Five reasons why Filipinos blame Noynoy Aquino for everything

Well, the inevitable is happening. More and more Filipinos are starting to blame everything on Philippine President Benigno Simeon ‘BS’ Aquino and his administration. Just like how most Filipinos blamed — or keep blaming — former President Gloria Arroyo for all the ills in the land, the number of men and women who are starting to hate BS Aquino with the same passion seems to be increasing every day. From the high cost of electricity to the death and destruction caused by typhoons, Filipinos are pointing the finger at the balding man in Malacañang.

Blaming his thinning hairline on a job he was never fit to do

Blaming his thinning hairline on a job he was never fit to do

Blaming public servants they themselves elected into office will never go out of fashion in the Philippines. As they say, the search for blame is always successful. And blaming others for their own misery is something that most Filipinos are good at. Why not? Blaming is a much easier path to take than taking accountability for one’s actions. This no-worries attitude is like a sport even Filipino politicians play themselves.

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To be fair, this is not something unique to Filipinos. British philosopher Bertrand Russell once said that democracy is the process by which people choose the man who’ll get the blame. Obviously, BS Aquino didn’t know about this prior to agreeing to run for the Presidency. BS Aquino will find out what Russell means soon enough. For someone who has made a career out of blaming the previous administration even for his own shortfalls, the incumbent President should not be surprised now that the tables have turned.

Blaming others to save one’s self from embarrassment is a form of defense mechanism. People’s initial instinct is to deny that they have done something wrong. It takes maturity to realize that one cannot keep hiding from one’s error in judgment by blaming other people. It takes guts to say ‘my bad’ or ‘I was wrong’ or ‘I’m sorry’.

A lot of people do not realize it yet but when we own up to our mistakes, we actually learn from them. When we blame someone else, we don’t learn anything. This is precisely the reason why BS Aquino’s critics know that he is not learning anything when he makes mistakes. He is always blaming either GMA, her allies or imagined ‘conspirators’ for his own shortfalls. BS Aquino is living proof of that other saying ‘blame is just a lazy person’s way of making sense of chaos’.

The road that led some Filipinos to blaming BS Aquino for everything bad that is happening to them or the country is different from the road that led to GMA’s. For one, GMA did not come to power with a promise to get rid of corruption; BS Aquino however, did promise to eradicate corruption with his ‘Kung walang corrupt, walang mahirap‘ campaign slogan. With the help of his allies in the mainstream media and the use of a public relations firm, BS Aquino successfully milked the so-called Ninoy-Cory Aquino legacy to capture the imagination of the gullible crowd. In other words, some of those who voted for BS Aquino in the 2010 Presidential election have come to the realization that they were duped.

While some of those who blame the government for their own shortfalls tend to have a strong sense of entitlement or squatter mentality, it’s hard to blame the people who blame BS Aquino. Here are some of the possible reasons why some people think that blaming the incumbent President seems like the right thing to do:

1. BS Aquino was not qualified for the Presidency. He knew this from the start and those who forced him to run knew it as well but they still pressured him to run and worse, he agreed. They saw an opportunity and thought he had a big chance of getting the sympathy votes immediately after his mother Cory Aquino passed away. It became apparent that BS Aquino and his party-mates were not really after the interest of the Filipino people. They just took advantage of the emotional response to a beloved figure’s death to gain power for themselves and the rest of their kaibigan, kaklase and kamag-anak or KKK.

2. BS Aquino taught Filipinos the art of blaming. He could not stop blaming GMA for everything even after his honeymoon period was over and he doesn’t want to stop even when he is already halfway into his presidency. He loves accusing GMA of being the main collaborator for every crisis that keeps cropping up despite GMA being under hospital arrest and under constant police surveillance.

3. BS Aquino promised to make life better for Filipinos. He made Filipinos feel that they do not have anything to worry about. He kept persuading people to trust him and pretended that he’s got everyone’s back covered. Who can forget his statement ‘Pwede na ulit mangarap‘ during his first state of the nation address? It sounded so ridiculous even then. Unfortunately, the Filipino people’s tendency to trust and leave everything in the hands of their dear leader is all in vain.

4. BS Aquino is not a good sport. He makes it a point to complain about his critics when he feels the pressure of criticism coming his way. He tries to ostracize those who criticize him by saying that his critics simply want the ‘old ways’ and not the ‘righteous path’ as if he has a monopoly on righteousness.

5. BS Aquino is only good when he is campaigning but not when he is working. When push comes to shove, BS Aquino would conveniently come up with excuses to be out of town or be in a cabinet meeting during a crisis in order to appear ‘busy’ or ‘unavailable’. What Filipinos have in BS Aquino is an absentee leader. He’s best at reacting to situations rather than being pro-active. He doesn’t have the ability to foresee and prevent a problem from escalating. This was evident when he dismissed the Sultan of Sulu’s followers who occupied Sabah. This degenerated into a deadly crisis and could even become catastrophic as more innocent Filipinos living and working in Malaysia become casualties in the bloody standoff.

At the moment, BS Aquino can pretend that he is still popular. But as protest scenes become increasingly common and as the boos get louder, the President who blames his thinning hairline and eye bags on his job can only blame himself for accepting a job he wasn’t fit for in the first place.

251 Replies to “Five reasons why Filipinos blame Noynoy Aquino for everything”

  1. BS Aquino I admit, did some good things, like the RH Bill and the Cybercrime Law. Unfortuntely, the law is either rushed or too late or redundant. I just believe he did this just to get in good graces with the masses. A good start, but implemented badly…

    1. @Henry

      It depends on which side you are on in the current issues, really. If you are pro-RH, then you would consider the passing of that PNoy’s achievement. However, many people believe that the passing of the RH bill is wrong.

      Same goes for the cybercrime law. So therefore, if you remove those two, some people could say that PNoy hasn’t accomplished much.

      1. You don’t read newspaper do u? While the world praises the government for what it did in the economy, tourism, peace in Mindanao, u still think he has done nothing. That’s stupid and simply anti-Pnoy.

        1. Apparently you didn’t read past the HEADLINES. What the world says is that the Philippines has started on the right track and we are commended for that. The CRITICISM of Filipinos is A LOT GREATER and more in depth. The “WORLD” — if that is the benchmark that you insist on using — says that while Filipinos may have initiated the necessary reforms, we have a mountain of work left to be done if we want to achieve prosperity for the whole of our population. This self-adulation and back patting the Aquino government is overly fond of is exceedingly premature. Worse, it’s dangerous. It feeds the arrogance of short-sighted, narrow minded under-achievers like BS Aquino and gets them thinking that they can do no wrong. That anything they come up with is acceptable because it has the approval of international credit agencies and the foreign governments to whom we entrust our OFWs.

        2. Peace in Mindanao??? Look who is not reading the newspapers. Plus the two major papers and ABS CBN really are the for Aquino PR. Overplaying a few things , underplaying damaging things. I will make it very simple for you Edna Frial or whatever name you are using now, what here in GRP is untrue?

          few questions:

          1) are you related to the president?
          2) do you believe Lacierda 100% of the time?
          3) are you on the payroll of Malacanang Communications Group?

          4) 1, 2 & 3 .

          either way I pity you

        3. Peace in mindanao? You gotta be kidding us. Did you recently crawl out of a rock or something? News flash for you, TROLL… Peace in mindanao hasn’t even been reached yet, in fact it is growing more and more distant than ever thanks to your president’s bungling.

        4. Sorry, but you’re totally stupid because you’re totally brainwashed by Yellow Propaganda.

          Deal with it. 😀

        5. PEACE!!! IN MINDANAO… Do you have any idea of what you are talking about… Where did you come from?… Pluto??? Noytard spotted!!! Gullible…..

        6. There are some good points but the glaring blunders seems too big to be outdone by good performance.example…the massapano fiasco,the tavloban calamity situation..tge ineptness solution to traffic mess,the mrt mismanagenent and more.

      2. I was 16 years old when my father & I fought to remove the dictator Marcos & supported the late Aquino. No I’m coming to vist Philippines first time since I left in 1985. I do not like what I’m hearing about NoyNoy Aquino. I thought Filipinos learned something from the past dictator regime & why in the hell Bongbong Marcos is now a senator? Filipinos have lost their mind? Filipinos easily forget or playing stupid?

        1. Actually sir, a dictatorship was replaced by another dictatorship. The real trouble started after Marcos left. Don’t tell me you don’t know that… 😛

      3. For a moment Im offended by this article. Then I realized that it is so true. I study the Filipino history from Spanish period that Filipinos truly believe in Liberty, honor, freedom & justice like during the time of Andres Bonifaciom, Jose Rizal, Aguinaldo & Mabini.Even During American period, Filipinos are very highly respected around the world for their simplicity, hospitality & natural beauty. Above all Filipinos are very passionate about individual Liberty, religous values & sacrifices for his country. Something went very wrong about the behavior of Filipinos during Japanese occupation. Even the Japanese observation about Filipinos as double standard. Gen. Wayne Wright a 2nd in command of Gen. Douglas MacArthur stated in his biography that the Filipinos cannot be trusted. Now I understood why Gen. MacArthur respected the Japanese after WWII & personally in charge to rebuilt Japan. The Filipinos today despite after the regime of the dictator Marcos, it seems they cannot agreed each other & content to be ruled by another dictator another foreign influence. In this case the Chinese. My father brought us to United state because he see no hope for Filipinos. They rather be under the leash by foreign influence that to stand up for our own heritage & culture. Is there any hope for the Filipinos?

  2. “A man can fail many times, but
    he isn’t a failure until he begins
    to blame somebody else.”
    John Burroughs

    “A good leader takes a little more
    than his share of the blame, a
    little less than his share of the
    Arnold H. Glasow

    P-noy as we know is not a leader in any sense of the word, but simply an angry little boy who can now use his position to vent the inner anger built up through his life. A nasty person with no empathy with people. His prospects – A sad lonely old man, with no hair. Karma.

