Carlos Celdran declares GRP dying cites mass exodus



Number 47 said to number 3

“You’re the cutest jailbird I ever did see

I sure would be delighted with your company

Come on and do the Jailhouse Rock with me”

– Elvis Presley


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As if being found guilty of being “offensive to the feelings of the faithful” was not enough Mr. Carlos Celdran declared the website you are reading now dead (Feb 4 11:55 PM on his Facebook page) .  I have long ago accepted the fact that this website is polarizing. It may be one thing to wish us dead but to declare us dead seems to be another thing entirely. Specially if one is trying so hard to be a sympathetic figure. Then again if I was facing time in the “slammer” I am not sure how cordial I would be. Go ahead read some alternate meaning into the Elvis lyrics if you want. Not that there is anything wrong with that. Maybe you will believe the song  is about “hardened” criminals dancing vertically with each other at the behest of the warden. ( I think I am encroaching on Kate Natividad’s  territory with that one.) Then again you will also be the type to take every word out of Edwin Lacierda‘s mouth  at face value. Not that there is anything wrong with that.

Personally, it boggles the mind what precedent would have been set if Celdran’s alleged stunt   was condoned by the courts. Who is allowed to disrupt what process and where? They would be setting the bar for what is acceptable trespassing. I forgot who in Twitter or in GRP wondered how Celdran would have been treated had he tried that in the middle of organized worships in other religions. I bet the same people who think Celdran should escape unscathed thought Kanye West was a boor for interrupting Taylor Swift’s speech in some awards show a few years ago. If you want to identify a KSP simply see how many innocent bystanders are affected by their antics.  Your thirst for attention comes at what cost?  John Wooden told a young  Bill Walton   a long time ago,  “Stand up for what you believe but be willing to accept the consequences.”

Fortunately for some people who prefer an alternative to the Noynoy Can Do No Wrong media reports, the report by Mr. Celdran of the death of  Get Real Philippines have been greatly exaggerated by reasons only known to him. Well the Super Bowl was only two days ago and a few minutes into the second half the 49ers were declared dead in my Twitter feed by about four relevant observers of the NFL including former players. The Niners came close to pulling out a phenomenal comeback. GRP was never in the hole the 49ers were or the choke hold Celdran declared we were in. The GRP of Celdran (stands for Grim Reaper Proclamation) stayed on his Facebook page for at least eight hours before it was taken down.  For someone so convinced GRP is lousy and dying , he seems to  be indecisive about his insults. No one here called for a grave digger. Nice of him to volunteer to cover us in dirt. Problem is Mr.Celdran, where’s the corpse?

Well Bob Hope was once declared dead  in June of 1998 while the US Congress was in session. When I think of Celdran  lashing out at this blogsite I am reminded of a sports owner that made George Steinbrenner look like Steven Covey. Harold Ballard owned the Toronto Maple Leafs. Based on their futility post expansion he was born to be their owner.

Harold Ballard hated Russians in any way , shape or form and was proud of it.  There is a word for people like that.  He once allowed a Russian hockey team to play in his building in the mid 80’s. Towards the end of the game he ordered his scoreboard staff to incite the home crowd to boo the Russians since their Air Force shot down a commercial Korean aircraft the year before.  Forget the fact that Russian hockey players will have absolutely nothing to do with a fighter jet shooting down a commercial plane. Elite athletes usually ignore all kinds of sights and sounds in an arena while they are competing. I was not there but even if the Russian team was paying attention, how many of them knew English? That’s the problem with knee jerk reactions. You want to blow off steam but certain logistical realities are ignored.  Your present situation sucks, bring up the irrelevant. In this country there will be no shortage of fools that will follow your lead.



 photo Negativity_zpsb844990b.jpg


The precursor to Celdran declaring GRP shutting down was his declaration that the blog site was was irrelevant. He will not post links since in his mind  GRP does not deserve the clicks. No  one put  a gun to his head to read the website. Then why bring it up? GRP is a website that compiles blogs that tend to have a strong opinion on things. Any strong opinion can be met with opposition or support. Besides anybody who gets arrested by making a spectacle of themselves should expect to be commented on. Look what happened to Randy Moss during Super Bowl week. Though he is just a spectacle without the arrest.

