Nancy With The Laughing Face



“I swear to goodness, you can’t resist her
Sorry for you, she has no sister
No angel could replace Nancy with the laughing face”

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A song recorded by Francis Albert Sinatra



Nancy Binay



This is second time in a week that one tweet inspires a whole blog post. Full disclosure but I know that if  @momblogger (Noemi Lardizabal-Dado) says she is trying to get a candidate’s take on the issues that she is indeed doing that. I have been asked to help and I also read tweets of people that do help her out in these events. Maybe it’s just me but if I was trying to sell myself as someone people can vote for, wouldn’t I be chompin at the bit to be giving people like Ms. Noemi whatever information she wanted about my campaign? To quote Maurice Chavez,    let’s press the issue.

Things in any society rarely exist in a vacuum. American Idol has been showing for several years because that is what audiences want. The first two seasons of Game of Thrones exists because that is what people want. Willie Revillame is a constant presence on local television because he attracts viewers. One cannot comment on these things without commenting on the audiences that make these things possible or even necessary. Whatever you see in culture is a reflection of that culture or else it would not be there.

Don’t believe half of what you see
And none of what you hear


“Last Great American Whale”– Lou Reed


I feel Ms. Binay’s campaign team is not prioritizing her platform. If they did Momblogger would have had it weeks ago.  A story from the ABS CBN website  describes Ms. Binay’s popularity puzzling.  Even she can’t explain her own popularity in this video. Her father just stresses the obvious later on. It must be noted that the video is found on Rappler’s YouTube channel and Rappler may be perceieved as a Noynoy Aquino/ Liberal Party apologist. It’s campaign time people, when you see a certain point of view expressed always ask yourself what is behind it. Always keep in mind the phrase “taken out of context”.



Questions posed about Nancy Binay’s qualifications for office. Posted in various Facebook groups.


My personal opinion? Everything we see is a result of what the audience wants. If the polls are to be believed, the audience wants political dynasties. Or at least a Binay dynasty. Look at who is president now. Was he better known in 2008 than Nancy Binay was in 2011? Do you remember the president’s platform? Did you remember him stating what makes him qualified to execute his platform? I only recall him stating that he is destined to be president.  In that regard he was 100% right. It should be noted he never once said he was destined to be a good president. Candidate Noynoy also said that the Freedom of Information Act was his priority.   How is that working out for you?    This is the Philippines. Ask your typical voter what is a platform they will respond “kung wala kang round form, may platform ka.” The voters in the Philippines don’t care about trivial things like logistics. For some reason their emotions fill in the blanks where the “how” should be. Like most of my posts. It is all about values or the lack of values.


Any goofball can repeat a mantra made up by their marketers/ campaigners. For me , the tricky part is pointing to your past to prove you are serious about your future. Pointing to your past to prove you can accomplish the future you are painting. But most people can’t do this and the good news is this is the Philippines. There is no expectation to prove you are serious about the future. Our politicians behave the way they do  because they are a product of what the audience wants.


Super Size


In the US, McDonald’s claimed that nutritional information for their food  was available in their company’s website in 2004. The census at the time revealed that only half of America was online. So film maker Morgan Spurlock thought that having the nutritional information actually available in the actual stores should be reasonable for the other half of America who was not online at the time. This is what he found.




Source: (entire movie online)


Yet there was no big protest about this lack of information because there was no great need for it. Either the typical McDonald’s  customer does not care to read the reality of the nutritional information or does not care about what McDonald’s  food will do to their bodies.





Denis Leary in his concert video No Cure For Cancer rants about how stupid it is to make the warnings in cigarette packs bigger. Watch the video. I believe him when he says it does not matter how you label a cigarette pack and how true that label is , it will not stop one smoker from smoking. Just because something is true does not mean that  information is of any use.   Oh for you younger generation not born when this video was made, he is Gwen Stacy’s dad.


Why do I bring this up? If you are hell bent on consuming harmful material for your bodies  no amount of information is going to stop you. You won’t be looking for that information. How does Super Size Me, McDonald’s, Denis Leary and cigarettes relate to Noynoy Aquino and Nancy Binay? I’d tell you but  Wowowillie is on.


