Noynoy Aquino’s greatest accomplishments: campaigning against his enemies and campaigning for his allies

Philippine President Benigno Simeon “BS” Aquino is one dedicated man. His passion and commitment to following through his support for the Liberal Party’s senatorial bets is unmatched and unprecedented. Despite all the problems facing the nation, he still finds the time to travel around the country campaigning for his “Team PNoy” in the lead up to mid-term elections in May 2013. Surprisingly, majority of the Filipino people seem to think there is nothing wrong with what he is doing. The taxpayers are happy to shoulder the costs of the President joining these rallies. At one point, it was reported that his visit to Maguindanao required heavy security. BS Aquino is one lucky guy, indeed.

The President in good campaign form

The President in good campaign form

Despite his shameless and relentless pursuit of his goal to dominate Congress with his people, his popularity with the Filipino people hasn’t waned — if we are to believe the result of the polls conducted by survey firms owned and operated by his family and friends. However, his critics are once again using the term hypocritical in describing the President. It’s a known fact that he was one of those who kept accusing former President Gloria Arroyo of trying to control Congress during her term but lo and behold, BS Aquino is now very blatant in admitting he wants people who share his “agendas” to win the seats in the senate.

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It is not normal to be too averse to the presence of opposition. He doesn’t want to encourage healthy debate. At his age, he should realize by now that everyone, including himself needs to listen to opposing views as well lest he gets trapped into believing he has a monopoly on great ideas. In fact, BS Aquino is far from being the only one who can move the country forward.

There are also reports saying that most of the Liberal Party’s senatorial candidates themselves do not even bother to join him on the campaign trail anymore. Oddly enough, the President who is not even a candidate is present in most of the rallies. These senatorial candidates are presumptuous and could be correct in thinking that the Aquino magic is all they need to win the election. I don’t think I’ve ever heard of campaigns where candidates don’t even show their faces in campaign rallies anymore. They use substitutes like their mother or children to represent them instead. All BS Aquino has to do is to tell his fans who to vote for and it’s “all good”.

Of course we cannot give all the credit for the LP’s success in the campaign to BS Aquino alone. He certainly cannot achieve the mind conditioning of the voters single-handedly. The survey firms help with the name recall by listing the candidates most likely to win. The Liberal Party used the same tactic in the 2010 Presidential elections. They know the voters all too well. This is usually how it seems to work: survey firms hired by the candidates will publish reports showing who is popular and then gullible voters will vote for the candidate who are popular according to the survey firms.

Most Filipino voters would always vote for the popular candidate because they don’t want to be associated with a losing candidate. Their rationale is not based on logic but on hiya. As in nakakahiya kung matalo yung kandidato, dito na lang tayo sa siguradong panalo. Loosely translated: It would be a shame to vote for candidate who will lose anyway, let’s just vote for a sure winner.

Never mind if the candidate has a real platform, if he is not popular with the public, don’t vote for him.

This is precisely the reason why a lot of individuals who otherwise have in mind and heart the right solutions and hold genuine concern for the country do not bother to run for public office. They know that if they do not have the right name, or the endorsement of an influential public figure and if they don’t have the funds to pay off survey firms, they will simply lose.

It’s one thing for the highest officer in the land to abandon his day-to-day duties in Malacañang and attend sorties but it’s quite another for the general public to tolerate his wrong priorities. It says a lot about the Filipino people’s indifference and apathy to the real issues plaguing the nation. They don’t realize that by allowing BS Aquino to get away with avoiding his duties, they are also being a party to his negligence. Since he is not preparing for the worst case scenario like the occasional flash flooding during the monsoon season or even the impending nuclear attack by North Korea, the risk of Filipinos suffering unimaginable hardship is very high. Scenes from the apocalyptic film The Road come to mind.

For more than halfway through his term in office, BS Aquino has shown that he is only good at reacting to disasters both natural and man-made. He has not been proactive in preventing Filipinos from living in harms-way. He seems unaware of the old adage “prevention is better than the cure”. So if the President continues to campaign or prioritize doing something that won’t even help the country move forward, such as persecuting his political enemies, we will see repeats of what has happened in the past — pointless deaths and business interruptions — when disaster strikes.

The following is a basic outline of BS Aquino’s first four years in office:

2010: Honeymoon Period/Persecute Corona and GMA

In 2010, BS Aquino was still in his honeymoon period. His followers were barking, “give him a break, it’s his honeymoon period” every time he committed gaffes. He put all government spending on hold including those that were already approved by the previous administration. Technically there was no accomplishment in his first year. This was the same year the Mendoza hostage crisis occurred resulting in the deaths of 8 tourists from Hong Kong. Despite that, he went on to campaign for the resignation of former Supreme Court Chief Justice Renato Corona and badmouthing GMA, blaming her for all the ills in the land.

2011: Persecute Corona and GMA

In 2011, BS Aquino continued unsuccessfully in working towards the resignation of Corona by badmouthing him in public. He also continued the persecution of GMA in public with the help of various media organizations. Towards the second half of that year, when there was no sign that Corona was going to resign, his government worked towards strong-arming members of congress into signing the impeachment cases against Corona and preventing GMA from getting medical treatment abroad.

2012: Persecute Corona and GMA

In 2012, the whole country was focused on the impeachment trial of Corona in most of the first half of the year. BS Aquino’s minions worked hard in conducting media campaigns against Corona for five months, which included but was not limited to releasing black propaganda, lies and violating the law in obtaining false evidence against the respondent. His government has also been pursuing GMA on the side with cases that have been either dropped or dismissed eventually. Unfortunately, BS Aquino still wants to keep her in detention probably until his term ends.

