Comparisons to Hurricane Katrina are Excuses for Incompetence

When Anderson Cooper of CNN reported that help was slow in coming to people in the provinces battered by Haiyan, the government and its supporters immediately went on the defensive. Instead of coming out with admissions of some lapses in leadership while reassuring that help is coming, they instead came out with defenses of their slowness. One of the more common defenses they came out with was, “look at Hurricane Katrina, they were slow too, some victims waited five days before help came. So don’t criticize us because we are slow.”

A capture of TV personality Korina Sanchez' purported take on Haiya relief efforts. Even if it may not really be her, the fallacy in this statement is just too glaring.

A capture of TV talker Korina Sanchez’ take on Haiya relief efforts. Even if it may not really be her, the fallacy in this statement is just too glaring.

OK, let’s do our homework now.

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After Hurricane Katrina hit, many people died and response was slow indeed. But here’s something the apologists don’t mention: the response to Hurricane Katrina also received much criticism. In fact, there is a report by the Homeland Security Department of the United States which concluded that the emergency response to Katrina was a failure and the criticism was well-deserved (you may find the report here, along with another relevant report here). President George Bush even apologized for the slow response. So what are the apologists saying… if others were failures and slow, then it is all right for us to be failures and slow?

The headline says it: Katrina response efforts deserve some flak

The headline says it: Katrina response efforts deserve some flak

Disaster preparation in Tacloban was actually done, I’ll give them that. But it seemed that personnel underestimated the storm’s strength. It doesn’t help that several times, Tacloban had been hit by powerful storms in the past and thousands of people died. The lesson should have been learned there. Perhaps for the future, hopefully, it will be.

Thus, it is a current expectation that delivery of help to disaster areas should be rapid. Slowness deserves criticism. People who use this “Katrina defense” are in effect saying that we should accept mediocrity and incompetence.

Bus Hostage Crisis Blooper

I mentioned that the Bus Hostage Crisis in 2010 was the main predictor of how the government would act in any emergency situation. That proved true after Typhoon Haiyan. Remember that after the incident, the Department of Justice came out with the famous IIRC report that admitted failure and suggested key steps to make corrections after the incident, similar to the Homeland Security report on Katrina. Even the Hong Kong government supported it.

Unfortunately, the report was junked, and that infuriated Hong Kong. The junking of that report seemed to carry the same mentality as the current reaction on Haiyan/Yolanda – it’s the fault of the local people, not ours. The principle of command responsibility was deliberately tossed out.

Something that reminds us of the way our current "authorities" handle emergencies

Something that reminds us of the way our current “authorities” handle emergencies

I also remember this big blooper. Remember when a Filipino flag was draped on Rolando Mendoza’s coffin. Flag-draping is an act of honoring the person as a hero. But the guy in the coffin was no longer a hero. He became a terrorist, a murderer. Thus, the flag should go.

But making things worse was then-Senator Francis “Kiko” Pangilinan’s asisine statement on the flag-draping. He said, “We ask for China’s understanding in that we live under different systems and what may be prohibited and banned in their nation may not be so in ours.” Oh, so he means honoring criminals may banned in China, but is a tradition in the Philippines (perhaps it is with the crook-as-hero movies of the 70s and 80s)? That was a big blooper which sent a message to the world: that Filipinos may actually be defending wrong and immoral practices.

You see that? That was an attempt to justify a wrong action. This is similar to using the Katrina response failure to defend one’s own failure.

Perhaps this reflects one of the bad practices of our people; when we have a failure, we look for another failure to make us feel better. But we almost never try to rectify the error. I forget what they call this; scraping the bottom of the barrel or going for bottom dollar to justify their incompetence (somebody else might know the right idiomatic expression for it).

It’s really bad when people use the wrong example for justifying their actions. But that people in government do this means that we have always been in serious trouble. We have bad leadership (if you could call it “leadership” at all). And there, people died because of it. How many more will after this… I hope none.

But Who’s Complaining?

Now let me clarify something.

The government uses a strawman argument. Many apologists believe the critics were criticizing the relief efforts. But no; they were hitting the government’s all too obvious lack of leadership. Also, hitting Cooper for telling the truth about the situation on the ground was infuriating. It was a low blow. Cooper was only reporting how it looked from the ground. He did not even criticize the government. So Korina Sanchez’ and other apologists’ reactions were based on a really weak strawman argument.

