Malacañang spokesman Edwin Lacierda caught trolling on Twitter!

Edwin_LacierdaAs social media “thought leader” Maria Ressa once extolled all who apply the wondrous technological phenomenon known as “social media”, just be yourself. Caught on record is Malacañang top spokesperson Edwin Lacierda (a.k.a. @dawende on Twitter) being himself in a Twitter exchange with a certain @ComplainerChua on the 3rd of March…

* * *

TheComplainer ‏‏@ComplainerChua
@dawende your attitude is very similar to CGMA’s Helena Bautista-Horn,umiikot lang ang mundo,tignan natin kung saan ka mapunta in 3 years.

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Edwin Lacierda @dawende
@ComplainerChua oh i am scared!

TheComplainer ‏‏@ComplainerChua
@dawende i rest my case,you are really not fit to be a spokesperson for any govt.parang bata ang ugali mo.and this is seen globally!

Edwin Lacierda @dawende
@ComplainerChua yes i know that. That was to show how vacuous u are?

TheComplainer ‏‏@ComplainerChua
@dawende vacuous,wow had to look it up,what is that saying about arguing with people with vacuous minds?

TheComplainer ‏‏@ComplainerChua
@dawende so i am interested to know,had Phil gotten the bodies of 10 dead filipinos yet?if not yet, question is why?

Edwin Lacierda @dawende
@ComplainerChua No you’re not.

TheComplainer ‏‏@ComplainerChua
@dawende yes I am interested to know & why have you not gotten it back?

Edwin Lacierda @dawende
@ComplainerChua Why do u always seem to fall into a trap?

TheComplainer ‏@ComplainerChua
@dawende oh most high,it was a simple question, where are the bodies of the 10 Filipinos?Are they here in Philippines yet?do you know?

* * *

The “conversation” was also captured as an image and has gone viral over Facebook and Twitter…

[Image capture courtesy Facebook user Masterful Deceit.]

Indeed. As spokesperson of Malacañang, Lacierda certainly mirrors the character of the Second Aquino Administration in the behaviour he exhibits.

[Photo of Edwin Lacierda courtesy UNTV News.]

13 Replies to “Malacañang spokesman Edwin Lacierda caught trolling on Twitter!”

  1. I can only surmise that “Dawende” La Mierda actually looks (and maybe even reads) the posts here on GRP. Or else he wouldn’t have used (much less known about the meaning of) the word “vacuous.”

    Now if he actually walked away from this site (assuming he actually visits here) experiencing any epiphany about the administration whose stink he’s working so hard to smother with cheap air freshener, I can say that such won’t even be a remote possibility.

  2. The Lamierda name has really stuck to this guy. He has become an inside joke in the palace. Anybody working there who isn’t a zombie yet knows of the dubious name that has been bestowed upon him.

  3. Acting like a troll while in public office is unprofessional. I guess he never got out of his activist mindset. That should go once you’re in power.

      1. Well, since eduardo is obviously from malacanang, it is obvious that there are no professionals left in malacanang since eduardo and mr lamierda can’t even come up with any sufficient propaganda to cover up aquino’s f*ck ups.

  4. His style of trolling is the same as the famous troll/s here in GRP..Guess who 🙂

    It’s like, is he REALLY a professional? I think a true professional won’t act like that, especially in a place that the whole world can see your words and actions like the Internet.

    Man, this level of stupidity gets deeper and deeper. His level of trolling is beyond my capabilities to comprehend, thus resulting in an unexplainable sequences of binary codes and letters: 100011#$(*&SNKNLALFJ 10011Epic Fail11001

    1. I guess that his malacanang troll group gets spiels from him since their spiels are always full of epic fail.
      It won’t be much of a surprise anymore that his group would get disbanded once aquino is kicked out.

  5. have seen edwin use big words on simple conversation before…LOL ! as if ,english is his first language…typical pinoy….point out your grammar,spelling and use big ass words… hoping he can throw people off-subject

    1. on a scale of intelligence lacierda is joshua aquino.
      on a scale of lawyers he wouldn’t get into court.
      and as a communicator he clearly needs to understand the english language rather than massacre it.
      flipping english which has nothing to do with the queen’s english.
      please get a spokesman who can speak, and better still think and nit be a 3rd rate lawyer.
      even my students snigger.

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