Dynasties at the political fringe – for now: the crying Romualdezes and the bratty Binays

Mayor Alfred Romualdez’ recent crying episode at the Senate is nothing more than a sideshow of an entitled spoiled brat to deflect attention to his ineptitude. By his own admission, the entire organizational structure of the government in Tacloban was virtually wiped-out immediately after Typhoon Yolanda, so, for good business order (a concept the masses are not likely to appreciate, which Romualdez is keen to exploit to cover his self-absorbed ass), the appropriate local government ordinances needed to be issued for the national government to legally take-over the urgent task of relief operations. That’s all there is to it.

Crocodile tears? Tacloban City Mayor Alfred Romualdez

Crocodile tears? Tacloban City Mayor Alfred Romualdez

Instead of admitting the simple truth that he and his local government team could barely function after Typhoon Yolanda, the mayor is consumed by amor propio and sensationalizes a truly petty scenario to pin the blame on the national government for the delays in relief operations. That’s a new level below TRAPO and EPAL. You were clearly NOT part of the solution then (i.e., you were part of the problem), requiring the national government to take-over even in the absence of legalities (due to your lack of cooperation). Worse, your whining in media and your glaring absence among your constituents in Tacloban immediately after Typhoon Yolanda exemplify your spineless leadership, made possible only by the rotten brand of patronage politics perpetuated by your Imeldific aunt. I mean, who the hell cares about how you and your wife and kids survived the storm surge, when millions are in far more dire straits that you are. Why don’t you instead pick the pockets of Imelda and her siblings (and their respective children, including yourself), who made out like grand bandits during the Marcos Kleptocracy, and shower your constituents with desperately needed aid? Neeha-neeho.

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I hope the constituents of Tacloban and the entire Province of Leyte will finally wake-up and rid themselves of the Romualdez politicians, who are all muchachos-in-waiting to rig elections when Bong Bong Marcos runs for the presidency; otherwise, a thousand more Yolanda’s might as well scrape-off all of Leyte and its inhabitants from the face of the earth.

* * *

Character exposed: Makati Mayor Junjun Binay

Character exposed: Makati Mayor Junjun Binay

Watch Out for Binay! The family that aspires to lead the Philippines is already pushing its weight around just for the heck of it. Imagine the kind of abuses they will inflict on Juan dela Cruz if the head of the family becomes the president of the county. It’s a throwback to the abuses of Jackie Ponce Enrile, when everyone was afraid of Johnny during the Marcos dictatorship.

The incident itself is really quite unimportant (Junjun Binay incident at Dasma Gate) but it highlights the power-tripping hoodlums that are the Binays, already drunk with their meteoric rise in politics. It was close to midnight on November 30, 2013 at the Dasmarinas Village gate of Banyan and McKinley Road, when the four-car convoy (another point I take issue with) of Mayor Junjun Binay was refused passage through the said gate in accordance with the rules of the Dasmarinas Village Association or DVA (i.e., no entry or exit through said gate after 10 p.m.). Any normal individual would simply turnaround and exit through the main gate along Palm Avenue, which is just a couple of hundred meters away. Apparently, this was not good enough for Prince Junjun of the Fiefdom of Makati. He had to show who was boss around town. “Don’t you know me?” the Prince exclaims, his goons pull out their guns and, dig this, the Makati police (like his private police force) arrive with armalites (high-powered guns) to subdue and detain the guards of the security agency. It’s all captured in a CCTV video for all the world to see. Yet, Binay’s spokesman, Joey Salgado, insults the Filipino (much like Kit Tatad’s propaganda and lies during the Marcos dictatorship . . . even until now) by trying desperately to revise the truth through the press.

Reinforcing the unacceptable behavior of Prince Junjun is the kiss-ass Ram Antonio, President of Right Eight (security) Agency, who apologized profusely to Binay–for what? He claims DVA has an exception for the President, the Vice President and . . . the Mayor of Makati . . . for security reasons. Since when was this Ram Antonio hired to be the apologist and spin doctor of Junjun Binay? He and, indeed the Mayor of Makati, should be tightening the security of DVA and the City of Makati, respectively, so that everyone is safe and secure, and exceptions are unnecessary.

