This Little Piggy Went to the Palace…

The chatter on social media that erupted over the surrender of Janet Lim Napoles seemed very much like the roar of a lynch mob.  It’s pretty much a given that the constant stream of “news” about the details of Janet’s supposed involvement in the alleged P10 Billion Pork Barrel Scam has gotten a lot of my friends on Facebook condemning her ahead of her being charged and tried in court.

lacierda-napoles-surrendersIt seems that while many are demanding that Janet be made to answer for allegedly stealing billions of pesos from government or debating passionately about the legality of making her a state witness, not enough people seem to have noticed that she was arrested for  illegal detention — which is actually a different crime from kidnapping and abduction. (If you want to look it up, go to Kidnapping and Serious Illegal Detention at Dr. Jovito R. Salonga Center for Law and Development and Difference Between Info’s “Abduction and Kidnapping”)

Perhaps, like Corona’s impeachment, what mattered most to the crowds screaming for blood at that time was the public humiliation and the pageantry of the farcical trial that ensued.  It was plain old street justice dressed in taffeta robes where the accusation was the evidence, the trial was governed by a mish-mash of half-understood rules, and the outcome wasn’t determined by principled judgement as much as the largess of bestowed by transactional politics.

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Looking back on the Corona Impeachment, I think another thing Yellow Army members can’t get their minds around is the irony of their position now as they call for the scrapping of the pork barrel system.  Corona was impeached and convicted by PORK.

Moreover, without Pork Barrel funding, there will be little or no way to stave off an impeachment complaint against President Noynoy Aquino  in congress should one be filed.

noynoy caught with hand in the jarThing is, what the Aquino Administration looks like to me right now is a monkey caught with it’s hand in jar.

Given all the accusations thrown at Napoles, I’d think that if there is anyone who can considerably unravel the network of corruption in government, it would be her.

Assuming this, I think Aquino has the key to really make good with his campaign promise of eradicating corruption.  If only they can keep themselves from trying to manage and control Napoles.

Just to give you an idea of the extent of what Napoles I hope will unravel, I’ll re-post a Facebook status update from Kris Ablan, whose father is a congressman:

Not to defend my dad or any congressman or senator for that matter, but this PDAF scam is bigger than them. It involves dozens of regular government employees at all levels. To get the “check” you need a lot of paperwork. And who gets this done? The congressmen? No. They’re just one signature. This scam involves people in Batasan, DBM, COA, DPWH, and DSWD to name a few. It’s the little guys who do all the work.

If we want to get anything from this ordeal, it’s for Mrs Napoles to reveal all her contacts in these agencies.

Ang congressmen at senador napapalitan. Pero ang appointed government employee may security of tenure.

What this underscores is the fact that the backbone of the network of corruption in government is more likely comprised of little known members of the bureaucracy who’ve been in position for decades and are experts in the intricacy of government transactions.

Another thing about this is that it tends to run against what Atty. Raymond Fortun said on Facebook against the idea of making Napoles a state witness:

Let’s assume there are 23 congressmen who dealt with Napoles. Assuming that each congressman turned over their entire Php70Million to Napoles’s bogus NGO’s, and the “deal” was that each congressman would get 70% (with Napoles getting 30%), each congressman would get Php49Million (70% of 70M). On the other hand, Napoles would stand to gain a grand total of Php483Million (30% of 70M x 23 congressmen). Do the math — Php49M as against Php483M. Who benefited the most?

In the concept of a grand conspiracy, it is highly unlikely that 23 congressmen from various districts all over the Philippines (including party lists) would get together and instruct Napoles to set up bogus NGO’s so that they can all get 70% of their pork barrel allocation. Rather, it is easier to surmise that NAPOLES separately approached 23 congressmen, told them of her scheme to use bogus NGO’s to extract the congressmen’s pork barrel allocations under a 70-30 sharing arrangement. Under the latter scenario, it is NAPOLES who masterminded the entire scam, with the congressmen being the greedy and willing participants thereto. Suffice it to state that the mastermind CANNOT become a state witness; the mastermind is the MOST GUILTY.