    1. @Libertas

      Old man with little hair, yes but I’m not too sure about “sad and lonely”. He’s got too many hangers on to feel “sad and lonely”. If he were a thinking man, yes he could be sad and lonely. But we all know there’s very little evidence of that.

    2. Noynoy’s emotional level is, I hazard to guess, prepubescent. Thus, his concept of sadness and loneliness are very basic, i.e., My PS ran out of battery, therefore I can’t play games anymore, therefore I’m sad and lonely.

  3. Blame Game is what Aquino is good at. He does not want to accept responsibility. If he falls short on his job; he finds people to blame or circumstances to blame. He is never qualified for the job. His “heroic” parent is his only claim to be voted as President. This guy is lazy and is a coward and is full of deceit…

  4. Ano ba kayo! Bakit ninyo inaapi si PNoy? Hindi n’yo ba alam na he is the most brilliant inept of a president that Pinas has ever produced and a consummate victims victim. ….;-)

  5. P-noy is so dumb that on his trip to england he was disappointed that Big Ben was a clock.

    P-noy is so dumb that he thinks a booty call is sticking the phone up your ass.

    P-noy is so dumb that when he saw the cinema advertising Free Willy, he thought his luck was in.

    1. P-noy is so dumb that he resorts to hiring incompetent TROLLS that are just as dumb as him to spread his propaganda.
      P-noy is so dumb that he doesn’t realize that he’s dumb.

  6. It would seem to me that a number of the things that you say about Aquino are common filipino traits.

    1 Most of your presidents haven’t been qualified to be President…including Cory
    2. Aquino didn’t teach filipino to blame others…he simply uses a well known filipino characteristic widespread in the population. 3. All politicians say they will make life better…that’s their main selling point
    4. I’ve never met a filipino that does take criticism well…in fact its a major flaw in the filipino individual and national psyche
    5. He resembles a lot of pinoy when he campaigns…the disconnect between what they say and think they are…and what they really are and can do.

    We say we get the politicians we deserve….in philippines it truer than most places. Aquino is a reflection of filipino.

    1. @david

      Aha! Good observation. You should now get why we criticise PNoy and what he stands for. He is the epitome of what is wrong in Philippine society. He represents the behavior of the majority.

      Some people say we are simply anti-PNoy but they are wrong. We do not criticise him just because we don’t like him, we criticise him because he is all of Pinoy dysfunction rolled into one.

      1 Most of your presidents haven’t been qualified to be President…including Cory

      Like mother, like son. Cory was another “reluctant” President, indeed. The result was very evident – chaos during her term.

      At least Erap wasn’t forced to run for the Presidency and most Filipinos knew what they were getting. And look, they want him back!

      1. I find the whole Erap thing hard to comprehend. In my country under the same circumstances (aside from the fact we wouldn’t make an actor the prime minister in the first place)the man would have been ostracized for life. Nobody, politician or private citizen, would want to be least in public

        1. @david

          We have been trying to figure that one out for a while. It seems we can blame it on voters who are simply starstruck ignoramuses. Erap has a lot of political allies despite spending time in jail because he can still draw in the gullible crowd and help them win.

  7. The blame game has been in the country for ages, nothing new there.
    The politicians are all the same, if the current batch does not prove it,LOL!!! yippee.
    The thieves are robbing the people with impunity, it is a disgrace. Blaming one guy is ludicrous, they are all in it together. Laughing their asses off at the divided masses. Remember: divided we fall.
    So, w/GMA, E-RAP, the new guy=No change what-so-ever! poverty, injustice, corruption=FAIL-I-PPINES.

  8. he reminds me of the spoiled rich scion who inherited the family business, and would most likely run it to the ground…

    as usual, great article ilda.

  9. a good writer. ilda is a good writer. kampon nga lang sha talaga ni gloria. booo!

    mas gusto nya ung magnanakaw na presidente.

    1. @super troll

      Thank you for the compliment but why do you think I prefer a thief for a president? Where in the article did I say that?

      1. He’s a predictable troll ilda, he recycles the same spiel but can’t even answer a question when asked.

        So much for being a super troll when all he is a pathetic one. 😀

        1. @Ilda

          So what should we call him then?
          The troll formerly known as eduardo?
          The pathetic troll?
          Oh, I know!
          We’ll just call him stupid.

        2. He doesn’t deserve a name, really. Trolls are meant to be ignored. We’re just too kind that’s why we acknowledge their presence.

      2. Isn’t wonderful how trolls loves to put words in everyone’s mouth? Seriously speaking though this troll can only blacken, not give facts.

  10. It seems that the tables have turned against the yellows.
    Their practice of blaming the previous administration is now biting them in the ass.
    I can already predict that things won’t end well for aquino.

  11. Ooooh, will he play the fishing game? Filipinos seem to be good at it too 😉 But I hardly doubt BS Aquino can get the trust of the people again by hankering sympathy.

  12. there is little doubt about the incompetence of the majority of the people governing(?) the country(actors posing as legislators, wtf?). It could even be said that they are mere puppets to the people who really run the country. So to lay the problems of the country at one persons door is to ignore what is really going on.
    There is a need for what the Virtual Vigilante has had the balls to purport.
    The population boom of the last 12 years may produce the person, or persons, capable of turning the ‘klepto-cratic’ state of affairs around to the benefit of the people who deserve it, the citizens. but do not bet on it. From what is evident, the current crop of youngsters are more content with rolling the dice as OFW’s than improving things at home. The problems at home are that staggering.
    To think that legislation will bring about any sort of change for the better? TRULY LAUGHABLE, but for those who think it is possible, your optimism is admirable. One need only point to the last 15 yrs. as an example of what to expect in the future and to suspect that it is doubtful.

  13. the problem often is …the citizens. I was involved with a filipino extended family over a period of 18 months. Most of the older generation had jobs like teacher or barangay health officer. The younger generation were in college or had graduated to playing computer games all day. Whenever any discussion came up about things in the philippines the blame was roundly laid by all at the feet of corrupt politicians. Many times I could see that these people(in fact numbering 20 people /4 families)often behaved in ways that caused their own problems including lack of money. Of course you can find families like that all over the world.

    It came to election time 2010. They all received p50…(indeed one of them was involved in compiling previous lists)for voting a certain way. Stunned by this I couldn’t help but say that you can’t complain about corrupt politicians and then take their money to vote for them. The responses were that it doesn’t matter. “we vote who we want anyway”..Yes Ok I said but the more important point is that as long as filipino politician thinks they can buy your vote they will think that it’s ok to be corrupt..that indeed you are okay with them being corrupt…blank stares…and a few foul looks…”as we tell you..we vote who we want…lets go get jollibee”

    1. @david

      I explained that phenomenon in one of my old articles here

      “Why do Filipinos never learn? It’s because Filipinos are addicted to instant gratification. Instant gratification describes the short-term satisfaction gained from impulsive behavior. The credit card, for example, is a tool of instant gratification. Instead of saving money to buy what people need, people use a credit card to purchase goods or services now and then suffer the repayments plus interest later on.

      Filipino politicians in effect, give voters credit for their votes by way of offering freebees during campaign period and once they are in office, politicians misguidedly feel that they are entitled to the privileges of their positions. So, it’s not just the politicians who are the culprits here, it is also the voters who have very little scruples because they can be bought. Noynoy Aquino’s “Walang mahirap kung walang corrupt” slogan is another form of instant gratification. We all know that it takes more than eradicating corruption to fix the economy. Anyone who falls for this trick should seriously have their head examined”.

      You can also find some of the explanation here:

      “6. Most Filipinos are addicted to instant gratification. Instant gratification describes the short-term satisfaction gained from impulsive behaviour. And some of the things that can give Filipinos instant gratification are initiatives like “people power” revolutions and habits like defying the rule of law. It is much easier and quicker to get instant results when you throw the rulebook out of the window. But there are grave consequences when using shortcuts like defying the law as an option at getting something done. Most people have not realized it yet but removing an elected leader unconstitutionally the first time already set a dangerous precedent. It gave people excuse or reason to justify doing it again and again. Marcos, Erap and now the Supreme Court.

      7. Most Filipinos are ignorant of their rights. 25 years after Edsa, Filipinos still struggle with their knowledge of what freedom is about. They don’t seem to know how to use their so-called freedom responsibly. This is evident in how some Filipinos keep throwing false accusations against their opponents left and right without thinking of the consequences. This is evident in how PNoy keep saying that some members of the Supreme Court cannot be trusted to do the right thing.

      Some Filipinos are even ignorant of the law and individual rights, which is precisely the reason why they are gullible enough to believe people who claim to be doing the “righteous” thing like when DOJ secretary Leila de Lima claimed she was looking after the “national interest” in defying the temporary restraining order of the Supreme Court.

      8. Most Filipinos are beholden to celebrities and sons and daughters of so-called “heroes”. If you don’t have a celebrity gene, you could end up the bad guy. But what’s so dysfunctional about most Filipinos’ way of thinking is that they keep voting into office the relatives of the public servants they say are corrupt (the Marcos’s, the Estradas, and the Arroyos among others) and most of their preferred lawmakers are showbiz personalities or are sporting heroes. Which is why precious time and taxpayer’s money are spent on trivial stuff like the proposal to rename Edsa to Cory Aquino Avenue”.

      1. i take back what i said 🙂
        ilda is a very good writer. pure praise for her.

        she wrote a same article before when gma was still sitting.

        peace out 🙂

        1. I bet she won’t. You just want Ilda to demonize someone for no good reason.

          Source for the record or what you’re spouting is nothing but HEARSAY, idiot. 😛

      2. an excellent insight for the educated. our country is sick of hepatitis and we must cure it. most of our countrymen are still blind in the belief that we are moving forward, the fact is we are moving backwards and not straight. we still need to educate the idiots on how to choose a real leader.

