On Booing Corona and More Misguided Outrage Fads

One of the more remarkable events that occurred during the August 26 Luneta Rally (I wonder how many of them went on the spot where the Bus Hostage Crisis happened) , was the reported booing of former Chief Justice Renato Corona when he appeared at the rally. I also noticed a lot of rabid anti-Coronans at the GRP Facebook Community page too (who obviously can’t carry out their outrage fad without violating group rules). Their reasoning is that Corona, being corrupt (as they insist), had no right to be at the rally and deserved the booing. The mass media makes it appear that many people are against Corona.

Photo courtesy of GMA Network

Photo courtesy of GMA Network

But let’s look at a few things. Columnist Teddy Locsin tweeted that there was really no booing by a group, but by one woman:

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Another person, yoga personality Jane Uymatiao, reported hearing people booing, not knowing who they were booing:


In putting all together, I would conclude that the booing of Corona was overplayed by mass media, and contrary to what it is trying to depict, not that many people are against him. Or, if more than one person actually booed Corona, they were likely not aware of who was being booed. And what happened here seems to be a microcosm of what actually happens in our Philippines political situation, including Corona’s own impeachment trial/kangaroo court: the people get fooled.

Why do I say the people are getting fooled?

Just look at so many things. Firstly, the Anti-Coronans say the properties he owned are proof of his corruption. But if anyone bothered to remember, that was debunked during the impeachment trial/kangaroo court and the prosecution received a powerful scolding for it. Another instance, related to pork barrel, is where people are calling for Jane Napoles to be caught. But only her, even if others (the very politicians we vote) get much more pork barrel and actually have more control over it.

Or let’s look at another thing, something non-political. Many Filipinos, even educated ones, pass around fake Facebook messages and news, such as Morgan Freeman’s or Jackie Chan’s death and all. The kicker is that they believe it is true. That’s the problem; many Filipinos don’t bother to check whether something is true or not, or whether they understand something correctly or not. And that includes the surveys. Oh yes, even the cases when Filipinos never understood Katherine Ryan’s joke or on Donald Trump Jr. and the recent Tubbataha Incident.

This is the phenomenon named groupthink. It happens when one sees people beating up someone, then they join in the beating without asking why, and later find out they are beating up a pregnant woman who her husband was beating. It is when people just follow other people around them, sometimes even if they realize they are doing wrong. They are afraid of being different from the rest, for fear of rejection, fear of not being “in” or even being attacked (which I understand considering the nature of Philippine society).

This led me to post this on my Facebook status that day:

Oh, so former CJ Corona was booed (by only 1 woman, according to Teddy Locsin) at the “anti-pork barrel” rally earlier. But that doesn’t make sense. Pork barrel was instrumental in successfully impeaching him. So if you are anti-Corona, then you should be in favor of pork barrel. No pork barrel, Corona would have stayed.

Yes, I have the position that Corona had every right to be at the August 26 rally, because he is a victim of pork barrel. But some Filipinos, believing the propaganda hook, line and sinker, keep on hammering him as the symbol of corruption – even if in fact he never benefited from pork barrel. This is comparable to the thing that’s happening with former President Gloria Arroyo (couple that with the president blaming her for pork barrel, when in fact pork barrel started during his mother’s term). Yet some Filipinos lap up surveys, or believe whatever they hear on mainstream media. We have to be careful of our own outrage and check things before we rage.

It reminds me of what one eminent Philippine Politician, Richard Gordon, said

“Nakakahiya ang ating lipunan (our society is shameful) because we do not think… we react.” (Around 3:00 of the following video)

Reacting without thinking means you don’t know what you’re doing. And yes, this is the problem of many of our people… they actually are not thinking properly. This is probably why problems like pork barrel persist; people are unable to get enough facts to make a more informed stand. Many Filipinos, including the supposedly enlightened, love to join outrage fads without actually thinking about what they are joining and getting all the facts. This is what makes Filipinos susceptible to media manipulation.


Now that the president has said, “ I really don’t think that we can have any conviction under my term,” does it look like everything has been for naught? I reiterate that Filipinos have to accelerate their brain functions several notches up and be more careful and discerning… and not just believe everything they see and hear. Especially on mass media.

183 Replies to “On Booing Corona and More Misguided Outrage Fads”

  1. “Columnist Teddy Locsin tweeted..Another person, yoga personality Jane Uymatiao, reported….In putting all together, I would conclude..”

    Oh, and this what you call “research”?

    1. And there are people I know who were at the rally itself, saying they barely heard any boos during Corona’s stay. And some who point out that when TV cameras were rolling, they never heard any booing.

      Yes, it’s valid “research.” 😉

        1. Don’t you have anything more objective than this? ABS-CBN with edited videos and scripted commentary?

        2. “without knowing what they’re booing at???”

          Yes ChinoF, Corona thinks the people are that stupid that’s why he joined the rally.

        3. You know what Corona thinks? You a mind reader or something? Or it’s you bida kapamilya/senddonggirl/vicenzo arellano?

        4. hahaha you’re the one saying people don’t know what they’re booing at!!! YOU think people are that stupid. I’m just turning your statement around to your beloved COrona.

          No I am not any of those, is that you Corona?

        5. yes, that you have the right to say, not that the people didn’t know what they were booing about.

        6. Oh, so I don’t have the right to state my speculations? Last I checked, I give myself the right to say anything I want on my blog, not anyone else.

        7. OK, even lies… Then your blog is meaningless. Your blog, your world. Please don’t join the media.

        8. And you’re just making a fool of yourself for believing what the BS media feeds you. Iyan ang hirap sa mga bobong pinoy na katulad mo e. You have no critical thinking and you always resort to pwede na iyan mentality because you’re a juan tamad who hates extensive research and analysis of what is really going on.

        9. @maria:

          TROLL. 😀

          GRP doesn’t really joining the media. ABS-CBN is notorious for its BIAS and sensitive journalism.

          Your comments are meaningless in the first place. They wouldn’t be part of the joke called BIASED MEDIA.

          If anything is spreading lies then it’s YOU. attention whore. And your lack of intelligence is showing it.

        10. Looks like you’re yet another big fool from the malacanang miscommunications group. What’s the matter? Running out of things to post? FYI, the yellow media overplayed that incident way too much.

          Nobody here will believe your BS propaganda.