Perhaps Atty. Fortun is assuming that the “services” that Napoles is of the normal sort that can be openly offered to congressmen. In any case, it is equally likely that being an illegal service and prone to all the risks that such deal can entail, Napoles could have only gotten access to other congressmen by being “endorsed” by others who have had satisfactory dealings with her.

Given the number of people whose signatures and cooperation is need to release government funds, I’d think that it would be impossible for Napoles to have corrupted all of these people and organized them into a network — creating the whole system by herself.

That system surely must have existed LONG BEFORE the pork barrel scam.

97 Replies to “This Little Piggy Went to the Palace…”

  1. Barack obama is visiting philippines in october. ( that will be a culture shock in itself!)
    Pnoy aquino and the first lady, janet lim napoles, are looking forward to receiving him.

    “Janet lim napoles is just an ordinary person – like you and me” kapunan, napoles lawyer.
    I nearly crashed my porsche when i heard that on the car radio ( blaupunkt, of course)

    1. That would have been a better time to do the rally for the million people, that way US media and UN can truly see what is going on in our country.

      1. Expose the root of all corruption. We can better do this making an example of the government if we were to show a national leader, US President, what is truly going on in the country. Already we see the UN trying to stop countries from inhuman or criminal activity. By getting our word out like what we did with the walk but this time with more people and with actual seriousness, we can still get a chance…trying to be optimistic but anything can happen from this point.

        1. It was during Marcos era that corruption became rampant. It remains unresolved right now because the magnitude is huge.

        2. The first Aquino administration sort of democratized corruption. Where before, you only had to pay off one set of people, after the Aquino Admin step in, you had to pay everyone who stretched out their hand.

        3. Siomai, but there was no pork barrel during Marcos’ time, right? It started during Cory’s time. Corruption was magnified a hundredfold that time.

        4. “….What is truly goin on in the country.”. Do YOU really THINK OBAMA doesn’t know? The entire world(or should it be said, anyone who cares to look at the country for a few minutes.) knows what is going on there, it is the Filipino people who are the clueless ones.

          Oh that is funny.

        5. Expose the root of all corruption. We can better do this making an example of the government if we were to show a national leader, US President, what is truly going on in the country.
          The US president on what’s going on in our country. That’s the craziest idea, aside from those posts trying to be funny but actually corny and annoying, I have read on this blog.

  2. Regardless of the reason why Napoles was arrested, for me, it’s good that she’s under custody now. At least, she’s in now and ready to be confronted, aside from the reason she was arrested, with other accusations against her, primarily the billions of pesos on pork scandal.

    1. It’s just me, but I prefer that people be charged with the proper crime and get arrested for that crime… Rather than get arrested and THEN finding the evidence for that will be the basis for some other charge.

        1. Because of the sloppiness with which they’ve tried to pursue corruption cases against GMA, she’ll be laughing as the court either declares her not guilty or throws out the case completely.

        2. Yes, that is EXACTLY correct. They purposely put a weak case together so the accused just walks away, home free AND a big heart-felt “FUCK YOU, You fools!” for the people.
          Look, here is what the situation is: Filipino’s you are all being laughed at by the people who run the country. They steal everything and you all get nothing. They get caught stealing and you still get nothing. They lie to your faces and you do not even get one prison sentence out of the justice system.
          The entire world knows that the 57 people who got murdered in 2009 will get nothing, no justice. It is 4 years later and there still has been no trial. Maybe they can fool the avg. Filipino but everyone else knows what they are, and you are all stuck with them.

  3. Fortun’s idea of degree of guilt seems based on the monetary gain. Even if Napoles was the mastermind and the largest recipient, those who are entrusted with public funds should be held to a much higher standard than an ordinary citizen. Public servants and politicians if found guilty of such a breach are also guilty of the very thing they are supposed to ensure doesn’t happen. Its far more important to get a successful prosecution against corrupt politicians and bureaucrats than worry about who got how much.