A friend was saying on his Facebook wall that the military had been prepared in Tacloban, but the storm was so strong, it washed away fuel and other supplies, so help had to come from Metro Manila and other bases. True enough, I’ve been hearing turboprops overhead (the air transports) since the day after the typhoon struck. Relief efforts were going on… but the government people had to ruin it with their glib and careless answers to reporters’ interviews. Those answers were a strong giveaway that they did not know what they were doing.

This “sssshh, tumulang ka nalang” campaign is a classic in fallacious thinking. First, it was based on something that the supposed critic actually didn’t say, and it tries to silence people from delivering much needed criticism and expression that educates people on properly calling for true service from government. It thus suppresses freedom of expression, and thus is a clampdown on our democratic rights.

And note this observation from a colleague of mine:

It is a recurring theme – or nightmare – in the media’s coverage of the Yolanda aftermath: Roxas complaining they had no trucks; National Defense Secretary Volt Gazmin complaining there was no transport and communications infrastructure; Social Welfare Secretary Dinky Soliman complains that there was nobody around when they arrived; President Benigno S. Aquino complained that the local government units were unprepared despite their warnings and that the first responders were absent in the immediate aftermath.

National government officials were complaining that others weren’t working and blaming them for the disaster – even if these others were probably wiped out by the storm. In fact, the national officials may be among the first to complain and throw blame. So the “ssshhh, tumulong ka nalang” and “stop blaming” lines should be told to them.

An illustration of Hurricane Katrina; how governments handle disasters defines their competence or incompetence

An illustration of Hurricane Katrina; how governments handle disasters defines their competence or incompetence

And don’t forget Benign0’s point: roads were bad in the province and there were few military assets to deploy, simply because the current national government neglected necessary development in these areas.

So here’s the question that should be asked now: who’s really the first to complain and blame? Also, the point should be said in the flesh: if Hurricane Katrina relief efforts were criticized, and rightly, according to Homeland security, then our own government’s Haiyan efforts should not be shielded from criticism either.

71 Replies to “Comparisons to Hurricane Katrina are Excuses for Incompetence”

  1. The next ounce of humility out of the President and his cohorts will be the first ounce in three plus years. I said this before and I will say it as long as Mr. Yabang Yellow torments me with his impostor leadership. Like you mentioned there was some accountability in the Katrina event. Not so here. Everybody is chastised for not agreeing with the omnipotent one. The guy was never potent to begin with.

  2. “…ssssss sh, gumising na tayo!” These idiots, Aquino and his gangs, are looking someone to blame, for their failures. They cannot accept responsibilities. They are more worried with their political images. Than, the rotting bodies and suffering people in Leyte and Samar. Their incompetence is incurable already. Their mental faculties have reached maximum already…sagad na…wala ka nang magagawa. That is all they can do.

  3. Incompentent idiots, every single one of them. thieves too! throw them in the garbage. I do not have to mention who I am referring to and everyone automatically knows. Whatta hell-hole.

  4. In this country, nobody is responsible for anything. Accountability is always thrown out the window. One of the major departments I personally feel is accountable in this tragedy is the PAGASA. They failed to properly warn the people about what a storm surge would be like for fear of being an alarmist. Even the Japan Meteorological Agency described Haiyan as ‘violent’ and that the effects would be ‘catastrophic’ days before it hit Philippine shores. But did PAGASA ever echo that to the LGUs? People’s lives are wasted due to the lack of proper education on security & safety, sense of urgency in saving or preserving lives and genuine concern for the Filipino. In the end it all boils down to leadership (from the President down to those agency heads he appoints), competence and accountability.

    1. Agreed. When the international media asked Pnoy why response was not quick enough, he blames local government. No one wants to own their responsibilities.

  5. Totally agreed on this.

    One of my friends have his disagreement about Anderson Cooper’s report, stating that his POV is based on American standards. That’s unfair if you ask me.

    During the Hurricane Katrina disaster, he was already there and he even confront the politicians there because the response is also slow. And since Americans can accept criticism unlike Filipinos, well, you know what happened.

    At least Bush that time made an apology.