Another spineless pushover Jay Pantangco, President of DVA, confirmed the incident and said it had been settled. Again, what’s there to settle? The guards of the security agency were only following a well-established security procedure of DVA. Have we lost all sense of right from wrong? Do we teach our children to condone and suck-up the abuses of the powerful? If there was any apology or settlement, it should have come from Prince Junjun, who should have at least been spanked and told to stand facing the corner. Unfortunately, it doesn’t appear to work this way (It’s–public officials are–more abusive in the Philippines!) and it’s only going to get worse if his old man becomes the king of the land. Hail King Jejomar!

* * *

Watch those spaces!

50 Replies to “Dynasties at the political fringe – for now: the crying Romualdezes and the bratty Binays”

  1. REAL MEN don’t cry.

    Mar Roxas showed us the difference between MEN and BOYS. Romualdez needs to grow up and be a MAN. But its hard to grow up when you don’t accept responsibility for your actions.

    Thank you Mar Roxas for exposing the truth to the Filipino people.

    1. So Jhay . How much of the online troll budget got shifted to defending Mar now that Truth Minister Ricky has been replaced? Mar is a spineless Igor to an already wimpy spineless Noynoy. I am sure you are proud of them .

        1. Oligarch families continue to rape and pillage the country at large, in order to feather their own nests. Interesting reading: “The Politics of Disaster” by The Philippine Center for Investigative Journalism by Marites Danquilan Vitug. Five families own all the land in Ormoc, Leyte. They cut down all the trees in the hills surrounding the city and planted sugar cane. The DENR was too busy stuffing bribes in their pockets to stop them. The rains came in 1991 and the widespread flooding and landslides snuffed out the lives of 6000 people. According to the article: “the circumstances that led to the flooding are still very much present.” In fact the area which was hit hardest where only 200 people survived out of 2500 has been resettled with the same flimsy structures that occupied the land before. Things will never change because oligarch political families control the governorship, the congressionsl seats, and mayoral seats in the largest cities in Leyte. They maintain their iron grip by buying votes from hungry tenant farmers and fisher folk. They then recoup their investment in vote buying through kickbacks for substandard construction projects and roads.

      1. @ Gogs, Isn’t it just GREAT to hear from the one and only VIRTUAL VIGILANTE? He/She is the SHIT!!!!

        Oh yes, the one and only V.V. whose identity is known to no one, but whose audacity of words and insight into the Oligarchy and their scumbaggerly ways knows no bounds or equal! the VIRTUAL VIGILANTE, messenger of the opposition! Viva la VIRTUAL VIGILANTE.

        MERRY CHRISTMAS GOGS and to all at GRP!

      2. Mar Roxas and Noynoy. What a pathetic combibation that is proving to be. Looking at the possible candidates for the next Presidency we have nit a hope in hell of ever moving forward.

    2. Jhay,

      With all due respect, what did Mar Roxas show the Filipino people again? It so happened that the mayor right there is a Romualdez and may be it will be like that for a long time. But there are also facts that you should consider. We don’t have families in Tacloban or in Leyte, but we went there as what everybody else did.

      You should be there to understand the situation and we are not voting for Mar, Binays, and even Aquino during the next election. But if ever they win, they stay and we will be doing things in a democratic way.

  2. @Jhay Lapinid

    Real men don’t cry? I have seen men cry in battlefield training. Mar Roxas is an arrogant bully, a fake and a yellow zombie. We all saw the Mar Roxas video that went viral and the bottom line of Mar Roxas…”Bahala na kayo sa buhay nyo.” Jhay thank you for your yellow propaganda in exposing your lies about Mar Roxas. Oh yeah we have the video you yellow zombie! Romualdez and his family were victims of the category 5 super typhoon! Why is he being persecuted with blame games in this article? Why are the Tacloban people the target of Mar Roxas statements? The national government responded late as usual and should be made accountable. This is the truth! I smell the scent of rotting yellow propaganda. Down with Mar Roxas! Resign! Down with the yellow dictator BS Aquino! Resign!!!