  14. walang palabra de honor, walang asawa, walang pagmamahal sa kapwa pilipino, walang malasakit sa mahihirap, putak ng putak, walang bayag, mareklamo, manhid sa totoong problema ng bansa, mahilig magturo ng kasalan, spoiled brat, chaka, walang buhok, hukot maglakad, corny ang mga jokes at mahilig manakot, duwag etc..etc…etc…kailan pa ba matatapos ang pagiging “AMA” ng bansa natin, puede ba hanggang ngayong taon nalang LORD please!

    1. @traffice2000

      I actually prefer that more people realise his incompetence before his term ends. If he gets ousted before completing his term, his die-hard supporters will feel cheated and could work on his comeback. You wouldn’t want that. We want him to stay out as soon as he resigns or steps down from office.

  15. I salute the Author of this writing, Actually yan ung dinedeny ng mga supporters ni pnoy kasi tama ung sinabi ng author na siya ung nagturo sa taong bayan kung papano manisi ngayong bumaliktad na ung sitwasyon siya tong balat sibuyas sa mga critics niya.

    peace of advice lang mr. president. wag pong a**hole at unahin mo ung responsibilidad mo bago yang pagiging campaign manager mo. pinapatunayan mo lang na wala kang kwentang pangulo mas inuuna mo ung kapakanan ng mga buwaya mong mga kapartido kesa sa taumbayan. traydor!

  16. When I opened my compu this morning there were only 6 comments on your article Ilda.When I opened it again at 2 pm there were already 42. Wow! That’ how fast your readers react to your articles. It is because much of what you say hits the right nerve in us and rings true. But your comments come too far in between. Can you write more often please?

    1. @RF Garcia

      Thanks for the compliment. I wish I had more time to write articles. There were quite a number of issues in the news that I wanted to write about but unfortunately, I didn’t have the time to do it. Lucky for PNoy 🙂

    1. Mr Nong,

      Corruption comes in many forms not just in stealing public funds. Prioritising the interests of his KKKs is also considered corruption. Likewise, using pork barrel funds to strong-arm members of congress is another corrupt activity. You see, he is no different from people he is accusing of being corrupt.

      BTW, who do you consider a thief?

    2. Well Mr. Nong, do you honestly think that aquino is still clean?
      Your president has been sitting on his ass in malacanang for 3 years and he still hasn’t done anything worthwhile.
      If you say he is clean then why does his actions say otherwise?
      Why does he keep protecting his KKK?
      Why does he keep blaming the past admin while doing absolutely nothing to solve the problems of our country?

      I’d rather have someone who’s COMPETENT than an unqualified president like aquino.

    3. Hoist Nong!

      If you’d rather have an unqualified president, bakit di nalang aso ang iboto mo sa pagka-presidente? Ang aso di mo na kelangan sweldohan, at lalong-lalo nang di bibili ng Porsche yan para sa sarili. Si BS Aquino, kahol ng kahol rin lang naman yan—good for entertainment purposes only.

      Yellow supporters get sensitive about the Chinese calling BS Aquino the “smiling dog.” If the president were instead an actual dog, it would be not so much different than the Cojuangco-Aquino puppet president we have right now—equally useless, and at least you’d have nothing to be sensitive about.

    4. Just wanna tell that Noynoy is also a thief. Having the biggest pork barrel, which is in fact the cause of corruption in the legislative. Credit grabbing, bribery and such.

      Oh, and Hacienda Luisita. So who’s the bigger thief? 😛

  17. lol gibo! im not taking away from him, he’s good.

    however, it will be same story as gloria.
    under ni gloria, remember sha ang susunod ni gloria.

    he will be under the pressure and mandate of all the corrupt people na kapartido ni gloria.

    me tanong ako sa inyo, me nakita ba kayo na partido ni gloria ngayon sa eleksyon sa senado? sirang sira na sila.

    so i would have “underqualified” rather than a “thief” like Nong said.

    wag na natin pagusapan ang basic services na dapat nakukuha natin ng tama dahil in between madaming kalokohan kaya hindi nakukuha ng tao.

    all signs pointing upwards. dont you see? stock market having the best ever. as in the best times in stock market today.

    bloomberg pointing out that we are not the sick man of asia, but rather becoming more of a tiger

    1. “however, it will be same story as gloria.
      under ni gloria, remember sha ang susunod ni gloria.”
      Did you say that only because Gibo campaigns with gma? You’re not a wise man. You’re believing too much of that popular saying “Birds of a feather should flock together” indio.

      “he will be under the pressure and mandate of all the corrupt people na kapartido ni gloria.”
      And where is your evidence that he will? And no, basing it from gma is not a valid one. Oh look! I see your nose starting to grow longer.

      “me tanong ako sa inyo, me nakita ba kayo na partido ni gloria ngayon sa eleksyon sa senado? sirang sira na sila.”
      Nope but I did see some candidates who are like they’re from a mental hospital thanks to their foolish, false promises. And btw your precious pwesident’s party have a ton of campaign violations already.

      “so i would have “underqualified” rather than a “thief” like Nong said.”
      The problem with you is that you can’t tell the difference between a competent person and an incompetent person. May utak ka ba talaga vincensus ignoramus? O nakalubog lang iyan sa ebak?

      “wag na natin pagusapan ang basic services na dapat nakukuha natin ng tama dahil in between madaming kalokohan kaya hindi nakukuha ng tao.”
      And there will never be a competent public servants thanks to the likes of you who uses emotions first and votes incompetent, moronic ones. Man I wanna “Jack The Ripper” you and the other stupid voter’s ass.

      “all signs pointing upwards. dont you see? stock market having the best ever. as in the best times in stock market today.”
      Again our economy is rising thanks to the remittances of the OFWs. Our jobs here are still full of shit thanks to your precious oligarch mafia who are crybabies on global competition which makes our country’s poverty rate still skyrocketing.

      “bloomberg pointing out that we are not the sick man of asia, but rather becoming more of a tiger”
      Pfft more like a kitten because we will never be like Singapore thanks to the dysfunctional policies of this country moron. Are you once again living in the lala land believing that any great news related on your precious pwesident and his kkk are true?

      You’ve done nothing but abuse your freedom. You don’t deserve to be free! We’re not the ones smothering this country. You are along with your precious pwesident, his kkk and his sock puppets.

    2. You gotta be kidding me. In fact, the 7.1% GDP was caused by Gloria Arroyo’s continuous use of Keyniesian economics. We should be an economic tiger IF we don’t have flawed economic policies like the 60/40 provision and other factors.

      I pity you because you always go EMO over PGMA, claiming she stole millions of YOUR money (when its the governments money to begin with. Taxation money ain’t yours, son! You aren’t down with that? Complain about taxation without representation!) when she also was an efficient leader that kept the Philippines economy afloat, invested on its economic side and did what she could to keep the government from going astray as she wasn’t going to get any legitimacy as the transitional leader after Estrada. So in this system, she had to what she can to gain allies, even if it meant throwing money at them.

      Sa totoo lang, sirang-sira ka na ngayon. My advice: huwag ka na lang mag-comment dahil WALA KANG ALAM.

      1. Sa totoo lang, sirang-sira ka na ngayon. My advice: huwag ka na lang mag-comment dahil WALA KANG ALAM.

        natawa ako! 😀

        sige, pagbibigyan na kita kuya. you who have better writing skills, but couldnt write like ilda.

        all the economic mumbo jumbo, sige dko na kokontrahin baka humaba pa.

        and isa pa this textual commenting can readily blown out of proportion 🙂

        sana me kumontra lang dun sa idea na “bakit walang tumatakbong kapartido ni gloria nowadays?”

        sila naman kasi ung sirang sira na talaga ^^

        1. Why don’t you ask them yourself? They’re not the ruling party anymore. It’s all LP and UNA. Your point?

          Fact is IKAW talaga yung sirang-sira talaga. I replied you intelligently yet you go on with your stupidity. Seems you love beating the bush again. BTW, admit that all you spout is LIES due to your username.

          Have fun until benign0 deletes your posts. It’s better to discuss about IDEAS than people. The latter tells how very small your mind is. Or maybe you’re just making fun…

    3. Bloombergs were conducting a standard meet and greet bvllshit visit for PR purposes hoping to do more business here and suck some lovely lucre from you. The stock market has stalled…but it’s not relevant anyway..any economist worth their salt will tell you it’s no measure of real economic performance and often defies logic…the US market over the last 2 years is a classic example of that

  18. I suggest you just wait for the President you want to win in a presidential election.

    For me, what PNOY is doing now is good…As you know you cannot satisfy everybody. That is why those complaining or criticizing like you guys, should wait for your turn or your candidate president whoever is it to be in office. After all 85% of the voting population voted for PNOY and you guys belong to the 15% which includes the disgruntled ones…

    1. The 85% representing the people who voted for PNoy are a proof on how dysfunctional our society is.

      The 15% are not actually the disgruntled ones but those people who are indeed SMART. You never realized that the Philippines hate critical SMART people. I’m satisfied on what Gloria did and never look on the demonization and the vilification against her; and I’m very positive that you’re doing that during her term.

      As Jose Rizal said: “Kung ano ang TAO, ganun din ang GOBIYERNO.” If you’re satisfied with Noynoy’s blunders, blame games, and other forms of his incompetence, then you prefer that the Philippines is hopeless; just like Noynoy said that the Sabah issue is a ‘hopeless cause’…

      You jelly? 😛

    2. @Nick

      So basically you just admitted here that you would rather stick to the status quo of having a mediocre standard.
      Congratulations, you just shot yourself in the foot. BTW, the 85% that you are talking about?
      JoMost of them are already regretting that they voted for Aquino.

    3. @Nick

      So basically you just admitted here that you would rather stick to the status quo of having a mediocre standard.
      Congratulations, you just shot yourself in the foot.
      BTW, the 85% that you are talking about?
      Most of them are already regretting that they voted for Aquino.