          DEAL WITH IT

    2. Why, were you at the rally when Corona came? You tell me.

      If you’re one of those who booed, I’ll tell you, you’re misguided. 😉

      1. Well, I don’t actually need to be guided. I do my own thinking, I observe with my own eyes. I don’t rely on politicians pretending to be columnists or the opinions of some yoga personality. Do some “actual research” first and then maybe I’ll consider your opinion.

        1. I did my own thinking too, which is why I came up with this article. And you consider these sources I quoted unreliable? Well, your choice.

        2. Source-s? You mean your 2 sources?

          I despise Filipino mass media. It is manipulative, it is oligarchic, it over-hypes and it is representative of all that is wrong with the status quo. This doesn’t mean I’m fine with sucking up an alternative bullshit though.

        3. The bigger point that you seem to miss is that regardless of WHO said it and HOW MANY people booed Corona, the point is that there WERE people who actually booed the former CJ without thinking. There were those who did it because of groupthink, and those who did it because they believe that he is corrupt despite not it being proven that he was so, in the impeachment trial.

          The bigger issue is pork barrel. How could Corona have in any way be linked to it? He was ousted because of it (allegedly, of course), but it hasn’t been proven that he benefited from it in any way. If those who booed him did so just because they perceived him to be “corrupt”, then obviously those Filipinos have lost the plot.

          Your call for “actual research” smells of looking for credentials. Instead of asking people to “do their research” maybe you just need to step back to see the bigger picture. You know, use your brain.

  2. What I dont get is, they already know the government is bad yet they choose to swallow up the medias propaganda? A contradiction that should already be well understood by many. If you hate the government, dont follow its media, otherwise there as bad as the people they elect. Yet here we are.

      1. As a Fil-am, I wanted to know what really was like to be Filipino, but things like this make me question my culture and who I am…We continuously, without fail, make the same mistake and become passive with things like “bahala na” or being happy during inappropriate times. It depresses me that we cannot tackle these problems head on rather let them be. We arent being cautious as a people when a problems like electing people or corruption is staring at us in the face. But that is just me from living a whole year here. yay…I guess.

  3. @CF & Benigno….Stay with this posting,all the way, and watch the link as well, IT might do some REAL good. What anyone thinks of Corona? it doesn’t matter. The fact is: it was proved he took a kick-back ($100,000.00) to get the SC to reverse a decision. That flip-flopping resulted in the PAL employees’ losing their jobs, pensions & healthcare benefits in order to benefit one SCUMBAG, Lucio Tan.

    The case involving the Pal employees’ was enough to get Corona removed from office, and yet wasmthe PAL employee case was removed from the impeachment ‘complaint’. The guy has $4,000,000.00 rolling through is $$$ accounts and he has never had a salaried position that paid him over $35,000.00/year. Again, I don’t care what color shirt you wear, the guy is a ‘corrupt as they come’ SCUMBAG!
    BUT THAT IS NOT THE POINT, the entire Philippines (Congress, Judiciary and Executive Branches) Government are mere PUPPETS that are dancing on the strings of the IMF/Corporations that tell them where to go/what to do and when to do it(in other words:what laws to pass , what sacrificial lamb will be shamed to keep the scam rolling,i.e. Corona, Napoles etc, etc, when to do it:”AND DON”T SCREW IT UP”). The PUPPETS are merely skimming the 10-30% they think they are entitled to off the top of the ‘pork barrel’ fund as they consider it the least they can do for doing the REAL dirty work of the people who are pulling the strings that make them dance to the tune of the IMF/Multi-Nationals.

    To explain all this would take a very long time,BUT for a glimpse of the ‘GIST’of what is being said in this comment, see the following link:


    THIS LINK @ THE 2:15 mark will impart just a tiny fraction of what is really happening behind the scenes and MORE IMPORTANTLY why it is happening. A certain RICH SCUMBAG has a bad week at the baccarat tables in Hong Kong and hundreds of people lose GOOD JOBS/PENSIONS etc.., etc…,etc.. AS WELL AS Millions of starving Filipino’s do not get the aid that has been targeted for the alleviation of their needs. CORONA is just a leech (he should have got 10X’s the kickback to fuck those PAL employee’s but he is also a low-class idiot that always jumps at the 1st carrot(Karat?) dangled in front of his low-class ass).

    If you watched the entire link above you understand just how big the problem is, that every single one of these people are involved in one way or another. You will also no doubt understand that the ‘investigations’ that will supposedly ‘get to the bottom’ of the ‘problem’ will be nothing but a well choreographed trip to nowhere, and the people WILL PAY FOR IT, and that absolutely nothing will come from any of it.

    It has been a very tiring effort to try to get across a very SIMPLE message out to the ONE place in the country where THE PEOPLE can get a REAL look at what is happening in their very own country. IF THIS doesn’t do it.IDK WTF WILL!

    1. from what i understood during the IT, the case of PALEA was not finished yet when Corona was impeached. meaning PALEA hasn’t totally lost the case yet. and there was a reason why the case was transferred to another division. that was clearly explained during the impeachment trial, reason also why corona was not impeached under the article where PALEA’s case was discussed.

        1. @ BEOWHY, do you think the person making the pay-off wants to ake 14 payments OR 1 to the person who can dish it out to the others, R U IN A COMA?

      1. @ BDR, no dude, the case was settled in the flip-flop decision handled by the SC the October prior to the impeachment complaint.

  4. “ALWAYS RIGHT, SELDOM WRONG’ Teddy Locsin! Wtf rock did he crawl out from under? Someone should hit the pompous jack-ass over his conceited self-righteous head with it. Whatta dick.

    1. Looks like we’re going to get another case of conflicting reports about this event, like the SONA rally scuffle. But mass media still hypes it.

  5. I saw a lot of people taking pictures with CJ Corona and shaking hands with him including some priests and teachers. The ones who started booing him were wearing yellow. The media just exxagerated bec. theycouldn’t find anyone famous to interview. Mr. Corona is a private citizen who has all the right to support the abolition of pork barrel.

      1. Biased media and sensationalized journalism should NEVER be considered as ‘real’ evidence.

        You should get real because you’re a TROLL. 😀

      2. So this is considered evidence for you yellow trolls? Heavily biased media and sensationalized journalism?

        Wow, how stupid can you get?

        1. Wow!!! You can’t tell shit even if it hits on the face huh.

          I wonder how you cross the street? “….This speeding car ain’t real….This speeding car ain’t real…”

    1. It doesn’t even show clearly what they’re booing at. And even if they were a lot booing, that doesn’t mean they’re not misguided.

