Tacloban officials suffer through BS Aquino immediately after TS Yolanda

As if Tacloban officials didn’t have enough on their hands with assessing damage, estimating the number of casualties, and generally keeping the deteriorating peace and order situation under control, all brought about by Tropical Storm Yolanda (Haiyan), along came another calamity that they had to deal with: the Bullshit Storm generated from president Benigno Simeon “BS” Aquino’s unprofessional conduct and behavior unbecoming of a statesman.

First up, let’s check out this sound bite which he made during the briefing of the National Disaster Risk Reduction Management Council (NDRMMC):

“Yung Tacloban, hesitant lang ako. Para bang hindi ganun ka prepared…compared to other areas…Siguro I will reserve comments muna at this point in time hangang mas makumpleto natin yung datos,” (With Tacloban, I was hesitant. It’s like they weren’t that prepared…compared to other areas. Perhaps I will reserve comments for now at this point in time until we get more data.)

What’s wrong with the above statement?

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BS Aquino said it himself: the data was incomplete. Yet he chose to make an off-the-hip summary judgment that’s become all but a trademark of his when he is displeased with something. Besides, what is his basis in saying that Tacloban didn’t seem prepared? Is it just because they were the hardest hit? Is it because BS Aquino had never thought such devastation was possible? Or is it because he is trying to single out Tacloban officials who happen to be part of a province associated with the Romualdezes? Don’t know who the Romualdezes are? Think of Imelda.


The ANC article didn’t make it clear, and neither did he.

Let’s look at it from the other side of the coin. BS Aquino may have had a point in saying that Tacloban seemed unprepared. Perhaps local officials had been lax in preparing for the onslaught of the typhoon. Whatever point he had, however, was easily eclipsed by the inappropriateness of the timing of his statements. Mr. President, there is plenty of time to play blame-game and accountability AFTER the rescue operations have ended. To do so in the middle of it only shows that you can’t control your mouth, and keep your pointless criticism to yourself for the greater good. You were unprofessional, Mr. President; your bosses expect so much more from you than that.

BS Aquino wasn’t through, though. Reports came in around this afternoon that he walked out of a disaster council meeting due to frustration.

Sevidal said Aquino had a brush with a businessman there who first asked that the government already declare martial law or a state of emergency. Aquino supposedly explained that the government is already looking at options to help in the recovery of Leyte.

A friend of the businessman also supposedly asked Aquino what the government is doing since there are already reports of killing there. The person supposedly said he was held at gunpoint by some looters.tacloban_disaster_council

“But you did not die, right?” Aquino answered back.

The Presidential Security Group were seen ready to remove the individuals from the room, Sevidal reported.

Later, Aquino again showed dismay when NDRRMC executive director Eduardo del Rosario reported that Tacloban City is 95% devastated.

Aquino asked about a jail in Tacloban that remained standing amid damaged roofs. Del Rosario allegedly said it was considered a “minor devastation.”

The answer supposedly did not bode well with the President. He then stood up and proceeded to another room.

Let’s state the obvious here. And I paraphrase such from fellow GRP writer Ben Kritz:

Even if everyone else was blowing things out of proportion and getting out of hand, it’s his job to be the leader, and to lead the discussion on what needs to get done. Acting like an 8-year old child is not being a leader. If he “was just stepping out to verify” some info, he could’ve said “That’s something I haven’t heard, excuse me for a few minutes to have a little talk with my people. I’ll be right back.”

He got pissy and walked out – what’s there to analyze? You just don’t do that, if you’re the one everyone’s looking to for direction. No management or people skills whatsoever.

I couldn’t have said it better. There is no more room for benefit of the doubt when it comes to BS Aquino; there is only doubt now. His professional shortcomings and glaring incompetence have been publicly obvious for the whole three (3) years of his term, and it looks like his learning curve has not improved a bit. To give him credit, perhaps he is starting to take to heart that maybe he needs to be more visible at crisis sites. However, if all that he’s going to do is throw hissy-fits or make snide remarks whenever he hears things that he doesn’t want to, then perhaps it’s time to re-evaluate what he needs to do.

Thus we come again to the persistent question I had framed in one of my previous articles:

What value does BS Aquino’s presence bring to the crisis site?

If he can’t control his mouth and tantrums and act professionally like a real leader should, then the answer should already be obvious, at least to those critical of his administration.

Absolutely nothing.

[Photo of BS Aquino courtesy: The Telegraph]

315 Replies to “Tacloban officials suffer through BS Aquino immediately after TS Yolanda”

  1. Like what I said before, not a leader but palengkerong basagulero, or maybe palengkerong bading, or maybe what was that one guy called him, echoserang bading.

    This person should be removed from office. If he was an ordinary employee, he will be fired because of incomptence. Oh, wait….he said we are his boss, so let’s just fire him then.

  2. Aquino can’t figure out how to act because he really doesn’t care about people. Someone who cares will know better how to act in disaster situations, out of a genuine sense of sympathy for the victims. Frankly, he’s perhaps just being himself because he seems to have been raised a mama’s boy, not thinking of anything or anyone else but himself.

    My conclusion: The worst NATURAL DISASTER that the Philippines has ever had is Pres. Aquino himself.

    1. You mean a “man made disaster”? A Filipino made disaster to be more specific. The Filipinos made him their president after all.

      1. Well, yes, you can say that, too, but by himself, without reference to his being elected president by 15M Filipinos, he’s a natural disaster (it’s natural to him; he doesn’t even have to try being a disaster).

    1. He’s definitely a retard.
      Just look at how pathetic his malacanang communications group is. They keep hiring idiots like “honesto” to spread their flawed propaganda.

  3. The only thing this asshole ever did was to blame previous administration, blame other officials or talk about how ‘awesome’ her mom was (false). He should just come out of the closet.

  4. I will go with PNoy this time para sa susunod maghanda na sila. Alam naman na supertyphoon eh. They must learn from that experience.

    1. I hope the same thing doesn’t happen to you, honesto, so you would realize that sometimes, no amount of preparation can save you from horrible tragedies. We can only do so much. Buti pa si Binay, who said we should stop the finger-pointing. I know he’s not very clean, but maybe he’ll make a better president.

      1. Good luck with Binay. you underestimate his power and tenacity. just dont blame binay again because sureley he will win. you dont notice his plans clearly but hes getting there

  5. Keep blaming ONE MAN when it is the entire rotten system of government that the country has. If it were not Aquino it would be someone else robbing everything that is not nailed down. A country as rich w/natural resources should not be in such a crappy situation and yet…WHOOMPY DOOMP, there it is!
    after seeing the way people treat each other in the country I can not fathom how anyone would be proud of this shit-can on wheels country. It is truly idiotic. Treat others as you would like to be treated, not rob them as soon as they walk out of the NAIA Terminal and you may get some International respect.
    and how the so called ‘elites’ treat the lowly in the country is beyond disgraceful, and to each other as well. Just a mess, a shame too! the beaches that are not polluted are some of the best in the world, but soon will not be. Disgusting.

  6. Another negative article about one of the best Presidents this country has ever had. then a lot of negative comments with name calling, something akin to a childs temper tantrum, I do not believe it would matter to almost all of the above people who made all the negative comments and name calling what the President did or did not do, you would always continue to write negatively. Binay a better President hhahahaha you must be an Estrada supporter. Good night sweet dreams

      1. blaming one guy is missing the fact that they are all thieves. the country has not had a useful president to date. ask any Filipino and they MIGHT say MRS. Cory Aquino but that is about it. her Son? Nah. E-Crap?No, LOL ! GMA? thief. Noy-Noy? thief, idiot. so, where the exit mang?

    1. Never been an Estrada or Binay supporter, Tom Solski, but I must admit that crooks though I think these guys are, I think they’re still much better than your Pres. Aquino because when push comes to shove, they show compassion for their people. Your president, he’s a fake….

    2. TROLL. 😛

      Can you tell me how much Coloma have paid you? Pathetic foreigner with empty rhetorics. Very laughable. -_-


  8. Look amongst yourselves. All of you are ALSO pointing fingers, putting the blame on the President. This is a natural disaster. Can any president/person prevent a natural disaster such as Yolanda from happening?

    Plus, this article states secondary information and opinions of some people. Have you confirmed them yourselves?

    We can’t expect ANY government to do everything. Change has to start from each of us.

    1. That’s the sad thing about it. Each of us can only do so much, because everyone is busy doing their own thing selfishly too.

      No one can stop a natural disaster, that is a given. Our country is obviously in the typhoon belt and I’ll go so far as we’re also in the Pacific ring of fire(we’re really f*cked), it should already be a given that this country should always be prepared for the worst..but the problem is, preparations are done when the problem is already knocking on our doors.

      True, we can’t expect the government to do it..but they’ve got power and authority to do something for everyone’s sake. The sad thing about everyone else is, well “katigasan ng ulo”.

      1. Many of those who died, it has been reported repeatedly, were those in the evacuation centers, which were the sturdiest structures in the area. In other words, many were told to evacuate and indeed evacuated but nonetheless perished. Also, just saw Energy Sec. Petilla being interviewed on TV. He was asked if the loss of lives could’ve been avoided. He said that considering the strength of that typhoon, the only way loss of lives could’ve been avoided was to transport all the people of Leyte out of the province to another island, which was impossible.

        1. If that was the only way they could think of, how could they have formulated it in the first place? They could have at least tried, at least nakapagpapogi man lang sana sila for it could have been a very ambitious attempt, they have the power, authority and resources(I guess this is where the mismanagement of some of that pork comes from) But if that was humanly impossible which is understandable in dire situations like that, what can we do nga naman.

          and since it was impossible, then I guess the grave keepers are going to be busy..for All Soul’s Day rewind and in the Undertaker’s words…may they rest in peace.

