Out Of The Mouth Of Babes

Actually This Can't Be Too Much Of A Downgrade

Actually This Can’t Be Too Much Of A Downgrade


Oh, mama
That’s the life for me
When I’m grown
That’s what I’m want to be

“ Jolly Coppers On Parade” by Randy Newman

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Bimby Yap (the artist formerly known as Baby James) wants to be president one day. I assume he wants to be like his Tito. Perpetually vilify his predecessor, no cabinet meetings, no need to articulate issues. Just point to deceased family members. Given the practical example his tito gives him, it obviously does not take any skill or perseverance to be president. Maybe Baby James rightfully feels he has some divine right to the presidency. If he were to assume office tomorrow, I doubt he could do much worse than his uncle.


That this speaks to self-entitlement is an obvious sentiment. What I find fascinating is why is this news? Take away my opinion that there is no more potent attention seeking warhead on this planet than his mother, why is this news? ABS-CBN is there to take advantage of their grip on the pinoy consciousness to put in politicians that will be favorable to their own circumstance. They are there to define the status quo. They present to me what they say is royalty yet I personally believe the same person to be barely a court jester. ABS-CBN is not there to educate you. They are not there to provide you quality. They are not there for objectivity. They are not there to do what is best for the country. They are there to kiss the collective behinds of the Aquinos because that is what they do.


Face it, you and I were Bimby’s age once. Playtime is just that. In the old days playtime was imagination. We had toy soldiers who were stuck in one pose and somehow we made it work. We played marbles. We pretended we were cowboys, indians , cops , robbers, astronauts and race care drivers. We had paper bullet fights. No eyes lost thankfully. We made friends, got pikon , made up then fought again. Playtime was an exercise for our creativity and a chance to learn social skills. Why the heck is Bimby’s playtime news?




Play is where we work things out. See what we like, see what we don’t like. Got to see which boys played with Barbies. Bless my lolo. He could never understand why his grandson was playing with dolls even if the doll was named G.I. Joe. Ken Dryden in his book Home Game talks about play being about self discovery. Play is about experiencing the world.


Yet what is Baby James experience of the world so far? Mommy accusing daddy of heinous acts via the media.  His perfectly normal pretend session becomes news. Both his mom and his mom’s employer turning playtime into something they feel the whole nation should see. Are they trying to raise a well-adjusted child? No, they are doing what they are doing for self-interest.

I have said this many times before. If KSP is the root of all evil, what does that make Kris Aquino? I am open to suggestions. Anybody who reads GRP regularly knows what an oxymoron is,  like jumbo shrimp, army intelligence, living dead.  Can I suggest one oxymoron that totally explains the collective consciousness of the Filipino as symbolized by this Baby James non-news news story?




13 Replies to “Out Of The Mouth Of Babes”

  1. It is non news in itself, but the fact that it makes the news is, as you point out, a symptom of a greater malaise, in the cojuangco-aquino self serving media, the lack of national talent ( or the desire not to develop it), the promotion of bad role-models, the love of scandal/gossip/trivia, the lemming mentality of filipinos etc.

    My issue is the despicable way that kris aquino is airbrushing the father out of the picture – legally and psychologically – so that she has control over every aspect of bimby’s future media and political career. God forbid the boy wanted to play basketball – another aquino mummy’s boy in the making, and no aquino wants james yap at future events or damaging the succession plan.

    No wonder kris aquino was deperate for a good sperm donor after reject josh, whose father was also bought/pushed out.
    James yap will be spending more time in Court than on the court, until he is worn down/gives up.
    There is a term – ‘divorce related malicious mother syndrome’. Kris aquino exhibits textbook characteristics.

    ‘A child without the presence of a father is an adult disaster waiting to happen’

      1. Interesting study. The symptoms shown on the study reflects on what Kris is doing on James and Bimby.

        1. i have encountered it before with parents in UK.
          the difference is that the courts in the UK are well aware of the games parents/lawyers play, and cannot be bribed so put the childs interest uppermost.

          1. A mother who unjustifiably punishes her divorcing or
          divorced husband by:
          1. Attempting to alienate their mutual child(ren) from
          the father
          2. Involving others in malicious actions against the
          3. Engaging in excessive litigation

          2. The mother specifically attempts to deny her child(ren):
          1. Regular uninterrupted visitation with the father
          2. Uninhibited telephone access to the father
          3. paternal participation in the child(ren)’s school life
          and extra-curricular activities

          3. The pattern is pervasive and includes malicious acts
          towards the husband including:
          1. Lying to the children
          2. Lying to others
          3. Violations of law – including allegations of misconduct – phyiscal and/or sexual abuse.