      1. this is just proof that the people were FAR from the stage/Corona. Can’t hear booing daw diba?

        That “seems” to resemble his car too. And it “seems” misguided is your favorite word.

      2. And like I offered, some probably didn’t know it was Corona and booed anyway. If they were supporters, they would realize, “whoops, it’s Corona pala.” The lesson: think before you boo.

        1. why do you assume and insist that people do not think before they boo? is that how low you think of the people in the rally?

        2. It’s common in crowds, isn’t it? But even if they do know it was Corona and don’t like him, boo to them too.

        3. there, it comes out. YOu would like to think they didn’t know what they were booing about because you like Corona (that’s your right). Tell it like it is.

          That “it is common in crowds” isn’t reason to insist they didn’t know what they were booing about. You are making a mockery out of their opinion of Corona.

        4. “why do you assume and insist that people do not think before they boo? is that how low you think of the people in the rally?”

          pinoy nga naman oo ginagamit muna palagi ang puso hindi ang utak. No wonder this country is one of the most emotional in the whole world thanks to asshurts like you. Please go back to the middle ages because angry mobs like you doesn’t belong in this age. And you know what? You’ve just made pnoy very proud on your sheer stupidity.

        5. Just because more people than me hate Corona doesn’t mean I don’t deserve to criticize that hatred. Number does not make right.

    1. Malayo sila sa tao but they still had to run for cover and even fight off the people close to them. Who do you think they were screaming back at?

      And if this is not enough evidence, check on the people’s reaction in the social media.

      1. And they are dumb if you ask me.

        “Filipinos don’t THINK. They REACT.” -Richard Gordon

        Enjoy your blunder. 😛

    2. ABS-CBN material? This is the mass media I was talking about. Be careful of this.

      Oh, and even if there are lots of people who booed Corona, I disagree with them. I maintain that he had the right to be in that rally, against the very thing which took him down.

        1. Epals are also politicians who profess to fight corruption, but are actually part of it. Like those who want to protect pork barrel.

        2. You know who is real epal and a hypocrite in Monday’s protest? juan change. jim paredes. willie revillame. Oh and that includes you hypocrite.

        3. “An EXAMPLE of epal is a corrupt person showing up in a rally against corruption.”

          TROLL. 😀

          Corona was tried and ousted from office because of the issue in his SALN yet he wasn’t proven corrupt, as Enrile stated.

          What you’re watching back then is a circus called TRIAL BY PUBLICITY. And if anything, pork barrel is instrumental in successfully impeaching him.

          Fact: Corona is a victim.

          Deal with it.

        4. Oops I forgot. Another of those real epals are those who attended the protest but went their asses to Starbucks and JCo and took a pic of themselves of how “proud” they are to attend the protest while drinking their Frappucino and glazed donuts.

        5. Corona had every right to be in that rally since he was ousted using pork barrel funds.

          Supporting his impeachment also means that you’re supporting pork barrel.

          Is that too much for your little yellow mind to handle?

      1. @CF
        I think he was the sacrifice(he did no jail time, kept his CA$H and laughs all the time!) I reffered to above and you called me a troll for it. I see now that anyone who doesn’t think like a GRP blogger is juat labeled a troll.
        BIG MISTAKE where I am concerned, I am trying to show YOU something you do not know, that could help you see what you fail to understand because you do not know. Not everyone who doesn’t think like you is your enemy.
        CF…DO yourself a favor and watch the link inside the comment you labeled ‘TROLL’ing.

  6. Something I wanted to tell a “troll” on the GRP page: Corona’s impeachment was never a sign of guilt. And it was never an anti-corruption move. This is because impeachment is never meant to be an anti-corruption measure. It’s just when other members of the government don’t like you, and want you out. It’s a political exercise. There’s nothing anti-corruption about it. It can even itself be a product of corruption, in order to facilitate more corruption.

    Besides, after Corona’s impeachment, did corruption get reduced? No. It even got worse. That’s why there’s this rally.

    1. @CF, if your referring to me as the ‘troll’ you missed the entire point of the comment. THE ENTIRE POINT. the GRP staff is pretty good at seeing things for what they aren’t/are BUT IF IF IF ur referring to me? and you think that the comment was about Corona? WELL,

      THE COUNTRY IS DOOMED, it won’t matter how many rallies you have. Corona is a puppet. Surely as corrupt as ALL the rest of them, alllllllll of them, but still…just a puppet. That comment was about something much, much larger than that ass-hat.

      From the sound of the above comment you do not even know what an impeachment is, so if you missed the point being made( I really hope you did not)and you do not know what an impeachment is( a trial commenced against an elected official for violation of law or the constitution, misconduct, abuse of authority or all of the above which results in removal from office when found guilty of the charges.) then it doesn’t surprise me.

        1. I said “IF” your referring to me, I assumed nothing. Watch the link. Corona is small potatoes. Always has been, always will be.’

      1. By the way, what you said, “an impeachment is a trial commenced against an elected official for violation of law or the constitution, misconduct, abuse of authority or all of the above which results in removal from office when found guilty of the charges,” is certainly how it is ideally, in the law. But in practice, it turns out differently. It became a way to get rid of political enemies.

        1. NO, YOUR MISSING THE ENTIRE POINT, HOLY SHIT MON. Did you watch the link inside my first comment in this essay?
          Watch it b4 you respond to this, then get back to me. IF YOU DO NOT WATCH IT(8 minutes of your time will NOT be wasted), you are beyond helping, and I will realize you are all beyond hope.
          You are all soooo close BUT appear to WANT to screw it all up!

        2. @CF, R U KIDDING ME? The impeachment of Corona has nothing to do with that link I tried to get you to watch, NOTHING.ZIPPO, Zilch, as in Nada!

          IF IF IF you do not understand that link and its implications as to what is going on, well…..there really is no hope for you. IF If if that is all you got out of it(did you actually watch it?) was that response you just left, HOLY SHIT! IDK, I’m thinkin ‘dead-horse’s’ here.

  7. Whatever reasons he may have, Corona’s decision to go to the rally was uncalled for. And I’m not even saying that it was so because he was convicted for corruption. His presence there was not needed nor his effort to insert what for him was his overlooked innocence. More or less we have an idea why he was there, aside from wanting to be one with those whom he agrees with on the rally’s objective, but as a polarizing figure as he is it was a death wish for him to be present there.