        2. From CNN
          For purposes of comparison, Super Typhoon Haiyan packed a wallop on Philippine structures 3.5 times more forceful than the United States’s Hurricane Katrina in 2005, which directly or indirectly killed 1,833 people and was the costliest hurricane in U.S. history at $108 billion, Myers said.

    2. Duh, the article didn’t blame your precious BS president for causing the disaster. But it certainly calls attention to his inept behavior in handling the aftermath.

      I guess one thing that BS Aquino’s defenders forget to do is READ.

      However, one thing they do so well is to MISS THE POINT.

      1. They always completely miss the point because:
        1. They’re complete idiots.
        2. Their logic switch in their brains is switched off.
        3. They don’t have what it takes to understand the article because they’re really stupid.

  9. Ang nakakainis lang kay Aquino nauuna maghanap ng escape goat bago gawin ang trabaho. Pede naman sa dulo nilang mang-turo (Post-Mortem). Pero hinde eh ganito nangyayari eh.

    >Calamity happens
    if Few to Zero casualties: Takes credit
    if Many casualties: finds escape goat.

    I wish naiitindihan ng mga Aquino supporters ung ganun kasimpleng katotohanan. Never syang umamin kahit isang blunder ng kanyang administrasyon laging me tiga salo sa kanya.

    Pero lahat ng mabubuting nangyayari sa bansa attributed lagi sa kanya(implicitly)

    The president doesn’t want to help people he just wants to look good. He might not realize it, but that is what his actions are telling us.

    1. I completely agree, Kemeo. Did you see the smirk on Aquino’s face while he was being interviewed and while he was passing on bottled water to about 3 people in Leyte? A stark contrast to the pain and compassion written all over the faces of Jessica Soho, Jiggy Manicad, Love Anover, Atom Araullo, Ted Failon (I’m not a fan of this guy but I must admit I think he genuinely cares about people), and many other reporters. Indeed, I believe that you can never be a good president if you don’t even love or care about your own people to begin with.

      1. and that just shows what kind of man he is..if he is one.

        The only genuine thing he might do is for his own I guess. I just could not get why is he always caught smirking or smiling or laughing at some of the wrong places at the wrong time..reminds me way back from the 2010 hostage crisis..I don’t know..

        In the Philippines, especially in politics..I guess most of the people there “love” and “care” about their own people. And yes there is a quote unquote there. =))

  10. Instead of blaming each other,pointing fingers and wasting your time here, go to DSWD or Red Cross and help.Phlippine Unity at it’s best

    1. Tell that to your BS Aquino who just decided to blame Tacloban officials for the high number of deaths. Is that promoting unity?

    2. Already donated a lot of clothes and canned goods to the Kapuso foundation since I know that they’ll get the donations to the people in tacloban.

    3. I already donated canned goods to Red Cross. Oh hey noytard. How about you tell that indiot president of yours to use his 1 trillion peso pork barrel on not just for more relief goods but also for building disaster preventive measures.

  11. Propaganda nmn tong page na to… Totoo naman di sila prepared… Kaya nga nadevastate kasi hindi sila naghanda… may public announcement pa bago dumating yung bagyo… ano ginawa ng opisyales dun.. ngumanganga lang?

    1. TROLL

      Your president has the nerve to blame tacloban for something that they couldn’t control in the first place.
      Why do you guys insist on protecting your bald idiot of a president whenever he fucks up badly?

    2. Duh! kaya nga mini-mitigate yung mga disaster risks dahil hindi 100% proof ang disaster preparedness! kahit prepared yung either mga officials or mga tao kapag natural calamity, hindi talaga maiiwasan na may masasawi o ma-devastate na properties. At saka yung order ng presidente na 0 casualties dapat, ano ba sya Diyos at yung mga LGUs ng Leyte mga anghel na kayang gawing di mamatay-matay yung tao doon?

  12. Looks like this article has struck a nerve with the moronic malacanang mooks.
    They’re only delaying the inevitable fall of their precious president.
    His reaction to this disaster has only shown the people how inept he is in handling situations like this one.
    If he has any dignity left, he should resign since it is clear that he is not fit for the job.

    To the trolls:
    If you say that this article is crap then why are you guys here in the first place?
    Don’t bother showing your faces here if you just came here to whine like your president does each time he blames somebody for his incompetence.

        1. And I am amazed why you can’t admit that you are TROLLING on this site.

          Enjoy yourself, real-life FRAUD. 😀 😀 😀

  13. Propaganda. Puro kayo kritisismo! kung galit kayo sa sistema at gusto nyo ng pagbabago, UMPISAHAN NYO SA SARILI NYO. Baka palarin at makahawa. napakaganda kung mabuti ang ihahawa hindi yung kung anu anong paninira. Gising na Pilipino! puro kayo magaling! ba’t di na lang kayo mag presidente!


    2. Oo, maraming namatay. Oo, mali ang reaction ng presidente. Pero anong pagkakaiba nyo sa kanya kung panay BS din ang ginagawa nyo? Kung may maling nangyari, paganahin muna ang utak at wag ang bunganga. You keep talking about all the BS that’s happening. What if you ACTUALLY do something about it? If you can’t, then shut your mouth becuase you can’t be in Tacloban. You can’t carry all the dead bodies. You can’t physically hand them food and water. You can’t.. And you’re not.

  14. Simple thinking lang. Aquino should not get angry against people who can’t attend to governing like the local police, local officials/workers, who are, if not all have several relatives, wives, sons, parents who are either dead with bodies rotting,.. lost and still can’t be found, and whatever grim imagination you can have on these Taclobanons … and are hungry and thirsty to attend to their personnel emergency needs and not government.

    I hope he won’t get assassinated by a very desperate person if he thinks that way.

    1. Maybe if he face those angry, hungry, and desperate mobs, he will change his mind not implementing proper “law and order” in Tacloban and Leyte. It would not be a good sigh if the President found himself in the middle of those mobs. Being killed by stampeding mob is a sick sight.

  15. So really…… after the killings, the disaster and all.. you’re biggest question is this?!?!?
    “Thus we come again to the persistent question I had framed in one of my previous articles:

    What value does BS Aquino’s presence bring to the crisis site?”

    I am sure you are a good writer and this article will be shared to hundreds of people but can you… at-least for once be humane to what will you write. I know the president is off from what he did but can you please write something (for now) that advocates cooperation and hope to fellow filipinoes who were affected by the typhoon? I don’t think it would kill anybody if you will swing off a write up that point-out errors to aquino for something that is more relevant on affected people. I also don’t think that calling the president bullshit will make everybody happy except your on ego, of-course, or people who thinks the same way you do.

    1. I don’t think it would kill anybody if you will swing off a write up that point-out errors to aquino for something that is more relevant on affected people.

      mind re-wording this? mahina reading comprehension ko eh.

      1. He’s suggesting that FallenAngel should write something inspiring that encourages hope and cooperation in times of disaster, as opposed to pointing out the ills and shortcomings of the current administration.


        @Chico: The blog’s main purpose is to share information that is politically critical. While I agree (and I’m sure FallenAngel does as well) that the devastation in the PH is a horrible event- it’s very naive and unproductive to suggest these writers “Write something along the lines of Kumbaya instead of reporting on what their primary objectives are in news”.

        You might see this continuous stream of writing in bad taste… but that’s, in itself, lazy thinking.

      2. I don’t get it. Why do you see this article as being in bad taste because it points out Aquino’s blunder and yet don’t see your president as having done something in bad taste because he blamed others without established facts and even before doing anything to help, and at the height of the people’s agony, when there was so much that needed to be done and the people were in pain and at a loss.

    2. Don’t you get it, Chico? It’s your president who does not only not do anything to foster cooperation and hope among the Filipinos especially in the disaster-hit areas but who even did something to destroy whatever spirit of cooperation and hope was left among the people by what he said and how he acted. This article is only trying to stop your president from doing more harm. It’s FallenAngel’s own way of helping.

    1. Nah, you’re just being BUTTHURT at every truth that we say about your precious president.

      Your president doesn’t need you idiots to spread cheers and praises for him if he was indeed doing his job properly.

    2. Hypocrite? Bakit pag sinisisi ng iba si Aquino galit na galit kayo pero pag si Aquino ang naninisi kinakampihan ninyo? Sino kaya ang hypocrite?

    1. You loving your indiot president is like loving kim jong un even if he doesn’t give a damn about his fellow north korean’s starvation.

      1. You keep saying people who support Pnoy are idiots but did you stop to think about the victims affected. Majority of those people voted for Pnoy. so the ones who died are idiots too? and your so brave to show your sympathy after insulting them before? lets be practical please. You say Pnoy doesnt have a heart? what does that make you?

  16. Hinde ninyo naiintindihan ang gustong sabihen ni Presidente Aquino – lundag kaagad kayo sa conclusion na kesyo BS Aguino etc….remember that it’s kind of one week before Yolanda landed and he expected people or mga namumuno sa Tacloban at mga kapaligiran na hinde nila hinayaan na mag stay ang mga tao sa kanila kanilang bahay, these officias could have ordered, yes ordered, cause it’s for their own safety and lives, that they should have ordered everybody to be in a higher ground wherever that may be…wala ba silang action na ganun…di ba nila alam gawin yun…yun ang inaasahan ni Pres. Aguino…stila walang nakaisip nun…sige mag reflect kayo…ako kung ako ang naandiyan…yoon ang gagawin ko, aba eh sinabihan na kayo ng lumampas sa metro ng weather bureau and lakas ni Yolanda…so ano ang dapat gawin, dapat gawin din ang pinaka imposible di ba…kuha nyo ba kung bakit ganun na lang ang pag ka dismaya ni Pres. Aguino….kailangan bang idetalye sa inyo ang mga dapat gawin before Yolanda landed…first and foremost here is the safety of everyone…lahat…walang mahirap walang mayaman….di ninyo yata naabot yun…..dismayado nga siya…..sige magreflect lang kayo diyan….huag yoong babalikan nyo kaagad ang namumuno na kesyo BS, kesyo unprofessional, kayo ang lumagay sa lugar niya….ano ang mararamdaman ninyo na higit 10,000 ang mga patay bukod sa mga bahay na nasira…..sige nga….magsalita nga kayo….

