Filipinos in Sabah left hanging as PNoy dithers under the weight of conflicts of interest

Thus endeth Malaysia’s foray into Philippine internal affairs concerning Mindanao. “The Malaysian government has Filipino blood in their hands now. We can no longer rely on them to be an independent and objective third party as we pursue peace in Mindanao,” Leyte Rep. Martin Romualdez reportedly said. This was after Malacañang affirmed Malaysia’s continued role in the Mindanao “peace process”.

Malaysia's friendly AirAsia flight attendants

Malaysia’s friendly AirAsia flight attendants

Filipinos are no longer impressed…

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With the Sabah dispute still far from over, members of the United Nationalist Alliance (UNA) urged President Benigno S. Aquino III to look into the plight of Filipinos reportedly mistreated by Malaysian forces.

Former senator Juan Miguel Zubiri said the President should make a statement condemning the Malaysian treatment of Filipinos who are reportedly being treated inhumanely by Malaysian authorities.

“They treat us like dirt, trash…our fellowmen are being treated like dogs there. I really hope that the President do something about it. He should make a strong statement,” Zubiri said.

San Juan Rep. JV Ejercito-Estrada echoed Zubiri’s observation, saying they are in no way condoning the wrong move of the Sultanate of Sulu but said it is the government’s responsibility to defuse the tension brought by Sultan Jamalul Kiram III’s claim that the Sabah belongs to the Philippines.

“Let me be clear, we are not condoning what Kiram did, but the government should bear in mind to work for the interest of the Filipinos. The government has the responsibility to protect the welfare of all Filipinos,” Ejercito Estrada said.

The Philippine government continues to bungle the handling of the issue as it stumbles from one gaffe after another. After recently concluding discussions with Datu Bantilan Esmail Kiram, brother of Jamalul Kiram III, claimant to the throne of the Sultanate of Sulu, Philippine Interior Secretary Mar Roxas had reportedly conveyed to the Malaysian government news that the Kiram clan had agreed to a “disengagement” of their forces from Sabah. This was later rejected. Whatever so-called agreements made by his brother were effectively “disowned” by Kiram III…

“Since the beginning, I already said my door was open to negotiations. I have said that many times,” Jamalul said.

“They have to talk to me. If they can go to Japan, why can’t Malacañang go to me?” he said, referring to the meeting that President Aquino had with Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF) chairman Murad Ebrahim in 2011 for an end to the Moro insurgency in Mindanao.

“Maybe it’s because they perceive me as stubborn even if I did nothing wrong. I’m just here in my house,” he said.

Refugees from the fighting in Sabah are piling into Sulu and reportedly now subsisting on government relief goods. The government of President Benigno Simeon “BS” Aquino III seems to be buckling under the weight of some mysterious political and diplomatic force being exerted on it by Kuala Lumpur, allegedly “cooling” to the idea of pressing further investigation of alleged abuses perpetrated by Malaysian security forces against Filipinos residing in the area.

The Second Aquino Administration of the Philippines seems to be saddled by the very same pedigreed legacy that catapulted it into power. The mysterious force that seems to hold President BS Aquino back from being a bit more assertive and statesman-like in the way he deals with the Malaysian government may, in fact, be coming from within

A former career minister and consul general of the Department of Foreign Affairs, Hermes J. Dorado, linked President Aquino’s “reluctance” or “inutility in taking up the Sabah claim to an alleged deal Ninoy Aquino may have forged with then Malaysian leader Muhammad Mahathir in exchange for supporting Ninoy’s opposition to Marcos.

Ninoy’s alleged utang-na-loob (debt of gratitude) to Mahathir was sealed in this alleged shadowy deal in 1983 then was seemingly paid its first instalment in the drafting on the 1987 Constitution following the Edsa People Power “revolution”….

Dorado said that the Sabah claim had been enshrined in the 1973 Constitution, but was totally deleted in the 1987 constitution, under the Cory Aquino administration. He charged that “it’s because of the 1983 commitment. Cory and Mahathir made sure those 14 words were deleted.”