    Could be he got a wrong advice. He was no longer news, he was already forgotten for the crosshairs is now on the legislators.

    As to the idea that only one or few, etc. booed him is immaterial because it was not how the number of boos he would get but the number of eyebrows that will rise once his presence is known.

    1. Perhaps he went for selfish reasons, but I still believe he qualifies because he is still a victim of pork barrel, after all.

      1. I don’t even see it as an issue of qualification because, frankly, nobody would have been there had qualification been the criteria of being present there.

        That’s the reason why I opined that Corona got a very, very bad advice in going there.

        Look, practically those who are there, at one time or another, have committed something that would disqualify them to be there. The whole march madness is mixed with hypocrisy, pretension and lies. And Corona willingly walked into the trap.

        Had I been in Corona’s place and it was too late for me to realize that I got a bad advice in going there, I would have mouthed the cast-the-first-stone principle the moment I was interviewed. That way, the hypocrites would have been put to notice.

        1. Perhaps it may have been a bad decision for him to go, but still, booing him was in bad taste, and a distraction from the real issues.

    2. You could replace “Corona” in your post with “Teddy Casino.”

      He received an approximate PhP100 million in pork, but no one in the rally seemed to mind.

  8. Only one lady was booing, people PROBABLY did not know what they were booing at, overplayed by mass media…… Everything the blogger wants to believe.

    Good night.

      1. Your comments are meaningless since it was based on EMOTIONS and that’s it.

        You don’t have sweet dreams at first because you’re disillusioned already. Your loss.

    1. And angry mobs like you still believe on the kangaroo court’s Corona impeachment decision because you always use your heart rather than your brain. Now do me a favor and get lost.

  9. My brother was there when it happened. It started with a guy who was heckling corona and a handful booed and jeered along with him. A lady supporter wanted to answer back but she was held back by the others with her. I agree, chinof, that there were those who just reacted and jeered but didn’t really know whom this was directed to. I read in another forum that there were those in the back who were cheering but not jeering. As my brother witnessed this he felt the need to go up to the man and shake his hand telling him “sir, we support you.” To which he thanked my brother, and his daughter, who looked hurt, thanked my brother as well. It was important to my brother to do this during the jeering (I doubt if abias and gma would show this). He shouted back at those people to leave the man because unlike the others, his cases are already in the courts (unlike his hypocrite accusers). Later, my brother encountered jun magsaysay but he didn’t bother to even get down from his bike for that guy.

    When i heard about the booing and when I saw only pro-admin personalities being interviewed (eg Gloria Diaz “I support the president…”) I didn’t feel like going to luneta na because I it was clear the govt was going to spin the event in their favor. Akbayad, er, akbayan, the porker, was all over the place.

    Media never bothered to show those who showed corona respect tho (I’ve been seeing pics of him with supporters all over the net naman). Grabe talaga galit ng mga cojuangco-Aquino when it comes to “their” hacienda.

    Bottom line is, corona had every right to be there because he is a citizen and all was supposed to be welcome. Besides, govt is leeching off so much from him in taxes, I guess he would want to make sure if they succeed, the money goes to the people. We are taxpayers, and like him, we are victims as well. Sail niyo na si willy revillame.

    As for those who were bastos, ultimately they will have their comeuppance. Such a classy bunch…not.

    It is a pity that people are so easily manipulated by media.

    1. It’s a shame that these yellowtards still insist that corona did something worse than those who benefitted from the pork barrel scam.

      These yellowtards don’t seem to realize that they’re being hypocrites by supporting corona’s impeachment because pork barrel was used to impeach him.

    2. kung naabutan ko lang dun si CJ Corona, i will do same like your brother did!…Pity to those people na makikitid ang utak na sobrang nalason na ng abnoy na Presidenteng yan! Kung guilty talaga si Corono hindi na siya magpapakita sa public at magtatago na hndi gaya ni Napoles!!!..sabi na nga ba madaming pakawala ang Administrasyon last Monday!

    3. Éveryone has the right to attend the rally.We should respect each others right.RESPECT, most Filipinos has forgotten the true meaning of this word!! We should include good manners and right conduct again in our curriculum! So sad most people assume they are always right, seldom wrong!!Let’s be fair and respect each other.I’m an ordinary filipino and a mother of two young boys!!I agree with you Ici!!

    1. Just because we’re not into Yellow Propaganda means that we a re pro-Corona or something? Get a load of there, fella. Nice logic you have there.

      Fact: you’re just a TROLL. 😀

    2. Jeez, do you guys ever realize that your propaganda isn’t fooling anyone here? The fact that you guys are once again attacking corona for your master in malacanang certainly says a lot about your explicit stupidity in being gullible enough to believe everything the yellow media says.

      I really pity you guys since your stupidity and hypocrisy is showing once again.

    3. Wait, wait, who said anything here about being pro-Corona?

      Compare that to the high horse Filipinos found themselves on when they judged Corona as corrupt even when all the accusations against him were debunked in the impeachment trial. They were all too willing to lap up what their yellow media told them about the “outrageous” nature of what Corona supposedly did.

      Besides, Filipinos shouldn’t forget that their “honorable” congressmen and senators rushed to impeach him only because the pork was dangled in front of them (allegedly, of course).

      Those who advocate the rule of law, not necessarily pro-Corona, are the ones who have consistently shown their critical thinking.

      So why has this again become an issue of pro and anti Corona? The issue is corruption and pork barrel? How exactly did Corona benefit from the pork barrel?

      People like you should try using their brain sometimes.

      1. as usual, they are over simplifying things again. they are not addressing the issue at hand but resorting once again to attacking personalities. heckling again. they are obviously merely following what the propagandists dictate. lemmings.

      2. OK, I’ve been waiting to show you: The one part of the impeachment complaint that could have proved Corona’s guilt(and all the SC jurists as well) was taken out of the proceedings’, ask yourself, WHY?(see parenthesis for the answer if you can’t figure it out, DUH!)

        You have some frikkin nerve to act AS IF…and then call me a ‘nutjob’ ‘conspiratorial theorist’. That loud popping noise you may hear one of these days is the sound of your head ‘popping’ out of your ass!

    4. Here’s some logic for you: being anti-Corona means being pro-pork barrel. CJ Corona was only ousted by the BS court because the senatongs and tonggressmen were paid by pnoy’s pork barrel to finish the job. Now look who should stop being like a Wile E. Coyote-like “genius”?

