Pnoy Dares Critics To Impeach Him

cached pnoy impeachAs of this writing, an article titled “PNoy challenges critics to impeach him” which appeared on the ABS-CBN News website can’t be opened and if you really want to bother with reading this latest Presidential brain-fart, you’d have to go to retrieve it from Google Cache.

Given the run of things (a number of web-pages from the Manila Standard exposing an alleged meeting between Pnoy and Janet Lim Napoes before her surrender), there is some cause to suspect that the Ayala sponsored army of Malacanang trolls/hackers patrol may be up to its dirty tricks again.  Then again, that is assuming that the ABS-CBN’s news website needs to be attacked in order to take control over one web-page to keep it from being spread on social media.

Whatever. Who cares.

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But what I really want to get to is, what is so bad about President Benigno S. Aquino III daring his critics to impeach him?  Well, despite having mobilized the usual social media personalities to describe Senator Jinggoy Estrada’s Privilege Speech on PDAF as a dud, his revelation on what is now dubbed as “Secret Pork” or the Disbursement Acceleration Program ignited a gigantic firestorm that Malacanang’s Top Spinmeisters are struggling to put out.

Hindi na tuloy nakapagtataka ng kumalat ang balita na ang mga kongresista at mga senador ay inalok din ng PDAF para siguraduhin ang impeachment at conviction ng dating punong hukom ng korte suprema.

“Hahayaan ko na ang taong bayan ang gumawa ng konklusyon kung ito ay totoo o hindi, pero ito ang aking maidadagdag sa kwento — after the conviction of the former chief justice, those who voted to convict were allotted an additional 50 million pesos as provided in a private and confidential letter memorandum of the then chair of the senate finance committee. Saan galing ang pinamigay na pondo? I am sure alam ni secretary Abad ang sagot sa tanong na ito. At sigurado din ako na hindi unilateral decision ni senate president Drilon ang pamimigay ng 50 million pesos kada senador.

“I maintain however mr. President that i stand by my decision in my vote to convict the former chief justice and assure our people that i was never influenced by this incentive which came after the fact.”

Malacanang is trying its absolute best to lead people to believe that:

One. The money given to senators and congressmen for the conviction of Supreme Court Chief Justice Renato Corona WAS NOT A BRIBE.

Two. The manner in which money was to senators and congressmen (which was sourced from unused government funds from various departments) is legal and did not violate any government regulations on the use of public funds.

While the first one may be easier to talk one’s way out of, but the second one is pretty difficult to wrangle out of — if it is true that the manner in which the funds were “re-aligned” goes against regulations.

Thing is, Senator Miriam Defensor Santiago and Senator Joker Arroyo called the DAP illegal.

Sen. Defensor Santiago points out that DAP may be illegal if it is proven that the funds were taken from slow-moving projects and therefore were not savings:

Sen. Miriam Defensor Santiago said that the scandalous DAP (Disbursement Acceleration Program) is illegal, because it was not contained in the 2011 or 2012 budgets; and because alleged savings were used to augment new budget items which was not previously authorized by Congress.

The senator said DAP violates the constitutional provision that: “No law shall be passed authorizing any transfer of appropriations; however, the President, . . . may, by law, be authorized to augment any item in the general appropriations law for their respective offices from savings in other items of their respective appropriations.”

Santiago said that the Constitution allows fund transfers, only if there are savings, meaning that the project was completed, and yet the appropriation was not exhausted; but there are no savings if a project was merely deferred.

The senator said it appears that DAP funds were taken from alleged slow-moving projects. If so, no savings were generated, and therefore the DAP is illegal.

Sen. Arroyo points out that DAP is a creation of the Department of Budget and Management and this is illegal:

“This DAP is a creation of the Department of Budget and Management and being a creation only of the department, that is illegal and disbursements of DAP would also be illegal. [The DBM] has no business issuing or forming this DAP because they cannot do that without a supporting law,” Arroyo said at a news conference in the Senate.

