Noynoy Aquino’s WEF ‘harvest’ in Davos: Where are the results?


noynoy_aquinoThe behaviour of a large complex system like the Philippine economy cannot be described using the preferred indicators of a world economic body that mainly represents the interests of the global private sector. Even less credible are people who rely on the much-vaunted Gross Domestic Product (GDP) metric as the kernel of their efforts to spin their “good news”. Yet that tunnel-visioned viewpoint is exactly what Malacañang propaganda chief Ricky Carandang uses to frame the “success” of President BS Aquino’s “harvest” in this year’s World Economic Forum held in Davos, Switzerland…

The IMF’s higher growth forecasts of 6 percent this year and 5.5 percent next year for the Philippines represent a substantial upgrade from its earlier forecast of 4.8-percent growth for both years.

“They said that based on their analysis, things were looking very positive for the Philippines and that they were confident that the growth targets could be attained, given the momentum that we‘ve had,” Communications Secretary Ricky Carandang said in a briefing for Filipino reporters.

In real terms, however, the well-being of ordinary people as a whole is the ultimate measure of how well the country is doing — a property that GDP as an “economic indicator” has consistently failed to correlated with. Manila Times columnist Ben Kritz, using just a small set of indicators illustrates how that favourite be-all-end-all measure of economic health fails in the Philippine setting in the context of other measurable factors…

The population continues to grow at a little less than half a percent a quarter, but as it does so, GDP continues to shrink in real-time terms, price inflation remains steady within a range between 2.6 percent and 4.0 percent and the combined unemployment-underemployment percentage remains stuck at around 25 percent. The government can claim what it likes, simple math says everyone today is a little worse off economically than they were yesterday.

It’s not how much you make, it’s how much you spend. And in a country like the Philippines where people are in the habit of entering into commitments they are inherently unable to honour, poverty will always rule indeed.

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For that matter, there is very little evidence that heads of governments (who they are or what they do) serving over a short period (such as the length of the average presidential term in the Philippines) apply much relevant influence over the long-term overall trajectory a national economy takes.

Beautiful gardens flourish not in rental properties but in owner-occupied houses.

It has long been known, as a matter of fact, that much if not all of President BS Aquino’s claim to the economic “achievements” that have been reported during his term are underwritten by foundations laid during the nine-year term of his predecessor former President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo. This simple reality always becomes starkly evident whenever Aquino stammers through an interview with real journalists — the sorts who are cluey enough to ask the right questions.

Back in mid-2012, top-notch CNN reporter Anna Coren with just a handful of such questions undid millions of taxpayers’ pesos spent by Malacañang’s propaganda machinery in efforts to prop up the illusion of economic progress in the Philippines…

When Coren asked PNoy how he would rate his progress on his promise to eradicate poverty, his answer was so far off course. Instead of giving Coren facts and figures, PNoy simply gave the journalist a narration of how when he was a congressman he spoke to about 80 graduating nurses and asked them how many of them were willing to stay and work in the country; he noticed that there were only about two or three students who raised their hand. To him this meant that in the past, the Filipino people were voting with their feet. PNoy didn’t say how many people are still willing to stay in the country now though. In other words, his response to Coren’s question was not really a valid answer.

PNoy wasn’t specific about how he formed the perception that poverty in the country is on its way out. Coren was too polite to bring up the poor’s favourite dish pagpag. Maybe PNoy didn’t want to hear about it too just like how Senator Tito Sotto didn’t want CNN featuring Filipinos eating their meals from garbage bins. Besides, I don’t even know why PNoy thinks that Filipinos who are forced to leave have other options other than to look for opportunities abroad. And if the OFWs weren’t willing to sacrifice leaving their family behind to look for a job overseas, our economy would be worse off without their remittances. It seems PNoy doesn’t even know what he is talking about.

The question that remains unanswered, Mr President, is quite simple, really:

Where are the results?

Filipinos want real results and not just indications of economic health. The power to achieve those results is not in the hands of any president, much less one whose only claim to the throne is popularity.

When Filipinos no longer need to work abroad to feed their non-parented offspring, when Filipinos no longer rely on a steady inflow of cheap trinkets from China to serve as a pretense of robust “economic activity”, when Filipinos learn to make stuff that people want and need, and when Filipinos learn to spend income rather than principal to sustain their way of life, only then can Filipinos consider themselves to be truly prosperous.