      1. Agree! Eka ni Dick Gordon, Filipino don’t think, they react. Makasama mag boo pero di nila alam kung anu talag nangyari.

    5. Pro-Corona? Or anti-impeachment? You can’t be pro-impeachment and anti-pork barrel at the same time once you get to know the facts.

  10. I think what got to most of the people here was the elitism and poor choice of language of the piece, for it implied that those who were anti-Corona did not think for themselves and only joined the outrage bandwagon. That’s not fair, and there are an awful lot of people who legitimately dislike the former Chief Justice.

    For me, my beef with him was not so much his under-declaration in his SALN, but his court’s conduct is not what one expects from a judge or justice. His court’s misapplication of the equal protection clause in the Biraogo v Truth commission, applying it to a case where the “suspect classification” (the past GMA dministration) is not really suspect. The decision implied that such a truth commission must investigate corruption by all past presidents and cannot discriminate–which is absurd because it ignores that the corruption of GMA’s presidency was so bad that it could rightfully be called a class all its own. While Corona did not write that decision, he voted for it and certified it, which means he gave his assent.

    Another beef I have with him is his assent to the per curiam decision in the Justice Del Castillo plagiarism case, where the Corona court excused Justice Del Castillo’s lifting and misrepresentation of an international law paper’s contents and conclusions in order to suit his needs. The Corona court claimed there was no fraud nor disreputable motive, hence no plagiarism nor untoward conduct. However, what Justice Del Castillo did was to imply that an academic paper came to the same conclusion he did regarding the issue of whether or not a state is obliged under international law to represent its human rights victims in international courts. The paper said it was. Del Castillo said it wasn’t. In every other public forum, that would be lying and fraudulent, but not in the Corona court. If that is not an indicia of twisted morals, I am not sure what is.

    He also seemingly forgot that in the canons of judicial ethics, it is clear that judges must be free from all appearances of impropriety. Note, it’s not “impropriety as proven by the required quantum of evidence,” as the educated author in this blog seems to lean towards. It’s mere appearance of impropriety. Consistently deciding cases involving GMA’s past misdeeds in her favor shows appearances of impropriety.

    In conclusion, it was very arrogant and unfair for the author to characterize the outrage as the mere bleating of KSP sheep following external influences. There’s a lot of legitimate outrage. There are a lot of sheep, but there’s a lot of real anger against the man. I get the impression the author did not intend to generalize all the outrage as illegitimate, but the inclement wording of his article did not help. Let this be a lesson: pick your words and tone carefully. I know you tried to make a good, legitimate point that people should think for themselves. But it seemed that you were more interested in getting a strong reaction than in facilitating sober discussion, which is sad because I actually agree with the ultimate conclusion of the piece.

    And don’t feed the trolls. Please don’t feed the trolls.

    1. “Consistently deciding cases involving GMA’s past misdeeds in her favor shows appearances of impropriety.”
      bro, the article is very appropriate for the likes of you. wasn’t the above quote proven to be false in the impeachment court? before the trial the media were mouthing off that 100% corona favored GMA. but during the trial when all the facts are being gathered you heard the likes of Drilon saying 70% only.
      What a pity.
      Your ‘legitimate’ beef about Corona was nothing but mere exaggerations of the media and obviously you are not in the position to criticize the article as you are clearly not using your brain at all.

      “The decision implied that such a truth commission must investigate corruption by all past presidents and cannot discriminate–which is absurd because it ignores that the corruption of GMA’s presidency was so bad that it could rightfully be called a class all its own.” this is the most stupidest thing i have ever read today as I dont see how including past presidents would ignore the corruption of GMA.

      Sorry bro, you tried so hard acting like you are intellectual but the countless holes in your argument just wont do.

      Isip isip din pag may time.

      1. “Appearance of impropriety” is different from actual impropriety. Judicial ethics demands cleanliness even in appearance because the judiciary has no other moral currency than its reputation. It does not have the power of the purse as congress does, nor the power of the sword as the executive does. Thus it must be SPOTLESS even in MERE APPEARANCE.

        And for the record, I actually think the impeachment was rigged and unjust. Doesn’t mean I like the former chief justice.

        “this is the most stupidest thing i have ever read today as I dont see how including past presidents would ignore the corruption of GMA.”

        You missed my point. I said it was a misapplication of the principle of equal protection, not that a commission covering all past presidents could not work out.

        It would however, be highly impractical to implement. To use an analogy, insisting on burning an entire rotten forest of trees or burning none at all, when there’s one particularly big rotten one right in front of you which sticks out like a sore thumb, makes no sense.

        Anyway, there’s no reason for the ad hominem attack on my person, especially since it was out of respect for the original author’s intelligent discussion that I engaged him on equal footing.

    2. Yes, perhaps Corona may have not behaved well in the trial. But he still got booted because of pork barrel. And people cheered that. That alone supports my point that people allow themselves to be fooled. Or, they’re deliberately cheering the bad guys.

    3. Also, my tone and words of the article I believe are appropriate for my point. If people disagree with it, it means they more disagree with my points. Only those who understood my article will not come out with poorly founded retorts.

      1. I agree with your points but I felt the implied sweeping generalization in your title alone spoke so loudly it overshadowed your very intelligent and valid point. And I mean no sarcasm, I’ve gotten in similar arguments myself because I phrased myself wrong.

        Anyway, I bid you peace, and for what it’s worth, I AM on your side, because I also have a pet peeve with those who cannot think for themselves. Everyone must put their beliefs to the test, and they must all grab their personal treasures their way and not as they were taught.

        And on a highly personal level, I cannot find it in my heart to feel anger at a fellow tokusatsu and plastic model fan. Peace, and take care.

    4. M1911

      On November 22, 2011, the Supreme Court (“the Corona Court”) handed down its HACIENDA LUISITA decision (G.R. No. 171101) to finally distribute “the 4,915-hectare sugar estate owned by the President’s family to over 6,000 farmer beneficiaries.”

      Barely 3 weeks later on December 12, 2011, the House of Representatives voted to impeach Corona.