Response to Noynoying

The ultimate irony of Noynoy getting flustered about Noynoying is that in that one instance the best response for Noynoy would have been to engage in Noynoying. Noynoy would have been best  served to do nothing about the Noynoy accusation instead of releasing staged pics of him at work. Celdran talks about GRP without a link saying no one reads, yet he obviously read it. His audience that may not know GRP may be curious now what is it that annoys our mighty one? Of course if they return in a week and find the site very active in postings and discussion what do they then make Mr. Damaso 2010? Many that take on the Free Carlos Celdran cause seem only to care about his message but never seem to care how he fulfilled his role as a messenger.


 photo DeletingNegativityCeldran_zps78e7ff0b.jpg

It’s one thing to claim that you will delete negativity, but how positive is it the act of falsely declaring an adversary dissolved and abandoned?





Thinking people will verify any outrageous claim, which makes me wonder what does Celdran think of his own audience by giving a mock eulogy to GRP as well as making the statement that writers were leaving in droves . Credibility no longer seems  important. Going on attack is fine but just don’t fire blanks. He hijacks a Catholic ritual yet so shocked at the consequences of hijacking. As Sammy Davis Jr. sang  in Baretta, “Don’t Do The Crime If You Can’t Do The Time”. Celdran is projecting his frustration on GRP even though it should be directed somewhere else.

Sometimes three small letters can make all the difference in a word. Celdran with his bravado allegedly interrupting the Manila Cathedral goings on plus making absolute declarations about GRP likes to project he is a man of conviction. But his failure to accept the consequences of breaking the law and his lying about the demise of  GRP just proves he is simply conviction minus the last three letters.

54 Replies to “Carlos Celdran declares GRP dying cites mass exodus”

  1. Won’t more people become curious of GRP since Carlos Celdran mentioned the name of this blog? Somewhat like a Streisand effect going on there.

    1. True since celdran mention GRP in his blog, it might backfire on him and people will still go here despite what he says about GRP.
      Nice job breaking it celdran.

      1. It has already backfired on him. Anybody with any kind of integrity whatsoever knows that if one has to lie to prove their point, that point is useless. Celdran makes an announcement that can easily be proven false. Interesting to see how the Celdran loyalists justify that .

        1. “It has already backfired on him”
          I encourage you to check the GRP community. We are leaving and moving to CoRRECT. GRP is has lost its credibility. Ilda is a hypocrite for telling the members to stop being cry babies or onion skinned. Paul Farol accusing us of being sock puppets and having fake accounts.

          If you delete this post then GRP is nothing more than Benign0. If you choose to refute it then take a good look at why a good admin was removed. I’ve already left the group. Can’t stand to be around hypocrites.

        2. @Sparkplug

          You’ve come to the right place.

          How do you define a good admin? You have no idea how many members your “admin” has removed just because they expressed their opinion against charter change or the parliamentary system.

        3. @Sparkplug

          GRP is not limited to the Facebook community. The existence of that page is not vital to GRPost, the blogsite. I don’t know why you are making such a big deal about leaving. No one is stopping you. The page is not for onion-skinned cry-babies. 😉

          I wish CoRRECT all the best!

        4. How come Paul Farol goes against his opinion and he is still there? He had his good and bad points but removing him doesn’t justify anything. He was part of GRP’s history without him GRP wouldn’t exist. All his articles put to waste. I’ve already used the door thank you.

        5. @Sparkplug

          How come Paul Farol goes against his opinion and he is still there?

          What does this even mean? Paul Farol was removed by Orion because he was critisicing the CoRRECT movement. Do you think that was a fair thing to do? I’ve received so many complaints from people having been removed for expressing their views against CoRRECT. I don’t want to receive the same complaints again.

          He was part of GRP’s history without him GRP wouldn’t exist.

          This made me laugh. 😉

        6. @Sparkplug: Kaya nga. You don’t know what went on between me and Orion, and it is none of your concern as it is internal to GRP and does not affect the outward service it delivers to its audience. The fact that you are asking the above question is because you are not privy to said info. You can go ask Orion if you want though as he is more inclined to make tsismis about stuff like that.

          As to GRP not existing, without Orion, think again. That’s your lack of a complete stock of information on our history talking again. Don’t presume to know stuff about us as you simply make a bigger fool of yourself with every additional word you publish on this issue you presume to know.

          Here is an ancient thread that you can refer to to get a peek into the earliest history of GRP. Just eat the scraps that are thrown at you and be happy with that dude.