2013: Campaign for May elections/Persecute GMA

In 2013, as mentioned earlier, BS Aquino has devoted the first half of the year in campaigning for his senatorial bets. What’s in store for BS Aquino in the next half of 2013? Well sadly, it would be more of the same blame game. The real issues like obtaining self-sufficiency for our country in terms of food production, job creation, power and energy sources and our sovereignty has to take a back seat until BS Aquino finally secures his hold on Congress. It seems his instructions from the top, whoever is orchestrating his every move, is for him to work hard in putting all the right people in the right place. Who knows? Maybe BS Aquino prefers them to be indebted…I mean “beholden” to the Aquino family.

120 Replies to “Noynoy Aquino’s greatest accomplishments: campaigning against his enemies and campaigning for his allies”

  1. Well that IS the only thing he knows and does best. What can you expect from an IDIOT? Just keep the information running and hopefully you can educate other Filipinos and see the truth.

    1. Your ALLEGED idiot has won the presidency, uplifted the economy and loved by many. Maybe it is time for you to give up and join daang matuwid?

      1. LAWL, you’re DELUSIONAL. 😀

        To correct you, most of the cases against FPGMA are purely hearsay and allegations per se.

        Also, the reason why he won the presidency because of his last name; he never uplifted the economy since it was because of FPGMA’s continuous use of Keynisian economics, and loved by many? Cool story, bro. Because you’re just talking about yourself and your fellow Yellow Zombies.

        Enjoy your blunder. His ‘daang matuwid’ is a farce. BTW, are you a computer program or something? 🙂 Maybe I should reboot you.

      2. i just have to stop you there. uplifted the economy????? you’re running that line? are you not aware of your surroundings? most of the first world countries are affected by recession and calamities which has affected the world market- thus lowering the global economics. we just stayed afloat, ‘is all. HE DID NOT UPLIFT THE ECONOMY. it just bugs me because that is not an accomplishment he should boast about.

  2. Past presidents never did that. I always cringe when PNoy is in every campaigning ad.

    We have never seen a leader is as vindictive as Noynoy.

      1. His mother was a mere housewife that knew absolutely nothing about politics. She gave into peer pressure, and the country that wanted her to run and won suffered for it, and to this day we are still suffering for such a thing. Perhaps we would have been better off either with Marcos or with someone that had an agenda of his or her own.

  3. “It would be a shame to vote for candidate who will lose anyway, let’s just vote for a sure winner.”

    The closer translation would be: “It will be embarrassing for me to be associated with a losing candidate, so I’ll vote for a sure winner.”

    It’s more about personal “hiya” and status. Wouldn’t want people to look down on me, think I’m a loser. So I’ll always go with the winning side. Just to be safe.

    1. But that is true, isn’t it? If you are putting your vote to a losing candidate like Gordon, you just wasted your right as he has absolutely no chance to win.

      1. I, in my conscience, cannot vote on someone who’s corrupt. I’ll vote for someone whom I know will do his job, even if he has no chance on winning.

        National Election is not a popularity game.

        1. well said
          and people do not know who will win, unless cheating!!
          and unless they believe the manipulated surveys.
          only idiots follow the crowd and let someone else do their thinking and decision making for them.
          if it was a popularity contest we would have pacquaio and aquino as politicians and be in the sh!t. oops we do, and are

        2. Sometimes, we need to use our heads. We already know that most candidates are nuisance that includes all independent candidates and some from UNA, especially that arrogant Gordon. And the votes are now limited to all candidates of Team PNoy and some from UNA.

        3. “especially that arrogant Gordon”

          So EMO people like you hate Gordon, right? There is no arrogance for people with action.

          You mad? 😛

      2. You’re telling nothing but LIES. 😛

        I vote for people who have CONCRETE VISION. Not people who are celebrities, actors,a and last names.

        Just admit that you’re destroying this country. Thanks for the LIES anyway. 😀

    2. @Johnny Saint

      You are correct. I should use your translation. 😉

      At least you understand da Pinoy’s ridiculous logic.

      1. 😉

        Yah. It’s sad that this is what motivates a lot of Pinoys to do anything. The worst part of it is that trolls like eduardo actually think that attitude is a virtue.

  4. Goes to show what his main agenda is, maintaining power within the oligarchs. The Philippines as a country is the least of his concern.

      1. I am his boss? Really? Ok, coming from a simple Filipino citizen, answer these:

        why can’t I get employed there?

        Why am I paying too much to Meralco?

        Why does diesel fuel for my rig cost so much there?

        Why should I pay taxes even if I do not see where it goes? (Oh i see it pala, pork barrel)

        Just some of the simple things I want answers to. There are many actually. Explain and what actions are now being done to address this.

        1. We are still recovering from the Arroyo administration and the president’s period is not yet over.

        2. Face it eduardo, wala siyang nagawa, if not worsen things for the common Filipino like me.

          And yeah, right, he’s got his period. hahahaha

        3. “We are still recovering from the Arroyo administration and the president’s period is not yet over.”

          Lies. Cory even didn’t do anything in her 6 year term. We aren’t still recovering yet. Not from the Arroyo administration but from 25+ years of MEDIOCRITY that happened after Marcos left.

          You mad? 😛

      2. “…as he mention we are his bosses.”

        The constant misinterpretation of this phrase by BS Aquino and his sycophants has always made me want to beat their heads against the wall. They have used this to excuse their behavior as being “the people’s will.”