    1. In other words, it’s possible that Napoles is merely a pawn in the grand scheme of things, a sacrificial lamb. There are bigger fish to fry, we need only to look in all the right places.

  4. Janet lim napoles is being tranferred to an air conditioned bungalow in laguna.( own kitchen, and no doubt maid/cleaner)
    The previous ‘home’ of president estrada.
    No VIP Treatment!!
    Mar roxas and purisima will inspect it to make sure it is 5 star.
    If janet lim napoles likes it she will buy it.

    1. Erap was eventually transferred to what was once the JE Youth Camp. It’s really nice place where boys scouts and girl scouts used to go for camping trips. It was actually a resort at one point.

      It now houses the Erap Museum. You should try to go there.

  5. ” I think Aquino has the key to really make good with his campaign promise of eradicating corruption. ”

    he has already opened it using that key. corruption is already going down in the philippines

    1. Nah, only retards like you would say that.
      It has already been stated that corruption became WORSE under your pathetic president’s “leadership”.
      The people are already waking up and are realizing that aquino is not the messiah that they think he is.

      Your propaganda has failed you once again.
      Your president’s days are numbered

      1. “You mean we’re smoking dogshit?”. “Yeah man, I had to follow that mutt around all day.”.

        That was pretty funny, back in the day. Who would ever have thought it would be the reality of peoples lives 35 years later?

    2. Not so fast my friend, nobody has been charged yet and nobody have been sent to jail. What we have right now is only a mum Napoles for you to wave the victory flag in announcing that corruption is going down. If ever, the Napoles arrest has somewhat slowed down corruption. I understand the excitement but we should temper it with objectivity and honesty so as not to confuse reality.

      1. @leb, careful what you say to T.J., he is really sensitive and paranoid. He’ll go home and tell his sister and then she’ll start attacking you.
        Uh-OH, better watch out!!! LMAO!BWAHAHAH!

    3. @siomai o siopao: sabi mo “corruption is already going down in the philippines?” sus maryusep ka siopao utak siomai anong pinag sasabi mo ang tanga tanga mo tlga palibhasa kasi bayaran ka lng kya nag bubulag bulagan ka kahit umaalingasaw na ang pagka worst ever corrupt na abnoy mong Presidente @ mga alipures nya di mo iniisip na lalong dumarami na ang naghihirap na mga kababayan natin.

    1. That is un-likely to happen. It would be a better bet that every one in the country is going to drink arsenic-laced Kool-Aid than the politicians are going to stop stealing. What is happening right now is that they are trying to figure out the biggest unbelievable bull-shit story they can think of and then tell it, and sell it by saying, as they always do:”It is too preposterous to make that up, why would we do say that if it weren’t true, knowing that no one would believe it, but its true!”.
      and if Filipino’s believe any of it, well kill yourselves as it will be better than living in that shit-hole.

  6. I think it could have been worse if Napoles hadn’t surrendered. That or she got killed, all index would be directed at the President, either way.

    I hope it won’t be too late before she reveals everything. Who knows how desperate those guys are at this moment.

  7. Pnoy aquino – the king of corruption
    Pork barrel for congress increased from 7 billion to 24 billion pesos per annum under pnoy aquino
    3 times as many projects – no
    3 times as much corruption – yes

    Pnoy aquino increases his own pork barrel to 500 million pesos

    Bribery used as standard practice

    Pnoy will not identify how he spent his pork barrel when congressman and senator.

  8. “That system surely must have existed LONG BEFORE the pork barrel scam.”

    Hay naku. Pork barrel had been around ever since Cory’s time, with the “system” little changed from then. And people treat it like a new phenomenon. Means most of them had been ill-informed.

    1. What was it called before that? Must have been some mechanism for robbing state funds. The guy who is in perpetual sleep-death(he must really stink! yuck) took billions of dollars when billions was an enormous sum. How did he do it? u kno, pretty boy and his not so hot wife?

