things he isn’t even aware of.

    2. mariz tama ka nga naman., na dapat hindi kinampihan ng right eight security at homeowners association dahil mas lalo lang lalaki ang mga ulo niyan.,pero dapat natin isipin kung bakit BUMALIKTAD ANG SITWASYON. 1ST: “MONEY TALKS” kung ang kakampihan ng president ng association ang mga guards ano mapapala nya? 2ND: “FAMILY” iniwasan na ng right eight security ang mas malalang mangyayari sa mga guards so sila na mismo ang humingi ng appology sa pangyayari. mahirap kalabanin ang may kapangyarihan. hope u understand them. #lifetreat

  49. They say “Its More fun in the Philippines” but people from other countries does not know how bad and corrupt our country is. Sorry to say but this is one reason why I am happy that I was given a chance to live and have a better life outside the Philippines. Do not get me wrong, I am still proud to be filipino, but people like this guy are a waste of space in this world. I have seen people who think they are better then everybody in the Philippines go to other countries and think they will be treated like VIP’s. I don’t think so. They don’t give a shit who you are. At the end of the day your shit smells the same as everyones shit.

  50. You can’t blame the guards. Binays are hard to see at night.

    Same as when they use a pelican crossing..’now you see him, now you don’t, now you see him,…’

    When power goes to a politician’s head, the people’s money is usually going into their bank account.

      1. dont mention the ‘g’ word!

        ” chef who apologised after he mentioned the old
        ‘golliwog’ label on Robertson’s jam in front of a black colleague was still guilty of harassment, top appeal judges ruled today.”
        daily mail – 19 dec 2013

  51. The only time na malalaman mo kung nak-ganti ka sa kayabangan ng mga pulitiko ay sa susunod na eleksiyon kung sila ay matalo. Pero kung mananalo pa rin sila, patay kang inang-bayan!

  52. You expect us to believe this with just a screencap? Actual footage or gtfo.

    I’m not defending Binay, but this politicking is going nowhere.

  53. What we have seen is truly a manifestation that our ancestral culture still exist with that of maharlika like datu junjun binay lording over a alipin sa gigilid like the guards and being threatened by police details con assassins. MABUHAY ANG KAHARIAN NG MAKATI!!

  54. people used to collect the labels – each golliwog was different – milkman, postman, fireman etc.
    The only time i have known a black person have a decent or honest job.

    They had to stop putting labels on jamjars when people started peeling them off and using them as bus passes!

    1. I am sure Leroy and Winston from Moss Side will disagree with you, they think pimping and drug dealing are very noble professions.

      1. Clearly napaka abusado nitong mga binay to… Porket may policy bawal ipapasok sila after 10 pm tumawag na ng pulis at pina aresto pa niya… what worst clearly hinahanapan pa paraan para masira ang kinabukasan ng mga guardiya dahil pina verify ang mga baril kung may licensya? or kaya’t hinahanapan pano mabulok sa kulungan. (Typical politician)

    1. Kung ako ang security officer at mga guards, I will charge Mayor Binay and the lying COp of Makati of Illegal arrest and Arbitary detention. Lokoloko ata yang hepe. kung kailangan nila verifyin ang legality ng oag dala ng baril ng guardya dapat tiningnan ang DDO of Duty Detqail Order na inissue ng Agency. At yong reps ng Agency nerbyoso. Hindi kayang panindigan ang patakaran na kanilang inutos na ipatupad ng guardya nila. Ang presidente naman ng homeowners asso ng Dasma walang bayag. tanggalin nyo na ang inyo security measures dyan. Ang guardya naman na abandoning post sa ginawa ni Binay.
      Yan ba an namumuno ng premier city ng bansa? noog panahon ni Pres Magsaysay hindi sya pinapasok ng guard ng fort bonifacio dahil papasok sya ng dis oras ng gabi. kailangan pa tawagan ang FOD para maka pasok. Ganoon din noong si Gen Ver hindi rin pinapasok. Na promote pa ang guardya dahil ginampanan ng maayos ang kanilang duty. Ang guards sa Dasma kung minmalas baka matanggal pa sa trabaho. tha’s naked abuse of power. Si jun jun so young yet so corrupt.

  55. That is abuse of power, oh ayan mga tangang nag boto sa mayor nyo iboto nyo pa ulit yan sa sinado or presidente para bahag na lahat ang buntot natin sa gong gong na government official na yan.