      1. Wasn’t Pnoy a minority president ?

        If you add the other votes of those who ran for president, wouldn’t they surpass his votes?

        15 million retards voting due to propaganda crap and death of his mother, which GMA was not involved in any manner, was down right well retarded.

  19. It is amazing how these Yellow trolls would go at lengths to justify an unjustified issue, malign anyone who is not praising BSA, painting a rosy picture when it actually sucks and overall twisting if facts concerning their hero. Guess I can’t blame these guys they need to earn their bread after all.

  20. the day that God created this idiot is really a catastrophe. and also a tragedy for most Filipinos. it is exaggerated by the likes of william esposo and the stupid lacierda. i just couldn’t believe that some people could be so stupid they are willing to look away and say abnoy is still enjoying a high rating score of the masses’ approval/satisfaction. indeed he is to blame for everything. he has no brains, no initiative, no vision, no balls, no hair.

  21. Many political commentators have attacked the President, whether rightly or wrongly, for mishandling the Sulu issue. What is troubling is that too few articulate and intelligent people have condemned the Kirams. We need a strong President who is assertive in BOTH pursuing the claim against Malaysia AND prosecuting the militants, whether they are causing trouble at home or overseas.

  22. Though I did not vote for him, you/majority voted and it should be respected. The point is, 1 wrong move and its it already. Every time they’ve done something wrong, you want to oust them right away. BS have so many things to do for this country and we are just waiting and watching the news. Move on and support your leaders. People are just looking at failures and do not even count nor appreciate their achievements. We are stuck in this country so better just work our ass out to support this country whether you like the government or not. One day, we will change the president and if the next president will mess it all up what will you say? BS Aquino is better than him/her… Well, every term has so many supporters and haters and I guess we’ll just deal with it. Its just a cycle of shit (good and/or bad shit).

  23. this is about politics. Blaming Pnoy for the good economy? Crazy. I know this is the works of the opposition. Crab mentality. Do your homework man. Be a man. Pnoy is better than who you are. News about Kris Aquino and Chiz Escudero are one of your strategies to degrade a person and you are paying a large sum of money to make it happen.

    1. TROLL.

      It seems you never read the article. It proves that you are indeed, EMO. And the Kris Aquino drama is good? LAWL. That is very degrading if you ask me

      BTW, you never realized the fact that Noynoy is an incompetent schmuck. And all I know that the ‘crab mentality’ thingy fits more on YOU than most people here. Crab mentality is for CRAB PEOPLE. Tastes like crab, walk like people. They have a tough shell but total softies on the inside, always resorting to emotional outbursts rather than logical thinking.

      And your posts prove it. A Yellow Zombie comment. 😀

  24. Pure Pnoy hatred. While the world praises the Philippine government for what it had done with the economy, some simply cant see it. Stupid.

    1. Fact: the recent economic gains are all thanks to GLORIA ARROYO not AQUINO. You simply can’t admit it that arroyo has done more good than your balding boss in malacanang.


    2. The people can’t see it, birdbrain, because a credit rating upgrade and an increase in GDP for whatever it’s worth haven’t necessarily translated to an improvement in the economical, financial, social and political aspects of the average Juan’s life.

      Who’s stupid now?

      1. Definitely the Troll that can’t even present us with facts.
        What else do you expect from a bonafide lackey of lamierda and carandung?

    3. Edna Frial,

      You are incredibly obtuse to keep repeating disjointed soundbites! Either your attention span is severely limited that it prevents you from comprehending more than the first few “praises” from your so-called “world” of experts and “simply can’t see it” when they begin discussing your idol’s shortcomings or you’re a pinheaded hack, paid to regurgitate non sequitur arguments from the Malacañang press office.

    4. where is all this world praise!
      the international community condemns the philippines for
      increasing human rights abuses
      no justice for massacre victims
      worst performer re millenium development goals
      no movement re ‘level playing field’ – 60/40 provision
      the united nations now classifies the philippines as ” a flawed democracy”
      condemnation of cybercrime bill

      i think you need to expand your horizons and mind

  25. Perhaps BS Aquino’s administration is better than the past leadership. At least he’s trying to make changes for the better?

    However, the reality is it’s always the final implementation in the front line (client-government employee) processes that will make the ultimate difference.

    This requires more stamina and determination for the chosen agency leaders. Because most of all this needs direct and indirect micro management. This is where more meticulous and detailed planning and implementation especially in the check & balance aspects is most essential.

    It’s sad to say that in this aspect majority of Filipinos don’t posses the ability to even “think things through” much more sustain extensive monitoring of implemented transparency measures.

    In reality the “daang matuwid” slogan of President Pnoy is just a cream coating in the piles of rotting & stinking s**t. Because the processes in most government agencies like the Bureau of Customs, BFAD, TESDA, SEC among those physically experienced just became more complicated with additional steps in the process, without any reduction in the corruption schemes already planted deeply by the respective line supervisors & personnel.

    If the government leadership is really serious in monitoring and ultimately stopping deep-rooted corruption culture in government agencies it is simpler than what the politicians and officials keep on babbling to try to justify their wily intents.

    In reality, nobody wants to stop it because they themselves make it as their source towards quick financial enrichment.

    Perhaps whatever blame that can be throne to President Pnoy or to any past and future leaders of this country is just fitting. Because in one way or the other they just deserve it due to their lack of prudent and determined will to eradicate the rotten culture in the government and the majority of the citizens of this country.

  26. All this portion of this article is purely the truth. Well at the first place, they shouldn’t allow Pnoy to be nominated for presidency. This is political dynasty when people trust the legacy of the previous term expecting that it will be continued responsibly. I also hate the fact that Pnoy takes action mostly on non-sense things like banning k-pop songs on the radio right? if he’s mature enough, then he’d first take notice on our country’s long-time problem such as poverty.But I mostly hate the part when he’s losing he’s responsibility to make his Sister Kris Aquino to emotionally behave on television. It’s totally immature as “the queen of all media” to let her tearful eyes be broadcast in a live television. It’s like “Why we should care?” and “Is it really the problem of the Philippines right now?”. 2 years from now hopefully, that bald, ugly, nasty and greedy man would die of worthlessness.

  27. “… then he’d first take notice on our country’s long-time problem such as poverty…”

    The root of poverty in this country is the parasitic mindset and hatred for the right discipline of the majority of its citizens.

    Whoever politician will get elected is the product of a rubbish society with despicable mindset. Therefore what more good can be expected for them to do?

    The most important aspect to be resolved first is the moral values of the young people in school. Meaning to say right values must be taught in school that would inculcate to their minds higher sense responsibility for their actions and towards other people and their environment.

    Most hopefully through this we can expect majority of the so called “future hope of the country” could be expected to do what’s right for the people and the country. Through their much better sense of responsibility, right discipline and deeper concern for others they can educate the older generations who are consistently wily, irresponsible and selfish in nature.

  28. The problem with Filipinos is that they have loyalist mentality and no matter how good a public servant is if he is against a person he is loyal with, he will throw all the venoms he could muster against that good public servant. This is pathetic and one reason why the Phil. won’t progress.

      1. The biggest problem with President B.S. Aquino III is he got Forked Tongue, it’s double edge. In SONA speech he specify the problem of DPWH, NIA, Custom. Now what is his solution to the problem? All talk no action.

      2. You are trying to make sense what I thought to be unreasonable perception of things. 1) Qualification? our constitution states that a president should be able to read and write and to be a filipino. Your claim is not what is legally required 2) The retoric of him to be always blaming GMA is rightfiully so, simply because that is the true reason why he was elected.. He was elected as an opposite to what was wrong in our country. We are being reminded of pass sins so that we will not let them back to power. 3)He has promised a better life for Filipinos and guest what less people are classifying themselves as poor. Maybe poverty is still high, but his policies are winning the battle. 4) What do you mean by good sport? Being a sport does not not mean to take everthing with a grain of salt. GMA has been very vindictive on her critics that you can ask all antiGMA congressman how bitter it was to pass projects during her term. Pnoy is sport enough to address his critics squarely but never withheld funding or their constituents. 5) HIs campaign spent less amount of money that Gibos and yet manage to get the win. He does not micro manage but delegates task efficiently to his people. And by the way who are you to make this conclusion? Have you ever run a public office and won? Are you a reknown manager that your words can be deem as an authority in this field? Guess you are nothing but just a sorry ass brat that would never amount to anything.




      1. Looks like someone’s really butthurt about the truth.
        3 years had passed and not a single KKK was punished for corruption.
        Is that what you yellow zombies hype as good governance?
        BTW, incompetence is also a sign of corruption so don’t even think about pinning the blame on you-know-who for aquino’s fuck ups.

        1. …indeed that’s true sir… and nice one sir…
          … indeed how can a leader blames the Local Government Unit in Tacloban, if indeed he is a true leader,P-Noy should have immediately done the works ahead of the foreigners…
          … he instead lash his tongue out upon arrival at the Tacloban airport???…
          … who the hell is HE?… he is just the President of the Phillipines?… wherein which he cannot but just a tongue lash at his own “bosses” … for he just a public servants regardless of his positions in the government of the philippines…

        2. madali ba ang pag prosecute sa mga tiwali? wala na sa kamay ni aquino yon basta nabulgar na ang mga tiwali, sa judge na yan ang speedy trial kung hindi sila mabayaran… Alam nyo parang ngayon lang kayo nagising kung ano ang kalakalan sa justice system sa bansa… how i wish ikaw ang maging presidente para lahat nang problema tapos agad…

      2. By the way, a TRUE leader never blames.
        A TRUE leader is someone that never dodges responsibility.
        A TRUE leader doesn’t laze around and play PSP all day while a bus full of tourists gets hostaged.
        A TRUE leader doesn’t party while people were dying in floods and most of all, A TRUE leader would never hire incompetent trolls like YOU to spread his propaganda.