  9. One of the ways that politicians pay is compared country by country is as a multiple of the average GDP person in their respective country.

    Some multiples – source: The Economist
    Norway – 0.7 times ( also least corrupt country – transparency international)
    Sweden – 1.8 times ( 2nd least corrupt country – transparency international)
    France – 2.0 times
    UK – 2.7
    Australia – 3
    Germany – 3
    US – 3.5
    Canada – 4
    Thailand – 8
    Singapore – 10
    Indonesia – 18
    India – 68
    Nigeria – 116

    Although politicians in other countries augment their salaries – stringent rules, an investigative media, and stiff punishments limit major transgressors to the exception, rather than in the philippines where corruption based easy money is not only the rule, but the raison d’aitre for being in politics.
    There is no such thing as a poor politician in the philippines.

    Miriam santiago talks of senators getting a salary of up to 60 million pesos a year, excluding pork barrel which even at a conservative 20% represents an additional 40 million pesos – total average pay for philippine senator – 100 million pesos a year, and compared to average gdp per capita in philippines of 250,000 pesos equals 400 times the average!!!! Only zimbabwe and the mugabe government beats that. (427 times). What a country to be on a par with.

    Philippine congressmen are considered to ‘take home’ (steal) around 15 million pesos a year – 60 times average.

    As you would expect the highest paid politicians relative to country average wage are invariably in the most corrupt, poorest, and most underperforming countries. Mmmm

    Whether it is congressmen fighting to retain their pork barrel or pnoy insisting on keeping his, in essence they are fighting to retain corruption and as usual putting self interest before the needs of the country and the overwhelming desire of the people ( 96% want pork barrel abolished – inquirer survey)
    SWS/false asia have been very quiet – expect a propaganda survey soon.
    Pnoy and his hypocricy only shows what a despicable character he is, devoid of any integrity or honesty.

  10. Corona got street justice? What? on butterfly street? Corona was just seen, limbs intact, no bruises on him whatsoever.

    Street justice? Any street justice ever witnessed has involved beatings of various serious proportions. Libya’s Quaddafy got street justice: he was hunted down like a dog and murdered. if what Corona got was street justice, the Philippines street thugs are a bunch of pussies.

    1. Here’s some clarification to go with your cherry.

      “plain old street justice dressed in taffeta robes”

      a reference to the farcical impeachment trial.

      1. You all should have Quaddafy’d his thieving ass. Just do his ass up in the middle of the street. You had your chance the other day and you blew it. Him and all the rest of the thieves, might make others think twice about doing being so arrogant.
        and thank you for the cherry, whatever that means.

        Obama is going to come there and show all of you who is really behind the thieves in gov’t., huh?
        What a blessing for all of you…NOT!!!

  11. Janet lim napoles mugshot should be printed on brown paper bags ( bag the mug).

    If not in the mood for sex just put the bag over your head. An instant anaphrodisiac ( opposite of aphrodisiac ) – bag the hag and no shag.

  12. I’m in agreement with ChinoF here. It squares with all my experience in government service and in how services like the BIR and Customs operate. Napoles is part of the true face of Philippine governance. This is not an infection turning an otherwise healthy democracy into a sick one. This is its true face. The republic is just a mask of legitimacy.

    This cannot be unearthed and then everything will be fine. Nothing less than a reboot of the entire political landscape is necessary to make this stick.

      1. What do you THINK it means? LMAO! it means that if your not going to get rid of the whole system, and be willing to die doing….get out of the country because you are fucked if you don’t. Be careful where you go to! North Western Europe may be cold but they have a good life there, especially if you have a brain.

        1. But how do you ‘get rid of the whole system?’ I tell you, getting rid of or abolishing something like the gov’t is a scary proposition.

