Do the Philippines and the ASEAN community have what it takes to deal with China?

For all the feel-good news snippets we are receiving about the arrival of the Philippines’ newest warship, the 3,200-tonne BRP Ramon Alcaraz which joins the 3,400-tonne frigate BRP Gregorio del Pilar also acquired from the United States last year in patrolling disputed waters off Palawan, one cannot help ask a simple question: Can anyone really stop China?

war_with_chinaThere really aren’t too many options for a country like the Philippines — big in population and nationalist rhetoric but small where it counts. From these recent developments in the way it now belatedly joins a regional military buildup and gets back in bed with its former colonial master, the Philippine government seems to not have taken to heart the old cliche: Size does not matter. It is the motion of the ocean that counts.

In short, if you’ve got a small dick, you need to compensate for it by being creative in the sack.

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The Philippines, unfortunately, is a society not exactly known for creative solutions. There are lots of examples of people doing vastly more with a lot less in the region that puts this flaccidness of Filipinos’ wherewithal to succeed in proper perspective. Back in the really old days, Japan, an even more economically- and politically- isolated resource-poor feudal society at the time underwent an epic expansion in industrial and military capability funded mostly by domestic capital. Its navy then went on to sink two Russian fleets and subjugate an entire chunk of China before proceeding to start the Pacific stage of World War II.

Then there is Singapore. Newly-independent from a less-than-friendly Malay Federation to which it was dependent on for much of its fresh water supply, threatened all around it by Indonesia, and abandoned by a severely-weakened British Empire, the little city-state moved on and engaged the services of the Israeli military to help train its security forces all while it hunkered down to focus on the business of re-inventing itself into an economic force that propelled it to the wealthiest enclave in the region that it is today.

South Korea. Eviscerated after a pointless war with the North in the 1950s and now supplying half of the world’s automobiles and smart phones. Its small immigrant force of shopkeepers now also prop up local economies across the Philippine archipelago. Enough said.

China is by no means coming from a position as disadvantaged as Japan, Korea, or Singapore was. As such, one can only imagine what it can achieve in the coming years. Indeed, the tide seems to be turning as far as the flow of wealth-creating technology goes. Gunpowder, printing, and long-haul maritime navigation — all invented in the East — became the death of China once Western European kings and queens grasped their potential for world domination. Today, we are seeing the same trend, this time going the other way. Greed and its spawn, perverse obsssession with profits and “shareholder value” has all but resulted in the West giving away its most prized and hard-earned technological marvels to China all in the name of “outsourcing”. In terms of financial capital alone, China now pretty much holds the West by the nuts. It’s not gonna stop there. Already much of humanity’s digital data (containing precious personal and military information) flows through Chinese-made routers and switches.

You can beat a horse. You can even beat a child. But I don’t think anyone can beat China when it comes to flooding the world with cheap trinkets and making war as well. The West has long lost its nerve and resolve to lay waste to any kindgom that stands in the way of its merchant and naval fleets. An entire generation of fructose-fed fat people in the West now take their respective governments to the small-minded task of ensuring their continued access to cheap fuel to power their SUVs, gigantic flat screen TVs, and fashionista lifestyles. So much for the sons and daughters of William the Conqueror.

China, on the other hand, remains an enormous centrally-controlled relatively homogenous society. Its previous emperors achieved what European warlords failed to do in the Middle Ages — carve out a vast unified land empire within which minerals, goods, and services flow to where they are most needed, driven as much by industrial and consumerist greed as by overall state-level interests as determined by its regents. It is big, old, and culturally profound enough to create its own geo-political standards of ethical behaviour — what Philippine diplomats are getting a taste of today as the Celestial Kingdom applies a sweeping our way or the highway negotiation approach when it comes to discussing the “issue” of the disputed “West Philippine Sea”.

By contrast, Europe’s great but comparatively lame experiment with economic unification is fraying at the seams, the United States’s biggest industrial cities are rusting away, and southeast Asia’s squabbling banana republics are nowhere near any similar such Holy Grails.

China is back on track to becoming the wondrous grand achievement of Confucian civilisation Marco Polo feasted his senses upon wide-eyed in the 14th Century. You gotta wonder then whether half-assed treaties referred to with euphemisms like “Visiting Forces Agreements” and aspirations to bump up military spending to an awe-inspiring 2.4% of GDP will resolve “disputes” with parties like these.

There are no pwede na yan solutions when it comes to dealing with a belligernent 10,000-year-old foreign power.

39 Replies to “Do the Philippines and the ASEAN community have what it takes to deal with China?”

        1. I have some footage of some of the top secret Filipino weapons that Proud Pinoy talked about. I apologize for the filter that was applied to the video. It’s there so as not to expose too much of the top secret technology. This video was captured in Subic Bay during a technology demonstration shortly after the arrival of the new ship.

    1. And once the war against china erupts, I’ll just grab my popcorn and watch your “new” Philippine flagship, a 45 year old junk, bombarded by the chinese like target practice.