    1. @ Thom Jefferson, I have seen Li’l boys cry on the REAL battlefield and said to myself at that time:”At a time like this how could this guy be crying for his Mother instead of trying to figure a way out of this mess. I also thought his crying made him out to be a li’l girl and I told him so, to which he said:”Thank you, it won’t happen again.”.The li’l boy made it out, some brave MEN did not!.

      MORAL OF THE STORY? With very few exceptions (death of a loved one, MAYBE!) MEN DO NOT CRY.

        1. @ Chrissy, Keep your pity for yourself. Men have no use for it, they neither want it nor feel they deserve it.

          The difference between Men and little boys is the same as the difference between Men and Women….and I really hope I do not have to spell out the obvious for you on this one, u kno?

        2. Are you dense or something? My point actually was I don’t believe real men don’t cry. On the contrary, I believe that the REAL MEN are those who are not afraid to cry even in public if their crying is only a manifestation of what they feel inside and not a sign of weakness. I think the men who think that real men don’t cry are emotionally constipated, and as we all know, any form of constipation is not a sign of good health. Those men have lots of unresolved issues that manifest in all the bad ways….

        3. @Chrissy,

          ….so THINK you know the difference between Men And Women? Doubt it!
          You obviously do not know the difference between a CHARADE and REAL LIFE and DEATH.

          You do not realize that the National gov’t. did not need an ‘OK’ from anyone to send whatever it could to the disaster area BUT was looking for an EXCUSE not to send relief, get the picture? You and your ‘no-so-funny’ emotional constipation remark blind you to the fact that you think you are dealing with human beings with feelings instead of failing to see what is right in front of you….and that is:
          An uncaring gov’t. that wishes more Filipino’s would have drowned and been rid of so the gov’t. would not have to spend a centavo to feed them and they could keep all of the ‘relief’ money for themselves, Ya dummy! You actually think that the people who run the country have ever suffered from an emotional disorder? You have to be human first.
          Your not dealing with caring, altruistic politicians….if you were, this sort of thing would not keep happening year after year after year. I almost admire your naivete, but for your attempt at calling someone ‘full-of-shit’, rather than looking at yourself and realizing your a blind-person.
          Who da dummy?

        4. What on earth are you talking about? Is there something wrong with you? I didn’t even comment on the government and you’re putting words in my mouth. Are you mistaking me for someone else? (I discovered recently that there’s another “Chrissie” here.) I’m certainly not in the dark regarding the ills of this government, and I think I’ve made that very clear in all the posts I’ve made here at GRP so far. I just felt I had to comment on what you said that real men don’t cry and on your implication that Mayor Romualdez was therefore a sissy for having cried. I’m not a fan of Mayor Romualdez or any Romualdez for that matter, but I was just thinking that if you were put in his place and didn’t cry, there might be something wrong with you (as I said, emotionally constipated, which was not intended to be funny) or it might have just been an indication that even men are different from one another (some cry when subjected to extreme situations even if they’re real men and aren’t weak but just aren’t afraid to show their emotions, and some don’t, which is perfectly alright). If I were you, I’d ask myself what happened to me that made me so bitter and jaded. Chill!!

        5. Just to make it clear where I stand, I know that the local governments don’t need to give the national government an OK for the latter to be able to help them; I know that it’s part of the mandate of the national government to help any and all needy Filipinos right away. I just didn’t state it here anymore because I already read another comment here that stated exactly that. I didn’t want to duplicate it. I’ve realized earlier than many Filipinos have (even while Aquino was still campaigning for president) that he really doesn’t care for this country, and the events that have unfolded ever since he became president, including the Yolanda disaster, have proven that I was right after all. ‘Nough said. Now go and reflect on why you’re so bitter and sarcastic.

        6. By the way, I never called anyone “full-of-shit” (which is not even supposed to be hyphenated). I don’t talk that way.

  3. Well said, Jhay Lapinid! But Mar Roxas and his Wifey and Pnoy were exposed, too, don’t deny it. But enough. We had it already almusal, tanghali-an, hapunan and even during merienda times, so let’s move on. Let us concentrate to give love and sow the spirit of Christmas. Sorry, san’t afford to have highblood pressure in the holiday.