“The DAP involves money so to disburse that they must have the authority (to do so). Nowhere in any of our laws and any of our general appropriations act does it appear that DAP was created at all with the sanction and support of Congress,” Arroyo added.

One of the grounds for impeachment is the culpable violation of the Constitution and so, Pnoy being Pnoy answers thus:

President Benigno Aquino III reiterated that the release of funds under the disbursement acceleration program (DAP) is legal and challenged critics to impeach him over its alleged misuse.

“Isulong nila kung palagay nilang nasa tama sila. Pero kakabasa ko lang sa Constitution, merong authority sa savings to put to other uses basta nandoon sa ating budget,” Aquino told reporters when asked for his reaction to reported statements of former Senator Joker Arroyo and Senator Miriam Santiago that DAP is illegal.

Aquino also denied using the DAP as a means to bribe or reward senators for voting to convict former Chief Justice Renato Corona.

He pointed out that Corona was convicted in May 2012 while funds under the DAP were not released until October.

“So meron bang bribe after the fact?” he said.

Yes, Mr. President, the payment of the bribe can happen either before or AFTER an act is committed.  Timing of the payment is not what really defines bribery.

liar liar hair on fireBut what is really appalling about President BS Aquino III’s challenge to be impeached is that it comes AFTER THE FACT that senators and congressmen have been proven to be PLIABLE under Malacanang’s hands given the right INCENTIVES — 15 to 50 million incentives.

So, if it was easy enough to railroad the impeachment of Ombudsman Merceditas Guttierrez and Supreme Court Chief Justice Renato Corona with the power of pork (secret or otherwise), how hard can it be to thwart an impeachment with the same incentive?

Not hard I guess… unless the callouses on the faces of our congressmen and senators somehow fell off.

53 Replies to “Pnoy Dares Critics To Impeach Him”

  1. bkt pa kailangan ng impeachment?

    sa dami na katiwalian sa bansa na naiwan ng nkaraang administrasyon sa tingin nyo ba kaya agad ma ituwid ni pnoy yan sa unang termino nya!? xempre hindi… bigyan natin ng pagkakataon si pnoy na patunayan ang kanyang kakayanan bilang pangulo ng bansa…wag tayo masyado mapang husga…

    1. @adam!..are you freak?..what you want us to do ? just kept silent..while until now walang ginawa ang malacanyang kay napoles? bakit napaalis nila si corona at si napoles ay hindi? Ni wala man lang kaso naisampa laban kay napoles hanggang ngayon, dahil ba ayaw ng malacanyang, senatong at tongreso na maibulgar ang pagnanakaw nila?…bwisit!

        1. 3 years na at wala parin napapatunayan ang palpak mong pangulo.
          3 years na rin at lalo lang humirap ang bansa natin sa ILALIM ng pangulo MO.
          Don’t even try to link the past administration to this mess since it will not work here.

          Your master’s time in malacanang is running out….

      1. this is really getting murky by the minute – unauthorized disbursements to the tune of billions of pesos cannot just be brushed aside and pretend it has not happened! tila ginawa nilang kanila yung funds at kung saan-saan at kani-kanino nalang binigay!ANO BA YAN! at nagdunung-dunungan pa! Sorry po Mr Pres pero hindi bagay. Listen to Sen Santiago, Father J Bernas, Sen J Arroyo and Father Aquino of San Beda – mali po ang pagrealign ng PUBLIC FUNDS ng walang APPOVAL ng Congress. Inari niyo ng lahat ng funds from all departments at dinistrubute niyo nalang kung saan-saan at kani-kanino! Hmmmp!TSK! TSK! TSK!

    2. Adam, ilang taon na ang nakalipas. Walang significant na achievement na nagawa si Aquino- lagi lang siya lunod sa ‘blame games’ niya at pagtago sa likod ng mga tauhan niya at ng kanilang matatamis na pananalita. Mas marami pang nagawa si GMA and FVR at this point in time ng termino nila as president, maski sabihin natin na may korupsyon na nangyari. Siyempre hindi nila aaminin yun pero if you will do your research, you will agree.