[…] Mr. Aquino said the Philippines—with a story to be proud of—was now willing to boost its participation in global events. “We can participate in the world stage and not feel—how should I put it—like a second-class citizen. Yung parang hindi na nakakadiyahe o nakakahiya na magpapa-participate tayo dito. Meron naman yata tayong puwedeng ipagmalaki na rin (It’s no longer shameful for us to participate because we have something to be proud of,” he said.

Whatever you say, Mr President. In the end, Manny Pacquiao got his Forbes Park home, but he will never be admitted into the prestigious Manila Polo Club. In the same way, the Philippines’ representatives may acquire their right to strut around “global events” in a suit and attended to by a planeload of aides. But to earn real respect and admiration requires an effort from the bottom-up.

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38 Replies to “Noynoy Aquino’s WEF ‘harvest’ in Davos: Where are the results?”

  1. Extract of p-noy speech at WEF

    “Allow me to end with a story. Not too long ago when I was in Congress, I had the occasion to
    ask a group of 80 nursing students: How many
    of you would remain in-country after completing your studies and passing the board exams?
    Only two of the 80 raised their hands.
    Times have indeed changed. Now, whenever an overseas worker comes back to the homeland
    to visit or retrace their roots, the common question asked of them is not anymore, “How
    did you manage to get out,” but rather, “When are you coming home for good?”

    Same old, same old. Delusional, but his superiors at WEF are not as readily fooled as filipino voters.

    Also p-noy was not speaking at the main event but a small private meeting. Thats like being off-broadway, or a street performer at the edinburgh festival. No movers or shakers in attendance.

    Basically the trip was a junket, solely to be milked during the election campaign.

  2. Gusto mo ng resulta? Eto ang resulta ng kagalingan ni Noynoy na maglinkod sa atin bayan:

    Tutol ka? Huwag mo sabihin na ang Philippine Stock Exchange Index ay mali din. Masyado na kayong bulag sa katotohanan!

    1. Chino,

      Pardz eh kung ginagamit ni Obama ang “GNP” at “DJIA + SPX” bilang sukat sa sigla ng ekonomiya, bakit hindi din pwedeng gamitin ni Noynoy ito?

      Honga, tumataas na rin a presyo ng pagkain sa Amerika. Pero dahil ito sa QE ni Manong Ben. Kaya tiningnan ko ang M2, Treasuries, at Asset Purchases ng bangko central ng Pinas at yun nga parang ganoon din ata ang ginawa natin. Kahit sabihin mong gaya-gaya tayo kay Obama at Manong Ben, eh pareho ang resulta diba?

      Kung bilib ka kay Obama dapat Bilib ka din kay Noynoy kasi pereho lang ang ginagawa nila.

      1. Ako, hindi ako bilib kay Obama at hindi rin ako bilib kay PNoy kasi si Obama, mali ang kinakampihan niya (radical Muslims despite their crimes to humanity) at hindi ako bilib kay PNoy (credit-grabber). Foreign policy siguro, medyo tatango ako kay Mr. President, pero sana sa DFA na lang siya.

    2. Magaling si BS Aquino? Okay tutal magaling din sya sa paningin mo, bakit hanggang ngayon di pa rin maibalik sa mga tamang magmay-ari ng lupa ang Haciend Luisita? Hindi ba’t kung gugustuhin eh agad naman magagawa? Tignan nyo na lang yung Cybercrime Prevention Act na mabilis naipatupad, ang impeachment ni Corona na agad nagawa dahil na rin sa impluwensya ng incompetent president ng Pinoyland. To be particular, kung nagawa nya pabilisin ang usad ng pagpapatalsik kay SJ Corona, bakit di nya magawa yan sa isyu ng Hacienda Luisita at yung pagpapatupad ng FOI Bill? Oh wait, I forgot that I mentioned the word “incompetent” so I think I shouldn’t have asked you those questions. And btw, if he really is that good like you said , then I can assume you’re not uttering complaints under your breath like “Nagtaas na naman presyo ng pagkain”, “Dumagdag na naman singil sa gasolina”, “Tumaas na naman singil sa kuryente”, just to name a few. But I doubt that you will see reason behind our views about our Dear Mr. Incompetent; you’ve been watching too much local news that often show “reliable survey results”.