      Corona may have been the Chief Justice, but the Supreme Court is a collegial body; hence, cases before it are “decided with the concurrence of a majority of the Members who actually took part in the deliberations on the issues in the case and voted thereon” as provided in Article VIII, Section 4:

      “(1) The Supreme Court shall be composed of a Chief Justice and fourteen Associate Justices.
      “(2) All cases … shall be decided with the concurrence of a majority of the Members who actually took part in the deliberations on the issues in the case and voted thereon.”

      Following below are links to the decision and dissenting opinions of the cases you mentioned. Take note that Corona was merely ONE of FIFTEEN other Justices; so, why blame Corona ALONE for a COLLEGIAL decision of a MAJORITY concurring?


      G.R. No. 192935
      G.R. No. 193036
      Associate Justice
      December 07, 2010


      A.M. No. 10-7-17-SC
      EN BANC
      October 19, 2010

      A.M. No. 10-7-17-SC
      EN BANC
      February 8, 2011

      A.M. No. 10-10-4-SC
      Associate Justice
      EN BANC
      March 8, 2011

      1. Corona was made an example by those behind the scenes to try and convince all people in government to side with them… or else. OK, so Sereno is chief justice… but I don’t know if that “example” thing worked.

      2. He still signed it. A lawyer does not sign something he does not believe in, it’s basic legal ethics.

        Anyway, believe it or not I think the impeachment against him was rigged. I just think he was “damaged goods” from the start because his very appointment was suspicious for violating the election appointments ban. I have nothing against him as a person, but again, when you are the leader of the highest court of the land, you must not only be be LEGALLY clean, you must APPEAR to be clean also.

        By this logic, I also have issues with the current CJ, which I will not deny. I’m not anti-Corona for the heck of it, I just have pretty high standards for judicial integrity. I call it as I see it.

  11. I don’t care about whether or not Corona was booed at all, intentional or (bandwagon type) unintentionally. But I have to point out that people must watch the video embedded on this article (http://youtu.be/INC4-KUSais), the one about Gordon interviewed by Karen Davila. Swak na swak pa rin sa panahon natin ngayon yung mga sinabi niya sa interview. Like what he said, hindi natin kailangan ng mabait [referring to PNoy], ang kailangan natin lider (na may integridad… ONE WHO COULD SAY NO). Good find ChinoF!

    1. Thank you. I encourage people to watch the whole series of Gordon’s interview with Karen Davila on Headstart. This was his interview before the 2010 elections. It’s five parts in Youtube. For me, it doesn’t matter that he’s Gordon. What he says is important.

  12. i’m tired of all that bullshit, mamamatay din ang mga corrupt… ooooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhh shit!!! nakalimutan ko ang political dynasty, ….. i’m dead….. bago ko pa maranasan ang corrupt free Philippines. Aral nalang ako mabuti, putang ina. Bahala na si Batman. sana magkaroon ng Batman dito sa Pilipinas kahit think like Batman nalang kahit wala ng costume.

      1. my idea is, if a corrupt man(wicked) dies so is his greed and corrupt thinking. But his wealth? where do they go? their offspring yes? Let’s just hope that the offspring will learn from their parents mistake or wickedness whatever it is. It’s all about the famous(but not so famous for some) quote of Jose Riza(Luneta Park) “Kabataan ang pag-asa ng Bayan”.

        1. Yes, that’s a hope I share. However, the thing is, there are parents who teach, “you shouldn’t always be good or honest, there are times we have to use dirty methods.” I don’t think it can be denied, I’m sure many of you out there have heard of something like this. With these kinds of parents, it’s no wonder corruption cannot easily be cured in this country.

  13. Turned out for the best, what we don’t want is this guy (Corona) who we’re still not sure of being corrupt or not, to be turned into a hero and then vote him to be president or something. He should be thankful, we Filipinos are peaceful, If it we’re in Egypt his limbs would be torn apart already.

    1. Dude did you even freaking watch the trial, he debunked every single accusation hurled against him. Too bad your blindsided and brainwashed by what the Yellow Media tells you. Not everyone at this board is stupid in believing what the Yellow Media thinks the holier than thou entitlement attitude na kayo lang ang tama kami mali.

    2. If the crowd did tear apart his limbs, that would be an even greater stupidity. And as you said, you’re not sure if he’s corrupt or not. And he got impeached already, so he’s no longer able to do more corruption if ever that was true. That’s why it’s inappropriate to call him “corrupt” at this point in time, since he’s already a private citizen. Unless he’s defrauding a client or something.

      That’s the problem with some Filipinos: someone’s already punished, they want to punish that guy more. Self-righteousness and sanctimoniousness.

    3. Look what happened back in the Hostage Crisis in there? Who’s fault is it? THE MEDIA!!! The hostage taker Shot everyone in the bus, when he saw those Police arresting his family(as if they’re going to killed like a pig- keeps resisting) then those MEDIA saying this(arresting cause he had a gun but no) and that cloud the Hostage Taker judgement not to hurt anyone! He Freak Out! live on TV, i saw everything and that’s bullshit ma man. I think that what really happened there people booing because some camera is rolling and they want to express(on camera) their stupid minds no pork barrel! blah blah blah! bullshit! no offense but it’s bullshit some Filipinos react but don’t think. I’m wondering what’s going to happen now if the Pork Barrel was not turn down?.. EDSA 4(remove Ninoy)? haha nooooo… because People is controlled like a puppet by Media.

    4. Why you people are not a little more ‘pushy’ is why your still be laughed at by the people REALLY running the country(HINT:it ain’t PNOY or the gov’t.). THEY KNOW YOU WILL PUT UP WITH WHATEVER THEY THROW AT YOU!

        1. I did not say it was. The politicians in the country are robbing everything that is not nailed down, BUT There is more to it, more at stake than just mis-spent tax revenues.

          I gotta tell ya, trying to get people to see what is right in front of them? I did not ever think it could be so difficult. That last response above? OMG, I know ur not kidding and that is just so so soooooo effin’ sad.

  14. Curious. The number of people who argue against Corona’s well being and associate using media elements connected to Pro-administration connections suddenly spiked thanks to this article.

    1. It’s so blaintly oblivious that the media conspired to bring him down Hindi naman tanga ang readers dito bro. Money talks and Pnoy used every arsenal and firepower he could leverage in influence to take Corona by hook or by crook.

      1. Corona did not ‘GO DOWN’, he served no time in jail, kept ill-attained wealth. None of his tainted decisions were over-turned, Holy Shit…WAKE UP!
        You people are hopeless!

        1. Wake up to what? To trying to get Corona in jail… and leave the others free? That’s not waking up, that’s going back to sleep.

