The Latest One Million People March: It’s Aftermath and Its Lesson in Division

We have again another wave of people flocking into another major thoroughfare (Ayala) in protest of the Pork Barrel scheme, or is it more about the Napoles Pork Barrel scam? Let us try not to get confused. With such a wide range of participation ranging from T-Shirt vendors to the supposed “original” #scrappork organizers, what is more prevalent in the social media in the following days was the supposed hijacking of the latest Million People March (MPM). Indeed being a consolidation of sorties would eventually result in a myriad of colors ranging from yellow to red. Some seem to be more irate than the others saying that a call for ouster or resignation wasn’t the intent of the rally. But who is to say which belongs where when it looks to me that everyone seems to have been invited to the party. This supposedly being a democratic exercise, you would think that everyone was free to come in his or her own costume and effigy.

Despite the noisy lessons in division, I would think that the rally was about the abolition of the Pork Barrel and all of its variations that may include the Disbursement Acceleration Program (DAP). What is good about these democratic exercises, no matter how nuanced they may be is that they do raise such an awareness that our levels of sophistication has increased. People are more aware and discerning of the practices of government; the latest being that DAP might or might not be Pork. There are simplistic notions that if it smells like pork and tastes like pork, then it must be pork. Notwithstanding, the admission of the administration that the DAP could have been misused, makes it subject to similar flaws that is noted from the original pork which I wrote about in my short blog “The Pork Ball From Different Angles”.

Besides the distractions, scapegoating and public lynchings that is being dished out at the public, the administration with no less than the President is being called to account. The public could not help but be annoyed about his arrogant responses to the ramifications of his possible faults. This attitude could only backfire at him as well at his cordon of allies. With so much division being noted in these recent rallies, what is undeniable is the indication of the Liberal Party’s eroding political capital. Trust is in high demand and the president’s cache is fast being depleted.

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What is more worrisome is the lack of a coherent response from government in ways that would assuage the public’s desire to be heard. It is clear  that the citizenry wants all forms of qualified pork barrel to be scrapped. It is clear that the President has the ultimate responsibility to make good on his promises of “Daan na Matuwid” that is centered on the eradication of systemic corruption. This of course includes corruption and all its instruments being the pork barrel. In my last blog entitled: “Million People March: 4 Clues as to Whether or Not we are Actually going Anywhere”, the evidence of traction could be seen if our movement is progressing along its steps. These steps go from the general to specific. Namely Principle, Policy, Process and Procedures.

I am quite happy to see that people such as Inday Espina-Varona has been trying to sustain the movement from MPM through the use of the social media. The agenda tends to be clearer when they are stated rather than implied. It also gives a semblance of traction by bringing the issues to proper debate.

While I am not one with those who are calling for the President’s ouster (yet), I also believe that the President needs to face the issue head-on. We have done ousters and impeachments before and we’re still in the same corruption riddled state after twenty-seven years! I am not sure that this drama even works. Even with a celebrated impeachment we were not able to eradicate corruption. I was really hoping we could actually get somewhere by now, and so was the promise of B.S. Aquino. Sincerity is marked by action, rather than words. I am sure that if we were able to abolish pork barrel in this administration it would be a heralded achievement that could redeem his eroding popularity. It is time for our people in government to either step-up or step-down lest our concerned citizens occupy another major thoroughfare soon enough.


62 Replies to “The Latest One Million People March: It’s Aftermath and Its Lesson in Division”

  1. I’m for Aquino’s ouster because I can’t find it in my heart to trust a president who spent the first half of his term utterly destroying the country’s democratic institutions for the singular purpose of waging an irrational and bitter war of personal vendetta, and who promised to take us to heaven but who took us to hell instead. We give second chances to those who show remorse and the commitment to amend their ways, which this president does not even hint at considering his arrogance. Of course, though, I understand that we are in a democracy, and if majority of the Filipinos don’t want him to go, there’s nothing I can do about it. I just have to distract myself every day and continue believing that one fine day, all evil men will be vanquished.

