All eyes on LA LA lifestyle of Jeane Lim Napoles as Pork scandal circus rages!

Wow, anak ng pork barrel talaga! Or so the expression goes if we are to believe recent revelations and allegations coming from the latest media circus that Janet Lim Napoles is a major ringleader in a scam that skims chunks of pork barrel funds off hapless Philippine congressmen. Where do these golden shavings go? Well, a lot of people have put the microscope (fairly or unfairly) on daughter Jeane Lim Napoles (‘Jeane’ spelt with only one ‘n’, by the way) whose lavish lifestyle in LA LA City, California is plastered all over her Tumblr profile.

In the spotlight: Jeane Lim Napoles

In the spotlight: Jeane Lim Napoles

I also came across and checked out a Vimeo upload of footage taken from her 21st birthday party before it had been either taken offline or set to ‘private’. Lots of beautiful people, expensive designer threads, and flowing champagne there dahlings. Surprisingly, no sign of Maurice Arcache — or Paris Hilton. But, boy, life’s indeed a beach for some people. So lavish the apparent lifestyle indeed, that it moved former National Press Club official Berteni ‘Toto’ Causing to shed any pretense of being an honourable “journalist” and speak his mind with Pinoy-style class. “This daughter of the “mother f*cker” should know she wears all the money out of the blood of poor Filipinos. Where is the conscience of this girl?” says Causing. Filipino self-styled “journalists” you gotta love ’em. As social media baron George Takei would likely say, Ohh myyyy.

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Kids are really something. You think your headaches are over once they’ve reached legal age. In the case of Napoles’s (alleged) Pork Empire, daughter Jeane turned out to be the weakest link in the purported porcine money train. I suppose, being 21, the wonders of social media served as the rocket fuel that boosted her to within radar range of media. Instagram photos, Tumblr and WordPress blogs (the latter set to ‘private’ too), and Vimeos of her birthday bash — they’re just too easy to mine for gold. Holy regret-that-timeline-update Batman! ABS-CBN News reports

[Janet] Napoles said her daughter’s Porsche was a gift when her daughter graduated magna cum laude.

Another Porsche was a gift during her daughter’s birthday, she added.

She said they also gave jewelry and expensive watches as gifts during her birthday.

Napoles denied that they own the 20 pieces of luggage at a Japan airport, but did not disown luggage that arrived in Manila.

She said they only had 5 pieces of luggage and a copier machine.

Napoles said it was their right to go shopping because they were earning money from their business ventures.

She also denied buying all of the items sold at a high-end bag shop.

Napoles insisted that their wealth is the the result of legitimate business.

It's a hard life!

It’s a hard life!

Interesting, though, that all eyes are focused on the poor little rich daughter of an alleged fraudista half a world away in LA LA Land, when one just need take a leisurely stroll along the airconditioned corridors of Chi Chi Makati. Over there, families window-shopping with entourages of maids tending to their brood while their chauffers nap in airconditioned SUVs idling in parking lots, are a common sight. Indeed, the Philippines is southeast Asia’s modern Babylon. There’s the story of has-been 1980s band Spandau Ballet being flown in to a hotel in Cebu to play for a debut party. Palatial homes behind enormous stone walls are a familiar tourist attraction within the country’s many fortified gated communities. Politicians regularly flaunt “unexplained wealth” (allegedly, of course) with impunity. Look no further than the James Bond of Mindanao, former Cagayan de Oro Representative Benjo Benaldo and his Brazilian bride, or Senator Lito Lapid’s wife’s run-in with United States Customs over almost USD160,000 in cash she allegedly attempted to smuggle into the country.

