Sec. Mar Roxas character exposed in interview with CNN’s Andrew Stevens at Yolanda disaster site

They say people’s true character reveals itself under pressure. Super typhoon Yolanda (Haiyan) has certainly put Philippine politicians under pressure. This is something they are not really used to. They are more used to grandstanding under their own terms during scheduled press conferences with members of the local media and during mock hearings, which appear staged to give them the opportunity to vilify their political enemies.

One can say that Philippine government officials are more comfortable with the laissez faire style of administering their constituents. This is evident in their inadequate preparation before the arrival and their slow response to the disaster in the aftermath of typhoons that pass through the country every year.

Because of the intensity of Typhoon Yolanda, the attention of the international community has also put Philippine government officials under the global spotlight. Now the whole world is witness to the true characters of Filipino politicians. Unfortunately, what we are all seeing is not good. Some of them need to work on their ego and get a lesson in humility.

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Sec. Mar Roxas in more bountiful times

Sec. Mar Roxas in more bountiful times

One government official who does not seem to handle stress very well is Secretary of the Department of Interior and Local Government (DILG), Mar Roxas. His interview with Andrew Stevens, another CNN correspondent showed that he can be very defensive and abrasive towards other people.

At one point during the interview, Roxas was arguing over the treatment of dead bodies left rotting on the roads. Stevens pointed out that every day, he sees the same decomposing bodies when he passes by the same road on the way to the city. But Roxas vehemently denied they were the same bodies, stopping short of calling Stevens a liar. The DILG Secretary showed his arrogance in that instance. Suffice to say, it is evident that it would be another colossal mistake if he becomes the next President. Korina Sanchez as the next First Lady doesn’t sit well with a lot of people either, specially since she is beginning to show signs of irrational behavior. Another CNN journalist can attest to this.

The way Roxas kept interrupting Stevens during the interview gave viewers the impression that he is not a people person. His attitude was like “I already know what you are getting at but let me correct you now…”. Likewise, his use of banal metaphors to describe their relief efforts can be interpreted as an attempt to distract from the real issue. At one point he said that the government only set aside pails of water not realizing they needed a swimming pool of water. As if that actually excuses the government’s lack of foresight.

Stevens seems to share other international media correspondents’ observations and pointed out to Roxas the apparent lack of order in distributing relief goods. While he acknowledged what Roxas was trying to say — that the government could not handle the initial response — Stevens couldn’t help but remind Roxas that it has already been a week and yet the victims of the typhoon still beg for water from him and his crew.

Character exposed: CNN’s Andrew Stevens gets to the bottom of the situation in Tacloban

Stevens appeared frustrated over not getting an accurate assessment of the relief and rescue efforts from Roxas considering they were both in the disaster zone. It was as if they were both seeing the same thing – chaos, survivors begging for food and water and dead bodies lying around – except that the DILG secretary still insisted that the situation was under control.

Roxas explained that nothing can be fast enough in a situation like the one he is coordinating now. The bottled water supply for example, is brought to the social welfare warehouse from where it then goes to the community. It’s probably hard for a veteran journalist like Stevens, someone who has been to many disaster areas, to comprehend why relief goods cannot be given straight to the people. He must be saying to himself that those relief goods do not belong in a warehouse, they need to be given to the people ASAP. He was slowly realizing though that in the Philippines, even the distribution of relief goods, which should be classified as “urgent” has to pass through a maze of bureaucracy.

Some say that the delay in distributing relief goods could have something to do with some government officials’ insistence to distribute the relief goods themselves in order to be seen as doing something and get brownie points from the voters. In the aftermath of typhoon Sendong in Cagayan de Oro in 2011, a typhoon that claimed over a thousand lives, there was a rumor going around that presidential sister Kris Aquino caused the delay of the distribution of relief goods:


Some even say that the Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD) does have this tradition of holding on to relief goods for far too long in the past, which eventually results in relief goods not being given at all to the intended recipients.

Despite the glacial speed with which the Philippine government is moving, Roxas said that everything that the government has is already being deployed. Using another metaphor he said that “if this was a gun, all bullets are being deployed” and “if this was a fire hose, all hoses are being deployed”. What he was probably trying to say was, even though Stevens could not feel the presence of the Philippine government, in actual fact, all the resources of the country is already operating in the typhoon ravaged areas. In other words, as far as the Philippine relief operation goes, that’s as good as it gets.

Stevens or any of the members of the international community who were present in the typhoon affected areas must have thought the government is still holding out or hiding a special operations unit that could put order in the chaotic scene. It seems they held on to President Benigno Simeon “BS” Aquino’s promise the day before the typhoon that the government is ready with relief operations and that Manila is standing by, ready to support EVERYONE. This could explain why just like the rest of us, they keep wondering why the response is slow, when in fact; there was hardly any response team to begin with. Roxas confirmed this when he said that they were expecting the local government unit to respond in the first instance.

What Roxas was saying can only mean one thing. If the Philippine government does not increase its calamity fund or upgrade it’s relief and rescue efforts, which should include the acquisition of equipment for rescue operations, setting up of evacuation centers that can withstand extreme weather conditions and the modernization of the military, then the Filipino people will be seeing the same response the government is providing now – from slow to next to nothing in some parts of the affected areas – when the next disaster strikes.

Towards the end of Steven’s interview, Roxas made an appeal to the international community and gave a list of supplies he would prefer that donors send to the Philippines like tents and generators. This prompted the interviewer to ask “are you saying that the international community has not responded as generously as they need to?” to which Roxas quickly replied by saying that he is just trying to match the help that’s coming in with what he’s seeing in the ground as the need. It was akin to saying “thanks for the tea towels but what I really wanted was the new Ipad mini”.

Roxas’s general disposition towards the CNN correspondent and some Filipinos’ aversion to foreigner’s critical analysis makes one conclude that when it comes to foreign donations in times of crises, Filipinos are welcoming; but when it comes to foreign criticism of the country’s shortfalls, some Filipinos quickly give the middle finger.

Stevens did not mince words when he told Roxas his personal observation of the entire rescue operation. He said he got the impression that there is no effective chain of command and no structure in place. He added that the operation is uncoordinated; it doesn’t seem to be working nearly efficient enough. Roxas attempted to disagree with his view and gave a long drawn-out response but eventually admitted that it is very chaotic and supplies like body bags can easily gets lost, which essentially says there is no system or structure in place to prevent things from going haywire.

Yes, things are chaotic in typhoon-ravaged areas at the moment but when you think about it, even under normal circumstances, there is hardly any system or structure in place to keep things in order over the entire country. There is a general lack of order in the Philippines and this only gets magnified when disaster strikes. And this is the reason the country cannot progress.

574 Replies to “Sec. Mar Roxas character exposed in interview with CNN’s Andrew Stevens at Yolanda disaster site”

  1. Someone should have made Mary Alice aware — not that it would have helped — that he shouldn’t try B.S.’ing Andrew Stevens, whose first report was a frightening video of he and several other journalists riding out the storm and rescuing people from the flood in their hotel.

    1. Oh…I have yet to see that video. I really liked the way he grilled Mar. Politicians in the Philippines are so used to local journalists who don’t have the guts to ask them important questions.

      1. i think it was Mar who grilled stevens…can’t you comprehend? signal #5! in a 3rd world country? thats why the world is running to our aid because they know we need help…did they say our government is corrupt? they come first to help and not criticise like what you are doing. i hope you went there and collected thise dead bodies or even brought food instead of criticising…you are the one who is arrogant using you media power to downgrade the pilipino spirit in this very crucial time…

        1. Roxas grilled Stevens? Kindly poijt out in which part of the interview?

          And by the way criticisms like these can help the government improve relief operations if they will look at it construcrively.

        2. I agree. Crisis too big for an emerging economy. I emphasize that because I do not like people in here who keep on saying “our country cannot progress.” Excuse me, but we are doing fine now under this administration. We just sometimes face such enormous crisis that could bend our last straw.

        3. US journalists are trained to tell the truth because of legal law issues if they report inaccurate’s a fact that the government is not really prepared for this kind of disasters,we have so much calamities but until now,thay have not invested in any equipmentsfor this kind of calamity.Where are the fund?No trucks to distribute foods? In Japan government people were there to find people in the wreckage hoping to find anyone alive,they said no transportation…are we not suppose to have helicopters?or ships to transport?the military has no vessels at all? where are the funds?

        4. @Denhur

          Are you dreaming?? emerging economy? what the hell are you talking about… are you blind? or your just too dumb to realize that our country is in deep sh1t because of these corrupt officials.. or your just one of the pro pnoy who helps in cleaning up his mess.. its is a fact that our country could no longer succeed with power hungry and corrupt officials managing us.

          And to all who comment on instead of complaining about our current government.. HELL yeah we are helping our fellow people coz we are the ones who are distributing the goods.. and HELL we have the right to complain about our useless government agencies.

          We are sick and tired of all the bullcrap we are now experiencing.. We get to see those people suffering and it really breaks our heart…

          Stop protecting the government… it aint done anything but steal from our hard earned money.. WE want change..

        5. Exactly. These foreigner should be informed about the geography of those effected areas. How hard it is to put men on those areas to help out because we have limited logistics and machineries. EVEM USA Admitted THAT IF THEY WERE TO BE HIT BY THAT KIND OF TYPHOON, THEY ARE ALSO NOT PREPARES. NO ONE IS. IT’s THE STRONGEST TYPHOON WHICH EVER HIT THE WORLD. No one is prepared for this magnitude check out this video for you to ponder:

        6. Yeah, Roxas grilled Stevens,, filipinos do not understand the whole situation, they want help just like “magic”, they want them to “appear instantly in front of them” They don’t realize that roads are blocked!! They don’t realize that airports are being repaired!! They don’t realize that ferries/barge/ships are dumped by storm!! They don’t realize that there was warning for Typhoon Zoraida on day#2!! They don’t realize that those local official whose supposed to give immediate action are also affected/died/drowned!! I realize they only think for themselves and how much help they can get. We just have to think before saying anything /blaming others for our fate.

        7. @Denhor,

          your post frightens me because in it you said “Excuse me, but we are doing fine now under this administration”.

          I hope that the majority of the Filipino people do not share your opinion because it means you have given up on progress. It means you no longer aspire to a a better ideal, that you are already content with just being “fine”. If you hate yourself enough to think that this is all you deserve and is all you can be and/or aspire to be, please leave the country and take your government with you and go to an island where people with low self-esteem just like you can do no damage for the rest of us who are actually pushing for progress!

        8. @ jerica lunstedt, I think you should better read or watch the interview again. It seems you did not comprehend what was said and who said it.

        9. @jerica (loss thread) esteh lunstedt galing mo ring mag divert ng issue noh? palagay mo sa aming mga ordinaryong tao BOBO? napanood ko yong video at por dios por santo nmn wag mo kaming gawing bobo na tulad mo dini depensahan si Pnot despite sa pagkawalang puso pra sa mga biktima ng st yolanda?

      2. watch the video so you can see how Roxas was stammering his way through. I really believe that even if they were SINCERELY doing their job (even if it was incompetent) they would have the BALLS to put the foreign press in place.

      1. Dude How can you explain the immidiate response of the US? They are MILES and MILES AWAY FROM US. How come? WHile OUR B*** GOVERNMENT(AQUINO ADMINISTRATIONS) IS/ARE SLOW AS HELL? OUR LOCALMEDIA ARE FASTER THAN THEM..

  2. No matter how well he tries, the reporter was able to extract things for Mar and showed his ineptitude.

    We never had an efficient government until we will have one.

    And them, they just project the best image possible each time in front of camera – too self-maximizing.

    1. Primer!!! Long time to see pardz. Missed you since the Filipino Voices debacle.

      I can’t remember but are you with the Yellow Brigade?

      See you at Starbucks 🙂

  3. Why can’t local journalists be like Stevens or others and ask straight questions to these politicians? We need journalists in the Philippines who has the guts to confront, ask the difficult questions and grill the politicians when they interview them. Instead they treat them as celebrities and royalties.

    1. Like anything else. Journalists here are at the mercy of who is signing their checks. You can check older GRP blogs the tangled web of media ownership and their ties with the Aquinos, despite their huge head start though the Goliaths sure get peeved at the Davids when they shine some truth and common sense into their deceit. Why else will they unleash the trolls?

      1. Don’t know about “who is signing their checks,” Gogs. If you’ve read/watched/listened to enough so-called “journalists” in the Philippines, you’ll get the inkling that they don’t really trust corporations. Not even their own bosses.

        Sure, the knee-jerk reaction is to assume that because big business run the media, the media support big business. I’ve come to the conclusion that a lot of these media types HATE big business and the government on some level. They certainly have no compunction when it comes to going after SOME business interests. But it isn’t about their bosses doing the dictating. Reporters and journos are just as selfish and self-centered as the politician you wouldn’t touch a ten foot pole with. They’re also in it because they have an agenda to promote and because they can EXTORT money by taking advantage of a situation. Just ask yourself how these people can afford to look up beach front property in Australia.

        1. OH, NO NO NO…I call Bull-Shit ON YOU Saint. The press in the Fail-ippines has to worry about getting murdered if they ask the wrong questions or embarrass the wrong people/politician(s). U shudda remember the Maguindanao massacre and a lot of other journalists who have been murdered.
          Many in the International community and locals alike, among others call journalism one of the ‘riskiest to your health’ professions in the country.
          Stop the Bull-shit Saint.

        2. Typical. Such a shallow, clichéd understanding of the real world. Mostly regurgitated Hollywood pap and American media brainwashing.

        3. Incidentally, the reporters who were killed in Maguindanao were caught in an ambush perpetrated by the Ampatuans on their political rivals. THEY WERE NOT MURDERED BECAUSE THEY WERE REPORTERS.

    2. do you know what happened to those journalist that did speak up. “Isang bala ka lang!”

      I hope after all this calamities and political scandal there will be better life, better politicians and better country…

      Hanggang pangarap nalang ba tayong mga pilipino 🙁

      (Feeling hopeless and despaired)

    3. To man…. Journalists in our country are afraid to tell the truth because of retaliation from the govt or fr the wealthy. Don’t u know that there’s no freedom of speech in the Phil’s?? We’re just thankful of this kind of technology that we can voice out our opinions.Actually I watched Cooper last night fr his program that is only for the Fil people and I admired him how he described the real sufferings of those affected, drinking unsanitary water coz they need to survive , no relief good right away, dead rotten smelly bodies in the streets and inspite of these sufferings people there can still smile, naiyak ako coz he captured the real picture of the devastation brought by typhoon Yolanda.We shld be thankful for all those foreign media who went there because if not of them, the world is not aware of how bad the devastation is, kaya marami ng nag padala ng donations because of those pictures that they saw in tv’s everyday..Our country is really really poor because of our corrupt officials, don’t deny that, fil people are working hard abroad para for their families way back home,any kind of work abroad, piña pasok natin coz we don’t have jobs in our own country but if only the elected officials will spend money to create jobs, they can if they want to, malaman tayo sa natural resources, good beaches and more funds for our farming lands to import produce abroad, but sad to say, nakaupo lang ng relax ang mga public officials natin so in time of calamities like this, they don’t know what they’re doing coz they don’t have the effort to establish a disaster plan so that they have a protocol to follow right away in time of crisis like this..Phillippines is the number one country in the whole world that is easily affected or prone to typhoon or storm because of its location, so the gov. shld invest money for heavy equipmentss, helicopters to use right away para di naman kawawa ang mga tayong affected.Sana naman I tong monetary donation will really go to those who are affected at hwag sa mga bukas nila ulit…

  4. In a perverse way, although I abhor inefficiency and limelight hugging – it is good that these politicos are being exposed to everyone for being the failures that they are.

  5. spot on when you say,”There is a general lack of order in the Philippines and this only gets magnified when disaster strikes. And this is the reason the country cannot progress.”

  6. Looks like Mar and best buddy Noy are both doing the same thing during interviews: bluff their way through it. They just don’t know how to say things simply, or just say flat out the truth. And they don’t want to admit mistakes or their incapability to handle something. They want to make it look like they’re in control even if it’s obvious they’re not. That’s yet another reason why the country can’t progress.

  7. “Roxas’s general disposition towards the CNN correspondent and some Filipinos’ aversion to foreigner’s critical analysis makes one conclude that the when it comes to foreign donations in times of crises, Filipinos are welcoming; but when it comes to foreign criticism of the country’s shortfalls, some Filipinos quickly give the finger.”

    Not really surprising considering the uproar over Gogs’ “Gilas” piece or Chino’s essay on “Pinoy Pride.” Or the inordinate conceit over beauty contests and American Idol.

    1. Refusing to accept criticism, refusing to admit mistakes, trying to avoid shame even if one should feel it this time, the main motivation probably wanting to look good all the time even if inappropriate, rather than trying to develop oneself and do better; all these are still around and keep the country from progressing.

  8. What do you expect from him? I still cant forget the issue of CCTV cameras in NAIA where Tulfo and Claudine had a fight. Mar was interviewed about why there were no CCTV around. He said, because there are no serious threat of terrorism. Seriously? So he needed a terrorism threat before putting up a CCTV that must be installed in every corner of an airport?

    1. Lol! that’s classic. let’s wait for terrorism threat or better yet for somebody to die and get no justice before installing a cctv cameras. d*mb*ss grrrr

  9. They can’t even help all the people in the evacuation center. What more those people who are not? If this is as good as they can get then what the hell kind of leaders do we have?

  10. “Roxas confirmed this when he said that they were expecting the local government unit to respond in the first instance.”

    Local gov’t was crippled as it was also ravaged by the storm, being, well, local.

    Is the yellow administration not too keen on providing rapid assistance to regions who aren’t necessarily their political allies? — Kay Romualdez yung Tacloban di ba? Baka gusto pang mapunta lahat sa local gov’t yun sisi, another finger pointing response typical of the yellow group.

    1. Seriously, having seen the destruction the day after the typhoon, if they have common sense they would have not expected the local government to be at the front line. Too much politicking. Too bad pointing fingers to local government backfired.

  11. What Mar Roxas meant to say is that, “The cash donated by the international community are already allocated to every politician’s pocket. So he demands for more! Shame on you Mar Roxas! Ungrateful. Imbecile. He thinks he look cool with that sack of onions. Mother of God! Nagmumukha syang inutil na premature ejaculator!”

  12. Bravo to Andrew Stevens, Anderson Cooper and the rest of the International media for exposing the corrupt and ineffective Philippine government. I am a Filipino and I am proud to be one because most of the Filipinos are resilient. But I can not say the same thing to our government officials. The are the ills of our country. I would appeal to all the government & individual donors not to course through their donations to our government because it will only go the pockets of the corrupt politician and government officials.

  13. Mar Roxas may be applying, for the job of “Poster Boy” for the Onion industry. Amidst the rotting bodies around him. He is smiling, posing with a sack of onions on his shoulder. The last time, he was directing traffic. Now, a bag of onion on his shoulder. What is next? Drop his pants, and show his ass?
    Mar Roxas needs his head to be examined, by a competent Psychiatrist. For good mental evaluation. Mental illness from his Boss, Mr. Aquino, can be easily transmitted .
    Kris Aquino will be always be acting like a Diva. This duddete needs her head to be examined also.
    Mar Roxas will always evade the issue of his incompetence. The systems of distribution of relief goods is nonexistent. And Mar Roxas and Mr. Aquino try to paint a good distribution systems on the media, thru idiotic metaphors.
    Foreign correspondent are confused on our leaders. Why , they are acting that way.

  14. I believe our gov’t is doing our very best to help… Enough of criticism… Letts continue to help and support the ppol and our govt.

    1. Very doubtful if they’re doing their very best.

      What is lacking is the gov’t’s support for its own people, not the other way around.

      If the Aquino gov’t focused more on actions than words, and getting real results rather than spinning alibis, they would not have been leaving a trail of more dead bodies since the manila hostage crisis to this recent typhoon—Notice the cost of voting for the wrong leaders—death everywhere.

