Philippine Red Cross Secretary General Gwen Pang Cleared Of Misconduct Charges

As if surmounting the challenges of bringing aid and relief to people suffering from what seems to be a particularly disastrous year, ABS-CBN aired what some described as slanted reports attacking the integrity the Philippine Red Cross (PRC).

ABS-CBN broadcast and published this week several reports alleging fund misuse and other complaints against officials of the PRC despite the fact that these had been investigated, evaluated, and DISMISSED by the PRC Board Governance Committee on December 2012. 

Despite the fact that the ISSUE WAS ALREADY MOOT, ABS-CBN still went on to broadcast and publish the story.

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Observers asked whether it was merely the station’s SENSATIONALIST and TABLOIDISH character that led it to broadcast and publish its reports.  Supporters of the PRC who were familiar with the history of the complaint were angered by what to them appeared to be an obvious ploy to damage the reputation of the country’s premiere humanitarian organization.

philippine red cross secretary general gwen pang cleared of misconduct charges

The pretext of the TV Patrol report for coming up with the report was a letter of complaint written by 82 year old PRC Board of Governors member Rosa Rosal against PRC Secretary General Gwen Pang.  In the letter, Rosal demanded the suspension of Pang based on allegations made by former PRC accountant Jeric Sian who had been a subject of a show-cause order for termination due to negligence.

As it appears based on Ms. Rosal’s own letter, SHE WAS NOT AWARE that Sian’s complaints against Pang were RECYCLED and REHASHED from the complaints of former PRC Governor John Ehlvest Bo.

In the 2012 Consolidated Findings of the PRC Board of Governors Governance Committee it was recommended that the complaint-affidavit of Bo against Sec. Gen. Pang be dismissed “for being baseless and without merit, and for failing to establish a prima facie case that would warrant the filing of formal charges”.

It also recommended that Bo be discharged, expelled, and/or removed as a member of the PRC Board of Governors for “violation of his fiduciary duties to the PRC and for knowingly and maliciously committing acts inimical to the PRC and the Red Cross Movement.”

In item number 7 of the Governance Committee’s recommendations, it called for further investigation into “his inimical act of: (i) arranging an interview with ABS-CBN together with Ms. Bandril, (ii) writing to Vice President Jejomar Binay and bringing to his attention the case against Sec. Gen. Pang which is purely (an) internal PRC matter, and (iii) sending letters inciting the various chapters to rally against Sec. Gen. Pang in spite of the cognizance by the Governance Committee against her”

Items 8 and 9 of the Consolidated Findings recommended possible charges of violations of the Code of Ethics for Professional Accountants in the Philippines against PRC Chief Accountant Jeric Sian and PRC Internal Audit Head Christopher Marasigan.

In a letter responding to the complaint dated October 14, 2013, PRC Board of Governors Secretary Corazon Alma De Leon pointed out to Rosal that:

“the BOG (Board of Governors) cannot just suspend Sec. Gen. Pang on the basis of bare allegations that have not yet been found to be anomalous, especially since some of them have already been the subject of an investigation duly conducted last 2012 and were already dismissed by the members of the Board of Governors upon recommendation by the Governance Committee.”

In the same letter, Alma De Leon pointed out that the complaints against Pang had come from a polluted source:

“…you would like the Board to investigate the Secretary General on the strength of a complaint filed by someone who received a “show cause” memo to explain why he should not be terminated for incompetence for failing to submit financial statements. Mr. Sian’s repeated failure to submit financial statements is a serious blow to our reputation.  Hence, the timing of Mr. Sian’s revelations, which he circulated by email and which are the basis of your charges, may be interpreted as suspect and in retaliation for such “show cause” order.

As a rational thinking Board, we have to stop allowing staff or other Board Members (to) manipulate us and lead us through many “wild goose chases” initiated by people who come to us with “unclean hands”, especially since we have all these disasters all over the country to attend to.  Let us not be distracted from our primary role, which is to alleviate the suffering of the most vulnerable.

“If you will recall not too long ago, another staff who was being disciplined hurled charges against the Secretary General.  When she was about to crack the whip against Anacletz Bandril for her unliquidated advances relating to the Million Volunteer Run and other fiscal anomalies, an anonymous email was sent out attacking her.  After investigation, it was shown that the Secretary General was innocent of the charges.  Now comes Mr. Sian who charged the Secretary General with misconduct right after he was himself given a “show cause” memo.  Now the Board has resolved to investigate this so let us allow the process to unfold.  This call for preventive suspension must be stopped and must be stopped now.  Let’s wait for the Board to resolve this in a judicious manner.”

philippine red cross secretary general gwen pang2True to Alma De Leon’s letter, the Board re-examined the complaints raised by Rosal and on November 7, 2013 unanimously passed  PRC Board Resolution No. 52-13 clearing PRC Sec. Gen. Pang of the charges.  An excerpt from the PRC Board resolution was circulated through a letter by Alma De Leon to the PRC Community dated December 10, 2013:

“WHERAS, accusations against high ranking officers of the Philippine Red Cross such as the Secretary General should be taken with cautions so as not to impede operations of the organization, especially when emanating from polluted sources such as disgruntled employees facing disciplinary action.

“RESOLVED AS IT IS HEREBY RESOLVED THAT the trust and confidence reposed unto the Secretary General is hereby confirmed through the affirmative vote of members of the Board of Governors.”

In the same letter, the PRC community was informed that the complainant Sian was found:

“incompetent for his failure to deliver timely and accurate financial statements which in turn endangered the support and confidence granted by the public unto the Philippine Red Cross. Mr. Sian is found liable for disloyalty, breach of trust and confidence for maliciously violating the prohibition against unauthorized disclosure of confidential documents entrusted under his custody.”

Further on, the letter informs the community that an investigation was being conducted to uncover the identities of the perpetrators who launched the demolition campaign against the PRC:

“…in light of the sam and baseless accusations attacking the integrity of its officers which in turn unjustly subject the Organization to public ridicule, mockery and contempt, has caused the conduct of an investigation through specialized agencies to determine the sources of the demolition campaign commenced against the Philippine Red Cross and to identify the perpetrators who chose to hide behind anonymity.”