Let’s not act too shocked here, folks. These are people ordinary Filipinos elected to office. And even if it is a an alleged syndicate leader that is the centre of this on-going media circus, let’s not forget where the funds come from. Bad timing for the cause of the Philippines’ national heroes and cash cows — the Overseas Foreign Workers (OFW) community. Jeane Lim Napoles is the sister of Jo Christine Napoles who is vying for a House of Representatives seat under the banner of the OFW Family Club (OFWFC) party-list and reportedly counts “helping in the repatriation of distressed OFWs and has extensive work in the party-list’s advocacies” as part of her creds for the job.

Kawawa naman.

[Photos courtesy Across Jeane’s Universe.]

76 Replies to “All eyes on LA LA lifestyle of Jeane Lim Napoles as Pork scandal circus rages!”

  1. “Interesting, though, that all eyes are focused on the poor little rich daughter of an alleged fraudista half a world away in LA LA Land, when one just need take a leisurely stroll along the airconditioned corridors of Chi Chi Makati. Over there, families window-shopping with entourages of maids tending to their brood while their chauffers nap in airconditioned SUVs idling in parking lots, are a common sight.” — Benign0

    Despite your claim of possessing a very smart mind you failed to distinguish between those that flaunt their wealth from old money or hardwork and those that skimmed it off from the “pork barrels” through ghost projects.

    “Poor little rich daughter,” — you were telling us that we should sympathize with her because she was being unfairly dragged into this contoversy or should we not disapprove of her lifestyle that was financed by her parent who is now in the center of this ‘public funds scam?’

    Should not ‘outrage’ be more in keeping with your stand to expose Pinoys dysfunction?

    BTW Benign0, I admired your regurgitating Nick Joaquin’s commentary about Pinoys’ “small mind,” whenever you find situations that are reflective of us having to sweat on small stuff. I am really a big fan of NJ. I believe I have read more of his novels than you do. Having said that, I find it opportune to ask: “Is not blogging a small stuff?” After all, he said that we excel at “short stories” while others were writing grand novels. We are proud of our nipa hut while others were building skyscrappers. Which brings me to this: “What have you achieved that we can classify as “grandeous?”

    1. ha ha! wholesale missing of Da Point yet again from our resident attorney de Patola (attorney with a small “a” and Patola with a big “P”). 😀

      And with regard to these “small” blogs you describe; well, you just need to step back and behold the GRAND achievement that is the GRP Network overall. We’re the top blog in the land and have pretty much left what remains of the competition eating our dust. Enjoy your stay in the Roman Empire of Da Pinoy blogosphere, attorney.

      1. hehehe… just answer the issues.. no name calling please… i find it odd that being the webmaster/owner of this blog, you would rather engage in an ad hominem than elevate the discussions on a higher plane. 🙂

      2. hahahaha… Abunda and Vice Ganda have the same huge networks/followers too or even PNOY who per your assessment were voted upon by the huge clattering masses of ignorant people.. But their numbers are not an indication of quality or grandeur.

        After all you were the proponent of the very idea that Wowwowee and Eat Bulaga have tremendous appeal from the mass of ignorant audience but hardly that is not the measure of quality.

        If you review the tons comments of your article over Bianca’s insolence towards squatters, you will find out that those were not the kind of audience you want as your followers/readers.

      1. Whatever way you choose to take whatever you find in GRP is your business attorney. Who am I to argue what you think of our brilliant work. If you think the writing here is “small”, then all the better for you as that will make it easy enough for it to fit your small mind.

        1. This is one thing I like about you Benign0, humility is not your best suit. Remember that vanity is also a sin..

        2. See, that’s why I spell ‘attorney’ with a small ‘a’ when I address you. It’s because you often sound more like a priest than a lawyer. 😀

  2. what are the mythical businesses of janet lim-napoles.
    is she the filipino version of donald trump or bill gates.
    does she employ 1,000’s of filipinos.
    she talks of her ‘businesses’ but never actually never says what they are or how many they employ.
    a proud pinoy businesswoman and candidate for an MBA case study suddenly being a shrinking violet.
    methinks she stinks.