  6. Try this one for size… I’m from San Francisco (Born & Raised). There, so long as I can remember, we experienced Earthquakes very very frequently. Most were “tremors” but one, in 1989, scared the shit out of me. Here’s the thing. In the San Francisco Bay Area, because we live in a place which is PRONE to Earthquakes, education on the subject of and what to do during and after is mandatory starting from a very young age. When the Loma Prieta Earthquake struck, the entire population knew exactly what do to during and after. That being said, it was Game-One of the World Series which saved thousands of lives (most poeple stayed home to watch the SF Giants play the Oakland As). SFO experiences far less (significant) Earthquakes and Tremors than the Philippines does Typhoons. So how is it that SFO was, is & will be prepared for “The Big One” yet the Philippines is far from being prepared for any Typhoon (of any size) which occur with such regularity that you can set your watch by it? That’s a rhetorical question but you get my point… The Fact is, no matter what Aquino and his Student Council say, it is abundantly clear that they do not know what to do before, during or after a sever weather event or any disaster. In the past three years, as this article points out, we have heard the same thing over and over again; “now is not the time to criticize”, “we will learn for this and do better next time”, blah blah blah. And for some reason unknown to me, people still eat the shit that the palace is shoveling! To make matters worse, that cheese-dick-yellow-ribbon-retard STILL has the audacity to pass blame on the victims in Tacloban and its local government!

    NO comparison! NO excuses! Aquino, once again, has and continues FAIL!

    1. IT IS SIMPLE: the FAIL-IPPINE government knows that the rest of the world will come to the rescue and so it REFUSES to pay a single centavo from the Malampaya fund, the PDAF(pork-barrel fund) or the newly minted DAP, the SCUMBAG politicians would see any money taken out of these funds as spending their own money to save their fellow-countrymen, and they can not do that. Even the fact that it is not even really their money, that is how they see it. They will never say it, but that is the way it is, let someone else pick up the tab and let the MASSA die. To the politicians they are useless drek anyway.
      Make no mistake, the POLITICIANS are SCUMBAGS and are responsible, and as such should be strung up, PRONTO!

  7. why do Filipinos always had reason and compare? What happen in Katrina is different. Our govt priorities are all construed. Admit you blunder and face the music.always making excuses. What happen to Personal Accountability. Paano mayayabang.

  8. Great insights, ChinoF…personally, I don’t really expect some kind of superhero’s act from our idiotic government. Yolanda is the strongest typhoon in the whole world …….I think it would have baffled and challenged any government (more so an idiotic one). But the point is, we didn’t see any urgency and grief from our idiotic government. Their demeanor, reactions, and words were simply full of********

    Aside from the fact that they keep on wearing yellow on TV, they keep on blaming the local government units (each time BS Aquino does this, the international media probably wonder if Tacloban is part of the Philippines).

    Just a few minutes ago I watched a video of BS Aquino in Tacloban. Yes, finally he is in Tacloban. This was a suggestion made by Ted Failon on DZMM. It’s amazing how our cabinet secretaries kiss the ass of Failon. (Crucify me again for listening to that station)

    Anyway going back to BS Aquino’s video, the summary of his message was about working together (FINALLY). I can’t really quote his whole idiotic message but this is a line that hit me. According to BS Aquino “….pag nagalit na ako…..” (in relation to working with the other local government units in Tacloban) “…..idadaan ko na lang sa sakit (o asim…I’m not sure about that) NG SIKMURA!” but I’m sure he said the word “SIKMURA”

    Please BS Aquino, that kind of message is really inappropriate for a town with people STARVING. We, as unaffected and merely viewers of the aftermath of Yolanda, should not even joke about hunger and starvation. We will never know what hunger is unless we have lost everything and we haven’t eaten in TEN DAYS!!!!! I’m sure, Mr. President, you have no idea what hunger is!

    My appeal is simple: MR.President, if you want us to stop criticizing you, ACT ABOVE OUR EMOTIONAL QUOTIENT and SPEAK ABOVE OUR INTELLIGENT QUOTIENT. Then may be we can shut up!

      1. @ jetlag807

        thanks and go ahead…I don’t need to be quoted and recognized…I just want the whole world to see how idiotic our government is!