Not helping even more are reports of how Houses Aquino and Cojuangco are enmeshed in alleged shady business dealings with major Malaysian companies, notable of which is talk about top PNoy campaign financier and presidential cousin Antonio “Tonyboy” Cojuangco Jr allegedly being part owner of Malaysian carrier AirAsia Bhd…

Going around in the Internet is a color picture of Malaysian troops boarding an Air Asia jet that would fly them to Sabah where they are to hunt down Filipinos who had settled home there.

One blog points out that AirAsia Philippines, the local affiliate of Malaysia-based AirAsia Bhd, is partly owned by Filipino businessmen led by the President’s cousin Antonio “Tonyboy” Cojuangco Jr.

Cojuangco was the biggest campaign donor of Aquino in 2010, based on the President’s declaration to the Commission on Elections. He put in P100 million out of Mr. Aquino’s P440-million declared war chest.

In November 2010, the Board of Investments approved the organizing of AirAsia Philippines as a joint venture between Malaysian investors and Filipino businessmen led by Cojuangco.

The business combine recently acquired at least 40 percent stake in local rival Zest Airways Inc. Malaysia-based AirAsia Bhd, btw, is the largest budget air carrier in Southeast Asia.

The plot thickens like milk left under the sun going bad.

The shine of Cory’s and Ninoy’s yellow glow that dazzled the starstruck eyes of all who supported, waxed poetic for, and bankrolled son Noynoy’s rise to the presidency has turned into a harsh glare. The silence in recent months coming from the Yellow mob (likely stunned by the astounding abomination their dream Presidency has become) has become deafening.

28 Replies to “Filipinos in Sabah left hanging as PNoy dithers under the weight of conflicts of interest”

  1. The countdown has begun.
    Aquino’s hold on the people is fading fast.
    The malacanang trolls are powerless to hide the truth about their “leader”.

    The fall of the aquino regime is dashing towards reality.
    The end of the yellow rule is near.

  2. It clearly shows that no matter how much we wanted to progress as a nation economically, politics and family business interests will always rear its ugly head.

    If the report about the Sabah deal is indeed true, the real commie Ninoy deserves to be exposed.

  3. The politics of expediency reared its ugly head when BS Aquino went to Tokyo, Japan to conduct secret talks with the Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF) Central Leadership. Malaysia became the venue of so-called peace talks that was more of a political circus intended to give all the advantages and benefits to the MILF. The Malaysian International Monitoring Team (IMT) composed of Major Generals and their staff entered our sovereign territory as if they had the sovereign right to interfere in our country’s internal affairs. Did BS waive our rights? Malaysia manipulated the peace talks to give all the advantages and benefits to the MILF. All this in collusion with BS Aquino who signed the Framework Agreement leading to a sub-state. One must remember that the MILF has a formal alliance with the CPP-NPA-NDF. This Jihadist, terrorist sub-state can do no good within our already fragmented territory. It was BS who created an Executive Order to pave the way for the Bangsamoro Base Law. Malaysia was always interfering into our affairs with BS Aquino supporting its “peace” initiatives all the way. The MILF is supported by the Malaysians and will pose a greater threat to the security of our country in Mindanao. BS Aquino’s lack of support for the valid claims of the sultanate of Sulu and the welfare of our Filipino people in Sabah is due more to the Malaysian influence. Our territories in Mindanao are already fragmented even as Sabah is in danger of being lost as our people suffer genocide and ethnic cleansing. Quo Vadis? It seems that the scales of political expediency are tipping dangerously in favor of Malaysia and the MILF. BS Aquino is truly a very dangerous man.

    1. YOU ARE VERY CORRECT, Aquino has just flat-out given half of Mindanao to a foreign government that is going to institute Shariah or Muslim law. Bad news for Christians for sure.
      BUT Aquino has benefitted on many fronts. Muslims will see him as a liberator, peace-maker. Recognition will come to him as a ‘Man of Peace’ for brokering an end to a 40 yr. old conflict. He may even win the Nobel peace prize for this!!He will no doubt, somehow, benefit from the revenue of the taxes being paid to the ruling gov’t. in Bangsamorro.
      The losers here (this should be no surprise,Christian Filipino’s living in the new state especially.)are the avg. Filipino who shall not benefit one bit for all the goings on.
      It is , no doubt, what should have been expected. What is next? Could the owners of property in Bangsamorro, if not long established(and even if they are ancient),be forced off their land by the new gov’t.? New governments are famous for re-distributing all that is considered wealth.