      1. Her husband – ex afp – was involved in some scam/problem with the supply of army helmets.
        All a murky pond full of bottom feeders

        1. Murky it may be, but neither of the Napoles’ were convicted due to lack of evidence. Worst thing that can be said about them is they caught a bad rep over the rigged Kevlar helmet supply row.

          It does seem suspicious though that their names are once again associated with a scam involving dummy corporations and fraudulent government contracts.

        2. Now that it has also been revealed that janet lim napoles bought an 80 million peso flat in los angeles (naturally) in her unemployed daughters name, and which she kept quiet about, then there is a lot of explaining, but the system protects itself and its members. One exposed means others exposed so close ranks.
          She was also involved in the fertiliser scam and quoted as being the second largest supplier of fertiliser in the country. Add that to “global mining” and property and not bad for an army wife. She should take over “The Apprentice”
          Never any company records/annual accounts and companies in the names of drivers and housestaff!!

          It is not the wealth per se – many of us have that – or even the ostentation and lack of class – their choice. It is the means by which wealth is accrued.

          If systems operated effectively as in western countries then anyone buying property, luxury cars etc is automatically flagged/cross checked by BIR.

          Kim henares said yesterday 90% of professionals – 1.7 million – dont pay tax. I suggest she does something about it then rather than just whine.

    1. There are several businesses headed up by her family. One prominent enterprise is “Asia Star Power Resources Corporation.” On the books, the company claims to be an international trading corporation, specialising in coal sourcing, financing and logistics. Her coal business was the subject of a television report a few days ago. Napoles also released a statement claiming her money comes from coal mining in Indonesia and real estate investments.

      This company has for its address the same suite at Discovery Center on ADB Avenue as the JLN Corporation. The other thing that stands out is the company’s board of directors. Several of the members are ex-military and ex-government employees.

  3. how sad, but i envy the dresses and the porsches in plural form. Tangalin na si pork barrel! That’s the only way to end, remove the bait, no fish to catch.

  4. What’s funny is some Filipino will condemn the lifestyle of the girl, but want that kind of lifestyles for themselves. Sometimes, people are just inggiteros. Perhaps the people doing the media demolition job on this are quite so too.

    1. True. We all wanted a good life but we dont want to be robbed. Do u?? Dreaming of having a good life is normal and stealing to experience a good life is another story.

      1. If you really want a good life without being called greedy, the simple thing people can do is stop asking for too much. Obviously, the people who want to be like Napoles are doing so.

    2. it’s not that the girl can afford while we don’t. it’s how she got it which is frowned upon. don’t you just hate it when you’ve studied for a test, fail then learn that your cheating classmate passed? to be honest, I’m not even envious of her. anyone who got something without doing anything is not worth anything.

  5. “Interesting, though, that all eyes are focused on the poor little rich daughter of an alleged fraudista half a world away in LA LA Land, when one just need take a leisurely stroll along the airconditioned corridors of Chi Chi Makati. Over there, families window-shopping with entourages of maids tending to their brood while their chauffers nap in airconditioned SUVs idling in parking lots, are a common sight. Indeed, the Philippines is southeast Asia’s modern Babylon.”– There is not much difference between a robber who falunts his loot and a genuinely rich guy who boasts about his wealth insensitively while others suffer in utter poverty. It’s both evil to use the poors’ suppossedly aid money and to live la vida loca while ignoring to help the poor. Shame on both of them. @$%&# niyo!!!

    1. If I am going to use your reasoning, then is this the same – there is not much difference between a robber who does not flaunt his loot and a genuinely rich guy who looks to appear simple amongst many who suffer in utter poverty? i think there is a huge difference between thievery and acquiring wealth legally and honestly. whether you flaunt it or not is a different matter.