    1. Hi Astrid. The majority of your post details the necessary actions and precautions the local government should have taken before and during the disaster— that’s 100% true. Very sound thinking.

      You’ve focused on just one issue that the article mentioned in one section. The article also points out the unprofessionalism and lack of leadership qualities the president possesses. The very end of the article even poses the question:

      “What value does BS Aquino’s presence bring to the crisis site?” quickly followed by the answer: “Absolutely nothing”.

      The whole point of the article isn’t to just place blame on the president for something that local governments could have handled on their own- it’s more so pointing out how the president is simply not qualified or equipped mentally to fulfill his duties.

      But ultimately, in a situation like this, the president really is the man in question- this was a disaster that hit the PH.

      If we were to follow your line of logic where the local governments really are to blame- then we can infer that the president likely doesn’t have a handle on the situation altogether.

      You are 100% RIGHT- the country had nearly 1 week to plan- how could the president (given 1 week to plan for the calamity about to ravage the country he is responsible for) not coordinate properly with the local governments accordingly?

    2. Karamihan ng namatay sa Leyte nalunod sa evacuation centers, which was all that they could have done. Move to higher ground? I read somewhere that the storm surge reached about 6 meters! Where could they have gone? To the mountains? How could they have lived there? Sorry, but there was no time even to construct tent cities that could serve as temporary shelters in the mountains. Really, the easiest thing to do when you don’t know what to do is to blame others.

  17. kayo nga lumugar sa kinalalagyan ni PNoy!!! ang hirap kasi sa atin pag may mga nangyayari ng ganito…ang gobyerno kaagad ang sinisisi!! The President have ordered for the people to be prepared for the worst…alam na natin na malakas ang bagyo na parating!

    1. he is the president..,he can do everything with his power whatever it is in order to alleviate sufferring of our kababayan..,humanitarian rule ys to alleviate paun and sufferings saka na yng pangmatagalan na solusyon..,bkit xa magwowalk out?? ibig sabihin lng wala xa kakayahan to manage our country..,pero nagagawa nya kontrolin senate and congress..,an asshole president!!!

      1. I guess this only proves na hanggang barangay level pa rin tayo dito, talagang pilipinas di aasenso forever 😀

        And here I thought the president has the power, the authority and the resources to do what seems to be impossible, possible…and yet we see this? Wow..I guess he’s finding someone to blame right now lol…

        lemme guess, kasalanan na naman ba ito ni Gloria?, ng Senado?, ng Kongreso?, ng mga department ng gobyerno? ng taong-bayan?, ng taong-bayad? 😀 ni Erap?, ni Ramos, ng nanay nya? , ni Marcos, ni Macapagal?, ni Garcia?, ni Magsaysay?, ni Quirino?, ni Roxas?, ni Osmeña?, ni Laurel?, ni Quezon?, ni Aguinaldo?, ng mga mananakop na hapon, amerikano, kastila?, ni Magellan?, ni Haring Felipe? ng mga datu?, ng mga malay, indones?, ni Malakas?, ni Maganda?, ni Bathala? OK sige, sino po sa kanila? Ang daming choices!

        Either way, passing the buck..will go for a long way before eventually coming back to you. 😀

    2. Don’t you get it? Sino nga ba ang nanisi? That’s the whole point of this article, right? Imbis na tumulong muna sa paglutas and presidente mo, nanisi muna. Ibig sabihin, wala siya talagang pakialam sa mga nasalanta. As for preparing for the worst, experts are one in saying that the only way massive loss of lives could’ve been avoided was to transport all the people of Leyte to another island, which was impossible. In fact, all they could do was to evacuate to the sturdiest structures in their town that were not close to the coastline, which they did. But there were many casualties in the evacuation centers, which were either demolished by the strong winds or were flooded by the storm surge, which drowned many. Please think well and know your facts before you comment, or you’ll only muddle the discourse.

  18. Not to take anything away from you but you actually had a good point – just very untimely. I saw this also in the news and while I am agreeing there might be uncalled behaviors from the President, I honestly don’t think it is the totality of his leadership. It’s a given, let us say he acted wrongly – what do we want then? Lecture him now? Find another leader at the middle of all of this? Without him, who will lead the country then? You know what BULLSHIT is? You kept pointing out the wrong things but failed to suggest anything helpful at all. We are talking about thousands of families being affected here so it’s either you use your wits as a writer to help the people or shut your mouth and reserve your criticisms after. I am not an Aquino supporter (never was) but I am neither a person who will appreciate people like you pretending to act intelligently. Next time, try to use those fingers on a much better cause okay? We can work on the manners of the president after these things are over. If he is a weak leader, then probably yes… but your article? It goes the same way…weak and absolutely nothing helpful.

    1. filipino, what this article is trying to do to help is to try to stop the president from doing more harm than good. That’s a big help.

  19. apparently the president did say that so i’d say the article is based on fact (not necessarily fact). dami ding mga namatay sa mga shelters. it’s improper for a leader to walkout from that meeting leaving people blank, would you think it’s ok for a public servant to do such? i know how it’s like there, i was in ormoc during the flash flood of 1991. 22 years later this.

  20. enough is enough….walang end ito kung di ninyo naiintindihan ang Presidente….kung di ninyo naiintindihan ang reaction niya….wala na kayong maiintindihan na iba ba….tao lang siya at ang pinakamaganda diyan eh apektado siya pag madami ang nasasaktan katulad nito…hinde siya nag BBS or anupaman….huag kayong sarkastic mga kababayan….magtulungan…maintindihan tayo, yun ang mahalaga…..walang LP, NP, o kung ano ano pang partido diyan….pagdating sa buhay kailangan tulong tulong tayo…walang asaran walang crab mentality, puede ba yun…..for a change….huag mag aspire yong mga nas newspapers nang malaking binta ng papers nila…bigyan daan lahat ang katwiran…puede ba yun….God Bless us all….

    1. Your comment doesn’t make sense. What the author wants to point out is his INCOMPETENCE. You never saw Gloria, Erap or Ramos acting like that. Are you really that dumb or you’re just trolling?

    2. “…magtulungan…maintindihan tayo, yun ang mahalaga…..walang LP, NP, o kung ano ano pang partido diyan….pagdating sa buhay kailangan tulong tulong tayo…walang asaran walang crab mentality, puede ba yun…..”

      Sino po ba ang sinasabihan niyo niyan, kami dito o ang presidente? Pakibasa lang ho ulit ang sinulat niyo dahil parang mas angkop sabihin kay Aquino.

  21. this serve as challenge to our president!! bkit ka magwawalk out??nde mo matanggap na wala kang mgawa to alleviate sufferrongs of ur constituents??! bkit wala?? wala man o kulang ang report sau.., we need immediate action from u.., maibsan lng ang dulot ng kalamidad..,you have all the power..,ung batas nga nbbliktad nyo when it comes to budget like daf..,napatalsik nyo nga chief justuce by railroading at pagsuhol..,bkit nde mo mgawa sa mga kababayan natin?? ung kapangyarihan mo??! tsk!! anak ka lng ni cory at ninoy kaya ka nanalo..prove it ur capacity na kaya mo din!! at nde dahil anak ka lng nila!!

    1. wish the palace’s miscomm group’s funding didn’t go to these idiot trolls and were allocated for relief operations instead.


  22. Let us look at things statistically:

    A lot of people in our country are poor and uneducated. In other western countries, education is provided by the government through tax. Yes, tax from the people.

    Since they are uneducated, they would not know what to do during a crisis like typhoon Yolanda.

    They look up to Barangay Captains, the local leaders. Lets face it. These guys are mostly of little education. They still wouldn’t know what to do and some people really don’t give a fcuk with what these guys would say like the need to evacuate.

    The president is clearly very educated. And this calamity is clearly “the strongest in the world” in the class of typhoons. He would’ve known what to do. Since this was already predicted, he could’ve gone to Tacloban and instructed the people himself. Probably with his presence, the people would’ve followed. People might say that he can’t do it alone. Another clear fact is his cabinet and a lot of our high ranking officials (who did nothing) are, too, very educated. They could’ve encouraged the Filipino masses.

    And lets not get started with why the Filipino masses are uneducated. #oligarchs

  23. We have a President who seemed to shy away from responsibility and accountability. It seems like every time there’s problem, issues or controversies, he’s quick to wash his hands and point his fingers on someone else. The issue is not even about who’s at fault, the situation simply demands actions and resolutions. Sometimes, people just want to be heard, other times, they just want to hear from the President that he is trying to take control of the situation or he is working on it. If anything, Tacloban officials need all the encouragements they need from him for the daunting task they have to deal with. They too have families and loved ones affected… just saying.

    1. “If anything, Tacloban officials need all the encouragements they need from him for the daunting task they have to deal with. They too have families and loved ones affected…”

      That’s a very good point you raised, pinayAko!

  24. Well, as soon as there’s aircon and comfort rooms, I’m sure that he’ll get Kris to bring some artistas to sing and dance for the people, and promote their upcoming movies.

    And then we’ll all take a moment to make these poor people pray for Noynoy, because … wa-wa naman … he has so many problems. And all we do is criticize. We are all so ungrateful.

    There’s no one to blame but ourselves for having this retard walk around Malacanang.

    But we never learn, do, we?