      3. its only in the paper but in reality is worse than expected.
        – oil prices highest in past 45 years
        – rice supply crises
        – transportation fare increases
        – unemployment increase
        – much more his incompetence as a leader.

    2. WELL said Dennis Mendoza, you silenced the one behind this..malamang makaGMA or tuta ni GMA sumulat nito.. I’m not a pro Pnoy in fact I didn’t vote for Him but I see his work and how Filipino lives have improved and how corruptions had lessen. this type of problem can not be solve overnight or within 6 yrs but atleast he is starting it.

  29. I didn’t voted him for President. Filipinos voted for him because of his last name and didn’t even bother to analyze if he is mentally and emotionally capable of handling the responsibility of a being a President. They regarded him as a “hero” because he’s the son of Cory and Ninoy. Partly, we Filipinos should also be blamed because most of us don’t know how to analyze the candidates we are going to vote.





      1. This post gave me cancer. It also made me do a mental headdesk because of its sheer stupidity.

        BTW, if you don’t want your post to be deleted, don’t post it in ALL CAPS.

      2. All these investment ratings and gdps don’t really mean anything, they’re up now, 3 months from now gone. Do you really see any progress? Is there a new MRT line? Did traffic clear up?, crime rate go down?, flooding problems solved? No, nothing!!!

        1. Some people don’t realize the mess that were left behind by several Presidents and his subordinates. It takes a lot of patience and years before progress is largely visible. One man that leads cannot clean the mess in one night. Wake up filipinos!!! Instead of blaming your leader. Why not start within yourselves how to help your country progress?






    1. Yet another pathetic attempt to troll yet his/her post is full of nonsense just like the troll himself.

    2. I’m a Christian AND a critical thinker.

      And this is an insult. You’re putting a lot of EMOTIONS in your comments, which is not a good thing. In fact, God is disappointed on what you’re doing. 🙁

    3. It is nice to be good and loving, but to correct a wrong is the best solution to the problem. Most people go to Church everyday and sin the same day like Napoles, even have a mass in her house with her ill gotten wealth.

    4. @virgie monton –> Sometimes you have to call a spade a spade and honestly declare that the President was never prepared or fit to lead our country. In fact, the devastation and problems the country has been encountering, one after the other, the Zamboanga siege, that botched hostage crisis, our row with China, the natural disasters, and unresponsiveness of government, they point to terrible leadership or to be on the point, a real lack of it. While blessings are great, I don’t think prayers alone will cut it. We should be spared of that man’s ineptness. I don’t think our country can suffer through 2-3 more years of Noynoy.

      Also, what good does that credit rating do in the practical, day to day sense? Prices of fuel and goods are up. Infrastructure projects are halted, overpriced, or not present. The so-called rice security that this administration has been touting is a sham. There is no planning going on in the NDRCC (or whatever alphabet soup agency) as witnessed by the slow response of gov’t to the typhoon Yolanda victims. It even took the president forever and a day to decide to declare a state of calamity in Tacloban and he even indulged in a little blaming on the side. That is simply unacceptable. The funny thing is, you see and hear these pieces of news daily on the radio and the broadsheets. The info and commentary there, however, isn’t as in your face as it is presented here. And you know why, for the most part, either these press people are politically affiliated with the president or were cowed by this particular president’s vindictiveness and supreme disregard for press freedom. For all the jabs thrown out to Marcos and the martial law era, at least the latter was legally declared and the streets were more orderly. Today, we have an undeclared martial law that is, in the colloquial: “palpak.” Martial law you say? Well, you have president who controls the executive branch, uses money (pork, pdaf, and whatever creative acronyms they use that amount to the same thing) and intimidation to secure the cooperation of the legislative, and outright disregard for the judiciary. Case in point, arbitrarily banning people from leaving the country without charges being pressed. Hell, the president replaced the previous chief justice with one of his own choosing, inexperience and seniority be damned. So, while it is generous of you to bless the fellow, it doesn’t really change the facts on the ground. Also, his so-called economic achievements are simply the successes of the previous administration. And, finally, soup kitchens and dole-outs aren’t going to cut it in getting our fellow Filipino’s lives back on track. No disrespect, but I hope this overlong post puts things in perspective. If anyone wants proof, Google is your friend. Read and actually understand the implications of the news.


      1. I totally agree w you Anon and Johnny Derp. Whoever said the credit ratings we got are his work. These were from more than 25 long years of painful reforms. Since Marcos time to GMA.Momentum was unstoppable and whoever won during today’s term would have enjoyed the credit. He did not even acknowledge this during SONAs and took all the credit. But when something screws up he blames it on whoever. To lambaste Corona in public was so unpresidential but the three senators involved in Pdaf who stashed away billions of taxpayer’s money were never maligned in public. The queen of pdaf was even escorted and driven to jail. Wow!
        And I did not vote for this whimp. He is imcompetent and arrogant who came to power to protect his interests….Luisita

  31. I notice that every time that the president make a speech, he has to pick someone to blame, more likely the past administration, blaming other is an act of failure, he can’t handle the pressure, he shouldn’t be there…..

    1. Unfortunately for him, that method is already getting old. He should just resign if he is clearly not up to the task of leading this cpuntry. He can’t keep blaming the past administratiom for everything till 2016 or else the people will realize that he is in fact incapable of taking responsibility and start blaming HIM instead although that is already happening. Aquino’s downfall is imminent if he continues to be a one trick pony.

  32. The Filipino voters are most ” BOBO” with capital letters , known in the whole
    Wide world. To vote again for any Marcos family/ clan , the criminals like eHonasan , Estrada, etc ,just because they were paid 25 pesos for their vote,
    Unbelievable!!!!DO NOT BLAME BSAquino. Lot to clean up in the Philippines,
    CURRUPTIONS, only one of them. Practically the Philippine Island should sink sa BIGAT nang maraming makasalanan. Sad to say. Pilipino voters
    are like robots, manipulated by corrupt (the most corrupt ever known in history) politicians . NAKAKAHIYA!!!!

    1. hehehe what a stupid comment by liwayway.
      stopped blaming daw aquino…. and whos to be blame? GMA? COMMON STILO NYONG MGA YELLOWS AY BULOK

  33. Correct! Nakaupo lang kasi yan sa pwesto dahil sa swerte. At yong mga bumoto dyan hindi tlaga nag-iisip ng mabuti. Di man nila inalam ang kakayahan nyan. Nung senator pa lang yan ni di nga yan umalingawngaw sa sipag sa senado eh… Hay…kailan kaya natin pahalagahan ang ang ating boto at mailoklok ang taong karapatdapat. Mapagod nmn sana tayo sa paulit-ulit na situwasyon at mgmatured na bilang mamamayan. Una, baguhin ang sarili natin..wag tayong tumulad sa mga gumagawa ng illegal at sumunod sa batas. Kaya lang nakakalungkot ang simpling hindi pagtapon ng basura sa kalsada at sa paligid di pa natin nagagawa. Kung mahal natin ang ating bansa dapat panatilihin nating itong malinis at kaaya-aya sa lahat.

  34. Actually pnoy dont have the ability knor much knowledge in leading archipelogical nation. He was just push by some others and with the same rate by the name “aquino” his carrying, because of his parents who was “known” as the “democratical heroes.” Geeez i actually dont get why they are heroes instead of proclaiming our soldiers ofw and others as our heroes then.

    1. There are people like Gibo and Gordon which the country really needs: A CONCRETE VISION. Nothing is going to change if we still run a system where familial last names matter and celebrities/athletes who get popular and pitch money to the poor to make things better.

      1. you’re right Gibo and Gordon which the country really needs.i chose and my husband went around at our own expense explaining why we need Gibo to run the country.hope he will be around in 2016.

  35. I’m not a fan of Aquino’s family, but I am proud to say I am a Filipino. Bakit ba ganito ang nangyayari sa ating bansa turuan lagi kung sino ang may sala, simula’t simula palang ang ugaling pinoy ay ganun na, magtuturo ng mga tao kung sino ang may kasalanan, pero minsan ba naisip natin kung ano ang ginawa natin… sabi ng sumulat ng article na ito si pinoy ang nagturo sa atin kung paano magblame kase wala na syang ibang pinakita kungdi pangsisi sa mga ginawa ni gma… sa aking palagay ang ugaling ito nating mga Pilipino ay matagal na, lagi tayo humahanap ng masisi, kahit sa maliit na kapulungan or mismo sa ating pamilya ito ay ugali na natin. kaya pano mo masasabi ang ganito sa ating pangulo???? nagtrabaho ka ba bilang executive staff nya? parte ka ba ng gobyerno? gusto ko rin ipahiwatig ka anon or jose, sino ba ang nararapat maging pangulo ng bansang Pilipinas… I doubt na kahit sino pa man maging pangulo ng bansa wala tayo masasabi kase darating at darating ang mga pangyayari maganda man o hindi maganda… kaya dapat tayong mga Pilipino, may position man or wala, mayaman man or mahirap, normal man or hindi umpisahan natin mismo sa ating mga sarili….

    1. Andami mong sinabi, denial ka pa, in the end depensa ka pa rin.

      The thing is it doesn’t make Aquino less guilty of finger pointing even though you say that it is an inherent trait of the filipino. As a president he should NOT have that negative trait.

      I am sure that people who commented against Pnoy’s performance know what they are talking about, most probably because they are also leaders in their chosen careers, that is why they know how management of a situation should be handled. Kaya nga may analysis sila e. Hindi yung kabobohan lang gaya ni john c. jacinto.

      You are asking who should lead the country, that question was answered countless times by this site. Please back read so that you become more informed and have a new perspective. Hopefully majority of the Filipino people will know this and in the next election, vote wisely.

  36. Yes, maybe the Filipino voter’s are to be blamed for voting BS Aquino, popularity often has a great factor especially for many Filipinos.. But, still, the matter of the fact is, BS Aquino’s incompetence is driving the Philippines and the people to point their fingers at him for all that is happening now in our country…. He was unproductive as a congressman, unproductive as a senator, what else can we expect from him as a president…. “NOTHING…!!!”