  4. pnoy aquino and mar roxas – a meeting of no minds.

    2 girls who have never grown up and a yellow streak runs down their rubber spines.

    weak, indecisive, and the antithesis of moral fibre and leadership credentials, as ably demonstrated on an almost daily basis.

    wouldnt last a day in corporate life, or the army ( i mean a real army, not the muppet army of the philippines)

  5. The name could be changed into any number of filipino dynastic politicians, who readily allow unbridled greed, undeserved power, unwarranted privilege, and unearnt wealth, to addle their myopic brains, but charles saatchi’s fall from grace this week should be a salutory lesson in morality and values, and explains why the west looks down upon any such people with complete contempt and disdain.

    Saatchi on the couch: One of Britain’s leading criminal psychologists analyses
    the media mogul

    By Professor David Wilson, Head Of Birmingham City
    University’s Institute Of Criminology
    21 Dec 2013

    Charles Saatchi has spent much of his life carefully constructing his public image, and as one of britain’s richest men, a tour de force in the art world, and married to celebrity chef Nigella Lawson, his is a well known name. Now the person behind the mask is known, and he stands exposed before us, his odious personality on full display.

    He has emerged as a vindictive bully, a man with a volcanic temper and a deeply misogynistic streak.

    The trial has exposed his self-centred nature, devoid of the normal human impulses of empathy and compassion and someone who is an abusive bully, who feels entitled to special treatment, but ultimately is simply a spoilt brat who only deserves contempt.

    During my career as a criminologist and prison governor, I have come across numerous controlling, aggressive men who have these traits of unbridled egotism and ill-
    concealed fury.

    Far from being indifferent to what others think of them, they
    are obsessed with their status, image and rights, often
    harbouring an explosive sense of grievance if they consider that they have been shown insufficient respect, or that their wishes have
    been thwarted.

    What unites them is their colossal immaturity, their refusal
    to engage in the normal compromises, and sacrifices of
    adult life, expecting special treatment, as though above the law itself.

    This, I believe, is the key to Charles Saatchi’s character.
    For all his accomplishments and riches, he never really
    grew up. He remains the tyrannical spoilt child, who lacks
    perspective, wants his every whim indulged and must
    constantly be the centre of attention in his own world.

    Like a child, he is gripped by sudden enthusiasms, but is
    prone to drop them as almost as soon as he picks them up.

    Again, like a child, he clings to certain routines, always
    wearing the same uniform of dark suit and white shirt when
    out in public.

    Another trait of many toddlers is the inability to tolerate any
    challenge to their wills, exactly like Saatchi.

    He can become sulky if he does not instantly get what he

    Even worse, his indignation can be manifested in savage
    temper tantrums.

    This trait is at its worst in his destructive instinct to smash
    what he cannot control and seek revenge almost obsessively.

    Once again, the urge for wreckage is profoundly childish, as
    if he were in a state of permanent, hysterical rebellion. It is
    a mentality that stems from the feeling of always being an
    outsider, feeding a deep-seated resentment.

    Saatchi was born in Iraq but, as a Jew, he was part of a
    persecuted minority and his family fled to Britain when he
    was just four. Here too, despite all his success in advertising and the arts, he has always exhibited the sense of being an outsider.

    Though he and his brother Maurice helped to bring about
    the long rule of Margaret Thatcher, Charles Saatchi himself
    is no Conservative.
    Everything about him is driven by artifice and control.

    A fantasist and control freak who was once respected professionally, now villified for his personal characteristics and lack of decency, and whose image will now always remain hopelessly tarnished.

    Everyone has seen through the emperor in armani suits, as he is ostracised in society circles, and left alone to contemplate life with his always much younger, naive, and transient dinner companions,
    but even they may not hang on every word quite so convincingly in future, and wonder whether a free meal is worth it.

    Old age beckons, and few will shed tears over this sad lonely and bitter ‘child’, who even needed to fabricate events in his autobiography in order to mask the real abomination which he is.