    1. @Chrissie

      The dictator BS Aquino is also a very dangerous man because he corrupted the lower house and the senate. The legislature is his rubber stamp. He is still trying to control the judiciary and the other machinery and instrumentalities of the State. I too am for the ouster by resignation or criminal conviction of this political monster!!!

    2. I know that I want this guy out…but what if they have Binay to take over then? Yikes!

      I am quite reluctant now that I think over it. We’ve had many impeached before, only to find ourselves under more terrible ones.

      How about oust the whole administration, the whole congress, whole senate…in fact, the entirety of their circus! Things will never change until these goons are out of their games.

      Solution: I am hoping some gun-crazy loons/anarchists-not-paid-to-do-it would get their way in the presidential buildings and just shoot ’em all up.

      In this way, this would stir things up- and will cause these goons fear and trembling that will make them absolutely compromise to our angry despairs.

      I know this sounds awfully over-the-top, but I believe this is now our only ultimate answer to resolve this forever-and-ever showdown of these clowns.

      P.S. I hope that any crazy gun-crazy gov’t hating guys out there do shooting ambush like how they do it in a Michael Mann movie, “Heat”. Hehe.

  2. We must wear yellow shirts in the next big march that will happen. With that, we tell the president that we need him to abolish the pork completely.

    1. Are you kidding? I’ve never worn anything yellow ever since Aquino became president (even as early as when he decided to run for president); never even used a yellow hanky. I’ve never trusted him. It’s not just about the pork barrel, though I’m all for scrapping it. Aquino should resign.

        1. @ Ilda, he doesn’t know. Actually he doesn’t know anything at all, he just follows the herd to the slaughter. These idiots are what’s keeping this nation decades behind what it should be. I wish they could just be erased.

        2. “mark my word. PNOY will never resign as chief executive”

          Of course he won’t. Resignation as a chief executive, takes a lot of honor and delicadeza, tons of compassion for the Filipino citizens, and a functioning moral compass. Things which Pnoy doesn’t have any of.

        3. Haha, this troll is really that desperate to get humiliated here isn’t he.
          He really thinks that we’ll listen to his Yellow BS.

          The only thing he’ll get here is humiliation, he better quit his hopeless cause since his propaganda is very ineffective.

        4. “we all have opinions. but the majority of Filipinos have the final say, not you.”

          (Fact: what you have said is ‘the majority of the MANIPULATED and DECEIVED Filipinos have the final say, not you.’)

          (Sorry if we’re not drinking the Yellow Kool-aide unlike you do.)

        5. Agree. Knowing how bullheaded, or should I say, pigheaded, BS is, hell will freeze over before he gives up Malacanang. He firmly believes all the propaganda spewed by the fawning likes of valte, lacierda, carandung, quezon, and the whole yellow caboodle. Dense much?

          Solution: read christy’s post.

        1. …and stupid (laughs shallowly on pranks that is, well, shallow) just like in Despicable Me.

          But aww, the ones in the movie are way cuter and forgivable than the (despicable, ahem) yellow minions we have in the country, lols 😛

        1. (Nope, but more of a try. Why? Because your a paid Malacanang hack who keeps on dividing the people.)

          (Deal with it.) 😛

        2. Nah, I wouldn’t wear yellow since it is the color of FEAR, COWARDICE and WEAKNESS which your gay lover in malacanang is so fond of wearing. Besides, your president is already wearing something yellow….his underwear! LOL

          TROLL HARDER

    2. The only March where Noynoy would be a VIP and even Grand Marshall would be a ____ Pride Parade . I know one thing . The color at those things ain’t yellow .