      1. The Malaysian interference into Philippine internal affairs is real. It brokered the one-sided peace efforts benefiting the Jihadist Moro Islamic Liberation Front. All this despite the fact that the CPP-NPA-NDF is a formal ally and a tagged FTO. Other FTO’s allied with the MILF include Abu Sayaff Group and the Jemaah Islamiya Al Quaeda in Asia. These MILF allies seek shelter and sanctuary in MILF Base Camps. The big problem is what about the other Muslim tribes including the Sultanate of Sulu and the other Royal Houses of Mindanao? Is this a divide and conquer strategy leading to Al Haj Murad Ebrahim being the man who would be king in Mindanao? Continuing Malaysian interference and influence in Mindanao would be detrimental to peace and raise a greater security problem. This could lead to greater fragmentation in Mindanao and more Malaysian incursions that may translate to arms/weapons, ordnance and ammunition supplies; Malaysians training the MILF and stirring them up to occupy more Philippine territory. Could Mindanao become a Sabah in reverse? Only time will tell.

  4. To being my kasaysayan today, I would like to start understand the history of our country from what we’ve learn from schools, not from Streetman who claiming himself as sultan without a nation. How many of us understand the term of “Sultan”? Therefore, let me ask anyone of you who are reading my “kuwento” to answer me on below 3 important questions;

    Question No. 1: What is the meaning of Sultan? Is Sultan a King or Empror?
    Answer: Sultan is neither a King nor Empror, Sultan is a ruler of a Muslim country, where Muslim must be at least majority of 60 percent of the population. The nations under a sultan are ruled strictly under Islamic values and laws, which is called “Shariah Law”.

    Question No. 2: Is Philippine a Muslim country?
    Answer: Philippine is not Muslim country. Muslims, about 5 percent of the total population, therefore Philippines cannot be a Muslim country.

    Question No. 3: Does Philippine government recognize the Sultan of Sulu?
    Answer: No..!! Philippine do not recognize the Sultan of Sulu, not even yesterday, today or tomorrow. Philippine colonial regimes altered much of that and demolished traditional Islamic political values since the 17th centuries. Again, here are lessons that Philippine has yet to learn to this day. Both colonial and republican Philippine, out of arrogance borne largely out of ignorance, directed changes on the Sultanate.
    For your general knowledge Sultanic lineage is determined by way of the Tarsila (also Sarsilah, Salsilah; from the Arabic Silsilah, chain or linkages), a genealogical account of the Sulu royalty, ensuring direct lineage from the first sultan. The sultan is not just a temporal ruler; he is also a religious leader, paid very well by the country and government. In the traditional Islamic system, separation of church and state is non-existent.
    Is the history of Sultan Jamalul Kiram the 1st, 2nd or 3rd are learn in school in the Philippine?
    No, absolutely not. Sadly, the Sultanate of sulu is totally forgotten name since the 17th centuries Philippine until 3 weeks ago when a group who claimed themselves as the royal army of the sultan of sulu wanted to reclaim Sabah.
    Before we jump into conclusion or believing Jamalul Kiram’s claiming he is so-call “the sultan of sulu”, let’s us open our discussion on 130 years old history book on the real Jamalul Kiram II.

