Gloria Arroyo inadvertently exposes Noynoy Aquino’s true character

In dealing with your enemy, the best weapon is patience. Vindication could take a while but time will eventually reveal the true nature of your opponent. When you feel that your enemy is unfairly prosecuting you, do not worry. You won’t even have to say much because insecure people in general have this tendency to talk too much. The more they talk, the more they expose their irrational behavior and likewise prove their own inconsistency to other people.

Crocodile smiles

Crocodile smiles

Initially, there will be people who will listen to what your opponent has to say but once the novelty of his news wears off, the same people will get tired of hearing the same rants over and over especially when it becomes obvious that the stuff your adversary has been spreading around is not only inaccurate but grossly exaggerated if not completely false.

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It is inherent in humans to look for faults in other people. It’s like a coping mechanism — to find dirt or see who is doing worse than them just to make themselves feel better. This is the reason why people are intrigued when there appears to be a showdown between two opponents; they would love to catch a glimpse of a fight. While there are others who can contain themselves and take the rational approach, which is to listen to both sides of the story before jumping to conclusions, others can’t help but quickly join in throwing the proverbial stone after only hearing one side or without using their critical analysis. Truth be told, you will have to wait things out a while when the number of men and women who do not use their critical analysis outnumber those who do.

Take the case of former President Gloria Arroyo. The incumbent President, Benigno Simeon Aquino has been relentlessly going on and on about GMA’s case since stepping into power in 2010. It has been BS Aquino’s Number One priority to pursue the prosecution and persecution of GMA that he hopes can lead to her imprisonment. Majority of Filipinos support him on this even if some of what he is saying are baseless. BS Aquino and his mouthpieces have been telling the Filipino people that he has “vowed to triple government efforts to pin down his predecessor.”

In June 2011, Malacañang spokesperson, Edwin Lacierda went on record to say that they “don’t want to file a case which is half-cooked” and that they “will file our cases when there’s evidence to do so, when evidence warrants, not based on innuendoes, not based on half-truths, not based on propaganda.”

In November 2011 Lacierda also bragged that the filing of charges against GMA were on track:

“There are cases already that have been filed before the Department of Justice and the Office of the Ombudsman. We cannot speak for the Office of the Ombudsman, insofar as the DOJ is concerned, the cases are in the preliminary investigation stage. We do not want to preempt the Secretary of Justice as to when it will be filed. Certainly yes, cases have been filed, and this is public knowledge, cases being filed by some congressmen and also by private individuals,” he added.

Out for blood

Out for blood

Fast forward to 2013, almost three years of Malacañang’s unyielding commitment to putting GMA behind bars has only resulted in the dismissal of the charges. Obviously the charges against GMA have been filed even when the evidence was still “half-cooked”. And it seems like the evidence were based on “innuendoes, half-truths and propaganda”.

The complaint for criminal negligence that was filed against GMA in connection with the Maguindanao massacre in 2009 was dismissed by the Manila Prosecutors’ Office for lack of evidence. In a news report, “the Manila Prosecutors’ Office said there is nothing to show that Arroyo was negligent in her duties that could have prevented the mass murder.”

The resolution cited “There is no evidence presented to show criminal negligence on the part of the respondent. The allegations made are more of generalizations and conclusions without supporting proof to show personal culpability of the respondent.” And that Arroyo “has no direct causal connection nor even proximate cause of the Maguindanao massacre.”

gloria_arroyoWell, it’s good to know that there are still people who can use their sound judgment in Philippine courts. Majority of Filipinos seem to be lining up to throw some stones at GMA just because BS Aquino says she should be accountable for all the transgressions that happened during her term. Following his logic, then BS Aquino should be accountable for all the alleged transgressions that are happening during his term. Someone even said that the Ampatuans came into power during Cory Aquino’s term. In that case, anyone who accuses BS Aquino’s late mother of being accountable for the Maguindanao massacre would be in line with her son’s reasoning.

One can be forgiven for thinking that Malacañang is just trying to hide their embarrassment. Their lack of coordination is evident in their press statements. After Lacierda’s promise of being thorough, another spokersperson, Secretary Ricky Carandang distanced Malacañang from the dodgy cases and said that third parties filed those cases. He also admits that those who filed “may have not had the case build-up” or not conducted “the proper investigation”. He assures the public that Malacañang Palace is not “disturbed” by the series of dismissals. I don’t think he is really fooling anyone by saying that though.

In an article from The Daily Tribune, columnist Louie Logarta itemized the “fast-fading cases against GMA”. He highlighted some cases that were thrown out by the Department of Justice. One of them was the non-bailable crime of plunder filed against her and a few other former cabinet members in connection with the allegations that the sale of over P1 billion of prime land where the old Iloilo Airport used to sit to Megaworld Corp. in October 2007 was illegal. The case was dismissed because the whistleblower did not provide any evidence to prove the respondents had “acquired ill-gotten wealth in the manner described under Section 1(d) of the Anti-Plunder Law.”

