Bloody libel! Janet Lim Napoles versus Maria Ressa’s ‘social news network’


Funny how just a short time ago, CEO Maria Ressa was crying bloody libel over Katrina Stuart-Santiago’s article Going to the dogs — an article about the manner with which Ressa’s self-described “social news network” startup precipitated (and possibly encouraged) a broader “ganging up” on the University of Santo Tomas over a perceived favour it granted to former Chief Justice Renato Corona.

Indeed, truly ironic is the piece of advise Ressa dished out to Stuart-Santiago in this tweet

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@radikalchick Ask for an intvw – before making libelous charges based on assumptions alone. Wouldn’t publish without it.

That was back in early 2012 as the bloodsport that was to become the Corona Impeacment “Trial” was kicking off. Fast forward to today and we find the embattled “social news network” stammering for a hipster response to a reported announcement from Janet Lim Napoles’s lawyers that their client will be slapping a barrage of lawsuits against Rappler reporter Natashya Gutierrez and the

“Mag fa-file sila based on hearsay tapos sasabihin nila na ‘cannot be contacted’ hindi naman totoo yun. That is libel (they filed hearsay stories and would say the offended party cannot be contacted that is not true. That is libel),” [Lorna] Kapunan [legal counsel of Napoles] said.

Ouch! Perhaps Ressa should have addressed her sound elderly piece of “journalistic” advise — Ask for an interview before making libelous charges — to Ms Gutierrez and the Inquirer editor instead.

Fat chance. is the Philippines’ self-anointed national institute of citizen journalism — a “social news network” in the words coined by the self-described “thought leaders” who preside over its army of “online journalists”. Its flagship initiative is a road show dubbed the “Social Media for Social Change Chat Series” (a series of events sponsored by big corporations like SMART Communiocations) where top Rappler “online journalists” tour the country to speak about the dawn of wondrous social change made possible by the advent of “social media” activism which Rappler, presumably, is in the forefront of. This operating model makes one wonder though where one draws the line between creating news and merely “reporting” it.

But underneath this veneer of contrived coolness is a disturbing rot. Ressa has long tolerated sloppy and sub-ethical reporting amongst her cadre of “online journalists”. At the height of the Corona impeachment “trial” in February of 2012, Rappler “reporters” Carmela Fonbuena and Magtanggol de la Cruz revealed in a Rappler article the private bank details of then Chief Justice Renato Corona (both the bank balance and the account number, no less), a clear violation of Philippine Bank Secrecy law that Ressa declines to address to this day.

Other supposed beacons of “journalistic integrity” are not above using dirty tactics to smear people with hearsay information. Renowned “journalist” Raissa Robles uses a particularly lazy method of gathering information to buttress her “investigative reporting”. Using a method she refers to as “crowdsourcing”, she put in her contribution to the Rappler crew’s efforts to try Corona by media and proceeded to “expose” his alleged United States property portfolio. According to Robles, she was given “leads” by a mob of readers and commentators who follow and participate in the “discussion” on the comment threads of her blog — a self-styled “Plaza Miranda” of Filipino “netizens”.

The truth is out there, and there are systematic ways to get to it. Unfortunately for many Filipino “journalists”, seeking the truth within the framework of the law is not a democratic exercise where the most popular theory wins. But that is likely, yet again, to be a lesson for another day given the track record of mainstream Philippine media when it comes to learning how to do things properly.

68 Replies to “Bloody libel! Janet Lim Napoles versus Maria Ressa’s ‘social news network’”

  1. Jeane Lim Napoles is an exceptional first class Christian who is being victimized by a smear campaign ran by envious people who only want to pull her down. Jeane is a shining example of what living the life according to the teachings Christ can bring. We have prayed, many times at Starbucks, that God protect her from all these misguided Pinoys who have no understanding of the teachings of Christ.

    Our prayers are being answered and the truth is finally coming out. Jeane has done nothing wrong and we should all be very impressed on how she has handled herself during these trying times, turning the other cheek and never fighting hate with hate.

    Last time I checked, everyone is innocent until proven guilty. Ask yourself, has her family been convicted in a court of law of these accusations? Nope. And, with God’s grace, they will be cleared from all this charges so Jeane may continue to be a role model for many Christians to follow.

    Our prayers are with them.

    See you at Starbucks.

    If you cannot afford to go to Starbucks, then please don’t hate us Christians who can.

    1. Oh boy. It’s the religiot once again who does nothing but wastes too much money by hanging out at Starbucks. God Himself is so disgusted at you right now you know.