      I hope Filipinos are learning from this—that promises should be backed up by a good track record which this incompetent president has nothing to show. We should also realize that having a dead mother doesn’t make you qualified to lead a nation.

      This administration should get rid of their propaganda machinery and trolls and redirect these trolls’ paychecks towards the relief effort.

      1. “If the Aquino gov’t focused more on actions than words, and getting real results rather than spinning alibis, they would not have been leaving a trail of more dead bodies since the manila hostage crisis to this recent typhoon—Notice the cost of voting for the wrong leaders—death everywhere.”

        You have hit the mark sir. Good Job. That’s the true statement everyone of us is looking for. How can you have a spoiled Mama’s boy care for his country.

    2. Yes, they always compare Philippines from the rest of the world. They forgot Philippines as Third World country,,, if they don’t like everything about Philippines,, then go ahead ,,they are free to leave right now and live in a paradise country. Thats simple solutions to their problem so they can stop bullying public officers in social media.

      1. @Reena

        Wow ha. When it comes to foreign donations, Filipinos receive it with open arms. But when it comes to foreign criticisms, Filipinos like you immediately give it the middle finger.

        1. @Ilda,
          Well, I’m not living in the Philippines a long time ago. I’m just saying that people makes sour comments on social media and criticize whoever they want to, I know its a freedom of self expression but sometimes they just write things which has no basis

        2. What’s with the use of numerous commas?

          Can’t wait for these dumbasses to refuse the donations. Ang yayabang eh.

        3. @ Reena, how can you say that Filipinos are just bullying their government officials in social media without any basis. You just admitted that you have been living out of the country for so long? My question is what is your basis as well for saying such a comment?

    3. @ Mej, I am helping the victims in a small way I can even if I am miles and miles away. But I can’t accept and support a government that is ineffective and useless when a lot of our Filipino brothers and sisters are still waiting for aid and help. At times we the people must criticize the government if that is the only way help them improve their ways.

  15. @lyn, there is no “legal law” issues requiring journalists here to factually report news…the problem that news journalists here do is they are very open about their political leanings, most are very liberal mouthpieces for the Democratic Party and the way things are “spun”. Every part of the political process or news has a certain spin to it, depending on whatever point they are trying to get across. I had to laugh at your assertion about legal law issues regarding reporting. there is no such requirement here in the USA. Reporters report, but its the editors that decide what gets published, or what is actually left in the reporting, or changing or whatever. That’s where the real power in print media, and even broadcast media is as far as what stories are reported, or ignored. I was a journalism major at Vanderbilt University, one of the premier journalism schools in the country, I would have loved to share your comment in some of my classes.

  16. anung klaseng mga tao kayo? Ready ng ibigay ung mga relief goods para sa mga tao hindi ninyo pa maibibigay dahil hinihintay nyo c KRIS AQUINO para sya mag abot ng relief good sa mga tao? Buhay ang nakataya dito hindi ang pagpapasikat ni kris aquino sa mga tao, hindi muna malilinis ang pagkatao ng mga aquino kahit anung pagpapasikat mo. Lahat ng politician na nanjan at nagpapapicture habang inaabot ang relief goods hindi kayo mananalo sa susunod na election. Anjan na nga ung tulong ibabahagi na lang sa mga tao hihintayin nyo pa mga artista o politiko mag abot para sa mga tao? Anu ba kayo? Namamatay na nga mga tao nangangampanya pa kayo? Mga bwiseet kayo….may araw din ang diyos sa inyo maghintay lang kayo.

  17. I saw more grief and sadness from the faces of BS (bull shit or blatantly stupid) Aquino and co. when Sec. Robredo died.

    1. I agree, they are in the position out of vengeance. Wala namang ginawa na maganda ang mga Aquino sa atin di ba? Kahit si Marcos marami silang dakdak meron naman syang nagawang maganda. Kahit yong si Corry, she was NO use at all! Kelan pa kaya karmahin ang mga Aquino am waiting.

        1. Pfft yeah right and your mentally retarded pwesident’s pork barrel is now 1 trillion pesos. Troll harder pnoy’s asslicker.

        2. “Maraming nagawa si Marcos pero mas marami ang nanakaw nila sa kaban ng bayan – Billiong Dolyar.”

          Well, it was nothing compared to Cory’s TRILLION PESOS during her 6 year term.

          Right? 😀

        3. Oo… Agree… Pero sino naman di nagnakaw? Mas gugustohin ko na ang dating Diktador, atlis noong siya ang nakaupo sadyang naka bangon at naka angat ang Pinas. Kumpara sa mga maka bagong magnanakaw ngayon sa gobyerno! Anyway, its not about Marcos fight although Marcos parin para sakin… Pero lets face the real problem now… Philippine Government now really sucks specially when it comes to preparation for disasters…

  18. sana pagpalit ng pangulo, pati senators palitan narin o kaya kahit wala ng mga senators. Dahil hanggat may bulok na kamatis jan, kahit gaano pa kagaling ang susunod na leader natin, hihilain lang yan pababa at sisirain sa mga tao. Para mapagpatuloy lang nila ang kanilang masamang gawain. Katulad na lang ni ENRILE isa sa leader na nagpatalsik kay MARCOS, un pala isa rin sya sa corrupted senators. Ibig sabihin noon pa sila nagnanakaw sa bayan.

  19. After watching the interview it just really dawned on me that WE CANNOT RELY ON OUR GOVERNMENT. I am feeling so sorry for Roxas and BS (bull shit/blatantly stupid) Aquino. It’s so amazing that they CANNOT answer the international press with sense. Roxas was stammering……

    1. its because he knows he has been caught in a lie and has not got the training to ‘BS’ his way out of it. This countries government could be overthrown in a matter of minutes if this is the best they could do to in response to an emergency situation/national disaster.
      HA,the people could seize control of the country in a matter of minutes.

    1. Hoy Hyden, Mag-isip ka nga bago dumakdak. Papaanong makaratin agad ang relief goods sa mga tao eh kulang na kulang sa sasakyan. Hindi ka ba nanunuod ng news. Ang daming trak na nakapila sa pier para makasakay sa bapor ng magdadala sa kanila sa mga nasalanta ng bagyo.

      1. Excuses excuses. They should have done that after the storm passed away you indiot. You always bitch about “proud to be pinoy” but with the pure incompetence your mentally retarded pwesident is showing, where is your pinoy prayd now? Oh wait I get it. It’s because you’re proud to be a stupid moron.

      2. hindi po dahilan ang walang daanan ang mga sasakyan, pwede po cla maglakad. Katulad sa tsunami sa japan wala rin madasnan ung mga sasakyan nila pero pinilit nilang maglakad matulungan ung mga kababayan nila. In 2 days lang ang dami na nila nagawa at natulungan. Yan ang wala sa gov’t natin. Tapos sasabihin nyo proad to be pinoy? Proud ba kayo na no.1 tayo na corrupted country? Kapag cnabi natin proud to be pinoy ibig sabihin tanggap mo lahat ang nangyayari satin pati kasamaan.

      3. @Terry Acuna

        Mar Roxas, Mr. Aquino, Dingky Soliman, etc…claimed:”they were ready for the Typhoon”. that means; all the trucks, the AFP, the national government, local government, etc…are ready. After the typhoon, they are nowhere to be seen. TV news or no news. The assurance of Mr. Aquino and the rest was enough. Your insult to me, is uncalled for. I may not be as a TV news addict as you. But, at least my common sense is still intact.

  20. Buti pa si Duterte deploy agad ng medical team and rescue team from their 911 group. Mabuhay ka Mayor Digong!!!

    Ano nangyari sa ibang Mayors?

  21. Roxas was just talking like a dyed-in-the-wool trapo that he is, desperately trying to put a spin on the government’s disaster response so that he can put this one as a feather in his cap for the 2016 election. Fail! His brain may just be as big as everyone else’s but as a lump head, it sure is as heavy as his extra wide ass.

  22. kahit namatay ung lolo ko nung panahon ni marcos iba parin ang pinas noon mababa ang krimen kc lahat ng tao takot sa batas,dahil noon walang mayaman at mahirap sa batas, sabihin na ng lahat na nagnakaw c marcos pero nung panahon maunlad ang pinas, at lumabas lang ang issue na pag nanakaw ng umupo na c cory. Para sakin magnakaw ka kung gusto mo basta wag mo lang pabayan ang bansa at ang mga kababayan mo. Hindi tulad ngyon magnanakaw kana wala ka pang pakialam sa bayan mo. Hindi ako pro marcos pero aminin natin maayos ang pinas noon na brain wash lang ang mga tao dahil ibinunyag ni ninoy ang plano ni marcos, pero ung plano na un pilipino ung makikinabang, un ang bawiin ang langis sa saba malaysia na dapat naman talaga para satin. Ng dahil sa pagbunyag ni ninoy sa plano ang daming namatay na sundalong pilipino at ang sinisi ng taong bayan ay c marcos. C marcos na walang hinangad kundi ang maayos na bansa at madesiplanang mga mamayan.

    1. yes…operation merdeka….in so doing he not just mess wid da marcos plan,,,he(ninoy) also irked da cojuancos…who had an on going biznes in malaysia…something about oil…and we suffers da consequences of their away sa politika…

  23. eh yung sinabi nya sa interview tungkol sa maglooting pinipicturan na lang daw kasi kesa ikulong “papakainin pa namin yan”.. wow grabe lang!!!! pera ng bayan ang ginagamit nila at mga donations maka namin siya! ingrato

  24. The idiot, Mar Roxas, has done his acting again. He is now posing , with Onion sack on his shoulder. The last time; he was directing traffic. What will be the next? Drop his pants? And expose himself? I think, this fellow is mentally unstable. Smiling, amidst the tragedy around him. His head should be examined.
    Mar Roxas is out of touch, and out of reality. There is no good systems of distribution. It is non-existent. Foreign correspondents are confused, because Mar Roxas is seeing things.

    1. Foreign correspondents are just being nice to the guy and not just declaring that the whole job of handling the response to the disaster was a disaster in itself. A complete bunch of fuckin idiots running the country into the ground by stealing everything and then , when it matters most, not even mounting a credible emergency response to rescue its own ctizens and the this idiot MAR ROJAS has the nerve to act as if he is insulted by the complete ineptitude of his countries government and their total bungling of yet another situation. From the HK hostages to everything else in the country it seems that the only function the gov’t. serves is its own greed.

  25. @Ilda, the reason the country can not progress is CHAOS? uh, NOOOOOOO!!!! but that is not the point here, now:

    The Philippine gov’t. should be made to cough up every single Peso in the PDAF/DAP coffers for the rescue of its own citizens BEFORE the INternational community gives the thieves running the country a god dam single USD/GBP/Euro. If the country has a Presidential account, the Malampaya Fund is it?, it should be emptied FIRST.
    Why is it the International community that must do ALL the rescuing when the country has a huge ball of PORK that the gov’t. officials are willing to spend on themselves and their families welfare but not on the rest of the country.
    This Mar Roxas and his dizzy-as-shit wife need a good flogging. FACE IT: there was no response to this crisis and your metaphors are gibberish that make the guy un-fit for public office.
    NEXT TIME OUT: it won’t happen because the rest of the world has a bigger heart than the collective filippine gov’t., BUT The Philippines should be made to shoulder the expense and not a single country should come running to help until the Philippine gov’t. shows even the slightest bit of interest in rescuing its own citizens.
    In contrast THE U.S.A. had planes in Tacloban to get its citizens out of the emergency area 3-4 days before a single Filippine official had lifted a finger or a Filippine rescue effort had been mounted in Tacloban.

    THIS DISGRACEFUL Behavior should not be tolerated by Filipino’s OR ,even more so, by the International community that has to come in and do the rescuing/money spending that the Filippine gov’t. is either too stupid/inept or simply doesn’t want to do…or probably both.

  26. kelangan pba tlgang mag papicture para lng masabing tumutulong?..sabi nga ng dyos mag bigay sa kapwa ng walang nkakaalam at nd pinapaalam..

  27. maybe we should be under the Americans again. that way the Filipino people will rest assured that when a calamity of this magnitude happens again… all will be in order…
    Thanks Uncle Sam.
    Proud to be an American citizen…
    Proud to call the Philippines my birth country
    Sad that the Philippies will Never Ever see an honest and corruptioin free government. My heart bleeds for poor Filipinos.

  28. dami kc alibi at rason. komplikado n nga ginagawa p komplikado. mga rason daw e marami nakaharang sa daan, walang sasakyan, kulang sa tao, teteng, bakit hindi agad magpadala ng batalyon na sundalo para tumulong, bakit hindi bumili ng sasakyan para magamit sa distribusyon ng relief goods, ang laki ng donation at calamity funds. maski maglaan agad ng 200milyon budget pambili sasakyan kayang kaya naman gawin kesa nakatambak at tuluyan masira lang relief goods nakatambak

  29. Let us stop criticizing for once and do our part. Is this helping anybody? Probably not. The question we need to ask is what have I done as a Filipino?

    This is BEYOND the capability of any single government. It was the strongest typhoon in the world. Get your mind out of the gutter. Filipinos are better than this.

    When things normalize and you have done your part then criticize, if you must. But stop it because you yourself is the problem.

    1. @ ed

      No, you are the problem.

      When something is not going right, the worst thing you can do is keep quiet.

      And again, with those words “do your part”. What part are you talking about? Tagapalakpak?

      People have done their part by paying their taxes. It is now part of the government to get these tax money to where it’s needed.

      Still, the people have done MORE than their part by giving to their chosen charities.

      Stop talking about capabilities, gasgado na but I will say it again….”kung ayaw may dahilan, kung gusto, may paraan”

    2. I guess we’ll just have to let those lovely politicians siphon all our tax money because it’s all going to be okay. Let’s just do our part and let them plunder government funds and you know, disregard the needs of the Filipino people. Yes, let’s just do that.

  30. Let us ask ourselves, “As a Filipino, what am i doing to help my country?”
    1) Am I paying the right taxes?
    2) Am I doing something to improve myself, so that when the time comes, I will not be a burden but a blessing to others as well.
    3) Do I follow traffic rules and regulations.
    4) Am I not having transaction with fixers.
    5) Am I giving my 100% in my job.
    6) Do I patronize local products.
    7) Do I really love my country?

  31. Anderson Cooper is a real guy and truthful in what he say. Seeing him in the ground and assessing and questioning some victims about their status is something that I can not imagine…politician will always have an interest behind the humanitarian service…nakakahiya malaman ang katotohanan. What a shame! I feel devastated too with these politics in the Philippines.

  32. kahit si Mr President e ganyan…sabi nya clear na ang mga daan at inatasan na nya ang dpwh para mag clear sa tv ha….e sa totoo hindi pa na cle clear….may plan pero walang propre coordination and execution kaya ang outcome …. no action

  33. Our ruling class is full of degenerates. They are rich but all rotten inside, and they are in control of this country. We don’t need these people. They are holding us back. How the hell do we get rid of them?

    To all voters, I hope you don’t have a short memory. Come 2016, please look back to this and think about who you are going to vote for.

  34. There are generators and tents available in the Philippines if that what Roxas wants, the truth is: they are too dumb and not ready and did not think that tents and generators are necessities during times like this,and to think that our beloved country is “suki” of the calamities like typhoons! What an insolent and moron minds they have!!!palusot pa! Why will they stock food and water in a warehouse ???they don’t need it there!!? The miserable constituents NEED them!ahhhh as usual waiting for the Media to feature them distributing the goods!!!tsk tsk! MEDIA HUNGRY HYPOCRITES,!! BULOK NA SISTEMA NG BULOK NA PAMAMALAKAD NG BULOK NA PINUNO,!!!!!!!

    1. Carmina, it’s so easy see things from a distance, looking in, then make criticism,hurl insult and invective.Have you heard what Mayor Duterte of Davao said? He said, Mar Roxas was there “from day 1″. He has only 20 trucks available for deployment: of this, he split half of the fleet for relief good distribution, the other half for clearing debris and a quarter of the trucks for cadaver retrieval. Duterte said the situation out there was just OVERWHELMING! Even if you assign SUPERMAN and HERCULES there, it would be too difficult for them to tackle, that fast, and all at once, such a gargantuan and herculean task..You make yourself sound as an all-knowing, brilliant expert on Disaster Management. It’s a pity that you did not go there yourself and advise Roxas, the DSWD and other volunteers who have not slept for several nights, on what to do. Perhaps you could have made a difference there with your brilliant mind. As to my family here in Qatar, even if we are thousand of miles away from there, my kids, wife and myself have spent hours packing a big cartoon of clothes, blankets and other donations for the typhoon victims and delivered it to OWWA office in Doha. What about you? What tangible, positive contribution have you done, maam? That great Greek teacher Socrates said, ” Brilliant words without deeds are hollow…”

      1. wala kng utak francis ilang ulit ng nangyari sa pilipinas yan wala knb dala sa mga plotitian dito sa pinas ako sa marikina nakatira nung ondoy mga politiko at mga nag tatarabaho sa gobyerno ang nkikinabang ung ma pera na ibinigay ng ibang bansa at mga tao walang umabot sa tao kundi sa bulsa nila!!!wala nga sila naipatayo na isang bahay para sa tao.bakit hindi nila ibigay ang pork barel nila sa tao nangangailangan hahaha nakakatawa ka!

      2. @ Francis

        Two words: 1990 Earthqauke, 2 Epicenters.

        Satisfactory work. No warnings.

        Haiyan, complete warning system.

        Bottom line, EXCUSES.

      3. humility is what our government needs to practice now. be humble enough to accept that we really did not expect that the supertyphoon could cause this huge damage on us inspite of the preparations we’ve already done. our leader should learn how to admit our weaknesses and imperfections and not try to blame others for what happened. not to be too reactive to criticisms, good or bad. this is what is dividing our country now, a very sad fact. what we need now is for our leader to gather us as a nation and call for unity in facing yolanda’s demons.

      4. To all negative and fault finding people here, can you please go to tacloban and do what you deem necessary that the government is unable to do? panay pamuna, e kayo anong ginagawa nyo? kung gusto nyo talaganng tumulong wag na kayong mamuna ng mamuna, gawin nyo nalang. daming satsat eh.

        1. pumunta ka rin doon ng makita mo kung bakit dismayado ang karamihan. sa ngayon, naniniwala ako na lahat ng pilipino, nasa pilipinas man o nasa ibang bansa, ay ginagawa ang kanilang makakaya upang tumulong. sana kasama ka rin doon.

        2. This isn’t fault finding, you idiots. This pushing the government to do their jobs properly.

          Are you suggesting we leave our day jobs behind and go there, carry sacks of onions? Iho, it doesn’t work that way. Isip-isip pag may time.

  35. All i can say , is Rthe wholee Governtment should step down after this disaster. All of them does not deserve to bein thier positions.

  36. Let us look at the other side of the coin. Some individuals are successfully proving that this current government is a failure. What is the result? Think hard Philippines, the Pork barrel crooks are still on trial. The moment we decide that the current government is incompetent because of a natural disaster, it means they are also incapable of bringing in justice. Who then will benefit?

    1. @ rikkitzo

      E, e. Ngayon mo lang alam na hindi mo mapapagkatiwalaan ang trial?

      That is just one big telenovela you are watching, the senate inquiry. It’s a kangaroo court.

  37. I take the liberty of posting and sharing the below write-up of eye-witness Ms. Geraldine Uy Wong which is an eye-opener for those who have been writing acrimonious, biting and hypercritical comments against Mar Roxas, the DSWD and other government workers who are working very hard to tackle this OVERWHELMING catastrophe and disaster in Tacloban and other areas in Samar.Please read down to the last line and you’ll be enlightened.

    By Geraldine Uy Wong

    Help me get this to Anderson Cooper

    Anderson Cooper, I Also Saw What You Saw . . .