315 Replies to “Philippine Red Cross Secretary General Gwen Pang Cleared Of Misconduct Charges”

  1. Thanks so much for this, Paul! I must admit I was disturbed by this newsbit when I saw it at TV Patrol (which I sometimes watch when I can’t catch Jessica Soho’s State of the Nation news program at 9 pm, because GMA 7 is almost always mysteriously off-the-air at Skycable, which we of course know is owned by the Lopezes). My suspicion then, however, was that it’s again a Liberal Party demolition job against Gordon, who was mentioned in the report as having used some of PRC’s money for campaigning in the last elections, considering that Gordon has gained high approval from the people because of his PRC work in Tacloban. Can I be blamed for thinking this way? After all, it seems to me that the Liberal Party is really gearing up for 2016, as evidenced by the words that Roxas hurled at Romualdez in Tacloban after the Yolanda incident. They’ve already destroyed Jinggoy, Bong Revilla, and Pacquio, I read somewhere that they’re looking for a way to destroy Binay, they might be working on Gordon, and guess what? The COMELEC just ordered Vilma Santos-Recto, who’s being pushed by some quarters to run for a national post in 2016, to vacate her post for not complying with the SOCE requirement. Could I be wrong?

        1. Gov.Golez, don’t run again for board of governor because of Chairman Gordon. Gordon use Red Cross as tools for his ambition as president of the philippines.

        2. For your INFO, MR./Cong. Golez has been one of the BOG of PRC even before your DICK -gordon became the Chairman of the BOARD. he goes out from the RC movement because he doesnt like Gordy’s Political style of leadership…..

          Maybe you should try to work maybe in PRC to know how this guy treated the managers and staff,and of course how he treated the FUNDS of PRC….
          —- He BADMOUTHS all the people, because he wants everybody to kiss his toes, or maybe his ASS
          I saw some managers crying, maybe already pissed on thier pants everytime the Chair through BADMOUTH to them.
          maybe same reason why people from Tourism went out to protest against him.

        3. Take it easy, pedro! My, why the seething anger? Did I campaign for Gordon here? Please read my comment again to see if I merit your response. If you’re mad at Gordon, don’t attack me. Write your own piece against him, and more importantly, show proofs of your accusations.

        4. Wow, they’re really at it again, aren’t they? They’re actually becoming unbelievably predictable. I think this is the lowest ever that the Philippine government has dipped. At least, the Liberal Party already has its place in the history of Philippine politics. It’s sickening to the core.

      1. PAMGBUNGAD….

        Matagal ng sawang sawa ang mga PRC staff sa pamamalakad ng kasalukuyan administrasyon… TAMA NA..SOBRA NA…PANAGUTIN NA!!!!

        1. How much did the malakanyakanyang miscommunications group paid you to attack Mr. Gordon vincensus ignoramus? Where is your concrete evidence? And no your BS media source is useless.

  2. As a private and concerned citizen and with all due respects PRC Board of Governors, its Secretary General and its Chairman should agree on a FULL FINANCIAL TRANSACTION AUDIT by a reputable multinational auditing firm side by side with Commision on Audit. That way anyone and everyone who claims to be be “correct and righteous” will be backed up by the results of the audit. I pray and hope that a peaceful resolution can be reached by both opposing parties. At the end of the day it is the victims and survivors who suffer everytime a calamity strikes. May God bless each and every volunteer of Philippine Red Cross everyday. May they be kept on harms way.

    1. In one of Alma De Leon’s letter, Rosal was reminded of a previous board decision to hire an auditing firm not just for the complaint but for the regular periodical audits of PRC.

      Moreover, the PRC’s character does not put it under the jurisdiction of the commission on audit – which is only for government organizations.

      1. Would you be kind enough to ask them:

        1. What kind of audit did they order from KPMG. Sources tell me it was more of a systems audit
        2. If my sources are correct, please ask them when will they order a financial transaction audit and to which firm will this be awarded to. Until I am convinced that there is one, all press releases are pure lip service
        3. Lastly, please ask them how the board of governors arrive at decisions in
        absolving or terminating any PRC officer or employee of alleged anomalies without “scientific validation”

        It is good business practice to be thorough in research and be balanced in reporting issues at hand.

        Thanks for your reply.

        1. Marion,

          I’ll ask about 1 and 2, but it may take me a while because of I’m in the middle of wrapping up several simultaneous projects.

          But as for number 3, the process for handling complaints according to the PRC’s handbook on Disciplinary cases are:

          Step 1. Filing of the complaint.
          Step 2. Action on the complaint.
          Step 3. Preliminary/Fact Finding investigation.
          Step 4. Investigation report.
          Step 5. Formal charge.
          Step 6. Answer.
          Step 7. Formal Investigation.
          Step 8. Formal Investigation Report
          Step 9. Decision.

          If you want more details, you can ask for the PRC Handbook for Disciplinary Actions. I assure you, the process is quite thorough because I’ve got a stack of documents on the whole thing.

      2. Corazon Alma De Leon served as the previos Secretary General, even if she already more than the retirement age. she was appointed by Gordon, and later on replace same by Gordons then “secretary KUNO” Gwen, because she always go with Gordon anywhere he goes.” i dont know why. because a lot office work as SG. but she always out with the CHAIRMAN.

        tell you what…Alma de leon was also petitioned before together with her friends being employed(while she is still employed with the DSWD but on LEAVE)and these people i think is her BARKADA-because same AGE nya lang…. its easy for them to open an office and item just to accommodate them…wala din credibility tong si ALMA, kasi circle of friends sya ni Gordon

      3. CORAZON ALMA DE LEON, GORDON’S PUPPET… once became a secretary general to oust former SEC.GEN.VICTOR LIOZO…inupo ni GORDON lang yan si CORA DE LEON… alang ginawa yan..

  3. Mr. Aquino uses the ABS – CBN as propaganda tool. In return for the business contracts, done with the Lopezes. The conduct of vbilifying people thru the ABS – CBN was done during the demonizing of SC Justice Corona impeachment. Is it coincidental?

  4. This attack on Gwen Pang is apparently the practice of those pulling down or ruining others who are doing their job especially when the former’s deliberate incompetence has been revealed.

      1. Which is stupid too, since Pang isn’t running for public office, so how can they perceive her as an enemy. It’s that stupid, “if you’re not with us, you’re against us,” mentality again.