      1. Maybe the idiot thinks that the chinese will be scared of a 45 year old rust bucket. Only retards would think that the chinese are that stupid.

        The mere fact that aquino has provoked the chinese really won’t end well for him. His plan will definitely blow up in his face like that stupid coyote’s plans to catch the road runner.

        And before you even accuse me of being sympathetic to the chinese, nope im not a chinese sympathizer, Im using my COMMON SENSE, something that YOU, TROLL, don’t have.

      1. @Proud Pinoy

        I hope you were being sarcastic.
        One anti-ship missile from a Chinese missile destroyer would sink our newly acquired cutters. I bet the Americans did not even upgrade those Hamilton-class cutters with CIWS before donating it to us. :p

        Bet you don’t even know what CIWS are, or what they’re for.

  1. David,

    You seem to underestimate the quality of our soldiers. 300 AFP Scout Rangers can hold back 1 million Chinese soldiers if deployed correctly.

    China has no substance. They are no match against the Filipino, a nation united under a common language and culture. China is a fractured culture with wealthy and corrupted leaders at its core while the vast populace lives in poverty. Don’t be fooled by their propaganda. A war against the Philippines will be the end of them.

      1. Domo,

        You are easily blinded by Chinese propaganda. Their ships are untested. That video is just a “for show” navy, like North Korea’s parade of tanks and missiles that won’t really stand up in a real fight. I am disappointed in your lack of faith in your own people. You see a video and then you surrender? Pinoy ka ba? You sound like a Frenchman to me. Surrender agad.

        Filipinos never surrender. In the end, we always prevail. A wise Pinoy once said, “sinimulan mo, tatapusin ko.” That is what will happen here. This is the beginning of the end of China. Someone has to take these bullies out of the equation and the World will be grateful to the Philippines once we take them down.

        1. Stop stereotyping the French. If you read history correctly, you will find out that the French never “surrendered agad.”

          France has fought 168 major wars, including against the Roman Empire, the British Army and the Turkish forces. They’ve won 109 of these, lost 49, and drawn 10.

          France “surrendered” to the Nazis in WWII oly because they hadn’t picked themselves up after WWI yet (they suffered 5.7 million casualties). And during the Vichy Government, the French Resistance was the strongest paramilitary group in Europe.

          And don’t underestimate the French now: it has the third highest military spending on the planet and an estimated 300 nuclear warheads at their disposal.

          So if you want to believe that Filipinos could prevail over China, you’ll have to get your facts straight first. Study military history and strategy first, and don’t be pulled into the political sugar-shock of nationalist pop-propaganda.

        2. “Filipinos never surrender”
          Then what do you call what the philippine army did in world war 2 when the japanese mopped the floor with us that lead into the bataan death march? A tactical retreat?

          You really should review your history since you clearly failed listening to your teachers

          Your propaganda has failed you.
          You are the one who should surrender

      2. I don’t like the chinese either you nationalist jerk. I’m being realistic here you positive pusher. My point is not siding with the chinese. It’s how will our defenses gonna defend this country from the chinese with only very weak equipment. Ano iyan basta mo na lang isugod ang mga sundalong may mga pipitsuging armas na parang mga kamikaze para wasakin ang lahat ng fleet ng chinese na mas-malupit pa? I feel very sorry for our fellow soldiers if they do that. Ang hirap sa iyo, ginagamit mo muna kasi iyang puso mo hindi ang utak.

        1. Get real nutbrain. See this list of the chinese navy’s fleet?

          Not only they have frigates but also destroyers and submarines with killer armaments. Again what kind of tactic and strategy will you gonna use with your precious junk? da pinoy prayd again? YOU and your precious president are the ones making the battle lost.
          And btw what is this? And you call this latest frigate new? Pathetic:

        2. “Republic of China”

          In other words, you just listed the names of Taiwan’s warships. Not that it really matters, though. Our Navy is, as far as function is concerned,good only for parades. ESPECIALLY when you compare the Philippine “Navy” to its neighbors.

        3. @Proud Pinoy

          My goodness! Having Wikipedia as your main source just shows how smart (or dumb) you are. I can bet you that not one of our ships have a missile defense system that can engage enemy ships at long range, since that will be our only chance in sinking enemy vessels once the sparks start flying.

          Since you put so much faith in our underequipped, underfunded and corrupt military, why don’t you join them?

          My late lolo, a survivor of the Bataan Death March, would turn in his grave if he saw the state of our military today, so don’t insult their memory Proud Pinoy. That goes the same for you too Johnny Derp!

    1. You have to be kidding! 300 AFP Scouts can hold 1 Million Chinese soldiers if deployed correctly? Why haven’t I heard about these world beating scouts? Why aren’t they deployed in Mindanao? Why aren’t they training delta co in US or the SAS in Australia? Good to know you guys have it all under control…call us when it’s over. We’ll take a break.