    Mr. Anderson Cooper, I want to thank you for reporting on the miserable conditions that you saw when you covered the Tacloban calamity scene 5 days after the typhoon. Your report came out on Tuesday, the day I was herding our relatives to the airport to finally get out of Tacloban. A day before, I was able to board the relief cargo plane of Air 21 Express from Manila to Tacloban when I was given the chance, getting there on Monday noon, and immediately I set out looking for my family members. On the way to the city, I saw what you saw, countless dead bodies strewn on the ground in various stages of decomposition, extensive destruction everywhere I looked, injured people walking on the streets looking like zombies – hungry, confused, desperate. The stench of death permeated all around us and sent chills down my spine. Countless times as our vehicle moved down the road, we were stopped by people in the streets begging for food. The roads were only passable by one lane, and along the way, I saw officers of the BFP (Bureau of Fire Protection) manually remove the dead bodies, along with the unbelievably massive amount of debris scattered all around. Because of this, what would normally take 40 minutes or less to traverse became an agonizing 2 hour ride. I saw what you saw, Anderson, and it angered me as much as it did you. I was also heartbroken, for this is the place where I spent some of the most wonderful summers of my childhood. I vowed to myself that I would speak up about the government’s incompetence as soon as I got out. If I ever get out. . .

    I arrived at the city hall tent as was part of my plan, because when I was still in Manila, I did hear that there was a command post of the DSWD (Department of Social Welfare and Development) where we can get celphone signals and internet connection. From there, I was supposed to make some inquiries before I would set out on foot to look for my relatives’ houses. It was while I was there that I saw with my own eyes how this government agency led by its head, Secretary Dinky Soliman, tirelessly and heroically worked almost 24/7 to immediately bring relief not only to the city of Tacloban but also to the outlying municipalities and towns that were affected by this calamity. I could not even begin to grasp the massive amount of work that needed to be done. I wanted to know why the government action seemed to be excruciatingly slow, but I couldn’t stay around long enough because my mission there was to find my relatives, and I did not want to be distracted. Thankfully, thankfully, I found them in two separate locations. They were cooped up in their houses, whispering in the dark, afraid to attract criminal elements that were reported to be going around looting. They could not believe I was there right before their eyes, and it was the first time in so long that they had a glimmer of hope that they would be rescued. We hastily fled their houses in the middle of the night, I placed all of them in one location, and then I went back to the city hall because it was a strategic point where I could get the proper celphone signals and stay connected to the outside world. I made some frenzied phone calls to my family in Manila, and it was from them that I found out that Cebu Pacific Air was offering humanitarian flights beginning Tuesday morning! All systems were in place for our eventual escape, and all I could do was pray to God that my plan would go on smoothly. After I instructed my cousin to look for 2 vehicles that could transport all 16 of us the next day to the airport, I decided to stay in the city hall overnight so that I could still keep in touch with my family in Manila. It was critical that I get all the assistance from the outside world so I could strategize better. Oh, how I proved now more than ever that communication or the lack of it could be one of the determinants for life and death!

    As much as I was staying around for the rest of the night, I started going around to ask the officials why things are what they are. These are what I found out:

    1. After the typhoon struck on the first day (Friday), the whole world lost track of the areas hit by the calamity. ZERO COMMUNICATION! It was even said that satellites could not locate Tacloban, Leyte, and Samar from the map, as if they were totally erased from the face of the earth. Unlike the tsunami event that hit Japan, where they were still connected to the outside world, Tacloban, Leyte, and Samar were shut out. How can we even begin to help them? And so, even as the magnitude of this calamity is being identified as similar to Japan’s tsunami event, circumstances were totally different. It was only the next day that we heard from Ted Failon of ABS-CBN what happened, and as the world watched in shock, it was then that we began to realize the massive destruction that hit this part of the country. This generalized cut of link to the outside world was to continue for the next 3 days, until Globe Telecoms was able to slowly bring back some of the signals on the 4th day.

    2. Unlike the tsunami that happened in Japan where their airport was not affected, supertyphoon Yolanda destroyed the airport, which was just beside a big body of water. I need not say more, for CNN did cover the airport scene. All equipment, radar, watch tower destroyed. Absolutely no electricity. With that, Tacloban was even more cut off from the outside world. Nobody could either come in or go out. No relief to be brought in, no means of transportation for the national leaders to arrive with, no means of escape for the suffering people . It was only on Sunday, or the 3rd day since the typhoon hit, that the airport had a generator to make it operational, because Air 21, a Philippine cargo company, took it upon themselves to bring some much needed generators to make the airport operational. And that is how the airplane of the Philippine president and the first few government C130’s was able to land in the airport. 3rd day served as the first day when things just started to move. And lest I be taken to task for mentioning the benevolence of Air 21, yes, I admit that this was the same cargo plane that I took to be able to get to Tacloban on Monday, but it is precisely because I heard that the company was one of the first to offer humanitarian help gratis to the government that made me act to get quickly hooked up with the owners of the company and be able to hitch a ride.

    3. The super typhoon decimated a big part of the population that so many people are still missing and unaccounted for to this day, and the rest who survived were either maimed and injured, were grieving for the loss of a loved one, struggling to cope with the tragedy that befell upon them, or simply looking for ways to take care of what remained of their family. In other words, everyone was a victim. And who are these people? These were the soldiers, police, red cross staff, social welfare staff, airport staff, bureau of fire protection (BFP) people, nurses, doctors, even the officials like the mayor and vice-mayor! And so if we look at things in this perspective, we begin to realize why there were no military and police to protect the people in the first few days, no staffers to repack or distribute relief goods, no BFP personnel to take care of clearing up the roads filled with dead people; in other words, there was hardly anyone there to put order into things as they were all victims themselves. I found out from one of the officials I spoke with that the people who came in much later to fill those places were flown in from Manila or pulled out from the other nearby towns that were not as badly affected. And so, those BFP people I saw clearing the road on Monday, the soldiers who were helping to slowly put order into the place, the red cross staffers who tried to address the health concerns of the victims, and even the DSWD staffers who were being deployed to evacuation centers and relief centers to distribute food and water, were mostly imports and volunteers from other places, and they were only able to start streaming in on the 3rd or 4th day! Therefore, the lack of manpower was not due to a lack of preparation but because of the unexpected loss or absence of these people who were supposed to be the government’s frontrunners!

    4. And of course, let’s not forget that logistics is the lifestream of relief operations, but how could logistics have been tapped properly this time around when all roads were practically closed, nearly all means of transportation were destroyed, and if there were any remaining vehicle to move around with, either the key could not be found or there was not enough fuel! Even the ships could not dock on Tacloban shores, because the Coast Guard could not risk inviting another naval disaster seeing that the bodies of water were littered with debris. Is all this due to an ill-planned disaster preparation? I don’t think so. For after all, we have heard that the warehouses filled with food and rice in preparation for the typhoon were all soaked with water, the fuel depots were flooded, and even the evacuation centers where the residents were filled into, precisely to prepare for the coming supertyphoon, practically served as the death chamber of these same people. In our language, the fact that these people were properly evacuated and the government had food stocks stored is enough proof that the government prepared for this. But then again, this was no ordinary typhoon. In fact supertyphoon Yolanda is now being called the worst typhoon in the WORLD’S history.

    These are only a few of the major points – not to justify, but rather to rationalize and logically explain why things happened as they did. To put things into their proper perspective. If America, which was hit by Hurricane Katrina, a far tamer weather disturbance in comparison to Supertyphoon Yolanda, struggled as well for several days and weeks to cope with the disaster, with then Pres. Bush earning the ire of your countrymen, how in the world could we expect that the Philippines, a much poorer country with very meager resources compared to the massive resources of a superpower country like yours, be able to miraculously stand up on its feet just a few days after this magnitude of a disaster? Even the spokesperson of the United Nations admits that they are really struggling to cope with the efforts to distribute help in this present situation.

    And so I write you, Anderson, to let you know that at this time, when our country is at its darkest moment, Filipinos need to rally for each and every one of our countrymen as well as for our leaders. We hear that our government officials like Sec. Voltaire Gazmin, Mar Roxas, and Dinky Soliman arrived at Tacloban a day before the supertyphoon was to hit the place, meeting it head-on. And even as they struggle with their work and commit lapses along the way, we see that our leaders are doing the best that they could under the present circumstances. I still hope that you do your part to report on the truth and cry out in disgust if you find the conditions detestable. We appreciate what you and Andrew Stevens and the rest of the media are doing, because it keeps our leaders on their toes as they know that the whole world is watching them.

    And even as we grieve, we are immensely grateful and overwhelmed with the help, support, and love that the whole world has sent our way. As I write this, it is the 7th day since the disaster struck, and now we see more and more people able to escape out of Tacloban. We did our own escape on Tuesday through Cebu Pacific Air, the airline that was the first to offer humanitarian flights for evacuees, with absolutely no charge! More and more roads are opened up for transportation, buses and trucks are filing in to bring relief, as well as to bring the people out. Same goes for the military ships which can now dock on ports. More and more people are given relief distributions, and doctors and paramedics from all over the world are able to come in to set up their medical missions. The ten choppers brought in by the USS warship was an immense boost to ease the logistical nightmare we have initially encountered, with just 3 government C130’s for use in the first few days. The UK, Australia, Japan, Sweden, the Netherlands, Germany, Israel, Hungary, Singapore, UAE, and many other countries sent in valuable equipment and transportation aside from aid. And I’m sure it’s hard not to notice, but practically all the citizens of this country contributed in his or her own way to ease the pain of our fellow Filipinos. Corporations readily offered their products, services, and facilities for use in this whole national operation. Our bayanihan (helping each other) spirit is a source of great pride! All told, we expect the sufferings to ease up a little, but it would be ignorant to say that we expect all things to be well. Tacloban, Samar, and Leyte will never be the same again. Our country will never be the same again. But if there is one thing that we have learned, it is this: we need to bring back the lost trust of the people with our government. For the longest time, we have been ruled with corruption and greed. Even to this day, we continue to suffer the effects of these evil thieves in our government. I wish they had been the ones swept up by the storm surge and thrown back into the seas. But not all are rotten tomatoes. I hope that Filipinos will now learn how to choose their leaders. It is time for the Filipino to stand as a nation and be strong again.

    Anderson Cooper, after all this is done, please do not forget our country. If you have the time, I invite you to go around the other parts of the country which you will find to be extremely good-looking, and you will also find out that the Filipinos are some of the most wonderful and kind-hearted people in the world. Aside from this, I would also request that you and your colleagues do the following:

    1. Please please please do whatever you can to make sure that the immense aid in CASH that we have been receiving and continue to receive, rightfully go to the rehabilitation of the devastated areas and not to the pockets of the corrupt few. Along the way, you might want to do a prize-winning documentary on the corruption problems of our country. On this, you will do well to be introduced to Senator Miriam Defensor Santiago to get most of your resource materials. With her by your side, your job will be half-done and I assure you an immensely enjoyable experience in her company.

    2. Because you are Anderson Cooper, a well-respected veteran journalist who the world listens to, we ask you to please help the cause of our Philippine Climate Change Commission negotiator Naderev Sano for concrete steps to halt global warming. It is global warming and climate change that cause these disasters to happen, and the Philippines is said to be one of the countries most greatly impacted by this. We have suffered for so long, how long will we suffer more?

    3. Anderson, can I also ask you to commend and show the pictures of our brave men and women as they perform their tasks, just as you show the ineptness and slow response of our officials to the current situation? Just to be fair to both sides and create an equal balance into the picture. The last thing we want is to see our dedicated volunteers lose their morale.

    4. Lastly, I ask that someday, when the time is right, and the country has hopefully risen up from this fall, please come back and show the world that this time we did right. If that day does not come, I will be the first to get out of the Philippines and declare it a banana republic forever.

    Anderson Cooper, for all that you and your colleagues do, we salute you! Please help our country as we struggle to be a strong nation at last. Thank you.
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    1. If Mar Roxas, Dingky Soliman and the rest of the Gangs of Aquino, went to Tacloban, to meet the Super Typhoon Yolanda Head On. Why do they have no automatic systems of which the relief goods would be distributed? What did they talked and planed about? How to direct traffic and carry onions on your shoulder? Then, pose for pictures for photo opportunities? The article is a tale of woe, like Yeb Sano’s cry babying at Warsaw, Poland. I believe some parts of it. Some parts have vested interest to promote, these idiots, who try to milk this time of calamity for their political agendas. You can sell your story to gullible Filipinos. But not to Filipinos, who have still some brains left on their heads.

    2. That is what she saw.

      Like if you see Mar Roxas directing traffic and carrying a sack of onion, then he must be doing his job. Failed logic at it’s best.

      The thing here is, how effective are they on their own jobs? Answer is now here, after already a week.

    3. if Air 21 was able to offer a humanitarian flight, which was not part of their job/business, how was then, that our government was not able to do those things, since it was part of their jobs, these were part of the agenda of the government, with all the money that they have saved, according to them, which the lawmakers only stole…In times of coup, when the government is endangered, only a click of their fingers, can send battalions of army to protect them, no matter where they are, The government have resources to act immediately…but media people were so busy covering the havoc, none was left to cover the politicians…the ship’s captain will not really dock anywhere, if he sees it dangerous, but, if he insists, then it means its dockable…the coast guard could have made it easier for them, rather than stopping them…philippines is really a poor country, per see, but the govlernment officials are filthy rich..would you agree?Paramedics were at the airport, the earliest possible time they can come, but they were held for almost a day just because there were no clearances from the higher ups…if i was to give an aid to our countrymen, do i still have to get clearances? Evidently that happened…slowing down the flow of the relief. You are not a government official but you were able to do something for your relatives on your own….i hope you didn”t secure any clearances to do that. The people are expecting so much from the governament, only to their dismay…just commenting mam. our government for now, is not worth gratifying or lauding…Hoping that you can get a set in any government offices in the future, maybe a change will come from you…

    4. @Francis Banaynal

      Ang haba nitong anecdotal palusot niyo…trying to extricate Dunky Soliman & Mar Roxas. Pero we want RESULTS, not lip-services. Ni apologies wala akong nadidinig.

      People prefer to hear what improvements are in place for rescue and relief, not improvements on how to cover your arses next time.

    1. So still think this is about pointing fingers? Get this trough you thick skull..

      This is about the tax money which every filipino taxpayer worked their asses off, not getting utilized properly for the typhoon aftermath. Given na yun, oo, malakas yung bagyo, and then what? Do you call that blaming?

  38. i hate posts like this, i mean commenting on an interview because of wrong choice of words cause this isn’t something to talk about. i think.

    Not that i’m trying to defend Mar but this kind of stories aren’t the one we need this time.


    Stevens is his last name.. .

      1. if there is a like button here, i will give you that 1 big “like” for you comment. Clearly, there are some mature people who reads and comments as such.

    1. sad to say but some people easily judge some of our government officials. they just don’t know that every time there’s calamity or disaster here, nandun agad sina mar roxas at dinky soliman.

      1. And yet they never change and never learned their lesson you indiots. Andami na ngang dumadaan na kalamidad dito sa bansa pero kasing-bagal pa rin sila ng pagong pag rumesponde. Mas-magaling pa ang Philippine Red Cross kaysa sa kanila e.

        Oh and chris, it’s obvious that you hate constructive criticism because you are asshurt on handling the truth. Pinapakita na nga nina pnoy at mar ang tunay na kulay nila dedepensahan nyo pa rin na para silang mga biktima. Enough playing the victim card for God’s sake. May mga utak ba talaga kayo o talagang mga dakilang inutil kayo?

      2. Andun nga sila Roxas at Monsod….but the real question, is how effective are (were) they?

        Then if they are not effective, why are they there for?

        You see, Stanne, during the 1990 quake, it was not this slow.

      3. EASILY JUDGE? Late na nga nag-judge eh. Ilang trahedy na ba ang dumaan at ganito pa rin ang response ng gubyerno? Kung nuon pa, nagreact na ang mga tao at nag-JUDGE sabi mo, eh di sana nalaman nilang hindi tayo sang-ayon sa mga ibinibigay sa ating na serbisyo.

        Bakit ba sa tingin mo umabot ng ganito ang Pilipinas? It is because we are afraid to voice out. Kung may manloloko, DAHIL may nagpapaloko. Dahil sa mga taong tumatahimik lang, giving justification for a wrondgoing kaya inaabuso tayo. Buti sana kung ikaw lang ang inaabuso. Okay lang sa amin. Kaso damay kaming lahat eh.

        Kung gustong magbago, maraming paraan.
        Kung ayaw magbago, maraming dahilan.

  39. Well that’s why it’s late ?? The government official are thinking how are they going to share all the donation especially all this millions, the Millions donation from all over the world are good enough to build the disaster place and enough to build the town house for them to live, they won’t the government will steal 70% and just give to people the 30% or maybe less, look what happen to Napoles the pork barrel Billion they steal.they are THIEVES that’s why the country is doesn’t matter who are in the government the are all thieves, Sorry to say but it’s true.

    1. yan ang tamang comment dyn ang daming pinoy na nagcocomment dito mga bobo bulag mga hanagal nininanakawan na nga tyong mga pobre ung mga tax na binabayad natin sila ang nkikinabang mahirap bang ibigay sa tao ung pera nila at mga kailngan???sila lng nkikinabang hoy kayong mga walang kwentang pinoy na bulag sa katotohanan parehas kayo ng mga politikong bulok madami pa kayong pa ingles ingles bobo na naman kyo!!!!

  40. People say that this is not the time to blame the government for their shortcomings,,,but when do you think is the right time for them to realize that every human being suffering from every tragedy needs immediate help and intervention! Without this so called cristicism and negative publicity our government officials for sure wouldnt probably act immediately on the matter at hand. I am leaving currently abroad even my co-workers sympathize wit Ph me asking me if i have relatives affective by the typhoon and a sking me why our government is not doing anything to the victims and why there are still dead bodies everywhere? It is so humiliating actually knowing that relief goods from foreign countries had been labeled NO POLITICIANS ARE ALLOWED TO TOUCH THIS!!! RELIEF GOODS from certain countries had been charged with tax because its not listed holycrap!!! Sorry but its so degrading on our part as Filipinos to be labeled as morons knowing on international television we are pleading and asking for help and when it has been given to us freely we charge it with tax!!! This just shows that we do have a system a system that we follow deligently but sad as it may seem our government system to whom we believe is effective is actually NOT! Do not be offended if there are negative criticism among us ofws coz it is our right too as citizen of our country and we may be far away but our hearts will always be to our kababayans and to our beloved country.

  41. @Francis Banaynal:

    The blog seems to be written by Ricky Carandang, the top asslicker of Mr. Aquino.
    They claim the rest of Aquino cahoots were in Tacloban to respond to the aftermath of the Super Typhoon Yolanda. This is a 245 mph Super Typhoon. What would you expect? I think you are all Clueless. The Author said: “She was going to Tacloban”. Why did she know that ; Mar Roxas, Dingky Soliman, and the rest of the cahoots, went ahead to meet head on the Super Typhoon. An ordinary citizen like me would not know, where these idiots are…for their own safety.
    Hey, Ricky Carandang…next time , use your common sense to write such propaganda articles for your mentally retarded Boss.

  42. Roxas and Pnoy failed as leaders. Both dnt have the heart to serve and dnt know what humility is all about. All they know is how to promote themselves at the expense of the people, to tell lies that everything is fine and the situation is already under control and pose at every camera flashing. When you have an extra bottle of water and u see someone thirsty, what will you do? Place the bottled water in the warehouse and ask the person to get it there or give it to him directly?

    1. We are already helping! But do you care to see what’s on your television? We are frustrated because inspite of EVERYBODY’S effort, the dead, the homeless, the kids and the elderly are still out there unattended to. We need governance. Nasaan na ba ang Emergency Preparedness ng ating pamahalaan?