  25. Aquino cannot handle crisis. He went there to find people to blame. Other wise, his incompetence as a leader would surface.
    They predicted this was a Super Typhoon with 145 mph winds. Why was he not there, to prepare people and officials in the coming calamity?
    He did not supervised the evacuation. People are now taking shelters in cemeteries. Aquino had no plans to put the people in safe places, with enough food, water, basic neccesities, etc… How about rescue
    plans? Plans also to bury the dead? How about handling peace and order?
    I put the blame on Aquino for lack of foresight. And, lack of planning.

  26. Maybe next time, President BS Aquino should go on-site before the typhoon strikes so he could personally evaluate the state of preparedness there. THEN he’d have a better purpose in chewing out officials he deems negligent. Doing so after the fact is utterly pointless.

  27. At this point in time we don’t need such comments, what our kababayan needs are immediate Action from all sectors. This is a wake up call to all of us. Start rebuilt our nation and we can start from Visayas, we should not waste the lesson we’ve learned lives that’s been sacrificed. A lot of foreign aids are starting to come please do used it wisely. Makunsensiya kayo mga hahawak ng pondo nito. Mga akong kabababayan sa bisaya, ipakita natun dili lang tayo maiisog kundi tayo’y matatag din sa atong mga problems at babangon tayo ng higit pa sa dati upang maging maunland.

    1. That also goes for most of those typhoon victims who just looted like vultures who can’t wait for relief goods. If they were catholics, where is their faith now?

    2. How many typhoons, will hit us; before we can wake up!!!
      As the song of Bob Dylan:” How many death would it take, to know that many people had died?” ” The answer my friend is blowing in the wind…the answer is blowing in the wind.” The answer was blown by the 145 mph wind…

  28. Bilib ako sa inyo, galing nyo mag-iingles, sana naman nakapag-donate kayo ng kahit man lang kaunti para sa mga nasalanta ng bagyo…sana lang di kayo tumulad sa tigas ng mga muka ng mga nakaupo ngayon sa gobyerno, lalo na un mga madarambong na senador at kongresman…I’m just wondering, asan kaya cla ngaun? may ginagawa ba cla para sa mga apektado ng bagyo? dito sa ibang bansa, nagkukumahog ang mga pinoy at ibang lahi sa pagtulong, nag-iisip at nagpplano pano maihahatid ang mga bagay na kailangan sa mga ganyang sakuna…maraming pera ang darating dyan, sana lang maka-abot sa mga dapat tulungan…hindi lang sana sa salita mga kabayan, sana sa gawa din…pumuputok man ang butsi namin sa mga walanghiyang opisyal dyan dahil sa tigas ng mga muka, antayin na lang nila ang matinding karma…

    1. Already did my part, did you do yours? Let them be, yun ang gusto nila eh. This will continue to prove na marami pa ring inaabuso ang pork barrel nila, the problem is madaling mabulag ang tao, at sa tingin ko sinasadya nilang gutumin yung iba para magrebelde ng kaunti pero pag napakain mo na yan…ayun..aamo na lang bigla.

  29. The indiot president has once again proved himself that he’s like Denethor who shouted “Abandon your posts!” to the people of Minas Tirith since it was now dominated by Sauron’s army.

    1. He’s also proving how desperate he is in saving his dwindling popularity from falling any further by sending his incompetent moronic malacanang mooks here to “attack” this site.

  30. Yesterday watching the news i was disgusted by the behavior of your president. He showed a complete lack of compassion or any concern for any of the victims of Typhoon Yolanda. No leader on the planet would blame the victims after such a catastrophic disaster.
    Venting anger blaming others and walking out of a meeting shows a complete lack of leadership, social and management skills.
    The spoiled brat is not fit to be called a leader and if he cannot take the heat he should get out of the kitchen and let someone do the job he fails to do.

    1. That’s the sad thing about it..which completely sucks. Ever wondered if a massive earthquake hit Metro Manila right now? He’d probably OD on disasters, and he’d probably blame everyone in Metro Manila too. I don’t get why he loves playing the blame game so much, that he’s starting to be a bad influence to the young generation.

      I mean, if the president is doing it, why shouldn’t I? I feel really bad about this. The typhoon has already passed on, but the aftermath is just hellish to be honest.

  31. i’m a taclobanon and my brgy. is one of the most devastated… in that yolanda surge… i do understand the stand of this writer… and i agree the presidents acts doesn’t suit the situation.. and in behalf of my fellow taclobanons …i guess we do not.. need such leader blaming and commenting such in the middle of tragedy.. my mom is working with the city gov. and the day the calamity hit our place people from the city with the cooperation… of the brgys. did everything as possible to render safety to the people. but … tragedy is tragedy who would have known this thing may happen!? …. instead of commenting such mr. president be a person! be humane and at least .. understand our situation. set aside those political quams! … im going to our place i. don’t have any news of the whereabouts of my parents , i lost my bro last year and im the only child left… plz just help us

  32. PNoy, rated high as honest, but is perceived worse than Yolanda, Pablo, Reming and Ondoy combined when it comes to vindictiveness. Halleluiah!

  33. Time and time again, I am vindicated that I did not vote for BS Aquino. He doesn’t know what he is doing! There are people who can easily learn the “job” once they get it but with him, he seems to refuse learning how to be a good leader and only wants the people to adapt to him and obey him.
    NO ONE could ever be prepared for such a storm. It is touted to be 3.5 times stronger than hurricane Katrina and what happened to US? They were as devastated as we are now. I guess common sense is really not as common now as even our leader doesn’t have one.
    I live in Metro Manila and I couldn’t just imagine if Yolanda passed through Manila. My prayers to my fellow Filipinos who survived Yolanda and to those who did not make it.

    1. Really and who is fit to be in that seat? where is your “candidate” in this time of need? and Think about it since when did we filipinos really had a good leader? Never did we once not blame the president. The irony is you label the people who voted for him as “walang alam”. The majority of the people who perished was the ones who voted for Pnoy and now you show your sympathy after insulting their intellectual capacity. common sense? you? have a heart please

      1. TROLL.

        The likes of Gibo and Gordon would be fit to be president. And it’s ok for you that the current president is playing the BLAME GAME when things go haywire?

        Have a BRAIN please.

  34. @ FallenAngel

    112 comments as of this writing is quite remarkable for some lousy article. You, my man are starting to wake up and learning how to be a contributor to GRP.

  35. wala, walang mararating itong site na ito…eh parating subjective lahat ang mga comments eh…maging objective tayo lahat….walang kampihan…..sige tutukan ninyo ang management side nitong issue na ito…walang personalan… at wala din akong magagawa kung parati ninyong sasabihen na ginawa na ni ganun at ni ganito ang dapat gawin….ang question eh ginawa ba niya ang tamang gawin….lahat dapat umalis sa dinaanan ni Yolanda…yun ang punto…hinde yung ginawa na ni Baranggay Kulas at ni Baranggay Pedro eh tama ba yoong ginawa….sus….am living you now guys…wala eh walang katapusan…di nakikita ang punto ng bawat isa……kahimanawari ay magkaron ng katahimikan sa lugar na sobrang naapektuhan ni Yolanda….sa lalong madaling panahon…..kung hinde tayo makakatulong eh mangyari lamang po na tumahimik na lamang tayo…ano po….

    1. I agree with you sir. You cant blame Pnoy for what he said really. 2 weeks ago the DOST already gave the barangays who were going to be hit the copy of the places yolanda would devastate. I mean if you are really cautious (this is not the 1st super typhoon in the PH.) the officials should have expected for the worst and still many people say they did not believe what happened. I mean Super Typhoon what were you expecting? rain wind then sunshine? Im not hating. Im just being practical lets put aside our mellow drama and just help one another. stop blaming the government if you yourself are just sitting there doing nothing. come help us if you really have sympathy. Take a leave of absence and help repacking

      1. Right! What if kayo yung nasa position niya, may magagawa ba kayo? Walang personalan. Pero punong puno na talaga ako sa mga taong walang ginawa kundi tingnan ang negative side ni PNoy.

        1. kung presidente ka? ang dami mo puwede gawin.. pero un magtuturo nang mali ndi isa un.. release nang relief aids, water food and man power, shelter para sa nawalan nang bahay.. pabilisin un pagbalik nang power and water sa lugar.. first aid para sa mga nasaktan.. sana naman kase wala nang sisihan eh.. tulungan nalang.. hirap lang talaga government natin pag tulong sa iba kase wala silang kikitain dyan..

    1. Mr Bigo Teodoro…stop defending panot noy pls..in times of hardship, just like now, a good leader will first prioritize the citizens and not doing the blame game..your idol president is gay..he does not know what shld be done ..hence i just blame and talk and blame..hes been doing this for 3 yrs already lol.

  36. He always comes out after the disaster and puro salita kang, walang gawa. Wala sya during the disaster. Buti pa ang ibang bansa, ang bilis magpadala ng tulong, sya mabilis lang magsalita at manisi.

  37. Panong hindi prepared ang mga taga Tacloban? Ang daming na evacuate. Ang daming mga nasa evacuation centers pero anong nangyari? Yung mismong evacuation centers na ginawa ng gobyerno na di mo malaman kung dapat bang tawaging evacuation yung basketball court e di kinaya ang bagyo. Ang laking tanga ng AbNoy na to!

  38. I love how some people are like, “eh anong ginawa nyo?” as if the writer was in some high position to enable changes unlike the PRESIDENT. At saka yung “di kayo nakakatulong” comment. We all have the right to criticize and complain and this criticism was done constructively. I think the root of criticism is because we are already infuriated, mad, PISSED OFF that lives are lost because only a few preventive measures were in place. Can you imagine if solid preventive measures were in place, can you imagine how blessed and thankful we might feel instead of this desolation? Aren’t we sick of feeling KAWAWA?