        2. Its a well funded and carefully choreographed campaign by kris aquino
          Regrettably james yap is not the sharpest guy or strongest character – which is why he was most probably chosen in the first place.
          I hope his lawyer is more on the ball.

  2. Gogs,

    On 09 June 2013, a few days before ABS-CBN’s story, TV5’s InterAksyon.com reported the opposition of party-list Akap Bata to the approval of House Bill 6052 by Congress to introduce amendments to Republic Act 9344 or the Juvenile Justice and Welfare Act.


    The amendments seek to lower the age of discernment and criminal liability. “The House-approved version puts the age of discernment at above 12 but under 15 years of age and the age of criminal liability at above 15 but under 18. Also, if the offense charged is murder, parricide, homicide, kidnapping, rape, robbery, drug trafficking, or other offenses punishable by more than 12 years, a child offender shall be presumed to have acted with discernment.” Previously, the law set the the age of discernment at 15 years old.

    This means that children as young as thirteen could be held criminally liable for their actions. Furthermore, if the death penalty were imposed, the state could execute teenagers as young as sixteen for the commission of a heinous crime. At the very least, they could be incarcerated behind bars for the whole of their natural lives. If that doesn’t bother you in the least, dear reader, you need professional help.

    I appreciate the Bicameral Committee’s attempt to dissuade a generation of Filipinos from growing up thinking that they can get away with murder. I understand the need for harsher penalties to be imposed on children who commit crimes with impunity because they believe that they will not be held accountable and instead turned over to the DSWD for “counseling.” I also agree that the state needs to do what is necessary to prevent criminal enterprises from exploiting juveniles.

    On the other hand, scare tactics like these did not prevent warlords in Sierra Leone from recruiting child soldiers to fill out their ranks. Nor did they prevent child soldiers from committing atrocities on and off the field of battle. It isn’t likely that HB 6052 will see a dramatic decline in teenage hit-men.

    The fact is, these amendments fail to directly address the issue that is the root cause of the problem. The Philippines is a country characterized by rampant criminality. That horrible state of affairs is a symptom of an unstable society. And that destabilization is brought about by overwhelming poverty. Faced with the prospect of wasting away from hunger and disease, it doesn’t take a huge leap to comprehend why people might take to a life of crime. The extreme poverty of this nation has remained unchanged for decades, regardless of the pronouncements by a succession of poseurs who deem themselves entitled to the presidency.

    What really appalls me is that the Bimby non-story will probably generate more comments and gather more interest, if only to express how stupid the piece is. Compare that with TV5’s coverage of legislation that could profoundly shape the lives of our children and that of future generations of Filipinos. It’s even more galling that the majority of Filipino netizens seem oblivious to the fact that the bill was even introduced. I would think that this “children’s story” is something worth following more than “playtime” with the president’s spoiled nephew.

    On a personal note, the Bimby video on YouTube makes me wanna drop kick the little sh*t into the Pasig.

  3. OnesimusUnbound , libertas, Johnny Saint,

    Thanks so much for your comments. ABS CBN in there to spread the illusion that everything is fine and dandy with the Aquinos in power. Noynoy is a moron, Kris is smarter than a moron but whose KSP rating is off the chart. Baby James may have inherited the worst of both. Kris is truly evil with her diabolical manipulation of her son. Crocodile tears. Still to be fair none of us are the same from when we were 5 years old. Just the presence of the gruesome twosome in the life of that Baby James is sure to damn him though.

  4. After edsa 2 happened,I began to distance myself from watching shows from abscbn since I already noticed that their shows were being too dumbed down to the point that they have to humiliate their contestants just so that they can give them prizes.
    What ultimately turned me off completely is that they tend to cherry pick their stories and they tend to leave out important information on their news program. I soon made the jump to GMA 7 and I haven’t looked back ever since.
    Well, I hope that the people come to their senses soon since we obviously can’t survive as a nation with a tw@t like Mr. Baldy Mc-F*ckface in power

  5. Nymphomaniac kris aquino has had more loads in her than a washing machine, and all she can produce is 2 special needs kids

    1. “all she can produce is 2 special needs kids”

      -we should be thankful that she had only 2. Imagine she she reproduced more.


    2. “all she can produce is 2 special needs kids”

      -we should be thankful that she had only 2. Imagine if she reproduced more.


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