  9. Lesson that needs to be learned. PERSONAL ACCOUNTABILITY must be stressed to all this incompetent DAMUHOGS. HEADS HAD TO ROLL AND BLOOD HAD TO BE SPILLED for people to change. Since Corruption and Dysfunctionality is already on the Core of Philippine Society. I think we need A Civil War for this is the only way. NASA SISTEMA NA at mahirap na Galingin. IF You heard , SA AKING PANAHON By Ray Valera. LISTEN TO ITS LYRIC. Tragic and Sad. Kudos to Rey for composing that song.

  10. Man and typhoon victims cannot live by incompetence alone, and people can no longer stomach the asinine statements from pnoy and roxas, or the constant diet of propaganda being peddled from yellow shirted hypocrites.

  11. So I was trying to be “positive” over the weekend and promised to be “positive” again this week… until I read the PDI report of Noynoy’s speech…. still telling people that the LGUs were first responders… He still doesn’t get it 🙁 oh and the “sssshhhh tumulong ka na lang” infuriates me. On the contrary, silence on the tragedy is the bigger crime. Thanks for calling out people on that god awful meme…

    1. “sssshhhh tumulong ka na lang”

      Yep. This is god awful. This is also a way to be arrogant and refuse to make change…

        1. @ Grace

          You are a classic example of someone that has an EQ and IQ lower than Bull Shit/Blatantly Stupid Aquino (BS Aquino)!

          What makes you think we aren’t helping? Teach that peewee brain of yours to think harder. Helping is more than just giving out donations and relief goods. Unless, your idol is that media-irritant, Kris Aquino, …then helping is sadly just constrained within the parameters of donating and telling the whole freaking world about it.

          Sad to say, your peewee brain cannot comprehend the real situation. I am posting the link to Kris Aquino’s website so you can just click on it. Your EQ and IQ would be more fitting in that shallow and useless website!

          Cheers…BIG SMILE 🙂

        2. @ Grace

          Oooooops, I meant “right niche” But I doubt if you’d understand that as well!

          Cheers and big smile 🙂

    1. Oh no indiot. It’s your presidente de patola the one who should resign. He has done nothing but blame games and credit grabbing. Oh and rappler is a very biased media like abias-cbn. You think we’re very stupid on believing their lies?

      1. aquino and pagasa already warned the cities concerned BEFORE THE STORM ENTER THEM that huge casualities may occur. but look at the aftermath of the storm. did he really prepare?

        1. And yet he has a trillion peso DAP in which he should have spent ever since he sat his ass on malakanyakanyang for preparation of disasters like what happened in Tacloban.

    2. @Obvious malacanang tw@tface
      Wow, your attempts to troll here are getting more and more pathetic each time.
      Your president should resign if he knows what’s good for him.
      The people will not tolerate another grand f**k up like this one.

      Are you really serious on using rappler as a reference?
      Are you really sure that propaganda filled website is really credible?
      Wow, just wow, your stupidity never fails to amaze us here.
      FYI, we have the right to complain on your president’s ineptness to lead the country. There is no point in telling us otherwise.

      1. what propaganda? maria ressa’s and her teams’ reputation and credibility is at stake in what you said. why don’t you ask her audience?

        1. TROLL. 😀

          Don’t you know that Maria Ressa is a former ABS-CBN reporter and an Aquino apologist?

          Why don’t you ask her? Or maybe you’re just TROLLING. 😛

        2. Stupid excuse is stupid. Theres no way we’ll believe any of your propaganda, Stupid troll.

          Face the truth you mewling quim, your propaganda is not going to convince us here.

        3. You really think rappler is credible?
          Bitch, you dumb.

          I hope something you love catches on fire.

          Troll harder, stupid quim

        4. Hey Kathniel, if you get Roxas and Aquinos dick out of your mouth, you will see things clearly. You are a fucken tool of that gang of idiots in office. Blame everyone including the Americans who have saved your country’s ass on numerous occassions. Your type is why your country is in shambles. Filipinos in general are smart, but instead of capitalizing on the opportunity to be America’s closest ally, your crooked government hasnt. Why? Because if you do, our media will exposed them for what they really are, a bunch of thieves! Aquino is involved in the Pork Barrel scandal! No way in hell, that something like that can happen with so much money involved. So your type tries to keep the USA away. Japan who attacked us in WWII knew they had to be our allies to succeed and they are alot stronger in many ways over the Philippines. Filipinos in government are ignorant and thats why you are a 3rd world country. When in reality Philippines should be a strong nation. How you let Japan and South Korea surpassed you is insane. Change your ways and I can assure you, you can regain your status as one of Americas closest allies but the people need to get rid of the filthy scumbags that continue to humilate and destroy your country and your rights. Its time to stop letting the scum rise to the top.