  37. and look what you are doing, you’re also BLAMING our president… ha ha… yes its true we are encountering lots of problems right now but don’t ever blame it all in our present administration.. im not good in economics but as you see our economy are getting better,, why because investors saw something in our country that they don’t see in the past..they see something in present administration that they can entrust their money.kasi ako hindi ako mag invest kung alam kong wala akong tiwala sa namumuno.. but they might saw something different sa current administration at nagtiwala sila. probably hindi pa natin nararamdaman ngayon but in the future i know we will. masyado lng kayong mainipin, YOU DON’T KNOW HOW TO WAIT.YUN LANG YUN.

    1. This site ain’t blaming you precious president. We are simply pointing out what is wrong with the filipino people as a whole.

      Don’t you get it, progress by the Aquino admin is a hoax. Unemployment/underemployment is on the rise, poverty is on the rise. Graft and corruption has increased, Fuel prices and all other primary consumer good has gone up, Electricty, Telco has gone up and still you insist it’s progress?

      Frankly, 4 years into your president’s term, and what has he got to show for? oh, wait, there is, pure propaganda crap, maybe that is what you have been lapping up all along.

      Basa-basa din ng totoong news pag may time ha, iho.

    2. @jhed

      Please check the date the article was written. This was written months before the typhoon. Don’t blame me if it’s going viral nowadays. Unfortunately, the prediction that more people will get fed up with BS Aquino is now coming true. 😉

      Besides, the article is just enumerating the reasons why some Filipinos blame him for everything.

      What makes you think we are not helping? We don’t need to brag about how much money we donate. That’s personal.

  38. Ang kulit mo rin ano?

    “and look who’s blaming.. isn’t your blaming our president as well. why don’t you just help our present administration the best that you can do even in small way”

    I repeat, the site never blamed your precious president, all it had done for a couple of years now, is point out shortcomings, lapses in judgement, etc and even suggested solutions. Maybe, like the president, you cant accept criticism that well too.

    “sabihin mo yan sa mga taong walng alam gawin kung hindi maging pabigat lng sa lipunan, don’t blame everything sa ating president”

    If you can backread, this site has been bringing to attention all the traits that just prevents the filipino from being more progressive.

    “im not good at economics, but look our economy is getting better, maybe hindi pa natin nararamdaman ang effect but i know and im very positive in the near future we will. Masyado lng kayong mainipin.. YOU DON’T KNOW HOW TO WAIT…”

    The economy hasn’t been doing well, maybe it did at the start of Aquino’s term, but that is because of his predecessor’s efforts. He is just quick to take credit and that people like you are oh so quick to believe. Do you think that 4 years is not enough to see even the slightest hint of something good being done?

    “think something na alam mong makakatulong at hindi yung puro kasiraan, be a good and productive citizen at hindi kasiraan sa lipunan, in that way your already helping our country.”

    Changing the perspective of people like you has a better mileage than what you are saying as “siraan”. This site has done more good changing people’s perspective than “supporting” what is entirely wrong from the beginning.

    Really, dude, wake-up, smell the crap. And don’t go repeating you arguments again.

  39. yah i know, it’s not bad to say or enumerates all the wrong things other people are doing. yah it probably helps that person to realize that its wrong,, but my point is stop always blaming whoever person is sitting in the ang pangit sa iba sa atin eh, puro negative we dont know how to see what are other positive things their doing.. you dont see the effort their putting. you dont have the faith.. dahil kung sa cmula plang ayaw nyo na sa tao kahit anong magandang ginagawa nya hindi nyo nakikita,im not also making it personal,,it’s also just my opinion sa mga taong walang alam gawin kung hindi ang magreklamo.gasgas man ang salitang ito,, itanong ko lng ulit sa inyo ANO NA NGA BA ANG NAGAWA MO PARA SA BANSA MO?. be open minded nman hindi lahat ng inexpect mo makikita mo sa isang tao. we who are working abroad are always looking for a good news and not a negative one.. we are clinging in a small hope na may pag-asa pa, because we know there are too many problems we are facing now and i know even in the future, even its just a simple article nakakawala lng ng gana kc yung katiting na pag-asa nmin nawawala sa mga negative comments na yan. alam nyo bang simple commendation/pag puri sa ating president , simpleng pilipino, or Philippines as a whole gives and boost our confidence to face other nationality.kasi kapag nagkikita kita kaming mga pilipino may mapg uusapan kmi at nai si share pa sa ibang lahi how proud we are. anong gusto nyo i-share sa kanila how idiots ,we Filipino’s are, coz we voted again for a wrong one..

  40. Well IIDA, i guess your are inspired from CORONA and NAPOLES. Do they pay you for that article. Your actual President is one of the best the Philippines ever had.
    But just as you said, you are one to blame always the other ones….

  41. Nakakalungkot lang isipin na sa dinami dami nang nangyayari sa pinas eh nagagawa pang manisi ni Noynoy… Kung talagang capable na presidente si Noy eh di sana instead na nagsasayang siya nang laway kakasisi, nag iisip siya nang plano at nag oorganize kung anong dapat gawin. Sinayang niya lang ata yung 3 years niya kakahabol kay GMA, sana hinarap na lang niya yung problema at ginawan nang solusyon. Tama na puro dakdak… Magisip at Kumilos naman tayo nang tama… Masakit man isipin pero hindi ko maiwasan mahiya sa sarili ko at mga kaibigan kong banyaga na ganito ang nangyayari sa bansa ko… Nakakalungkot lang…

  42. sana ikaw na lang presidente para alam mo kung gaano kahirap. sana ikaw na si pnoy kc magaling ka. sana ikaw na nanguna nag rescue kc alam mo gagawin mo. sana ikaw na nag distribute ng relief goods dahil mabilis ka. sana ikaw na ang lahat kc feeling mo superwoman ka.




    1. @ bryan

      What the author said about the top reasons why people blame BS Aquino did not come from her. Galing po yan sa ibat ibang klase ng tao sa pilipinas. Hindi ibig sabihin na hind ka agree ay hindi totoo.

      Malamang ikaw ang sala ang pananaw pagdating sa presidente mong bobo.

      Sana nga siya ang naging presidente kasi higit naman talaga siyan may kakayanan kaysa sa presidente mo. Ang tanong, noong huling presidential election, ang ibinoto niyo ay yung tanga, e hindi ba’t may pagpipilian naman kayo na hindi tanga? Sabihin na natin na kung may tumakbo ba sa susunod na eleksiyon na hindi kilala pero talagang may kakayanan, iboboto niyo ba?

  43. it seems that these people such as presidents have the belief that the presidency is something that is handed down as in the ” royal reign ” like the throne & it amazes me but i do believe they think they are in the same lines as ” royalty “…. presidency if given on achievements & all this man has given is higher living standards & ” a pork ba4rrle scam to boot ” i have watched Aquion & he never wears a shirt twice….many of these people do not have a shirt to wear,i might ADD the australians were extreemly unhappy with prime ministers ‘ Gillard & Rudd ” BOTH ” were out the Same year 2012 & 2013 & both have resigned from politics… “” Thank god OR SHOULD I SAY THANK YOU VOTERS

  44. Many times the media have had truthful stories to report on almost every happening & if ” Mr president does not like the story it is not published regardless if it is true or not ”
    ….Like AUSSIE HIGH PROFILE politicians ” they Have to be Televised handing out FOOD RATIONS ” to starving people….. ” POLITICIANS ARE SEPTIC……HUMAN WASTE & IT WILL NEVER CHANGE

  45. First and foremost, I almost voted for PNoy. I just didn’t find my name during voting time. I really believed in my heart then that he’s the ONE. I wanted him to succeed. I still do. The way he handled crises from the Luneta incident, to Sabah and now the Yolanda typhoon is very disappointing. I expect more from a president. He shouldn’t only be a good leader with a political will to enact the right laws but a humble one who would accept responsibilities for the actions and inactions of everyone below his command. I expect him to be in the thick of things not because he wants photo-ops but because he truly cares for the plight of his fellowmen. I expect him to listen now to every criticism and do something about it to improve the remaining years of his term. I don’t expect him to solve corruption which is deep-rooted in our culture, but I hope his administration would focus, at least, on a systematic national disaster response program because more than anything, it is what this country needs.

    1. First of all, why did you think that you were going to vote for him? Did you get a lot of mis-informations about him? Were you idolizing instead of seeking the truth? These are the questions that’s needed to be answered by you voters who made a mistake.

  46. Blaming others is one of our drawbacks and it is one of the reasons why Filipino people was left behind by our neighboring countries in economic race. We blame others for our misfortune instead of working hard to achieve our goals. I think what we should do is to train our mind to look at the brighter side of any circumstances we face. Today that we are facing a great challenge, it does not, at all, help us to point finger to anyone.

    1. So you want me to stop criticizing the government, telling them to stop sitting on their hands and go to work?

      And that my objective of alleviating poverty in the Philippines should come from me? I’m sorry, Abu, I am busy working for my family, and aside from that working to PAY TAXES TO THE GOVERNMENT. Kung ako din lang pala gagawa ng sinasabi mo, e di dapat wala na magbayad ng tax.

      1. that’s the reality of life , pag may palpak, Meron I be blame. If you cannot take criticism, you should not run for public office . Period.

      2. ikaw na maging presidente. ang galing mo eh. you guys instead of putting down our country why dont you help instead.Do your part. ask yourself if you have done enough.

        1. @ fiona

          Kung may tatakbo ba na kagayao ko bobotohan niyo ba? Face it, you had better choices during the election but instead you voted for the idiot.

          FYI, I have done so much for the country already for decades now, that is why I am pissed that this government refuses to work properly. Shutting up is the worst thing you can do amidst the evil things happening.