  3. Aquino and his cahoots are now trembling inside. They see an unfolding of EDSA in their midst. Aquino cannot answer the Pork Barrel scam. Because he used Pork Barrel to buy the shifting loyalties of opportunist politicians.
    What we need is a French style revolution. Bring back the French Guillotine. And, let us cut the heads of these Politician scums of this nation, at Plaza Miranda in Quiapo. Drag Aquino out of Malacanang, kicking and screaming. Then, burn him on the stake. He is a plague like the bubonic plague.

    1. “Aquino and his cahoots are now trembling inside. They see an unfolding of EDSA in their midst.”

      Let’s be honest here. The million man (LOL) marches were another example of Filipino fail. It was just a bunch of people, mostly from the smartphone generation, pretending to have an important moment in Philippine history.

      You’ll need more than a bunch of angry bloggers and Facebookers having a picnic to come close to EDSA type fear.

      1. Aquino EDSA was full of “hakot” demonstrators. They allied themselves to the Catholic religion, because of the Land Reform implementation of Friar lands. Two political opportunists, like Ramos and Enrile, were also there; to push their own agendas in grabbing power. Unfortunately, they were not able to do so.

  4. I think what is actually needed is changing our rally tactics. Just crying out “Resign (name)” would not help if these same guys who set this one up would replace him with another fool.

    I think that when we call out for his resignation, we should either: accompany it with the slogan that says to have a new leader (specify name you wish to call out) who is deserving of this position or give them blood-chilling threats if ever they replace this last fool with a Binay/or the rest of PNoy’s cohorts.

    By just simply crying out “PNoy Resign!”…this is already desensitizing them from our angry pleas. Too tame for them. Let’s spice things up like how the people of Iceland did to their own government.

    Have fake guns/carry bats and such and pretend we’re really out there wanting their arses kicked out of Malacanang would be some game-changer. I swear if people do this, rather than holding prayer rallies or just simply doing it the usual tame ways will NOT EVER get them scared and get forced to agree with our demands.

    1. many will defend pnoy so the thing you are suggesting is next to impossible. take a look a kris aquino, which is all over the commercials. isang iyak niya lang maniniwala na ang tao kasi totoo siya sa mga sinasabi nya. stop that hopeless cause of yours.

      1. take a look a kris aquino, isang iyak niya lang maniniwala na ang tao

        That’s proof that the Aquino-Cojuangco clan could be using emotional blackmail to stay in power.

      2. (And you must stop this hopeless cause of yours because it adds nothing more than YELLOW PROPAGANDA.)

        (Your cause is just TROLLING. Keep on lying since you enjoyed yourself being EVIL).


      3. (Right, because you admit that Filipinos are stupid and gullible. They never use their BRAINS and they use EMOTIONS instead.)

        (She’s the one who ruined James Yap’s life. And that, TROLLFAG, is a FACT.)

        (Deal with it.)

        (Deleting your SPAM-fillled comments will be the greatest thing EVER.) 😀

        1. Not all Filipinos…dude…however, most of them. Kris Aquino will just open her legs…and votes will flow to her.

      4. “Many will defend pnoy”
        Oh really? Then can you tell us why his TRUE trust ratingis dwindling rapidly?
        why does he keep hiring idiots like YOU to defend him?
        Face it, your president is already doomed to fall and the truth is that idiots like you are only speeding up his downfall by spreading pathetic propaganda.

      5. Kris”iamaslut” Aquino doesn’t deserve pity for what she did to her numerous ex-boyfriends and 1 ex husband.

      6. Pfft yeah right kriSTD a.k.a. the biggest bitch in the whole fliplandia. We’re not watching telebasura to just believe her showbiz-like fake cries you dummkopf. Btw malaki ba ang binayad sa iyo ni carandung? Balato naman o.

      7. “take a look a kris aquino, which is all over the commercials. isang iyak niya lang maniniwala na ang tao kasi totoo siya sa mga sinasabi nya.”

        Hypocrisy, thy name is kristd errr…kris aquino!

        Gullible harold…kawawa ka naman!!! lol!

      8. harold you forces me out of my lurker mode.