  39. This is not the time for politicking for your “chicken”. You have someone who’s weak in your eyes, you complain; now, he’s ruling with an iron fist, you complain. Instead of typing your unsolicited thoughts even if this is your blog, it would’ve been more worthwhile it went to a volunteer station and pour your heart out through helping. At least you’re useful.

    1. @ a

      Believe me, it is worthwhile in the long term for these writers to keep this blog alive so that more people like will see the reality on how these politicians play their games. You really think this is about “manok”? Get over it, a, the election was oaver and done with, BS won, now it is time to act and keep his promises. So far, his performance is naught, and you fail to see it. Come next election you will again be voting for your “manok” and the Philippines will still remain the sick and dying man of asia.

    1. Aquino has become the Philippine version of the currrent U.S. President, Barack Hussein Obama. I pity the Philippines(and the cheap shot comment).

  40. They just played the audio recording of Aquino 1) belittling the member of the PNDRMMC for saying 95% of Tacloban is totally devasted and 2) belittling the business man on his comment regarding the state of lawlessness that exist in same prior to him (Aquino) walking out. The recording is EXACTLY as has been written! All I can say is UN-FUCKING-BELIEVABE! This man is NOT a leader! This (so-called) man is nothing more than a spoiled brat pussy-whipped kid who, by the grace of an idiotic electorate, is now President! His lack of ethics and propriety are even shown during his interviews with CNN reporters as he is quick to blame LGUs for the lack of response… I got news for you P-Nut; the LGUs were (are) also VICTIMS of the Super Typhoon! WHISKY-TANGO-FOXTROT!

    “God help the Philippines”? Seems to me, God has already left!

    1. well everyone is an expert here. so brave hiding behind the monitors of computers. All I can say is as far as I know PH is not as stagnant as before. Now we are always moving on and making progress but people like you break the unity of the people because of your selfish ideals and wants and God help you child. where is your faith? prisoners are more faithful to God than you are

      1. Well, you are a TROLL here. So brave spouting YELLOW PROPAGANDA.

        God needs your help because you are a SLANDERER. And He doesn’t like that. 😛

      2. Making progress? According to you, maybe. Why not ask those unemployed/underemployed if their life got better. Ask those people getting through the day with pagpag. Your progress on paper just don’t cut it for these people.

        It is so sad that people like you exist just to glorify the Aquino admin, while the poor are getting poorer and the senate/congress/executive are getting richer.

        what a lame argument, mentioning God and appealing to emotions, you are really high on the yellow kool-aid, are you?

      3. Where’s my “faith”? Well, I guessed you missed it but… While Filipinos from all over, including members of Gov, were encouraging people to “pray”; I was PLEADING for people to PREPARE! I’m no “expert” but I do have something that you and far too many others lack… COMMON SENSE! Making progress? What planet are you living on? The Philippine Gov from top to bottom was, once again, caught off guard even though every other person in every other country already knew just how powerful and damaging this storm would be!

        What makes more sense to you (in the face of an approaching disaster)?
        1) Pray
        2) Do nothing
        3) Prepare

        I’ll PREP now and Pray later. Most likely, I’ll still be around to PRAY over the bodies of those who chose options 1 & 2!

      4. You are such a moron.
        The real gibo teodoro would never post something that idiotic let alone suck aquino’s little c*ck.
        Nice try but we know that you are just a paid hack of malacanang.
        Of course you wouldn’t reply because what I’ve said is 100% true.


      5. @ Gibo Teodoro

        hey idiot….we hide behind the monitors of our computers because we can do more without having to tell the whole world about it!

        Five letters for you…….T-H-I-N-K!!!!!!

  41. This article is a waste of time commenting on the President’s behavior. He is only human like us. You are bloating the issue out of proportion and it is not worth the time. This space could have spent asking for prayers and concrete help for the victims. The author is commenting on the President’s behavior when the behavior of how this article was done is worst than what is being commented about. Move on, kabayan!

    1. +1 lets just leave them be. They like to be called the “INTELLECTUALS” even if its just a fantasy because they can hide behind the computer monitor. I never see these guys act u p when officials are in there midst

      1. Well, both of you are TROLLS. You live more in a fantasy because both of you can hide everything through your sugar-coated comments and propaganda. I’ve also seen posts like this.

        Stop lying, TROLLS. -_-

      2. “Man is least himself when he talks in his own person. Give him a mask, and he will tell you the truth.”

        I’m sure that’s what the internet does to people. It’s the reason people are getting so informed now. Don’t be so backward.

    2. He is just human, yes. But a human who do not deserve to be president. Bloating the issue? Easy for you to say as you are not the one being chewed on…by the president himself, acting like a palengkerong basagulero once again.

      The thing is you are not seeing that his behaviors are not fitting of a president and still we let him lead? And you defend him? The way I see it, you are using your emotions more than your brain matter, spewing what you wrote.

  42. The funny thing is, people who say that the article is useless cannot even defend or put forward points that would actually defend what the President did. You know, to actually respond CRITICALLY? No sireee.

  43. BS Aquino has become irrelevant. Let us just focus on helping our people. Donot invite him for these meetings – he’s got nothing to contribute anyway…

  44. We never know…. that typhoon strips the true color of the Philippines right now… it really reflects everybody, government or none government true identity… Philippine today are still lame… Don’t blame only one sided… all Filipinos fault. Everybody’s fault… me either.. that we are all GUILTY and we blame each other… when are the days we really Filipino change and when will be become mature enough to change our country….

  45. Pinoy is the chief executive of this country. I can understand his frustrations on the aftermath of Typhoon Yolando. The national government gave ample warning and instructions to the LGUs to be prepared for a very devastating typhoon. The comments in this post are very negative, sounds like somebody from the Philippine Daily Inquirer. Have you done something contructive lately for your country and kababayans, you’re a lot of BS.

    1. Yes he is the chief executive, that is why he should choose his words and actions wisely. But then 3 years + into his term and all he has notably done, is point fingers.

      “Have you done something contructive lately for your country”..A typical argument when cornered. Can’t you guys come up with a better argument than that?

      Doing something for the country is not only being there doing the physical/manual thing, I think you fail to see that also. This site, for instance have changed a number of people’s perspectives towards Philippines, be that as it may, people like you who refuse to see the truth are the ones preventing this country from moving up. (Or are you even a real person?)

  46. The article was unprofessionally done. There was no need to use “Bull Shit” so often or entertain the Romualdez connection.
    I will not defend what the president has done. I know its wrong but this kind of reaction is equally wrong.

    1. The “Romualdez connection” was just a mere speculation by the author. That speculation exists because…..oh yes, becaus he has shown his vindictiveness a number of times during his tenure. Oh and your St. Cory was also a vindictive president.

    2. How many times did I use Bullshit? I can see it only once. If you think that BS in BS Aquino means that, then that’s your interpretation of it, not mine.

      What, nobody is allowed to ask questions in the spirit of free inquiry anymore? Really now, you BS Aquino supporters have to learn to take as much as you give.

      1. What, nobody is allowed to make an opinion in the spirit of free inquiry anymore? Really now, you Aquino haters have to learn to take as much as you give.

        1. Just where did that “Aquino haters” come from? You are an idiot if you think this site is only against Aquino. And what is the point of copying and pasting what FA said? Ijet.

        2. Too bad you’ve got not much left but to copy other’s post and pass it off as your own. And not much insight to add to the discussion, either. Tsk tsk.

          You don’t know what free inquiry is? JFGI.

        3. Alright. I was wrong to imply that you guys are exclusive PNOY haters. You guys are “Haters”.
          I don’t mean to plagiarize your words. I’m sorry. I meant to say that if its alright for you to state an opinion, it should also be alright for me to state mine.
          And my opinion was that your hate speech is distasteful.

        4. But of course. Anything that Filipinos like you don’t agree with is automatically hate speech. Ironic that you speak of free speech when you’re quick to condemn opposing views as “hate speech.”

          Grow a goddamned brain, will you?

        5. @dale

          You never came back on the rebuttal but you opened up a new argument. That is pure cowardice if you ask me.

          Also, you say that you do not “side” with Aquino and yet you say we are “haters”, and now it seems that whatever you believe and stand for is naught. That is one example of one unprinicpled man. Man, you are just a whiner jumping on any bandwagon just because it’s “in”.

      2. Interestingly, people — like Dale — who scream about their right to “free speech” often DON’T WANT OTHER PEOPLE’S VOICES HEARD. It is also a common practice of theirs to brand those they disagree with as “haters” dispensing “hate speech” that is so beyond the pale that it is unacceptable in any context.

  47. just wait and see what happens after he sleeps in a tent as his gesture in showing how much he cares – instead of planning for temporary shelters and income for the next few months.

    1. I agree with most of what Fallen Angel has written. President BS Aquino often speaks against people and situations without knowing the facts. Yet he doesn’t fire those among his close friends who are corrupt and causing harm to the nation, the Republic, the government’s treasury and the Filipino people. However, I still think he is personally not a thief as he claims not to be. But he is mentally dishonest. And by being so he is supporting the corrupt members of his Cabinet and his allies in the House and the Senate.

      1. When the President is selective of whom he considers corrupt, and when he either does nothing about corruption or is powerless to stop it, the significance of his own personal incorruptibility shrinks, if not goes out the window entirely.

    1. Huwag naman ganyan. I’m not for Binay. But let’s not attribute all criticisms of the President to Binay or to people from the groups and parties supposedly opposed to the Liberal Party of Mr. Drilon, Mr/ Roxas. Mr. Abad and Mr. Aquino.

      1. That is how the filipino ijet acts, ang hilig sa kampi-kampi, sa manok. Treating politics as on great big derby (sabong). That is why we ended up with an ijet of a president.

  48. It is true. Its the officials fault. They should do more or better. You cannot just be simply satisfied in one thing. He simply want more action from the tacloban officials. By this, we can prevent more casualties. He simply means that they need to work more. Get it?