          You better choose, blue pill or red pill. Because this country ain’t going nowhere with your kind of mentality.

        2. If you voted for PNoy, then you have failed this country, bar none. Maraming tumutulong sa bansang ito, pati foreigners nakikitulong din – ang problema, ayaw tanggapin ang tulong.

          Sa halip na magpasalamat ang mga tinutulungan, sila pa ang may ganang magalit. Naranasan ko na ang ganyan, sa tingin mo ba gaganahan kang tumulong kung ganyan ang asal ng mga tinutulungan mo?

          So, ibabalik ko yung sinabi mo: Are you doing your part as well?

        3. furthermore, fiona, what is “doing your part”, sige nga? Be specific. Because I have done and still doing what any other honest filipino citizen have done for decades now. So what is this “part” you are talking about?

        4. @fiona
          I pay my taxes on time and have donated countless of times to charity so yes, I have done my part for my country but the problem is that your president hasn’t done jackshit.
          He only keeps playing the blame game while protecting his KKK so I believe that we have the RIGHT to criticize your fucking president, Capiche?

        5. Spare us this Oriental crap, Fiona! We’re just mere spectators here and we cant do anything to get this country moving. It is the PRESIDENT of this country who calls the shots but he lost credibility that goes with his position. But what the heck, the Palace simply couldn’t care less!

        6. This is what the supporters of Noynoy always say … Kung pwede lang po talaga na maging presidente ako, gagawin ko na … I’m sure I will be able to do a better job than Noynoy. tssss …

        7. oo nga. I’m not putting down our country yun lang taong namumuno na sumira ng sang katerband pangako. sa pangaln mo taga ibang planeta ka.

      3. joeld. You are right. It’s part of being in a democratic country. You are entitled to criticize someone when you think something is wrong. We will not blame PNOY if he is doing his job. If he is politically matured.Why can’t he stop blaming others for him to cover up his mistakes. Instead of blaming others why can’t he concentrate in improving the lives of the Filipino people

  47. I also voted for Ninoy, After the years he had governed the Philippines I think its enough blaming the past administration and Prove the Filipinos that hes not just all talk. But of course after the PDAF, DAP and then Yolanda this will be a tough fight for Ninoy Administration, I just hope the President prove to all that “daang matuwid” does really exist and truelly improved the lives of every filipino.

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    1. adrian agito, pwede bang gumising ka na please? Kung walang nangyari at walang ginawa si Pnoy etong 3+ years na presidente sya, palagay ko wala na talagang mangyayari pa sa 2+ years na natitira pa. Wala ka nang aasahan kay Pnoy!

    1. Dear Alfredo, There is nothing wrong with being gay. But you could have said it better: “PNOY is not a real man, he doesnt have balls…” LOL!

        1. Exactly! Tama ka kent_spain. Plus di lang sya walang balls, wala din syang matinong pagiisip kasi mas gusto pa nyang maglaro na lang ng video games kasama si Josh!

  48. Abu, if we are tos top criticizing the govt then let’s stop criticizing everybody & just let them be. That includes Napoles & the commies.

    I wonder why you always tell us to stop criticizing Aquino only? do you really believe that he is really a god incapable of making mistakes?

  49. who do you think was qualified you? worst
    2.even way back 100 yrs before we filipino loves to blame others for their mistakes….
    3. sinong politician ang hindi ng promise ever?
    4. do u think critics are? critics should learn also to appreciate not only to criti
    5. how did u knw have u seen him working? u were thier 24 hours wth him?…………
    do u think you’re much better neknek mo……

    1. @ monjebeth

      1. 2010 election candidate offered other qualified candidates, and still you idiots voted for the idiot.

      2. Real leaders do not blame. It is not an excuse, na since ganun kayong mga pinoy, puede na rin siyang ganun, that is just plane dumb.

      3. Able candidates do not promise, instead they offer viable plans and solutions called PLATFORMS, which your Pnoy did not have, only empty promises, which y’all stupidly believed.

      4. Criticisms should be a tool for him if he is really a good leader, but sad to say, he does not take criticisms that well, owing to……uhmmm… oh yeah, because he is not a born leader.

      5.You do not need to see real leader at work. It is the results that count. So far, we have, the Luneta hostage taking, Corona impeachement, mishandled calamities, PDAF/DAP issues……etc. Oh and dont forget all the credit rating upgrade BS and the GDP crap despite the rise in poverty and unemployment, increase prices of prime commodities.

      A lot of people here are much more qualified than him, but would you idiots vote for them if they ran for office? Nope, you idiots would rather stay loyal to family names, rather than real performance.

      NEKNEK mo rin, idiot.

      1. We can’t even say with 100% certainty if the people who ARE qualified to run would WANT the job.

        It’s likely they will think “they’re going to shit on me no matter what I do” or “how am I going to run a clean government, if it means firing everybody?”


        1. Dodge, i have been thinking the same thing. How can anyone even start to run a clean and transparent government if it means firing everyone? But, if they passed the FOI bill, maybe, just maybe, that would be a start. What do you think?

    2. monje beth, you don’t have to be with your husband 24/7 to tell that he is faithful to you. It is the actual manifestation and result of events that reveals the kind of man he is. BS has not shown anything but BS and he must be open to criticism and accept it. But sorry to say, he just killed the Ninoy-Cory momentum in history. The yellow is decaying.. and there’s mo way we can hold it back.
      On your who is the “better qualified” then?
      Ako, ikaw, yung kapit bahay mo are better qualified if only we were not carried away by the yellow drumbeaters. Pls do not insult the Filipino people..

    3. monje beth,
      1. Sa nangyayari ngayon, palagay ko kahit sino pa mas qualified kaysa kay Pnoy.
      2. Buhay ka na ba 100 yrs ago para masasabi mo na totoong ganyan na tayo noon pa?
      3. Ang totoong politician, kung mangako man sa taong bayan, gagawa ng plataporma na sangayon dun sa pinangako nya para alam nya na talagang magagawa nya.
      4. Critics are there to keep the president honest. If the president does something good, he will be praised to high heavens. But if there is nothing to praise, you will get criticized!
      5. And lastly, i dont need to be with the president 24/7 just to know if he is working or not. I will know if he is doing the right things if the economy gets better, prices of basic commodities go down significantly, we have better schools/education, more job opportunities for everybody, and better services from all the LGUs!
      Looks like you are not doing your homework, my dear. Better burn the midnight oil some more! LOL!

      1. problem with the yellow armies is they only listen to what ABS-CBN is feeding them. they refuse to accept criticism and open their eyes. It doesn’t need a genius to realize if the Pnoy administration is working or not. Just take example of every national disaster we experience under Pnoy’s leadership.

    4. monje beth, why are you so angry? Did Joeld’s comment/critic hit a vein? I agree with joeld 100%. I also agree that critics should also give appreciation, but only when there is something to appreciate. In Noytard’s case, i don’t see anything to appreciate at all. And we don’t have to be watching Noytard 24/7 just to know if he is working or not. His records will prove if he did work or not, right? And what’s more, If you promise to deliver something like Noytard did during his campaign, the people will expect you to deliver or you better watch out. And that is what is happening to your idlol Noytard right now.

  50. also i voted for pinoy during elections in 2010..and that was my very big mistake.very disapointing,yeah all you said are very true..MR president be men enough to face all of not hide from the shadow of you your self.

  51. Bilang ordinaryong mamayan Naway iisa lang ang bayarin ng TAX pagkakuha mo ng sweldo may TAX na dapat lahat ng ibang bayarin wala nang TAX yung tubig, kuryente, pagkain dapat lahat ng bgay walang nang TAX kasi sa sweldong maliit palang kaltas na ang TAX at dapat ibalik sa 10% dahil abuso na di naman nagagamit ng tama eh !

    Boss kamo eh di ko nga na Boto yan kasi nga alam naman ng lahatna walang naipasang matinung batas yan nung time na sa senado pala !

    ewan ko nga ba ! Olats parin sa mga dapat gawin!
    hay buhay talaga nga naman ! nagpapayam lang ang marami gayung mayaman na sila !

  52. I too voted for that guy… also thinking that since he’s the son of 2 great democracy icons… his parents should have thought him well… particularly in the department of compassion for the Filipino people. Isn’t it his dad was the one said, “the Filipino is worth dying for.”…. well unfortunately his son, might have thought it’s the other way around. I’m very tired of hearing him BLAME EVERYONE BUT HIMSELF ABOUT ALL THE SHITS that’s happening in this country… I felt definitely CHEATED OF MY VOTE AND TRUST IN THIS GOVERNMENT!

    1. @ noemi

      FYI, Cory and Ninoy are not democracy icons. Ninoy is a communist and Cory is just an opportunistic housewife, both of them are bent on enriching themselves and securing their place in the history books. Do your own research, not just on wiki or any readily available sites, dig deeper and you will find the truth about the Aquinos.

      1. I think I consider Ninoy to be the “lesser evil” in this case. At least he tried to do something for the country – but for Cory, for every good deed I’ve heard from her, there were other disappointing stories about her that would make Ferdinand Marcos the “hero” instead.

  53. @ jay


    First off, the author is not blaming you precious president. Puro ka dakdak, hindi mo naman pala binasa yung article, bobo!

    #3 Hindi ka lang pala bobo, bulag pa.

    Oh , and lastly, walang pumilit sa iyo pumunta sa site na ‘to, ang lakas ng loob mo magmura, tanga.

    Ikaw at yung mga kagaya mo mag-isip ang dahilan kung bakit naghihirap pa rin ang Pilipinas.

    1. @joeld

      Ta-tanga tanga mga yan, tagalog na nga di pa naintindihan. Si monje panay dakdak nonsense naman sinasabi, mag search muna ha hindi lang sex scandal ang sineserch ha. yung kapakipakinabang naman basahin nyo.

  54. “AT PARA SA #3, life is actually better. the country is doing better.”