  56. Jejomar, Nancy, Junjun and soon to be added Jejo jr, Binay, Bingbong Binay, yet unborn BinayII, Binay III, Binay IV, Binay V, etc etc ad infinitum.
    I, like the Dasmariñas Security Chief also apologize…….

  57. There goes the chances of his dad winning the next election….. If the saying goes “Like father like son” …..I think the saying can be said the other way around ……..

  58. the security guards were just doing their job protecting and implying rules in accordance to the home owner association’s standards, and then this guy arrests them just because they wouldn’t let him in?,..aba,..for your information KUMAG,…para sa safety purposes rin naman yan against terrorism, larceny, burglary etc. etc. congratulations…gaya ng mga ibang tao na naranasan ko, lalaki talaga ulo mo kapag nasa pwesto ka….honestly you’re just one of those jerks, that i wished never existed in the first place,..you’re not the center of the universe ASSHOLE…your arrogance infuriates me into a sense na gusto kong kumain ng tao

  59. simpleng patakaran hindi kayang sundin… kaya yung mga nasa posisyon, wag mag expect na susunod sa batas ang mga tao, dahil kayo mismo ndi marunong sumunod… kawawa naman talaga ang bansang Pilipinas

  60. To mr. Binay,

    Kung mAy nagawa kang pagkakamali. Tanggapin at baguhin. Hindi yung pagtatakpan mu pa nang isa pang pagkakamali.. Dahil dyan din Nakikita Kung anung ugali at paninindigang meron KA. Sayang lang Talaga dahil sa estado mu nilalamon at kinokontrol nito ang pagkatao mo. Diba dapat vice versa? Kaw dapat ang kumokontrol sa kapangyarihan? Sa lavas ng opisina pantay pantay lang na dapat sumusunod sa bawat patakaran.

  61. The Security Guards should had known better, whom they are dealing with; it is just ARROGANCE of POWER on the part of the BINAYS.
    The Binays think, they are above the law. So, they will insist on special treatment everywhere.

    Voters, remember this incident on the next election. These people do not deserve to be in public service. Throw them out…

  62. This is ridiculous! Why should the Security officers be asked to apologize? And de-brief them? On what? On how to bend rules according to the status of the person in the society? Bull…

    Binay MUST apologize!

    1. Oo nga bakit nag mga guards ang mag a apologize? Dapat si Mayor Binay dahil hindi niya alam ang batas. Ignorance of the law excuses no one kahit na Ignaranteng Lawyer-Mayor.

  63. Ang may kasalan ay tayo ring mamayan, dahil pag nasuholan ng pera, kahit di karapatdapat sa tungkulin ay siya paring iboboto. Kung talagang may utak din si Mayor Binay, dapat ay di na siya nag pumilit na pumasok, dahil yong security ay ginagawa lamang ang kanilang trabaho.Yong head security naman ay walang bayag at bahag ang buntot. Bakit siya ay mag apology , di naman kasalan ng guards.Dapat si Binay ang mag apology sa guards Mga sira ulo talaga ng Pinoys pag nasa pwesto.

  64. Do you know me?
    Hindi pala kilala ni Binay ang Sarili nya at kailangan itanong pa niya sa Security Guard?Dapat ang sagot ng Security Guard Opo kilala ko kayo. Kayo po ang dapat nagbibigay ng magandang halimbawa sa isang taong nagsisilbi sa Publico.


  66. I am sure the Binay’s spin doctors are very busy. What does it take to turn around, drive another 150 metres to follow the rules. BTW, Mayor Binay does not live in Dasma which means that he is a guest in the subdivision and should abide by the rules of the subdivision. During the incident, several cars who wanted to enter the gate had to drive another 150 metres to enter, fortunately none of those were powerful politicians.

  67. Delikado tong mga tao na to…Asahan nyo ang kaliwa’t kanang pambabato ng grandada ng mga miyembro ng APO sa ibat-ibang okasyon gaya ng Bar-Ops, rallies, etc. Pag naupo sa pwesto bilang presidente ang tatay ng Baluga family na to.

    1. Binay! Now I know you

      Filipino voters: I have known you for a long time and you still vote for this kind of politicians. Now! ano ngayon????