        Your right harold, am not surprise the majority of the failipinos believes what ever Kris endorses. Failipinos aren’t called the most stupid nation for nothing. Its just a manifestation of who really the failipinos are. STUPID!

  5. Defend Pnoy? What a load of bull crap!! Ano siya, hari?

    What is the pint of dragging Kris Aquino in the discussion? You really believe what comes out of her mouth? “He gave me STD, huhuhuhu” believe that now?

    I kid you not, the Aquinos and people like you brought this country decades behind since 1986. You are not worth calling Filipinos, or humans for that matter, lemmings pa puede.

    1. This troll doesn’t even realize that lemmings are just like the yellows, they follow the aquinos till the lead themselves to fall off to their deaths.

      The poor troll doesn’t realize that he’s outgunned here.

  6. (My fellow subjects, here is the truth about the one who is named ‘harold’:)

    (‘Hi guys, my name is harold and I’m just here to TROLL on everyone. I’m a proud Abnoy cocksucker and always get a paycheck from Mr. Ricky Carandang, all for the sake of DESTROYING this site and even this country. I love being stupid and make all Filipinos stupid just like me and my gay lover Abnoy! Hey, GRP losers, get to me LAWLAWLAWL’ XD)

    (And then harold would never reply back. Why? Because what I’ve said is accurately 100% TRUTH.)


      1. Although, he isn’t that close to destroying this site, he couldn’t even make a single dent in this site’s armor.
        He’s like someone attempting to shoot a peashooter against a large gundam.

  7. May I suggest to the moderator to either warn and/or delete the ridiculous yellow malacanang trolls from their divide and rule game. Wish we could do the same in the coming rallies… Police our own ranks and get rid of the yellow followers of perdition who are doing divide and rule as a malacanang tactic just like they did in Cebu. Thanks and more power!

  8. To the one called “harold”. You share that backward mindset like the rest of the ilk in that sheltered Malacanang Palace.

    My mother just came back from the Philippines today. Hearing about how much my relatives back home barely bringing home some bacon isn’t all something you’d want to hear.

    I am often now hearing relatives and friends getting cancer, getting heart attacks, blah, blah…and all this depressing shit. Then, what used to be my old hometown now crowded with commercial buildings (Talamban, Cebu), now gets floods over there.

    Now, is this the shit you wish to hear everyday? Even though I don’t live there anymore, at least I have enough empathy to call out the injustice done by those who supposedly run the country. There’s flooding all around the city centres over there.

    Now, why can’t PNoy and his admin ever prioritise in even developing a smart sewage system as it is causing my relatives to get real sick?…it really makes the whole damn place so damn unsanitary!

    Oh wait, you think it is impossible. But damn, it is in every way possible for a piss-poor man with no exceptional credentials, not innovative, but because he’s got the name “Aquino” already earns him leadership.

    He’s no Lee Kwan Yew. Not even as determined and idealistic as a Mahathir. Not endowed with Protestant-work ethic values…believes in the same old Spanish catholicism where hard work doesn’t necessarily warrant you to get to heaven. And I bet he also hates Jeremy Bentham (utilitarianism).

    So this is who “harold” finds admirable in this president. A nobody other than his aristocratic connotation of his family name, and has a showbiz personality for a sister.

    To “harold” go dump your head some more with your shit, and perhaps get yourself educated with Max Weber, Anthony Giddens, and Lee Kwan Yew on how a leader should run a country.

    1. Not gonna happen. “Harold ” has had a long presence in GRP under many names. Just like all throughout history there was Satan, Lucifer, Beelzebub , the devil,.

      1. He definitely had a long list of names that he used here that got vanquished by us GRP peeps.
        He certainly is a persistent idiot isn’t he?
        He still couldn’t take the hint that his propaganda isn’t working at all.

  9. I was watching Jessica Soho’s State of the Nation on GMA channel 15. Some senators have all the nerve to say that the PDAF and DAP are constitutional. They are preempting the Supreme Court on this. The PDAF and DAP are conduits of massive graft and corruption plus money laundering. So do you believe that a people’s initiative to abolish PDAF/DAP is feasible? Down with the yellow political monster in malacanang!!!