    2. Pastor Ernie I pray for you. you said, “Jeane is a shining example of living according to the teachings of Christ.” as a former missionary to Cebu, your words are shocking. please read the book of Matthew chapter 25. Paul teaches us to be Christ like. how is it Christ like to run from the Law. did John the Baptist run? did Jesus run? did Paul run? did Stephen run in Acts 6 and 8? not one of these men ran away from the law.

      Pastor Erie I do not hate you or those who can afford to go to starbucks. please remember we all must be humble like Jesus, for it was Jesus who washed the feet of the disciples. (John 13:1-17)

  2. Domo,

    Why the ad hominen? I am here to clear Jeane’s name because I believe a great injustice is being done to her. If you disagree with my position or if you are one of those who hate Jeane’s lifestyle because you are just jealous you cannot afford the things that God, in all his grace and wisdom, has bestowed upon her, then please explain your position.

    If you are one of those who believe in conspiracy theories that her family stole their wealth, then please provide EVIDENCE. Remember, one word: LIBEL.

    In the end, the truth will prevail. God is with us. Because God IS THE TRUTH.

    God bless your soul. Stop hating.

    See you at Starbucks.

    1. Oh my goodness Pastor! How dare you say god is the truth. That same god you worshipped was just an imaginary creation of those uneducated but cofee dazed sheep herders of long ago. Haven’t you noticed the ridiculus claim that man was created in god’s image and likeness and share the same common things you both hate. Homosexuality, priestess,s, non-believers, active and liberated women, science over faith?
      A qoutation sums it all that truth does not come from a supernatural being;
      “Is God willing to prevent evil, but not able? Then he is not omnipotent.
      Is he able, but not willing? Then he is malevolent.
      Is he both able and willing? Then whence cometh evil?
      Is he neither able nor willing? Then why call him God?” – Epicurus

      1. Sancho,

        I just had revelation while speaking in tongues after drinking a orange mocha frap in Starbucks.

        The revelation: not single member of the Napoles family will be found guilty of any crime in a COURT OF LAW.

        Praise the Lord! God protects the innocent and those who follow the teachings of Christ.

        I had another revelation: I saw Jeane wearing a Badgley Mischka dress and Christian Louboutin pumps. Her accessories were a Birkin Handbag and a Franck Muller Crazy Hours watch. Wow, she was beautiful, like an Angel from heaven. All the Kardasian Sisters looked like maids next to her.

        God bless.

        1. I am sorry but how can I be blessed by somebody that never exist or by some lunatic who claimed to be god who died more than 2000 years ago. If I were a sick man, I would call on a living doctor complete with flesh and body and not an obscure nobody who’s been long dead.

  3. How Janet Napoles got away
    POSTED ON 08/07/2013 2:10 PM | UPDATED 08/07/2013 5:54 PM
    MANILA, Philippines – Janet “Jenny” Napoles learned the tricks of the trade in the military, where she hobnobbed with generals.

    She started small 15 years ago, cutting a deal with the Philippine Marines for the P3.8-million purchase of 500 Kevlar helmets that the Sandiganbayan later found out to be dubious. The court in 2010 punished military officers and civilians who signed the contract.

    But Napoles, who encashed the checks from the Marines, got away with it.

    In 1998, using her military connections, Napoles committed to deliver 500 Kevlar helmets to the Philippine Marines in exchange for a P3.8-million contract.

    […] (comment truncated by admin)

    [Please refrain from pasting entire articles on the comment section of this blog. Post the link instead. – benign0]

    1. Lies. All lies. This will all be disproved in a court of law (hence the lawsuit).

      That is why we must pray, at Starbucks, that God protect the Napoles family from all these lies. In the end, the truth shall come out and their names shall be cleared. This is the will of the Lord, Amen.

      God bless.

      1. “Well I was using old spoof nicks all the time. So old folks like you, benign0, Toro, etc knew all along what was up.

        I am still flabbergasted why so many Pinoys don’t appreciate satire and sarcasm. Sometimes you can make a point more devastatingly effective that way.

        Oh well, back to life. Until the next Philippine catastrophe. Have fun guys. The Philippines will remain a shit hole and there is only one solution: GET THE F*** OUT.


        There are no Christians in Starbucks. This is a TROLL BAIT, people. 😛

        1. Actually there are a lot of “Christians” in Starbucks. One group in particular aggressively recruits rich kids. If you don’t know what I am talking about, then you probably are middle class or lower.

          See you at Starbucks 🙂

      2. And good luck with your delusions once our country turns into somalia. Niext thing you know, you and your kind will suffer an atomic holocaust nationwide.