  68. Ayan kasi si Tita Cory ( Sumalangit nawa), Ibigay ba naman ang Makati kay Binay! Lahat na halos ng angkan niya nakaupo na ! 1986 pa lang nakaupo na ang mga Binay sa kapangyarihan. Pilit nating pinaalis ang mga Marcoses sa Malacañang for being in power for 21 years, eh ang mga Binay 27 years na nakakapit pa rin sa kapangyarihan. Di ako maka-Marcos but this is even a worse case of a severing tyranny! Si Pinoy nasa Malacañang Palace. Si Binay di din nagpakabog. Kinuha naman ang Coconut Palace para may palasyo din ma ang mga Binay! Ang coconut palace na pinagkakakitaan ng gobyerno sinarili lang ni Binay. Ano tawag mo dun? Talagang its more fun-ny in the Philippines! sila-sila lang! Ayaw isalin sa iba ang kapangyarihan! Puro pormang mga nanunungkulan sa bayan! Mahal ko ang ating bayan. Wag nating ibenta sa mga ito ang ating karapatan!

  69. tama po daw un ginawa ni junjun sabi ng tatay niya.sabi naman ni sis eh sinisiraan lang sila. ano po pa ba ang kulang para malaman ng tao kung sino kayo. tatay mo sabi di daw siya gumamit ng wangwang kaya ok lang wag intindihin un traffic light pti counter flow ok rin kasi bc daw siya. mahiya naman kayo mga binay. isipin niyo un mga taong nagpapakahirap ang nagpapaseldo sa ninyo mga anak kayo ng ano. pati na hepe ng pulius nyo na si lucban mahiya ka rin. wag ka magsunudsunuhan sa mga binay,di sila papaseldo sa iyo. kaya mga kababayaan kong Pilipino sana sa susunod na halalan eh wag nyong kalimitan un mga PINAGGAGAWA nga mga yan. kung may karapatan un mga binay mas tandaan natin mas may karapatan tayo dahil tayo ang nagpapakain sa kanila at di tayo ang pakain nila. kung ayaw nilang masabing pakain natin sila eh umalis sila sa pwesto nila at manahimik sa bahay nila. kayongf taga Makati di ba niyo natatanong sa sarili niyo kung ano meron sa city hall niyo at ayaw bitiwan ng mga binay.baka may mina ng ginto dun kaya ayaw nilang iwan. kaya sa 2016 ilagay natin ang mga binay sa ……

  70. Hey kuya,,ang sakin lng kahit cnu ka pa,anak ka man ni Binay oh kung cnu man yang poncio Pilato,,,isa lng ang kailangan ng mga kababayan mong pilipino,,Respeto lng sa kapwa tao. Anu ngaun di mo kayang respituhin mga kapwa mo Pinoy kaya yan di ka rin Respituhin,,lahat ng tao sa pinas nakilala ka na nila and ang tatay mo rin. Sino kaya ang nka pag aral sa nyong dalawa sa security na un,,means cya di kaw. Baligtarin natin ang mundo kaw sir dimo alam ang rules and bi-laws ng pinas buti ung security alam nya. In one word ur not a good leader.

  71. The people deserve the leaders they elect. It is time to reject this kind of leadership. Our politicians aspire for office not to serve the people but to acquire more power and wealth. Filipinos, it is time to elect a different kind of leaders.

  72. Ang Tanga nmn ng presidente na yan ng homeowner….wag nyo pahingiin ng paumanhin un nga guard nyo kahit sino poncio pilato pa yan(” trabaho lang walang personalan)…hoy mga ungas…dapat pag malaki nyo at ingatan na wag mawala mga guard na katulad nila……Nasa tama sila kahit si Pnoy pa walang karapatan na mag react ng ganyan…

    1. Natumbok mo. They should be proud of their employees for doing their job.Instead of them apologizing to Nognog Jr., it should be the other way around. Both Presidents of the Homeowners Association and the Security Agency should have backed up their Security Guards for doing their job well. Nakuuu, kung hindi pa sila naging tanga.

  73. Parang nag ka idea ako na mag organize ng malawakang signatures campaign (Binay thumbs Down 2016 movement)Hindi dapat maging presidente ng Pilipinas ang ganyn klase ng Tao…Dito sa City namin may tao kami mahigit 15,000 thousand members

  74. The Arrogance of Power…this arrogance had produced : dictators; leaders who killed many people and leaders who were mass murderers.