      1. You didnt get my point. This is not a play on words. Think deeper and you will probably get what I was driving at. But you insist that there is nothing worng with being mayabang if you got your wealthy legally, then go ahead and think that way. For me, those peole may not be as bad as the robbers but they are not much different from them. The world economy continues to be in fragile state because of GREED. If only people will think beyond themselves…

        1. “Mayabang” is a very relative term. What can be deemed as mayabang to one (suffering from envy) can be deemed as “just being proud” or “enjoying the fruits of your labor” to someone who has no insecurity of other people’s right to property. for example, some of my fb friends post pics of their travels around the world, their luxurious purchases, expensive dining and many more – for me that’s not flaunting. i’m just happy for them they are able to experience finer things in life. Whether it be from a friend I know who had humble beginnings and worked their way to become millionaires or from friends who come from already rich families. it does not affect me nor makes me uncomfortable or envious. corruption, whether the criminal flaunts or does not flaunt their wealth, is wrong. illegally obtaining your wealth is the issue and not if one is mayabang over their wealth. what people choose to buy with / do with their honestly and hard-earned money is nobody else’s business.

  6. I read her blog when it was still accessible. Apparently, all the money in the world won’t buy you a sense of “subject-verb agreement”.

    Let’s be honest, naiinggit ang karamihan na nakakita ng lifestyle niya. Who wouldn’t want to have that?

    But the reason why we’re so pissed off is although her mom is not yet proven guilty, there’s this overhanging premise na if this is indeed ill-gotten wealth, andami na sanang natulungan with the money from her Louboutins alone.

    And yes, I want to know what her businesses are. I think I saw sa news na they have a coal mining business. Are there any corporate lawyers here who can join the discussion? How big should a coal mining business be in order to provide that type of lifestyle? I have a friend whose family owns a big coal mine in a province near ours but her family’s lifestyle doesn’t come close to the Napoles lifestyle… unless they’re hiding it pretty well.

    But the question is… so what now? Baka makalimutan din to sa huli. Maybe after the sensation wala ring mangyayari. Or it would all happen again.

    Different ring leader, same circus. 🙁

    … and that’s why I’m expediting my work visa. Hahaha!

    1. I have relatives who have a coal business and quarrying business as well. They also have multiple small businesses, though they don’t have that much to donate to Gawad Kalinga and some other charitable institutions, and they can’t afford to have a lavish lifestyle.

      Heck, how were they even able to obtain a hotel business near Disneyland?! Even if you apply for a loan for that it will take a long time to get yourself to be able to live that luxuriously. O_O

      I dunno, smells too fishy for me.

      1. She says she had ” a 7 million peso hotel near disneyland” 120,000 US dollars wouldn’t get you a car parking space near disneyland.
        No doubt money laundering involved somewhere and as usual funnel all corrupt money to US.

        A cartel of criminals exist in pnoys government that allows all this to occur.
        Pnoy had a thank you dinner this week for cabinet members and businessmen donators ( at their request kim henares not invited).
        So pnoy accepts dirty money from any source and asks no questions.
        As corrupt as they come

        1. And you know what I hate? When I look at the comments section of other news sites regarding the Napoles scandal, puro comments ng mga tao na:

          “Ayan na, papunta na tayo sa tuwid na daan, thanks PNOY!”

          Can’t they see that their beloved hero is keeping mum? Nakakainis na he positions himself to be a national hero but when an opportunity to actually be the hero when scandals such as this happens, we never hear from him… yet he is still a savior in people’s eyes. May nabasa pa ako na comment na:

          “Sana si PNOY na lang presidente naten hanggang sa katapusan”.

          I want to know who handles his PR because they are the only team working well in Pnoy’s government.

        2. Well, I do not envy the fact that they have those luxurious stuff (I don’t even like to flaunt my chest, thank you very much LOLS)…

          But darn! I envy the fact that they were able to have a posh hotel business near Disneyland worth 7 million pesos… Unless if the hotel is actually a rundown building.

