Bolitas culture: Penile implants and the Filipino male ego!

Something hurt down there?
Something hurt down there?
Lol! It’s one thing to be butt-hurt, but to be dick-hurt? I just read the article The Strange Sexual Quirk of Filipino Seafarers and I must say, that one deserves a place in the WTF Hall of Fame!

Many Filipino sailors make small incisions in their penises and slide tiny plastic or stone balls — the size of M&M’s — underneath the skin in order to enhance sexual pleasure for prostitutes and other women they encounter in port cities, especially in Rio de Janeiro. “This ‘secret weapon of the Filipinos,’ as a second mate phrased it, has therefore obviously something to do,” Lamvik wrote in his thesis, “‘with the fact that ‘the Filipinos are so small, and the Brazilian women are so big’ as another second mate put it.”

The article said that according to a 1999 survey, 57 percent of Filipino seamen sported these penile implants. Wow! I hope I don’t blush next time I meet a Pinoy seaman given what I know now…

Admittedly, there was something about it that came across to me as a bit noble — that these Filipino sailors would even care about how satisfied a prostitute would be as a result of the paid services she delivers to them.

As one Filipino officer told McKay [the sociologist who studied these Filipino sailors]: “The women prefer Filipinos because we treat them nice, not like other nationalities,” he said. “[Sailors from other countries] think because they pay, they can treat them badly … But the Filipinos — we treat them like girlfriends. We pay too, but we’re nice, we smile, we even court them. That’s what makes the Filipino special. We’re romantic.”

Well after all, we are a society where women’s sexual satisfaction was something people called to be legislated as it was a main feature of the much-debated Reproductive Health Bill. Something I wrote about in a previous article.

Does this (being such emphatic lovers) count as something to add to the list of things to be proud of as a Pinoy? Maybe — if it weren’t for the kadiri factor of the means to achieving that end…

There are also different preferred locations for insertion. Some have one on top or bottom, and others have both. One shipmate told McKay that others have four, one on top and bottom and on both sides, “like the sign of the cross.” Another said: “I have a friend at home, you know what his nickname is?” McKay recalled. “Seven.”

Sounds like an overcompensation to me. The article did mention that the practice is “an important element of the Filipinos’ larger battle to assert their masculinity and compensate in a rivalry that they can’t always win…”

From my personal perspective, I do wonder why Filipino men have so much to prove. Perhaps it is not so coincidental that we have seen in the last few weeks such examples of this tendency to unfurl the proverbial peacock tail whenever an opportunity arises. There is Robbie Antonio and his one-billion-peso “museum of egoism” and Chito Miranda’s sex video.

Then there is this obsession with basketball — a sport Filipinos will likely never be consistently world-class in owing to their general limitations as far as the vertical axis goes. And yet, having sat through hundreds of these games, I can see no other recreational activity in the Philippines where male bravado is in fuller display. If only such competitive cockiness and bluster is channeled more often to international-level competition than on making pasiklab with fellow compatriots.

Pataasan ng ihi is fine, as long as it results in achievement worthy of true international recognition. Buti pa the seamen. At least they seek to impress Brazilian women. Maybe bolitas is another lucrative product Vicki Belo could add to her offerings.

[Photo courtesy GMA News Online.]