        1. Could it be that they’re really after Gordon, who may run again for president in 2016 and may have a better chance of winning considering the action he took at PRC’s helm in response to Yolanda? Maybe they don’t want to make it look so obvious so they’re doing it indirectly? This entered my mind because it was mentioned in the full ABS-CBN report about this that the records showed that PRC funds were used to buy campaign materials for Gordon in the last elections.

        2. Chrissie, that was the the first thing which came to my mind, a demolition job, the same thing they did to Manny. It seems, they will dig up anything about their perceived enemies, valid or not and publish it through their family media.

          “If you can fake sincerity, you can fake pretty much anything.”

          —-Dr. Gregory House, M.D.

        3. Sadly, there are people believing this demolition job, especially about Gordon allegedly using Red Cross funds for campaign purposes. However, by 2016, Gordon will be 70, I admit he may be too old and might best retire.

          The effect I fear is that people will stop contributing to Red Cross even if it is really doing its job, just because of allegations.

    1. You know Chino, better for you to shut up if you do not have knowledge about it… if your going to talk about credibility, Mr. Sian is More credible than Gwen and the Chairman.

      1. Sian is not a Politician.
      2. Sian is still poor because he is a dedicated employee.
      3. He did not let Gwen dictate him what to do.
      4. He will not gain anything with the case.
      He was the Internal audit staff before he bacame the Chief accountant with a salary of 20,000. PESOS. He is a dedicated employee than what you think.

      1. Okay, let’s take up the credibility of Mr. Jeric Sian, Pedro.


        Here is one of the things that Sian alleged:

        In a letter dated September 9, 2013, PRC Chief Accountant Jeric Sian (who was previously recommended in 2012 to be FIRED for failing to issue monthly financial statements), alleged that the PRC made a deal with Prudential Guarantee Assurance (PGAI) for insurance coverage of PRC members which he alleged was disadvantageous and had no approval from the PRC Board of Governors. The amount of the alleged transaction was ESTIMATED at P93,655,989.00.

        This matter was previously answered in a previous letter on the same matter and the response to that letter. Thus it is a rehashed issue.

        The P93,665,989 is NOT a bulk payment to be made by PRC to PRU.

        Although the contract which has a term from January 1, 2012 to December 31, 2014 merely specifies the amount of insurance premium to be paid per member category per year.

        Thus payments to PGAI is effected only as the member(s) pay their MEMBERSHIP DUE. In short, the insurance premium is “tucked into” the PRC membership fee.

        This insurance premium is just a renewal of the previous years’ practice of PRC to insure its members due to the hazards of the situation the members encounter in every volunteer work that they carry out.

        The selection of the insurance was coursed through the Bids and Awards Committee of the PRC and is covered by BAC Resolution no. 12-06 which among others had endorsed the PGAI due to the following reasons:

        i. The BAC actually invited five (5) bidders namely, PGAI, COCOLIFE, PHILAMLIFE, PAN MALAYAN, and PHIL FIRST. Only PGAI, COCOLIFE, and PHILAMLIFE submitted their bids.

        ii. Included in the TERMS OF REFERENCE was the inclusion of benefits of members in cases when a member is stricken with “Dengue”. Unfortunately, the two insurances companies, COCOLIFE and PHILAMLIFE did not mention this in the quotes submitted, only PGAI specifically mentioned this coverage in their quote.

        iii. It can be said that in the same BAC Resolution, they endorsed PGAI on the basis earlier mentioned and these were signed by all the members INCLUDING MR. Jeric Sian himself.

        iv. Due to the absence of basis for comparison, the BAC should have called for a “failure in bidding” since only one (1) insurance company reflected the “Dengue” coverage. But they didn’t, instead, they endorsed PGAI.

        Since 2012 and up to the present, the Organization had only signed-in or signed-up 30% to 40% of the total membership mentioned in the contract, thus there is no way that the Organization paid P31,218,866 for 2012, perhaps P12.48 Million (40%) is the maximum amount paid for insurance premiums for 2012 — but this was not distributed on a one time basis.

        1. You dont know the situation what really happened in PHILIPPINE RED CROSS.

          One cause of the delayed audited financial statement is because of the failed E.R.P system which Mr.Sian correcting the ERRORS.

        2. @Dixie Villar a.k.a. TROLLIE TROLLAR:

          You’re losing credibility due to the fact that you have HORRIBLE GRAMMAR.

          Accept it or go home. -_-

        3. You keep saying that yet you don’t even show your evidence here.
          Just admit it, you’re just trying to discredit PRC because they FIRED you for your incompetence or your bosses in ABS CBN/Malacanang needs idiots like you to discredit an NGO like PRC.

  5. Dapat ang ibalita ng Abias-CBN ay yung hoarding at katiwalian na nangyayari sa DSWD ni Stinky Soliman. Bakit tahimik sila sa mga issues diyan?

  6. The board of governors are red cross’ own board. It will be prudent that the ones that can clear the matter on red cross’ corruption should not be its own board.

    Also, Rosa Rosal helped make Red Cross what it is today and with her many more years building the organization, her voice would have the best interest and she would know better if there are anomalies. A wave of dismissal this quick by an internal board seems more fishy.

    1. This is the reason why I wonder why Gov. Bo didn’t file a criminal or administrative case in the proper court.

      Instead he sent out malicious emails aimed at defaming Ms. Pang.

    2. Allow me a bit of sarcasm here as I point out that former PRC Gov. Bo was so serious about his complaints that in page 5 of the consolidated findings of the governance committee of the PRC, it is said:

      “Despite due notice to both respondents, only Sec. Gen. Pang submitted her Counter Affidavit on September 14, 2012, and the Affidavits of her witnesses, i.e. Villena, Paul Pagaran, Tesorio, and Beltran. Gov. Bo neither submitted his Counter Affidavit nor any affidavit of any of his witnesses.”

        1. anak ng teteng naman e.

          May opinion dito na hindi ka sang-ayon, e di sabihin mo ng maayos at lagyan mo ng ebidensya. Panay ka “hindi niyo alam kasi wala kayo rito”, “tanungin niyo si ganito…”, “tingnana niyo sa ganito…”, tingnan niyo lifestyle ni ganun…” Panay katarantanduhan ka yata e.

        2. Trolls were never known for their use of proper grammar and logic. Looks like malacanang is running out of spiels for their moronic mooks attacking this site.