    But he will not give up the fight. His obsessive and vindictive nature will ensure more childish acts will occur in the future, and his list of perceived enemies has grown considerably.

    1. You ever play golf? Sometimes when the green is not smooth, you can’t see the hole so caddy or somebody holds a flag by the hole so you can see what you will be swinging at. How that applies in this case? I will leave it up to you.

  6. The brown bummer binay and his golliwog sister nancy are the ones who should be behind bars.
    does nancy binay do anything in the senate which is not related to the ‘family business’ what a disgrace she is
    Uncouth and uneducated peasants running the country, and people have to ask why it is in terminal decline!
    Clearly they take after their parents who have absolutely no integrity or morality, and are nothing more than lying cheating criminals, and not even faithful to their marriage vows.

    Some questions binay should answer but never does. ( this is not my list but it piqued my curiosity particularly since i do know that he owns at least 1 condo in rockwell ( and not on his saln) – so clearly there is some truth in the list – and all that as a poorly paid public servant!!

    1.Unexplained wealth 400 hectares Binay FARM-
    Rosario Batangas
    2. Unexplained wealth 40 hectares Binay FARM- Bauan
    3. Unexplained wealth 10 hectares Mango Orchard
    4.Two condominium units Rockwell worth 30 million not
    on his SALN
    5.Three story Mansion with Elevator in Banuyo
    Street,San Antonio Village and not on his SALN
    6. House and lot Orbit st.Bel -Air Village and not on his
    7.House and Lot in Palm Village,Guadalope Viejo and
    not on his SALN
    8.Rest House in Tali Beach,Batangas
    9.Rest House in Puerto Azul,Cavite
    10.Rest House in Tagaytay,Highlands
    11.Rest House in Alfonso Cavite
    12.Rest House in Zambales
    13.Rest House in Pangasinan
    14.More houses in Paranaque, Pasig, Mandaluyong and
    15. 600 Ghost Employee authorized by corrupt wife,Dra
    Elenita Binay and Amigas worth 3 million a month
    16. Binay wife linked to Php72.06-M graft
    17. Sandiganbayan graft case
    Elenita Binay’s (and private businessmen Li Yee Shing,
    Jason Li and Vivian M. Edurise, and Ernesto Aspillaga’s)
    arraignment for graft charges was set by the
    Sandiganbayan’s 4th Division on January 18, 2008.
    Binay was charged of alleged anomalous purchase of
    office fixtures and furniture for the new Makati City Hall
    from private contractor Office Gallery International from
    December 1999 to February 2000, regarding the
    acquisitions worth P 13.25 million overpriced by P3.6
    18.Bogus charity Project-40 Million (sister cityhood )
    19. Bogus charity Project- 27 Million calamity fund to
    other Provinces
    20. Bogus charity Project-22 Million Lakbay Aral
    21. . Bogus charity Project-20 Million Ambulance to
    other Cities
    22. 230 Million Infomercial in TV 2009-Present. He used
    the Makati Foundation Day Funds
    23. 15 Million -Komiks for Vice President Campaign
    24.More illegal canteen Businesses in Makati(UM,CITY
    25. Security Services Company contract to the city Hall
    own by the Son in Law(Triforce security Agency)
    26. Maintenance Services another son in Law (Red
    Hammer construction and Services)
    27. Binay mistress’ photos surface the internet

    1. Libertas, thank you for listing what you know of Binay’s corruption, which does not even include millions of US dollars in offshore accounts in the name of a close and discreet associate. There is no question that Binay is guilty of plunder, yet none of these anomalies will ever see the light of day in our equally corrupt judiciary. Hence, we have no other recourse but to shoot the scumbag before he has the chance to plunder our coffers exponentially while at the helm of the presidency.

  7. ive seen the coverage of the typhoon yolanda since day one. i heard myor rumualdez 3 days later after the catastrophe. and he showed in the senate crying blaming the government.
    are you kidding me? your the representative of the government there you asshole! ill stuck my penis in your ass you homo. people like this only use thier position for money and corruption. they dont serve our people by heart. wag n nten iboto yan.

