Presidential sister Pinky Aquino indoctrinates kindergarten kids on the art of Noynoying

This counts as one whopper of a WTF? statement coming from a presidential sister other than Kris Aquino. One of today’s Inquirer headlines screams: President’s sister Pinky asks kinder pupils to pray for her brother!

Presidential sister Pinky pumps up her audience.

Presidential sister Pinky pumps up her audience.

“Who is our brother again? You’re right, it’s Noynoy. Please pray for him because he is confronting so many problems these days,” she told the children when she attended the blessing and turnover ceremony of a P750,000 building at Buyagan Elementary School here.

Indeed, the proverbial apple does not fall too far from the proverbial tree. Aurora Corazon “Pinky” Aquino-Abellada seemingly took advantage of her being a speaker at the “blessing and turnover ceremony of a P750,000 building at Buyagan Elementary School” to impart on a bunch of kids who probably can’t tell one bozo politician from the other what may be the real point of that P750,000 dole out.

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For that matter, what exactly sort of building does P750,000 build??


Sorry, I digress. You’d of course expect a sister of Philippine President Benigno Simeon “BS” Aquino III to be one of his staunchest apologists. But to direct this laughable apologism to a bunch of kindergarten kids hands down beats all the daft antics of that other stariray presidential sister Kris Aquino.

There’s more:

Abellada said President Aquino was doing fine amid the issues hounding his administration.

“I hope you do not give credence to the bad commentaries about Noy because he is doing all he can, he gives all he can,” she said in Filipino.

I wonder if these kids are even aware of what these “issues” supposedly “hounding [BS Aquino’s] administration” are.

You can’t get any lower than this.

Kids are quick to catch the Noynoying drift.

Kids are quick to catch the Noynoying drift.

To attempt to politicise the young minds of the youth — worse, with Yellowist rhetoric — and indoctrinate them with the idea that effort alone trumps results is setting up the future generation of Filipinos with the same sort of emo victim mentality that ran the nation to the ground.

Bottomline here is simple: results.

The next generation of Filipinos should be trained to ask the simple question whenever people they thought they could rely upon come back to them with mere excuses:

Where are the results?

Filipinos’ consistent failure to ask that simple question whenever Fiesta Elections come around the corner has resulted in the Philippines’ slow but relentless degeneration into a failed state over the last several decades since being granted “independence” by the United States in 1946. Just seeing the sort of drivel being imparted by yet another Aquino sibling on the impressionable minds of the youth gives one sufficient cause for pause to take stock of the vast and profound cancer that infests Philippine society.

Is there really hope for the Philippines?

Not if mere excuses suffice to assure the wretched lot. A nation of people who fail to focus on results, quite simply, get none of it.

38 Replies to “Presidential sister Pinky Aquino indoctrinates kindergarten kids on the art of Noynoying”

  1. The aquino witches coven.

    Nymphomaniac trailer trash kris aquino, greedy thief ballsy, subservient doormat pinky , and the quiet nonentity who never speaks, not forgetting asexual abnoy aquino.

    The aquinos make the addams family seem normal.

    1. I’m a Christian, pero hindi mo ata alam ang salawikain na:

      “Nasa Diyos ang awa, nasa TAO ang GAWA.”

      You’re an embarrassment to Christians everywhere. -_-


  2. Wow Buyagan!

    Ang layo pa naman yan sa Manila. But near Baguio.

    So much for the daang matuwid for the noytard and yellow tard pips!

  3. They officially have become so desperate that they try to brainwash school children with their yellow propaganda. Not that their actions will help them since the end is NEAR for them.

  4. anong masama sa ipagdasal natin ang pangulo? mabuti nga yung magabayan pa siya ng poong maykapal sa pangangasiwa ng ating bansa.

    1. Ill-informed people like you ay wala ng pag-asang mabago pa ang Pilipinas. Alam mo kung gusto kong ipanalangin tunkol sa Abnoy na presidente niyo, sana ay tumalon na lang sa tuktok ng Malacanang palace dahil sa walang alam kung hindi ngumawa at mangurakot. Mga yellow zombies na kagaya mo ay kahit kailan nabibighani pa rin kayo ng mga magnanakaw ng mga Aquino/Cojuangco. Nanghiram ng pera na bansa para ibili ng Hacienda Luisita dahil sa pangakong ibalik ang mga lupa ng mga magsasakang kinamkam ng mga owner na Castila, ang promise na returning farmers land after 10 years (1955) di pa rin ibinalik ang nangamkam pa rin. At kung si Cory (Bruha) maraming ninakaw din, basahin mo na lang ang “GREED and BETRAYAL” na isinulat ni Cecilio Arillo.Blinded!!!

    2. Christian ako, pero it’s better to pray for the future of this nation rather than politicians.

      “Walang katungkulan ang Diyos sa PULITIKO. Kung sabagay, matagal nang nakatingin ang Diyos sa atin at PALPAK pa rin ang gobyerno.”

    3. There is nothing wrong with praying. But the point here is praying alone will not solve anything. Praying should be coupled with hard work. Just what does praying for BS will do actually? Nothing! Unless we do something about it….like dragging him out of Malacanan and stoning him to death. Maybe that is a bit overboard, just educating the masses (i. e. this site) and teaching them (i. e. YOU) how to choose the right people for the job will actually do it.

      Praying alone is plain noynoying, and to teach that to elementary school kids is just plain dumb.