    1. Interesting pseudonym, hating “bias” people. I would think someone with a name / handle like that would be less subjective.

      I do not think there was anything anyone could do to prevent a tragedy of this proportion short of erecting a force field around Tacloban.

    2. have anyone ever considered that the tacloban officials were hit by the typhoon too? and that they too have destroyed homes, lost family members and of need of help? thhey are also victims the typhoon.

  49. Look like our good president is politicking for his friends the Petillas.

    Our honorable leader is a good friend of energy secretary Jericho Petilla, who is the younger brother of Leyte Governor Leopoldo Petilla. It is known that the Petillas are political rivals of the Romualdezes of Tacloban, and see the Romualdezes as a threat to their power should the Romualdezes decide to run for Governor.

    Looks like some parties see this grave tragedy as an opportunity to boost their political plans in Tacloban.

    Not to side with the Romualdez dynasty but it is obvious that Mr. President is nitpicking on Tacloban, saying that it does not look like the Mayor made the necessary preparations. How can anyone prepare for this!

  50. I believe that the president has the right to blame it on people who were given specific responsibilities and did not do a good job.

    The CEO leads the company, asses the needs of the employees, allocate resources to the managers of each department to perform and carry out their responsibilities. We do not expect the CEO to do the job of the managers. If the CEO does the job of the managers, then the company does not need the managers.

    our president did allocate resources but the people who were given the responsibilities to carry out the task clearly wasn’t able to prepare well.

    the president carry responsibilities over the calamity but a big portion of the blame falls on those officials (managers) who did not perform well.

    1. You people really do not get it do you?

      Did his blaming help the survivors in any way? And furthermore, there was a very slim chance that anybody on earth could have prepared for that, remember Katrina? It is just your president taking the opportunity to look good and make somebody else look bad at the expense of the people in central visayas.

      I have worked as a manager and blaming people will not solve any problem at all. Sure, you can ask why the problem occurred to find out the root cause (Root cause analysis), note that root cause is not a person. And with the degree of devastation, it is hardly the time to blame somebody. The article just highlights how inept your president is.

      1. And you don’t get it, do you? You are essentially doing what you’re criticizing about what you claim Pnoy is doing. Instead of spreading your propaganda, why don’t you just help.

        1. It helps more to call out what we think is the errant behavior of the president than it is to condone it. How in the world did it become “propaganda”, hmm? You people just don’t get it; your president is not immune from criticism, yet if he is not strong enough to take it, that’s not a problem on his critics’ part, it’s HIS PROBLEM.

    2. I guess this only proves na hanggang barangay level pa rin tayo dito, talagang pilipinas di aasenso forever.

      And here I thought the president has the power, the authority and the resources to do what seems to be impossible, possible…and yet we see this? Wow..I guess he’s finding someone to blame right now lol…

      lemme guess, kasalanan na naman ba ito ni Gloria?, ng Senado?, ng Kongreso?, ng mga department ng gobyerno? ng taong-bayan?, ng taong-bayad? ni Erap?, ni Ramos, ng nanay nya? , ni Marcos, ni Macapagal?, ni Garcia?, ni Magsaysay?, ni Quirino?, ni Roxas?, ni Osmeña?, ni Laurel?, ni Quezon?, ni Aguinaldo?, ng mga mananakop na hapon, amerikano, kastila?, ni Magellan?, ni Haring Felipe? ng mga datu?, ng mga malay, indones?, ni Malakas?, ni Maganda?, ni Bathala? OK sige, sino po sa kanila? Ang daming choices!

      Either way, passing the buck..will go for a long way before eventually coming back to you.

      1. That is where a good leader comes in. But the thing is leaders are born, not made. Aquino is sort of forced, That is why we have virtually zero leadership.

        I can also say that, the filipino’s self discipline and respect has really dwindled since that 1986 revolt, virtually saying that it’s ok to ignore the law because that is “freedom”. EDSA revolt, failure in itself. After that it was every politician’s wet dreams. The filipino seeming not to notice, drunk on the newly gained “freedom”, or skewed defenition of freedom, encouraged by the “new” mass media which took trash TV to new levels, resulting in the dumb filipino. If ever we are going to stand up again, then we need to change the whole populations’ perspectives, a complete overhaul. Now how do we do that? That is the question.

        1. The problem with this is most of the people are still drunk from that kool-aid from decades ago, and are still having a bad hangover.

    3. Blaming others is not a solution so the President should be part of the solution and not a part of the problem. Blaming others will not bring anything good. Helping others affected should be the first thing to be done not bickering and blaming.

      1. indeed!!! what’s the use of blaming? Can’t he see that there’s more important thing to do? THat’s why i didnt vote for him. Unahin muna kaya niya ang pagtulong sa mga kababayan natin.

    4. I agree, but just like any other company, if the managers failed….the CEO failed! It only means he did not have control of the situation.

    1. You finally admit defeat with that statement. Suffice to say, your attempts to troll here have failed miserably.

      Troll Harder,LOSER

    1. How can it be unreliable? He sited references and links to references, which you are free to read and digest yourself. It is the author’s opinion, feel free to point out how he is biased or are you just saying that because you are butt hurt when something against BS is mentioned? You people are the lowest forms of life in the Philippine society, you are the people holding back the country from progressing. Please stop being such as moronic cry baby.

        1. Typical stupid excuse for a poor attempt to win an argument. To answer your question troll, I’ve already donated relief goods to Red Cross.

        2. Ok, I will indulge you with your shallow argument. Have I done my part? The answer is I have done more than my part. 1. As an honest taxpayer, that is really my only part. 2. I have given to my local church already. 3. I am trying in my own small way to change the perspective of other people towards the country, one way is by commenting on this blogsite, helping it reach more people like you.

  51. So are you saying that blaming and pointing fingers at people are inaappropriate, right? Your funny. Have you ever read your own shit? You’re just the same BS po.

    Or maybe, you’ve been the president before and your so great at handling the whole country that’s why you have the best speech ever written in FULL stupidity? Oh right, sorry. You’re just a blogger

  52. That is what we call frustration, is it the president’s fault? I think not. each and everyone must share the burden and the leaders has most of the burden. You are all talk, what really have you shared? your opinions? will it feed the hungry? give shelter to the victims? do your share without advertising to the whole world what you have done. Pnoy is just frustrated because as a leader he did made instructions days before the disaster and yet alot of people died. if i where in his shows i will be angry. kailangan i-reprimand and mga taong nag takbo para maging “leader” they no the burden. bakit? kung politiko ka na ba hindi ka na dapat pagalitan? untouchable ka na? they ran for office, they no the responsibility let them deal the anger of officials higher than them. if you are working in a company like for OFW’s if you made a mistake you are most likely be subjected to criticism and discipline. keep your eyes on the ball and help the people in need. if you are reprimanded because your manager or team leader felt you made a mistake then deal with it and make better the next time

      1. Did you get the gist of the article? The president uses media mileage to blame others and play politics instead of fostering unity on rescue and relief operations.

        After this incident, what will the Aquino admin initiate to bolster disaster-preparedness?

      2. “puro daldal” ahem! look who’s talking (a lot). And if you read the earlier comments most of them already did their part to help the victims. Ikaw ed anong ginawa mo “puro daldal”(see your own lengthy post).

  53. Walang hiyang Pangulo ng Pilipinas, imbes na pagkain at damit ang ipadala, inuna pa ang pagpapadala ng army para bantayan ang mga grocery store ng mga Chinese laban sa mga kababayan nating nangunguha ng pagkain sa store nila.
    Kahit sinong tao na nasa ganoong sitwasyon, magagawang manguha ng pagkain kahit saan para mairaos ang gutom ng knyang pamilya o nasasakupan.
    Wala talagang kwenta yang Presidente na iyan, ABNOY.
    Chinese ang boss nya.

    1. In times like this it is very important to send troops to maintain order as there would be a lot of looting. The local authorities won’t be able to contain it. That is why the arm forces is utilize.Sa tono ng pananalita mo parang ang lake ng galit mo sa mga intsek.Go back in history and you will understand why the Chinese are successful. It’s called hard work and thriftiness my friend.Back in the day they were discriminated but they didn’t faught back. Instead they work harder. So stop being a hater because you sound mor ABNOY.

  54. Ang bagal kumilos nitong gobyerno eto ang tagal pahirapan maglabas ng calamity fund sa Visaya. Pero pagdating sa PDAF and corruption ang bilis mag approve. Mas nauna pa kumilos ang Media and foreign medics kesa sa DOH. Ang dami nagsabi marami namatay etong govt for verification pa. Nak tupa gobyerno etong!! Only in d Philippines napaka bulok ng gobyerno

  55. Mr. Gibo Teodoro thanks a million….kuha mo talaga….am sure babangon ang Pilipinas at tatakbong muli ang mga Pilipino, ganyan tayo…kaya magtulungan, magtulungan, huag magsiraan…..time TO work….work…work…work hard, pray harder….iyan tayo….BANGON PILIPINAS!!!!! BANGON!!!!!!

  56. Dinky Pandak Soliman baka pahirapan nyo na naman ang tao sa Visaya hanapan nyo ng ID and e hold ang mga sako ng bigas tama na ang bulsa nyo, isipin nyo mga Filipino. Ayaw namin makita pagmumukha nyo sa TV need namin action!!! Kakahiya mas mabilis pa kumilos ang media & foreign donation

  57. Tang na gobyerno lalo si kalbo puros daldal and sisi sa TV wala action! sa PDAF ang bibilis nyo magnakaw pero pag tulong sa kapwa ang bagal!!!!!!!!!