        1. Yeah it would be fun to watch the country turning into Somalia while the masses still hope for a savior, some person to elect that will fix everything. Then, as they wait for Jesus himself to save them, the masses will content themselves by blaming their problems on the politicians they keep on re-electing. And, with social media, the masses have now evolved into blaming rich people living the high life. They will demand that these rich kids “should” serve the people.

          Is this the people you identify yourself with? Is this the people you are willing to die for?

          Good luck with those idiots buddy.

          I fight for people who help themselves. That is why I am no longer there.

          See you at Starbucks 🙂

        2. I’m not even with those “professional” squatters either “pastor”. I’m just being anti-stupidity. You’re just making yourself look like a False Shepard with your “ideals” like the pastor in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas who rides in his limousine with a harlot cocksucking him with false holy teachings sermoning to her.
          And puhleaze religiot damaso. From the words of Radioactive Sago Project’s album name: tanginamo andami na ngang nagugutom sa mundo fashionista ka pa rin. I maybe drinking cappucino coffee at Starbucks but I’m not like you who is very frequent there and being like some mediocre socialista. Besides, where the hell did you get the tubful of money you’re using for buying your Starbucks? From the money collected from your Sunday masses?

        3. “Pastor Ernie” is just being consistent on a true person he is based upon. I actually know another “pastor” who is a lot worse. This other dude is the most racist, manipulative and self righteous person I have ever met. He is also very anti-gay and, here is the shocker, he is secretly gay!!! I wanted to use him as a character but it would be too obvious for all of us who know him.

          See you at Starbucks 🙂

        4. Oh what’s the matter “pastor” ernie? Are you denying it? You can’t just fool me with your Starbucks addiction. Please use your money on something more important than Starbucks you lowlife. Too much caffeine will kill you you know.

  4. I was told Napoles was cleared for the Kevlar Helmets thing.

    And all the hullaballoo described here on ‘journalism’… is one reason I wrote this (you can still see it in the upper right).

    1. Praise the Lord! I told you they were INNOCENT and first class Christians.

      I am tired of these bloggers who “cut and paste” conspiracies to ruin the reputation of good Christians.

      God Bless.

      1. shut up Damaso. once again, you have showed the internet how dumb and biased clergymen are (if ever you really are).

        1. Rage,

          A bunch of Pinoys are taking a blog post by amateur investigators as fact. There is a lawsuit to disprove these lies. The lawsuit will prevail.

          Also, not a single Napoles family member has been found guilty of ANY crime in a COURT OF LAW!

          So who is dumb now? The ones who are losing because they based their “facts” on an amateur blog post? Or the Christians who are organized, united and KNOW TO WORK THE LEGAL SYSTEM?

          Do you even understand how the Philippine LEGAL SYSTEM works? I don’t think you do. If you did, you would know that I am right. You would agree that: Not a single Napoles family member will be found guilty of ANY crime in a COURT OF LAW!

          God bless you.

      2. I still say, let the investigation go on to search out the facts. But it is true some “bloggers” just copy-paste “conspiracy theories” – another word for chismis.

        1. God bless you Chino. The spirit of Christ is strong within you. I have a feeling you are going to heaven 🙂

        2. I’m still open to the result that Napoles is declared guilty. But for the right reasons under the right procedures. In a court of law.

        3. Chino,

          Yes, IN A COURT OF LAW. They will not be judged by a bunch of amateur bloggers.

          And when they are acquitted IN A COURT OF LAW, will you join us at Starbucks where we will have a special Prayer Meeting thanking our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, for bringing the TRUTH out?

          God bless you.

        4. “And when they are acquitted IN A COURT OF LAW, will you join us at Starbucks where we will have a special Prayer Meeting thanking our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, for bringing the TRUTH out?”

          TROLL BAIT. 😛

          Source for the record (pictures, etc.) or it’s just TROLLING, fraud.

          God bless.

        5. Wintersoldier,

          So pictures of a rich kid having fun makes her guilty? Please explain.

          Jeane’s party is nothing. Frankly, I did not find it very impressive.

          Where are the yachts docking in private island? Where are the people arriving in helicopters?

          See you at Starbucks 🙂

        1. Jeez you better stop saying too much “God bless you” with your mediocrity you religiot. You’re actually breaking the 2nd Commandment you damaso.

  5. Take note that the bank detail was given by the prosecution and Rappler is just doing its job, its to give the people information and the truth.

    LORNA KAPUNAN (Napoles’ lawyer) will suffer the same fate as Cuevas (Corona’s lawyer) for defending a winless case.