  5. kung muhing-muhi ang writer na ito kay PNoy, huwag mo namang idamay pa ang mga kabataan yan. bahala kang manigas sa galit, tsong.

  6. What more can be expected from the so called “hope of the nation” anyway?

    Majority are without proper discipline, just simply liars and arrogant in asserting their purely personal interests only.

    Does anyone ever believe that when most of these children grow up they would have any concern whatever may happen to their country?

    Most of these, like the young adults now, would surely just be so worried about having the latest cellphone model, scatter their trash, urine and s**t anywhere. These alone would be extreme loads for their schedules already.

  7. “To attempt to politicise the young minds of the youth — worse, with Yellowist rhetoric — and indoctrinate them with the idea that effort alone trumps results is setting up the future generation of Filipinos with the same sort of emo victim mentality that ran the nation to the ground.

    “Bottomline here is simple: results.”

    Indeed, a morally good will and action are never justified by crappy results. The end indeed justifies the means.

  8. If Aquino is really fine…why does he needs any prayer? We pray people, who needs prayer. That is, they are in difficulties.
    By brainwashing children to become YellowTards is the worse you can do on the next generation. Intelligent children are the hope of our country. Not, mediocre or mentally retarded ones, who thinks like Aquino.

  9. They are trying to change history, from how people perceive them, to the textbook, through media, etc.

    Sad thing is hanggang dun lang, in reality, we are not much better off since Aquino ver. 1 took to power, if at all, the nation got worse. And the masa do not even have the slightest hint what this clan is doing to the Philippines.

  10. naka plano na yan lahat na gagawin nila.pero mga bata ngayon ay marurunong na.di puwedeng magturo ng hatred sa isang bata dahil lalaki itong barumbado at close minded.ano sila diyos o angel na walang kasalanan?hipikrito.

  11. walang masama na ipanalangin ang ating pangulo kung itinuturing ninyo ang sarili na isang kristyano. i repeat: kung muhing-muhi kayo kay PNOy dahil nilampaso ang bet niyo ng 2010, manigas na lang kayo.

    1. Lol, you really think that your president is great? FYI, he doesn’t need idiots like YOU to spread his propaganda if he was indeed doing his job.


  12. pakyu po, your addled brain just can’t accept defeat. just respect the majority and you’ll have your peace of mind. get real, tsong.

    1. Meh, your words are empty.
      You really should work on your insults, you moronic malacanang idiot.
      Your president is bad and you should feel bad,

    2. Uy, nabigyan aulit ng perang pang internet so totoy!

      What defeat are you talking about. He took the presidency so be it. It’s time to show how he is president, well , three years ago actually. And still, this nation remains in debt and poverty, thanks to people like you who treat every election (even if it’s over 3 years past) like a spectator sport. People here have moved on, and 3 years is ample time for him to show that he deserves to be president….which is not happening. All he has to show are blunders, rising poverty and unemployment, and ever increasing graft and corruption.

    3. Nah, you are the one who is defeated since you keep avoiding answering our questions.
      Accept the fact that nobody here will believe your propaganda.
      The mere fact that you keep showing yout retarded face here certainly shows us that malacanang is really THAT desperate to salvage Mr. Aquino’s rapidly diminishing popularity.

    1. If you think that we’re the losers, you are greatly mistaken, TROLL
      Your president’s days are numbered and you can’t even answer our counter-arguments against your stupid propaganda.

      Your president doesn’t need you losers to spread his propaganda if he was doing his job right. The mere fact that you keep getting your butt kicked here certainly shows us how DESPERATE you guys are in trying to attack us.


    2. TROLL. 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀

      Fact is that wala ka talagang maibubuga. You’re just a paid hack.

      Deal with it. 😀

    3. Feeling mo talaga sabong ang election ano, at ang pinustahan mo yung nanalo. Kaya ganyan lang ang kaya mo ma comment. Ok lang sana kung meron ka man lang idea na puede mo ibato sa amin, pero panay kahunghangan lang ang alam mo.

  13. If that’s all you can throw at us,TROLL then you are just wasting your time and just proving to us how much of a real LOSER you and your president is.


  14. Just when you thought they are smart. I didnt realize til this article that stupidity runs in their family either or that or it is a very smart ploy to make it appear the tres marias are all about innocence, family values and sainthood… whatever. And she is a mother. Is that how a mother talks to little kids? If I was in that class, my answer would have been Jesus! He is our Brother and Savior. I would have scratched my head thinking why is Pnoy my brother? He is our President. A brother to me is someone you can talk to, run to, at the least TRUST. In my opinion, the better approach would have been leading a sincere prayer for a better country so that children like them can have a better future. I think that’s commonsense. You don’t tell kids that they need to pray for someone else because they have some serious issues. You teach kids to say a prayer of thanks and to seek the guidance of angels. The first thing that came to mind after reading the article was Matthew 7:15 “Beware of false prophets, which come to you in sheep’s clothing, but inwardly they are ravening wolves.”

  15. “But I tell you that anyone who looks at a woman lustfully has already committed adultery with her in his heart. If your right eye causes you to sin, gouge it out and throw it away. It is better for you to lose one part of your body than for your whole body to be thrown into hell. And if your right hand causes you to sin, cut it off and throw it away. It is better for you to lose one part of your body than for your whole body to go into hell. (From the NIV Bible, Matthew 5:28-30)”

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