    Let’s go back to 1884 when a power struggle for the sultanate arose after Jamalul Kiram II became the sultan at the age of sixteen (16). Because of his tender age, interim power was vested in his mother Inchi Jamila as the sultana regent. Then eligible for succession were three royal houses: the House of Kiram, the House of Sharikullah, and the House of Datu Putung represented by Datu Harun Al Rashid. In what was clearly an internal matter, Spain interfered: it unseated Jamalul II and declared Harun as the sultan (1886-1894). Spain never understood the cultural nuance that a sultan’s power builds heavily on alliances with the segmentary datus. Harun failed in that miserably. Spain was forced to restore Jamalul II (1894-1936).
    Jamalul II had no direct male heir. His death in 1936 triggered a confusion of succession. By tradition, the successor ordained by the reigning sultan is confirmed by a panel of royal datus, the Ruma Bichara, and by an ecclesiastical court. The heir is titled Raja Muda — presumptive heir. Manila newspapers refer to Agbimuddin Kiram as Raja Muda as if this is his first name. Raja Muda is Agbimuddin’s title.
    Jamalul II’s younger brother Mawalil Wasit was proclaimed sultan, but he died before he could ascend the throne that same year (1936). Amid the widespread disagreement about his ability to wield power, there was talk that he was poisoned. His death created a deep division in the House of Kiram. One side was led by Dayang Dayang (Princess) Piandao Kiram, daughter of Sultan Badarudin II (the 30th sultan, 1881-1884); the other, by Dayang Dayang Tarhata Kiram, daughter of Datu Atik Kiram, younger brother of Badarudin II. Because they were both women, neither of them could become sultan by Islamic tradition.
    So Piandao proclaimed her husband Datu Ombra Amilbangsa sultan of Sulu. Ombra was not of royal lineage. Naturally Piandao’s proclamation invited the objection of the Ruma Bichara. A dispute erupted. Appeals were made to President Quezon to intervene. Quezon refused and said that Jamalul Kiram II was the last Sultan of Sulu. Stretching Manila’s string of blunders, Quezon announced that the Philippine government was no longer recognizing the Sultanate of Sulu. Meanwhile, Princess Tarhata’s faction proclaimed as sultan Jainal Abirin II. Three sultans, one of them a pretender.
    Jainal Abirin II was succeeded in death by Sultan Esmail Kiram I in 1950. When Esmail I died in 1974, his half-brother the Raja Muda Punjungan Kiram became temporary sultan. But Punjungan went into exile in Sabah. In his absence, Esmail I’s eldest son Mahakuttah Kiram became the sultan until he died in 1986. President Marcos had reinstalled Punjungan in 1981 and named his son, Jamalul Kiram III, his successor. Jamalul III was crowned in 1986. It is he who holds the legal papers of North Borneo as decided by Chief Justice Mackaskie of the Sessions Court of North Borneo in 1939. As matter of fact, Jamalul Kiram III do not have even a single drop of royal blood in him, because he is Mr. Punjungan as you can see him living in squatters in slump area in Manila today, so as self proclaimed princess Jacel Kiram.
    Need we lounge in libraries? One of our renounce Manila lawyer makes an issue of the words “ownership” and “possession” regarding the Sabah claim. Anthropologists like Clifford Geertz emphasize the need to respond to what the field tells us — the ethnographic present. That might as well be an advice to the government. Instead of being obsessed with literary questions in the way Manila indulges in its usual self-absorption, it can do better to respond by addressing Manila’s continued disregard of the Sultanate of Sulu instead of issuing threats of arrest and court cases. This is merely a case of crying for attention. That cry is valid. — Philippine Daily Inquirer
    Lie I say earlier, I don’t think our President is that stupid as many of us thinking. He knows facts better than most of us.
    I am writing this because ….I sees my fellow countrymen hesitation and meek attitude toward understanding on the truths and lies. But it seems most of us subjected to someone who lies through the gum of their teeth, subjected to the greed of Mr. Punjungan (Jamalul Kiram III) the self-proclaimed sultan of sulu.

    On my own judgment, Mr. Punjungan (Jamalul Kiram III) the self-proclaimed sultan of sulu deserved to be arrested and lock in prison with the other criminals, for the great shamed he has done to this country – Philippines.

    Let me ask you again, what if you are the President of the Philippine today, what would you do in the situation like this, are you going to draft our army to Sabah to support Mr. Punjungan (Jamalul Kiram III) whom Malaysia branded as terrorist?