        1. i know how philippine system work pastor.

          corrupt. come on pastor how much did the napoles family give u or your organization. connection wise pastor i know and how the system works but i dont use them if they are against my principles in life. and one is thing steal other peoples money specially other tax payers money…..tsk tsk tsk…

        2. fretzl,

          1. You state that I was given money by the Napoles family. This is false. You have no evidence. I am not “that kind” of Pastor. I am a “different kind” of Pastor. I have just exposed your shallow mind and thinking.

          2. So are you stating as a fact that the Napoles family stole tax payer money? (Remember: LIBEL)

          3. You live your life according to what principles? You don’t want to give people the chance to defend themselves in a court of law! What bloody principles are you talking about? Guilty by public opinion? Lynching by amateur bloggers?

          Stop hating. I know you are jealous of Jeane’s beauty. Sorry ka na lang that God did not bless you with wealth and beauty. Your twisted “principles” have shown me why God decided to make you ugly and poor.

          Stop hating. Accept Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior.

    1. Tsk tsk, this again?

      You should stop gloating about what happened to corona since your presidents victory eas short lived. Until now, the bir still haven’t found the coronas guilty of anything. The impeachment trial was a sham, that is a known FACT.

      Your president is also liable to get impeached for giving mindanao to terrorists.

      Be Afraid, Be VERY afraid.

      1. Johnny,

        You do not understand how the legal system works in the Philippines. If you did, you would not be so misguided.

        But you can dream. You can dream and dream. And after you dream, at the end of the day, JUSTICE will prevail.

        God bless you.

  6. Bida,

    Wanna bet?

    I bet you that not a single Napoles family member will be found guilty of ANY crime in a COURT OF LAW! Why? Because this is the truth. God protects Christians and as a good Christian, I must stand up to conspiracy theorists like yourself who ruin the reputation of good Christians based on “reporting” of amateur bloggers.

    Just because you read something in a blog doesn’t mean its true. Remember Bambee dela Paz? That was quite embarrassing for 99% of the Pinoy bloggers who got it wrong.

    I suggest that you go to Starbucks and pray to Jesus for the TRUTH. You will get the same revelation that I got. Let me repeat:

    Not a single Napoles family member will be found guilty of ANY crime in a COURT OF LAW!

    Stop spreading the lies against the Napoles family. God bless you all.

    1. I am referring to the libel cases against Rappler and PDI, not against Cong. Napoles and her family. But I will not bet at this time, the issue has just started and we have no clear vision of the alleged scam. I do really hope it gets resolve soon, just like what president wants, as his message against corruption is clear.

      1. Bida,

        I don’t think you understand what I am trying to say.

        Amateur Bloggers


        Organized, United, GIFTED Christians who know how to WORK THE LEGAL SYSTEM.

        If you still don’t get it, you must be class C-D-E. Class A-B gets this right away.

        “To those much is given, much is expected.” 🙂

        1. Pastor, nsa Starbucks nb ang tahanan ng diyos? Sensya na di ako pla Ingles, pero kinikilabutan ako sa mga nasasabi mo. Ok k lng ba? Parang nawawalan na tuloy akong gana sa rekihiyon kung katulad mo ang pastor..

    2. Mr. Pastor Ernie, why do you love Starbucks so much? Is it because you cannot afford a cup of UCC coffee? Or a pot of TWG tea is too expensive for your cheap taste? Poor you! Should have asked for a bigger payola from your Napoles god.

      1. Why don’t you go to Starbucks and find out? You will see many beautiful people like Jeane, given many gifts by the grace and wisdom of our Lord.

        And why don’t you like it? Could it be because you are not beautiful and blessed by wealth by God? Don’t be JEALOUS, be humble and walk in the path of Christs so that you, too, will be granted these gifts.

        Praise the Lord!

        1. Source or GET OUT.

          “Well I was using old spoof nicks all the time. So old folks like you, benign0, Toro, etc knew all along what was up.

          I am still flabbergasted why so many Pinoys don’t appreciate satire and sarcasm. Sometimes you can make a point more devastatingly effective that way.

          Oh well, back to life. Until the next Philippine catastrophe. Have fun guys. The Philippines will remain a shit hole and there is only one solution: GET THE F*** OUT.


          Give me PROOF or you’re just TROLLING. 😀

          God bless.

  7. for sure this pastor guy or gay or something is one of napoles crony. hehehehehe. spill the bean pastor. how much of our hard earn money did u received personally and your organization.

    all evidence points out to her and her family. come on pastor spill the beans.

    1. Innocent until proven guilty.

      If you do not believe in due process, then you don’t deserve due process when someone accuses you of a crime you did not commit.