        2. Yes, yes it is.and then again No, it isn’t. Reality check: What have you got now? is that a real gov’t.? anyone ,even a casual glimpse into the gings on in the country and two or three visits to the place tells all needs tellin.
          In Western Europa everyone thinks of the Philippines as a complete shit hole. Corrupt gov’t., polluted cities, some decent beaches and some pretty girls(like every other place in the world). That is really about it.
          Anyone from Western Europe who ever goes there realizes after they get there that it was probably a better idea to go to Thailand. Nicer airport, better hotels, better everything and not as expensive either. You have a real mess on your hands and apparently its been going on for longer than most of the people can even remember.
          A military seizing of power and freezing of assets of the countries politicians could go a long way towards rooting out corruption and ridding the country of the disease that it is infected with.

        3. I don’t see why Western Europe’s thinking would matter in the way Filipinos treat their gov’t. I think no country should even feel that their view of other counties should be given value for purposes of civility and minding your own business policy. What’s rude there is also rude here.

          The military seizing power and governing? What Western European country that does that at present? You have one model for it? I asked that because I do not subscribe to such theory.

        4. Leb, you ask a question, it gets answered and then you call the responder rude? You are the quintessential flip-hole.
          if you do not see how western Europe’s mechanism of gov’t. is to be considered, well take a look at the Philippine gov’t. it is loosely based on all western gov’t.’s that have existed since 1066 A.D., after the Battle of Hastings, DUH!. the only things that have changed since then are names and technologies.

          As for a military take-over, it would have to be temporary, and only used to keep the people from destroying to much property. if the gov’t. is routed and the constitution is suspended, the only way to keep the lid on the situation would be a short Military led ‘peace keeper’ type gov’t. until elections, real ones, could take place with none of the ousted participating.
          They had their chance and they have shown what they will do with it.
          It is clear that if the country keeps doing what it has been doing, nothing will change.

          AND you would also have some interested ‘International’ ,3rd parties meddling in the whole deal too. Tough road to go, you got there in that place, no doubt. The first step is the toughest though.

        5. I don’t think you understood what I wrote. I never called anybody rude. Read it again, please.

          Western Europe gov’t. is better than the Philippines? Fine, thank you. Good luck and hope European people will continue to be prosperous. However, I’m sure they also have problems like us and I don’t want to meddle on that out of respect and civility. Thank you.

          A temporary take-over by the military will solve the problem, is that what you’re saying? How temporary is temporary? Would that mean the resolution of the problem would also be temporary? To prevent people from destroying property? Why will people destroy property? Are we inventing scenarios here to fit the plan for a military takeover? That’s wrong.

          What you’re saying to us right now is to resort to band aid solution. Temporary. No such thing. The military is no answer to long term and deeply rooted problems. You know what the mandate of the military is? To search and destroy. The military is not designed to govern nor to introduce and implement reform.

          Let’s not seduce the armed forces because it’s dangerous: they’re armed.

        6. Call it whatever you want, its what it says it is. In a mass protest to oust the gov’t. a riot could easily turn ugly. the military would have to keep order in that instance. I am not inventing scenario’s or seducing anyone.
          What is happening in the Middle-East should have already happened in many other places including the Philippines. Greece & Spain ,IMO,aren’t quite sure how to do it, Bulgaria is on the verge. Libya and Egypt had what Syria is going to get but for different reasons than the EU countries. Libya and Egypt as well as Syria are different types of situations. Same actions are required though.
          And NO, I am not going to explain it, if you don’t know what is going on its not up to me to inform you.

  13. This guy Fortun, he is so full of shit. Napoles did it all on her own, none of the congressmen knew what the others were doing. The lone pdaf robber theory. They only get away with that in the USA. Unless you let them get away with it, and you will. It is in your history to do so.
    Filipino’s, you are governed by thieves, common as cow-dung horse-thieves. You apparently like it.

  14. Political systems and corrupt politicians – scenarios.

    Good system and bad people – a constant battle to beat the system. The system minimises opportunity.

    Bad system and good people – motivation to abuse system for personal gain not prevalent.

    Bad system and bad people – leads to rampant, systemic and institutionalised corruption. 3rd world. Checks and balances not in place, or ineffective.

    Good system and good people – only exists in theory and the next world.