        The idea originates from the Bible — 1 Kings 12:7 — which reads: “And they spoke to him, saying, If you will be a servant to this people this day, and will serve them, and answer them, and speak good words to them, then they will be your servants for ever.”

        Perhaps the best interpretation of this passage comes from the British biblical scholar Adam Clarke.

        “If you will be a servant to this people this day” — This is a constitutional idea of a king: he is the servant, but not the slave of his people; every regal act of a just king is an act of service to the state. The king is not only the fountain of law and justice; but as he has the appointment of all officers and judges, consequently he is the executor of the laws; and all justice is administered in his name. Properly speaking, a good and constitutional king is the servant of his people; and in being such he is their father and their king.

        “…they will be your servants for ever.” — The way to insure the obedience of the people is to hold the reins of empire with a steady and impartial hand; let the people see that the king lives for them, and not for himself; and they will obey, love, and defend him. The state is maintained on the part of the ruler and the ruled by mutual acts of service and benevolence. A good king has no self-interest; and such a king will ever have obedient and loving subjects. The haughty, proud tyrant will have a suspicious and jealous people, hourly ripening for revolt. The king is made for the people, not the people for the king. Let every potentate wisely consider this; and let every subject know that the heaviest cares rest on the heart, and the heaviest responsibility rests on the head, of the king. Let them therefore, under his government, fashion themselves as obedient children; acknowledge him their head; and duly consider whose authority he has; that they may love, honor and obey him. Happy are the people who have such a king; safe is the king who has such a people.

        The central idea is that as an official elected to be a LEADER who has the best interests of the people at heart the president is naturally expected to LEAD, to set direction for the nation and its citizens. NOT become a mindless automaton waiting for the chaotic whims and capriciousness of “the people” to tell him what to do.

        Unfortunately, for the last three years, BS Aquino has done exactly that. Wait idly on the sidelines while pursuing personal interests designed to enhance his wealth and prestige.

  5. BS Aquino is over zealous in campaigning for his party instead of using those times he spent on matters more relevant for the country.

    Obviously this only shows that he is NOT a pro-nation or pro-masses president.

    If by chance he could read this forum, perhaps he could use some of his time doing some micro management and check the processes in the Bureau of Customs, BFAD, TESDA and SEC.

    If really he is a leader who has the capability to really think things through perhaps he could modify or amend the senseless and RIDICULOUS requirements of these government agencies. These requirements are total discouragements and predicament to small and medium Filipino entrepreneurs to legally engage in import, training and other businesses.

    For example, one requirements of BFAD is for the applicant entrepreneur to submit a Buyer-Vendor Agreement duly notarized by the Philippine Consulate in the country of the supplier. How much expenses would the starting up expenses the entrepreneur would be allocating just to travel outside the country? How about if his suppliers are in ten different countries?! And this is only for one ridiculous and senseless requirement.

    Another RIDICULOUS requirement is to provide TWO (2) copies each of RA9711 (15 pages), RA3720 (47 pages), RA5921 (14 pages) & RA7394 (50 pages). Considering the BULK of these documents, would any of their idiotic personnel care to read any of these? Imagine the bulk of the documents even for 100 applicants only!

    Letting the applicant or his representative attend a seminar on these subjects would even make much sense and productive, instead of just plainly STUPID and ridiculous!

    I hope they would not ADD the seminar ON TOP of the above preposterous requirements and formulate more extortion schemes to squeeze money from the applicants.

    And most of all, certainty as to when can the permit be acquired COULD NOT BE SPECIFICALLY DETERMINED! Meaning NO TIMELINE. Imagine in this modern world of high tech management nobody in the above mentioned moronic agencies could not define specific time lines for their own established processes!

    Per personal experience the above mentioned agencies are HUGE PREDICAMENTS in promoting entrepreneurship in the Philippines.

    Just like his mother, I fear that when his term is over the government agencies would be far more corrupt and the processes would be even more senselessly and ridiculously complicated.

    1. @eduardo could you tell the “Dear” President of this issue every business man faces to set up business here? After all, if he’s able to push the legislative to prioritize the RH Bill, why can he prioritize improvements to ease business registration and set up.

      We don’t want to hear another it’s-the-fault-of-previous-administration, we need action.

      The “Dear” President promotes his Tuwid na Daan, but it’s bumpy and muddy road.

    2. He is good with rhetoric but bad on details. He’d rather go out and campaign than be stuck in the office dealing with the nitty-gritty of his job. He should have been a sales man instead of a public servant. He seems to enjoy field work.

  6. Nice summary/article

    As one former politician said
    ‘ winning is
    20% surveys
    20% adverts/black propaganda
    20% vote buying
    40% name recall’

    Or failing that 100% cheating,
    lack of PCOS source code and comelec cronies.
    A gun also helps.

    the consolidation and concentration of power at whatever cost will ensure virtual autocracy and a divisive country socially and economically for a generation.

    2016 will be pivotal and 2013 aims to lay the foundation and use the next 3 years to stack the deck.

    am not sure binay has enough fight/political power and no doubt he will be marginalised in the next 3 years.

    1. “the government
      agencies would be far
      more corrupt”

      no, he has promised to remove red tape and corruption within the agencies. If he can convict a corrupt chief justice, then why can’t he remove corruption within these smaller agencies?

      1. he promises a lot but achieves nothing.
        and you could convict mother theresa in the congress/senate through bribes/pork barrel.
        aquino is gormless and clueless
        protect hacienda luisita, oligarchs, and kkk. that is tge extent of his interest.
        no wonder he tops the international poll as worst leader of all time.