        7. Sparkplug.
          Not sure why you bring this up in this thread. You had an agenda that has nothing to do with Carlos Celdran bearing false witness about GRP. You superimposed your agenda into this thread. I have been consistently active for over half and a year and I have never seen your name so I am not sure what you are depriving the GRP community of by leaving. Things change, that is life. Your issue about credibility loss is totally subjective. Some find Noynoy a moron some find him this superior lifeform. Obviously you are talking all sorts or discrepancy when it comes to credibility. Please, don’t make it sound like you leaving GRP is like Michael Jordan and Phil Jackson leaving the Bulls.

        8. Message I got from “benign0”:


          Orion, I’ve removed you as admin from the GRP Community. I’ve also been monitoring your activity on the Celdran page here:

          I’ve got two more steps I can take to fix you up. (2) remove you completely from the GRP Community and (3) delete all of your articles from GR Post and the GRP archive on WordPress. I hope I will not have to resort to those next two steps.

          It’s 4am in in Manila as I write this. You have 12 hours to rectify the damage you’ve done to GRP on the Celdran thread before I decide whether to take Step 2 or not.

          I will not tell you how I define “rectification” here and will leave it up to you to decide exactly what that means. After all, as you’ve claimed many times, you know everything about me, about “benign0”, and about GRP.

          Good luck with your mission.

        9. The way Paul Farol comments and berates the other members its a good thing Orion removed him. You people brought him back. Someone like Paul can be nursed because he is your troll. What was done to Orion is unfair.

        10. @SparkPlug: Well, who told you life is fair? Note on the message you posted above how much advanced warning had already been given to Orion and how transparent I’ve always been around the next set of actions I was gonna take.

          And by the way that is a message posted in a private group on Facebook. So only one person could’ve shared that with you and that is Orion. Goes to show what sort of a person this guy is. And still you wonder why I booted him out? If you are still wondering, then that too indicates the sort of person YOU are.

          Then again, most Pinoys don’t GET these sorts of impropriety and lack of honour. So wonder no more why da Pinas is the sort of country it remains.

        11. Paul Farol is accusing members of GRP being sock puppets. You just tolerate his actions. If another member were to do what he did then you will take action immediately. Thats unfair for a community group that tries to promote freedom of speech. One gets favoured over the other. Because Paul is your troll so nurse him well.

        12. Well, as you yourself sad, you’re out the door from that group anyway. So it is quite interesting to note that you remain interested in the party you are missing. Too bad somebody here is unable to move on. Kinda reflects the character of the person you are rooting for here.

        13. @Sparkplug

          Paul Farol can actually prove that some characters in the community are sockpuppets. Don’t tempt him because it can have devastating consequences for your group.

        14. Spark plug . I finally see the relevance . Just as Carlos Celdran resorted to lies in attempt to discredit GRP you use lies like Orion being a founder of GRP. You said you got a message from Benign0 when it was for someone else . No facts back up your argument , same as Celdran . To quote the Simpsons ” you turned my office into a house of lies”.

        15. For someone who has “already used the door”, so to speak, he/she keeps coming back. Maybe he/she likes getting hit by it, in the face, on his/her way out.

        16. @ilda, yup. he/ she is pulling a Ricky Lo/ Anne Hathaway. Exposing to all watching/ reading that they are victim of KSP and the other party is to blame. Sparkplug is to Orion what Smithers is to Mr. Burns in the Simpsons.

  2. You know Celdran can be such a hypocrite. Do you think that he will easily pardon someone who protests at one of his Manila tours saying that Manila is a filthy shithole? Hahahaha.

    For a 40 year old, he acts like a total teenager. What a hipster – no professional job and whatnot. I know a lot of people half his age who are more successful than him. What a pathetic dwarf loser.

    1. “Celdran can be such a hypocrite” – agreed.
      “For a 40 year old, he acts like a total teenager” – agreed.
      “No professional job” – He is good at what he does and it is a job.
      “I know a lot of people half his age who are more successful than him” – We all do, so what?

      Celdran should be man enough to face the consequences of his actions and he deserves and should go to jail. But let’s keep the discussion at a high level.

    1. He says nice power words like peace pipe and keep things positive in this thread then he says ” benign0 still a doucebag” in that same thread. Hence one of my points , the guy shows no consistency.

  3. Well, it’s nice that he tried to extend a peace pipe. However, he still made some subtle remarks against GRP and Benigno. Things like emphasizing GRP being based in Sydney, Benigno’s thoughts being based on experiences abroad in the last 10 years, and Benigno being a douchebag. Sayang…. okay na sana tapos may patutsada pa. Makes me wonder tuloy if he was ever sincere with his peace offering. Kinda like when he apologized to the bishops for the stunt he pulled then a few days later he tears down an anti-RH Bill streamer at the CBCP. Oh well…. I wish him well, though. I hope he learns something good from what has happened to him and from what he will be facing.