The same thing happened to the plunder case filed against GMA before the Office of the Ombudsman in connection with the alleged misappropriation of some P530 million in funds of the Overseas Workers Welfare Administration (OWWA). The case was also dismissed after it was concluded that the funds “reached the intended OFW beneficiaries as their contingency fund during the ongoing Middle East crisis which commenced when the Bush administration attacked Afghanistan and Iraq.”

Some other ongoing cases are in danger of being dropped or dismissed due to lack of credible witnesses or probable cause. One of them is the alleged rigging of the 2007 senatorial elections. The sole witness, former Maguindanao provincial engineer Norie Unas, is “considered unreliable as it is uncorroborated or hearsay evidence”. We should be able to predict the outcome of this one easily. The filing of this case was quite suspect. Some said it was done in haste just to prevent GMA from leaving for her medical treatment abroad in 2011.

GMA has been under hospital arrest ever since and it looks like they want to keep her there even when the case seems weak. GMA’s lawyer Benjamin Santos recently cited that her right to a speedy trial is being denied since the Commissions on Elections who filed the electoral sabotage case wants to suspend the trial for two months. This means further delay for GMA before she could see her day in court. The lawyer for Comelec is trying to justify the delay saying that their witnesses — Comelec personnel will be involved in the preparations for the senatorial elections this coming May. Their excuse is a bit lame. With the number of Filipinos needing jobs, it is surprising that Comelec can’t even hire temporary staff for this coming election just so GMA’s trial can proceed uninterrupted.

If BS Aquino can’t get GMA on vote rigging, he will try her on plunder again and again. Along with some people involved with Philippine Charity Sweepstakes Office (PCSO) during GMA’s term, a case was filed against her for the allegedly conspiring to pocket intelligence and confidential funds of the PCSO amounting to some P365 million. Unfortunately, the main witness admitted that there is no solid proof to link GMA and her co-accused to the allegedly plundered public funds. The incompetence in BS Aquino’s administration is very evident. I’m surprised no heads have rolled.

Don’t get me wrong, I am for the prosecution of corrupt government officials, I just wish BS Aquino’s minions did their homework first. The problem is, they keep shooting first and asking questions later. If they don’t shape up, GMA is going to start looking like a victim of persecution and be admired for her steely stance despite her medical condition. She certainly knows a thing or two about dealing with her enemy. BS Aquino has shown his true nature, indeed. Like what someone once said, the thing with some people, they come across as okay enough at first, at least to a lot of people. You only fully grasp how dumb they are later on.

159 Replies to “Gloria Arroyo inadvertently exposes Noynoy Aquino’s true character”

    1. I can already hear the die hard noytards crying now since the cass against GMA are dropping like flies. Pnoy will soon realize that his desperate attempt to pin the blame on GMA will no longer have any effect. The people are already getting tired of Aquino’s BS. This year will definitely won’t end well for Aquino.

        1. haha! while I was reading the whole article, I was literally thinking that the writer is intentionally calling him B*llsh*t aquino! I wasn’t thinking that he meant benigno simeon..

        1. Yes not much has changed, why don’t we bring back GMA for another ten years??? This site is obviously pro GMA. Ano ba ang pabor na ginawa ni GMA sa yo or sa pamilya mo?

        2. Someone’s butthurt because his bald idol hasn’t done anything worthwhile in the past 4 years.
          the truth hurts doesn’t it?

    2. Yes, FallenAngel. It seems they just want her to stay locked up until 2016. At least PNoy won’t be the President by then even if all her cases gets dismissed. They just want the illusion that the corrupt is already in jail.

      1. This country is a failure because of people like you. You obviously hate the current administration. You love GMA and all his minions. 10 years and yet naghihirap pa rin ang Pilipinas, not only that, malapit na tayong pag-praktisan ng China. Hail GMA!!! Thank you for prospering and protecting us for the last 10 years!!!! Hooray for BLIND people who can’t recognize corruption even if it is staring them in the face. Sakupin dapat tayo ng Tsina para magising ang mga taong katulad mo.

        1. FYI, the guy who pissed off china is your bald boss in malacañang.
          4 years in office and your bald boss hasn’t done jack shit but blame everything on the previous admin without even coming up with ways to fix all the “ills of the country”

          Like Gogs said in one of his earlier articles, your president wouldn’t need trolls like you to spread propaganda if he was indeed doing his job yet here you are, desperately trying to disrupt discussion here with your weak yellow propaganda.

        2. You say hooray for blind people. I must really be blind for not seeing anything Noynoy ever did with his life yet you make him out to be Superman. Do you see corruption now? Do you see corruption flourishing under the rule of the spineless one? Are his allies saints? I don’t see them getting scrutinized.

        3. @ Liam
          “This country is a failure because of people like you.” Yes, you.

          “Hooray for BLIND people who can’t recognize corruption even if it is staring them in the face.” Yes, that is also you.