  7. From the mouth of babe (my daughter Isa, 9 yrs old): No one should be envious of anyone with wealth. Yes we have freedom to do what we want with our wealth whether we robbed it or we earned it. But as the saying goes, with freedom comes responsibility.” Tama nga naman. Only irresponsible people will do such things that Jeane and the hambog does.

    1. i don’t get your thinking at all! now you’re saying one has freedom to do what we want with our wealth even if it was a product of robbery?? who thinks that way? do you even get it that corruption/thievery is a crime? you sound like a very insecure and envious person. your daughter is right when she said no one should be envious of anyone with wealth — she’s talking about envy. robbed wealth does not make it one’s rightful wealth to be enjoyed like it’s their hard-earned wealth. nakaw nga yun kaya kailangan ibalik diba?

    2. Are you teaching your daughter to be a criminal or a prostitute.
      With values like that no wonder the country is f@cked up, and young girls get f@cked. No sense of right or wrong.

  8. Jcc did not gets what BenignOs phrase “poor little rich girl” everyone knows it is just a jargon or the reverse. Just a misunderstanding of both. I wish no exchange of harsh words between 2 bright blogger whom I like.:) Jcc should know the now idio’s smart vocabulary and lively debate…peace:)

      1. hehehehe… you forgot what cho said: he put me on the same level as you in matters of intellect…. maybe we are both brainless and cho was too polite to say it.

        all you have to say is that you were not trying to symphatize with “the poor little rich girl.” but your idiom was followed with some rantings that other wealth were being flaunted too in classy Makati area, giving the impression that we might as well get used to such obscene display of wealth and give the Napoles ‘poor little rich daughter’ a free passage. 🙂

        BTW Benign0, Nick Joaquin is a literary genius, but his “Reportage on The Marcoses, 1979, “The Aquinos of Tarlac,” 1981, show Joaquin’s versatile mythopoeic virtousity in the service of oligarchic interest” (Subversions of Desire, E.San Juan, Jr. p. xiv).

        I approriate Nick Joaquin for his lucid literary narrative and as a historian, but not his social commentary about “Pinoys’ small-mindedness.” That’s where we differ Benign0. You were very dogmatic in appropriating Nick Joaquin when he said something that proves your thesis that Pinoys carry inherent bad genes capable only in mounting petty challenges.

        NJ believes in the capacity of the Filipino people to exorcise the malignant and insidious cancer of our society.

        Here is San Juan again:

        “If Joaquin atones here for the excessive glorification of the First Family and the Marcos ethos in “Reportage”, it is only to replace them with the cult (The Quarter of the Tiger Moon, 1986) of the Makati aristocracy, their military and bureaucratic entourage, and the church of the ancien regime — not the exclesia of Fathers Edicio de la Torre and Francisco Navarro. So then, the ‘morning after’ groans with the malignant , insidious cancer of the past not yet completely purged from the body politic, a past the revolutionary hope of the future will permanently exorcise.” ( ibid, p. xvii).

  9. as she says, jean and her sister wiped out the celine store. just for a bag/s lang.. wow! I really don’t know what kind of business do they possess. They should be on the list of 100 wealthiest men/woman on forbes magz.. that is totally unbelievable.

  10. All that expenditure and napoles not even on the list of top 500 taxpayers – meaning less than 10 million peso a year income!!
    BIR and smiley kim henares is a joke. No system and no intent to go after the big fish who do not pay tax.

  11. We need to put things together in new ways, or it will repeat again and again, world wide.
    At first, Court needs to produce a sentence, and it has to be credible, and every fact well documented. Then it can be understood what is wrong here.
    But there are two other basic ideas mashing up in ugly ways.
    The first is, most Filipinos would save money for birthdays and a few other events. One day in a year, they want to live the life of a queen or prince, and they share it with extended family and good friends. This is also an answer on colonial feudal system. Yes we can too, yes it is legit for us to be proud.
    But the other picture is not easily understood in current times. That video of Miss Jeane looks pretty much identical to a very frequent type of show on MTV, practically on air every day. Just see how amazing the similarity is. Is this another “yes we can” and this is it?
    The MTV show is called reality soap. These girls get a birthday show sponsored by TV, and a car, wardrobe and a holiday, and it costs half a million bucks.