        5. @ PROUD AMERICAN, you are correct…the Filippines could have been a major world player but the thieves have seen to it that the money was stolen, all of it!
          50% of GDP, every year , just magically disappears from the GOCC’s tax collections, the revenues of the tax-payers and foreign aid. AT LEST 50% of all money collected by the government is STOLEN, every year and it has kept the filippines in the gutter as far as medical facilities, education, infrastructure..etc,etc,etc…it is just a DISGRACEFUL bunch of despicable thieves running the country down into the sewer. Philippines is on par with Bangla-fuckin-desh when it should be on par with Singapore/Japan, it is a FACT!

    3. You are a loser, kathniel. The war against nature takes years of preparation, not one day, not three days. BS aquino abolished the disaster fund remember??? If it weren’t for the American government, death toll in Tacloban will continue to rise.

      Government to take over? The Philippine government cant do anything; 3 C-130s, 1 warship that doesn’t look like a war ship? You are one of the many people why Philippines continue be seen as foolish by other countries.

      1. the Fail-ippines is an International Laughing stock, but it should not be. Decades of thievery and all around S.E.Asia the reputations of Filipino’s is that of conniving scumbag thieves, and it is all because of the people running the government.

  12. Now this one hit the nail in the coffin. Here’s something for those aquino apologists and asslickers. From Showbiz Government:

    ‘Alex Ramil Aguel posted

    Typhoon Sendong (2011 – 1000+ dead) – “Dont blame the government, stop the criticism instead dapat tumulong ka. Anong nagawa mo para tumulong?”

    Typhoon Pablo (2012 – 1000+ dead) – “Dont blame the government, stop the criticism instead dapat tumulong ka. Anong nagawa mo para tumulong?”

    Typhoon Yolanda (2013 – 2500+ dead) – “Dont blame the government, stop the criticism instead dapat tumulong ka. Anong nagawa mo para tumulong?”

    Exactly the reason why this government never learn, because of this kind of mentality and level of thinking.

    “Criticism may not be agreeable, but it is necessary. It fulfills the same function as pain in the human body. It calls attention to an unhealthy state of things.” – Winston Churchill’

    1. @domo the last info ay nasa 30K na raw ang patay. Kaso nag dagdag bawas sila kasi gustong palitawin na kaunti lang ang patay.

    2. so people should stop criticizing the government for doing noting, yes? OK, then the politicians should not object when the Senate/Palais is being overrun by marauding hordes of pissed off typhoon survivors looking to take their frustrations out on people they have paid to do something, but haven’t yes?
      Let the show begin!

  13. I can’t believe the arrogance of this president! What will make him shut up and admit his mistakes instead of passing the blame onto someone else? I no longer want another people power revolution, but if that’s the only way to make that guy shut up, then let’s do it!!!

  14. aquino and pagasa already warned the cities concerned BEFORE THE STORM ENTER THEM that huge casualities may occur. but look at the aftermath of the storm. did he really prepare?

    1. if he admits his mistake, the people will easily forgive Him because he is loved by many. he will not abuse the people’s affection.

      1. “if he admits his mistake, the people will easily forgive Him because he is loved by many. he will not abuse the people’s affection.”

        Nice TROLLING, bitch! 😀

      2. “he is loved by many”
        You mean to say people that are stuck in lalaland like YOU.

        No matter what you post here, nobody will swallow your propaganda hook, line and sinker.

        1. it is not just Aquino, it is all of them. Every single one of them.
          Show me an honest filipinine politician and i’ll show you a guy who gets shot on an airport tarmac or a guy who drowns in a small plane.

      3. @kathniel:

        His mommy is loved by many not him. I cant remember him having achieved something significant in 3 years as president. Can anyone here remind me what has “changed” so far?

        Oust the chief justice for corruption? Nah… senators got a higher pork barrel in return for voting him out.

        I cant seem to think of anything significant to the POOR. I bet the value of their bank accounts have changed!

    2. According to the applicable law and to common sense, if a storm especially as strong as Yolanda is expected to affect multiple provinces, it’s the national government (the national NDRMMC) that’s in charge as the LGUs may not be equipped to handle the situation. So what you should ask is, what did Aquino do besides warning the people to evacuate on national TV?