    Remember, the daughter of self-proclaimed Sulu sultan Jamalul Kiram III said 3 weeks ago, that surrender and laying down their arms is still not an option for her uncle Agbimuddin Kiram and his troops in Sabah. They will fight to the last drop of their blood. Whose blood is she referring to? Is it the National blood or the blood of the insurgent fighting for their personal agenda?

    On the other side, the Prime Minister of Malaysia (Najib Razak) stressed that the government would not compromise when it came to Malaysia’s security, sovereignty and territorial integrity.

    1. We expect the Malaysians to put their interests before those of the Philippines. It is only natural. They are MALAYSIANS.

      What you cannot explain is WHY the president of the Philippines PUTS THE INTERESTS OF MALAYSIA BEFORE THE WELFARE OF THE PHILIPPINES. Nor can you explain away the apparent vested interests the Aquino and Cojuangco families have in SELLING OUT their country for financial gain.

      1. There is nothing difficult to figure out here. The wishes of the ‘people’do not matter, PERIOD! that is the way it is around the globe. France, Ireland..the entire West has been screwed by the people who run things. WHAT you think the Philippines is different?
        Wake-up! Glory to the corporate elite and the rest get shit,and if they do not like it…well, what are they gonna do?
        it is laughable to think these idoits did what they di,REALLY IS, but how much more so if anyone thinks a President of country is going to back a bunch of ‘rebels’ who want an ANCIENT claim enforced…ludicrity never had it so ludicrous.

    2. And as long as you are attempting to use a historical basis for your overly verbose — albeit irrelevant — comments, you should include Ninoy Aquino’s efforts to start a civil war in Mindanao and risk a war with Malaysia all for his ambition to become DICTATOR in place of Ferdinand Marcos.

    3. Rizak can’t negotiate a territorial claim, it is simple as that.
      THESE IDIOTS DID WHAT THEY DID, and will now die for it. If that is what they want, they will surely get it.
      To hear people here belly-aching about Aquino not backing these guys up,WTF? This was not a gov’t. backed ‘invasion’. Even the Philippine Military could have done better than these idiots.
      FACT: they rolled the dice, and to no ones’ surprise, it has come up CRAPS! Time to pay up, the shit is over they deserve the slaughter they shall receive.

    4. If I were the president, I would try to, by any means, avoid war or any armed conflict in the first place, with Malaysia or with Kiram III.

      Anyway, as you have said that former President Quezon said the the government is no more recognizing the Sultanate of Sulu, why is Sulu under Philippine territory?

      From that point in history, can’t they self-determine their way into a distinct and independent state from the Philippines? Or, have the people of the former Sultanate agreed that it is over and decided to be a province of the Philippine State (democratic in other words)?

  5. Let’s say, the Sabah stuff didn’t occur. And scarborough shoal is at freeze. What is the current progress? China has already built an infrastructure where our govt is still under diplomacy in the International Law. Once a big dominant country took over, words are just going to dissipate in times. Still we are weak! As long as we don’t focus on upgrading our technology and don’t unite as a whole. We will always be a follower by foreign invaders. Truth hurts! So to all those Intelligent Filipinos, Please make use of your brain wisely thru action. ACTION speaks louder than words. Remember that peeps.

    1. yes, true words…but useless. years of corruption:where defense funds were pilfered by corrupt Generals. Years of corrupt administrations that rely of beneficence of the USA (if it weren’t them it would be someone else!)has made the current dilapidated condition of the Philippine armed forces.
      The money has been spent, taken overseas to by real estate for the families of the thieves, and the Filipino people have been robbed by their own people, u kno:the ones elected to ‘serve’ the people.
      The shit is so despicable, detestable and ultimately SAD, but that is where the situation stands. The Filipino did it to the Filipino and now the Filipino is doomed to be someones step-child(country).

  6. I think in this matter the Philippine government and people should be guided only by the laws of the Philippines and International Law. This man Jamallul is a private Filipino citizen and not the sovereign of the Philippines or any other nation. The residual rights of any sovereignty or territorial claims that exist prior to to the birth of the Philippines should only be invested with the Republic of the Philippines(RP) and the RP can choose to make this claims thru bilateral negotiations or thru International Agencies like the UN or ICJ or even go to war.