18 Replies to “Nancy With The Laughing Face”

  1. Pretty un-believable that this woman is actually a candidate for public-office(WHAT?). If she were not a daughter of the vice-president she could not get elected dog-catcher, anywhere. She can’t pass for a sad excuse for a call center agent.
    it probably doesn’t matter what happens in the elections. As seen in the past, if the desired results of the elite are not projected as likely outcomes, the election is somehow rigged. Before or after. Be it a protested outcome, dead people voting 20X’s, etc, etc… it just doesn’t matter: the people who run the country have their way.
    The elected officials appear to the international community as ludicrous puppets. Look at this woman, I mean, really? Standard politics in a banana-republic. BUT is no one embarrassed by this??? or Lito Lapitup? the election of these people proves there is almost no hope.
    Speaking of rigs, quoting Lou Reed. LOL!

  2. People like nancy binay and bam aquino being elected senator ( as seems likely) reflects the political malaise, the economic inequality, and the social apathy/stupidity which keeps people mired in poverty and in subservience. It is also a bad joke a la lito lapid. Names and personalities rule above policy and achievement so no surprise you end up with the runts of the litter, the lazy, or the corrupt. Real work is a dirty word to these people.

    It also demonstrates that nothing has been learnt and that nothing will change as dynasty power tightens its grip on the country.

    No dynasties are the only route to equality and progress. It is the one strategic decision which would free the country and any potential which has been squeezed out/already left. Everything else would naturally flow from this. Major crime, major corruption, poverty are all related to dynasty rule ( as in china under the politburo system/politics as family business principle). Feudal systems do not work and only guarantee increased social unrest.

    1. In 1989 my short little Greek friend gave a cassette with that album in its entirety recorded off an LP . I bought my own CD maybe 1990. Still have it too. I always listen to it in order. On fact in this post the tri city area well represented with New Jersey’s Sinatra .

    1. I’ve seen better looking, and less desperate transgenders on makati avenue, and without the sagging tits. ( or was that the crazy nympho kris aqino )
      All cats may be black in the dark, but some pigs are also black in the day. Better to avoid children and animals

  3. I think the Filipino voters are more interested in the form, rather than the substance. Look at what they had voted for: mentally unstable President, lazy and coward. Senators who sell their positions. A Senator who is a : Lasengo, babaero, walang modo. See how these people act in public to deceive voters. They are parading as Angels of Light. Convincing you, if elected: we will live in a Paradise called Philippines. So, we elect :actors, actresses, political family dynasties, people with shady characters, etc…

  4. “The voters in the Philippines don’t care about trivial things like logistics. For some reason their emotions fill in the blanks where the ‘how’ should be. Like most of my posts. It is all about values or the lack of values.”


    You could replace Nancy Binay with Grace Poe and this post would be nearly identical (admittedly with the exception of the song choice “Nancy”).

    All of Poe’s campaign posters ask you to vote for her because she is “Anak ni FPJ” or “Ang Inumpisahan ng Tatay Ko Tatapusin Ko”.

    1. I had to describe her but main point is the voters/ electorate / audience . That is why they are there. Hopefully I point out stupidity of this and maybe even one person wakes up. Not holding my breath .

      1. This election has got to be the nadir in Philippine politics. Can’t see how much lower we can get. Although I have a sneaking suspicion it will by 2016.

    2. Johnny, speaking of Grace, if I recall the tagline goes continuing what FPJ started. I can be fairly accused of being senile but I don’t recall FPJ spending one minute in public service. He ran for office yes. Like the idol du jour he avoided debates . He just fanned flames of popularity not competence. Excuse me Grace Poe is continuing FPJ’s what? He never started. Sorry, as a nation we are truly a sorry sight for buying such $hit.

  5. what’s troubling is that some dont even bother making any sort of promise or platform to show the people that they are right for the job. It’s not needed, making people like Nancy Binay eligible in some people’s eyes thanks to…well, daddy Binay. Your right, as much as there’s all that information out there saying the truth, that’s not what the majority of people want…

  6. Bottomline. No hope or dreams will come true for the future of the philippines, neither for majority of filipino people to change. You want success in life? Get out of the country it’s the only realistic answer for your hopes and dreams to come true.

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