8 Most Used Pro-Noynoy Comments

In the period just after Cory Aquino’s death in 2009 and after Benigno “Noynoy” S. Aquino Jr. III announced his Presidential candidacy, there emerged a phenom in Filipino cyberspace which has been called by a number of names.   They’ve been called many names, but the most popular one that stuck and is still in use today is the “Noytard Army”.

I haven’t come across solid evidence at all that there really is an “army” of people whose main mission is to pepper posts on Facebook and websites with comments that appear to annoy people who say anything against Noynoy.  Some people claim that the Ayalas, through one of its companies, funded or are still funding several seats in a call center type of operation that would do nothing else but harass Noynoy’s critics.   No one has come forward with actual proof of this, but my own experience tells me that if there isn’t such an operation funded by one of Noynoy’s supporters, there is at least an organized group whose main task is to spread the same bunch of inane phrases in defense of Noynoy.

bribery after the factFor a while, such comments haven’t been appearing on any of the posts on GRP, but lately I’ve caught a few on one post in the Pinoy Buzz Facebook Page.  It seems there is a resurgence of these Noytard phrases and they started appearing again just a few weeks before the DAP controversy erupted.  To me, at least, it indicates a balls out campaign by the Aquino Administration to silence its critics on the internet.

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Over in Tanggulang Demokrasya, Dwayne Anderson listed 8 of the most common inane phrases that Noytards post as comments and to me, this indicates that a group of people are drawing from the same “script” — like what they have in call centers.

1. Ano na ba nagawa ninyo sa bayan? (Translation: “What have you done for the country?”)

2. Gaano ba kayo kalinis? (Translation: “But how clean are you guys anyway?”)

3. Mali lang ang nakikita ninyo. (Translation: You are seeing the wrong thing.)

4. Hindi biro ang maging Pangulo. (Translation: “It’s no joke being a President.”

5. Sino naman ang plano ninyong ipalit? (Translation: “Who do you plan to replace him?”)

6. Napakagaling ng ating pangulo, bakit hindi ninyo nakikita? (Translation: “Our President is really great, why can’t you see that?”)

7. Magaling ang kanyang magulang, kaya magaling din siya. (Translation: “Our President’s parents were great, that’s why he is great.”)

To Dwayne’s original 7 phrases, I’ve added another one which is:

8. Napakatalino nitong (blogger, admin, etcetera) na ito, tumakbo ka kaya na pangulo sa 2016 para makita natin kung mahihigitan mo ang nagawa niya? (Translation: Why don’t you run as President in 2016 and see if you can do better?

There is no single best way to counter such phrases and there’s really no point in doing that because they’ll just come back at you with the same or slightly different phrases.  Over all, the best tactic is just to deny them the venue for posting their comments by banning them and deleting their comments.

22 Replies to “8 Most Used Pro-Noynoy Comments”

  1. Those pro dictator comments made by the noytards are both tragic and funny. It just goes to show that they want to perpetuate a false “good” image of the dictator BS Aquino. The name of the game is spread the lies over and over again and they appear as the truth. The downside is you cannot fool all of the people all of the time.

    1. That ugly side was always there. It is just more visible now because of his exposure plus even he is realizing that he does not have the intestinal fortitude to lead the Boy Scouts let alone a nation.

  2. Pro-Noynoy comments like those mentioned are always used by those sheeple on facebook. They don’t even realize that those propaganda style comments are too flawed to have any substance against the truth.

      1. Yet he wins the “Best Costume of All Years” anyway, because the “judges” are a 15 million bunch of yellow zombies. With special mentions and consolation prizes going to various demonspawns in Barong Tagalog/formal suits.

  3. I have a question for the noytards… Janet Napoles is cutrrently under detention in distant Fort Sto. Domingo. Her detention cell is isolated and she cannot associate with any other prisoners. She is alone, denied private doctors/nurses and/or visitations from her family. The SAF must have a no fraternization policy. Is this not cruel and unusual punishment?

  4. Mga kapatid meron pa akong nababasa na sinasabi ng mga abnonoytards:

    1. Siya lang ang seryoso sa pagsugpo sa corruption. 😛
    2. Best president daw.


  5. mgay Yellow Fever na tuta , tumahimik kayo at hwag magbulagbulagan…nakita ninyo na ang lahat ay galing kay Abnoy…abuso ng bayan,,,[protektado lahat ng corrupt sa gobierno niya..Gisning na.

  6. My co-worker use these pro-noynoy comments whenever there are arguments about BS’ leadership. Ang nakapagtataka ay hanggang doon lang ang sinasabi nya at di na nya malagyan ng substantial follow-ups ang pinaglalaban nya. I guess pareho sila ni noynoy, puro furious at grandstanding speeches pero walang depth.

  7. ..some of them are my friends and I respect their opinions as they respect mine. undeniably, Pnoy has a mandate and an enormous number of supporters. Pinoy army maybe real as those who are geared-up to destroy him by all means are also real. The noytards logic are shallow and based on loyalty and patronage; but nevertheless should be considered, for there are still some truth in them.

  8. they should have at least worked on their scripts further to make it more believable, then again that’s what we expect from this group, pure brain dead logic

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