    1. How can he learn anything if he is utterly convinced of the nobility of his actions? As it stands his apologies are just a brief respite before the next stunt.

      1. I told him in a tweet yesterday, he should step back from his fans a bit because they are an inbred lot who affirm one another’s flawed notion of what is right and what is wrong. Without input from the outside, that becomes a self-perpetuating spiral of ignorance — which is ironiic considering that is the same dynamic that reduces the Catholic Church to the old dinosaur that it is: because it is an organisation that spends a big amount of its time and resources assuring itself and its flock of the righteousness of its own belief system.

        Same goes to my convesation with Noemi Dado. While I acknowledged her contribution to that FB thread in trying to give a bit of perspective across to Celdran (also a nod to Nieves’s efforts), I tried to point out that there is a lesson to learn from all this with regard to the personal relationship she maintains with Celdran and how “crises” like these tend to reveal the true nature of a person’s character.

        What was revealed yesterday was how a self-described “activist” who supposedly advocates “freedom of speech” would exhibit the very same traits he and his clique of “socially-aware” social media mavens supposedly criticise — an aversion to criticism, an inclination to silence critics, and potential to resort to “restraining orders”. Noemi also initially expressed her outright refusal to read the Celdran articles here in GR Post on the basis of Celdran being “her friend”. I called her out on that as well and reminded her of the inconsistency around claiming to have a “balanced” perspective on things on one hand and on the other refusing to be at least aware of the salient points being made by an opposing view.

        Goes to show you need to be careful about the way your personal relationships colour your take on things. As your relationship with a person deepens, your ability (or even willingness) to regard that person objectively lessens — a similar condition that can be observed amongst battered spouses (which is also ironic because this clique is also into awareness campaigning for violence against women).

  4. Ironic that for a guy who talks of “eliminating negativity”, he doesn’t hesitate to spread false rumors. Pathetic.

    Perhaps his idea of “eliminating negativity” is pretending we don’t exist. He can whine all he want, but GRP is here to stay.

    Are we really “negative”? Of course not!

    Maybe when he meant “peace pipe” he was meaning “piece of pipe”. Hahaha.

  5. “pointing out what’s wrong without offering a solution is just being a dork.”

    ok… isn’t that what he just did with the damaso thing?

  6. As much as CC has a point of doing these things, he must remember there are always consequences right or wrong. How many reformers, activists or thinkers (right or wrong) have been reviled, harass or even killed for speaking out (right or wrong again). Sammy Davis Jr. lines does have a basis in reality.

  7. I saw it also on Celdran’s FB that GRP sites are closing, he even mentioned the real name of Mr. Benigno, since I’m an avid reader of GRP, I want to react on his wall but later I realized that I don’t want to be kuyog by his followers and all I know that’s his lying just to get awa from his followers. What a pathetic move from him 😀

    1. Wag mag-alala sa kuyog. This is a free country, we can say what we want naman. Pag kinuyog ka, hindi ka naman nag-iisa. LOL.

    1. Look at businesses, sports, TV shows .

      People come then people go. Change is inevitable. You may be loyal to a few things or shift allegiance to something else. Either way it’s your choice. GRP is what it is. So I don’t understand ultimately people that complain about everything when that time could be spent somewhere else. I never said agree with everything just that if its not your cup of tea then your time is better spent elsewhere for your sake.

    1. Its benign0’s right to say that since well…he is the owner of GRP. How come you’re still here if you can’t stand “hypocrites” from GRP?

  8. “Without input from the outside, that becomes a self-perpetuating spiral of ignorance.” Benign0…

    sparkplug is an outside input…but is he now an allergy to “self-perpetuating spiral of brilliance in GRP?”

    can benign0 tone down his self-acclaim for wisdom? 🙂

    1. Jcc. Do you think spark plug is making a point within the pareters of this topic or executing a personal vendetta against the GRP pioneers? Or maybe an alternative I have not mentioned?

  9. Celdran got butthurt by GRP. All those fancy writing and hard-to-understand English are no match for most Filipinos. You should explain to him about stuffs in simple and understandable language.

  10. So 3 years has already passed after CC made his foolish claim that GRP is dying

    Well, its 2016 but GRP is still alive and kicking.

    Celdran must be crying in the corner since his claim has been debunked.

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