      2. @ CF, Where did I say let anyone go free???? Holy CHEET, YOU Really don’t get it, DO YOU??? They are all in on the same scam!!!

        MY GOD MAN, your dense! People should start calling you ‘Rocky’. I just do not believe it! DENSE!

        1. You know Gerry, if you don’t like what you read in GRP, you should just leave, with your “kangaroo court” mentality, and mindless fawning over Cory, you’re no different from “bida kapamilya”.

          The fact that Noynoy’s regime only concentrates on political enemies reeks of injustice and bias, so I cannot take Corona’s impeachment seriously.

          Add the fact that you almost never rebut my valid arguments just proves that either you’re a leftist radical or just a sheep of the mass media, regardless of your disdain of it.

    2. Looks like the malacanang mis-communications group is really that desperate to fan away the criticism from their precious president’s inaction over the whole pork barrel scheme.
      Changing the name of PDAF into something else does not count FYI.
      Their presence here only proves Gog’s point: If their precious president was really doing his job, he wouldn’t need any of those idiots-for-hire to spread his false propaganda.

      1. I will be honest, I was not present at the rally myself, so I am in no position to judge. “maria”‘s arguments, however, may I contend under free speech to debate, are weakly founded, given as to how there are multiple conflicting reports on what transpired. This is further compounded that a small arrival of a person whose innocence is “still contestable” was headlined by a media unit whose assets and considerable reputation of over-blowing or “sensationalism” of various small topics that led to the scenario of “Publicity trials”, catastrophe-causing info leakage by media AND whose origins are founded with strong ties to the current administration leads me to say that I strongly contest her sources. I am sorry, but I cannot believe her stand.

        Case in point: the extremely botched Quirino hostage standoff. All cameras turned to the bus led to the perpetrator having an advantage over the police. Up to now, I believe that Hong Kong still won’t let that moment live down.

        1. The Philippine government continues to refuse to apologize for the Bus Hostage Crisis. But the relatives of the victims aren’t going to let things go. They’re going to continue with charges to be filed at a Hong Kong Court against former mayor Lim and other officials.

  15. This is the real truth about former Chief Justice Corona… He was a victim of the BS Aquino dictatorship. A victim of the yellow administration. Remember the (bow well) movement 188? The prosecution bungled their presentation of evidence. Pork barrel played a role in this tragic farce of an impeachment trial. Who got paid in the lower house and the senate? Oink! Oink!

    1. It was only dumb(with emphasis on the dumb part)luck that the prosecution would win the trial however, nothing has changed even after corona was booted out due to pork barrel so where’s the proof that the yellows have reduced corruption after they booted out corona? Zero,Zilch,Zip, Goose Eggs.

    2. He was in cahoots with all the rest of them(AQUINO,CORONA,ESTRADA,MARCOS,REVILLA,DRILON, ever wonder why they are all never going away? even when a concocted scam hits the media? They are all laughing their asses off at you idiots!) and you are an idiot not to realize it!
      NOT ONE NEGATIVE THING came out of that trial!, not one. Corona did no jail time, kept his ill-attained CA$H and none of his tainted decision was over-turned. He was probably well paid for his performance at the trial as well.Looks like you people will NEVER wake up.SOO CLOSE TOO!

      1. How can you say with certainty that his wealth is ill-attained and that his decisions are tainted? Hope you can be more specific, itherwise you’re no more than just another conspiracist nutjob.

        1. R U SERIOUSLY ASKING ME THAT? Wait, cough,cough, WHAT? LOL! Wait…UHHHHHH,$4,000,000.00 and never made over $30,000/year, and usually half that. No proof about that horse-shit story of currency exchange in wtf was it? 1969?You go believe that crock of shit sonny, OK?

          Concealed bank accounts through the design of the thieves themselves(the thieves themselves, for Crissake’s), AND YOU ARE GONNA ASK THAT IDIOTIC QUESTION? The Leader says that ‘legal proceedings’ will take 3-5 years, GEE WHY IS THAT? HUH? Can you think of one good reason?UUHHH??????????

          Wait right here, in 5 years we will deliver justice to you….and you believe that shit?

          I see this is all way beyond your thought process’s, so yeah….

          There is no hope for the country, none! You will be here 30 years from now, doing the same shit, chasing your tail. At a time when you all could have done what needs to be done, so close….but no!

      2. He was in cahoots with all the rest of them AQUINO,CORONA,ESTRADA,MARCOS,REVILLA,DRILON….

        Corona in cahoots with Aquino?!?
        Now I know that you’ve been taking drugs.

  16. See how polarizing a figure Corona is? Even in blogs people gets agitated talking about him.

    I don’t think his presence in the rally should be taken as an opportunity to defend his innocence again nor to bring up doubts in the judgment conviction he got in the impeachment trial. He’s yesterday news. He went there for the wrong reason and he got what he deserved.

    To those who booed him, lucky for them they have somebody to direct their anger and make the occasion more exciting for Corona provide them space to vent.

    I guess since it’s hard to defend his presence in the rally, Corona’s sympathizers opt to defend and explain him by reviving the settled impeachment case again. Guys, Corona lost in that one, stop resorting to it for you will lose again. Focus on why it’s right and proper that he was in the rally not why you think he was innocent.

        1. And that I did, but you merely speculated in your previous posts. Your latest claim of his “wrong reason” doesn’t sound like speculation to me, but that you know something factual. Hence my inquiry.

        2. @ Leb

          “…if Corona is really clean or innocent, no amount of bias by the judges would sway public opinion of sympathy, away from him.”

          You obviously did not put to account the power of Philippine media, where Pinoys argue over their LOYALTY to TV NETWORKS, or survey firms like the SWS, where survey results can easily be skewed, for heaven’s sake

          “…The problem really is, Corona was no stranger to bias or partisan politics. Remember, he, too was accused of being biased on certain cases that ended up in his office notwithstanding the other allegation of biases thrown on his direction regarding his relation with former president Gloria Arroyo.”

          You talking about the PALEA case? Corona inhibited himself.
          You have to admit though, although you think there was bias in the other rulings, it was done according to the law, whereas if you review the prosecution panels tactics in his impeachment trial,it smacks of poor planning and not following the impeachment guidelines (re: Corona’s supposedly sealed bank records, and the “small woman” explanation”).

          It’s really hilarious, or have you got a short memory?