  15. I blame the chinese!

    “Apparently, 1 in 5 people in the world are Chinese. And
    there are 5 people in my family, so it must be one of them.
    It’s either my mum or my dad. Or my older brother Colin.
    Or my younger brother Ho-Cha-Chu.
    But I think it’s Colin”
    Tommy cooper

  16. Carmen Pedrosa writes in the 31 August 2013 edition of the Philippine Star:

    “Whatever future actions are contemplated as a follow up to the million march on August 26, a picture is emerging on the logic of events:

    “First, use pork barrel to get Congress to remove Corona and weaken the Supreme Court.

    “Second, Smartmatic-PCOS elections to have a 60-30-10 elections to control who should be elected to Congress.

    “Third, Pork barrel expose of potential rivals to incite public anger against members of Congress.

    “Fourth, offer solution to appease public anger.

    “Five, the solution offered is for executive to control all the pork barrel instead.

    “That means Government seizure has been completed for authoritarian rule.

    “Who is behind this agenda?

    “We are now in the fourth phase with the president saying at the same time that pork barrel will be removed from Congress but he will keep his own pork barrel.

    “The latest sleight of hand is for Napoles to surrender to him because ‘she only trusts him.'”

    1. I had some similar thoughts and had just put it this way

      Most of the aquino/LP attempt to con the public has now been worked out, and where it fits in the grand scheme of things.


      Napoles gathered key staff last week ( as stated by 2 whistleblowers)
      – offered money if stayed loyal.
      – ordered all documents to be shredded
      – said that she was going into witness protection
      – and that she would be aquitted in 2017 ( significant date in itself)

      Last week and beginning of this napoles lawyer kapunan negotiated deal via lacierda and with ochoa and mar roxas. De lima out of loop.

      Napoles taken to tarlac and held there the day before the staged bounty and surrender. ( as stated by DoJ insider)

      Aquino/LP objectives, motivation

      – ensure continued power post 2016 by removing/discrediting UNA – enrile, estrada and also other possible candidate revilla. No-one left.
      – give aquino a solid anti- corruption legacy which can be exploited post 2016
      – retain pork barrel ( state problems historic, system changed)
      – protect cabinet secretary, allied senators and congressmen from any exposure
      – drag out trial process to 2016 so it can be of campaign benefit irrespective of outcome

      Janet lim napoles – benefits

      – time in comfort and seclusion for limited period
      – no press access/intrusion
      – witness protection
      – acquittal if LP win in 2016
      – retain most of assets for continued luxury lifestyle

      1. Jojo Binay still has ambitions. And he’s as canny political operator as they come. The Aquinos/LP will have to deal with him. There’s also the possibility Grace Llamanzares might throw herself into the contest. Lovely how that might turn out, mate.

  17. I had a dream
    A nation characterised by individual decency, community support, national pride.
    A spirit of independence, a search for knowledge, and a passion for excellence.
    A culture which celebrated diversity, respected human life, and welcomed innovation.

    Then i woke up and experienced a nightmare – i was in the philippines

    1. Maybe if you stop being so idealistic and think of the FIRST STEPS towards improvement, then something might be done about the Philippines. I agree the Philippines is a nightmare and this is caused by a deep rooted problem. But first steps matter in reducing this problem. Then from there, proceed more until our country reached a level of decency.

  18. If nothing comes out of this investigation then I say a tax revolt is a must. These politicians need to learn to take us seriously.

  19. The real tragedy in all this, is that if only Napoles does get jailed, people will cheer, pat themselves on the back and believe it’s all over. Then they’ll wonder a few months or weeks later that pork barrel is still being misused. What? That’s what I said in my article about Booing Corona. People just ride the bandwagon without thinking. Pork barrel involves not only Napoles, it likely involves everyone in government. If you don’t see it this way, you haven’t read Paul’s article here. Or are just too lazy to think.