  58. ang hirap ng presidente na ito ay mahilig manisi at mahilig mamulitika kahit may crisis sa bansa anung klasing presidente hindi sya pwedi mag mg presidente kng hindi nya kaya mag resign sya he’s not prepared to be the president of the philippines

    1. Hey, guess who started the whole “blame game” in the first place. Want a little hint? Okay, HINT: He is usually referred to as “Noynoy— oh, wait…

  59. u cant really please everyone..if ever man hndi nagpakita ng galit ang presidente,maraming maasar dahil he hasnt showed any concern for what happen..ngayon naman na nagalit ang presidente,maraming paring naasar at ang dami2xng pang mga salita na unsolicited..hahai..world…try to be in the president’s shoes people and we’ll see if u can handle it..support nalang…..

    1. jejetards like you are such clueless lemmings. Then he better use his trillion peso pork barrel for those victims and I’ll be satisfied.

    2. I’m sure anybody with a decent amount of emotional maturity and leadership skills can easily outclass that man you call president currently. What might he have that others don’t? The propaganda machine provided by media, millions in campaign funds, and that oh-so-memorable last name Aquino.

      Ganun talaga. Your president has to learn to do the right thing at the right time. It’s not simply an on-off switch where he either does or doesn’t do something. He has to learn to do it correctly. Perhaps if he stops giving his critics ammunition then they might stop firing at him.

    3. “try to be in the president’s shoes people and we’ll see if u can handle it”

      Im sure anybody can do more satisfactorily than what you have now. A low level manager, I am sure, is more able to lead than him.

    4. Ah,yes the old “Ikaw nalang kaya maging presidente!” weak argument that noytards spout whenever they have nothing else to say against their precious president’s critics.
      Sobrang gasgas na yang spiel na yan.
      It’s already obvious that you guys are already running out of ammunition.
      If your president wasn’t a total f*ck-up, there wouldn’t be any need of a troll group like your moronic malacanang mis-communications group.

    5. And like FallenAngel said, anyone with leadership skills would do a much better job than your precious president that keeps blaming but never taking any responsibility for his actions.


  60. And now there are millions worth of aid from different countries, I wonder how much would really reach the affected areas and how much will go to the corrupt officials’ pockets?

  61. Truly disappointing… tsk… tsk a leader who is only happy when praised but throws tantrums when criticised… walang pinakaiba talaga sa kapatid niya na taklesa… makes me wonder what sort of upbringing did Cory do??? or siguro lumaki sa mga yaya kaya parang spoiled brats kung umasta!!!

    1. JR grew up as a mama’s boy. Just like most pinoy men. Full of form but no substance. You teach a men to be a weakling and that’s what your going to get. A narcisstic slacker..

  62. during these times…keep your pointless ranting to yourself for the greater good…people are hungry and some are dead…and you think you can do service to the Filipino people by letting them know how incompetent their leaders are…do you actually hear yourself? you are the one having a hissy fit. soo keep your opinions to yourself and try packing relief goods for the greater good….waste of my time

    1. Why? Do you think BS Aquino’s actions as described in the article contributed to the greater good?

      To answer your question, yes, I do think I do service to the Filipino people by letting them know how incompetent their leaders are. Filipinos say that now is not a good time to complain. When is?

      By saying that this article was a “waste of time”, I’d say that the only one throwing a hissy-fit around here is you. Tsk tsk.

      What makes you think or assume that I haven’t done anything to help the typhoon victims? What I do to help in the relief efforts is none of your business, or anybody’s for that matter, while I have not tabled it for discussion here. And I don’t feel a need to brag about it online.

    2. Can you imagine what will happen if all of us packed relief goods? I think many don’t get it that packing relief goods is not the only way we can help. The whole world’s designed that way, really: we all have our own roles to play. When so many are already busy packing relief goods (which there are already so much of but are difficult to transport to the recipients due to the damaged roads, etc.), there are those who need to think/reflect about what’s happening so we don’t get lost to the motions. What this article did was to try to stop our clueless president from doing more harm than good by blaming people who themselves were hit by the typhoon. If no one criticized him for that, maybe he’d still be doing it right now, and I wouldn’t be surprised if someone would run amok and kill him and many others. Now we don’t want that to happen, don’t we?

    3. I thought you are packing relief goods?

      Honestly, taxpayers have already done their part. If they donated or somehow volunteered then that is doing more than their part. It is why this site is pointing out the inefficiencies of the government since it is up to them to manage the resource which every filipino taxpayaer have already given them.

      1. You’re looking from the top down. Honestly when you are in the thick of it it’s always from the bottom up. The local government had done a poor job preparing… its not the national government that will set up contingencies and systems for each barangay, each town and each city. The national government comes in insuport of the LGU’s. THis is true down to the barangay level. If the loacl government is the first point of call for all incoming aid as they have and existing network of barangay workers etc. Pnoy is right when he indicate that the LGU is absent and so was all the network underneath it. The tragedy is simply to much and we all have underestimated this one.

        1. Let us not lose sight of the fact that in this very unique case, many of the officials in the affected LGUs were also victims and also have to rebuild their lives. I don’t know how they can function normally under such circumstances.

        2. EXACTLY, the mayor had underestimated the storm. He made a big mistake in under preparing. The national government would need a working local team to relay status reports. The storm is too big. if and when the local government fails, the national government will have a hard time establish a foot hold on the situation. Victim or not is not the question. But when your called to serve your people, your constituents comes first before anything else.

        3. Haven’t you heard or read that the mayor evacuated several thousands of people to the sturdiest structures in the city, which, unfortunately, were also ravaged by the storm. Where else could he have taken them? They perhaps did not have the capability to transport all of the people to another island, or to the mountains, especially as Aquino has not been giving pork barrel to the mayor. Politics as usual.

        4. @ dennis

          Utilization of tax money is from national going down to the barangay level. Failure along this line, in this case preparation for the typhoon, could mean life and death. The Pnoy government is not at all supportive of Tacloban because of political differences. You are talking about after the typhoon hit, while I am talking about before the typhoon.

    4. In fact, I heard a psychiatrist say on TV that finger-pointing at this time will certainly add fuel to fire as many of the victims are still in a state of shock and are therefore not in the proper state of mind. They can be driven to the brink if they’re pushed by unfeeling people who blame and scold first and help later, which a lot of Aquino’s loyal followers would perhaps also have done had Aquino not been criticized for his finger-pointing, thanks to his example.

        1. Try harder at getting back…. The psychiatrist was being interviewed on TV, and I saw and heard her say that. Of course, I could have been having hallucinations, or the TV station must have been playing tricks on me….

        2. TROLL. 😀

          Read it again. Ir maybe you’re just too ignorant, in fact.

          I mean, seriously, your logic is total fail on your first comment. If the LGUs are unable to act then the national government should take over. It’s not right for Noynoy to put the blame on them. Or maybe you never saw the disgust on Amanpour’s face when he was interviewed.

      1. The psychiatrist is in essence correct.
        In the first days, and even weeks, survivors are predominantly in shock and survival mode, with emotions almost ‘frozen’ as a coping mechanism.
        The key psychological problems arise after the initial physical needs are met, the intense activity subsides, and the external attention declines.
        Then a longer term, more deep rooted trauma and clinical depression can be experienced by some.
        Increasingly trauma counselling and mental heath support is seen as essential, not a luxury, for the rehabilitation and welfare of survivors.
        The philippines government clearly are not aware of such principles or practices otherwise their words and actions would not have been so callous or insensitive, which as you say do nothing to help the survivors and can aggravate the situation for some.
        It is a time for sensitivity and compassion. That is what helps most. Fortunately locals and the international community offset the idiocy of the government.
        Once again amateurs doing a job, when you need professionals.

    5. @ Waste of time

      Aha ….got you there…another idiot with EQ and IQ lower than BS Aquino!

      Sad…how you wasted time reading and NOT understanding the whole point. You must also have some severe (English) comprehension issues! Go waste your time some more!

    1. Excuses. What composure?

      The thing is even if we had really competent candidates for president way back 2010, you ijets, still voted for that ijet.

      Sa isang sabungan, may nagsali ng pato. Ang problema, nanalo yung pato.

    2. Yep, grow up – something that Aquino apparently has not done yet.

      Keeping one’s composure intact is a valuable trait in the corporate world but one that is taken for granted. A good leader, even a good manager, knows this all too well.

  63. i think the government should allowed the government employees to do volunteer work if they like to do volunteer work, whether it is repacking or in medical mission, we need more volunteers, then we can charge this as part of our duty to the state, we want to volunteer but
    can this be deducted to our vocation leave from the office, it must be in official time or in lieu of our working day . We suggest also to our dear President to encourage all the municipalities living in the coastal area to have a durable building as an evacuation center, its good to be prepared, we don’t know may be after few months or few years there will be another typhoon signal number four. local officials and congressmen please wake up, instead of spending the money for socialization and other things lets spend it for the safety of the people, otherwise millions will disappear in few days.may God’s wisdom be upon our leaders.

    1. I really dont understand why up to now, many people in the devastated provinces where not received a single relief where as international community keeps on aiding the Philippines.. GISING MR. PRESIDENT and the rest of the BAND OF ROCKSTAR, mahilig lang kayo magsalita ng puro pamumulitika,.. MR. PRESIDENT remember that you are the commander in chief of the nation, nasa inyo laht ng power para maisagawa ng maayos ang mga relief efforts nasan n ang mga ahensya ng govyerno.. Set aside blame games and focuses on people needs, WE NEED A LEADER that will bring back our spirit.. Let us all stand together, this is the right time that we Filipinos are very resilient to all challenges.. GISING MR. PRESIDENT nde pa huli ang lahat…

    2. I do agree. Since lgu officials were already affected. Besides, it is a prime government responsibility. We cant always rely on private initiative/volunteerism….Take for example non charity work… i.e. monitoring of price freeze to ensure that the law is followed so that typhoon victims are not further exploited.. been receiving complaints about that. DTI could have deployed manpower from national office… but I think they are too tight on spending.. the government in general. Though, my due respect to those hardworking civil servants in the ground. Pagpalain kayo ng Diyos.