  3. As p-noy was telling his fairy story at a WEF sideline event, ( attended by 60 people!, most of whom were part of his contingent), the world saw the reality of the corruption and non-existent accounting practices in the senate.
    This added to his sabotaging of FoI bill, the systemic corruption at bureau of customs ( they still conveniently haven’t found the misding 2,000 containers), the increase in extrajudicial killings and human rights abuses.
    The farce of dar land distribution, including his family property – hacienda luisita ( retained illegally)
    Wholesale bribery by aquino using pork barrel
    Cabinet members building 70 million peso mansions!!!
    The highest unemployment rate in asia.
    The increase in poverty and inequality

    Forbes reported that the top 40 filipinos increased their wealth over 100% in the past three years from a combined 22 billion dollars to 47 billion. Trapo aquino protecting his friends and no doubt there will be no charter change to open competition and there is certainly no level playing field in the philippines. Just ask WTO ( world trade organisation).

    1. That’s all he can do to hide his failures as a “leader”. Even after the shit hits the fan for his government, he would still do that even if the people are already calling for his ouster.

  4. Hahaha! Mga KRABS! Ayaw lang ninyong aminin na marami pong achievements si Noynoy!!!

    Investors 2 d Philippines!

    Hoy, Krabs! Mga ALIMANGO! Mangalampag na kayo! Utak Talangka! Meron ng magagandang balita. Lumabas lang kayo.

    “This is what the global community is seeing now. This is why despite the global economic crisis, our gross domestic product (GDP) has been growing rapidly,” he said. He noted the 7.1-per cent GDP growth in the third quarter of 2012 and the robust performance of the stock market.”

    Sige aminin niyo na!

    1. Fact is that the 7.1% GDP increase is not because of Aquino, but because of FPGMA’s continuous use of Keynesian economics. Mawawala rin iyang mga mga foreign investors because of our archaic economic system; still, Noynoy will shut down doors again in favor of local cronies, which you also worship. The World Bank meant that the 7.1% GDP growth should be taken with a grain of salt. The question is: Does THAT say it improved the lives of many Filipinos? Is THAT a solution to poverty?

      Sensya na, but we are GRP are discussing IDEAS. Kung sino dito ang ‘utak talangka’, IKAW lang iyon. Because of this:

      “Crab mentality is for CRAB PEOPLE. Taste like crab yet walk like people. Had a hard shell yet total softies on the inside, resorting to emotional outbursts than logical thinking.”

      My advice is hwag ka na lang magsalita. Dahil halatang WALA KANG ALAM.

    2. Obvious noytard is indeed obvious. Ikaw naman ang umamin na isa kang escapist dahil gusto mo palagi ay good news lalo na yung sugar coated. “Lumakas” nga economy sabi nyo pero ang tanong, naramdaman nyo ba talaga ang kanyang epekto? Indios like you are just living in the lala land. Sa ibang salita, nababaliw na kayo sa mga pantasya nyo dahil ayaw nyo lang makita ang totoong nangyayari. Masyodo ka lang kasing palamunin sa mga kasinungalingang balita na pinapakain sa iyo.

    3. Completely missing the entire point talaga itong troll na ito. Mukhang pinapababad ka ng husto sa computer ni carandang. So what kung may numbers ka? Do those numbers bring food on the table, generate jobs and reduce stupid people like YOU?

        1. Hehehe, if this country really did have an economic boon then, Mr. Troll should explain why crime, prices of comodities are getting higher than usual?

  5. These retarded people, must be blind. They cannot see the poverty in the Squatter areas. Aquino has only to see , how his tenants live, in the Hacienda Luisita. To see the poverty in the Philippines. Statistics data can be used as good indicators. According to your own liking. To deceive people. However, you cannot hide the realities, by Statistics…People have eyes…

  6. Mga dre, kayong tatlo. Mga ingittero at utak talangka lang kayo StopDrinkingVirility, domo, HydenToro. Lumabas langa kayo at ramdam ninyo ang pagbabago! May numero ako 7.1%. Eto pa, tumataas ang stock market PSE! ALL TIME HIGH!

    Eh, ano naman kayo? Hindi kayo mapagkatiwalaan. Kung anu – anu pa naman ang rason. Kung saanman lang ninyo pinulot yun. Sa basura ata. Kung karera ang buhay nandun na kami nina Noynoy sa dulo. Kayo naman, umupo nalang kayo, titig nalang kayo sa computer screen. Lusaw na ang utak ninyo sa pawis at inggit. Iiwanan kayo namin.

    1. Sorry, but you’re not REALLY looking at the bigger picture. Kung flawed ang economic policies, wala rin.

      Sensya na, pero kahit uunlad ang ekonomiya natin and if we still stuck in this kind of dysfunctional culture, wala ring mangyayari.