  20. Tax revolt is a tactical move. Calling for honest to goodness Constitutional Convention and shutting down Congress and Senate would be strategic long term moves. People who will re write the constitution should not come from presently elected officials but from social media. Let there be open discussions on how to reform executive, legislative and judicial functions conducive to inclusive growth. Salaries of congressmen should be equated to 10% of their congressional districts. No government issued vehicles should be given to them except bicycle. Senators should be paid 80% of the salary of the Chief Justice. Strict attendance should be enforced. And they should be paid in accordance with their full attendance. Absences whether justified or excused are no reason for full salary payment. All fund transfers from DBM TO EACH SENATOR AND CONGRESSMAN SHOULD BE POSTED IN SENATE AND CONGRESS WEBSITE. The figures should tally with DBM and COA data. Legislators should analyze and scrutinize government budget. But they should not add congressional insertions. Eternal vigilance is the price we must pay for good governance.

    1. Not bad idea’s, pretty good actually. No previously elected official may participate. THAT IS A MUST.

      A shutting dowm of the entire congress is a tall order and might require dire measures. ARE YOU, and others necessary to make it happen, willing to do what needs to be done?

      The crooks are betting you do not and that is why they persist. They will not stop unless YOU STOP THEM. its that simple.

  21. The dictator BS Aquino is already exposed. He is the godfather of the pork barrel scam. Why? He has the biggest pork barrel in excess of PHP 1 Trillion Pesos! He also controls the purse and whatever releases are made by the Department of Budget and Management. In other words, he controls the releases or holding of pork barrel to his KKK or the opposition as the case may be. BS Aquino and his followers must be removed from power as a requirement of true reform! The Matuwid na Daan is no more! It is now Ang Baliw na Daan tungo sa Baliw na Kapangyarihan at Baliw sa Kayamanan ng Kaban ng Bayan! Down with the yellow dictator!

    1. Thomas, your post doesn’t make sense. You accused PNoy as ‘godfather of the pork barrel scam’ but completely forgot to attach any wrongful act to based it on. I don’t mind name-calling but at least based it on something credible especially if it’s an act worthy of impeachment.

      1. Leb, I haven’t liked much of what you’ve posted, but you are right TJ’s comment makes no sense. Staring with the first sentence, The guy was elected and is not a Dictator and has not declared Martial law.

      2. @Leb/Bjorn -The truth shall set you free!

        BS Aquino was called dictator when he started to control the co-equal and co-independent branch known as the legislature. This dictator dangles the power of the purse to his then movement 188 in the lower house or withholds the same from the opposition just because they oppose him. Fr. Joaquin Bernas called him dictator, Senator Joker Arroyo called him autocrat, editorial writers in major news dailies called him dictator, members of the Philippine Bar called him dictator and even judges called him dictator! This BS Aquino was even interfering in the fiscal autonomy of the Judiciary a.k.a. Supreme Court. Mr. Aquino has the biggest pork barrel at more than 1 Trillion Pesos! His act of giving sanctuary/shelter to Ms. JL Napoles speaks for itself! He is instrumental to the pork barrel as he is the one who orders the DBM to release or withhold the pork. You both are obviously behind current events and the shady workings of the DICTATOR AQUINO. So I said it again… So What?

        1. Thomas, calling somebody dictator does not make one a dictator. You have to have sound basis for it. Even if you agree with other people calling somebody a dictator it will still be nothing because you’ll just be parroting not the truth but their opinion.

          I could agree with you that PNoy controls the legislature through power of the purse. But that alone will not make him a dictator. Controlling maybe. I could agree with you that he inteferes with the fiscal autonomy of the Judiciary. Again, that’s not dictatorship. Interposer maybe. I could agree with you that he is corrupt because of pork barrel. But dictator he isn’t.

          Calling or labeling a person doesn’t make him what he is. Remember, this blog hate propaganda/propagandists. Don’t be one.

    2. @ Leb, Bjorn

      What do you call the president who can manipulate the congress and the senate? Based on facts? Why don’t you do research on how much his PSF is? Add to that, is it audited properly for the past years? If he is really as innocent as you guys want to believe then why cant he just publish what he did to his pork when he was still a senator and now that he is president. Why also that in the years he is president did the budget for pork increased substantially.