  64. Hi Admins and Mods,

    I really love the blogs here, being informative and factual in nature.
    May I ask how to subscribe via email newsletter? since am not always “on” on the social media sites.

    Let me know please!

    More power to you guyz!
    Pedz Cruz,

    1. Try clicking on the RSS feed link on the upper right corner of the site. Or there are some e-mailing services on the Web you can subscribe to where you can provide a link to our RSS feed.

  65. Please stop all the politicking and negative comments. If you really care about this country, try to do something concrete to help ease the burden of those affected by the typhoon.

    1. Your president opened his mouth after the calamity, and it was politics from the get go.

      There you go again about negative comments. If taken in properly it would have much more mileage than doing something “concrete” now. Think about it.

    2. You should really tell that to BS Aquino because as president of this country he’s supposed to lead the way in rising above politicking and negative comments. Unfortunately he didn’t do that with Tacloban officials.

      Critics care about this country, which is why they criticize it; they want it to improve so that it doesn’t repeat its previous mistakes. If Filipinos can’t take it, tough; they have to grow up.

      1. easily perceived as politicking. But when you look at it the Mayor in Tacloban really did a lousy job preparing. A day after the storm, he was driving around the city entertaing international reporters. He even brougth them to th eresort where he was staying, telling them how he hid underneath the trusses. Other towns and cities performed far better than Tacloban.

        1. Shouldn’t he be commended for attending to the international correspondents, who, after all, were his guests? Besides, let’s not forget that he, too, was a victim, and is still perhaps trying to come to terms with what happened to him, his family, and his city. As for not having done as much as the others, that’s highly debatable, and we can’t even base that on the number of casualties and the extent of the devastation in his city because these could be on account of the fact that his city was the worst hit.

        2. Chrisie, after or even during or even prior to the storm any mayor will be in disaster mode.. that means, he shoul dbe with his disaster team and accessing the situation as it happen. Not in a resort sipping pinacolada. This mayor is a joke.

        3. The mayor said in an interview that he and his team were observing the rise in the waves, which I know is foolish, but that’s not to say that he was sipping pina colada with his team, as you said. By the way, what’s your real name, Ricky Carandang?

        4. @dennis mendoza

          No amount of preparation in the local gov’t could have made the situation any better without definite assistance from the federal gov’t

          The local gov’t is part of the devastation. If a family van met a serious accident on the road by circumstances beyond their control, you should not expect the dad or any member of the family inside the same van to rescue themselves as they are all part of the devastation. People outside should run for assistance—The gov’t has no excuse, as even strangers would go out of their way to help—It’s even the federal gov’t’s job to provide such assistance, not strangers/foreigners.

          Your loyalties made you abandon all common-sense.

        5. @dennis mendoza:

          Your comments are the biggest joke EVER because you keep on defending ABnoy.

          Since I have the answer then you will never reply back.

          TROLL. 😀 😀 😀 😀

    3. Another noytard that is butthurt on the truth of his precious president. No matter what you guys do, the damage has already been done, your president is falling.

      Troll Harder, butthurt faggot

      1. Looks like some noytards in the comments area of that article are resorting to blaming the previous administration but unfortunately for them, it will no longer work this time. Its already clear how incompetent this pathetic excuse of a president is.

  66. President Noynoy Aquino just showed how INCOMPETENT he really is at times of crisis. We’re only talking of a great calamity that hit Tacloban. How much more if the WHOLE COUNTRY is at WAR??? The government, unquestionably, did not make any CONTINGENCY PLAN for the super typhoon Yolanda. Magaling lang sa daldal si Noynoy…Di naman totoo mga reports and state of the nation address…WALANG PAGBABAGO!!! BULOK PA RIN SISTEMA!!! PURO CORRUPTION PA RIN SA GOBYERNO!!! PURO TRAPO PA RIN!!! WALANG PAGBABAGO!!!

  67. Just like her mother after three years in office, pnoy administration is following the footprints of her mother. window dressing pa rin and true situation of the crisis

  68. Marami nang unos na ngdaan sa atin mga Pinoy, mula sa Scam hang sa Calamities.Ito lahat ay pagsubok lamang. On one is to be Blamed, dahil lahat tayo ay Sinners, Lahat tayo ay Dadaan sa madugong Buhay,katulad ng mga pangyayari na hindi maiwasan sa Buhay.Sino ka ba mgsabi na itoy Kasalanan ng isang TAO lamang. Lahat tayo ay bound sa malaking Responsibility. This is the Time now that we must SHOW our CONCERN and LOVE to every Individuals.Hindi lang Gobyerno natin ang KIKILOs kundi mismo Sarili natin ay mgkaroon ng PAKI-ALAM sa Kapwa natin, lahat tayo ay Susubok sa ganito Sakuna, No one in this World is exempted for Calamities, kaya Alagaan natin ang Kalikasan at hindi aabusuhin.Ito lahat ay pagsubok lamang sa Pananalig natin sa Diyos.Bangon Pinoy kaya natin ito .God Bless us all.

    1. Velie delorazo, you said it all and you said it right….but please expect that there’s a lot of people who’s not into listening and not believing….matitigas ang ulo, di bigyan ng pagkakataon ang lahat lalo na ang mga namumuno…ibig nila parang kidlat ang mga serbisyo…gusto nila parang mga fairies ang mga namumuno na may wand at isang kumpas, tapos na lahat…..patience is a virtue and if they will just let this patience works, then everything will be done smoothly and in the end everybody will be satisfied and will be happy…let’s be grateful for all the help given by everybody…..let’s be thankful for all that….as i said always…work hard and pray harder….mabuhay ka!!!!!

      1. i think you guys are blinded by the YELLOW Incompetent STUPID GOvernment. bakit hindi mageexpect ng parang kidlat na relief. Yung mga foreign countries nauna pa magbigay. ano yun? mas malapit ba sila kesa s manila? WTH! yung mga tax natin, INSTANT napupunta s mga bulsa nila, pero pag tayo may kailangan, ano, 1week? 2weeks?? wala padin? and also, relief n corned beef from other country, nagging LIGO Sardines?? WTH! why do you expect patience when they are already STEALING FROM YOU! damn this guys

  69. hindi lang kc ang leader ang problema sa bansa natin, pati narin tayong mga pilipino na bomoto sa kanila, 3 klase lang ang bomoboto satin un ang mahihirap, middle level, at rich people. At ang masaklap pinakamarami ung mga taong naghihirap at hindi na nag iisip basta makatanggap lang sila ng konting pera iboboto na nila ung official na un. Kc wala silang trabaho, walang makain, hindi na nila iniisip ung future ng mga anak nila. Ikaw ba naman mamamatay kana sa gutom future pa iisipin mo? Kaya sa halip na makaalis sila sa kahirapan habang buhay nalang silang ganyan. At yan ang gusto ng mga corrupted officials hangga’t may naghihirap may makukuha silang boto dahil babayaran lang nila ang mga ito. Kaya kaung mga tao aminin ninyo binoto ninyo ang mga yan tapos magreklamo kayo? Isa pa problema ung media satin masyadong bias. Hindi katulad sa america pwede mong murahin ang mga officials sa harap ng camera kapag ito ay may katiwalian. Walang sino sino. Hindi pa kayo nadala bago pa umupo ng presidente yan si Aquino, hindi pa tapos ung issue sa hacienda luisita na ilan decada na nakalilipas hindi pa nila naibigay ung mga lupa ng mga magsasaka. At wala na silang plano pa na ibigay ito sa mga magsasaka. Nagpadala kayo sa simpatya ng namatay na ina, mas marami pang nagastos na pera kaysa kay marcos.

  70. Complain all you want, the opposition will always be an opposition. If you have decided to hate the guy, no matter what he does will always have a negative implication. After 3 years, with all the help and support we are getting, this administration’s legacy will be the best this country has ever seen. It does not matter who’s on board with him. He’ll be start of a better Philippines. A philippines rid of corruption and poverty.

    1. @dennis mendoza

      I’ve heard that claim so many times, and yet all evidence points to the contrary.

      If the BS Aquino gov’t showed any remorse, perhaps there would be a chance, but no!

      So, dream on!

    2. @ dennis
      And all along I thought you were here for a good discussion.

      Legacy by the Aquino is nothing but a mirage. After the “evil” dictator left, this country went downhill, courtesy of the Aquinos and idiots like you who were gullible to believe them. Let’s talk about national debt, answer me this, how much was our national debt when apo makoy left, and how much now? Take into account infrastructures, programs, etc done during the 2 decades of Makoy and against the almost 3 decades of the Aquino reign.

      What legacy? If you call rising poverty, unemployment/underemployment, more OFWs, as legacies, then you must have been dropped on the floor head first by your mother when you were a baby.

    3. Just accept the fact that you’re just a TROLL who loves to live in a FANTASY WORLD.

      Reality check: thanks to CNN, the world finally saw the incompetence of the present administration.

      A philippines rid of corruption and poverty MY ASS.

      P.S.: Never reply back because a butthurt scoundrel like you is totally EXPOSED. 😀

  71. @dennis

    Legacy? What legacy are you talking about?
    CNN has already undressed your president in front of the whole world.
    The world now knows how incompetent he is thanks to CNN.
    So, why do you bother defending someone who is clearly inept?
    No corruption? Don’t kid yourself, corruption grew worse under his administration.
    FYI, incompetence is ALSO a sign of corruption so your argument is clearly invalidated.

  72. It’s been more than half a year since the tacloban disaster happened yet the national government hasn’t done anything to help the typhoon victims.

    The bunkhouses that they built are of very poor standard,local and foreign donations have been found to be rotting in the dswd warehouses and most of the donations have yet to reach the victims.

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