    3. Prudence is right! For the sake of the organization, show the public, the organization’s donors and members, the results of an audit performed by a reputable external auditing firm! This is an audit not just of Ms. Pang but of the entire organization that includes the Board of Governors itself! Otherwise, statements publicized by the board itself are just ways of washing their own dirty laundry. Sure, it is so easy to say they followed the investigation process stated in the PRC HANDBOOK but who did the investigation? Prudence!!!! Is that the same as DELIKADEZA?

      1. Ms. Carmen, it seems you doubt the process undertaken by the PRC Board but what is your basis for taking this position?

        Can you cite an instance where the PRC Board had acted in a manner unworthy of trust?

        1. Show us the audit results that the board claims they have!!!! Haven’t seen any! for years!

      1. MAYBE it will not happen with the Red-Cross, but I just read the article posted by Libertas and I have seen the EXACT same scenario actually happen in CDO> That is the EXACT reason I am telling everyone to NOT send anything to the Philippines unless you know someone you can actually send CA$H or a ‘Balik-bayan box’ to. Otherwise, fugged-aboud-it, it is going to confiscated, held by the town officials and SOLD to the highest bidder.

        IT IS A DISGRACEFUL STATE OF AFFAIRS, and people internationally will soon tire of doing it. BUT, these corrupt POS officials also know that any time a disaster happens, bleeding hearts will bleed green, and those officials are probably hoping for more disasters. it is beyond despicable. AND it is not a coincidence that elsewhere in S.E. Asia Filipino’s are known as scumbag scam artists and it sux for those Filipino’s, the majority, that are no such thing. UGH! if I were starving and knew the mayor was hoarding the relief supplies, wanna guess what I would do?

      2. You only have to google corruption and the red cross and there is a litany of examples from 9/11, katrina, china, mexico, cambodia et al. Maybe PRC is different and the innate honesty of filipinos prevails – but never say never. That is tempting providence.

        1. You’re right. I take it back, but it’s unlike to happen if the PRC maintains a high level of transparency with its fund use.

        1. Tits or you’re just a hostile liar. Btw you prick, your precious pwesident was the one who don’t give a damn on the Yolanda victims.

  7. Paul,

    #3 is perfect and seems air tight process pero it is my impression that it is only good in paper because in practice, the officers or board only resort to “vote of confidence” to either absolve or terminate issues and people.

    I assure you, # 2 is the most important. PRC should conduct an honest to goodness FINANCIAL TRANSCATION AUDIT asap.

    Let the board of PRC take their pick:


    and PLEASE, in GOD’S NAME, let PRC board do the audit for the VICTIMS AND SURVIVORS of Yolanda and the 7.2 magnitude earthquake.

    1. I completely agree with Marion. We have copies of the financial transactions which Mr. Jeric Sian, former chief accountant, requested be investigated and audited by reputable auditing firms because the policies you are referring to appear to have been violated. He was terminated for doing his job – of revealing what is internally ongoing in the organization! Show the public the results of the audit that they claim was done. Was it an external or an internal audit? Who did the audit???? And demand a life-style check on Ms. Pang!!! That’s what we do for public officials, right, to be sure their character is above board! Ms. Rosa Rosal is a member of the Board of Governors and demanded for the investigation and audit. Why would she do that? Just because the governors cleared Pang does not clear her – and perhaps the board itself needs to be cleared!!!! The public needs to know the truth!

  8. Rightly or wrongly, anyone in a POS-ition of power in the Philippines has little to no credibility and what the media says about anything is just as suspect.

    For all anyone knows the secretary could be a crook and the peoplebeing fired could be scapegoats, no one will evevr really know and the court system could not convince anyone of anything to the contrary, given the comical nature of the farcical proceedings paraded in the media. A complete mess is less complicated, but the rumours (?) of relief supplies being hoarded away from those in need and true accountability being nowhere to be found, how could anyone but the fox be guarding the hen-house, HUH? Try proving it though! Professional BS artists have spin-doctors that can make a turd into a donut, a shitty tasting donut, but a donut none-the-less.

  9. By this time, it’s pretty obvious that the supposed case vs. Pang is nothing more than a demolition job, to deflect bad press off the incompetence displayed after Typhoon Haiyan/Yolanda.

    1. For all people who offer their opinions, please dig the facts first then give a more educated opinion. BIG mouths = SMALL brains.

      1. @ M.R……Just exactly where are you, or anyone else for that matter, get what you call ‘THE FACTS’? WELL? it is a matter of fact that ‘cooking the books is not a secret and anyone can do it. Just ask the ENRON executives or JP Morgan/Chase, John Corzine and the London Whale or the IMF scandal.

        If you want to believe what you see & hear, go ahead…but save your insults for deserving individuals. It has been said once or twice , by some well-informed Men: Believe none of what you hear and half of what you see, for things are not what they seem. Keep one ear open is suspense of the truth and finally…You only see what they show you.

      2. I pored over several documents that details the allegations made by Bo and Sian, most of the allegations are procedural and there is no indication that money was stolen from the PRC.

        Marion, did you see the part where Bo admitted to lying to the PRC board? Not once but several times?

        1. Mr.Farol, procedures comes after magastos na nila lahat.

          What will you say about the baller ID.with Gordon name in the time of nearby president election before? PERA ng BAYAN yun PDAF yun… mga tarpaulin na pinagawa na nakalagay sa mga attachement document for payment processing is for RED CROSS..but the actual printing is GORDON for president and SENATORS. matagal na gawain ni GORDON yan… ang RED CROSS ay taguan ng PDAF ni GORDON sa pansariling INTERES lang…. nag donate ang RED CROSS sa BAGUMBAYAN FOUNDATION funded by GORDON’s PDAF and later this org. becomes political party of GORDON.. BAGUMBAYAN POLITICAL PARTY… yan ang mga anomalyang itinatago ni GORDON na ginagamit ang RED CROSS sa pansariling kapakanan…

        2. You surely do know a lot… Why don’t you post all your supporting documents here and let the people judge, otherwise you will just be seen as a TROLL.

        3. PROCEDURAL ba ung wedding GIFT given to BIDS AND AWARDS COMMITTEE HEAD… donations PANG REGALO??? matinong procedure ba un?

  10. To all:

    Just pressure PRC to do a FULL financial transaction audit and the TRUTH will rise from its ashes.