    1. Richard,

      You saw and heard Romualdez on TV right? And you never been there, right?

      Go see for yourself what happened in Tacloban and try to stick your penis to the mayor’s ass if you can.

      You can say whatever that you want to say you fucking-perverted-thinking-idiot!

      Go and ask each one you see and meet on the streets of Tacloban, they have stories to tell you, then you will understand that people have the right to cry over what they experienced, lost, and remember for the rest of their lives.

  8. There is no law that requires the LGU to grant permission in order for the National Government to help.

    This makes the meeting with Mar Roxas pointless. The demand for authorization was pointless. The whole “crying games” in the Senate pointless. Why can’t government simply work at the worst possible time when we need it to? Don’t answer that, you don’t need to.

    It’s either incompetence or politics.

  9. Junjun Binay looks like my fucking clerk. He needs a freaking gentleman’s hair cut to get some respect. This moron looks like a high school kid. I would ignore his shit too.

    Mar Roxas, as DILG secretary, has full authority relating to the rescue operation. He should just have sent that cry baby Romualdez home because as mayor, Romualdez was powerless anyway at that point.

    1. Krokodil,

      My team and I were in Tacloban for five days to help and give. Going back home was a relief to us after what we have done right there.

      For three weeks now, we are still crying about what we saw right there.

      I was in a fundraising event in Bangkok last night for Haiyan Victims, and as I told survivors’ stories and what we saw right there; real men cried.

      Does that make me a crybaby. You fucking idiot!

      Go and see for yourself!

      We may never patronize Romualdez as his family controlled Tacloban like forever. he is also a human being and he too had his share of Haiyan.

      Go figure for yourself why can’t a real man cry about a typhoon stronger than Katrina and Sandy put together.

  10. Folks, one day someone from either of these families is going to be the President of the Republic. Probably within our lifetime.


  11. Nancy binay’s xmas message

    “Our family as well had to brave some storms but all these
    shall come to pass as we find hope and joy this Christmas
    and the year ahead,” nancy binay

    This piece of sh!t is a disgrace.
    The moron can only think of herself and her family image even at xmas.

    Rarely have i encountered such a detestable individual ,who has no right to usurp her position in the senate simply as a pr opportunity for her family, and only opens her mouth if family business is involved to read some prepared statement.
    Debates – the idiot doesn’t know what day of the week it is.

    Nobody would give this coffee maker any creedence in any field.

    My xmas message to nancy binay.
    You disgust me, you disrespect xmas, you are a disgrace to what the senate should stand for, and you are a degenerate. Now shut the f@ck up. You and your opinions are irrelevant
    style, taste, decorum, and class are way beyond you

    1. “Nobody would give this coffee maker any creedence in any field.”

      – that is why I refuse to be proud of any pinoy chest beating event like boxing or singing or whatever. Our people showed their cerebral capacity by voting people like Nancy in. That is a COLLECTIVE effort. Handful of people can take credit for Manny’s ring success (not even 3/4 of the entourage). Yet the everyday pinoy enthralled by the name “Binay” and for what???

    2. how this disgrace of a creature is even allowed inside the senate bldg., let alone be a part of the governing body, is a sign of just how low the Philippines has sunk.
      The country is well on its way to the bottom of the Pacific Ocean and nothing, especially Nancy ‘Look-at-me-I’M-A-Bimbo’ Binay, can save it!
      Only two choices: Make haste and leave as fast as possible, or scorch the earth where these people tread.

  12. I was in Tacloban the first time last June this year and I was totally unimpressed with the city. The only nice building out there was the Robinson’s Mall. With all the years they were in power and awashed with money during the Marcos martial law years, there was nothing built inside the city by the Romualdezes to modernize it or upgrade the quality of living for its citizens. Well, maybe the San Juanico bridge was built at the behest of Imelda Marcos, but that was only it. The city pier, the city streets, the city market, the city plaza, the city wet market – they were all a sad and dirty sight to see. So I guess the riches they amassed they kept to themselves, they used it to buy paying hospitals and eye centers, houses all over Tacloban to rent out and forgot all about building better infrastructures for the city. The mayor of Tacloban has only himself to blame if he and the city he heads failed miserably in the aftermath of the superstorm Yolanda – they have continued to let Tacloban grow haphazardly in the years they were in power. Now they have no legacy to leave behind them only the shame of their failure and the shame of the plunder by Imelda and their family.