        1. The GDP is steadily increasing thanks to the effort of Aquino and his team. Investors are flocking to the Philippines. And he is not protecting the ones you called oligarch but it is us that he serves. Look at the surveys the president is still loved.

        2. “investors are flocking to the philippines”

          “The Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas on Wednesday reported that FDIs
          posted a net inflow of $576 million in January, down 45 percent
          from the $1.05 billion in the same month last year.”
          pdi – april 2013

          45% down and you say it is going up.

          what a disgrace to lie so blatantly.
          is that what this administration has to do to try and cover up the truth.

          shame on you for lying

      2. If he’s insistent of dealing against corruption, hen get everybody. Why is PNoy and his family getting away with incident of Hacienda Luisita? How about the other politicians? Barrangay governments on a local level? Your logic is so wrong on so many levels

        Correction: you’re indeed a GIRLY MAN (and very proud being one) who always whine about putting away one corrupt politician and not realizing the full lengths of the corruption. But what do I expect from a ignorant Pinoy pleb like you to know?

        Totoo po ang sinasabi ko, and hindi ako UTO-UTO. 😛

        1. He is getting everybody but the pattern we get the top corrupt officials first then go down bottom.

        2. @eduardo:

          “He is getting everybody but the pattern we get the top corrupt officials first then go down bottom.”

          WRONG. What I mean is EVERYBODY. And that includes the president and his cabinet.

          Thank you so much for admitting that you are indeed… a GIRLY MAN. 😀

      3. CJ R. Corona was convicted by the (useless) senate. However, was he convicted of the crime in court and serving sentence in jail? NO!

        Most political leaders and government officials could never do that to their own kind.

        They all feast in the same banquet hall and perhaps others saw that he was devouring faster and much more than they could do that’s why his senate conviction was just a reprimand to show others not to be more gluttonous than all the rest.

        And also, so that BS Aquino can have his revenge against the shameless GMA.

        Now all of them are happy but the squandered money of the country would not be taken from him to ensure that those politicians and government officials who persecuted him would be left alone with their own loots if ever they happen to get into the same quagmire that he got into.

        1. at least you understand that they are all connected. the entire gov’t. is an ‘enterprise’ designed to keep the wealth in the hands of the oh-so few and all the rest? Well, they get stale rice.
          so few are able to see this simple fact and that even though the CJ lost his job, NOTHING else happened to him. he kept his money, houses and did no time in jail.just like every other thieving scambag that is involved in the political scam that is the gov’t. of the country. GMA, Aquino, E-Crap, Marcos and all the rest of them are one in the same, identical. not an ounce of integrity among them, corrupted and rotten as maggott infested dogs.

    2. It would be interesting to see if the Aquino machinery can find enough dirt to pin down Binay. And it’s less than three years now. I’m sure after the mid-term elections, those who want to run for the Presidency in 2016 will be mobilising their PR machine as soon as possible.

  7. Ilda you and I see eye to eye when it comes to the notion that this balding oaf does all this because the public more than tolerates it. Unfortunately that all icing no cake kind of guy shows what this public will tolerate. Of course the apologists are all shocked whenever Noynoying is suggested yet he thinks campaigning is his Raison d’être as a president. The guy is so naive that he behaves like everything is black and white but the kicker is that even with black and white he is color blind. He has a monopoly on virtue. He has never had responsibility in his life then all of a sudden he is handed the nation. Campaigning is simply advertising. Meaning it is one sided. Noynoy being the dolt that he is will embrace that and of course when it was his legitimate time to campaign in 2013 he ran away like a scared little girl when it comes to any debate with much more seasoned leaders. The guy is a wimp. The guy is a mama’s boy and the guy is not a competitor. Most of the nation sees him as the Wizard of Oz. Places like GRP are the Toto that pull behind the curtain to reveal what a fabrication and facade he is. Of course the public does not appreciate and if they ultimately don’t just goes to show you why I believe there can truly be no such thing as pinoy pride.

    1. @Gogs

      Yes, it is good to know that there are people like you who feel the same way about PNoy and who can articulate your thoughts well. You can help others who are genuinely confused about what’s happening to our society. There are a lot of people out there who are only now seeing the realities of PNoy’s government.

    2. Ilda, Gogs,

      Time for an anecdote.

      Just the other day I took a cab to get to a meeting and the radio was tuned to an AM station giving an update on the campaign in Manila between Erap Estrada and Alfredo Lim. The driver was absolutely livid over the two candidates’ behavior. He was lamenting the fact that the only thing he was hearing was a string of personal attacks, nothing about the issues or campaign platforms. He was particularly incensed by the garbage problem. By the end of the cab ride the driver’d vented every frustration he had regarding the election — from the senators to the party lists to the president wasting his time going around campaigning. The thing that frustrated him the most, he said, was that there really were no candidates he wanted to vote for.

      If more Filipinos at the grassroots level start to think this way, I might actually have hope the country hasn’t gone completely to the dogs.

      1. Nice anecdote Johnny. Not sure why no one brings up the fact at least one of those guys was found guilty of a crime punishable by death.

      2. @Johnny

        I wonder if the cab driver would bother to go out and vote come election time? Part of the problem is that there are a lot of Filipinos who have this misguided notion that their vote will just be wasted. They are giving away their right to have a say though. Election Day is the best time to exercise their freedom to choose who can represent them. They should not allow the gullible voters to be the majority. The cab driver should go out and vote.