      Bring up an intelligent discussion and don’t bring up gaffes. Gaffes are for fags. Hindi kami lusaw sa pawis at inggit because we just want this country to be like Singapore and Malaysia. Siguro mo alam rin iyon. I’m positive you aren’t. And did I mention that crab mentality is for CRAB PEOPLE? Sorry to disappoint you, but you’re one.

      1. Hahaha, tamaaa.

        Leastways I know how to game this shit Philippine economic system, because I’m getting rich, you crab. Still, Philippine economic policies are shit. Who’s the crab now?

        StopDrinkingVirility, he just couldn’t stop trolling, could he?

    2. Sorry troll, numbers like that don’t mean a thing if we still have major problems here in our country like increased poverty, increased criminality and increasing stupid people like YOU.

    3. 7.1 GDP isn’t doing jack shit to help our countrymen. You are going to eat your words once your president gets the boot

  7. *from Showbiz Government
    Sinabi ni Pangulong Aquino, tayo ngayon ay Pinipilahan at sinusuyo upang mamuhunan dito sa Pilipinas ang mga negosyante.

    Nasaan ang pila? Ang alam ng bayan….

    a. may PILA sa MRT dahil madalas masira

    b. may PILA sa mga recruitment agencies ang mga WALANG TRABAHO

    c. may PILA ng mga NAGUGUTOM sa DSWD dahil sa mga kapartido lang ni Pnoy ipinamamahagi ito

    d. may PILA sa Meralco ang mga naputulan dahil HINDI MAKABAYAD ng kuryente

    e. may PILA sa bureau of customs ang mga smugglers na naglalagay sa opisyales nito

    f. naka PILA pa rin ang mga SINALANTA ng bagyo sa Compostela Valley

    g. naka PILA sa DOJ,NBI at PNP ang MGA KAMAGANAK ng pinatay sa Atimonan na humihingi ng HUSTISYA

    h. naka PILA ang mga KASO ng mga KKK na INUUPUAN ng OMBUDSMAN AT DOJ

    i. naka PILA ang mga NAGHIHINTAY na ma-aprubahan ang FOI bill

    j. naka PILA ang mga yellow congressmen at senador sa PORK BARREL para magamit sa election

    k. may PILA ang mga petisyon sa Korte Suprema upang mapawalang bisa ang RH bill
    l. naka PILA ang mga CF cards na gagamitin ng comelec para IPANALO ang TEAM Pnoy
    m. naka PILA na ang mga KAKASUHAN na mga GOVERNORS na hindi kaalyado ng LP

    Naka-pila ang mga investors? Teka, NASAAN????

    1. congrats that you have learned how to copy and paste. ctrl c and ctrl v are the shortcuts, in case you didnt know.

      your next lesson: learn to think for yourself

  8. why would you expect results from noynoy if you already claim that

    “there is very little evidence that heads of governments (who they are or what they do) serving over a short period (such as the length of the average presidential term in the Philippines) apply much relevant influence”


    1. @sendonggirl
      Because it is every voting citizen’s obligation to ask better results from a nation’s leader. The fact that he had exerted his influence in some issues recently, albeit negatively, goes to show that he can do the exact thing in carrying out changes (like he promised) for the greater good. That said, to keep mum about his failures and consuming his excuses he served as positive results is way more stupid than you trying to find a hole in his argument just to make him appear oxymoronic. But unfortunately, it backfired on you.

      If you don’t like what is being served here, go somewhere else. Kung nagsasawa ka na sa McDonald’s lumipat ka sa Jollibee. Useless naman kase ipaglaban mo dito ang isang presidente na puro nalang reasons and justifications ang pinaiiral imbes ang pagpapatupad ng totoong pagbabago.

      1. Well, sendongbiatch she’s a ‘fiscalizer but she sucks because she is kissing Noynoy’s a$$.

        Is she/he really that dumb or just trolling? My advice is to leave because all of his/her comments are more like SPAM.

    2. @sendong”girl”

      You obviously forgot the fact that noynoy called the people his boss. Well, we have the right to rate him and criticize him if he is doing well or not. If you still don’t get the point then get out and go to rappler instead.

      1. of course i am for criticizing the president for his missteps. im just pointing out that the author claims presidents do not have any meaningful effect on what happens to a country, then reverses course and asks for “results” ?!?!?!?!?!?!

        1. Take it easy now, your blood pressure is rising again sendong”girl”. I don’t think you completely understand the blog post little “girl”.

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