    Carmen pls email me your celph at

    Gerry sorry I hurt your feelings. You will understand where I am coming from if you have been to Tacloban and Maribojoc Bohol a few days after the twin calamities. It is the real world out there. PRC management brand of arrogance cascades to the frontlines thus it defeats the purpose of prc and some dont practice the fundamental principles of Red Cross. signing off guys. just wait for things to unfold this week. History will be made in PRC.

  11. Pnoy uses his power to satiate the jealousy he has felt all his life – non-achiever in academia, sport, business, love, and but for a quirk of birth and a timely death, also in politics.
    Now it is revenge time and his vindictive nature can have full vent through abuse of his position which invariably seems his number one priority, bordering on the obsesdional. He must have had a bad childhood and poor interpersonal skills to harbour such general animosity for so long.
    Like the addict it often doesn’t matter who is ‘punished’, as long as pnoy aquino can feel powerful after being powerless all his life and incapable of being macho, take decions or even win friends and influence people.
    Now he has a stage to show exactly why he was ignored and friendless.

  12. HELLO! to tell you what. Red cross Managers and staff was almost went out on protest against the chairman GORDON long time ago, but some of the Good Governor ask them to give him another chance. and to give PRC a chance, in order to protect its integrity.

    1. @ pedro

      Instead of you whining like a p___y, why don’t you enlighten us where you are coming from, otherwise your statements are just that….statements..

      1. Joel Sir, thats why were talking about it to inform everybody about the background, although we dont have the dox…its just like a girl being raped- its undocumented, they only based on the victims statements…:)

      2. @ pedro

        There is no such thing as “undocumented”. Even in your example, there would be solid proof that the rape happened.

        Don’t be a TROLL, we need facts.

        1. And all we get from them are crickets chirping as usual whenever they are asked to present credible proof(Abs cbn is not credible)
          Typical behavior from a moronic mook of the malacanang miscommunications group.

  13. Yung adveritsement ng Safeguard, nakakuha sila Gwen at Gordon ng tig 5M yata, sabi nila pinasok daw yun sa PRC, sana check ng auditing kung talagang pumasok un…

    1. Yeah, right, and you know something about it? Then by all means post it here and back it up properly, otherwise, you are just as unreliable as ABS CBN.

    1. Isa ka pa e, Paul is basing his opinions on documents. If you do not agree with his opinions then you better back up your claims with the same, otherwise you are just whining p____y.

        1. Then you better present here said documents, links, photos, etc. and let the people make up their own minds, instead of you and red crosser and others just throwing bits and pieces of what appears to be TROLLING.

  14. I dont think this is a Political issue, The Accountant can gain nothing for this… Thats why Gov. Rosa Rosal backed up this poor guy because nobody is taking the issue seriously.

    BOG is just taking it lighltly.


    DONT USED THE INSTITUTION FOR YOUR PERSONAL INTEREST…. NO NEED FOR 143 projects – theres a name behind the NETWORK…..please, stop this.

    1. As expected from a stupid troll, all bark but no bite just like their stupid master in malacanang.

      FYI, the burden of proof is ALWAYS on the accuser you stupid sack of sh_t. -_-

  16. @joel,

    you are not in our place.. if you do..for sure you will do the same as the chief accountant… AYAW ng taga PRC ng KURAKOT…

    1. @red crosser

      You have something to disagree about with the opinions of people here then state it clearly and back it up solidly. As of now, you haven;t even backed up your claims. All you have are just words scattered all around, bits and pieces(from, as you claim, know it all insider). Why would we believe what you say without even one solid data to back it up?

      People here are tired with the likes of you spewing information without a solid piece of evidence.

        1. You have nothing, then you better STFU. If your talking about Sian, he has no credibility anymore as he was already fired due to laziness.

        1. Mr TROLLAR was exposed because he’s a REAL PAID HACK and a proud Abnoy cocksucker.

          Deal with it. 😀 😀

  17. Bohol Mayor is Correct when he says, PRC can only says that they are apolitical if Gordon will be out from the Institution.

    As 7 principles of red cross.
    1. Humanity
    6. UNITY
    Pakitingnan lang kung Pasok si Gordon Dito…

    1. So, suddenly this is about Gordon…….

      You idiots…

      “You can fool some of the people all of the time, and all of the people some of the time, but you can not fool all of the people all of the time.”
      ― Abraham Lincoln

  18. I wonder if some of the trolls above, if with the Red Cross before, are angry at Gordon for chewing them off. For example, there are people asking for relief goods, and the good are ready, but these PRC guys were slacking off. Text-text first, give the goods later. Then comes Gordon and they get a grand verbal drubbing for being slacky. They get mad at that and hate Gordon, taking every chance to hit him. Pero speculation lang yan a.

    1. I think they are just too affected to Mr. Gordon for teaching them discipline because they love mediocrity and prefer being da pinoy.

      1. And you know what Gordon’s slogan in Olongapo was, “Bawal ang tamad sa Olongapo”, maybe that is why these idiots hate Gordon so much. They got burned.

        Just accept the fact that majority of pinoys are lazy slackers, as if doing something, just like their president.

  19. Red Cross was in existence even before your Gordon entered into the picture, they have been the Premier humanitarian Org. even before his leadership, how could you say that people are LAZY, prove it first before saying that…. .He is onlz very nice and kind to everybody during the time of ELECTION…Ask Rosa Rosal, shes been wit the PRC several decades already…

    1. @red crosser

      Why order us to ask Rosa Rosal? Ang gago mo naman. It is your argument, you prove it.

      Lazy? Isn’t it obvious, we have a lot of “tambay” drinking early in the morning instead of being useful. We have a lazy president who’s plan we still do not know even after more than 3 yearst in his term. He should be thinking of providing jobs for these “tambays”

      1. Mr. Joel,
        You dont really know what happening in the Philippine Red Cross. We are fed up used by Dick Gordon for his own interest to be the next president.

        1. @Mr. TROLLIE TROLLAR:

          You never know what’s happening in the Philippines either. And it’s great for Dick Gordon to be the next president instead of incompetent trapos like Binay, which you proudly support. 😀

      1. Paid hack? That is putting them in a pedestal, hell, they can’t even hack their own e-mails if they wanted to.

        They are just monkeys with keyboards.

  20. I dare you joel to join the Red Cross for you to know how he runs the PRC, of course not as volunteer, but as an employees. then if im wrong, i will accept that people in prc are just idiots…

    1. I dare you Pedro Gil to stop TROLLING and GTFO.

      Honestly, you’re totally wrong in the first place.