    Filipinos must guard against these kinds of people, to be their leaders. They will not be in positions or in power; if we did not vote for them. We show them, who placed them in positions. By not voting for them. Binay had produced a family dynasty already. And, they are arrogant.

    1. Amen brother!

      And more importantly, let us pray for the souls of deceived people who pray to false gods and will face eternal damnation. Let us pray for Steve Jobs, a devout Buddhist, who is surely facing eternal damnation with likes of John Lennon and Mahatma Ghandi.

      Salvation through JESUS CHRIST only. That is why we are called CHRIST-ians. If you do not believe in salvation through CHRIST only, then why do you call yourself a CHRIST-ian?

      God bless you all.

      See you at Starbucks 🙂

  75. Who is the HEAD of Security in Makati City?

    a. Dasmarinas Village security guards
    b. Head of Dasmarinas Village Homeowners Association
    c. Makati Chief of Police
    d. Mayor of Makati

    (Hint: He is the boss of the Police Chief)

    To the masses, don’t be fooled by the political propaganda of vested interests. This is NOT a case of POOR PEOPLE (Security Guards) vs RICH PEOPLE (the Binays). This is a case of the RICH PEOPLE (the clients-bosses of the Security Guards, the residents of Dasma Village) vs the NON-RESIDENTS of the Village and the ELECTED OFFICIALS OF THE CITY and the REPUBLIC.

    The Security Guards are just pawns of the rich people of the Dasma Village. And these guards are willing to KILL and FIGHT ANYONE to protect their bosses!

    The Guards CALLED for REINFORCEMENTS! One came with a SHOTGUN and others came riding their motorcycles. They were ready TO SHOOT IT OUT with the MAYOR of their CITY!!!

    1. @Dionysus

      It is not the case of WHO wields the POWER. It is the CASE of HOW you wield POWER. Binay was ARROGANT.

      How much more Binay will conduct himself, if his father would be the President of the Republic. We don’t want people who are in high government positions with BAD ATTITUDES….PERIOD…

    2. man… what a day it would be if that’d happened… what excuse could the mayor give… respect begets respect… what you sow you reap… if that’s what happened then that’s what he deserves

  76. You pay peanuts, you get monkeys. You elect binays, you get monkeys.
    Suggest the binays go to their gated enclosure – the menagerie and someone give them a banana. What jungle bunnies they are.

  77. What is the use of the village implementation when our politicians itself do not even abide from it? Just cause you are in the politics you think who you are ? laki na ng ulo at pag wala kang security guard, matapang ka pa rin? ‘Yan may security guard ka kase siguro ang dami mong kaaway.

  78. Ipakita mo sana na ikaw ay nag abide ng rules and regulation sa village para sa safety sa lahat, baka na insulto ka na hindi ka nakilala ang face mo. The only thing that u have to remember, you want RESPECT then earn it wag manakot. siguro dyan ka magaling.

  79. bilib ang madaming Pinoy sa mga Binay dahil maganda daw ang patakbo nila sa lungsod ng Makati, syempre nmn ang laki kya ng taxes na nakokolekta nila sa makati shame on them nlng kung di pa maganda ang mga projects nila at isa pa di lang makati ang lungsod na maganda ang palakad. Nasaan na ang pangako ni VP na gagawin ng tulad ng Makati ang buong bansa? parang kahit isang improvement wla aqng naramdaman.

    1. @ Isabel

      When Nemesio Yabut was mayor of Makati, Binay was that guy who walked around the Makati City Hall wearing his favorite short sleeves barong. Who would ever imagine this guy riding the jeepney to work would be VP some 30 years later. No question Binay has amassed considerable wealth and prime properties in Makati and other parts of the country. He is without a doubt a multimillionaire today.

      Makati has always been a model commercial and residential community even before Binay became mayor. I would not credit him for what Makati is today.

  80. How would anyone expect every guard to know, by sight, every minor official in The Philippines? Security guards are, by definition, people who are not smart enough to get a real job, so how would one expect them to read a newspaper and instantly recognize ever little pissant political wannabe?

  81. Binays are just plain arrogant. You should’ve seen the video years ago of Jejomar Binay carrying an assault-type weapon ready to burst into a room to shoot down his political opponent — he was only stopped because GMA-7 was filming him.