    To stop relentless overspending and public theft, shouldn’t people find some way to show to their own children the problematic dissonance in the picture and environment of their foreign role models?

    1. Exactly the same affluent lifestyle of Bongbong Marcos during his younger years. They spend like there is no end to there ill gotten wealth.

  12. Pnoy suddenly very quiet – hiding under the desk no doubt hoping the problems of scams, smuggling, corruption and massacres all go away, whilst enrile, ochoa, angara, and osmena carry on regardless.

    Pnoy is on another planet – Uranus

    1. His popularity is already weakening. The scandals are already doing a huge blow to his so called “tuwid na daan”. Propaganda trolls like “bida kapalmilya” are panicking since their propaganda is powerless to hide their precious president’s bungling.

      1. It is almost odds-on that the transparency index and other international surveys on corruption are going to show a worse ranking/situation in the philippines.
        That will be a final nail in pnoys hypocricy, and failure on every front from poverty to unemployment and corruption, not to mention crime, extrajudicial killings ( 2 newsmen shot in quezon yesterday), human trafficking etc.
        Pnoy is a disgrace for being so inept, so weak, and so stupid.

  13. The basis of philippine politics – the padrino system – in essence means the more corrupt you are the higher you will go, and the wealthier you will become.

    The padrino system almost ensures that people have to be corrupt – and therefore abide by a code of silence and never be a political whistleblower – to join the political club.

    It represents the institutionalisation of corruption and the acceptance of it by all and sundry – especially in the senate and congress, after all, the easy money is the sole reason why they want to be in politics, and their greed, self-interest and indiscretions bind them in an unholy and unprincipled alliance, where their sole perverted justification is – ‘it’s the way it is’, ‘it’s always been like this’ ‘ i am only doing what everyone else is doing’

    It has got worse under pnoy as a weak president and who is as corrupt as the rest, but maybe just not as greedy.

    It was cory aquino who institutionalised corruption and the use of NGO’ s as a conduit for pork barrel commissions/scams and politicians have been grateful ever since

    All that has happened is that over time and especially in the last 3 years politicians have got greedier, houses in US more expensive, and they want all the pork barrel for themselves.

  14. Problem here is… it’s still all allegations. It would be unsafe to believe that the allegation are true at once.

    What I’m surprised is, people are outraged at this, but not at the case Robbie Antonio of Century Properties, when both are doing ostentatious displays of wealth. Of course, one can point out that the sources of money may be different – emphasis on “may,” because nothing is proven yet.

    Someone on the FB group described all this attention on Napoles in two appropriate letters – OA.

    1. Outrage over something totally wicked is not OA at all, especially when it comes people who pay the right taxes. We have a right to know why public money derived from our taxes went awry.

  15. Yes, the government should proceed with the investigation. It will be very difficult to gather evidence. Of course, JLN and the involved legislators and other politicians were very careful with their docs so that no evidence will implicate them. While we wait for the evidence to surface, tamaan na lang sana kung sino man ang may sala ng kidlat. Afterall, only God knows who are the guilty ones…Seriously, san nga siryusuhin ng gobyerno ang imbestigasyon. Kawawa naman ang taong bayan kung hindi…

  16. responsibility ws mentioned.
    when stolen, means to return.
    when honestly earned, but it is on a level and amount that has remarkable local or national influence, then still, the community should have a say. else we end up in medieval times, when the landlord could command over the lives of everyone in his/her realm.

  17. I’m just curious what sort of reaction Filipinos could have given to this issue that you would’ve felt appropriate. Because from the sound of this article, it’s as if you’re saying the outrage people are exhibiting from the reveal of this scandal is something you view to be over the top.