          I dare you, enumerate something substantial which your balding idiot president has done for the country. We will shoot it one by one. I dare you!

          And oh, this site is not pro GMA as you say, but rather anti idiocy, …yup, that also refers to you.

        4. Looks like he’s too chicken/yellow to reply to us.
          Just another idiot looking for 5 minutes of fame.

        5. He’s referring to himself in his comment without even realising it.
          Epic fail on his part.
          Stupidity is an expected staple of the malacañang trolls.

  1. The way these cases are dropped/rejected like flies, you’d think how much of our taxes go to these honorable prosecutors’ pockets. More money, lazy work, reduced IQs = Noynoying culture at its finest.

  2. The way I see it, Noynoy is being his usual subjective self without the consistency or uniformity one would expect from a real decent strong public leader. Jan 31st it was reported the Freedom of Information Act is as good as dead. I would assume with that GMA and others would be closer to a real verdict either way guilty or not guilty. But that would expose Noynoy buddies for what they are and we can’t have that . The notion is that punishment should only be for Noynoy foes and Noynoy friends should be unscathed. That is what this has always been about.

    Noynoy since he was campaigning has always made himself to be King George the Dragon Slayer. The thing is he is the one that tells you what a dragon is and isn’t.

    1. Gogs

      His popularity has gotten into his head. He was a bit harmless and useless at the same time when he was still in Congress but now he wreaks havoc on the justice system when he meddles in court cases.

  3. BSA III does not need anybody to self destruct. He has chronic depressive & severe personality disorder with vindictiveness . HEPA LORD is so used to biased public mind conditioning & ignores the rule of law; that eventually his true mental capacity will surface. He is no match to CGMA. How much character assassinations against CGMA can he include in all his speeches; that the audience would continue to accept those allegations!!! Garbage in = garbage out.
    Isabel Juico

    1. @C_and_c

      Well, if the doctors lie for her then that only says a lot about our dysfunctional culture. But if I were you, I’d take things at face value.

      1. True, there’s too much at stake for any professional to practice with dishonesty. Getting caught in the act can lead to suspension, even worse, revocation of license :S

  4. The character of the man is betrayed by his extreme hypocricy, and blatant lies.

    His agenda is self-serving and has little to do with progress and prosperity for the population as a whole, simply the consolidation of power for the trapos and oligarchs.

    Nothing could be further from the actuality than the hollow campaign platform of ‘change, transparency and accountability’, as evidenced by so many examples, including derailing FoI, puno arms scandal, closed contract biddings (e.g philippine orthopaedic centre – 5.6 billion), not to mention the legal roadblocks and continuing games re hacienda luisita.

    Corruption continues unabated in the senate and congress and in govt depts, especially bureau of customs. Bribery is p-noy’s main tool to get what he wants – so much for principles.

    Slush funds which go unaudited represent an increasing percentage of a ballooning budget without any major infrastructure projects, inroads into poverty, or job creation.

    Short term growth and hot money boosting the stock exchange is not a result of policies but the upswing in asia, and the ofw cash-cow. It is unsustainable, and only benefits the top 5%

    The lack of cases prospering and the retention under hospital arrest without trial shows his hatred and vindictiveness if his intellectual superior. P-noys motives are always child-like, never having really matured and he gets jealous very easily, especially as he has always been seen as a loner and non-achiever. To topple his master/professor is important to him but not because of a corruption agenda.

    A wasted 3 years will little progress. It was to be expected, since the person who said he would employ the “best of the best”, lied again and employed his incompetent classmates and shooting buddies, who themselves have done nothing with their privileged lives.

    A sad lonely old man. No wonder alone again on valentines. He wants affection, approval, and adulation so much, to the point of co-dependence, and an inability to listen, accept criticism or empathise with people, but cannot earn basic respect. A flawed individual happiest with little boys and tech toys.

    “Journalism is printing what someone else does not want
    printed: everything else is public relations.”
    ― George Orwell

    1. @Libertas

      He is a very dangerous man hanging out with an equally dangerous crowd. They are doing a lot of damage to the Filipino psyche.

    2. we are partly to be blamed for the rise of the dumb as our forefathers were to be blamed for the rise of an evil man..our forefathers were caught stunned with oratorical brilliance and we were caught numbed with a dumb yellow fever.

  5. All the dirt thrown came from Noynoy’s mouth and his servile major broadsheets and broadcast network. Nothing was heard from GMA except her lawyers pleading for their clients’ case. I think Noynoys’ claims are starting to lose steam and the tide (tsunami?) of public opinion is starting in a reverse mode and its path going Noynoys’ sand castles.

  6. Noynoy and his bitches spokesperson should have dignity on their words, just say sorry to the people for their mistakes. Be careful to these people who have foot and mouth disease, definitely, it’s Infectious or contagious.

  7. I don’t know if the Anti-Glorianists are hung up on imitating other countries like South Korea who imprisoned former president Roh Tae Woo.