    Jamallul on the other hand has broken many Laws of both Philippines and Malaysia by forming a private army, carrying military weapons and committing acts of terrorism in Malaysia.

    1. The guy is a dip-shit. What did he do? Send 200 guys to invade Malayasia? What does that say about him and his followers? They are idiots? they are drugs? both?
      it is just un-flippin-believable that anyone even listens to anything the guy says. and one thing is for sure, if the ‘SULTAN”(LOL!!!) sends or tells anyone to start committing acts that lead to deaths of innocent citizens anywhere in the world, the “SULTAN”(LOL) should pay the price with his ass! just kill the guy, once and for all.

  7. Aquino is the modern version of Malaysian KALIBAPI…treachery is in their genes, along with collaboration with the enemy…

  8. As I’ve mentioned in my previous posting, I’ve 2 brothers and a sister working in Sabah. They are constantly updating me and my family on the situation in Sabah through skype and phones, which is totally opposite with the reports given by Bantilan Esmail II, a brother of Sulu “Sultan” Jamalul Kiram III, was quoted as saying that Malaysian authorities have allegedly ill-treating Filipinos in Sabah long before the Sulu incursion began.
    Jamalul Kiram demand the Philippine to hold Malaysia accountable for possible human rights violations against the 800,000-strong Filipino migrant community in Sabah at the hands of local authorities searching for a ragtag band of Sulu militants claiming ownership of the north Borneo state.
    In this saga, even a six year old kid can understand Jamalul Kiram is playing with propaganda to get the supports from the Filipinos at large.
    Remember, this war against Malaysia on Sabah is going to be a humiliating even for the Philippine. This war is not about patriotic, this is about human greed – self proclaimed sultan “Jamalul Kiram III”.

  9. The Sultanate of Sulu has valid historical title as Sabah is theirs and hence ours. What a pity that the Malaysian Navy and the Philippine Navy are cooperating to arrest the Sultanate’s men. They are tagged as terrorists and will be charged with illegal possession of firearms under the COMELEC gun ban and inciting to war when they were just protecting their property rights in Sabah. Gross injustice is apparent when the Moro Islamic Liberation Front and its Foreign Terrorist Organization (FTO’s) allies in the CPP-NPA-NDF, Abu Sayaff Group and Jemaah Islamiya Al Quaeda in Asia all illegally possess high powered firearms and are not even touched by this unjust administration! Is this the start of divide and conquer leading to destabilization in Mindanao?

    1. “The Sultanate of Sulu has valid historical title as Sabah is theirs and hence ours…”

      Actually, the Sultanate of Sulu has no title to Sabah and never had a title to Sabah.

      Can you provide one single document that evidences Sulu’s claim to Sabah in the pre-colonial era? You cannot, because there are none. Sulu claimed a part of what is now Sabah but that claim was never agreed by Brunei.

      Accordingly, Overback took a cession of Sabah from the Sultan of Brunei at 12,000 dollars a year and, because of Sulu’s pretended claim, in order to to avoid trouble he paid the Sultan of Sulu another five thousand a year.

      The truth is, neither Brunei nor Sulu were able to exert any actual control over what is now Sabah. Both were happy to hand the place over in exchange for a few thousand dollars.

      None of the seven people who currently claim to be “the Sultan of Sulu” have any property rights in Sabah.

      In the event that the Sultan of Brunei or any of the seven “Sultans of Sulu” had any historical title to any part of Sabah, the International Court of Justice already decided that such claims were extingushed by Sabah’s right of self determination in 1963.

  10. Aquino, despite his human faults, has been democratically elected as President. We neither need nor want a hereditary Sultan. Long live Repúblika ng Pilipinás!

    No Royal Army can stop an idea whose time has come, i.e. feudalism should give way to modernism, monarchy should give way to democracy, and militancy should give way to peace. The tide of time will drown the Sultan and his Royal Army.

  11. Let us pay tribute to the fallen Sabah Marines. Taps! Taps! The smoking light is out. The Standards at half mast. Taps! Taps!

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