  43. From RICK B. RAMOS at the Manila Times:

    “CNN’s news anchor Rosemarie Church commented on something intriguing and insightful. She said that you would expect the Philippines to have developed by now its capability in Disaster Relief Operations since we are so used to calamities—from typhoons to earthquakes. The Philippines has over 20 typhoons per year.”

    The Philippines, Aquino & Roxas included, should be fucking EXPERTS in Disaster Relief but thus far (starting with the Bus Hostage Fiasco til now), the current administration has proven to be the absolute worse in the history of this country! Those of you who STILL, after all this, can’t SEE what is clearly right in front of your eyes should just stop breathing! You’re wasting Oxygen that can be used wisely by people who can THINK!

  44. Plain and simple… Philippine Government SUCKS! We are greatful for their efforts… but its not enough this people need help NOW! All talk no action. Lucy Torres Gomez said it herself daming red tape kung di ka partido di ka priority.

  45. verry disorganize to give the relief food
    and even the airline from different countries
    land in mactan airport magulo hindi plinano ng taga mcia..nakakahiya

  46. Thank you very much CNN for helping in raising funds for the relief goods for my fellowmen… Some things or words may hurt a lot of people, but as long as it is the TRUTH, I believe you have the right to say it… Many of us continuously watch your program so please continue giving us the TRUTH. We also pray for the safety of your crew as well as everyone (from all Nations) helping to make things better for the victims. I also hope that when the situation in the affected areas had already started to normalize, YOU will continue to cover what is happening here in the Philippines and try your best to dig deeper and find more TRUTH and share it to the world, and hopefully it could help to identify what improvements are needed…

    1. This Super typhoon Yolanda must be a “blessing in disguise.” it caught global attention. The international media crews from all networks are discerning the true Filipino characters. They have observing our Philippine government for a while now, so elected leaders and organizations heads and workers, just show your true blood, because these media people are not there to cover the disaster and the Yolanda crisis, they are there to observe and report the bureaucratic ways of handling the relief operations, caring and tending to the dead people laying around on the streets, children and adults victims and survivors starving to death, no place to live for comfort, etc. The relief goods should never be put in the warehouses, they must be distributed to all the Yolanda victims and survivors and to the volunteers, as well. That is the main purpose of the relief goods for, for immediate disbursement to the individuals in need. Then audit who, where, how much goods, and when such help, gifts, donations, and support were received and distributed to.

    1. It is hard to believe anything said at this time. It is ironic. But, it would be really nice if he means what he says. Most of these are only words uttered and no authentic actions done for the best interest of our fellow Filipinos. More power to all Filipinos though, God Bless.

  47. Source of the comments on here show exactly why our country can not work together to find solution but I agree & enjoyed reading Francis Banaynal longest comment.

    1. You are so fond of telenovelas, kaya ayan.

      We cannot work together unless all the filipinos wake up and realize that this government is sham designed to screw every filipino.

      Unless we all realize the idiocy of patronage politics. Unless we all value self discipline and respect for each other. Unless we push for the best government service. The government should fear us. They are accountable to us.

  48. You can try all you can until your pants fall down but if the system in place is inefficient, then what help was provided? Even if the 3 cabinet secretaries were there and working their asses off during day 1, if the preparation was inadequate then sayang lang hirap nila.

  49. There are many areas outside Tacloban that needs help. I heard an interview of Dinky Soliman last night Nov. 15, that all they other barangay have to do is just go to them & show their certificates that they are from those barangay & they will be given some relief goods. I think that is a very very stupid thing what Miss Dinky Soliman said (With due respect to her). Imagine that those people have not eaten for almost a week & they still have to get a certificate from their local barangay( not to mention that maybe their barangay chairman is also dead or there is no more barangay hall in their areas) then walk all the way to Tacloban center so they can a get some kilos of rice & some cans of sardines…

    1. I have not heard Sec. Dinky Soliman interview, but if what you have posted is correct, then she’s not right to ask any identification to receive some relief goods, regardless. This is a crisis, anyone can have any kind of goods, be it water, food, clothing, or shelter or even a monetary token, they have to be given some help. The world is monitoring…beware leaders/heads of agencies/organizations and volunteers, know when to emphasize people’s strengths. God Bless.

  50. mar roxas should now realize that he can never be president. he can grandstand all he wants, he’ll get nowhere. people need concrete action and concrete results.

  51. Very frustrating indeed. These politicians will not move without cameras and media coverage. I feel very sad for the people of Tacloban. Mar Roxas was never a “people’s Leader.” Thank you CNN for your truthful reportage. Had you not exposed the true situation onground the people of Tacloban will be reduced to ruins. God bless us all.

    1. CNN has been observing and studying our country for a decade now. They just waited for the right time to get some crucial evidences how government leaders and agencies/organization run the government, the individual departments, provinces, towns, businesses, and crises like this Super typhoon Yolanda. The international reporters are only saying the truth based on what they could see from the Phils. heads and leaders acted in so chaotic or unstructured responses to the deadly incident. The bottom line is to master a variety of techniques and thereby become more flexible and more effective in the communication with others.

  52. i have been watching CNN and BBC ever since day 3 of this calamity. i could really see the slowness of response to this disaster. i can remember watching a coverage where it was already day 5 yet bodies just some couple of kilometers from tacloban airport is still lying around decomposing (to think tacloban airport has been made to be the drop point of relief goods and a staging ground ).i was also tuned in back when japan was hit by an earthquake and a tsunami. on day 2 all army personel and resue unit of japan was already dispatched on day 2 they where clearing and searching for trap people and also clearing dead bodies!!!… yet here day 2 there where just minimal movements on the ground. minimal help. did the goverment ever think that maybe just maybe there still live people trap underneath debris????? somewhat survive the storm surges??? now its like a week since haiyan hit central visayas … i thinks now its just more of a search than a rescue. to think that an earthquake is a sudden phenomena and japan didn’t have the proper time to prepare …in contrast .. the ph goverment has i think 3 days to prepare freakin everything from relief to transport and more . think about it.!

    DISCLAIMER:japan is also frequently hit by earthquakes. i think from what i know it was also there first time to experience that much magnitude plus tsunami.
    also PH experience frequent typhoons. and also like japan it is also our first time to be hit in this kind of magnitude.

  53. the undeniable bad situation (as always) after the typhoon and the rest of the calamity we been through was just a reflection of inadequate governance. there is no reason to justify the idiots such as Roxas and Aquino. natural calamities are unpreventable to arise but the fact that strugggles that people were facing with right now could be avoided, again that is only if the goverment have a system. Thank you very much to CNN and to all the other correspondent who made a huge contribution in all aspect. hopefully it would not be too much to ask from anyone of you to make a coverage again to keep an aye on the donations from the other countries if its been distributed to the needs of recepients.

  54. This is quite unfair. Mar Roxas explained why and what logistics they had to get the bodies. It was true what he said there is no fast enough in this kind of situation. What is slow to the Americans is a different level of ‘slow’ to the resources that we have. It is saddening to see Filipinos speak against or think against their very own elected leaders who have been there, ground zero, since day plus 1. Mar Roxas did well for the DILG and all this ‘hating’ does not help the morale for all the manpower working themselves tired in those places.

    1. @ theresa

      So ok lang na mabagal kasi hindi tayo US standard?

      Some filipinos just cannot get it. We demand excellent services from the government and all you can say is, talagang ganyan kasi nasa Pilipinas ka, kumilos naman si Mar Roxas. If we don’t change this attitude, then this country cannot move forward as long as we say “ok na yan”

      1. Soooo, Promote and Support Statehood for the Philippines. for action items.

        – – –

        the greatest flood begins with but a single drop of rain.

        You can write directly to the national political leadership. The Internet addresses below take you to a feedback form by means of which you can send your thoughts instantly, no matter how far away you might be geographically.

        President Obama (The Hon. Barack Obama, President of the United States, The White House, 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, Washington, DC 20500;,

        Speaker of the House of Representatives Nancy Pelosi (;

        House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer (…/email_the_leader/);

        House Minority Leader John Boehner (;

        Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (;

        Senate Minority Leader Mitch MicConnell (

        “WE, THE UNDERSIGNED, faithful citizens of the Philippines, urge our leaders to recognize that the people are the Philippines, and the people need a change. Independence was a noble experiment that failed, and now the people and government of the Philippines must have the courage to admit that failure and find another way to secure a free and happy future for our children, a future in which they can live with dignity, never losing sight of their heritage but never having to suffer for other people’s stubborn pride. We ask the Government of the Philippines to petition the Congress and President of the United States to admit the Philippines to Statehood, so that all Filipinos can share in the rights and benefits which all people should enjoy and to which the United States has pledged itself: ‘life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.’ We seek to become part of the United States not to avoid our civic responsibilities but truly to live up to them. We offer the United States not a servile colony but a valuable partner in its vital work in the world. We share the ideals of the people of the United States and seek to be one with them. The world is too small and too troubled for unnecessary divisions to continue. Good people, wherever they may be found, must join together to solve common problems.”

        Private Action for Philippine Statehood
        Private action to bring the Philippines into the United States

        Private Action for Philippine Statehood
        Private action to bring the Philippines into the United States

        Private Action for Philippine Statehood
        Private action to bring the Philippines into the United States

    2. Therese,

      What’s slow to the Americans IS ALSO SLOW FOR THE DYING IN TACLOBAN AND SAMAR. But apparently it’s “OK” for you to make everyone wait because you can’t be bothered.

    3. You’re so slow. Why think of logistics and all that crap first before the Filipinos. Filipinos speak against their officials because everything CNN reported was very much true.

  55. CNN International stay put in the Philippines and report as much as you can, the world is watching, the truth must be out. I have come to this point that I want a positive and robust governance. Philippines and the Filipinos in general have a lot to offer. Just need to reform the elected officials and correct their behaviors, not to become greedy of power and authority. Be the best leaders and heads should be in their mindset before and after being elected or chosen to run an office. There is still time to change for the better.

  56. There’s no questioning on whether the government prepared for Yolanda. yes, they DID prepare BUT local & provincial governments ang nag-prepare. NOT NATIONAL. I’m now inclined to believe that when PNoy stated before Yolanda hit about the readiness of the country, binasa niyang reports ay yung reports na ipinadala sa kanya from the different provinces. PNoy i think didn’t have a back up plan & a back up plan to the back up plan in case the provincial & local governments failed. yun sana ang pinaka role nya. kaya nga may national government tayo. that’s what the people wanted to see. yes, Roxas & Soliman were there,among other officials, untiringly helping but it seems that they were left to their own devices. you can’t see a coordinated effort from the national government, under Pnoy’s command. and that’s what people wanted to see yet failed to see in PNoy.

    1. I’m not sure I understand. Is this an excuse for not being able to deliver aid over a week AFTER the devastation? Regardless of what the Philippine government did or did not do, they aren’t dealing with the problem now. Instead Aquino, Roxas and company snipe at anyone who even sounds slightly critical of the situation in Tacloban. All the while having no shame begging for materiel and foreign aid immediately after haughtily bragging that they have everything under control and that preparations were sufficient.

    2. I heard about the super typhoon days before it hit, I had my home under “state of emergency” I briefed my wife and kids what to do if everything went south. My wife went for a quick grocery for easy items, bottled water, canned goods, etc. I assigned carry bags to each kid, which they will have to bring just in case.

      The point here is this, it is not hard to make plans and preparations. A simple guy like me can do it. And I am sure all the other households did it too. The government just simply sucks at planning. It was evident in the fist calamity of his reign. And to make matters worse, they cannot also implement whatever plans they had made (if it exists).

      Hey he could even have the visayas area under state of emergency before the tphoon hit.

      1. Not to belittle your efforts, joel, but preparations for one household are quite a bit different from the logistics required for two provinces. But that still doesn’t change the fact — Aquino and Roxas failed us again.

  57. I live in the Philippines most of my life and I can confirm that the gov’t here does a very poor job of organizing just about anything except their own campaign rallies during elections. They can’t even solve everyday traffic what more calamities. Uncle Sam, pls take over our country.

  58. people have different opinions, that’s why they are called opinions. if you have to comment to someone with their opinion differs then indeed. The typhoon Yolanda was not the very time of natural calamity we had plus knowing the fact that we are all aware of how strong it would be. the goverment should also be aware of atleast provide and store the very basic neccessities such as food, water or if they are generous enough some more of clothes or blankets first aid kit and medicines ahead of time. Unfotunately it was a bold prediction again because of those corrupt morons who runs our country.

  59. CNN Andrew Stevens thank you of your concern for our country man.The way our public official action right now specially to Sec Roxas and Sec Dinky are commendable,we are not in that situation and in that place where they are now,whatever steps they are applying is within their judgement,maybe they had shortcoming of ideas or method of what they are applying now,it is because they are physically present and know the real situation,and even Mr.Stevens saw and comment but he do not know how,and why.Our country unlike other country with sufficient resources,equipment,skills and experiences can do better.So why blame our volunteers.Why talk and criticize them.Instead help and go to Tacloban and other affected places.

  60. PHILIPPINE GOVERNMENT TWISTED AS FUCK! Filipino citizens dont deserve a lot of shit happened, if it wasnt because of a bullshit system we called government

  61. @ Henry Taneo, have you ever wonder why “Our country was unlike with other country.”???? not to blame the country but those who runs the country. Critizing is complete different from Telling the truth. and for your information, here in SUBIC bay Freeport zone. We are now conducting for some more donations and organized a ship leaving here tomorrow not just to Tacloban but also to the affected areas of Typhoon. but this activity dont have to be broadcasted unlike those morons who always wanted to be in a picture of portraying as a good samaritans. and for all you know. We will be glad and willing to help AHEAD of Time.

  62. No, this is not true. The situation is under contol. There is a proper chain of command. We even asked for body bags but now we don’t know where it is now but eventually we are going to find it.

    Mar must’ve mixed up under control with under-controlled. 🙂

    1. Who is “we” and where are you now? I have just returned from a two-day relief and clearing operation from tacloban. I dont know where you got the idea that everything is under control. If you mean “under control” by the idea of people killing each other for some food or clean water under control, then you must be one of those politicians. If you say under control that there’s a daily raid of houses by unlawful elements, with the whole military spread out so thin and the PNP still searching for their fallen comrades, then I think you can be the next president of the philippines for your crooked way of seeing things.

      1. in due respect po. jongnar reiterate what was said on the interview, and the next line was his opinion. Jongnar lag yan mo kasi “quote”

    2. Sir JongNar will all due respect if it is really under control then why does mine, and my friend’s family say that no relief goods had been sent five days after Yolanda? And to think that our town is in Palo. What would have happened to places further away from Tacloban? I hear and see no organization there.

  63. The CNN journalists are used to the disaster response that is seen in the US. But no matter how advanced the US is, then President Bush was also criticized for his response to Hurricane Katrina so there will always be complaints.

    Matiisin at matatag ang mga Pinoy. Our government officials know that they do not have the same capabilities as the US. Pero sana pagbutihan ang performance at planning/coordination. Hindi pwedeng babagal-bagal at basta-basta ang response dahil iniisip ng mga officials natin na matiisin naman ang mga Pinoy.

    Now that the international community is looking closely at our disaster response, sana lang mas pagbutihan kaysa maging defensive. For our government officials, this is probably how they usually function. For the foreign journalists, that’s not good enough. Hopefuly they meet somewhere in the middle otherwise talagang kahiya-hiya tayo, hindi lang ang mga government officials natin.

    1. It is the responsibility of the President during this kind of calamities. I think the President don’t know how to command in time of emergency.

      1. This is exactly why we never have any real progress
        Every administration, we always put the burden on the president who the Filipino people chose at the first place. Why do people think na its always the presidents fault? When can you take part of the responsibility yourself since ultimately, we are the ones liable for our nation’s progress. I am sick of you ignorant fools who always blames EVERY ADMINISTRATION. Where is your sense of national unity?

        1. So this is not the fault of the President. This is not the fault of the current administration. This is not the fault of this government’s utter unpreparedness. This is the fault of the people of Leyte and all Filipinos because “we never take responsibility for ourselves.” You’re giving general statements about a situation that clearly demands focus and immediacy. You can’t blame history, culture or mindsets for an EMERGENCY SITUATION that requires EMERGENCY SOLUTIONS, EFFECTIVE SOLUTIONS THAT CAN ONLY COME FROM A SINCERE AND COMPETENT GOVERNMENT. This comment is so out of place.

        2. i think your talking about yourself and hate yourself for being ignorant in things. Who has the highest command in the country? answer the president next in command the government body. he can give command to send urgent supplies on calamity affected area but what is he doing? blaming here and there saying things are under control when in fact everything is disorganized. their head and pride is so high up in their asses that they can’t get it out and think straight.

    2. To: “SA TINING KO”… Really? Is that your excuse? The Philippines should be experts in disaster response! Its not Rocket Science!

      They should “meet somewhere in the middle”? Are you crazy? No really? Are YOU crazy? Don’t you realize that “meeting somewhere in the middle” costs LIVES needlessly? Are you seriously suggesting that we accept non-performance? Incompetence? Lies? You should DEMAND nothing but the VERY BEST from your Government! To sit back and be satisfied with half-ass (more like quater-ass) performance is exactly the type of attitude that got us in this situation to begin with!

  64. Is resilience simply a euphemism for stupidity, simplicity and subservience.
    Like an addict, maybe filipinos need a dose of tough love and less aid, and to get their act together.
    Better to earn respect than be perennial global beggars

    1. Perhaps to Mr Roxas, resilience is tantamount to being silent and does not grumble even in the worst state of adversity. Just like the inept Noynoy, he doesn’t like to hear complaints or negative remarks. These two fellas want to wear make up to pretend they look good when in reality they look like some demented folks.

  65. Kung nabubuhay lang sana ngayon si Sec. Jesse Robredo, makikita sana ng buong mundo why Sec Jesse was so loved here in Naga City kasi sya mismo ang gumagalaw, mahihiya ka na lang kung pabagal-bagal ka. Ilang taon sya naging mayor ng Naga, ganon ang ginagawa nya everytime meron calamity. Itong si Mar Roxas panay POLITIKA and pa-pogi lang tulad ni PNOY & BINAY isama na rin sina REVILLA, ENRILE & ESTRADA.

  66. when it comes to everything else, colonial mentality persists- the US is better – but when it comes to fact based criticism – it’s the other way around –

    Me? i’d rather believe what Andrew Stevens says rather than what this filipino nincompo op claims!

  67. at the first day after the typhoon,VP Binay offered the victims to lend money to PAG IBIG fund,…people of the world now knew his true color….and take note he even printed his name to the relief goods…..what a shame!

      1. I haven’t laughed so good for a long time!! I’m reacting to Ban’s joke. I was wondering what Mar was carrying. I was guessing, could it be onions? They’re good anti-oxidants, however, who will cook onions among the victims who lost their homes, without gas and electricity.
        The monstrous calamity may be a humongous stumbling block to the country, but it opened a window to see the characters of the so-called leaders and what is more important to them. Could it be pride and self-image to the voters or true humility as public servants and be good listeners.

    1. In Tagalog: “Sa sibuyas, may tigas.”

      Pretty much describes the contradictory face of da Pinoy TraPo: Onion-skinned when it comes to criticisms, and immediately turns tough as stone when it cones to photo-ops and money-ops.

  68. Sir Mar Roxas your good man since when I know your name.,I would like to please help also the roxas capiz city,president roxas pilar. Its also affected of typhoon haiyan many residence was affected.they don’t have shelter for now. I know that your very busy doing your big responsibilties.capiz was also affected for the typhoon please tell to any media or any national unit to also send some of them to cover the problem of capizinian. no communication,no food,no house.thanks hope you make plan for that matter. GOD BLESS

  69. ANG FILPINO, Bow… Ang Filipino ay magaling kumuntra or mag comment, pero pag sila na ang nasa katungkulan, KURAKOT p rin pala!!!! Mga kababayan, ang tunay na dapat baguhin natin ay ang systema ng gobyerno at ang mga makasariling pag uugali ng mga Filipino

  70. ANG FILPINO, Bow… Ang Filipino ay magaling kumuntra or mag comment, pero pag sila na ang nasa katungkulan, KURAKOT p rin pala!!!! Mga kababayan, ang tunay na dapat baguhin natin ay ang systema ng gobyerno at ang mga makasariling pag uugali ng mga Filipino..

