What did Chiz Escudero supposedly do with his alleged P2-billion pork?

Reportedly catching eyes in Barangay Sagpon, Legazpi City, a lone poster proclaims in the Bicolano dialect: “Chiz neglected Bicol. Got P2-billion pork barrel but left the Bicolanos hungry” according to an Inquirer.net report. Amid the raging circus surrounding the fiery romance of Senator Francis ‘Chiz’ Escudero and starlet Heart Evangelista and the ire of Evangelista’s helicopter parents it incites, this is probably the last thing the embattled senator needs…


A worker from a nearby maker of sportswear, who refused to be identified, said he did not notice when the poster was placed on the wall, which is just a few steps away from Bicol University.

According to him, it was the only one he saw in the area. No other similar poster was seen in the main road from downtown Legazpi to the university, which has a distance of around 5 kilometers.

For now, both flak and adulation surrounding the very public romance of Escudero and Evangelista have so far failed to wipe the smile off the handsome couple’s faces. But as wisdom coming from the men and women who turn primal mass emotion into money in the bank dictates:

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Abangan ang susunod na kabanata.

[Photo courtesy Interaksyon.com.]

30 Replies to “What did Chiz Escudero supposedly do with his alleged P2-billion pork?”

  1. I will not vote for Chiz Escudero.I think he is using Heart Evangelista for Political reason.Heart is ambitiosa ,she wants to be a First lady as Chiz and Merriam defensor promised her.tsk!tsk!tsk! nagbibilang na nang itlog e hindi pa man nagingitlog ang manok…alah Eh!!!gising Evanggelista…makinig ka sa Magulang mo.buti pa kausapin mo muna ang dating asawa ni chiz…kung cno talaga si Chiz,kung ano ang kanyang tunay na ugali.kawawa ka naman at sayang ka iha1bata ka pa.Think1think!think!

  2. Sino naman ang hindi mababaliw sa beauty ni Heart..bagaman she is a high maintenance woman coming from rich family, malaki naman ang pork barrel pala ni Chiz..

    1. di ba abolish na ang pork barrel? It is not Heart’s sin if she belongs to a rich family. Cguro masipag lang talaga sila kaya yumaman.

  3. Am sure a fair share went on alcohol.
    Chiz escudero has always been a peter pan/jekyll and hyde character riddled with personal defects, and incapable of saying no to young girls, drink, free gifts, or pork barrel.
    He likes to use bad/cheesy quips to avoid discussion and being exposed as being an over-rated empty vessel.
    The guy has done nothing politically and is regarded in the senate as both arrogant and lazy, and just like any addict will have his come uppance and end up at rock bottom, especially now that his political ‘friends’ are abandoning him. He has also shown himself to be ungrateful to those who helped him. Big mistake.
    Maybe he hopes kris aquino will be his political saviour, once he dumps dimbo bimbo heart. – needy nympho and perverted alcoholic – a match made in reality tv heaven.
    The farce with heart evangelista shows his lack of emotional intellect, political savvy, and intellectual maturity.
    And he promised her first lady in 2016, and marry in 2018! Right. Some perverts will say anything to get into a young girls knickers, especially if they are like needy impressionable 14 year olds.

  4. Puro kalandian kasi ang ginagawan i Escudero at heart , bastos na lasinggero ka escudero! magtrabaho ka nga! walng boboto sayo!

      1. he is the one of the reason why FPJ died he contested FPJ in a marathon drinking session bringing along alimango and giant king crabs with aligi which he knew is bad for FPJ and chiz won

  5. Tama lang ang ginawa ng magulang ni Escudero, kung ganyang kabastos din naman ang manliligaw sa anak ko aba hindi na makaktungtong ng bahay ko yan! Escudero hindi kita iboboto! bastos ka! tamad pa!

  6. I wont vote for such an arrogant person, grabe ang pagka-arogante nya and binastos nya pa ang magulang ni heart, anu pa kaya ang kaya nyang gawin kalokohan sa bawat pilipino.. tsktsk

  7. All I can say, the better it would be if you don’t vote for him. And while you’re at it, don’t vote for the whole Liberal Party plastics. 😀

  8. In the latest sws survey 55% think heart evangelista will not be the first lady.
    The other 45% thought she is most probably chiz’s 25th lady of easy virtue.
    chiz escudero certainly likes them young and dumb.

    1. Easy girl cya sayang mukha nya. Swerte nya may parents cya love cya kaso anong ganda mo kung masisira lng kasi stupid cya. Feel sad for her parents pasakit cya sa kanila. Chiz totoong kurakot ka kaya push mo rh bill para makakurakot k pa kapal mo.

  9. Hindi nman suprising yan ksi lasenggero at addict sa cocaine confirmed sa mga insider yan si senator magaling lang pagtakpan ng mga handler nya pero konti konti lumalabas na cracks sa ugali nya

  10. The problem with Escudero is that he’s similar to “trapos” as his politician relatives in Sorsogon and his deceased father…

    Pork Barrel is not of their money for their personal needs it is the money intended to develop their district or welfare of their constituents…

    But the only problem most politicians like Escudero is pocketing their Pork Barrel as if they owned it… this should be corrected!

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