      1. The guy is still not a DICTATOR. The Philippines had one, and he declared Martial Law and what did he do to the opposition? He threw the opposition in Prison(or worse), he did not say “Your not getting your allowance.”. Bit of a difference, or you can’t quite wrap your head around that one, eh?

        1. Yeah right. He railroaded the Corona kangaroo court by manipulating both houses using pork as his tool. Filed cases against GMA which cannot even hold shit just because he feels it. Media which regards the yellows as gods? And after more than 2 decades after the “evil dictator left, we do not even have alternatives to Telcos, fuels, and electricity, we are left with few companies who charge an arm and a leg, you trace this corporations and you will see the bottom line. You wrap your brain around those.

          Well, actually if you are that really well informed and not just reacting then we wouldn’t be having this discussion in the first place.

          You believe the Macoy was a dictator but the Aquinos pale in comparison with what he did for the Philippine progress. You are just one of those guys who just take it like…most corrupt because the lousy book of records state it, and almost all people tell you he is evil. Hey…I am even sure that if the Aquinos succeed in changing the history books, you will even believe it. Congratulations, iho.

        2. @Bjorn

          Whether you like it or not. This yellow tyrant a.k.a. DICTATOR BS Aquino is a live one without firing a shot or declaring Martial Law! In Jeffersonian democracy if you try to control co-independent or co-equal branches of government you are a dictator. BS Aquino even tries to influence the courts. Yes he can be impeached BUT HE CONTROLS THE NUMBERS IN THE LOWER HOUSE… Get it?

      2. joeld, I don’t know how to say this, but a self-confessed corrupt person loses credibility talking about corruption.

        That’s not a dig but an honest appreciation of what I read on this blog.

        1. Well, that is a pity because you cannot even fathom the stupidity of that argument. Me corrupt, yes, maybe. Talking about the pot calling the kettle black.

        2. Thomas, you can say it a million times and none will be the wiser.

          Things is, you’ll be no different from siomai and other PNoy propagandists that you yourself hate.

  22. On the contrary, its also considered as pork barrel. Only fools like you would insist that its not.
    Your propaganda is not effective
    Your president’s days are numbered

        1. Looks like that’s another alias of the malacanang miscommunication group that has been vanquished. He’ll be back but his propaganda will never succeed.

  23. Constitutionally, the executive branch is suppose to execute projects anyways so this whole thing about Aquino’s pork barrel doesn’t make sense. The importance of a separation of branches is that you know who to hold accountable in the allocation of funds as opposed to having to point fingers in Congress. Also, I don’t think it’d be that bad to actually have a dictator, especially if it were an economically concerned one like GMA.

  24. @ JoelD,
    Corona did not lose anything he did not want to lose.Retired cops in Stockholm make more than his CJ salary and he has $4million/properties etc,etc and kept them, DUH! I’d say do the math but you’d fuck it up.

    This other clown quoting a 250 year old ideal that never existed as if it somehow pertains to the Philippines. Then tell me I don’t get something?ROTFLMAO at T.J. The word the dunce is looking for is OLIGARCH. call an orange a grape all day long, who cares? but you still look like an idiot doin it.


    JoelD & T.J.= BOX OF ROCKS.

      1. Thomas, don’t make it personal, please. You said your piece and I happened to disagree with it because it simply doesn’t make sense. Just because somebody think you’re assuming too much does not make them ‘yellow troll’.

        What’s happening was you’re seeing too much yellow when your opinion is rejected. That’s not a good sign of maturity.

  25. @Bjorn

    You sure know about man and the state. Despite the argument that the A-hole was into controlling co-equal and co-independent branches of the state. BS Aquino was trying to influence and control even the courts. Are you blind to these facts man?


    1. They removed my responses to your insults and now you admit the guys an OLIGARCH, just like I said and you could not figure out.

      Lay off the pipe dude, its clouding your judgement.

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