      Binigyan na natin siya ng maraming pagkakataon. Tama na.

        1. None of the accusations that have been hurled at GMA has been proven, adam. She’s under hospital arrest only because the crime she’s been charged with is non-bailable and the judicial process in this country takes forever (unless the president orders that it be expedited, as when the judge issued an arrest warrant after 3 hours from the filing of charges, despite the tons and tons of evidentiary documents that had to be read, to stop GMA from flying out of the country), but as I said, they still can’t prove anything. As for Aquino, his crimes already have incontrovertible evidences this early in the day.

        2. Hoist adam! Magkano ba napakinabangan mo sa illegal pork barrel na galing sa Malacanang?

          Doon rin ba galing ang sinesweldo mo para sa mga propaganda mo dito?

          BTW, pera ng taumbayan yan. Pinapakain mo ba sa pamilya mo yan?

          Natiklo si BS Aquino…puro BS kasi!

        3. @ Chrissie, poor girl…GMA had to return to China after the ZTE deal went bad, why is that?
          it was ‘alleged’ that she had taken a 10% cut/kickback on the deal up front. That amounts to about $35,000,000.00 or about 5-7 suitcases full of Philippine Peso’s or 3-5 suitcases of Chinese Yuan. Ask yourself: Why would the President of a country have to go to a country because a business deal failed? That she ‘allegedly’ had taken a 10% up-front kickback/cut on? What is the President of a country doing brokering a business deal with private foreign corporation to begin with? and finally dear, Why would she not let those suitcases she personally had to carry back to Beijing out of her sight? HUH? do you need to have everything spelled out for you?
          The helicopter deal is yet another OUTRIGHT theft where the rule of law was walked up to and because someone did not sign one document, a crime was not committed?(the pseo’s were taken and not returned and the sale was completed as agreed to). Tell that to someone else, OK? You need to wake up li’l one, smell the coffee as they say. If you think there is an honest politician in the Philippines well maybe you also believe in the ‘tooth-fairy’ as well?
          The country will never be rid of these creepy scumbags because the people who really run the country will not allow it. Just ask the Egyptians how their ‘Arab-Spring’ is working out 2 1/2 yrs. later, OK?

        4. Bjorn, please read my comment again. Nowhere did I say that GMA’s not guilty of anything. I just said that nothing’s been proven, which is all that we can really hope for as we can’t possibly know everything in this world. That’s why it’s said that ultimately, only God can really judge all of us fairly because He’s the only one who knows everything we did or did not do regardless of whether there are physical evidences for these or there aren’t, and only He knows what’s in our hearts.

        5. @Cgrissie, I did read you comment and it seems that it is Pro-GMA, if I am in-correct it is not for lack of understanding the English language.
          A single point is missed by a lot of people and that is: Every single member of the gov’t. in the Fail-ippines is corrupt in at least three different ways, GMA is no exception. Aquino, Estrada, Marcos, Enrile, Drilon, Binay, Honasan, Santiago, Arroyo the joke, Legarda and all the rest of them are thieves and are Enemies of the people. They should be ousted by the people. BUT Seeing as this WILL NEVER HAPPEN, it is best to just leave the country and NEVER GO BACK! Ousting them will be bloody as the powers that are behind them are even more treacherous than anything the politicians of the Fail-ippines are capable of, believe that.

        6. I’m not pro-GMA or pro-anyone for that matter. I don’t think that way coz I know that no one among us is infallible. I do have a thing for justice, though, so I don’t want to condemn anyone or assume that I know what they did or did not do even if I don’t have solid evidences.

    3. katiwalian ng nakaraang administration?… mi na convict ba? hanggang detain lang wla pang prowebang convictionb… corruption noon? alam kong meron pero kung pagbabasiahan ang garapalang bulsahan ng pera ng bayan mas grabe ngayon… katakot-takot ang ibinunyag na halos lahat ng nasa gobyernong aquino, parang mga gutom na buwayang nag-aagawan.