  10. Another EDSA 3 right, if this were to happen this would be our 3rd revolt. Its gotten to the point where things like this happen predominantly with country without fail all the time. How many people do we need to remove in government and then put in another corrupt official? I sometimes read these post, but lets be honest, this is banter without action being taken, we post our hatred our cries and annoyances of this so called government daily but is there any change? At this point in time, to peacefully put an end to the corruption is impossible, sacrifices need to be made if we are to REALLY do something. It is times like this sacrifices need to be made, even if it that way leads to violence, then so be it.
    We try so hard to structure ourselves like the west as a country but yet we really dont make ANY changes or even try to improve or build on to the idea. Look at Saudi Arabia for instance, I watched a documentary about the country, they can conduct themselves in a fair manner, the government officials are even willing to listen to them, publicly! Look at us, we have this false idea of hierarchy. For example in UST, how many times do I need to be treated like a child when I approach a professor who isnt willing to put me at the same level as them? In the states at least their is that mutual understanding as equals rather than inferiority. This is the exact thinking, no ideology that we cling on to for so long, how are we going to advance ourselves if people still follow the old Filipino mentality? Up to now students in UST have to run up to a billboard just to get information, we already have things like the internet or eleap available yet the school does nothing to enforce it on the professors or students. Things like this I cannot understand, you have the tools and materials yet it is never used, its pretty much garbage at that point. I only site this as an example, if their is corruption in government their is corruption in our school systems and security.
    To be honest, I’m so ashamed to call myself Filipino, I try hard to understand my culture but from what I see around me, what is the point. No changes are being made, and they were to say come up, the country throws it aside like trash. I cannot emphasize how much I feel about how we are at this point. For me, if I had the power, I would hang all those corrupt officials publicly to state how we cannot become like these self-centered people, I can care less about my own wellbeing and sanity. If get get caught then might as well be martyred. Either death or violence, peace has been constantly used here as a form of protest…where are we still now?

  11. This essay is from a guy who is supposed to have credentials and be a ‘go-to’ guy for advice/consulting?

    When he states that he is not even sure if the MPM/EDSA rallies of past and present work, and then states the obvious: “after 27 years we have the same corruption riddled mess”, he has answered his own question, and does he even realize it? (the answer is a resounding: NO, the MPM/EDSA’s do not work.)

    It CAN be difficult to see things for what they are the first time around (unless you are a ‘string-puller’/person of power or a discerning historian who theorizes correctly) and especially when swept up in the emotional turmoil of events from 1983-87. But after seeing what has happened in the merry-go-round of people/criminals being put on sham trials, trials that exonerate everyone of wrong-doing and the guilty skip off with their fortunes only to pop up again and again on the political landscape in a different office/capacity/duty and to keep the populace just as screwed as they were 27-35 yrs. ago, if not worse, and then make the brainy statement: “I am not even sure if this drama works.”, begs the question. Who is the author and why would anyone ever pay for his consulting services?

    1. Exactly! Why ask questions that we may ALREADY have an answer too. We know its happening but if we are here to just acknowledge that these things happen from a day to day basis then why talk about it all. Most of these people already know what needs to be done, however if its just here say and we dont act on the idea then its pretty much useless. Look at these people for instance, Malcolm X, Washington or Jone of Ark, these people saw oppression and took it upon themselves with action. Their enemies oppressed them and mistreated them and yet they used violence to counteract violence. People in power who see us do the same peaceful protest for the last 27 years give the country false promises and no guarantees of change. If you want achieve or goal, you will achieve it by ANY means necessary even if it means sacrificing almost everything you have. This goes for any situation. PEOPLE CANT ACHIEVE ANYTHING IF THEY CANT SACRIFICE. This is not directed by you Gerry by the way.

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