        3. @ Leb

          (this is a follow-up to my post below)

          It’s just Corona’s lousy luck that he got the short end of the stick when he was impeached.

          Imagine, having the entire Executive & Legislative Branch stand against you, what chance do you have? :p

        4. Ronald Montemayor, just the same he’s the chief justice. Even if he’s up against Jesus Christ and he’s really innocent, I think he will be able to put up a good fight and prove his innocence.

          The Executive and Legislative branch, whom you alleged were up against him, are not entirely snow white innocent. As the chief justice, he knows a lot about those people. He could have stood his ground and show how strong, knowledgeable, and intelligent he is by making those people realize that they are in for a long haul because, unlike them, he’s not what they think he is. For being the underdog, I was actually rooting for him from the start.

          Unfortunately, we didn’t get it. Corona folded and practically reduced his status as he slumped on that wheelchair. A sign that he is weak on everything.

          Anyway, enough of that because the word ‘sayang’ always comes to mind every time I speak about Corona.

        5. Leb,

          This is my final say in the matter.

          “…As the chief justice, he knows a lot about those people. He could have stood his ground and show how strong, knowledgeable, and intelligent he is by making those people realize that they are in for a long haul because, unlike them, he’s not what they think he is.”

          He lost because he played by the rules.
          If only for that, he’s already proven how far above he was from them.

          And even Jesus lost his case with Pontius Pilate. ^_^

          Sometimes it doesn’t matter if you lose, because in the end it won’t be between you and them, it would be between you and HIM (interpretation on who HE is is entirely dependent on your belief system, I may be even talking about posterity itself).

          I enjoyed talking to you, but I’ve got to wake up early for my job.

        1. @Leb

          The impeachment trial is not a criminal trial, but rather a POLITICAL (therefore liable to bias) process.

          What’s your point?

        2. I don’t know exactly what you meant but let me speculate about it.

          Since the impeachment was a political exercise you’re insinuating that Corona was a victim. I wouldn’t argue with that, however, if Corona is really clean or innocent, no amount of bias by the judges would sway public opinion of sympathy, away from him.

          The problem really is, Corona was no stranger to bias or partisan politics. Remember, he, too was accused of being biased on certain cases that ended up in his office notwithstanding the other allegation of biases thrown on his direction regarding his relation with former president Gloria Arroyo.

  17. First of all, I’m not for PNOY nor Corona. I am against both of them. Surprise Surprise! There are actually more stances than Yellow or GMA. What I am for is critical thinking. The argument for Corona’s attendance can be summed into the stupidity that is “the enemy of my enemy is my friend.” You’re telling us that just because 1 pig victimized another pig, then I should side with the other pig? Fuck you! And Don’t give me this crap about Corona being innocent. You know that everyone in our stinking government is a piece of trash. It’s a government that needs to be abolished as a whole. Abolish the Pork, Abolish Congress, Abolish Government!

    1. Your “critical” thinking is nothing but a big fat joke because you are still making pnoy very proud of your sheer stupidity you moron.

    2. I’m afraid this also fails in critical thinking, because it fails to see the soundness of criticizing the booing against Corona, and it calls for only hatred against everything mentioned here. And Corona being innocent… did I say that?

      To those anti-Coronans who were at the rally: instead of booing Corona, which gives him attention, it would have been better to have just ignored him. If it’s all about pork, focus on that, not on the personalities. That, my friends, is real critical thinking. 😉

    1. Oh you mean that trial by publicity stunt by the BS media to show how Corona is evil? Sorry emofag pero hindi kami mga dakilang tanga’t uto-uto na katulad mo para lang maloko sa ganyan.

  18. “Abolish government!”
    I say, to avoid being called a moronic chant, the line abone needs clarification. How and who will abolish gov’t.?

    1. >Who?
      Those who can change the system of government. Not to sound strange, but sometimes Protest DOES actually work, when done right. I’m pretty sure there are tons of intellectuals out there who would want to give the Philippine political environment a MASSIVE rehash.

      Civil action. Constitutional convention. Leverage over national resources. It’s a long shot, but I think it can be done. This site has a LONG list of what can be done, both for the Philippine culture and the Philippine system of government.

  19. Of course, I personally can’t blame Corona for popping in; he was, after all, skullfucked by the “judicious application of Pork.” How else could he have been convicted despite the ineptitude of the prosecution?

  20. Corona was not booed by one person only. And a lot of those who booed knew who they were booing. Yes I agree not all of them and some got into the mob mentallity. Just the same as not everyone that was there knew what they were really fighting for at nakiki uso lang thus falling into the mob mentallity trap. Whatever Corona was going to say, he had no credibility and integrity to speak moreso in front of a crowd that is sick and tired of corruption he himself was blantantly part of. Fresh pa ang sugat ika nga. He could have used other means, the press, social media and he would have probably been heard, even by close minded people. But no, not in front of that crowd. Kinain sya ng buhay. And reactions, they tend to be real when no thinking is involved. Thats the problem sometimes, we think too much instead of acknowledging our feelings for what they are. They are real. Thats what the crowd felt when they saw Corona. Nagpakatotoo lang ang tao. Tapos na yan. Nangyari na ang nangyari. Move forward tayo.

  21. The people who booed former CJ Corona were just expressing their displeasure in seeing a high profile person who is very much associated with government corruption and patronage politics.

    With all due respect to the former CJ, while (of course) he can say that it is within his right to participate in the event, to me, it is very clear that he is really out of touch with reality and is very much lacking in common sense. Just like many , if not most of our current leaders.

    1. But it wasn’t proven that Corona is ‘corrupt’ or he steal the people’s money.

      What you are watching last year is the joke called TRIAL BY PUBLICITY.

    2. @Henry

      The people who booed Corona weren’t thinking at all. They still don’t realise that some of the senator judges who convicted him committed worse crimes than what Corona was accused of.

      His offense, which was inaccurate SALN was not even an impeachable offense. Unfortunately, a lot of Pinoys were fooled by the media into believing that he stole money and was hiding it.

      Corona should have been hailed during the rally because of the unfair trial congress gave him.

    3. Not according to Ben Kritz. To him, and to me, the booers were “Administration supporters planted in the crowd.”

      If you want to express displeasure at “a high profile person who is very much associated with government corruption and patronage politics,” do it to the one in the top seat in the land. He’s the one who’s out of touch and lacking in common sense.

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