  2. ProudPinoy is right perhaps seventy years ago. However, as experienced on the ground whatever the Philippines have right now is its people’s arrogant egocentricity to boast.

    Even though how much the few concerned intellectual patriots would hope for and endeavor there’s no sign in the horizon for the gross irresponsible mindset of the majority to change for the better.

    Looking at the efforts exerted by the Pnoy administration it seems the country is heading towards a truly positive change.

    After Pnoy’s term expires what will happen next?

    Trying not to be naive or overly skeptical, but perhaps what will happen then will be just like pissing against the wind.

    Majority of Filipinos are not only devoid of thinking things through but not doing what is truly right as well.

    Those who can’t see or accept the reality of what’s really going on around are those who were brought up in a family who are deprived of truthful, responsible and concern on how to appropriately behave in the midst of other people and its environment without being a pest or a plague.

    1. eachhisown,

      Just like Rome had its “five good emperors” during its golden age, so shall we.

      We will have “five great presidents” that will usher in the Filipino Golden Age (Pax Filipinana)

      Five Great Presidents
      1. Noynoy
      2. Grace Poe
      3. Manny Pacquiao
      4. MLQ3 <– the greatest
      5. James Carlos "Bimby" Aquino Yap, Jr

      1. Just as I expected. You’re trolling once again with your different account eh vincensus ignoramus of the malakanyakanyang communications group? How’s your paycheck lately is it big? Bigyan mo naman ako pambili lang ng PS3 games ko.

        1. And what is a Chinese sympathizer like you doing here? Oh, I know, trying to demoralize us into submission. You will not succeed. China will lose in a war with the Philippines. Tell your Chinese masters that.

        2. Oh now you’re doing the “you’re with us or against us” argument. Again I’m not siding with the chinese, I’m just being realistic. Please use your brains for once you moronic simpleton or it’ll be your responsibility once they died from your epic fail strategy and tactics.

      2. LOL those two frigates are helpless against a swarm of coast guard vessels of the PLN if war breaks out. The AFP is in total shambles, it is chaos. It suffers from economic, logistic and officer problems.

        Its officer corps is almost nothing but a bunch of twats who shall lay down their weapons and take their man into the other side. In just five minutes, these men shall desert us.

        We have no armed forces to speak so the conflict between China and even Malaysia will end in a catastrophe. Unless military incompetence will be eliminated, we are helpless.

        Well you can join the shock battaliosn and if you retreat you will be shot in the head as deserters just like your idol Noynoy, the incompetent politicians and military officers 😛

        1. What secret weapons are you talking about you nimrod? Yellow propaganda?
          FYI, the ships that you are talking about are too old to even defend our country let alone blow up one chinese ship.

          No matter what name you use here, your propaganda is still powerless here.

          TROLL HARDER

        2. Jeez, you didn’t even bothered to read what year those ships that we currently have were launched. FYI, they’re f*cking OLD

          Magresearch lang mali pa.

          What a piece of yellow shit you are.

      3. @Proud Pinoy

        Sorry, but Bimby couldn’t fill the fifth slot you mentioned.

        Go figure the math on why Bimby doesn’t qualify so that you get a mental warm up once in a while 😉

      4. Fact: Proud Pinoy a.k.a. Conyo a.k.a. Pastor Ernie is a certified troll.

        As I read the list, I thank God because I’m laughing at your stupid ass miles and miles away. Reason? Those 5 are nothing but a bunch of RETARDS. 😀

  3. Perhaps we can make the situation a bit hilarious and that’s great.

    However, looking at the reality of conventional war ground forces can only survive or be effective with ample air support.

    What can a considerably ONE OLD vessel do against the latest and high tech MANY vessels where some are even much bigger and highly equipped? And how many most modern fighter jets other countries around the Philippines have?

    Perhaps what may happen would be that in order for the military and some government officials to have another source to make more money again is try to “fabricate” several “shell vessels” which look similar to the latest one and try to impress the tax payers that they’ve fabricated so many that value so many billions of pesos. lol

  4. philippine soldiers are so unfit they would be shot in the back before they had run away even 50 yards. they adopt the aquino approach to fighting ( has an aquino ever been in the armed forces!).
    collaborate with the enemy
    buy substandard arms at inflated prices
    only shoot at things that dont shoot back
    hide under the desk, or behind a woman
    offer the enemy comfort women to keep them happy
    phone uncle sam
    piss your pants at the thought of a real fight
    shoot unarmed civilians in massacres or taiwanese fisherman

  5. so many idiotic remarks.The Chinese don’t want the Philippines. It would cost too much to knock the shithole of a joint down and make it liveable for a human being.Did you know that ONE quarter of the total of the Philippine economy is generated by prostitution and that another whole quarter is generated by remittances from Philippine people working overseas who send money back home? NO ONE wants the Philippines, Manila is the gateway to Hell, the weather stinks and there is nothing there that any one really wants. It is really a shit hole.

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