  13. the country is rampantly running out of control. Dysfunctional society. NOBODY FOLLOWS THE RULE OF LAW. Congested Roads and Overpopulation. SAD TO SAY THIS but i think the only hope for the Philippines is either a prolong civil war. CLASS WARFARE para mabawasan ang Tao or the best case scenario. Drop a Nuke in the heart of Manila. History needs to be rewritten again on a positive note. This is the only way!!!

  14. What the mayor of Tacloban should have done is forcefully evacuate the people of tacloban out of the city and move to higher ground. Fail to plan and plan to fail. You will not win against mother natures wrath. Time and Time again. The Philippines has been hit by natural calamities yet the people never learn a damn thing. The inept mayor decided to stay near the water and weatherout the storm. What an IDIOT!!!

  15. this article is annoying. it is bias to the core. i know who wrote this and why. pls stop this. we dont need this. save it for 2016.

    sayang tacloban could have united the country. everyone witnessed how everyone tried to help. there are inspiring stories in tacloban something worth telling and retelling about but still politics get the better of us.

    tulong tulong na tayo!

  16. Nancy binay phones in sick. Drilon puts down the phone – “the coffee machine is broken”

    Nancy binay’s motto – ‘ drink coffee, and do stupid things faster and with more energy’

    Nancy binay is called ‘expresso’ because she goes down as easy and as fast.

    Nancy binay is an ironing board with nipples, a fugitive from the fashion police, and makes dumb blondes seem clever.

  17. Philippine presidential/senatorial politics cycles between the stupid and the corrupt, sometimes getting 2 for 1 ( e.g binay, lapid, revilla etc), but the gene pool is always drawn from, and limited to the incestuous criminal elite, their inbred and incapable progeny, and has been/never was ‘actors’, all publicly posing as ‘servants of the people’, whilst privately raping the country economically, and sodomising it politically, and crafting laws to suit the dictates of their patrons/paymasters, as they dance to the tune of the greed ridden oligarchs, and the cosy cartels which now operate in all key business sectors depripiving the consumer of choice, quality, innovation, and fair pricing; and who act no differently to the 5 mafia families of The Commission in the US in the 1980’s, pretending to be upright businessmen but in reality no better than murderous heathens.

    About time they f@cked of. Enough farting about and pissing in the wind. The cesspit of incompetence, self-interest, and criminality needs to be cleansed of the shit.

    A new philippines, a new order, and new opportunities will have no chance of arising whilst those guilty of protectionism and maintaining the status quo continue to prevaricate and be a barrier to progress and change.

    Regrettably there are no young turks with vision, passion, integrity, or commitment, simply old guard mini-me’s, intent on perpetuating the past, and f@cking up the future, and cowardly sheep who turn a blind eye and keep their mouth shut to the corruption by their colleagues in return for their ’30 pieces of silver’

    The philippines is little more than a mafia state run by criminals, with their endless scams and murderous ways. No shame, no conscience, and no place in any civilised society.

    The cojuangcos, aquinos, singsons, enriles, binays, et al have had 30 years of power, and the country has had 30 years of decline. Not rocket science to connect the dots

  18. Honestly, I am tired of these political comedies. It’s like a badly written script. One is crying, the other came out from his Hiding Hole, and began pointing someone to blame.

    When will these people grow up???

  19. Let the fucking dynasties take over the country. Maghanap kayo ng ibang bansa to pledge your allegiance to. Find some place that can give you and your children a fair shot at the good things in life.

    Then leave. Leave the shithole that is the Philippines to the Marcoses, the Aquinos, the Binays, the Romualdezes, the Dys, the Ejercitos, the Asistios, the Osmenas, the whatever fucking political clan I forgot to include in this fucking list.

    Leave. Save yourselves. Do yourselves a favor. Get off the sinking ship.

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