    3. Look at the aftermath of the storm. He is now seen with Mar giving away bottled water. Is that really what us, taxpayers pay him to do?

      Really this idiot finds even the smallest way in which to appear as “doing something”. Which makes me wonder, who the hell is running the country now, that he is in dispose giving away relief goods?

  15. A painful lesson those in government should always have in mind, that there are people more knowledegable than them who could be invited to help in any given situation ASAP in case of emergencies, WITHOUT STRINGS ATTACHED. FORGET POLITICS WHEN IT’S LIVES AT STAKE, POR PABOR…GET THE SPECIALISTS IN THOSE FIELDS, WE HAVE PLENTY!!!

  16. How dare this bitch Korina Sanchez, compare what happen in New Orleans to what happen in HER country! This whore is clueless! Not only has she and her idiot husband have insulted the filipinos who have suffering but she insulted the USA, the only country that has always supported the Philippines. Let me remind this stupid cunt, that in 1898 the U.S. freed and gave the Philippines independence from Spain. During WWII who rescued YOUR country from Japan? Who has shipped American jobs to YOUR country? Who has intervene when China has tried to bully YOUR country over territorial rights? Who has always been a friend of YOUR country during disasters? You dumb cunt, Its been the American people. Unlike Filipinos who forgive, Americans do forgive, but we dont forget. You and that piece of shit husband of yours better start apologizing and start focusing on helping those who have suffered instead of complaining from an air conditioned studios. As far as your so called President, that idiot is too busy playing video games and counting the money in his bank account from that pork barrel scandal that him and his buddies could have used to help those who are suffering. Its time to get rid of all those crooks in public office who only care about themselves. If another disaster strikes, and it will, and you still have these clowns in your government, then you all deserve it. Sorry to be so blunt, but if there are no changes, history will repeat itself. Korina, you are a dumb bitch and after you apologize you better shut the hell up, and disappear, you poor excuse of a woman. One more thing, and I am sute I speak for most people….F*UCK YOU WHORE BITCH!

      1. My heart is fine, Im just telling the truth. At least I have a heart, unlike that bitch, her clueless idiotic husband of hers and Bull Shit Aquino. Insult the Americans and I can assure you, the filipinos will regret it. Dont take our acts of kindness as weakness. That bitch, her husband and the rest of those pieces of dog shit who “run” or support the filipino government need to shut up, stop stealing from the poor or get ousted like Marcos government. Its time for a change, tothe people of the Philippines, open your eyes now!

        1. I agree with what you wrote here Proud American. I hope your message gets forwarded to the trio – Sanchez, Roxas and Aquino.

          BS Aquino had the heart to say that condition has been getting better in Tacloban. WTF! Ofcourse, the condition is better now, the Americans had landed.

          He gave out 500ml of water in front of the camera, while the American soldiers gave out 4 gallons. He is more concern of his image as president.

          Politicians continue to fool the Filipino people. And the Filipinos have always been foolish in choosing their leaders. They didn’t vote wisely. They like lousy leaders on board. Do you think he would win the election if he’s not an Aquino? He doesn’t have the backbone, always blaming others. He’s been the president for 3 years now and he still blames the opposition. What a piece of shit!

        2. I got ya. I highlight though the conflict of interest between Korina’s being a journalist and being a politician’s wife. And I do recall there are similar examples in the U.S.

  17. Tama na yan..let us all contribute to address the problems confronting us as a nation.There is strength also in cooperation and unity especially in face of disasters!

    1. How do we address the problems confronting us? It is easy to be very broad.

      The filipino taxpayer, pretty much are doing what the country expects of them, even in the face of graft and corruption. That is why most of them are pissed!

      Cooperation and unity for what exactly, and how would it relate to the calamity?

    2. Address the problem??? In the Philippines the only way to address a “problem” is by ranting about that problem using social media. If Andersoon Cooper hadnt criticized the lack of government visibility, would BS Aquino show up to distribute 500ml of bottled water? No, he would be tuck in bed,snooring.

      He has an image to maintain so if it trends in the internet.

      Wake up!

    3. The right way to contribute to address the problems is to KEEP ON CRITICIZING until the government does the right action. Such as, return the disaster preparedness item to calamity funds.

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