        1. We actually went into that. But given the level of frustration he had, he was skeptical about participating in the election. Said something about going to the beach that weekend. 🙁

        2. What’s even sadder is that the notion that it will be a waste of time to participate in the voting process has lately been reflected in some of the comments here on GRP.

        3. I think voting should be mandatory. It will solve the low turnout of voters who use their common sense like the cab driver.

        4. Ilda,

          I used to think so too. But then over the years, I’ve come to the conclusion that forcing citizens to do what is expected of them isn’t enough. Nor is it likely to work.

          To paraphrase American SF novelist Robert Heinlein: That isn’t the way to build a stable and benevolent government. You can’t frighten people into becoming smarter voters or wiser leaders. The communists tried it and look how that turned out. It’d be easier to cure cancer than to instill moral virtue and social responsibility into a person who doesn’t have it, doesn’t want it, and resents having the burden thrust on him. Each person in the society has to develop these “higher” virtues himself; if he has them forced on him, he will likely vomit them out.

          Just as GRP has stressed from the beginning, if we are going to build a society the right way, it has to be from the bottom up, brick by brick, inch by painful inch. No cutting corners. Whoever wants to be a real citizen must have it in his/her heart to participate. That’s why it should be difficult BECOMING a member of society; its DROPPING OUT that should be EASY.

        5. It just occurred to me while walking home, that the Philippines does not need any exepnsive, high-tech, Hocus PCOS machine to be able to modernize the election. It is a fact the almost all Filipinos own at least 1 handphone. Why not use this existing technology for the election. Each registered voter is issued a unique ID number that he/she uses to SMS his vote within a specified time. This takes away the inconvenience of going to the precinct and queuing up to vote. We just need an independent body (preferrably from a neutral country which couldn’t care less about the Phiippnes, such that they are “incorruptible”) to consolidate the votes. It will be easy, convenient, and would assure of a high turnout of voters. And oh…keep Comelec out of it.

    1. But he is currently doing it ALL THE TIME. All of his work is campaign period. If you know what I mean… 😛

        1. Care so show us the schedule of the “Dear” President? Apparently, he looks so busy . . . busy campaigning for his candidates.

        2. The guy does not have the capability to serve BBQ ribs to a redneck. The guy could not lead a whore to bed. Schedules mean nothing. It is what he gets done. Like I told you many times before Fishball. Noynoy was elected President at 50. What exactly was your idol/ boss/ lover known for at 50 regardless of running for President? I will give you a hint , the answer is identical to what I feel the level of your logic and deduction skills are at.

    2. Hell, he has been in campaign mode since the start of his term. Pak the flood, he will ride at the back of the army truck, complete with yellow shirt and chuwariwariwaps on the side!!!

        1. Let me give you the adult way of evaluating things you yellow zombie. The question is not where he spends his time but HOW he spends his time. Noynoy has no substance, like you. He never had substance and never accomplished anything of substance . Except maybe employ you. At least in your eyes. Take your lunch break. The Mac book can wait Fishball/ Eduardo, Sendongirl.

        2. the rest of his schedule is late night videoke with his gay friends.
          a pathetic excuse for a man.
          cowardly and a traitor.
          no wonder p-noy likes to play the girl.

      1. Eduardo being productive?
        I’d say he’s more productive at being unproductive.
        He’s a waste of space. No logic, no brains, always on the losing side.
        He’s only good for two things: no good and good for nothing,just like his president.

  8. Its official, corruption has increased to record levels under noynoying aquino.

    No amount of propaganda can hide it now.

    No wonder p-noy is desperate to avoid impeachment come 2016.
    And wont need bribes to gain his conviction. It will be a slam dunk.

  9. I now prefer wasting my right to vote on candidates that are not that popular or just leave it blank, rather than wasting it for nothing. I’ve had this mistake last election, just voting for popular candidates and the result is bad. Majority of them are useless to the senate and congress… It is a Fact that worthy candidates don’t win since majority of voters rely on what a candidate or party would give them or their municipality. I am a witness to this election habit here in the Philippines.

    1. Well, voting for an unpopular candidate, in short, nuisance candidates is a waste of right as that person has no chance to win. Let us look at Americans which only choose two. And let us refer to our surveys as guide to who we will vote.

      1. I prefer that to happened that putting someone who will just be a puppet of the funny faced president. Btw eduardo I am not a pro arroyo. I hate that midget so much. But now whenever I see the president on television. I gives me the urge to punch his ugly and ridiculous face putting all the blame to the opposition. And always say bad things about all of them. He talks like a gay with a lot of insecurities.

      2. That’s why the Philippines is a joke because of the likes of you: you just vote for someone who is popular.

        Your view on America when it comes to elections is very wrong. They are a two-party system while the Philippines is a multi-party system and they chose who are COMPETENT and not popular. Also, surveys don’t help because they are BIASED and MANIPULATIVE so they are also a tool for deception. So why would I believe to an ignorant Yellow Zombie like you.

        Just accept the fact that YOU want to destroy this country. Also, you wouldn’t see this in America:

        “Dito sa Pilipinas, ang panahon ng eleksyon ay ang PANAHON NG KALOKOHAN.”

    1. Do you think all the people who hates abnoynoy are pro-arroyo? Think again narrow minded yellow zombie…”I borrowed the term from a fellow member” 😀

      We have our own mind to think and mouth to speak, aswell as fingers to type. Why use it for the benefit of a midget? I speak my mind and I don’t care if abnoynoy is still loved my many. Those people are either may utang na loob or a family or a family member or a friend of a liberal member. 🙂 let’s include those heads that can be bought… Millions of them due to hunger. But us tax payers, no way…

    2. Just because we don’t believe in Yellow Propaganda does it mean we believe in Arroyo propaganda?

      Nice logic you got there. 😀

    3. Typical of you. Can’t get around our solid arguments against your master so you have to resort to maligning us. Also you’re starting to sound like a machine…..