  71. Anderson cooper and pnoy aquino are clearly gays with different positions and poles apart ( ‘ i wouldn’t go near that bottom feeder even with a 10 foot barge pole’)

    Mar roxas and korina sanchez are happy that the real journalist has now left the country and its back to lies and trivia.

    Anderson cooper emotionally displayed his respect for the filipino people and his contempt of the government. Bon voyage, but come back in a month and tell everyone what has happened once external inquiring eyes are not so focussed on the philippines.

    You have exposed the government, but still only the tip off the iceberg. Bury these political bastards. Enough innocent people have had to be buried as a result of their incompetence, insensitivity, hypocricy, and outright criminality.

    Also bye bye presidency for mar roxas in 2016. Some good news

  72. I love the Filipino pride. The problem is that, a lot of Filipinos do not know when to implement it. This is a first hand example of it. He is too proud to admit the government’s mistakes and disorganization no matter how evident it is on site. What’s wrong with acknowledging criticisms? These observation are there for the government NOT to ignore because no matter how true or inaccurate they may be, they are still, after all, observations that need to be taken care of and straightened out. These international reporters are indirect representatives of the countries that are providing relief for our nation. They want to see that these provisions are being used correctly, efficiently, and effectively. Their opinions matter, and this is something we cannot deny. Our government officials need to swallow their unnecessary pride and start being open to suggestions and criticisms. It takes real strength to set aside ones personal pride in order to regain the pride of the nation, and that is something you can actually be proud of. God Bless Our Strong Country.

  73. Only in the Philippines. We were affected by typhoon Sendong before, the donation we got is from Philippine Red Cross and UNICEF only. Never from the local and national government.

    I expected that it will be the same with the recent typhoon.

  74. I guess the main problem is the arrogance of Pnoy and Mar to admit that they were caught flat-footed with the magnitude of the disaster. They kept on saying everything was under control and yet they do not know what was really going on. Really bastards! Its very shameful to watch how they were telling lies on TV and Radio and yet we see actual video footages of Ted Failon and other channels showing the total absence of control and basic aid to the victims. We are suppose to be “masters” of disaster management because we encounter calamities every year and every year we watch in horror how our inept government “specialists” are nitpicking with each other and almost doing nothing… Our government is always late in responding to emergency situations. If I may suggest…we should train disaster experts like they have in japan, Taiwan, Israel and other countries who can respond in 24 hours anywhere in the Philippines to provide security, orderliness and basic survival requirements. We should already learn after these years of never ending problems. When can we really have a real government who can take care of its citizen. Please Pinoy, start thinking–actlike a man and stop behaving like a mama’s boy and playing your video games. Same with you Mar. You are too conscious and preoccupied with your plans of becoming a President one day. Start training calamity experts who can be on call 24/7 to ny call of duty by air, land and water. OK…????

  75. Nakapose pa talaga ano? Di ko nakikita sa pagmumukha nya na nasa puso ang pagtulong. Mas gusto ko pang makita syang binagsakan sya ng buhat buhat nyang yan. Ambot sa imo Mr. Roxas..

  76. ngayon mo makikita kung sino tlga ang nagmamalasakit sa bayan….ano ba ang silbi ng mga pulitiko..tingnan mo ngat lahat ng relief ng ibang bansa ay wlang ibinigay sa gobyerno..shame.

  77. Another thing you guys may want to consider is what going to happen when all those American Retirees and tourists return to the US… After witnessing first hand the disaster that was (is) Typhoo Noytard, there will be a FLOOD of phone calls and letters to the US Congress DEMANDING they reduce, if not outright terminate, funding of any kind to the Philippines once this crisis has passed!

    Think about it. Do you think the Retirees (for example) who have lost their businesses, homes and probably life savings, will choose to come back here? Nope! Since the Americans have begun to be evacuated, they have gone straight to the US Embassy in hopes of fast-tracking visa applications for their spouses so they can get the fuck outta here and never come back… Now, think about how that will effect the local and national economy… The dominoes are falling.

        1. we will vote a president with a brave heart and mind, who speak the truth,with a power on his voice that can be heard seriously with actions of fulfillment. and his good words will always succeed & will echo in the ears of all filipinos from generation to generations, and he will be remembered of time not forgoten.

  78. sa totoo lang, everything must go through a lot of BS in the Philippines… people are dying of hunger and thirst but the water supply is so far away! it is also true na nabubulok lang ung ibang relief kasi tinatago nila… gusto pa atang ibenta na mga ugok na mga nasa position or baka gusto pang iuwi sa mga bahay nila… mahiya naman kau sa mga balat ninyo!!!!! ang kakapal nyo! lalo na yang si mar roxas… dati pa yan nababalitang salbahe yan… bagay nga sila ni koring na nanakit ng kasambahay!!! mga pakitang-tao ang mga yan!!!!

  79. I ask a friend why the distribution of relief is too slow from the government while the private sector reaching those unreacheable places. He said, there is a protocol that the government is following. I ask what protocol? He said the distribution documents must be signed first by head of lgu.
    I ask a question again, why those dead near the city hall which we always see after 6 days is still there while others from other places were picked up already. He said that is also his unanswered question.

  80. Well we deserved the people we vote for, unless Pilipinos learn to choose their leaders well the same kind of frustrations will be repeated again and again and again. We can blame our leaders for all the brouhahaha but in the end this is all slap in theface for all of us who are dupe and voted for this assholes to lead us

    1. Precisely. The Filipino Nation is still composed by a majority of people from the impoverished sector. These people are concerned only with their daily survival and are incapable of having a vision and understanding whether one politician is smart enough or downright incompetent. Their votes are driven by what they see in the movies and by the kilos of rice that are given to them during elections. Sadly, those in power seem bent on cultivating this culture of poverty to keep controlling the votes, and to keep their respective powers well protected.

      We Filipinos need to be united—and to be united, we must open our eyes to the fact that we are being abused and that we must protect ourselves. If we do not cry foul now, this cycle will continue.

    1. United for what?

      Please be specific, for as long as people don’t realize that they being effed from behind by this government….. soon your not gonna need sex anymore.

    2. I daresay that to be united, we must know how to protect ourselves against the very people that are abusing us.

      Let this be the eye-opener for all of us with the voting power.

  81. Nobody trust these politicians anymore and we lost faith in them. They don’t work for the people,they are just after the people’s money. They don’t act fast because they are thinking how to make money in everything they do. God save their souls!!

    1. ang masakit kc dito eh kokonti lang ang nakakaintindi ng mga tunay na nangyayari sa paligid. one example of this is the now mayor of manila. JOsepf Estrada. nakulong ng ilang taon dahil sa pagnanakaw. ngayon mayor na sya ng lungsod maynila.

      hindi ako makapaniwala na iboboto pa sya ng mga mamayan ng maynila.

      nakakatawa from mayor of san juan, to senator, vice president, president tapos mayor uli. ano bang klase yan?

  82. the observation is accurate, one thing for sure it will be hard to comprehend if this bs politicians will still be seating when the term of pnoy ends. even with the pouring of assistance from different government, corporate and ngo’s alike, distribution of relief goods and its clearing operations is still chaotic. i dont see no command center, feeding station, tent cities for the displaced people, medical operation set up. how was the NDRMMC system react, what kind of set up are they operating. i dont see any reason for the delays, for any minute they let pass another life is in extreme jeopardy. most probably they will set the record on most post death toll, by not attending to the dire emergency needs of the people which are all sad to say on survival mode and instincts will only tell which one to live or die.

    1. I seriously wonder if they even know that they are in fact killing people at their pace, or if they really are just too dumb to understand the basic needs of men.

  83. We cannot hide the truth from the world what the real situation is in the Philippines. While a few government officials are doing their job, A great percentage of them live off the misery of the populace. as seen during election campaigns, the politicians have no problems in mobilizing men and logistics. They reach the far-flung areas easily and hand out rice, money and food to earn votes. The people are so used to fending for themselves that they have grown cynical. It would take a revolution to change the attitude of a whole nation now. and what will trigger it will be desperation. A lot of countries are host to millions of Filipinos trying to eke out a living. The Philippine national government may try show the world what a great job they are doing, but thanks to foreign journalists, the world will have a view of the real situation. If we look at statistics, the Philippines is among the top where journalists have a high death rate. With deep appreciation, I am one who applaud the international community who are helping the victims. The men and women who are there and lending a help. May you all receive blessings a hundred fold.

  84. “Those are not the same bodies”
    This may mean that the NPA is a big piece of the puzzle that the philippine government is trying to keep away from the media. Since after the typhoon, the NPA were brazen in looting and killing of innocent people on the streets. You can ask some of the survivors who were transferred to Manila to confirm.

  85. OH, please, enough of all the blamings, here and there… the victims have suffered too long… we need to gather our strengths to help them.

    1. So you’re saying that if we gather our strengths we can build houses for those affected by yolanda? if we gather our strength we can send them a ship, remove them from Tacloban for the meantime. give them a temporary place to stay while we fix their houses?

      I’ts the government who can do that, we help them help our Filipino people by paying taxes.. But where are they now?

  86. I’ve seen tons and tons of packed donations at ABS-CBN compound. They are waiting for Kris Aquino to bring them to the Visayas. Probably to Ormoc because Lucy Torres, her friend is there. Where is the urgency?

    1. Kayo na nga ang tinutulungan, kayo pa demanding!! They use their vehicles, they use their influence to get help/donations for the survivors, they are using their time so instead of Kris doing her own things- here she is and going to reach out. I hate people who has no patience!

      1. Urgency, means it is needed few days ago, not tomorrow or the next day.

        Tell the people dying of hunger to be patient. They actually do not need Kris, they need food, water and shelter.

        Gusto mo ngarod, pasalamatan pa nila si Kris? Actually part of the relief goods that they will give came from charitable people.

        1. You want them to use “magic” and appear instantly in front of you??? Do you realize that roads are blocked??? Do you realize that airports are being repaired??? Do you realize that ferries/barge/ships are dumped by storm???? do you realize that there was warning for Typhoon Zoraida on day#2??? DO you realize that those local official whose supposed to give immediate action are also affected/died/drowned?? I realize you only think for your self and how much help you can get. We just have to think before saying anything /blaming others for our fate.

        2. @Guest

          Nuff excuses, foreigners who came from more distant places are able to come. Meron ka pang sinasabing “day#2” eh inabot pa yung gobyerno ng pilipinas ng day#5—marami pa tuloy na natepok!

          Kung ayaw, puro dahilan—Kung gusto, meron paraaan!

          Kung di pala kaya nila AbNoy, eh di nalang sya sana nagyabang na handang-handa raw sila.

          Mga katulad mo ang dahilan kaya ayaw magbago lintek na gobyerno na yan!

      2. 1-2 days it would be enough time para doon sa patience na sinasabi mo..hindi kasi ikaw yong person involve di ka nka experience what we felt wla na nga yong pagud and dont have enough sleep saka hihintay.. pagud na sa GUTOM..but 9days kaming mag antay ni kris aquino kasi sa sunday pa xa mag distribute ng mga goods…c’mon…pro aquino ka kasi..wag kanang mag comment bwesit!

      3. ang dami sa abs compound n pbb bakit nla tinatambak ang sobrang daming goods why not give it to the people who needs it most kaya dumami nagnanakaw sa mga bahay2 kasi kulang sa food…hay naku 4 sure konti lang ang ipamimigay nyan ang iba theyl just keep it and give sa susunod na sakuna…mga taong doing the charitable act daw but with motive pla NEGOSYO den yan!grrr

      4. Alam mo ba sinasabi mo? Hindi excuse na ginagamit ni Kris ang personal time o sasakyan nya para maging URGENT ang pagbigay ng relief. Pakisabi na lang sa Mam Kris mo.

        1. I’m not her employee/ or friend/ or staff/ or anything. I’m not even living in Philippines. I’m just concerned for Philippines

        2. dude your concern is out of line. urgent means now. not waiting for anyone. if you have experience nothing to eat and drink then you would eat you own comment for sure. have you seen mar roxas interview with cnn? what he said road and airport where fix in day 2 by government? I stop watching the interview after he said that since i already know the next interview will be stupid and has no sense in it.

      5. Then she should have done that before the storm struck! This country has been battered by calamities and disasters for years and yet where having the same response from the bullshit politicians everytime!

        1. People only listen to News after something happen,,,, they just ignore gov’t warnings/instructions beforehand. I’m far away from philippines but i always listen/watch livestreams. Gov’t actually shipped necessary things/initial reliefs to locations/typhoon paths even before haiyan hits philippines, who knows how strong haiyan is?

        2. you’re definitely right! this country has been ravaged by storms every year, and yet there’s this same reactive response from the government. The storm was being monitored days before it hit the region, and yet the repacking of relief goods and preparation of body bags, tents, etc. is only being done after the typhoon. that’s why the response is so slow. they could have prepared these things beforehand, with all the money that they have in their pockets!


      7. Hahahah patience daw! Who gives a damn if it’s her highness Kris will hand out the relief goods herself? Well, certainly not those who are now nearly dead due to hunger.

        And do you really believe that she’s doing this out of the goodness of her heart? Like Noy2x and Mar, it’s all friggin’ publicity. The hungry and dying don’t need a star-studded charity outing, they need food and water. Most especially if this is delaying the distribution.

      8. Do you know what is “URGENCY”? Do you know the hierarchy of Needs? Do you know what is the feeling of hunger? Do you have experienced being left alone by the dead loveones? HINDI BA DAPAT IKAW, TAYO, AT LAHAT NG HINDI NASALANTA, ANG DAPAT MAGPASENSYA?

      9. Bakit hindi sila maging demanding kailangan nila nangpagkain at tubig tons and tons of packed donations naka tambak dyan sa abs-cbn compound bakit kailangan pa nila nang publicity bago pamimigay yan paki sabi mo sa mam Kris mo umpisahan na nila kainin yan ngayon na.

      10. THERE’S NO EXCUSES FOR LOST LIVES.. The govt have given the warnings ahead and yet they are the ones unprepared for this. They have all the logistics, they have billions of tax money to utilize. People need not demand fr the govt bec that’s their role.. to protect the country and the people. Honor the victims and their loss. FILIPINOS DO NOT DESERVE THIS!

      11. 1+ weeks na di pa cleared ang bodies at di pa nadadala mga relief goods sa lahat ng victims. They have the right to demand. If she wants to help she will drop everything she is doing and not make the victims wait, di sha ang importante, ang victims. The victims are not people who just want to get autographs from Kris or any artist. They need help. ABS can ship the donations to tacloban anytime and don’t need to wait on Kris if they wanted to. Are you too stupid to assume that if Kris did not use her influence donations would be lower and that they won’t be able to get the relief goods to the survivors?

      12. Nag iisip k ba? Kng sayo ngyari yan ngyari sa tacloban, ewan ko lng kng masabi mo p yang demanding n yan. baka minura mura mo n dn ung gobyerno sa galit.

        Namatayan ng anak, nawalan ng bahay.. nag babayad ng buwis. sa tingin mo kaya pa nila magkaroon ng patience? isip isip bago mag post

  87. The President and Mar Roxas wants to have a brighter picture of their relief efforts even though they failed miserably in getting the casualty to a lower level, more so that they downplayed the number of casualty to just over 1,000 but now comes the updated number of casualty to more than 4,000. They tried to cover up the real situation in Tacloban and that their effort should be commended…Remember that effort doesn’t count, RESULT does…

  88. Roxas cannot be the future President and Korina Sanchez cannot be the future First Lady. Both of them has attitude problem!!! Korina Sanchez is household help maltreating bitch, who loves to give pairs of slippers and assumes that she has help a lot of filipinos with that.

    1. Bulag ka ba? Di mo ba nakikita kung gaano ka arogante si Roxas at kanyang asawa? Nanonood ka ba ng balita sa telebisyon o isa ka lang sa mga payaso nila?

  89. The problem, Reena, are people like you who would rather look at things through rose colored oakleys.

    What is your basis in saying that this is propaganda? This is in your face, truth of the matter.

    Tell the children, dying old men and women still waiting for help to be patient. Because as far as I’m concerned, we, the taxpayers have given the government the resource to address this typhoon.

    Be thankful that international media was there, because if not for them, your death toll would only be 2500 and that everything is under control. (through your oakleys)

    The problem with the ABS CBN trucks leaving is that they still contained the relief goods when they left. (isip isip, iha, pag may time)

    1. Yeah Right, my comment was deleted. Are you guilty that this article is a propaganda? Did you realize that roads are blocked on day1 &day2, do you realized that it made it almost impossible for immediate airlift of relief since typhoon zoraida follows the haiyan on day 2? plus the airport being repaired? These people don’t understand situation

      1. @ Len

        One event….1990 earthquake, unannounced, massive destruction, geographical constraints, weather constraints. Multiple epicenters.

        Must be some disaster management set in place by the evil dictator, which now has completely dissappeared


        2. mrvnewyork03, respectfully I don’t think Duterte or Miriam are good choices.

          If Duterte become president it will be the next unwanted Dictatorship, there will no longer be due process and salvage will be the norm.

          If Miriam won, the country will be under a lunatic. She is constantly absent in the senate because of her “Chronic Fatigue Syndrome” due to her obsession in coming up with an original PICKUP line jokes.

          The golden age of the Philippines is if someone who is not in politics right now but is knowledgable in politics won. I’m thinking of someone like Manual Quezon III (not necessarily him), a columnist (so he is socially and politically aware) not a politician right now (so not tra-po), yet have the name to win the election =)

          I hope this will start a butterfly effect that will make our nation great again.

        3. Duterte for President? That will be the next and worst dictatorship ever. No more due process, salvage na lang agad like in his interview.

        4. Do you mean that was handled well?
          It was exactly the same at baguio more than a week no foodno water bodies rotting in street and looting

        5. excuse me miss anna, i’m from baguio also and i don’t remember or any recollections that any incident of “looting” that had happened during that time…

        6. Please check your information very well before posting it. I am from Baguio and was there during the 1990 earthquake. The city was stranded due to impassable roads for quite a while during that time but there were no looting, bodies were not rotting in the street. We did have shortage of formalin then but there were no rotting bodies in the street. The people helped each other out until help from outside came. We survived the quake. Tacloban will survive the effects of Yolanda. Let us help them in whatever way we can.

        7. Anna, you are right…people of Baguio survives the earth quake with out those late relief goods the national government who delaying tactic for them-self interest. weeks eating noodles + sayote tops and camote tops still exist before. let them keep the donations for there wealth. people in baguio survives with-out them.

      2. there is an organization that was able to deliver food relief via land after two days. if they were able to do this, how come the government wasn’t able to do it?

        1. Because P-Noy assigned The Secretary of the Department of Incompetent and Lying Government to manage Risk Reduction and Relief Operation in Tacloban. That secretary has ambitions to win the 2016 elections and was really in Tacloban at the height of the typhoon just to look like he is doing something yet amazingly was not affected by Yolanda’s wrath.

      3. @Len says:
        November 16, 2013 at 8:24 pm

        “Are you guilty that this article is a propaganda?”

        Are you guilty ???? Sino ba ang tinutukoy mo dito?

        At paano ba naging propaganda ang article na ito? Totoo nga, nangyari na, at puede mong panoorin sa Youtube.

      4. NO EXCUSES FOR LOST LIVES!The govt should have prepared for the worse, they have given the warnings to the people yet they are not prepared? They have all the logistics, they have all the tax money to utilize prior to the incident. But they did not prepare enough. Do not justify the govt, the Filipinos do not deserve this!