    The main difference is South Korea never touted it as a major achievement. If the former president was guilty of a crime, of course it’s important to punish him. It’s an ordinary, not a special achievement. This is lost, however, on sensationalist and tsismoso Filipinos.

    And imprisoning former presidents doesn’t move any country forward. Making appropriate policy does. Never saw any of the latter today.

    1. “And imprisoning former presidents doesn’t move any country forward. Making appropriate policy does. Never saw any of the latter today.”

      Aye… Meet the new boss indeed.

    2. @ChinoF

      BS Aquino probably thinks that persecuting GMA is what the people want. He’s just trying to please the electorate and want to be seen doing something.

  8. Even though Arroyo could had cases through the help of her lawyers to ‘exploit’ it, her image to the public will forever remain negative due to left-and-right corruption during her term. And remember that the cases dismissed were filed by personalities whom the government did not know or coordinated with.

    1. Don’t assume that it will forever be that way for Gloria. Aquino’s approval rating is already freefalling. It will be too late even for abs cbn to salvage aquino’s rep once shit hits the fan for him and his goons.

    2. @eduardo

      Your comment already shows your bias against GMA. It seems you have fallen victim to the mind conditioning by yellow propaganda.

      Her lawyers use the law to help her have a fair trial. I don’t know why you call it “exploiting”. If the court finds that her case should be dismissed for lack of evidence or credible witnesses, then you should accept their decision.

      1. Only those who have been brainwashed by the yellow media would call using the law accordingly as an “exploit”. It seems that the yellow zombies are having a hard time accepting the truth that the cases filed against gloria are too weak to have any effect.

        1. Some cases against her were filed by personalities whom the government did not know or coordinated with and these are what were dismissed. There are more cases to be filed by DoJ and it will never stop.

        2. that’s what you think idiot. Aquino’s ratings are dropping. Kahit na ilang beses pa magfile ng kaso ang DOJ laban kay gloria, balewala parin kung WALANG ebidensya. 4 na ang na dismiss, alam na natin kung anung mangyayari kung inulit pa nila yan.

        3. @Johnny Derp: it’s convenient for the yellow band of zombies to claim that judges’ decisions regarding dismissing these cases are because of GMA being in cahoots with them.

        4. @snooki

          It’s convienient for them now but once the government runs out of cases to file well we’ll see if they can still be using that flimsy excuse of blaming gma.

        5. That’s one of the problems. They’ll predictably never run out of cases. That’s their forte, unfortunately. They’re good at fabricating sh*t like this. Forget about the rest of the Philippines.

          It’s a vicious cycle. The more they fabricate, the more they get dismissed, the more taxpayers’ money is being spent unnecessarily. We’ve already had a great chunk from our kaban ng bayan taken out as a consequence of BSA not honoring contracts like that one with the Laguna de Bay dredging, which was in turn a result of that project being cancelled injudiciously. Nothing the poor populace can do but do the ‘nganga.’

        6. Eventually, the people will get tired of the government wasting their money if the cases against gma are still dismissed.

        7. 1 year later and it seems that eduardo’s going to eat his words since the cases against Gloria are falling apart.

          Not gonna be surprised either if this government attempts again to keep the former president detained even if the case has gotten the attention of international human rights lawyers that can appeal the case to the united nations courts

  9. sunce p-noy can never talk lucidly or knowledgeably about even basic economics, am sure his professor knew his essays were being ghost written.
    he hasn’t the mind to write term papers, and has never even ever written an article for a newspaper, and always avoids economics questiins with trite answers
    arroyo can call him out anytime.
    she plays a long and clever game.

  10. Moore’s law says that computing power will double every two

    P-noy’s law says that his hypocricy will double every two years

  11. The liberal party had to scrape the bottom of the barrel to even come up with just 4 lacklustre candidates/opportunists. That speaks volumes.
    And common candidates! – really dont understand what that is all about other than fence sitting