    4. Very typical of you to drag GMA here when you are losing.
      That tactic is not effective at all.
      What’s the matter? Yellow chicken got your tongue?
      Too YELLOW to answer us?
      You have to do better than that, twatface.

    5. I think you should just use Vicenso Arellano again. It’s always SOS with you. That’s short for same old sh*t if you didn’t get it.

    6. “I think…”

      No you don’t. If you did, you’d realize what kind of a colossal idiot you are for kissing the butt of someone who literally did nothing for years.

  10. Latest 2013 senatorial survey.
    Top 12 – ‘ magic circle
    1800 voters

    Villaneuva – 816
    Gordon – 486
    Hagedorn – 450
    Cayetano – 341
    Escudero – 340
    Legarda – 324
    Hontiveros – 321
    Casino – 302
    Poe – 266
    Zubiri – 261
    Trillanes – 255
    Angara – 252

  11. Team p-noy candidates avoiding sorties and having second thoughts.
    Independent surveys show low support in key areas.
    Desperation in team p-noy.
    Now resorting to black propaganda.

  12. Please pardon me for sharing this but perhaps eduardo is either a loose dog of BS Aquino or simply a person who loves to contradict whoever and whatever. If the latter case is true, then something is terribly wrong with his psychology – simply pathetic.

    1. I wonder if he has a Facebook account or he has an e-mail.

      BTW, here’s my conspiracy theory: he’s actually against the Aquino-Cojuangco clan but he doesn’t want to share it. He just wanted to have fun and games in this blog. If this is true, then let him be. Unless he tells us the truth… 🙂

  13. Here’s my message to ‘eduardo’ LACIERDA:

    Congratulations, you just went full RETARD with what you wrote. D:D

  14. Eduardo explain why BS Aquino is doing this to the country. I found this blog site below and was shocked at its contents.

      1. Found the link. It actually has parallelisms with the Obama administration in the US and the Liberal Left’s association with terrorists like Bill Ayers of the Weather Underground, leftist activists like Van Jones, billionaire George Soros, who openly advocates the dismantling of American society and its replacement with his own progressive “world order” and newer racist organizations like the New Black Panther Party.

        Beginning to look like a new 21st century trend.

  15. P-noy aquino new mantra
    ” the filipino is worth stealing from”

    his communist roots and allegiances are showing through

  16. Team p-noy
    An assessment

    Chiz ‘peter pan’ escudero – the little boy who can’t grow up, who sees life through a bottle, and avoids any serious discussion with a cheesy quip. Over inflated sense of importance and ability.
    Better for him to stick to young girls – He doesn’t impress anyone else. Becoming a joke and a caricature, only good for comedic send ups, bad tv presenting and tacky product endorsements! Thats how serious he sees politics. A waster and a blaggard.

    Loren ‘ love me, please!’ legarda – likes to use long words – but not necessarily in the right context, or even in the right order sometimes – it was much easier for her when just reading from an autocue, and no thinking necessary. Somewhat pretentious and precocious. Harmless, loveless, and meaningless. Less botox would help to save the planet.

    Cynthia ‘its only money’ villar – dozy, dopey, sleepy. She could play at least 3 of the 7 dwarfs. When she talks i want to shake her before she sends me to sleep. Slow! – she make a snail look turbo charged.

    Grace ‘oh no’ poe – adopted nobody, trading on not even her real fathers name. Too tacky for any more words.

    Bam ‘ the sham’ aquino – an opportunist so blatantly trading on the brand that it is distateful. No experience and a lazy non-achiever in the classic aquino mold. Quick to take credit for other peoples work, whilst avoiding it himself. Am sure will be elected and then hide away doing nothing since not capable but has already said he has eyes on vice-presidency. Old saying ” keep moving in the hope that you are not found out or exposed for what you really are”
    Lucky that the machine is building/promoting the myth for the future. More column inches than any other candidate – malacanan orders/pressure on compliant press.
    Will be as useful as lito lapid.
    Friend of koko pimentel. If you are judged by the friends you keep then another epic fail.

    Sonny ‘aurora’ angara – potential if he could be his own man rather than his fathers puppet. But in the end will always put family business, corrupt as it is, before personal principles and before the interests of the country. A sad waste.

    Jun ‘er,er,er’ magsaysay – poor old man. Way past his sell by date, and is it early signs of dementia, or does he just naturally think in slow motion

    Risa ‘i’m free’ hontiveros – the communist who will try anything with anyone to get elected, but a turnoff to all, except partymate – wink,wink – and porn loving ronald ‘ where are the ak47’s’ llamas. Lets have a revolution.

    Alan ‘ keep it in the family’ cayetano – the best of a bad bunch, but his wife is a disaster, and you can take sisterly love too far! His achilles heel.

    Jamby ‘ looney toons’ madrigal – her head seems to be in some other world. Is she a druid, or part of some weird cult?

    Antonio italiano ‘ machiavelli’ Trillanes – 40 office staff, and all he manages is some disastrous back channeling, and MOOE fund funneling. Too much ego, too little brains. Incapable of strategic thought. An army gofer.
    (P.s. he had the biggest travel expenses of any senator whilst in prison!!.where did he go. Was it a day release facility. As corrupt as they come)

    Koko ‘ call me a clown’ Pimentel – who is he! As obscure as jude and someone else as useful as lito lapid. Weak individual just happy to go along for the ride. A perpetual follower. No balls, and now no wife – no surprise there.