  82. Wondered what the PNP was used for… now I know because the poor can’t afford their services. Still haven’t heard the follow up on that US military Commander that got stabbed to death by 4 wealthy young men because he tried to enforce rules on them, they were going to just fly the by the gate guards like this character and his crew, wonder where the money comes from for the fancy brand new SUV’s and entourage, I hear that the government pay ain’t that good.

  83. Wow naman, masyado silang abusado nabubusog na nga sa mga tax na binabayad ng mga mamamayan gusto pa angkinin ang kaluluwa ng mga Pilipino.. Kapal ng mga Politikong ito…

  84. you should respect others no matter who they are, even they make mistake, people will look you up and respect you even more, you are the model of people around you and fallow the way you showed love, how shamed of this Binay family done to this fellow friends who are in duty that time.

  85. only in the philippines!!! the agrieved party has to say sorry…. instead of the other way around. it just shows that equality will never happen in my beloved country.

  86. That’a clear proif of abuse if power..mr.mayor and madam pres.rules r rules & u shld.know that..and yet u hav d nerve to reort them to the police who made some excuses themselves in checking “daw” the legality of their firearms..why now? Kayong mga abusadong politiko mgbsgo na kyo..u r no different fr. Napoles…

  87. Let us all keep on posting and re posting all these politicians abuses until election time so that the electorate will be all reminded of all their pathetic actions. It is a human nature that we tend to easily forget.It is entirely all up to us to end all these harassment.

  88. Binays don’t deserve any respect and courtesy from Filipinos. A family of stupid and arrogant If you still love our country, never vote these bastards. They don’t have the dignity and rights to lead the Filipino people.

  89. Our history is repeating itself. The full potential is there: little man with an umbrella over his head (Imelda), followed by numerous trigger happy minions (any trapo ever), accompanied by idiot sibling (any political dynasty) becomes ridiculously indignant when caught breaking the rules. Only in this country do the lawmakers hold themselves above the laws they are sworn to uphold. Only in this country are honest, hardworking people dragged into jail without charges and made to apologize for a job well done. It has been pointed out that many other powerful people and diplomats with diplomatic immunity live in Dasmarinas, yet they all choose to follow the rules. Why can’t the Binays? If they see every inch of Makati as their personal property, how will they view the country, theTreasury, public and private businesses, anything and anyone that makes money? And btw, is the Makati Police Department the personal body guard of the mayor? At that time of night, surely there were emergencies and crimes that could have benefitted from the expertise, attention and resources of the police. Instead, they are wasted propping up a bully’s ego. It would be hilarious……if it weren’t so scary.

  90. Filipinos, it’s high time to be responsible citizens by voting the right rulers. Don’t be drawn into selling your votes to a politician who’ll later on oppressed you and your fellow men. It’s time to make a change and start with the right choice, otherwise we’ll be suffering indefinitely, and leave nothing to our next generation but low quality of life.

  91. This politician is not fit to held any government position. Simpleng diplomasya hindi niya alam. Ang simple ng solusyon, hindi na kelangang humantong sa paglabas ng armas o pagtawag ng pulis. He could have turn around and find another way out. But no, his ego was bruised and so all hell broke loose.

  92. last week lang lahat ng public school sa makati, elementary at high school bnigyan ni binay ng grocery gifts. nagpapalakas sa mga kabataan.

  93. He probably used tax payers money to pay for those groceries…hay naku talaga. Kelangan talaga ng himagsikan dito. Us (thinkers, reformists, real tax payers) versus them (politicians, cronies, squatters, jejemons). Kaso, lugi tayo kase super dami nila parang ipis.

  94. Let’s look at this situation. He is the mayor of the city that holds the most important business district in the country (Philippines) with the fastest growing economy in the fastest growing region (South East Asia) on the planet earth. Fairly important person right? He is stopped in the middle of the night by armed men. He has them arrested. 20 years ago; those men would have been shot. Questions would be asked later and and the incident would have been covered up. This is what we call progress people! People in the Philippines love to judge and crucify people because GOD judges people and Jesus was crucified. Same reason why filipinos will whip themselves and carry huge crosses for miles. Jesus did it. Why don’t we see this incident as positive?

    1. it holds true in what you say… there definitely is progress… consequently what is wrong is, should and always will be wrong

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