  12. A VERY assuming article. The assertions made in the first three paragraphs are so DEBATABLE, possibly in-correct/possibly correct, as to make them illogical. AN EXAMPLE: ‘the best way to deal with ones enemy’,an ambiguous statement, completely inaccurate at worst, possibly true at best, doubtful though.
    Understanding politics in the Philippines is a good place to start with any sort of analytical viewpoint.
    Again, certain assumptions may have to be made, but the fewer the better.
    A good way to look into this matter is to take a look at the last 50-60 yrs. of prosecution of corrupt politicians. EXACTLY how many crooked/corrupt/thief/liar/scambag politicians has been successfully prosecuted? Sucessfully meaning that the offending individual has been convicted of stealing tax-payer pesos, peddling influence for profit, getting contracts for family business’s illegally and , in a blanket statement for times sake, returning any/all ill-gotten gains AND/OR spending REAL TIME in a REAL JAIL, like a REAL CRIMINAL would have to. So, EXACTLY HOW MANY?
    The answer to that question can provide a better viewpoint for the BIG PICTURE to be analyzed rather than assuming anyone has been unfairly vilified by their alleged ‘enemies’ and the answer to the single proposed question may also suggest that these ‘enemies’ are none such thing and that they are really ‘co-conspirators’. After-all, looking at the recent goings on of the CHARADE of the case of Corona. A man given an office to which he was illegally appointed by the outgoing President, is then hastily removed from office( hastily in the filippines means in less than 5 yrs.) but during his term sets in motion a series of events that lead to the destruction of a legally formed Union, the OBVIOUS bribery of an entire judicial bloc of allegedly ‘trust-worthy/honest/conscientious’ jurists, who appear to be nothing of the sort and quite possibly the worst of the worst when it comes to ‘hoodlums-in-robes’, AND not a single person is held accountable for any wrong doing, no money is returned or even explained where it came from. A judicial landmark decision is not set-aside but rather the entire case of the legally formed Union is completely forgotten about and the people, the hard working people, involved get the shit-end of the stick, yes COMPLETELY FUCKED.and what is concentrated on? The question of the guilt of one person? When the victims(same as usual) were completely forgotten(the people who lost their jobs, pensions and benefits!)
    OH YES, a quick glimpse, or a long look back into the rear-view mirror provide the EXACT same look, even to an untrained eye. That being that the ‘system’ is rigged to protect the wealthy, the public spectacle is one without teeth that always, yes ALWAYS, leads to the same conclusion. That being, not a single centavo of ill-gotten wealth is ever returned to the people(even the pesos recovered from Marcos days can not be accounted for, IF IT WAS EVER RETURNED AT ALL!). No one ever goes to jail, and the truth(?) is that there is no such thing in Philippine politics. The thieves are setting upon the people with such a veracity, time after time, that the beleaguered masses fall for the same shit storm media blitz without fail. All that while others naively suggest that there is some sort of legitimacy/honesty about any of these parasites (no to mention the goings on involving them are anything but a farcical slap in the peoples collect faces) that are laughing at the people while robbing them blind.
    and there will always be a few that BEG THE QUESTION, “Where is your proof?”. Well, to them it should be said, how many of these POS have ever returned a fucking centavo?, or spent any time in jail after being caught RED-HANDED? One of the POS was recently caught handing out the people’s money as Christmas presents, and what happened to that one?LOL!!!
    To suggest that these vermin are anything but, Or deserve anything but the walking of the plank in shark infested waters is to be as naïve as anyone who would suggest that the best way to deal with ones enemy is to be patient. 50-60 yrs. of the same shit is long enough-yo, NO?

    1. “A good way to look into this matter is to take a look at the last 50-60 yrs. of prosecution of corrupt politicians. EXACTLY how many crooked/corrupt/thief/liar/scambag politicians has been successfully prosecuted? Successfully meaning that the offending individual has been convicted of stealing tax-payer pesos, peddling influence for profit, getting contracts for family business’s illegally and , in a blanket statement for times sake, returning any/all ill-gotten gains AND/OR spending REAL TIME in a REAL JAIL, like a REAL CRIMINAL would have to. So, EXACTLY HOW MANY?”

      Former President Joseph Estrada, anyone?

  13. I wonder whatever happened to that stooge “Fishball.” Did the Palace decide to stop paying him to post anything abrasively pro-administration (though his posts don’t even come close to “abrasive,” pathetically) in critical blogspots such as this?

    1. ^^ Haha who cares?? Apparently, the palace never got their ROI so whats the point of paying the likes of fis*ball, Vinc*nzo and Jon*s??!..

      1. LOL, just me musing and marveling over the ephemerality of these low-lifes. Worry not, this idle musing of mine passes very quickly.

    2. They are bum bombing the comments sections in the press/twitter/facebook urging people to vote for sham aquino and the other desperadoes with inane slogans.

      1. I don’t think that their desperate attempts to convince people to vote for their sham candidates are having any effect anymore. The people are already starting to realize how incompetent team pnoy is.

        1. I agree with u Johnny Derp. I also believe that not all poor people are ignorant since understands the drama of BSA. But I strongly believe that majority of ignorant people are those from poor class. BSA government did little effort in alleviating the chronic PH poverty. BSA & even his allies can use these poor people…How sad.. 🙁

    1. Well, if wearing a yellow ribbon and making an “L” sign with your hands means ” we are the superior choice for your vote”. BS can mean anything you want it to mean.

      1. With the middle finger up instead of the index finger while making the “L” sign.

        And yes, @Aldo Franco Buste… BS means bull shit, the way he’s always been from day one… just to spell things out to clear the air for you.


      2. “L” for Losers. and BS is the right abbreviation for him being Bull Shit. You can now distinguish the true color of that person from his own idiotic actions. Pity Philippines for those selfish people who are cooking us with our own oil.