      5. Are you also on drugs? Do you know what you are talking about? People aren’t st***d like you… Whatever you wrote up there… tell those to the marines! LOL!

      6. @Len, have you heard about helicopters? Assuming the roads were still blocked after 2 or 3 days? The government should have transported the relief goods by helicopter. Politicians normally do that during election times to areas that are not accessible by car/truck. Why can’t they do the same thing for this situation when so many lives are in peril.

        1. I agree Allen. I was wondering about that, too. kung hindi passable, open na open ang air for travel… ayaw kseng ipamigay hangga’t walang piktyur

        2. Pnoy can immediately mobilize Pnp and military personnel during rallies and sona but not during disaster mansgement,,,,haaaay

        3. sa mga nag ccomment ng “open ang air” for travel. alam nyo ba ang air traffic? alam nyo ba kung paano naglaland ang mga eroplano? how can you use air travel kung walang airport na nag ooperate? tapos san nyo papalandingin yung mga helicopters kung walang clear site? kahit yung mga barko nga hindi makadaong nung first few days dahil sa dami ng debris n pag nabangga sila eh lulubog sila. hindi ganun kadami ang helicopter natin kumpara sa ibang bansa. kung nanomood kayo ng news, madami n yung helicopter pero sobrang kulang pa din. para sa kin kulang pa din yung ginawa ng government. pero itong article na to eh hindi news. editorial to. point of view ng isang tao. kahit sino sigurong presidente o past government natin ang humawak nung sitwasyon, malamang ganyan din ang resulta. may limit ang kakayahan ng government natin. sana patas ang pag tingin natin sa sitwasyon at isip isip din minsan.

        4. If there’s a will there’s a way, ikaw ang mag isip, the government
          has the resources, ganun talaga ka bobo ng government natin.

        5. pro-miriam pano sa tingin mo nakarating sina mar roxas dun sa tacloban or yung local at international media or yung mga taong gusto pumunta at umalis ng tacloban kung sarado ang airport? isip isip pag may time. and if you’re gonna argue more about aviation or capabilities of air crafts i suggest wag na dahil it’s evident na wala kang gaanong alam.

        6. Correct…and the govt should have requisitioned all available helicopters from private firms, ships specially LCT’s which could unload their cargoes on the beach…this is like war na pwedeng gawin ng govt yun, even at the point of pointing a gun on the owners…people lives are at stake.

      7. How is this propaganda? Learn to take constructive criticism. Did you realize that it has been 1 week+ and there are still bodies on the streets? It is understandable that the initial response was slow. But it has already been a week and things are still unorganized there. People have been able to leave tacloban and the Government is already in there.

      8. This article will never be a propaganda. look at how many people died, how many lost their houses.

        We have been struck by these calamities over and over again. The government should have a ready budget for this kind of calamities so they can help right away.

        I might understand the delay of help if this happened in NCR, but no, it was our provinces who got affected.

    2. correct.. open your eyes kababayans and be aware whom to vote for the next election. no more epal please. vote wisely. change all the corrupt officials. to be safe.. remove all from their magnetic seats… if we dont want them to suck all the taxpayers money.


  91. This guy does not know the Ist 2 rule of leadership.. Ist. 5 P’s of life. “PROPER PREPARATION PREVENTS PISS POOR PERFORMANCE” 2nd. He only know excuses after excuses.. definition of excuses is ” The skin of things that wraps around true lies”.. A typical (not All) Pinoy politician (Poli-means many, tics-means blood sucking insects). A self serving, self promoting leeches. They prey on those unfortunate and uneducated constituents and promise them everything for their votes, knowing full well these are the majority, and people suffer because of it. Wake up pinoys. Vote with your God given brain, and not what sounds good.

  92. Wala ang Cooper na yan sa Zamboanga Nun SEptember at wala din sya sa Bohol nun October.
    Nakita ba nya ng BUONG BUO ang pinagdaanan Ng GOBYERNO natin.? Tapos na ba ang mga Nagdaan na Problema sa Zamboanga at Bohol? Ilan pa ba ang pinapakain ng ating Gobyerno sa mga Lugar na to? Tapos na ba ng DPWH ang Tulay at kalsada na nasira ng 7.2 na lindol sa Bohol? Anderson Cooper may be a Good Reporter But I was Saying ..wala syang Proper Perspective sa Nangyari sa ating Bansa. Many Reporters this days Use their Emotions while thinking..Not using that Emotion to THINK.

    1. Meron shang proper perspective sa nangyari sa tacloban dahil nandun sya. Nakita nya ng buong buo ang pinagdaanan ng Gobyerno natin sa tacloban. Di emotion ang pinairal nya. Responsible journalism ang pag report ng na obserbahan nya. Ang nangyari sa Bohol at Zamboanga though tragic ay irrelevant sa comment mo tungkol ke Cooper. At hindi po si Cooper ang nasa blog na to. Kaya don’t use your emotions to think (kahit walang ka sense sense yang emotions while thinking na sinabe mo. hahaha)

  93. So glad that foreign journalist are able to report objective and unbiased perspective of what is truly happening in the Philippines. Obviously, the Governments incompetence and poor management is exhibited by lack of timely and organized response. The mere fact that they are poorly accounting for the dead just shows you how they are trying to make light of a devastating tragedy. Sa dami ng relief, they just handing out to people just a few cups of rice at a time…just give them the whole sack. The whole world is sending help and yet the people are handed very little food (if they can even get any)…what a shame?

  94. Enough of finger pointing. The government has no fallback plans. hope Mayor Duterte of Davao will run for President. He is the only hope of the chaotic politics in the country. DUTERTE FOR PRESIDENT.

  95. Masyado na akong na tu-turn off sayo Mar. Di na naman kasi bumebenta sa mga pinoy yung ganyang pa guide guide ng traffic or yung pagbubuhat ng isang sakong sibuyas. Siyanga pala, aanhin pala nila yung sibuyas? Eh, di ba hindi na naman sila nakakapag luto ng time na kinunan tong picture na eto, di ba?

      1. Ano ika mo ang ginawa ni Mar sa sibuyas? E yun nga yung inihalo sa kanya nung ginisa siya nang hunto ng CNN. Pero kahit na kilo-kilong panggisa pa ang idagdag, lantad na talaga ang masangsang na hangggang-butong kabulukan.

    1. Itong nagbubuhat ng sibuyas ay taken during “more bountiful times.” Ewan ko kung anong okasyon yan, baka magluluto sya ng adobo.

  96. Andrew Steven is so smart that he was able to figure out the true color of Mar Roxas. Other Filipinos are so amazed of “Mr. Palengke”, but doesn’t know who the real Mar Roxas is. He even denied his own hometown, where he first started his own political career, before he became a Senator, & got into the position where he is sitting now. Infact, Capiz was actually one of the Provinces which was devastated by the hurricane. He denied & abandoned his own city, that even followed his family name, for the fact that he lost during the last election. Thanks to his brother Dinggoy, ( former Congressman of Roxas City, Capiz, who is totally the opposite of Mar ) that Mar Roxas was able to build a career in the political world. How shameful is that huh?! Abandoning his own people ( who placed him into the position when he first started his political career ), just because he lost in the last election. Not even a single word about his hometown that came out from his mouth everytime he speaks to the media right after the devastation of Yolanda. Infact, the Roxas clan are still controlling the politics in Roxas City, Capiz until at this time. Headed by her mother, they are the ones deciding who they want to run for the certain position prior to the next election.
    So, i guess now, other filipino people have already an idea why Mar Roxas lost the vote of his own fellow Hiligaynon in his own hometown in the last election. This must be his way of retaliating to his fellow hiligaynon, by abandoning his own hometown during this devastating crisis. Good thing that we have lots of overseas hiligaynons, who have tried to reach out in anyway they can, just to help out their fellow hiligaynons, who lost everything they have after that devastating hurricane, even if they don’t have any positions nor plans to enter/join the local political world. If only Andrew Stevens could read this post, i would suggest, that if he really wants to know & expose who the real Mar Roxas is, he should find some time to pay his hometown a visit, & ask people around what his real personality is & how despicable he is, but he, ( Steven ), just have to talk to the right people, & not to some other politicians, who loves kissing his butt all the time.

    1. You’re a liar. Please get your facts straight. How well do you know him to give such statements? Mar Roxas did not lose in Capiz and in the whole Region 6. He and his family was never involved in any corruption unlike others who pretend to be clean and wants to be president. They served Capiz without thinking of anything in return. Even if everybody thinks Mar Roxas abandoned Capiz, we are proud of him because he showed he is not a politician but a statesman. He showed concern to his fellowmen over and above politics. He risked his life in service of his fellowmen in Zamboanga and tacloban and he deserves a little appreciation.

      1. Are you on drugs Suzanne? Have you been watching the news from day 1 to this very moment? Your idol’s political career ends here.. He’s done. People aren’t stupid!

      2. You must be hallucinating Suzanne..Mar Roxas and the rest of the Aquino government are a disgrace! The president himself is indecisive, weak and lazy while Roxas is….never mind…the people already know him and his bitchy wife Korina…

  97. It’s not even just about his candidacy.. its about the whole freakin system. I only pray that every soul in the country now actually does something for real change. kakasawa na db? tayo din ang maghihirap Let’s not wait for some more of us to die and suffer. let’s make change happen. lets stop pretending we don’t know.. and we can’t do anything or even just let God do the rest… we gotta do our part too. 🙁

  98. During the Zamboanga siege by the rouge MNLF faction, many local mediamen described how Mar Roxas managed the situation. They jokingly often hit him with this line:

    “Malayo na si Malik, dumaan sa mar”.

    Malayo = Police Officer who convinced more than a dozen rebels to surrender.

    Malik = one of the MNLF commanders

    Mar = Mar Roxas.

    Simple translation = “Malik has escaped and is already far away. He escaped by sea (mar in Spanish)”.

    Expectedly, you would perform worse than in Zamboanga City.

    1. Mar Roxas gave a new meaning to DILG. Dumbest in Interior and Local Government or Department of Incompetents and Liars in Government.

  99. “there is no effective chain of command and no structure in place” ..

    Sir Stevens mabangit ko lng noh “ung kausap nyo eh SEC ng DILG, sila na ang chain of command na hinahanap mo.. ung nakita mong bangkay nung makalawa, nung isang araw, kahapon at knina eh iba iba un,,, nakuha na nila ung bangkay nung makalawa, nung isang araw, kahapon at kukunin pa lng nila yn ngaun, , para mapatunayan mo na parehas lang ung bangkay nung makalawa, nung isang araw, kahapon at knina sana kinunan mo ng DNA dahil kahit anung sabi mo ky Mr palengke na un at un dn ang nakita mong bangkay nung makalawa, nung isang araw, kahapon at knina na nghehello sau eh hindi aamin yn.

  100. I really like the part where they were talking about the “same dead bodies” Stevens saw everyday. Somehow, the dead bodies rose up and covered themselves in body bags? That’s horseshit, Mar.

    1. Maybe the people who are in charge of picking up the bodies probably change it to a different one everyday. So even though Stevens saw a body on the same spot each time he passes by the same road, it’s actually a different body.

      1. oh please. . . such an insensitive statement! changing the body on the same spot everyday! If you are a Filipino, you should know that they have a healthy respect for their dead. Otherwise, why would a mother cling to her dead child by the roadside, because no one could help her bury it. Let’s leave the headbashing for a while. . . let’s give encouragement to the people on the ground. . . it is the only thing going for them right now!

        1. Sorry, but you didn’t get my statement. I meant to say that Mar was probably trying to say that the body is not the same because they put the new one on the same spot once they’ve gotten the other one. That is the most likely explanation why Mar insisted it was not the same body.

    2. and sinabi pa niya ha na pare pareho lang ang mukha ng mga body bags. akala ko ba nawawala ang mga body bags at hindi nasusuotan lahat ng mga katawan? at nagbigay na ng body bags ang mga amerikano, nawala pa nila? tapos under control sila? where’s the logic?

    3. Nope, when they took the body, somebody else lie down on that same place and died. When he says to many bulls**ts in his life, he tends to not think straight. And his answers are even more pathetic than the next..

    1. This lowlife behavior is something that everyone (not only me) would expect from a typical government official. So…. no surprise. Okay lang sana na magsticker sticker ka dyan kung nagplano ka before this disaster.

  101. Reminding everyone that this calamity of this magnitude is probably the first of its kind that unfortunately struck the Philippines and the government is obviously dumbfounded themselves. If only the secretary, his broadcaster wife and even the president would just apologize and admit they are lacking and be humble enough to take responsibility I think they would endear themselves not only to the Filipino people but to the whole world. Reminds me of the scripture that says God opposes the proud but gives grace to the humble. In th same way majority of the people will oppose them to no end because of their pride


  103. ayan, nasanay kasi kayo sa pag interview ng mga local media naten na sobrang passive. pag dating ng foreign news casters tameme kayo sa pag tutok nila. walang kwentang gobyerno

  104. After reading most of the posts I therefore conclude that this national government of politicians failed in their planning, organizing, directing and controlling. Management was definitely absent in the first few critical days that would have saved more lives. An immediate operation plan should have been constructed days before the super typhoon made landfall into the affected areas. Critical inputs such as debris clearing operations, burials, security backups, logistical systems, locations/points of supplies and even price control were lacking. Talk about gasoline at PHP150 a liter! Why no flashlights and batteries including generators as part of the relief package? Why were politicians putting their names again on packages? Why no organization of able bodied men with food supplies to efficiently clear debris? Why no food and water distribution in strategic areas combined with security? So many questions in my mind and yet no answers from the very organization that should effectively address the problem of alleviating the problems of the suffering people. Damn you in the national government! You political clowns are good only for propaganda, epal and grandstanding!

  105. ang sibuyas para sa mga arabo na malibog..ang nangangailangan ng pagkain ay pinoy!kapal naman ng mukha mong sabihin na under control!d ndi ka na sana binatikos!puro kau pacute

  106. politicians delay the releasing of the relief goods to make appearance so that people would see them and recognize them and make impression of “utang na loob” or debt of gratitude from the victims and to all the people who will hear about it. And of course to gain more votes for the next election. You would rarely see politicians in times of crisis like this if not only during or nearing election day.

  107. Ang mga tao maniniwala kaagad. Where is the video interview? Can you show? Any proof that will support this post?

    Hahaist grabe ang pulitika sa Pilipinas ngaun. Magsisiraan na basta malapit na ang eleksyon.

    Bago tayo maniniwala sa mga post na ganito alamin muna natin kung LEGIT ba ang content nito.

    I am not being bias here. Ang akin lng wag tayo humusga kaagad.

  108. Steven mentioned about the bodies not the body bags, why would he says the bodies if what he was actually seeing are the body bags?

    When he said the same bodies, he must have identified that dead body by its face, cloths or something else not the body bags which is of course has the same color.

  109. The people of the Philippines should boycott the next election because it looks like no politician is going to fulfill the promises they said they would do. Nothing is going to change until this politicians put ethics presence in them and put values in their morals….likewise if you voted for an arrogant corrupt politician he is not likely going to change the current situation in the country, mostly he will be like those others who suck the juice of the people who work hard to earn their money and yet the politicians job….they work so hard to steal from their people. The people should boycott them and teach them a lesson show them some humanity.For Corina Sanchez, she is being so hypocrite and this is no time to act that way,this should be the time to unite and you offer some kindness and show your remorse to the victims but instead you are justifying and depending because you got caught doing nothing what a shame really.Your action and reaction shows so much about you Corina Sanchez. Watch out people you see her coming what more she could offer when she becomes the First lady!. She should really be sent to Tacloban and see it for herself for God sake Corina Sanchez! There’s no time to be hypocrite! Do you see the situation? ?.This people in Tacloban are human beings like you,who lost everything. I’m sure if this happens to you, you would crumble and are such a hypocrite!

    1. you know why? its because our politician is base on popularity! why? almost every politician here in the PH is an actor before they become a politician. the people who supposed to have knowledge of what they are doing is being put aside because they are voting people who always been seen on TV. stupid right?

  110. Very clever guy. natatawa ako sa mga lgu sa ibang lugar kung hindi magagalit ang presidente at sisibakin na pwesto di gagalaw. We all know na kulang tayo sa kagamitan, pero ang mga public officials natin eh mayayaman. kayang bumili ng bagong Fire truck na latest lahat ng equipments andun para sa mga mahirap abutin or mga natabunan sa pader, yung ganun. 4-7 million ang mga ganung truck, kaya nilang bilhin ang laki kaya ng nakukuha nila sa public funds, na ginagamit sa pang personal an gamit. Natawa ako dun sa issue ni kris kahit maarte yan pero pag alam niyang may nangangailangan eh tutulong yan. Di siya nagdalawang isip na mag donate agad ng tulong sa mga nasalanta, bilib pa nga ako kasi nakalikom ng 100m ang show ni kris. Hindi lahat ng Politiko Corrupt, Yung iba pinagkakaitan nga kasi hindi nila ka alyado ang nasa taas. Ano kaya ang magagawa sa 100 billion? yung tipong mapapaisip ka kung ano pwede? 200 fire trucks? 500 ambulance? Isang matibay na Structure para gawing evacuation centers? Training para sa mga volunteer search and rescue team? Para sa binabaha isang isang underground discharge channel tulad sa japan.. para di na sila bahain? seminar upang ma desiplina ang mga taong ginagawang basurahan ang estero, ilog at karagatan?mahirap gawin madaling sabihin? Kung tulungan natin ang bawat isa, ang iba ay takot lamang magbago pero pag ang para sa kabutihan ikaw ay magwawagi. Hindi magagawa nang gobyerno ang kanilang tungkulin kung mismo ang mga tao ay hindi magbabago, specially sa kongreso at sa senado. lalo na sa mga LGUs dun mo makikita ang tunay na itsura ng politika.

      1. Correct na correct,,sana this time yon Mga NASA pork barrel scandal ay maparusahan, di kagaya ng Mga lahat ng hearings Sa senado na walang nangyari. Magoarusa naman sila para di maulit lagi ang ganitong pagnanskaw Sa Pera ng bayan, ksya pag me disaster ang Tao labo labo na, walang food, shelter, etc.

    1. Alam ng mga politiko at gov`t officials na maliit lang na halaga ang mga bagay na makakatulong sa ating mga kababayan pero ang problema ay puro GANID sila..

    2. ryt!!d tau kgya ng ibng bansa n mayaman buti nga khit papaano ngiging ok n ung bansa ntin kc til now cnasalo p dn ni pnoy ung mga dting ginwa ng administrasyon n corrupt…lets be positive kng ngre2klamo ka bkit d kya kaw nlng tumulong…hndi ung paonline online ka pa puro ka nmn reklamo..kaw b ano ngawa mu??

  111. Well, generally… we really need one big paradigm on every single corner of our system. Well we can do that after treating the current situation.

  112. i suppose the president had no idea how massive of destruction a cyclone category 5 ( that was typhoon Yolanda’s category) can have. No research, no consultation with experts I believe was done. Mr President, and Mr Roxas, we believed in you as leaders of our country but we saw otherwise. Iba ang aming nakita. CNN people were otherwise very objective in their newsreporting….they have been to other disaster-hit areas in the past, bigtime. I don’t understand why PAG-ASA also hasn’t projected the destruction. I thought Filipinos are intelligent…and I believe we are, pero in these terms, our disaster management protocol failed…do we have that? O puro lang sa papel at hindi pinag-aralan ng mabuti? I feel our national leaders have no enough sympathy sa kabuuan sa masa , sa mahihirap, sa mga taong ordinaryo…i can’t believe inasa nila lahat sa local government ang lahat in the beginning. The local gov’t is almost gone!!! Hello! You leaders did not realize the catastrophe it would bring the people…minaliit nila tayo…Hindi pinaghandaan ng mabuti…that is my assessment….Kaya mga kababayan, gumising tayong lahat sa nakita natin…we have to demand what is due us..we have to clamor what is for us…My opinion…we have to be intelligent voters the next time ikabubuti ng sambayanang Pilipino…Yes, ngayon medyo bumibilis ang delivery of all goods pero after only nakita natin sa international scene the real picture…Let us all continue to pray for all the victims and their famiilies, continue helping as much as we can, na sana malalampasan ito lahat, CNN stated ” we are the most resilient people here on earth.” We are very greatful to all countries who respond to our great need…and of course sa lahat ng Pilipinong nag tulong-tulong ngayon. God bless us all!