  2. Sometimes the look and act of abnormality or autism can fool you, they may be dumb but have a talent in certain criteria like finding oneself using the power as a puppet master, I like the show and my favorite is pin head. My other favorite is the leach woman, an asian who spit leaches and suck the blood of her opponents. Anyway this show really really reflects these pinoys in the govt. Tonneler, Blade, Pinhead, Leach, and Torch.

  3. Adam, nagbubulag-bulagan ka ba o di ka lang nagbabasa o nakikinig ng balita? Di mo ba naiintindihan ang mga nangyayari sa bansa natin ngayon? Wag sana tayong magpaloko nang harap-harapan at wag kampi lang nang kampi. Maawa tayo sa bansa natin….

    1. naintindihan ko. ayon mismo kay pnoy,

      “Ang average annual budget sa halos sampung taon nilang pamamahala, nasa isang trilyon kada taon.”

      Ulitin po natin: hindi bababa sa 836 billion pesos, at maaaring lagpas pa sa one trillion pesos. Gaano kalaki kaya ang nawala, ang ninakaw, ang pinaglaruan, ang ginamit sa transaksyon upang manatili sa kapangyarihan”

      1. walang hiya mga arroyo ito trilyon ninakaw. tahimik ngayon ang mga tauhan ng nakaraang administrasyon sa sinabi ni p noy. ibig lang sabihin nun, may alam sila dito.

        1. (Source for the record or what you’re spouting is none than HEARSAY, mewling quim. :P)

          (Sorry, take your Yellow Propaganda and troll on somewhere else. I know that clown named Ricky Carandang has your paycheck.)

        2. Another troll that completely misses the entire point.
          Geez, are they becoming dumber each time they show here?
          They really should realize by now that they are only making their bald master’s reputation a lot WORSE with their stupidity.

      2. Don’t you get it, adam? He’s at it again… his blame game, only this time, it has become painfully obvious that he’s doing it because he’s desperate. Imagine, he’s at the center of such a horrendous scandal, accused of culpable violation of the constitution and bribery, and charged with plunder by a group of citizens, and instead of answering the allegations point by point, he talks at length about the “same sins” allegedly committed by the previous administration 3 years ago? Isn’t it obvious that he’s hoping that the Filipinos’ extreme hatred for Arroyo will rally them again to his side, as it did in 2010 and thereafter?

      3. “ayon mismo kay pnoy” Really, adam? Basta sinabi ni pnoy tama, gospel truth? Kaya tayo kayang-kayang lokohin ng communications team ni Aquino, at ng ABS-CBN at Inquirer, e and dali nating lokohin. Mag-isip-isip naman tayo… Yung mga alegasyon ni Aquino kay GMA, wala pa silang mapatunayan hanggang ngayon, tatlong taon na nilang sinusubukan. E yung akusasyon kay Aquino, hindi pa siya ini-impeach, ang dami nang pruweba, at klarong-klaro pa. Ang issue natin ngayon ay si Aquino. Wag tayong magpaloko dahil iniiba niya ang usapan dahil di na siya makalusot!

      4. “Ang average annual budget sa halos sampung taon nilang pamamahala, nasa isang trilyon kada taon…. hindi bababa sa 836 billion pesos, at maaaring lagpas pa sa one trillion pesos. Gaano kalaki kaya ang nawala, ang ninakaw, ang pinaglaruan, ang ginamit sa transaksyon upang manatili sa kapangyarihan?” – Aquino

        Ah, alam ko na. Parang ang ibig sabihin ni Aquino sa mga salitang ito, “Mas malaki naman ang kasalanan ni GMA pagdating sa paggamit sa di tama ng kaban ng bayan kaysa sa kasalanan ko kaya di niyo ako dapat ipako sa krus.” Tough luck, Mr. President. It doesn’t work that way.

