Tax season na! It’s raining P****g I*a! computation/adjustment month na naman at masama ang loob dahil wala naman siyang nakikitang kapuna-punang pagbabago o maramdamang magandang serbisyo mula sa gobyerno. Kaya ang tanong niya saan napupunta ang binabayad niya?

…tax computation/adjustment month na naman at masama ang loob dahil wala naman siyang nakikitang kapuna-punang pagbabago o maramdamang magandang serbisyo mula sa gobyerno. Kaya ang tanong niya saan napupunta ang binabayad niya?

May kapatid akong tumatangis na tax computation/adjustment month na naman at masama ang loob dahil wala naman siyang nakikitang kapuna-punang pagbabago o maramdamang magandang serbisyo mula sa gobyerno. Kaya ang tanong niya saan napupunta ang binabayad niya?

Sabi ko dapat sa debt servicing, infrastructure, public and social services pero  “paramount” sa lahat, ay ang sosyal services, obvious naman.

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Sa senate pa lang, saya na saya na nila, di ba? Yung mga nasalanta sa Davao hanggang ngayon madaming walang pambili ng pako at yero, pero ang ating mga KAGALANG GALANG NA MGA SENADOR, kering keri nilang paghatian ang savings ng senado. May K ba sila? Sa totoo lang, halos naman lahat ng ahensya sa gobyerno ganyan tsaka ano ba kayo, mag-e-eleksiyon di ba? Kayo naman, parang bago ng bago. Begging for your understanding and indulgence, binoto natin sila di ba?

At huwag kalimutan ang pork barrel sa lower house ng congress na di naman umaabot sa mga constituents. Kayo na! Ang gagaling ng mga binoto natin! Yay! Yay! Yay!

tulayTapos sa infra, ayun tiniktik ng mga informal settlers yung ilalim ng tulay para tirahan tapos swerte kapag may nakitang bakal, may pangbenta sila. Yung ibang tax para sa dole out na Pantawid Programa para nga naman sa eleksyon, may boto agad.

Sa Pilipinas, bawal ang walang tax.
Ang burger mo, may VAT na, may municipal tax pa. Saya-saya!
Ang sarap ng burger! Yum! Yum! Yum!

Sana kapag kailangan ng mga taxpayers ng pantawid, pwede tayo humingi sa senado at congress ng ganun ganun lang. Sana kapag short ang savings para sa equity, pwede tayo makitira muna sa “The Mansion” o sa mga government buildings na madalas ang laman ay nabubulok na papel at empleyado.

Tax season na! It’s raining P****g I*a!
It’s more fun in the Philippines!


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7 Replies to “Tax season na! It’s raining P****g I*a!”

  1. Not really directly related, but since this is where the taxes go, I’d like to ask for your stance on your taxes being used for the CCT and public school funding.

    1. Hi wantonman,

      I hate dole outs and I often invoke Adam Smith’s “The real tragedy of the poor is the poverty of their aspirations.”

      I’ve written about my strong stand against the CCT since it’s implementation during PGMA’s administration, all the more when it was “upgraded” in PNoy’s term:

      “I had a nice conversation with a smart a taxi driver last year and his story remains with me. He lives in a squatter’s area yet he is against these dole-outs. He says it only promotes indolence. He doesnt want to belong to the many who spends the day drinking, playing bingo, has a wife na labandera with kids “na walang salawal, pakalat-kalat at nagugutom”. He would rather work hard, save as much, best of all, planned his family and was able to send his two kids to college through “pamamasada”.

      Diligence differentiates the winners from the losers. Regardless of economic standing, the determination to move upward empowers one to make a big difference not just in one’s life but in the lives of many others.” from

      As for public schools, as long as a standard doesn’t fall to mediocre, I am all for funding public schools. I firmly believe that education is the best form of empowerment and this is where we should invest in aside from health and security.

        1. Hay naku Paul, that’s the problem with an ad hoc leadership. There is no GPOA to speak of, nothing is sustainable. Puro Kumpare, Kapamilya, Kaklase, Kaibigan ang pinapahalagahan hindi yung makakabuti sa mamamayan.

  2. I think the problem with the government from the past administrations to the present, is how they overly focus on helping the poor. I get it, that the government is responsible for its constituents, but for a society to flourish, it must have a give-and-take relationship. The poor may comprise a big part of the labor force but majority of them still relies on government and private support instead of doing something about their situation.

    The middle class, the struggling middle class, should be put into more consideration. A huge bulk of the taxes came from them. Taxes are immediately cut off from their salaries. It’s only logical that they too should also benefit from them.

    If a a poor man managed to cross over to the middle class, by sheer determination and perseverance, it doesn’t mean his problems have ended. It’s just the beginning. The burden of the taxes will always come from the middle class and the only time i can tell that this country is progressing is if the middle class is being supported and doesn’t have to be burdened with eye-popping expenses. that’s why many opt to stay abroad where taxes are more reasonably adjusted.

  3. The poor aren’t really marginalized in this country. Everything is being done for them. Done to keep them poor and keep them around. It’s the middle class that are marginalized, because they’re being made to pay for someone else’s laziness.

  4. Speaking of Taxes, we all know that Philippine Government/ BIR misses a lot of opportunities to generate income for the country with these Tax Evaders – apart from these, why not ammned a law that can generate taxes from people doing business over social media sites like Facebook? I mean i get it -this should be free in terms of social related communication -but doing business(on-line business) is something to think about the reconsider, right? Few disadavanatges from the market or customer’s – we are not sure of this is a legit business or transaction due to it is not even registered anywhere like SEC, thus they do not pay anything like taxes – they are all gain nothing to lose..I have heard and seen a lot of cases people victimized of this on-line business and its a pity.. I myself was a victim. I hope someone from our government starts to notice this and start to do some actions. Again- this has nothing to do with freedom of the press – this is purely should be a “win-win” situation for both ends. You cant just easily earn something/start a business without inventments right? I find these people all gain but nothing in return to the public (set side the instances of Fraud transactions).


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