      1. You think the president is hard working? Hah! Get real, TROLL. If he is so competent then how come he is using idiots like YOU to spread his lies and propaganda? How come he still won’t apologize to the families of the hong kong tourists that DIED under his administration. How come he hasn’t done jack shit to ease poverty? How come he keeps blaming the past administration for his screw ups?

        1. @Johnny Derp: We can present all the hard data to these yellow trolls but it won’t do an inkling of good. These dingbats are hard-wired to be idiots. Nothing much to do about them but i-g-n-o-r-e… and they’ll fade away into obscurity in time.

        2. Like what I mentioned before in a previous thread, noytards prefer to remain in the dark. It will definitely be too late for them to realize that aquino is a fraud unless people like us point it out for them.

        3. (Should’ve posted this comment *here* instead of *down there*)

          For those who still have hope in seeing the light. But for nebbishes like Eduardo, it’s a lost cause.

          At the end of the day, we just need to continue what we’re doing, for whatever it’s worth.

        4. The problem with us Filipinos is that we are impatient. We want results ASAP. I mean, you don’t expect the Philippines to become a country like Japan and Singapore overnight. Geez.

        5. I mean, you don’t expect the Philippines to become a country like Japan and Singapore overnight. Geez.

          Especially when the President is preoccupied with persecuting his political enemies and wasting public funds bribing members of congress.

      2. For those who still have hope in seeing the light. But for nebbishes like Eduardo, it’s a lost cause.

        At the end of the day, we just need to continue what we’re doing, for whatever it’s worth.

      3. What!? An incompetent schmuck being hard-working? Don’t make me laugh.

        You’ve shown your true colors through your comments: you’re a Yellow Zombie who always spout Yellow Propaganda. Deal with it. 😛

        1. It seems that only idiots like eduardo here will believe anything that balding schmuck head will say. I won’t be surprised anymore if eduardo would still insist that his president is not corrupt even after his imminent ouster. That’s how stupid the yellow zombies are.


      1. LOL…brave to you only because he has access to public funds, which he uses to persecute his political enemies. Superior to gullible people like you. Gees…you obviously idolise him too much.

    2. I am glad somebody started using BS Aquino which should have been done from his first day of office. It’s not him the Bull shit bu all his staff. Kumbaga sa majong walang panodas puro flores / panapon. Useless.

  14. well masanay na tayo…ganto naman lagi ang scenario e. moro moro lang ang politika sa pilipinas. ginagawa nila yan para lang mapag usapan, para lang mag mukhang may ginawa ka, ultimately. parepareho lang sila. galit ang magnanakaw sa kapwa magnanakaw

  15. Snooki if you are wondering whatever happened to fishball, he probably just assumed another alias. He might be that eduardo above who Ilda notes show bias against GMA. You can also recognize fishball for his out- of- this- world logic and outrageous grammar.

  16. I have given up all hope of making heads or tails of the actuations of this man they call BS. Any psychiatrists in the house, please?

    1. Hi Janey. I am easily more psycho than psychiatrist but I made an attempt at reading what passes for Noynoy’s brain. Oct 8 2012 here in GRP Noynoy Aquino And What He May Have In Common With Tony Soprano . I would post link but it sometimes get me on the moderated bin.

  17. A look at these comments seems to indicate a real lack of understanding of just what is going on in the country. That is: the entire government is run by a criminal conspiracy that is easy to see, even to the un-trained eye. The fact that anyone even thinks they are part of any sort of democratic system is naively and blindly grasping at straws in an effort to support the vague notion that somehow their fellow countrymen are not ‘hoodlums-in-robes’ and are not raping and pillaging the entire nation, and brazenly laughing about it.
    While it might be sad to realize this it is even sadder to ignore it as the comments above indicate. The conspiracy is provable as one guy stated: no one ever goes to jail, no matter what they do, and no money is ever returned, no matter how much they steal, how they steal it or if they get caught red-handed as the case of the old scambag recently proves.
    Democracy or Criminal conspiracy? Hint: a rhetorical question.

  18. This Goverment sucks balls. Ang gobyerno ni PNoy ay nabuo lang dahil sa pagkakataon. Remember, kung hindi namatay ang nanay nyang si Cory, siya ba ang magiging Presidente? Well all know one by one, GMA is winning the case against her. Hindi maka move on ang Pilipinas dahil lagi tayong bumabalik kay Gloria. Also PNoy during the campaign he will provide solutions to the existing problems in times of GMA. Tapos ngayon pag meron hindi magawa, sisisihin si GMA? What kind of solution are you?! This government really have its own bias, kung against sa kanila talagang gagawin nila like removal of Corona and putting GMA in jail, but in others such yung mga kaalyado nyang nag dala ng AK-47 at namimili ng pirata Sorry lang ang katapat? Nasaan ang justice?

    IM not Pro GMA, but if there are no Concrete evidence to her, let her leave. What if there is something wrong na nangyari kay GMA for not letting her leave the country? Ok na ba ang I’am Sorry?