        1. Chrissie,

          This “adam” seems to be yet another stooge of the malacanang miscommunications group. Just keep hammering him with strong facts against his flawed propaganda and that should finish him off.

      5. ayon mismo kay pnoy, hehehe. si BS sumulong na naman. “boy sisi” as per jojo robles. sabi ni blackagar nga, nasan source mo ng allegation na yan? si jinggoy may paratang na may katibayan, si abad at drilon mismo nagconfirm, e yang kay BS? nasan ang ebidensya?

      6. Adam, hindi ito contest kung sino ang may pinakamaraming na kulimbat. Ang point dito ay may korapsyon na nangyayarki gamit ang PDAF at DAP. Yun lang naman eh.

        1. (Siyempre, Noynoy cocksucker iyan ayaw niya lang aminin.)

          (Ipapatay ko siya pag tumapak siya sa kaharian ko… :D)

  4. “The senator said it appears that DAP funds were taken from alleged slow-moving projects. If so, no savings were generated, and therefore the DAP is illegal.”

    why is it illegal? whats the law that prevents that?

    instead of pronouncing this and that as illegal, how about actual arguments?

    1. So GabbyD, I won’t be suprised if you’re one of those who still favor pork barrel. Which friend or relative has sucked you into BS Aquino’s rhetoric? Karma is looming over BS Aquino and his supporters’ horizon.

  5. Don’t mind GabbyD, Paul. He’s a congenital point-misser.

    GabbyD, RTFA and try to use your goddmaned brain even just once, ok?

  6. LOL! That last line is Priceless Farol!!! Bravo!

    The callouses on those hardened criminals are so deep as to be permanent. BWAHAHAHAHA, they care not what anyone says and answer to bigger authorities than the Filipino people, even though they shouldn’t, they do!…

    and that is a bigger part of the entire problem. Change the head of state and the new one still has to deal with the same master the last one did, how sad it all is!

  7. Has anyone ever heard the saying “If that guy was any gay-er, his hair would be on fire!”, where did you guys get that picture? HIDEOUS, I love it!

    1. that guy is so paranoid he walks around with 10 bodyguards. He is so well liked, huh? it is funny actually, I would not trade places with that guy for all the money in the world. To have to watch my back every time I went to have dinner somewhere because someone I screwed over has me in the cross-hairs of a high powered semi-automatic weapon? Uh, no thanks. It doesn’t take a lot of money to live well, it takes brains to know how much is necessary to live well, that’s all.

  8. kaya pala hindi maramdaman ng mga filipino lalo na sa mga poor ang sinasabing pag-angat sa economy ng pinas kasi hindi napunta ang pera sa proyekto kun di sa bulsa..

  9. It would be a tactical mistake to try and impeach the dictator BS Aquino. He controls the senate and the lower house. He has numbers on his side. Better to file more plunder cases against Mr. Aquino. He can escape impeachment and civil suit. But… he cannot escape criminal cases of plunder that carries with it the penalty of life imprisonment!

  10. If it is true that we are his boss, and we want him to resign now, then he should just resign. Spare us all the drama.

  11. Do not feed the trolls


    In Internet slang, a troll (/ˈtroʊl/, /ˈtrɒl/) is a person who sows discord on the Internet by starting arguments or upsetting people,[1] by posting inflammatory,[2] extraneous, or off-topic messages in an online community (such as a forum, chat room, or blog), either accidentally[3][4] or with the deliberate intent of provoking readers into an emotional response[5] or of otherwise disrupting normal on-topic discussion.[6]

    1. Gee, thanks for the info, Ryex. Didn’t know that coz I’m an Internet dummy. (I’ve been wondering what a troll is….)

  12. We don’t need to impeach him. He controls the three branches of government: Legislative, Executive and Judicial. with the Lopez Media and some journalist scum, as his propagandists.
    We need to drag him out of Malacanang, kicking and screaming. Then, burn him on the stake.

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