    Pray then, what would’ve been your ideal reaction? Would you have preferred that after learning that the money we hand to the government (in hopes that they’d use it to better the lives of its citizens) is spent on apparel easily equating to an average Filipino’s annual salary, that people simply roll their eyes and mumble, “No surprise there”?

  18. Looks like this will be the next version of the Corona trials. Another off with her head scenario, obviously we are just hacking the leaves and leaving the roots intact but I’ll get what I’m given. If true, I hope Napoles be made another example or the very least an escape goat.

  19. How can the daughter Jeanne of Napoles be so ignorant of her moms unshady transactions with senators and other personnel in the house of congress, when she herself just keep receiving the goodwill of philippine tax incentive that was stolen from the Philippine coffers. Girl, it’s not your mom money, its stolen from the coffers of ordinary pinoy who did pay their taxes knowing it would go to good use for the needy recepients in the society. You just don’t give a damm where it came from. Well, here one truth that you should know, your mom is a crook and crook just need to be hang just like yourself, who has no empathy to where your resources has came from. I envy you in this coming months, for you will feel the grudge of every Filipino who would like you to be in jail just like your sweet crooked mom.

  20. a bitch is a bitch where it came from the roots. ang kapal ng mukha ng familiang ito talaga. ang sarap durhan sa mukha kapag nakita mo.

    1. You people really think that Napoles is the mastermind of the scam? Shame on you guys for not analyzing the real situation.

      “Look closely, because the closer you think you are, the less you will actually see”

      —from the movie Now You See Me.

      You people make it easier for the real mastermind to get away with your tax money. That and highlighting Enrile, Jinggoy, et al. as the guilty ones. You are being fooled.

      1. I agree. I don’t like how the media potray Mrs. Napoles as the mastermind in the PDAF Scam. She has an important role in revealing legally government officials involved in the scam, but she’s simply a gear in the machinery of multi-billion peso corrpution headed by corrupt government officials.

        1. The mainstream media acts the way they should, focusing on the sensational, to feed to the masa. Hate Napoles, tanda, pogi and sexy is in, it can be seen all over the internet. To the simplistic pinoy mind, that is all, they never care to go deeper. Kaya pagtapos ng senate hearing (kangaroo court) wala pa ring magbabago. Do they really think that these people will be punished accordingly?

          I mean we need to put some sense in the pinoy mind. Ang hilig sumunod sa uso, hindi na nag-iisip. The thinking filipinos are outnumbered by pinoy idiots and they are multiplying fast. This nation cannot get back on it’s feet with these liabilities.

      2. Hey mister everyone one knows exactly whats going on ok..evryones involved including the Prez…and the maiin Gago here are the Bobotantes. It seems like you pity Janet here eh? as I told before shes a real pain in the ass bitch…ok.

        1. The way I see it, majority do not know this. Good if you know that, but hate will not solve anything, rather, properly inform your family and peers

          I do not feel any bit of pity towards her/them. I just do not feel comfortable highlighting her as the mastermind while in fact the majority of the people conducting the kangaroo court now are even more guilty than Napoles. And thy will be laughing at the pinoy idiots….all the way to the bank.

    1. So you really believe Noynoy/ Mar / De Lima would be the way they are if Napoles was going to tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth. I personally believe that everybody is on it. Why you look at Enrile, Estrada and Revilla as the Holy Trinity of the pork barrel scam is a bit beyond me. It can not be that neat a package. Then again this country is filled with morons who believe that Noynoy was worthy of their vote solely because his mother died.

  21. ASSHOLE, magnanakaw kayong pamlya!!!! ngayon magdusa kayong lahat dahil magnanakaw kayo , so many poor peoples in the Philippines, tapos kayo kakain ng masarap at pahigahiga ng pera ng governo!!!! punyeta kayong mag in a!!!!

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