    Election sabotage? Oh come on, hindi naman inamin ni GMA na nandaya sya, she is just saying Sorry na nakipag usap sya sa isang Comelec officer but not dinaya nya ang election and alot of Politicians ang gamawa nyan. Baka pag kinalkal yan baka wala nang matira sa ating Gobyerno.

    1. Yun na nga ang problema, they had NO concrete evidence and yet they still keep pinning the blame on her. They really don’t know the meaning of the phrase: “innocent until proven otherwise”. It will be too late for aquino to save his hide once the cases against GMA backfire on him and make him look even more dumber than he already is.

      1. I really think the guy has mental issues… he cant even recognize which issue to prioritize.. dami daming problema ng bansa, priority niya “blame arroyo, even marcos who’s been dead for 24years.. dammit!

  19. I have never quite understood the depth of obsession and vindictiveness which p-noy has exhibited towards arroyo, which clearly goes beyond the political norm, or even the benefits of political propaganda, and therefore always seemed very personal.
    irrespective of the possibility of a mild personality disorder (narcissistic), the root cause seems more likely to be in an oedipus complex, a mummy’s boy who suddenly felt some anger when his loved one died, and he projected his anger on arroyo – the obvious target since she had insulted his mother, more than once – a cardinal sin in p-noy’s mind.
    With power suddenly he could avenge, and also show his love.
    His only valentine is his mother.
    Incest is allowed in holland.

  20. P-noy and massacres
    Hacienda luisita massacre, luneta, and now atimonan.

    The palace – ” aquino is in no hurry to review the atimonan report”
    P-noy clearly has no sensitivity for families and no sense of right and wrong.

    and the money clearly will never be found.
    ochoa meanwhile happy in his new 100 million peso mansion.

    what lying cheating hypocrites p-noy and his cabinet members are

  21. Whee…I’m back! 😛

    In fairness, the President is working. Anyone who sits in that office anyway (well, maybe except Erap) has to work, whether they like it or not. But where is the output? Sure, things may be turning up economically, but particularly for those who are still wholeheartedly for the President, we ought to remember that his entire campaign was anchored on GMA being “brought to justice”.

    If this is the President’s standard of justice, then I’m the King of France. If he was serious on “justice”, we’d have to see much more to prove he’s actually being sincere about it.

    But still. Blech.

  22. Want to have a position in BS Aquino government? Be whistle blower with no concrete evidences or be a prosecutor without proper judgement. Check out all those midnight appointees and other appointees and you’ll see what I mean.

  23. you are all idiots! what kind of life do you have now? that will be a clear indicator of the type of comments and inclinations that you have. commenting on this, commenting o that. pro aquino, pro gma. but what kind of life do you have? your quality of life now depends on the quality of your decisions. tell us and we will judge you, then we will listen to your comments. you comment based on what you know. what about those things beyond what you understand? you disregard it. that is why i call you idiots. And Ilda wants to make a living and she is using you all…

    1. Nope, you are definitely the bigger idiot,TROLL
      Your attempt to troll here has failed miserably


  24. Do you THINK that the CRIMINAL will admit his/her CRIME….Whatever you said GLORIA ARROYO was abused her power and stealing a lot of money specially Malampaya gas income/fund. The reason even her sons are getting house in the US (you can ask Ruffa Mae Quinto)aside the money they are hidden in the bank with her husband Mike, since he is a lawyer he knows how to escape the law and hiding their plundered money…….the same with the Marcoses……

      1. Correct ka, Nomad. The minds of these yellow zombies had been brainwashed by their idiot and psychotic boss. They refuse to see the truth. They continue to believe the lies Aquino is perpetuating…

  25. Rock is too strong.

    paper is fine.


    haters will always hate… or will find ways to hate the president. if you guys know better, why not run next election and see how you fare.

    1. @Maximus_rahl

      haters will always hate… or will find ways to hate the president. if you guys know better, why not run next election and see how you fare.

      What makes you think we “hate”? That’s such a strong word.

      Unfortunately, your proposal for us to run will not work because for one, the voters only vote for popular candidates. Two, we don’t have access to “presidential funds” or pork. Notice how the same people keep winning during elections? It’s because the public servants who have access to pork most probably use it to buy votes or to campaign. In other words, there is no level playing that can help unknowns get voted into office.

  26. well…

    hater is just another term. simply put, people will always find fault to someone they dont like.

    and when the president you like/love becomes elected, those who dont like him/her will eventually get something to fault your bet.

    like i said…

    “We dont want ROCK president”, “PAPER president is fine” says the scissors

    1. (You’re really missing the point. We are just Noynoy realists. Unlike retards like you, we don’t worship him as a demigod. Or you have no idea how INCOMPETENT he was.)

      (Fact: Pag BOBO ang gobyerno, BOBO ang bumoto. :P)

      (May gatas ka pa sa labi, iho.)