      1. Thanks.
        Together with a graphic caricature of all 12, would have made a decent email circular/flyer.

        Politicians hate being made fun off, but have to pretend to be amused/a good sport.

        1. Ah, but politicians, especially the president, should expect to be made fun of. And their families. Next to the pope, the president is the ultimate sacred cow. That’s what compels me to criticize (and sometimes ridicule); it’s like an irresistible primal urge.

          So that’s my excuse 😉

          To BS Aquino — and all his relatives who may read this (whoo-boy, fat chance) — nothing personal. I’m just doing my job. Laugh and the whole world laughs with you.

          You lying sons-of-bitches!

        2. “I love argument. I love debate. I don’t expect anyone just to sit there and agree with me – that’s not their job”
          Margaret thatcher

          “I have never made but one prayer to God, a very short one: Oh Lord, make my enemies be ridiculous. And God granted it.”

  17. Who runs a disaster like this?

    Lets look at the evidence

    BIR – targets missed.
    – not one tax evader in jail
    – 80% of professionals pay no tax!
    – tax burden on low paid has increased

    BoC – targets missed
    – smuggling at all time high (oil, cars, rice). Annual revenue loss estimated at 97 billion pesos
    – not one smuggler in jail
    – 2000 containers never found!!
    – businessmen pressured into giving bribes

    PNP – crime increased
    – people escape jail almost at will
    – involvement in atimonan massacre
    – police becoming ‘guns for hire’

    – so many fugitives/criminals escape abroad with ease. A leaking sieve.

    – generals all cleared of graft and corruption. Amazing

    DoJ – dept of jokes.
    – ampatuan trial
    – delima talks the talk, but does no walking ( her tax paid driver/lover a disgrace)
    – no concept of rule of law

    FDI – fell by 45% in january
    – international investors not impressed
    – cambodia now overtaken philippines

    PPP – flagship programme – sunk without trace

    FoI – central campaign platform/promise – sidelined/sabotaged

    Capital outflows – 97 $ Billion dollars leaving the country and put/hidden in offshore accounts by politicians/businessmen!
    That is equivalent to the national debt, and 250,000 for every household.

    Infrastructure – what new projects? – none.

    Budget – over 2 trillion pesos and biggest increase is p-noys unaudited slush fund. How corrupt is that.

    CARP – Still no distribution of hacienda luisita. New obstacles being created by cojuangco and carp. Cojuangco-aquino just waiting for mid-term elections to be completed.

    Jueteng – more rampant than ever. I see it all the time, and all the ‘key players’ are known, but left alone – high level support.

    Poverty – 30% and CCT considered a failure

    Unemployment – rising 27 – 30% un/underemployed.
    Govt solution – become ofw’s as long as you send money back. Remittances now 14% of gdp.
    So much for jobs at home

    Wages – minimum wage in real terms gone down.
    And many companies only employing on short term contracts to avoid giving benefits or only paying 75% of minimum wage under trainee classification

    Blackouts – 12 hours a day in mindanao
    – crippling businesses, causing misery
    – no end in sight – no plan

    Electricity prices – highest in Asia and increasing.
    – monopoly profits

    Disaster response – absent, partying followed by photo op.
    P-noy shows a disgraceful lack of human empathy.
    Only thanks to red cross and ngo’s that people get help when and where it is needed.

    KKK – absolved of anything immoral or illegal. Total impunity.

    SALN – still not being released by congress

    PDAF/pork barrel – has actually increased! Wtf.

    The catalogue of incompetence and failures is almost neverending, and many more could be added. The reluctance and inability of malacanan to address or discuss the issues suggests they dont even know how and raise some red herring to try and divert attentuon from the important to the inconsequential.

    My only surprise is how few candidates criticise the government – but maybe, with the lack of conviction politics and prevalence of turncoats/mercenaries, i shouldn’t be.

    P-noy aquino is more than just a goofy face and bumbling idiot. He is creating systemic economic and social problems.

    The gdp figures and fitch ratings are minor indicators in the scheme of things and having no impact on investment, jobs, poverty. Those are the acid test of progress.

    1. It can be obviously noted that all political leaders and government officials are always “studying” things.

      When there is flooding and many drowned and become homeless – they “are studying to resolve the flooding…” they allocate budgets in billions, disburse it (the money evaporates), nothing’s been built.

      When brown outs become intolerable due to power shortages – they “are studying the alternative source of energy…” When they come up with the solution to procure more power generating sets they let the consumers pay for the amortization of it instead of letting the investors absorb it considering that its their capital assets. Even the most stupid science student is aware about almost all the latest alternative sources of energy. They allocate budgets in billions, disburse it (the money evaporates), nothing’s been built.

      Local government officials and their loose dogs are going around to all their constituents SOLICITING for new project proposals. They sort out and select the most unique (which “never had been ‘built’ yet”), request for budget allocation to be released, the money evaporates – NOTHING’S BEEN DONE in the provinces.

      In reality, these are the kinds of initiatives that the local government officials are doing.

      This is the reason why it is difficult to allocate and release budgets to the provinces because according to their records almost every roads, bridges government buildings and other facilities have already been built, public transportation & equipment needed had been purchased and necessary regular maintenance of facilities and equipment are ongoing.