  113. Let us admit that the government failed again and again. No preparation has been done. We have navy ships but nowhere in sight. We have helicopters to send the victims at least bread and water as first aid but it seems that time they either watching Miss Universe or Donaire’s fight. It is not bad to admit that you, Mr. Philippine president has just come to senses on Day 3. You have been checkmate since Day 1 and don’t know what to do. This is PRESIDENCY and we expect you to visualized situation in a larger scope. Do not depend on the people around who run out of idea and speed. Please, please!!! You are voted president not to be popular but to exercise your power to the fulless for the betterment of our country. Do the things beforehand that will save Philippines. No one can be blamed except you.

  114. that interview was perfectly answered.. he was in the field and he knew what’s going on. a good public servant has to overcome criticism. newscasters had their mindset and manipulative ways of twisting someone’s mind. mar roxas was ready for him. I was delighted when i watched the interview. it was a smack right on the face of andrew. right on target straight from the horses mouth. he was under pressure and was able to answer and corrected what was being wrongly implied that philippine govt. was not doing anything. This convoluted way of questioning by cnn was not appropriate, it was partly political which could’ve resulted in more chaos between the govt. and the people. A straight face answer should be given to a candid reporter. if he were to smile and be gentle like others he would have been taken advantage of. his point might have not gone accross, for they are really good of persuading you to the stories that they had already baked prior to the interview. It is just right to live up with what your govt. has task you to do. I will support the govt. until i find other ways to help them or replace them. for now, i dont see any pleasure of criticising them. I see more of other people from other countries making fun of filipinos , for they themselves making fun of their own country and govt. it’s like telling the world that your family sucks and you’re excluded cuz you are not like them. just sad.

    1. I have seen the interview and I can not see how you can miss the obvious. Roxas responses were outright denials and then gravitates to pointing of lack of preparedness and equipments. How could you miss those statements? You are obviously one heck of a yellow retard follower, that you can not or will not want to acknowledge facts even when shown in your face, because you are a yellow retard.
      Both were on the ground and seeing the same things. But, Roxas keeps on denying what is very obvious. Same dead bodies all over the place claimed by Stevens to be there, and Roxas claiming they are not the same bodies from previous days. Oh, so those “previous” dead bodies were removed but they were replaced? Is that what you and Roxas wanted the people to believe?
      These correspondents are veterans of disasters and calamities. They have seen a lot worse scenes. And what will they benefit by not telling exactly on what they see? They are not running for govt. office like Roxas.
      You complain about other people making fun of us pinoys! Why, are there no pinoys making fun of other nationalities too? Your problem is that you want to put up a good face for the Phil. by defending your retard politicians. The world can decide and make opinions by themselves, not just by the words of journalist and politicians, but with pictures and videos that can show exactly what is going on. A picture is a thousand proof better than words.

    2. Are u nuts!!Did u not see the outcome of this terrible typhoon to the Fil.people?the pres.knew it b4 hand,actually he warned the people how strong this typhoon would, why he didn’t prepare their disaster plan?how come they’re not visible on day 1 and in fact Manila is not that badly affected by the typhoon,they shld have been an initial assessment on day 1 for d damages, there shld have been a person in command not fr the damaged area but fr the national level and at least the pres shld have been flying on day 1, assessing d damages, don’t tell me that they can not fly to tacloban but they can fly worldwide , they can easily fly to Las Vegas to watch manny pacqiuao every time he has a fight but they can’t fly within the Phil’s in d disaster areas to see what’s going on with the fils affected by the typhoon.why the politicians are so adamant to spend their money to the fil people and yet they can easily apend their money abroad. Remember that fil people put you in these offices and they’re counting on you all ….We thank the international community for their outpouring help and without them, Phils will not survive and this is a FACT.So I do hope that this is a wake up call to all of us Filipinos to vote wisely coz if we elect a good,wise and smart politician to lead us, maybe there’s still a room for improvement to all of us, we’ll not SELL our VOTES for the next election…

  115. Yes,Joeld I love reading teleseries are very sarcastic person seems you know everything your full of air all your energy goes only to your mouth but without action !

    1. @ ced

      Do you know me personally? Yes i am being sarcastic, so that people like you can get it through your thick skull that this Aquino government is not for the people but only for themselves.

      Yes, I sure know a lot, that is why I can outright say that they are lazy, incompetent, corrupt ijets. And oh, i hae done more than my part helping with the calamity, so don’t start me again with that.

      Telenovelas are designed to make people emotional, and guess what, they succeeded with the pinoy idiot, just appeal to emotion and viola!!!, they will make you president even though you had nothing show for but dysfunctional parents, claiming to be heroes.

  116. This is so frustrating! In the same time, I am glad that the true character of many politicians in this country has been revealed and exposed to the International Community. Ashamed you guys!

  117. I think the president needs to resign. These government officials like Mar Roxas needs to resign too. They need to remember their existence is via the taxpayers money. Mar Roxas’s wife need to keep her mouth shut since she is living on the expense of the government.
    Kris Aquino also need to shut her mouth. All I hear is all excuses..
    Binay also need not to come to Tacloban. The foreign help has just increased that the Philippine government can stand down. They are too late to act…
    We have lost a lot of our countrymen whether local government officials to civilians in Leyte and Samar.
    I hope the future election will be a wise one and no history of the popular names just because they have a family member who is a known but failed politician. PNOY name is a joke. It seems to us you do not act like a Filipino…
    Yes, please feel free to accelerate your resignation ASAP..

  118. When they’re after a political enemy like Corona, the Aquino gov’t could easily transform themselves into a juggernaut to bypass bureaucracy and railroad a case, but when it comes to delivering on relief goods, even with early warnings and time for ample preparation, they’re suddenly held down by too many “obstacles” (which foreigners coming from more distant places overcame), unmethodical distribution, and other alibis. Dumagdag pa tuloy ang mga namatay.

    Makikita mo talaga saan ang priorities nitong gobyerno ni AbNoy.

  119. CNN is biased against the Phlippines’ handling of the emergency, period. What has CNN done in the Philippines, anyway? Send Anderson Cooper to criticize the bedlam in the Philippines? Now they have Andrew Stevens interviewing Mar Roxas writing about “rumors” and reading his “character”? Then there is Binay withh his photo and his name splashed all over his allegd donations? They created more stress than help. The magnitude of the typhoon Haiyan is beyond human comprehension. Granted, that the Philippine government is not only inefficient and disorganized, never mind corrupt to the core … but creating more conflict and controversies with biased news reporting is counter productive. Get on with the job of helping and rebuildin and ENOUGH of news reporting like this that serves no purpose whatsoever for the disastrous victims of typhoon Haiyan!

    1. CNN esp A.Cooper is very good reporter and truthful.I’m glad that he was there closed to the people who needs help and you’re pathetic if you disagree with him, it’s good that CNN captured how strong this typhoon was and they’re there to report what’s going on and they’re not afraid to report the truth coz that’s their job.CNN is a wide world channel and without them, international communities can’t not assessed the damages this typhoon inflicted to the fil. People.Because of their reporting of the damages, pictures being played every hour in their station, they caught the attention of many organizations and people alike regardless of their nationalities and religions to offer help and donations…They’re the first ones to report what’s going on in our country and so glad that they’re not biases in their reporting a, good or bad, politicians or ordinary people they don’t care and very thankful that they exposed how bad our govt system is,para alam ng boing mundo how corrupt and how slow the govt works..

    2. Yeah right and your precious abias-cbn and some local media’s purpose of “reporting” is only to protect your mentally retarded pwesident’s credibility.

  120. Whoever wrote the above article about Sec. Mar Roxas and cnn reporter andrew stevens does a disservice to the victims of super typhoon Yolanda and the Filipino people. They try to attack the character of the government leadership as if these cnn reporters knows better than the government leadership. Are they trying to help or are they interfering with the relief efforts?

    The material is biased as if the writer is the spokesman of the cnn reporter. Instead of helping, this writer attacks the person in-charge of handling the relief operations.

    I also saw the cnn anchor interviewing President Aquino… She seems to be totally all-knowing and better than the Philippine President. Instead of helping the victims, they try to criticize the people on the ground. If the response was slow, did cnn people send their people and resources to help the victims? cnn are the ones who are biased and we don’t know what agenda they have, or they are just simply arrogant and “know-it-all”, watching on the side.

    Super typhoon Yolanda’s damage is widespread and nobody can handle the magnitude of its damage given the fact that it’s strength is historic and the strongest in the world. Handling typhoon victims is different from handling earthquake victims.

    If they really want to help, let them send relief goods, relief tools and equipment and personnel to assist. Instead, they try to see what our government is not capable of. Are they reporting what have been done by the government too? In times like this, criticisms aggravate the situation. Where are your HELP ccn people if you indeed willing to help. STOP that hypocrisy and arrogance…

    1. TROLL.

      In fact, your comment speaks HYPOCRISY and IGNORANCE.

      It’s a waste of time defending the incompetent administration, especially Abnoy, who is actually incompetent. The very reason you said those things is because of your EMOTIONS. Nothing else. You have to be thankful that CNN exposed that.

      I can help AND criticize at the same time. If the status is more important to you than the need for CHANGE, then YOU are part of the problem.

    2. magpahiram ka kaya ng gagamitin nlang sasakyan tutal naiinip ka db??ano nb naitulong mu??kelangan ba kng nsaan c cooper pmunta c mar at pnoy pra mgpakita???hello dmi2ng dpat ackasuhin at ang dami2ng bayan ng leyte..kaw kya umikot…

  121. Hoy mga reklamador, nagdonate ba kayo? sana magdonate na lang kayo wag na kayo sige reklamo or tumulong kayo as volunteers para mapadali lahat ng tulong sa tacloban… puro kayo reklamo baka kahit isang peso di kayo nagdonate!!!!

    1. Ok, mag-donate kami. Tapos ano na?

      If the STATUS QUO is more important to you than changed, then YOU are part of the problem.

  122. Bulok na bulok ang sistema ng pamahalaan
    Next time, vote wisely .
    Dalawang Aquino na ang naupo, wag ng gawing tatlo.
    Baka mas lalong maging magulo ang Pilipinas at dumami ang mga imoral!

    1. on my own observation and opinion,totoo nmn ang sinasabi ng foreign media,pero sa laki at dami ng apektado sa bagyong yolanda its hard for the government to meet the needs of the people in a short period of time 4,5,6 days will not be enough to distribute huge relief,transportation and logistics needed,i understand the government for this,but if this mess happen again we put all the blame on them.

      1. The gov’t should have at least deploy military people to different places affected by the typhoon. No matter how big the damage is, if the government had come up with a systematic plan, the situation there will be organized and controlled.

        1. Pnoy can immediately mobilize Pnp and military personnel during rallies and sona but not during disaster mansgement,,,,haaaay

      2. saw this particular interview segment with mar roxas, and i didn’t see anything wrong with what he said. the journalist was trying so hard to bash the govt. effort, and was a bit provocative. naturally, roxas will defend their position. btw. cnn in the US has lost it’s credibility when majority of their news in syria were caught fake and staged at the cnn compound, and one of the newscasters involved is anderson cooper. google.

      3. I don’t know Mr Quimson.. the “again” happened now. Unfortunately, this administration is really all “pogi points” and photo ops. DSWD Dinky’s interview infuriates me more, sacks of rice in the background, pero ang mga kababayan natin is begging for food and water. Ayaw nilang ipamigay.. maybe trying to save it for the next Typhoon or for their own consumption. Excuse nya kse nadaganan ng bubong ng warehouse… tsk tsk tsk

      4. put the blame on them now, now why delay again when typhoon is a common calamity and should be addressed immediately. this is not the first time the philippines experienced a calamity, govt officials should all be wise now in dealing with the tragedy. they are wise only in stealing people money and could always get away with it but not helping people in times like this.

  123. yan lng ang nire2klamo nyo ang sistema ng relief goods kng tu2usin kng d dahil ky pnoy d lalabas ung mga ng corrupt s bansa ntin…masyado kaung perpekto pra mgreklamo s pmamalakad wla nmn kau s sitwasyon nya..

    1. Ariane, how about putting yourself in the shoes of the typhoon victims? How would you feel if there is no help in sight from the government officials 5 days after the storm?

      1. Ur right! U don’t need to be so orderly in distributing relief goods initially.. d rule of thumb is GO and Distribute as fast as u can! U need not even have to make a list of who had and have not receive d goods!

        Just like water, it will reach to its natural level, it will settle down and will finally seek its level..

        1. It’s easy for you to criticize from the comforts of your home or place, not when you are actually in the disaster zone. There got to be a system, order and accountability of supplies coming and going out. And it is not so easy to just go out in the 1st, 2nd or 3rd day with all the fallen trees, electrical wires, and dangerous objects obstructing the roads. If you think it is that easy, then why did you not go out there to do it the way you want. And by the way, did you at least give your donation to the victims?

      2. correct k jan allen. sanay na ang pilipino sa bagyo at pilit sinanay sa mabagal na responde ng mga autoridad, pero sana ang totoo wla sa kanila kung magutom ang mga tao dahil wait pa sila sa press para me magpicture sa kanila. basahin mo above, hindi ba pinabalik pa ang ready to deliver ration dahil wla pa ang kapatid ni president BS Aquino na si Kris para magdistribute with video? samantalang gutom n ang mga tao? ayun napapa iling na lang ang mga sundalo sa mga desision ng magkakapatid na iyan.

    2. tama ka diyan. kung tutuusin marami ng nagawa ang current administration. kung sana naisip yan ng dating nasa pwesto at kung yong kinurakot na pera ng bayan ginastos sa tamang paraan, sana sa panahon na ito di na mahihirapan sa pagtulong. As of now wala na tayong magawa, but have to move on and plan for more extensive relief measures that would minimise death and extensive damage and be able to provide a fast and effective relief operation. KABIT BISIG mga kababayan at huwag mawalan ng pagasa. Ang gabay ng Diyos nasa atin lahat.

      1. @ grace fernandez.. babalik na naman tayo sa nakaraang administration? Siguro kung ginawa to ni President Aguinaldo (The First President FYI) di natin mararanasan ang ganitong sitwasyon… My Gosh! it’s been 3 years now that the EVER EFFICIENT PRESIDENT is in power.. dapat na remedyuhan niya na ang mga pagkukulang ng mga nakaraang administrasyon….. Kung may mga nagawa na siya ABA tama lang naman siguro.. di naman siya hinalal ng mga POLPOL nating kababayan para lang magpa laki ng BAYAG sa malakanyang, kailangan niyang mag trabaho.. ang sinasabi lang dito ang ang ka akmaan ng kanilang mga gawa dun sa inaasahan sa kanila.. simple lang ang issue dito.. Gaano kahanda ang Pambansang Pamahalaan sa mga ganitong pagkakataon and they failed to prove it… Tapos! Admit the shortcomings then Move on!!!!!

        1. tama… since nasa ikaw na ang nasa pwesto dapat simula pa lang alam mo na ang mga pagkukulang, matagal ka na nasa pulitika, alam mo na ang mga nagiging maling kalakaran na sa tingin mo’y dapat mong baguhin bago kapa tumakbo bilang presidente, tapos naging presidente ka, wala kang binago sa bulok na sistemang matagal mo ng alam at nasasaksihan…

      2. Yan ang problema satin e, kung yan logic mo edi bumalik tayo ke Cory na nagpadagdag din ng pahirap sa bansa natin. Kung sisihan lang ng sisihan wala mangyayari.

    3. LANG? nilalang mo lang ang pagiging mabagal na sistema ng relief at rescue operations?
      Nabibilang ka dito o ” but when it comes to foreign criticism of the country’s shortfalls, some Filipinos quickly give the middle finger”

      Tawag kasi dun constructive criticism, yung pag bring up ng mga nakikitang pagkukulang. Imbes na magalit at baliwalain dapat iniintindi para mas mapabuti.

      Totoo naman ang sinasabe na ginagamit ng politko ang mga disaster para mag papogi e. TRAPO nga kase.

      Walang nagsasabe na wala ginagawa gobyerno ang sinasabe nila dapat mas efficient ng sobra sobra ang operations nila at ibigay agad ang kelangan ng victims. Don’t make excuses don’t settle for “hanggang dito nalang talaga e kasi mahirap ang pilipinas”, napakadami na tumulong na ibang bansa the least we could do is put it to good use.

      1. kitang kita ebedensya. gutom pero di bobo mga pilipino para di malaman at makita ang pagka epal ng mga ngasa gobyerno. mpa Kris Aquino na gumagawa ng papel hanggang BS Aquino tuloy tuloy sa mga under ng kanyang administration na akala ng lahat ay tuwid, hindi pala.

    4. shut up u retard even if they are exposed, all of them is not from his team… thus its biased.. in the first place their family are all money grabbers just saying like the cojuanco.. fuck off if u dont know history

  124. Here in the Philippines, politics and to remain power play important role in all aspect of life; such as the ravage and devastation left by typhoon yolanda (haiyan). Tacloban and other areas-hit are turfs of “political enemies” of the present administration – specially PNoy. One of the reasons I see for the dillydally, slack of response of help. Pnoy saw the devastation and so with Mar, yet they are hesitating to mobilize government institutions to get in the reliefs and secure peace and order, knowingly that local government is totally devastated. Instead, PNoy finger pointing the fault and failure of local government of tacloban. Second, ulterior motive of budget allocation for calamity fund and control of international cash donation pouring in the coffers. Such I think is opportunity for extraction to remain in power this national election 2016. Very sad, all at the expense of lives of those devastated in tacloban and other areas-hit.

    1. Its call political vengence, where they lost during election. Its common among themselves but the really victims are the electorate including those who voted for them, too. killing me softly with his sweet words. when we they ever change???? or when will we ever change the political environment of our nation? Yolanda show the true colors of the politicians and dont forget ourselves also, how we exercise our right to vote?

      1. heard of the local government? why argue about the national government. ask your own local government: mayors and their councils, barangay captains and their kagawads. what are they doing? the local chapters of dswd, etc?

        1. Hi Ruby: If you were in the Situation can you do so? eh sila nga mismo ay biktima ng sitwasyon and they have nothing to offer at all.., Instead dahil sa di sila kaalyado ng kasalukuyang Incompetent Administration they were not invited to participate in any effort of National Government…. Dapat ini involve sila kasi tama ka, yung local government ang eksaktong me alam sa kanilang constituent..

        2. @Ruby,Julius: Sa tacloban most of the local government was wiped out, yung mga survivors either natrauma kaya di maka function ng maayos. Understandable naman yun. Point is the national government has the responsibility now and they are not doing a good enough job. Meron din naman mga towns na 0 casualty dahil matitibay at matataas ang kanilang evacuation centers(school). For that you have to commend the local government. 3 days before the storm hit they were already warned that the strongest typhoon ever would pass through them.

  125. i am entitled to my own opinion. if you can’t handle me voicing out my own opinion and you want me to believe that our government has done nothing to this mess. well, that’s irrational. the way i see it aquino and roxas are trying their best. If you think you can do better why not go there and experience it yourself, see how fast you can clean that mess and i’ll recognize you.

    1. @art!!!!????? do I have the same power and authority like them, then I will go, can you do the same given the same power and authority they have, I am also entitled to my opinion, its called political vendetta, but the victims are the electorate both who opposed and favored them. see how messy the politcs in time of calamity.