  27. see thats the whole point.

    for the record, i am not Pro or Anti President Noy.

    who worship who as demigod? like i said… incompetent or not, people will always find fault to anyone who doesnt meet their approval regardless may the president be Emilio Aguinaldo to Coco Martin. and that’s a fact.

    pag bobo ang gobyerno: bobo bumoto is your opinion. i give you that.

    1. (No, my last statement is a fact. Ika nga ni Jose Rizal ‘You get the government you deserve.’ And look what we have.

      (I hope in the near future we SCRAP the stupidity that is the 1987 constitution and favor a form of governance that ACTUALLY favors efficient leaders. Besides Noynoy and former president Estrada, there was Gordon and Gibo who actually had something Pinoys could wish they can buy; a concrete vision. Nothing is going to change if we still run a system where familial last names matter and celebrities/athletes who get popular and pitch money to the poor to make things better.)

      (And only gullible, uneducated morons would hate people like Gibo and Gordon because they prefer celebrities instead. That is a fact. What you’re stating is opinion. Deal with that.)

  28. Just happened upon this blog now. I’d just like point out that even entering government seems to make politicians out of all of us. Even if you have good intentions, entering a corrupt system will force you to use underhanded politics to fight back. No matter how much we try to believe it, we don’t know what really goes on behind government doors.

    Take note, I’m not disagreeing with the blog post. It raises a lot of good points. I’m just saying that there are more than two sides to a story, and sometimes context can make the greatest difference. I mean, picture this. Let’s assume that GMA is a crook who has been able to buy her allies within the government system. Filing cases against her stand a greater chance of being dismissed, then, because of these said connections. If you want to fight back against an already corrupt system, wouldn’t you have to try to charge her, again and again? All the more so if she develops a “health problem” (which is perfectly timed, wouldn’t you say? I mean, really. C’mon.), wouldn’t you be pushed to try to use legal means to stop her? I.e. slapping a case on her so she can’t leave the country? That’s the only thing you can do legally anyway.

    I’m just saying that if I were in the same spot and surrounded by crooks, I’d probably have to use tactics that are beyond those considered “normal”.

    Another note. I like the blog post, but for the commenters, using words like “noytard” and other derogatory terms, particularly those referring to mental illness, aren’t cool. There are many people who suffer from mental illness, and I’m sorry, it really is just an incredibly ignorant move to use that as a weapon. There are good points in the thread, but I was really put off that it became sort of “propaganda”-like because of the insults. If there are pro and anti PNoy commenters, let them speak. Don’t try to destroy intellectual conversation by sinking to such low levels, like degrading other poeple. It’s counterproductive, and makes the post lose credibility; which I’m sure the author wouldn’t appreciate either.

    1. @becca2013 you are right, but if this blog is for despising someone else for the sake of uplifting or building another person’s reputation, I don’t think this will be a proper forum for change because this will not attract unity. The way others commented here are not civilized. They used the words that are extremely harsh to hear and even derogatory and slander in nature. We will be just like them who are just good in criticizing someone just to fulfill his/her personal ambitions such as gaining popularity and all of the sudden evolve into a full pledged politician who are also eating his/her own vomit. Well, I think no one will gain here popularity or fame because of such uncivilized attitudes and playing like someone on a community known for his “astig” or “siga” personality. I hope that people who are commenting here are truly professionals not that someone who is in the computer shop playing DOTA and from time to time unleashing his bad manners and attitudes here. Those who are fun of cursing here, that will not gain you any respect anymore. Good for you because this is just in the internet bad mouthing like the others do here in person, you may end up inside the hospital, jail, or even casket.

  29. why not let him out. impeach Pinoy . magulo . wala tayong katahimikan . he can’t manage well. puro kurakot lang sa kaban ng bayan . he has no crewdibility . puro ka. . cno ba yan si kris sinungalingan . in fairness showbiz papel ng papel eh she can’t be huwaran puro kahihiyan

  30. Obviously This presidency’s ultimate goal is to get GMA to jail and nothing else….have you ever wondered that despite all the failures that passed through their noses, no heads had rolled. He’s DAAN MATUWID slogan is just lip service. . .this is a showbiz government, so what can you expect!!!!

  31. Bast sa amin dito sa Cebu, may malaking tulay na nagawa si Pres. Gloria Macapagal Arroyo, upang dugtungin ang Mandawe at Liloan at makatuloy byahe sa likoliko na daan patungo sa paruruunan sa madaling panahon…

    Hanggang ngayon 3-1/2 yrs na, patuloy ang aming pagbyahe sa Matuwid na daan ni Pinoy, peru dahil sa walang tulay hindi kami makarating sa aming paruruunan. Sabi nya sa mga Cebuano, patuloy lang kayung mangarap. Kaya heto kami, nangarap pa rin at magising na lamang sa sunod na election!

    1. GMA is just so grateful for us Cebuanos for giving her the winning lead…
      all will be revealed in time, that GMA is indeed a working president…

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