    Sinong matalino ang maniniwala sa iyo na bumubuti ang kalagayan ng Pilipinas? Bakit mas marami ang naghihirap at bakit lumalawak ang gap ng mayaman at mahirap? Siguro naman nakikita mo na dumadami ang naghihirap, hindi ba?

    Sino mas bobo ngayon? Ang tindi naman ng mukha mo na gawin pa kaming tanga. Siguro kung bulag ka, maiintindihan pa kita kaso pati yung mga bulag sa amin e nararamdaman ang hindi pag-ahon ng bansa – in short, nagbubulag-bulagan ka lang sa mga paligid mo.

  55. A true leader must experience how to be a Father to his children….. There he can build a sturdy foundation that can withstand pain and hardships … Then BS Aquino isn’t even qualified

  56. Pwede kayang maimplement sa Pinas yung ‘reward for anonymous tips’ na program? It has solved many a crime in the States. Maybe just the fear of being busted could curb the need for greed. Tapos di sila makapaghiganti kasi anonymous nga. It may encourage more people to speak up, not fearing repercussion. It’s an idea, may or may not work, but something has to be done.
    Corruption and the ‘lagay’ system is so ingrained into every aspect of our society that it needs a systemic purge from the bowels out.
    To borrow a recently popular catch phrase:

  57. wag na sisihin ang pangulo. We should admit bulok ang sistema ng election system sa bansa. dapat ang mga taxpayers lang ang may karapatang bumoto, or kung maari dapat may IQ test muna sa mga botante na dapat nilang ipasa bago sila maging qualified voters. who do you think elected our leaders? its not us, those who are most qualified to vote are mostly not participating in the election…bakit kasi busy sa work, nawawala ang pangalan sa list, walang time, feeling di importante ang election kasi ang mananalo lang e yung mga walang kuwentang tao sa gobyerno….kasi nga ang nagluluklok e ang mga tambay, mga walang tamang mentalidad…mabigyan lang ng 100 pesos bobota na sila. kung di nanalo si Pnoy sino sa palagay nyo ang uupo? if you rememeber guys si Estrada ang 2nd sa election…I would rather accept Pnoy as president than Estrada… baguhin ang sistema ng voting system. kapag taxpayers ka priority ka dapat at kung maari irequired talaga ang pagboto mo. kung wla ka trabaho…tambay ka lang wala ka karapatan magluklok ng presidente or sinumang pinuno sa gobyerno.

  58. I am an ordinary citizen and I was one of those who discouraged people from voting BS in 2010, because I am well aware that He will not make a good leader, no offense meant. For one, he is single and extra matured, with that very simple analogy it is vivid that he will not be able to rule fairly because he is not a family man, he does not know how difficult it is to raise a family. He was born with a silver spoon in his mouth, how could he know real hardship; despite the fact that Marcos incarcerated his father, why – because Ninoy encouraged communism and he was at the helm of it. BS belongs to an elite family, he is not in want, like most Filipinos. He does know how to accept constructive criticism. He had no single run of thought, because at first he said, he does not want the Presidency but later swallowed his own words. He rode to the glory of his mother’s name, there’s still a lot more. I do not exempt myself from our country’s sad state, although I did not have the privilege of voting in 2010 because I ran out of time traveling from Pampanga to Metro Manila, because I am a Filipino. It is pretty sad because we are surrounded by Idiots. We do not deserve this kind of government but who will vote to a nobody when you have no machinery and you are nameless and do not belong to a political dynasty. However, despite all the ills around us, anarchy is not the answer.

  59. Insensitive!!!! saan na po ang decision kung saan ang regional center for Zamboanga Peninsula??? 4 years has gone by???? dont play with the life of the affected employees and their family!!!

  60. Credit grabbing and blame throwing are at the very heart of PNoy’s Legacy, and it determine whether his Presidency has learn/matured/grow in the first 4 years of his term or derail? whether PNoy, his cabinet & political allies take an open minded approach to the challenges they face or succumb to the temptation to scapegoat and blame throwing, and whether his entire Presidency have cultures of trust and problem solving or instead waste time and effort on dysfunctional finger pointing.

    We only vote/chose leaders based on popularity or those who portray being good (facade only) than those with real intellect who really excel. To be President, you need to be an opposition & always accuse your predecessor as being corrupt/bad to gain people support and stay in position/power.

    Religion also has a tendency to spoil Leaders or Role models in many ways – relying purely on God”s blessing. Hence, an easy life results to false public service due to no effort/work = Lazy & Idle Mind (incompetence : lack if vision/poor logic/no-sense of observation/lack of imagination & creativity). Anti-intellectual Attitude is a road block to the progress of our Nation.

    In a Goon (Mafia) Society like the Philippines – people will simply group together to gain majority, to rule over minority and abuse that power. Thus, people (including Leaders) simply join a Group for protection, to be stronger and to be spoiled in many ways = lazy & idle mind or anti-intellectual attitude (incompetence). If you are unique in such a way (intellectually-superior for example) people will ostracize and criticize you because you are not “one of them” no matter how truthful/nice and how much contribution one can do for our nation.

    The Goon concept applies to Religions, Politics/Government, Media, Showbiz, Sports, public or private sectors. And conflicts will happen if the common interest of a certain group clashes with another group.

    Majority of our President/Leaders (in Government or Congress) are ff.: a. Lawyers-whose nature of work are disputes of legal matters (negative).

    b. Popular Actors/celebrity – whose nature of work is movies/TV/media.
    We need Leaders from other professions like the ff.:
    a. Architects/Engineers – whose nature of is to Create/Build (positive)
    b. Doctors – (Dr. Mahathir) who cured & made Malaysia a very healthy (wealthy) nation.

    Corruption in my definition is the product of an IDLE or LAZY Mind (AMPAW) selfishness/greed and materialism because corrupt people/Leaders do not realize the consequence of pocketing public funds or receiving bribes. Money should be circulated around to create more business opportunities, employment, expenditures and to fuel the economy.

    Jessie J “PRICE TAG”
    “It’s not about the money, money, money. We just wanna make the world dance.”

  61. I remember during his campaign he has this political slogan “Tuwid na daan”. for me that slogan is like a baloon with an empty air. There are alot of issues hounding his cabinet officials but yet he was silent instead of punnishing them he condone it. If his political foes were involved in corruption issues he would criticize them and punnishment of being in jail is so easy…..Another point was if he committs mistake he would find someone to blame to cover up his mistakes? it’s obvious that the reason why NoyNoy doesen’t want GMA to leave the country because he will not have a political dummy.

  62. I did not vote for this person during the elections for it’s just simple that he does not know how to run a government more so that he is avoiding to have a family of his own for he knows that he could not even run a simple family. The Filipinos who believed in his promises and gave their trust on him are just in a pitiful situation. It’s very obvious that this president is inutile when it comes to calamities i.e. 7.2 magnitude scale earthquake which hit Bohol and other parts of the Visayas, typhoon Yolanda which devastated Leyte wherein until now the people are still suffering. But when it comes to running after his political enemies, no one can stand his way even to the brink of using taxpayers money as bribe just to get what he wants.

  63. pinoy is playing politics with life of the affected government employees in the transferred of government offices in region-9. Its been 4 years as president yet pinoy has not decided where the regional center for region-9 should be? despite the favorable recommendation from the regional development council no.9 that Zamboanga City should be the location of the regional center for region-9- Zamboanga Peninsula. Pinoy is stubborn and so are his yellow hypocrite who playing with lives of these affected government employees.

  64. I wonder when is the time that the Philippines will have a president that will satisfy the expectations of its people

    1. There is one possible presidentiable that will ultimately satisfy the expectations of every Filipino. He is the one whose performance precedes his name. He is just right here in Davao. You need not have to guess just wait.

  65. Pinoy cannot even make until now where the regional center for Region 9 – Zamboanga Peninsula, saan ba ? Zamboanga City, dating na Regional center panahon pa na kastila!!! noon ng campania sa election, sabi pinoy ibalik niya sa Zamboanga City and mga governmentoffices at regional center, hanggang ngayon wala desicion!!!! GRABE MAN TALAGA!!!

  66. Tired of you Pnoy. Tired of this ceaseless idiotic system you continue to sustain. I want to see an end of you in 2016 if we are not so lucky that you resign earlier. Oh No! my bad.. the VP is also crooked. I will continue living in hope for a bright future until you both leave your office for good.

    I only have one wish and every bit of what I do is for this greatest wish – it is for the children to have a better society they so rightfully deserved when they grow up cause it was stolen from this generation.

    A lot of us have succumbed to the mediocrity of this government. We have settled for way less..

  67. I don’t mind Pres. Aquino blaming the previous administration so long as there is basis for it. I mean, once it becomes a lie, that is where I draw the line.

    For one, all presidents are guilty of it. Aquino don’t have the monopoly of the blame game. In fact, even his mother played it during her watch.

    I’ll take offense against PNoy, though, if he blames somebody not as notorious as Gloria Arroyo, Erap, or even the Marcoses. Those people, and PNoy too, once he’s out of office, deserves to be blamed. It’s one of those ‘privileges’ that goes with the office even if you are already out of office.

    Personally, I don’t find joy in casting blame on somebody who is no longer in control of the driver’s seat. But there is a difference if that somebody drove the same car I’m driving now. We’ll never get a clearer grasp of it until we’re the one who takes the wheels from someone else and be in-charge.

    Now, with regard to blame itself, we have to be aware that there is such a thing as fault-finding. There’s a difference between the two. Anyway, I guess, that would be another issue for a another story. 🙂

  68. Nuon pa man di ko talaga iboboto ang walang ginagawa sa posisyon nila lalo na ang papaalis na presidente dahil mas maraming mas karapat dapat sa pwesto nya. Subalit nanaig ang mga BOBOTANTE at mga alipores ng presidenteng protektor ng mga tagong mandarambong at buwaya sa kaban ng bayan. Sana makulong din sila kasama ang protektor.

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