      Stop hating the Napoles family because Jeane’s glamarous party made you JEALOUS of the gifts God has bestowed upon her.

      God bless you.

      1. Let the courts decide but it seems you’re passing JUDGMENT on other people and it’s not right.

        Oh yeah:

        “Well I was using old spoof nicks all the time. So old folks like you, benign0, Toro, etc knew all along what was up.

        I am still flabbergasted why so many Pinoys don’t appreciate satire and sarcasm. Sometimes you can make a point more devastatingly effective that way.

        Oh well, back to life. Until the next Philippine catastrophe. Have fun guys. The Philippines will remain a shit hole and there is only one solution: GET THE F*** OUT.


  8. SO NOW, the accussed is going to slap a libel suit on the as of the people who have brought to light the fact that P10Billion are un-explained and going through the hands of the accused. IF THEY ARE NOT GUILTY WHY ARE THEY SO OFFENDED?
    they will use the stolen funds to buy the best legal defense possible. THEY ARE TRULY DESPICABLE.
    Its dirty-ing just thinking about these sleazy-ass shit bags. The Filipino politician and its cadre, none more despicable.
    Whatever happened to the rat bag CJ? never did testify did he? Never gave any of the un-explained CA$H back, did he? Never spent a minute in jail, did he? FUCKIN LAUGHABLE, the fuckin country is DOOMED! anyone who can leave should do so, as quickly as possible.

    1. They are so offended because they are INNOCENT.

      So you want amateur bloggers to post whatever lies they want and you want to deny people the right to defend themselves in A COURT OF LAW?

      Why have you judged them when you have not given them the chance to defend themselves in A COURT OF LAW? You don’t sound like a Fair and Honest Christian. You sound like hateful atheist who just wants to bring some respectable Christians down.

      Why? Because you are jealous that you are not as beautiful and glamorous as Jeane? Inggit ka lang sa kanyang high fashion tastes. Don’t hate her because she is beautiful. She was given these gifts by the grace and wisdom of our Lord.

      God bless you.

      1. Jealous, huh? Not a chance Padre.

        “She was given these gifts.”, PERIOD, No argument from me!

        I have no dog in the race. not too many people in the 3rd world have P10Billion.

  9. Nakakatuwa naman! Me first class christian pa nalalaman?! Alam ko sa Bible pantay pantay lahat, walang levelling sa society at faith.

    1. Who would believe in a ‘fake pastor’ who is more like a TROLL?

      There is no such thing as “First Class” Christian. God never intended to have that. People who said that are no better than the arrogant hypocrites in every church.

      1. Pastor Randy discusses the difference between 1st Class, 2nd Class, and 3rd Class Christians:

        I don’t agree with any of what he or Pastor Ernie is saying but I am demonstrating here that “Christians” can come up with whatever ideology they want. And who am I or you to tell them what to believe? Freedom of worship is a fundamental right even if someone wants to believe in The Spaghetti Monster.

        See you at Starbucks 🙂

        1. @Conyo

          Why not invite “Pastor” Ernie to Itallanis to meet the Sphagetti Monster and be Touched by His Noodly Appendages 🙂

        2. There is no such thing as a 1st Class, 2nd class and 3rd class Christian…Only TRUE Christians and FAKE Christians. You see a Christian by their “Fruit,” meaning, how they live their life…in the way they talk, act, make decisions, in their relationships, their values, what’s important to them…their humility, generosity, honesty… I am reading this thread…and the people who claim to be Christians do not seem to be “following the path of Christ.” To be a Christian means that you are a follower of Christ…but they way the supposed “christians” on this thread speak…would hardly make a non-believer want to follow Christ. I’ve never met a Pastor who knows designer brands…it’s quite disturbing to be honest.

          Pls. stop using the Lord’s name in vain. it is very offensive for those who truly revere his name. =(

          God bless you all! And I truly mean that.

          Nothing remains hidden. God has a way of exposing the truth. Whatever one sows…so he shall reap. I pray that you sow goodness and love…so that you may reap abundantly God’s riches. But if you are using the Lord’s name in vain…and pretending to be a worker of the Lord…pray for mercy…for you shall reap whatever you have sown.

  10. With the boom of social media, anybody who is everybody is a “journalist.” Frankly, it’s an insult to the craft of news reporting and to the people who really have what it takes to do it.

    I’m not directly talking about Rappler though. Maybe, it’s more applicable to bloggers and so called “writers.”

  11. You just converted me back to your Flock, pastor E.

    You seem to be ‘blessing’ so many berts here.

    Indeed, God bless the whole napoles family and all the good senators & congressmen – esp the One.

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