      TROLLS are real-life IDIOTS. 😀

  21. Telefax: (083) 228-2414. Mobile: 0917-750-6227. E-mail:
    southcotabato@ Administrator: Dixie O.
    Villar , …

    just spoke to him.

    his message and mine is stop trolling and trying to impersonate.
    shows how desperate and despicable you are.

      1. Your real name is TROLLIE TROLLAR

        …is the symbol of TRUTH OF A LIE.

        Am I right, TROLLIE??? 😀

        Stop your TROLLING, Mr. TROLLAR. Fact is because of your horrible grammar. 😀

        FILTHY LYING TROLL. 😀 😀 😀

  22. Mas Gago ka, at ulol ka pa sa kanya, kasi panay puri mo sa kanya, bakit,gaano mo ba sya kakilala…siguro crony ka ni Gordon…

    1. Lol, resorting to insults are we? That will never win you any credibility here, TROLL.
      Your butthurt is certainly showing in each of your comments against GORDON.
      Siguro crony ka ni Mr. Sian….

  23. Winter soldier, please read my comment carefully, i said if Joel can join the RC so he will know what he is talking, and if im wrong, i will accept that he is correct that PRC people are idiots..

    1. And please read my comments carefully. No one will listen to people who DEMAND while there are people who seek VALUE.

      Fact: You’re an IDIOT in the first place.

        1. The jokes definitely on you, TROLL.
          Sige, pakita ka pa ng pagiging butthurt mo dito mas lalo ka lang matatalo hahahahaha

    2. When did i say people from PRC are idiots? It doesn’t mean that you are from PRC and you are an idiot, then every one there is an idiot. haw haw.

  24. @Johny BURB! i am not the one started, Joel used the word “GAGO” i am not a crony to anybody, i just love the PRC. and want all the corrupt people out from the institution.. ive donated COUPLE of GALLONS of blood, and volunteered in repacking relief for victims, and i cannot accept that these people are destroying the institution…

    1. Nice TROLLING, imaginary whiny prick. 😀

      And yes, YOU are a crony to anybody since you love fellow idiots like Noynoy Aquino, who wants to take the credit for himself.

    2. That still won’t excuse you for trolling here, TROLL
      You really went full retard with that pathetic attempt at insulting me.
      Seriously? Johnny BURB??? Is that the best insult you got??

  25. Winter Soldier, you are even worst than an IDIOT, your a SHIT…you are barking like a “asong ulol” you dont know the issue….

    1. Says you who is a real-life FRAUD. You’re indeed an ‘asong ulol’ IN THE FIRST PLACE.


      TROLL. 😀

  26. WE ARE REALLY demanding not just an explanation, but a PUBLIC apology, and A INDEPENDENT AUDIT, then prosecute the culprit

  27. Panong hindi kayo tatawaging gago, this article was based on facts.

    You people (red crosser, pedro, “dixie villar”), on the other hand do not think so and you would rather spew none sense even to the point of asking me to join the red cross. (That one was a real laugh, btw, leave my job just to prove your point, wala na mas gago pa sa dare na yan!!! Idiota).

    The point is, you are very much welcome to post your counter arguments here as long as you back it up with facts. As of now you have nothing but telling us to go join red cross, ask this guy, that guy…etc. Talagang panay kayo kagaguhan.

      1. What joel wants is VALUE while you are just DEMANDING.


        Deal with it, REAL-LIFE IMPERSONATING FRAUD. 😀 😀

      2. And suddenly, this real-life fraud is a NO-SHOW at the PRC!

        His true colors are indeed that he… is… TROOOOOOLLIIIIING!!!

        Congratulations! 😀 😀

      3. Wow, just wow, your level of butthurt is too high.

        It’s really surprising how you think your impersonation of Dixie Villar is effective here when in reality, its not fooling anybody here but yourself.

      4. Why should we ask this guy or that guy to prove your accusations when in the first place, the burden of proof is ALWAYS on the accuser, that is YOU by the way if you’re too stupid to figure that one out.

      5. You really think that your dare for me to leave my job and join red cross wins your argument? Now that is all time high level of kabobohan. Face it, you have nothing!

        Oh, yeah, right… you are really nothing cause you are just frauds.

    1. Idiot, I do not even have an argument with what the author presented as it is backed up by FACTS.

      You on the other hand have an argument, which up to now you couldn’t even support. Supot!

  28. Joel, so you really believe that Gordon and Gwen are clean, so, its up to you….we are just trying to give you background, so you will not be judgemental to the PRC Accountant…dont close your mind about what you know about Gordon and the Olongapo…its not the same…

      1. Bravo! Bravo!

        Now this fraud is now picking a FIGHT instead?

        I do love a street fight. Watching them, I mean. And this promises to be a good one. 😀

      2. I would really love to take you up on that offer, but not like you I have a REAL JOB here and the my chopper flight ain’t picking me up until the 27th of December.

        It’s a pity you do not have a job but to pick fights on line…… haw haw. ON LINE! How low can you go?

    1. ‘Bawal ang tamad sa Olongapo’

      Also, TROLLS have closed minds so spare us the pity… oh wait.

      And now, he’s playing the VICTIM CARD! Wait, TROLLS don’t play VICTIMS LMAO

      So what is next for this prick? Stay tuned!

    2. There you go again with your boombastic idiocy! You always have the chance to present facts and you fail at it.

      Now I dare you….. FACTS please!

        1. Rude statement. All he wants is a FIGHT, not so-called TRUTH.

          So… why do we believe on a REAL-LIFE FRAUD like you? 😀

        2. Wow, your’re picking a fight with someone on the internet.
          Your level of stupidity is off the charts.
          You just proved here that you’re a total retard.

        3. Let’s see, joel asked you for facts but instead of you providing the facts, you challenge him to a fight outside the PRC….. Wait, what?

          Seriously, you trolls are getting dumber and dumber and dumber each time you show your faces here. -_-

  29. I have the facts, but i will not give it to stupid like you….

    Everybody have the photocopies of the Receipts, we have the tarpaulins for WOW phil. and we have the receipt when Gwen paid her GIFT TO employess where she said its normaL. no she never gives wedding gift to staff, only to her favorites people, mga Bata nya yun!