      1. Ako & others … you have the power & authority when you campaigned and elected our gov’t officials, unless you sold your votes. But if you insist that you do not the have the same power and authority like them, then did you at least donate or help in the solicitation of donations for the victims? The monster super typhoon overwhelmed the victims, including all gov’t officials who did not see such thing in the past. In the photos shown, roads were dangerous and impassable to distribute food right away. If you were there, would you really go out to distribute food and water on the 1st and 2nd day? Your injection of political vendetta is absurd and unfounded. Instead of negatively criticizing, let’s better pray, donate and unite as one and as Filipinos in this time of crisis. Set aside politics which the author should have done in the first place this time.

    2. of they are there,they should be, but the question is,are they there the soonest?mas nauna pa ung mga foreigners na sumaklolo sa mga victims, na dapat sila ung nandudun na…why give justifications to something that is obviously rotten, kaya hindi umaasenso ang bayan natin kasi lagi nating in-spoil ang mga politiko natin na kahit bulok talaga sila eh nagbubulagbulagan tayo…i am also entiltled to my own opinion, enough is enough!

    3. @ Art hijo, when reading an article, dapat di lang siya binabasa ah.. INIINTINDI dapat! andami nang tanga sa mundo wag ka nang dumagdag… Ang point dito ay ang KAKULANGAN sa aksiyong ginagawa ng PAMAHALAAN.. di sinabi na walang ginagawa ang pinaka mamahal mong administrayon.. pero kulang nga ang kanilang ginagawa and yon yung pino point out ng Issue.. so dahilsa kulang kinakailangang mag IMPROVE! double the effort eka nga, pero instead na mag bigay ng assurance na magdadagdag ng puwersa to be mobilize, ano ang ginawa ng mga Bulok na taong yan? inatake ang nagmamalasakit na correspondent at nagbigay ng sandamukal na excuses to cover up their shortcomings…

      1. naman, tapos ang mga pamimigay na mga relief goods ay may picture ng mga politicians at ang mga trucks na gamit may tarpaulin din ng makakapal nilang pagmumukha…

    4. Nobody said the government has done nothing. They are saying that the rescue and relief operations are so disorganized and lack structure that it is not efficient enough to be able to give aid to the victims. Learn to take constructive criticisms in a positive way to help improve the situation.

      You want others to recognize you and your opinion yet you won’t recognize others opinion unless they go there to experience it themselves? That’s ironic.

      Stop accepting excuses that they are doing their best. It is not good enough. You can have all the aid you need but if there is no structure no organization of the rescue and relief operations, effort,time and resource are just wasted (even Mar admits it is chaotic). It is understandable that the initial response was slow (although some towns have no casualties but 90% infra were destroyed), but 1+ week have passed and relief are still not being given to all the victims, bodies are still not cleared from the road. Ask the victims themselves if it is good enough.
      That’s why our country is not progressing, because we are content and we don’t demand more from our government. That’s why they take us for granted, that’s why they take advantage of us.

    5. Their best??? They always came into this with their own agenda. And its not to serve the country. Bumbling and stumbling. He did zero to prepare himself and he does not have the capacity. The guy was a non achiever who was not familiar with risk, diplomacy and achievement.

  126. I am from Tacloban City but I am working in Cebu. 6 days after the typhoon, my family did not received any single relief goods and to think, that day the roads are all passable. I went there for 3 days and I did not feel any presence from our own government. The government are only doing their job and following orders but NOT really helping.

    1. But in the TV, there were some Philippine soldiers helping out, and they are part of the government. Some local gov’t officials, like Mayor Romualdez, were shown helping and being interviewed saying that they were overwhelmed with the super typhoon, unlike other typhoons in the past. Anyway, it is said that “you cannot please everyone”.

  127. Who voted for these officials but us? I bet mar roxas himself got enough votes from tacloban. This is not the time to point fingers and blame the government.

    1. It was the government who started the blame game. PNoy was the first to put the blame on the gov’t officials when he was the one who assured that help was already at bay.

    2. What “blame game” do you people keep talking about? People on the ground — both locals and foreigners — report the slow pace of the government relief effort they’ve observed since 09-10 November. You’d rather have people waste away and die quietly because you don’t have a sense of urgency? Or because it doesn’t fit your narrative of “Filipino resilience” during times of crisis?

  128. You noytards can’t handle the truth that your precious president has royally f@#$ed this time. Aquino’s presidency is falling and all you noytards can do is troll here.
    Really ironic how you guys were gloating on getting corona ousted last year but now it seems that karma has bitten your president in the ass.

  129. Ano nirereklamo Ng mga Pilipino? Kayo naman ang bumoto sa mga ungoy na yan? Basta sikat at may pangalan sure winner na.

    Halata naman na hindi kaya serbisyohan ng gobyerno ang taong bayan under this corrupt and failed system.

    Kailan ba mag rerebolusyon ang mga Pilipino para mabago na ang sistema? Kahit sino ang maupo dyan, results will be the same. Baguhin ang sistema!!

  130. It’s hard to hide the truth in today’s information age. The assessment of the international media and even the Philippine media are more accurate than the Philippine government officials. How could Mar Roxas say that everything was under control when what we all saw was chaos captured by tv cameras and cries and clamor from victims for food, water and medicines. Corpses rotting on the streets. There were no rescuers in the first critical days to try to find people who might probably still alive under those rubbles. No first responders. No rapid deployment team. No plan B. I myself was so frustrated with the very slow response of the government while watching the agony of the victims on TV. The private sector was more responsive as they started to distribute food and water a day after the disaster struck.
    It’s good the U.S. military did not let any politician touch any of their relief goods. I worked for a well know politician and I still remember this disaster years ago and how we were instructed to store much of the donated relief goods in their family-owned warehouse. I found out later that the same donated relief goods were that one we were handing out during the election campaign period.

  131. I think Mar Roxas seemed a tad bit ungrateful for giving suggestions regarding what other countries should give- wait, hold the ‘tad bit’ part. The fact that those other nations extended a great amount of help, despite the fact that it isn’t their responsibility to do so,is already one great blessing.

    There is nothing wrong with admitting that you have failed to do something or that you have had some shortcomings- don’t be too defensive about it. If all of you, regardless of how difficult and chaotic it is, really are working towards the improvement of the operations being done, then there’s no shame in it. A true leader accepts mistakes and criticisms gracefully, and uses those as stepping stones towards progress. I, personally, have nothing against any politician for I know I cannot do a better job as far as my abilities are concerned. All I ask is that you, ALL OF YOU, change the strategies you’re doing. Most of you seem to be playing for yourselves, for your pride and glory, for money and for fame. Can you not play for the people in this country? All we ask (Filipino citizens) is that you give us the support and guidance we need, those that you’ve promised in exchange for our votes, our trust. I implore you dear politicians, make a stand not because you want the spotlight on you but because you know you mean well for the people in our country.

  132. someone mentioned about the Baguio earthquake in 1990. I was there. Yes it was difficult but I don’t recall extreme suffering like what I am seeing now in Tacloban. I don’t remember extreme hunger or desperation or a single sight or smell of a cadaver. I as well do not agree with pointing fingers especially now. But who wouldn’t feel anger towards the government kapag ganito ginagawa nila? I know an army officer who is now in Tacloban and even him confirmed that indeed, mbagal talaga any gobyerno. It’s like hell over there dead bodies all over the place,children not eating. Hindi biro into. Filipinos, take this seriously and analyze kung bakit
    g.anito. It’s not blaming, don’t call it blaming kasi kahit and efp
    fort natin and other countries kung ganito ang government natin- no heart, no soull

    1. I live in Baguio, and I was there when the 1990 earthquake happened. You were right, there was no looting. However, I was witness to bodies being lined up at the SLU School Center driveway three days after the quake; the smell was overpowering.

      One of the main reasons why Baguio was coordinated in disaster preparedness was that Camp John Hay (the US military base, not today’s tourist trap) was quick to respond. Baguio was isolated, but that didn’t stop the Americans from delivering goods and coordinating with rescue using their C-130’s and Chinook helicopters.

  133. Totally agree with you!!! These people do not realize the extent of damage. If that hit Manila–and thank your lucky stars it didn’t–there might have been bigger damages. No one could have possibly prepared for it, not even if it happened in a developed country, and surely, not as it happened in line of coastal towns in the Visayas. It is so much easier to put the blame on the government, for the sluggish response, for the disorganization, for EVERYTHING!!! Instead of doing YOUR part in helping out in this grief-stricken times, these people bash and discount the efforts of the people in the field.

    IF YOU THINK YOU’RE ALL SO GOOD, TRY TO BE ON THE GROUND WITH ALL THOSE AID WORKERS, WHY DON’T YOU?!?! Then maybe perhaps you might have a change of mind about efforts that are going to waste, that the government is letting these people die, that politicking is involved with all the bureaucracy going on.

    Organization, coordination., would always be key for the efficiency of anything. Why goods aren’t reaching the intended people? Remember how Leyte is strategically and geographically difficult to access without proper logistics. If roads are blocked and aren’t cleared first, it would be so hard to distribute relief. Why it has to “pass thru” the government? It is part of the coordination process! It’s okay to stop being paranoid once in awhile that “passing thru” them means they want to take credit for everything. Pag sinabi dadaan sa gobyerno, kelangan ninanakaw na agad ang para sa tao?!??Hindi ba pwede dahil gusto nila malaman ano na ang dumating para alam saan pa pwede yun ipadala? GET A GRIP OF REALITY at minsan isip isip din kasi pag may time!

  134. remember katrina, which is weaker than yolanda, in new orleans a few years back? US govt.efforts were worst than phils’ yolanda not to mention it happened in US. why? bec. this calamities are getting bigger and bigger, and getting harder to manage, to the point they all become clueless.

  135. Now that the international community has come to the aid of the philippines, the politicians and celebrities will creep out of their bunkers and want to be seen and associated with the improvement which they had nothing to do with.
    Even the international aid is being repacked to make it look as though it is from the government.

  136. The gov’t should have mobilized all their departments right after the typhoon.
    DPWH – clearing operation of the streets.
    DOH – treatment of wounded and collection of
    dead victims.
    DOTC – provided the transportation for
    personnel,equipment and food packs.
    PNP/ AFP – providing law and order
    President – hands-on leadership and
    reinforcing failing departments….

  137. Wasnt Tacloban the biggest city hit by typhoon Yolanda. So shouldnt it have gotten a lot more attention from the government starting in day 1? I understand that a lot of islands were devastated by the typhoon. But doesnt it make sense to provide immediate help in the largest area since there’s more affected people. Its just common sense and logic.

    On a side note, if the government officials and all the “napoleses” did not “kurakot” all the money from the people, there would be funding to help with the relief

  138. You know what, I have reviewed most of the comments here. Many have tried to defend the administration’s side. But, I guess we all have to open our eyes that there are alot of victims that needs an immediate as in really quick help from relief goods of food, clothing, medicines, shelter, retrieval, road clearing & arrangements of cadavers. It is very clear that our government did not do their best. We have to accept that they do not have a massive & effective plan in addressing these problems. Di na kailangan i daan sa mga politiko, in fact the president keeps on repeating that relief should be distributed in LGUS but on the very first day we already know that LGUS could not function then why do they have to insist on appying that system??? “We have no Workers on that area” as mentions by DSWD secretary.. what’s the use of the budget being relaeased by the government? employ workers even if we have to pay them then bring them all to the area and start working. at least on that day reliefs can be felt by the victims. Then thats the time the government should think of a better plan then apply.

  139. I am very much dissappointed with the way they address the problem of the typhoon victims, imagin no concrete plans, dapat bago pa lang dumating ang super typhoon gumawa na sila ng plan a, b ,or c, para incase n maging grabe ang pinsala may nakaformulate n plan on how to address those problems, ang bagal tuloy ng pagtugon tapos ang hina ng command responsibility, parang naglalaro lang sila, ano ba yan!!! wala talagang pagunlad ang Pilipinas, d kasi makatagpo ng tunay na nagmamalasakit sa mga tao!

  140. nakakadissappoint, pwede naman by air ang distribution ng relief goods pero bkit d nagawa, maybe because nais p nilang palitan ang laman ng mga donation from other countries, ginawa na naman ang air distribution of relief nong time ni Marcos at effective naman bakit d ito nagawa ngayon, ang talagang problema wala kasing concrete plans ang gobyerno, pabaya talaga, dapat bago dumating ang super typhoon may paln a,b, and c.

    1. Eto yung sinasabi ko noon nag nagka tsunami sa Japan…kung ganito ang mangyayari sa Pilipinas ay tiyak chaotic…Our govt is ill prepared to quickly respond sa ganitong uri ng kalamidad…eto na nga kitang-kita na ang kawalan ng preparasyon, contingency plans..puro lang salita. Kailan pa kaya matutoto ang mga lider natin?

  141. Can we call to the program of Korina Sanchez at murahin natin sya kasama si mar roxas tutal maghilig naman magmura si Mar nung panahon ni Arroyo

  142. Pakitang tao lang yan… bumuhat ng sibuyas at nakangiti pa sa camera ni hindi ka man lang pinagpawisan. Sana bigas or tubig binuhat mo maskailangan ng tao. Parang yon asawa mo din ang yaman-yaman tsinilas lang kayang ipamigay galing pa sa sponsor… malabo kayong iboto ko

      1. Hahaha nice one! c Korina ata yan.

        Intindihin mo ang sinabi ni Jolly bhe. Ang ibig sbhin nya dito eh isa kang mayaman at mapera pero un lng na bigay nya nd p galing sa sariling bulsa nya. hindi to tungkol sa kng may nabigay ka o wala.

  143. CNN should blame and stop the killings of people in Syria which is really done by their own government, not the Philippine government officials because what happened in Philippines was just a natural disaster and no one started it.

    1. That’s a fallacy, that’s not the issue here, CNN is a news company not Tulfo show. They will broadcast what they ough to broadcast. it’s a natural disaster and no one would ever wish for it but disasters does not have the brains and other human skills that the administrators have.

    2. Wow! What an idiot u r! Of course nobody wanted it, but what they did and are still doing after what happened are what makes everyone question and criticize! If u were one of those people starving to death, without a home and sleeping beside your dead loved ones or looking for missing ones.. I highly doubt you would still be able to defend the damn government! Kee your stupid comment to yourself!

  144. Government response is very disappointing. Mar Roxas is unable to plan a National Disaster. Scenario like this should be plan before but with lack of knowledge, who’s intension is money and pollitics, the people suffer. Ano kaya gagawin nya sa sibuyas na yan? Yan ba ang ipamigay sa nasalanta? Sibuyas ang ipamigay? I have 33 years of Aid, Rescue & Response experience, first time I see an Onion is a factor for relief operation.

    1. parang nagwiwish lang sa genie samantalang sandamakmak na ang ayuda na binigay ng iba’t-ibang bansa. Ang nagiging problema at ang mabagal na pamimigay ng ayuda sa mga nangangailangan. Kailangan pa kse palitan ng labels from imported to locally made tsaka dikitan ng sticker ng mukha ng politiko na meron maitim na balak.

  145. It’s not how wealthy or poor the country is. When it comes to calamity: all of us should be prepare. We know it’s coming. In fact, Philippine government should be prepare already. Typhoon always come and go and leave disaster in our area. Mr. Andrew said the right thing, in the other country after the calamity government should have people out already to look for survivors and death. If our Philippine Government is PRO-LiFE, We should be hurrying up to go there and LOOK FOR A LIFE not like what is happening at this moment that we are looking for DEAD BODIES because we came to late to look for someone who is alive. One of CNN report also show a person died just because he can’t wait for the rescue. A guy was interview also that time and asked what are the qualification to be evacuated and I feel mad about that guys answer. As far as I see in the news everyone are qualified to be evacuate. If they are evacuated ad fast as we could maybe that guy has been treated already, Maybe that guy is still alive. YES. Shelter, food, Medicine,and Clothes are the first thing we need. and every year also we got some help from different countries for the supplies, Philippine people also contribute to help our brothers and sisters plus the tax that we pay. WHERE THEY ALL GO?
    Another thing WHY WE NEED THINGS TO BE COMPLICATED JUST TO BE ABLE TO SEND OUR HELP TO THEM, SHOULDN’T IT BE: HELPS, RELIEFS COMES IN, DESIGNATE THEM RIGHT AWAY TO THE PEOPLE WHO ARE IN NEED THEN SEND THEM RIGHT AWAY TO THE LOCATION. SIMPLE AND FAST. that’s THE REASON WHY WE ESTIMATE THINGS, TO GET HELP FAST. if you want to watch out all the movement of all the things coming in for help, then send someone to accompany them. you got technology to record thing, USE IT. you got hundreds people in there, used them.
    TO ALL THE POLITICIAN and ARTIST. I don’t need to see your face helping others. I am more interested to see the people who are in need. And as far as we know, WHEN WE SEE YOUR FACE IN THERE, we just THINK, MR/MRS POLITICIAN/ARTIST LOOK SO HELPLESSLY TO GET SOME POPULARITY AND ATTENTION TO THE PEOPLE. Don’t you have SHAME on yourself. oh well I don’t think you do cause you are SHAMELESSLY used to it…

  146. This is only a blog site, an opinion of how Mar reacted during the interview…
    blogger must be a Binay supporter.
    cut them some slack people.
    Mag punta na lang kayo sa Villamor Air Base kung taga Metro Manila kayo, they need volunteers there

  147. our president is doing the best he can including those under him… the survivors should be patient… and use the resources they have, including common sense, until help arrives, are they infants or children? that needs adult supervision..

    1. @bluelime. please naman mag isip ka bago ka magsalita. Autistic ka ba? Among resources an cnasabi mo? Nakakainis ang comment mo para ka taga ibang planeta

    2. @ bluelime, I do not know exactly where are you coming from? Are you really watching the news footages or reading news articles at least? Almost everything in the affected areas are gone – houses, stores, hospitals, government buildings, etc. And besides most of the victims are just ordinary people whose resources are limited. They are not millionaires or billionaires like our politicians or government officials. I just hope that whatever the victims are experiencing right now will not happen to you.

  148. It only shows how puny and weak our leadership is…eto ba ang presidentiable? It’s acceptable pa on the first 2 days na di agad naka respond ang gobyerno natin, pero 3 days, 4 days, 5 days after the typhoon…oh my goodness. Ilang araw pa lumipas bago kayo nagkaroon ng plan of action? Ano ba naman yan? Nakakahiya na kayo, pinopulaan na tuloy kayo ng mga foreign correspondents sa kakuparan nyo umaksyon. Eto na sana ang big chance ninyo na ipakita sa buong mundo at sa buong Pilipinas ang galing ninyo sa leadership but you blew it. Sana may natutonan kayo dito. Sana hinde na maulit eto.

  149. panu naman kasi,,, baka siguro iniisip pa nila kung paano sila magkakakick back sa mga donations ng ibang bansa… mga walang hiya… Diyos na bahala sa inyo!

  150. it appears mr. sec. Mar Roxas that if you cant get rid of politics, you still do not have a heart for suffering humanity, whom you believe will not vote for you…tsk,tsk


  152. Ricardo Arayata Anak ng teteng Rash isipin mo naman…sumusueldo ng kung ilang libo yan, bukod sa mga tagong allowance, perks etc…may security pa yan pag short high maintenace diba? eh kung manual labor lang gagawin nyan di sana yung boy ko na lang…mura lang sweldo, walang security, hindi pa kotse.etc etc etc….
    26 minutes ago · Like · 1
    Ricardo Arayata hindi ba kawalan natin yan? kaya yung mga hinayupak na mga politiko na hahawak ng pala, walis, mag rerepak ng releif mga hunghang yan… pogi lang hanap nila at ang mga niniwala bulag hindi nila naisip na lugi tyo dun.
    24 minutes ago · Like