      In reality that’s how the government is trying to improve the facilities in the provinces – JUSTIFY HOW TO HAVE THE BUDGET ALLOCATION RELEASED, AND DO NOTHING (however, the money evaporates due to the summer heat).

      What’s ironic though is that the nosy media people seems to be oblivious of these obvious modus of the LGUs in the provinces.

    2. Let’s see if eduardo has the guts to answer these FACTS that you listed, libertas but I don’t think he’ll be able to do so since he’s a coward and a twat.

    3. Philippines – the government of the oligarchs, by the oligarchs, for the oligarchs – wrapped in the package of so called democracy.

      1. Appropriate adaptation

        … administered by an incompetent and corrupt KKK, supported by goons with guns, and marketed by propaganda, trolls, and a compliant media.

        1. The trolls that malacanang employ are only good at exposing their complete incompetence. They couldn’t even hire someone smarter than them let alone go toe to toe with the peeps here in GRP.
          They should just throw in the towel since their “trolling” only makes it worse for their bosses in malacanang.

    4. What happen now to all bohol earthquake survivors and yolanda survivors to include now newest calamity situation of typhoon glenda? His credit rating gone down. Hoping his 2014 SONA must have more accomplishment rather than anything he said to his enemies.

  18. With more members of dynasties running in 2013 elections than ever before some comparative figures of percentage of dynastic families in senate/congress/parliament.

    1 percent in Britain( est.)
    6 percent in the United States (Dal Bo et al. 2009),
    10 percent in Argentina (Rossi 2009)
    37 to 40 percent in Japan and Mexico (Asako et al. 2010).
    Philippines – between 50 percent (Querubin 2010) and 70 percent, if local positions included (Yap 2011)

    “In roughly half of the 80 provinces of the Philippines the governor is related to one of the congressmen, and nowhere in the world are political dynasties so entrenched”
    Professor Querubin – new york university

  19. what does anyone expect this guy to do? of course he is going to stack the congress in his favor, the Sc as well. the guy is a politician, a shrewd one! He is not an idiot, he saw his chance to advance and took it, now he has it and wants to consolidate it!
    do people still think the people will benefit from any gov’t. policy? it is not going to happen no matter who the president of the country is. Aquino has people to answer to, and the aren’t filipino’s. he is walking a hi-wire balancing act. Chinese on one side and U.S.A. on the other. Both of whom want the resources of the country and nothing to do with the rest of the country. if they did, people in Manila would have been speaking mandarin a long time ago.

  20. “KAYO ANG BOSS KO” from 2010 to the present year, hindi makita o maramdaman ng mga Kawani ng Gobyerno ang binigkas ni PNoy nayan.

    paanu nya gagawin ang salitang iyan, ni dagdag sa sahod o umento ay WALA, binawasan at tinangalan pa ng mga allowances o bonuses ang mga kawani ng gobyerno na tama naman sa Batas since Pres Cory time.

    dati rati ang PEI ay Php 10,000. nuong 2012 to ay naging Php 5,000.

    Kapag Boss pala ang tawag sa’yo, isa ka lang option, hindi priority kung magutom ang pamilya mo pagtitiisan mo.. dahil sya ang BATAS?

    1. ^^^ Oh please!! you know and we know who are his real boss- his campaign contributors, his clan and his secret lover

  21. PNoy is an idiot, he is nothing like his father, the Philippines had its chance with Gibo. I wish this guy had never been born

  22. Marcos is still the best president and leader in the Philippine history..He made a our country 2nd richest in asia in his time..but when this aquino clans came in all the good plans are ruined..until now

  23. after reading the article and the comments,
    and after seeing the SONA 2013 earlier today.

    i wonder if any of you are helping the country or just trying to destroy all of its effort to improve?

    surely this article (and it comments) is not helping us citizen realize the effort needed to turn our country upwards.

    like Mr.President said:

    Ginagampanan po ng gobyerno ang kanyang obligasyon. Tanungin din po sana natin ang ating sarili: Ano ang inambag ko sa solusyon? Kung may magtapon sa ilog, sitahin mo; kung may magtayo ng building sa estero, isumbong mo. Lalo po tayong malulubog sa problema kung magkikibit-balikat lang po tayo.

    1. @MikeB

      What makes you and the President think that Filipinos who criticise him haven’t been actively voicing out their concern over the squatters or those who pollute the water? And by the way, he should be calling the attention of the law enforcement agencies for not doing their jobs in policing the lawbreakers in the first place. At the end of the day, it’s still their job to prosecute them

      Don’t be fooled by BS Aquino’s motherhood statements. He’s just trying to divert the attention away from his own shortfalls.

      1. After reading the article…something came to mind. After the 7.2 magnitude earthquake, PNoy came to Cebu to supposedly check on the damages. He only went To the Basilica with Governor Hilario Davide, Jr. & Tomas Osmena with a very big smile on his face. While elected Mayor Michael Rama together with Vice President Binay was in CCMC checking on the damages that has made the Hospital unfit for the patients that were moved to the Streets & garage of the Fire Department. All these only because they don’t belong to the same political party. Now, I ask…where is his political campaign slogan where he said “KAYO ANG BOSS KO” Let the Cebuanos remind him therefore…that we elected Our Mayor MichaeL Rama & not the arrogant Tomas Osmena as his boss, we want him to respect our choice. By the way now Gov. Davide does not want to help Medillen because the one sitting is not affiliated to their political party.

  24. Your title is wrong. It should be “Noynoy Aquino’s greatest accomplishments: SLANDERING his enemies and campaigning for his allies”

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