    1. Source for the record or what you are spouting are nothing but, wait a minute…


      Of course you would not do that because the fact is you’re a REAL LIFE FRAUD.

      A TROLL. 😀 😀

    1. Bakit hindi pwede ipakita sa amin yung documents?
      Baka naman kasi wala kang ipapakitang documents sa amin? O ayaw mo lang ipakita kasi malaki kang SINUNGALING

  30. I just realized that these trolls are no different from that wacko troll from Save 182 a few months back, maybe they’re related to each other since they share the same level of stupidity and butthurt.

    1. TROLL.

      Press conference… KUNO. 😛

      Sino’ng maniniwala sa press conference ng ABS-CBN???

      Tanggalin na rin si red crosser a.k.a. Noynoy cocksucker a.k.a. TROLL 😀

      1. Estas lcco asshurt? Well it’s your fault and not Gordon’s because you’re too emo to handle what is wrong with your retarded mindset.

    1. You see, idiot, you always had the chance to convince us with what you have. What facts did you present up to now? Nada, zilch, tiada, buta, zero. And you expect us to believe you?

      See, not unlike you, people here are critical of the facts and not just take things at face value.

      Ngawa ka ng ngawa, wala naman wenta. People like you keep this country down. My advise… get a real job and not be a paid troll.

    2. Then why still bother trolling here with your hostile attacks nigga? Still can’t admit that you and your fellow niggas a big fat losers? Sige iyak pa so that I can have a whole supply of your delicious tears.

      1. kayo nagsimula ng GAGO at IDIOTS…. kaya dun tayo sa PRC para malaman nyo kung cno ang talagang nangGAGAGO ng tao at bayan.

        1. Aminin mo na lang kasi na ayaw mo kay Dick Gordon sa PRC ay dahil balat-sibuyas ka palagi sa binibigay na disiplina nya para sa iyo. Pareho kayo ng gunggong mong presidente: dakilang bastos.

        2. Nah, the joke is still on you after all.

          The PRC is not a perfect place to pick a childish fight. You should go to MURDERWOLRD instead.

          Am I right, TROLL?

    1. Maybe the reason why he’s picking a fight at the PRC is because he can get his “boo-boos” patched up when he gets his ass kicked.

      Suffice to say, it still won’t help your cause, TROLL, since your ass has already been kicked hard here.

    1. Aw, what’s the matter?
      You can’t admit that you’re a troll, butthurt fag?

      You can deny it all you want, you’re still a troll and an exceptionally dumb one too.

  31. cross dresser needs to stop dressing up lies and get back into his nappies and keep sucking on his mummy’s sagging breasts until he grows up
    how pathetic

    1. Nah, I’m intelligent than people than emo pricks who use ABS-CBN as their source.

      Keep on sucking Noynoy’s cock and see you at MURDERWORLD.

  32. Siguro tuwang tuwan si Gordon sa inyo, pati si Satanas tuwang tuwa sa inyo, kasi pinagtatanggol nyo eh, di nyo naman alam ang tunay na nangyayari… puro nakikita nyo lang…

    1. Oh and you label Dick Gordon as evil? How? By shouting what is really wrong with your mentally retarded mindset? Now I see nigga. You’re not just a regular moron. You were born and proud to be a moron.

      1. And if you’re implying that God hates Dick Gordon’s “evil” teachings, you’re just using God’s name in vain with your self-righteous nonsense you katoliban.

    2. Singhot pa ng rugby BOY, napaka tanga mo talaga tignan sa mga comments mo, gunggong.

      Tuwang tuwa siguro si Ngongoy aquino sa kademonyohang ginagawa mo dito.

    3. Kung alam mo pala yung nagyayari, by all means, post it here so that people can make up their own minds. HIndi yung puro kayo kagaguhan.

        1. Resorting to petty insults again?
          That is a very predictable tactic coming from predictable trash like YOU.

          Face it, you’ve already lost,”red crosser”

        2. So you’re implying that you’re a big fat liar because you can’t give concrete facts that joeld told you to do so but instead continuing with your squatter minded hostile attacks to us.

        3. See, even when I say “gago ka”, i have facts to back it up “kung bakit ka gago”.

          FACT: your arguments are based on …, ano nga…. haw haw. E di anong tawag sa inyo?

      1. What a loser.
        You can’t even come up with a better insult than “Johnny Burp”.
        Wow, just wow, your stupidity really is impressive.

    1. wat? What is tubol? I never heard such a word like that. O baka naman minadali mong imbento iyan para tirahin mo ako dahil ayaw mo pa ring aminin na dakilang talunan ka na.

  33. red crosser, pedro gil, et al,

    You are done here sabi ng boss niyo. You lost this one for the mere fact that you cannot even back up your claims. Sayang naman, people were ready to listen to you, kaso you had nothing pala.

    To the people who just got to this site for the first time, I urge you to please be wary of info such as the guys I mentioned above are spewing here. It could have been a good discussion of they had real facts to go with their claims.

    Huwag po tayong basta basta maniniwala ng walang totoong katibayan na nanggaling sa mapapagkatiwalaang pinanggalingan. Salamat po.

  34. JOEL…is just scrap person who doesn’t really know the situation in RED CROSS. JUST STAY TUNED in MEDIA..FOR MORE EXPOSE…. kaya JOEL manihimik ka kc WALA kang ALAM……….

    1. sounds like it is you who knows f@ck all.
      and clearly know nothing of PRC or gordon.
      i do, so know you are a little sh!t who is just out to stir up trouble.
      your rantings are as boring and irrelevant as you are.
      now go and grow up, and please try to learn how to write english. only shows how lowly and badly educated you are.
      this is not a playground for retards

    2. REAL-LIFE…. TROLL. 😀 😀

      And you’re a TROLL who loves to TROLL on this blog. And we never stay tuned in BIASED MEDIA like ABS-CBN, which you and your fellow Yellow Zombies love it.

      Kaya TROLLCROSSER, you don’t have the right to tell us to shut up because all you did was TROLLING. 😀

      And it’s all 100% TRUE.

    3. Translation of redcrosser’s comments:
      “Wah wah wah, nobody is listening to me here so I’ll just “try” to insult you all since I’m a LOSER who can’t even think of a good insult “

    4. Scrap person? What the hell is that?

      Ok, assuming I do not know anything about PRC, now give me your facts so that I (all people) may know. You have the opportunity to change our minds, now, let us see what you are saying. Nasaan?

      Panay kayo kagaguhan at katarantaduhan e. Lubog na nga ang Pinas, sinamahan niyo pa ng kabobohan niyo.

  35. Sheesh, what a pathetic attempt to distract attention from the Aquino government’s obvious incompetence and blatant disregard of lives, while the Red Cross kept on working to provide what they could. My contribution to Red Cross was well-spent, while the government blames everyone else for its failures.

      1. It’s unfortunate for them that it’s not working anymore since almost everyone on social media now HATES the Aquino government’s incompetence.

        1. TV PATROL ALERT:

          GOV.ROSAL, GOV.ESPINO, GOV.ESPIRITU & GOV. AURELIO, SUPPORTED THE THOROUGH INVESTIGATION OF RED CROSS FUND… supported the allegation of Chief Accountant…. kaya kayong mga walang kinalalaman sa tunay na kalagayan ng PRC… WATCH AND SEE..who is the real culprit.

        2. Nah, we still won’t believe you since you rely on non credible sources such as TV PATROL

          What a LOSER and that’s with a capital L.

        3. Yeah right abias-cbn. You mean your mentally retarded pwesident just ordered those propaganda media to ruin Dick Gordon’s name. You can’t fool us inutil.

        4. @dixievillar a.k.a. TROLLIETROLLAR:

          Since you cite TV PATROL, your credibility is ALREADY RUINED.

          Congratulations, you bite your own tongue and enjoy choking your own tears.

    1. In behalf of TC TROLL LEAGUE in TROLL Area, support the of our dedicated TROLL, TROLL, and TROLL.

      Just accept the fact that you’re a TROLL.

      Merry Christmas, you SON OF A BITCH!! 😀

  36. Seriously you asshurt losers, you want to prove your claim? Tell that to the guys at the International Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement in Geneva, Switzerland. C’mon you dickheads I dare you!

  37. Mr. Johnny, & Domo,

    Its not about the bias media neither PNOY.. the issue is we need a true investigation. INUTIL is not appropriate word to a person who really the PHILIPPINE RED CROSS.

    Merry Christmas and Happy new Year

    1. That still doesn’t excuse you butthurt idiots from trolling.
      Changing your name won’t fool us, it’s over for you trolls.

    2. That’s what we keep telling to these trolls about concrete proof and they deserve to be called inutil because they are still desperately in denial.

  38. It’s official: The real culprits are people who goes by names of

    Pedro gil

    That is due to their malicious content and basing their claims from biased media outlets like ABS-CBN and they all did this to cover up the incompetence of the present government and to seek attention.

    Never watch and see BIASED AND SENSATIONALIZED NEWS. Never listen to FRAUDS and TROLLS.

    1. Those “trolls” are probably just one person since their spiels are too similar to each other.
      That style of trolling is sooooo predictable.

      1. The thing that doesn’t seat well with me is that other people might actually believe what the bias media and these jerk trolls are saying. It is really true that they are a burden to the Philippines.

        It is this low that the Philippines has come to, this guys with no principles whatsoever.

        1. The only ones that would believe those trolls are the trolls themselves.
          Only someone gullible would believe their obvious lies hook, line and sinker.
          Hell, they can’t even prove their accusations without resorting to petty insults.
          The troll/s really picked the wrong blog site to mess with.

    2. As of 12-20-2013 here are the names that the butthurt trolls use:
      Pedro gil
      Concerned Red Cross Youths

  39. Nagpost na naman labas sa ABS-CBN at kay PNoy etong ulol na si Paul Farol na sinipa sa Asian Correspondents dahil palpak magsulat. Pinaglalaban na naman maging presidente ang mga Marcos

    1. TROLL. 😀

      And because you mentioned the Marcoses, then you prefer a government whored by media (ABS-CBN) that tells you that everything is ok and never prefers progress but MEDIOCRITY. Or maybe you don’t even know about the words BIAS and SENSATIONALIZED NEWS.

      Yellow Zombies = ULOL

      Deal with it. 😀

    2. Yet another yellow zombie who has exposed his stupidity and butthurt.
      Looks like there’s no shortage of idiots this holiday season since they still keep on attacking this site rather fruitlessly.

      Your post reeks of failure and stupidity judging from the way you express your butthurtness.
      Your tiny brain can’t handle the truth it seems.


  40. From:
    Date: February 23, 2014 at 5:55:50 PM PST
    To: “”
    Cc: “”
    Subject: Bacolod Chapter/Garganera

    Dear Sirs:

    I am a graduate of caregiver’s class 2004 at Red Cross Bacolod and currently employed as a caregiver and as an OFW. I developed the spirit of voluntarism when I joined RC. I exposed my daughter to the RC principles and ideals of RC. She embraced those ideals as I did without hesitation and with so much passion in helping her constituents. She volunteered for RC since the day I took her to RC. As soon as she finished college, she was taken as probationary employee and later became permanent. I left her with the employees and volunteers whom I considered as family. Unfortunately, all of them left but my daughter.

    It is to my knowledge that Red Cross Bacolod is being run by the above subject who does not practice what a respectable, dignified and honorable leader should do. He humiliates volunteers and my daughter anytime and anywhere as he pleases especially when he is intoxicated. He banned male volunteers for DRT especially who is interested with my daughter. I suspect that he has vested interest with my daughter. Even if he isn’t married and no children, it is impeccable for him to do otherwise.

    I am distraught with the physiological and physical torment of my Daughter’s well being. I am so helpless that I can’t be with her to defend her.

    I beg of you to please investigate this matter accordingly and bring justice to people he had done wrong. Please channel me to the proper authority to handle this matter. I am coming home leaving my huge responsibilities to my clients to seek justice. I just want to make sure the safety of my daughter and the people around her.

    Your kind attention to investigate the problem with urgency manner is deeply appreciated.

    Best Regards and God speed.

    Red Cross Family Member

  41. Bacolod Chapter represented by someone who fires volunteers which not acceptable to any charitable institution. He is an embarrassment.


    1. Nakulong na dapat yan sa daming atraso, daming niloko at inutangan! She should just leave the country kasi sira na siya dito sa P.I. Adik kasi.

  43. Almost 2 years later and there seems to be no activity from those disgruntled “ex prc members” that shown an absurd level of butthurt here.

    Too bad

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